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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58879

Chapter 58879 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Jeffrey, F., 2016:
Solving Employee Transportation Issues

Zhang, W.; Bai, E.; He, H.; Cheng, A.M.K., 2015:
Solving Energy-Aware Real-Time Tasks Scheduling Problem with Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm on Heterogeneous Platforms

Astashkin, A.V.; Feng, C., 2016:
Solving Kinetic Equations for the Laser Flash Photolysis Experiment on Nitric Oxide Synthases: Effect of Conformational Dynamics on the Interdomain Electron Transfer

Zhang, Y.; Pohl, K.M., 2016:
Solving Logistic Regression with Group Cardinality Constraints for Time Series Analysis

Ganor-Stern, D., 2017:
Solving Math Problems Approximately: A Developmental Perspective

Gee, S.Bong.; Tan, K.Chen.; Alippi, C., 2016:
Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems in Unknown Dynamic Environments: An Inverse Modeling Approach

Schrum, J.; Miikkulainen, R., 2017:
Solving Multiple Isolated, Interleaved, and Blended Tasks through Modular Neuroevolution

Ye, M.; Hu, G., 2015:
Solving Potential Games With Dynamical Constraint

Cakar, T.; Koker, R., 2016 :
Solving Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Problem with Unequal Release Date Using Neurohybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Approach

Walton, G.M.; Dweck, C.S., 2009:
Solving Social Problems Like a Psychologist

Fraser, T.; Hillmann, W.; Lederer, P.A.; Kasmar, A.; Rencic, J., 2016:
Solving Summer Fever in Early Pregnancy

Neupert, S.D.; Ennis, G.E.; Ramsey, J.L.; Gall, A.A., 2017:
Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today? Daily Anticipatory Coping and Reactivity to Daily Stressors

Larochelle, Séphane., 2015:
Solving XFEL's image problem

Manzano-Marín, A.; Oceguera-Figueroa, A.; Latorre, A.; Jiménez-García, L.F.; Moya, A., 2016:
Solving a Bloody Mess: B-Vitamin Independent Metabolic Convergence among Gammaproteobacterial Obligate Endosymbionts from Blood-Feeding Arthropods and the Leech Haementeria officinalis

Hannan, T.J., 2015:
Solving a Health Information Management Problem. An international success story

LaBarge, J., 2016:
Solving a Tough Guarding Challenge

Coutinho, M.Francisca.; Encarnação, M.; Laranjeira, F.; Lacerda, Lúcia.; Prata, M.João.; Alves, S., 2016:
Solving a case of allelic dropout in the GNPTAB gene: implications in the molecular diagnosis of mucolipidosis type III alpha/beta

Bijleveld, R.; de Kok, J.; van der Zwaag, B.; van Wijk, R.; Diekman, T., 2016:
Solving a cold case of haemolysis: back to the basics

Neumann, P-Alexander.; Laukoetter, M.; Mennigen, R.; Kebschull, L.; Bettenworth, D.; Lenze, F.; Ullerich, H.; Senninger, N.; Vowinkel, T., 2016:
Solving a disaster following coronary bypass operation

Esau, M.; Rozema, M.; Zhang, T.Huang.; Zeng, D.; Chiu, S.; Kwan, R.; Moorhouse, C.; Murray, C.; Tseng, N-Tsu.; Ridgway, D.; Sauvageau, D.; Ellison, M., 2015:
Solving a four-destination traveling salesman problem using Escherichia coli cells as biocomputers

Ebrahimi, A.; Kia, R.; Komijan, A.Rashidi., 2016:
Solving a mathematical model integrating unequal-area facilities layout and part scheduling in a cellular manufacturing system by a genetic algorithm

Anonymous, 2015:
Solving a treatment dilemma

Teasdale, S.B.; Ward, P.B.; Rosenbaum, S.; Samaras, K.; Stubbs, B., 2016:
Solving a weighty problem: systematic review and meta-analysis of nutrition interventions in severe mental illness

Korb, W.; Geißler, N.; Strauß, G., 2016:
Solving challenges in inter- and trans-disciplinary working teams: Lessons from the surgical technology field

Dauter, Z., 2015:
Solving coiled-coil protein structures

Vujicic, M., 2015:
Solving dentistry's 'busyness' problem

Palmer, T.N.; O'Shea, M., 2015:
Solving difficult problems creatively: a role for energy optimised deterministic/stochastic hybrid computing

Zuo, J.M.; Rouviére, J.L., 2015 :
Solving difficult structures with electron diffraction

Timoshenko, J.; Shivhare, A.; Scott, R.W.J.; Lu, D.; Frenkel, A.I., 2016:
Solving local structure around dopants in metal nanoparticles with ab initio modeling of X-ray absorption near edge structure

Clarke, D.D., 2016:
Solving medical mysteries: hidden stresses and unexplained symptoms

Murphy, E., 2015:
Solving mitochondrial mysteries

García-Godoy, Mía.Jesús.; López-Camacho, E.; García-Nieto, Jé.; Aldana-Montes, A.J.Nebroand.José.F., 2016:
Solving molecular docking problems with multi-objective metaheuristics

Chiu, Y-Shyi.Peter.; Chou, C-Li.; Chang, H-Hsin.; Chiu, S.Wang., 2016:
Solving multi-customer FPR model with quality assurance and discontinuous deliveries using a two-phase algebraic approach

Mestari, M.; Benzirar, M.; Saber, N.; Khouil, M., 2016:
Solving nonlinear equality constrained multiobjective optimization problems using neural networks

Levine, J.A., 2016:
Solving obesity without addressing poverty: Fat chance

Connor, S.L., 2015:
Solving our patients' nutrition problems

Lorenz, K.J.; Nolte, S., 2015:
Solving problems after rehabilitation with voice prostheses : Two rare cases of fistula-related complications

Subramanian, G.; Basu, S.; Liu, H.; Zuo, J-Min.; Spence, J.C.H., 2015:
Solving protein nanocrystals by cryo-EM diffraction: multiple scattering artifacts

Horstmeyer, R.; Chen, R.Y.; Ou, X.; Ames, B.; Tropp, J.A.; Yang, C., 2015:
Solving ptychography with a convex relaxation

Buck, S., 2015:
Solving reproducibility

Sun, T.; Lu, S.Feng.; Jin, G.Zhe., 2018:
Solving shortage in a priceless market: Insights from blood donation

Gu, H-Wen.; Wu, H-Long.; Yin, X-Li.; Li, S-Shan.; Liu, Y-Juan.; Xia, H.; Xie, L-Xia.; Yu, R-Qin.; Yang, P-Yuan.; Lu, H-Jie., 2015:
Solving signal instability to maintain the second-order advantage in the resolution and determination of multi-analytes in complex systems by modeling liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data using alternating trilinear decomposition method assisted with piecewise direct standardization

Li, Z.; Qian, N., 2016:
Solving stereo transparency with an extended coarse-to-fine disparity energy model

Gao, Y.; Toubaei, A.; Kong, X.; Wu, G., 2016:
Solving the 170-Year-Old Mystery About Red-Violet and Blue Transient Intermediates in the Gmelin Reaction

Wright, G.D., 2015:
Solving the Antibiotic Crisis

Tahayori, B.; Johnston, L.A.; Layton, K.J.; Farrell, P.M.; Mareels, I.M.Y., 2016:
Solving the Bloch equation with periodic excitation using harmonic balancing: application to Rabi modulated excitation

Bertrand, L.; Nair, M.; Toborek, M., 2016:
Solving the Blood-Brain Barrier Challenge for the Effective Treatment of HIV Replication in the Central Nervous System

Bobak, A.Katarzyna.; Dowsett, A.James.; Bate, S., 2016:
Solving the Border Control Problem: Evidence of Enhanced Face Matching in Individuals with Extraordinary Face Recognition Skills

Wadhwani, C.; Akimoto, K.; Yousefian, J., 2015:
Solving the Challenge of the Severely Compromised Implant in the Esthetic Zone: An Interdisciplinary Care Case

Kaminski, N.; Drake, W.P., 2015:
Solving the Conundrum: Immunogenetics of Sarcoidosis

Cai, C-Ran.; Wu, Z-Xi.; Chen, M.Z.Q.; Holme, P.; Guan, J-Yue., 2016:
Solving the Dynamic Correlation Problem of the Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible Model on Networks

Castaño-Candamil, Sán.; Höhne, J.; Martínez-Vargas, J-David.; An, X-Wei.; Castellanos-Domínguez, G.; Haufe, S., 2016:
Solving the EEG inverse problem based on space-time-frequency structured sparsity constraints

Eagle, A., 2016:

Dick, C.; Rogowsky, M.; Westermann, R., 2016:
Solving the Fluid Pressure Poisson Equation Using Multigrid-Evaluation and Improvements

Lenze, E.J., 2016:
Solving the Geriatric Mental Health Crisis in the 21st Century

Mesch, M.B.; Bärwinkel, K.; Krysiak, Yşar.; Martineau, C.; Taulelle, F.; Neder, R.B.; Kolb, U.; Senker, Jürgen., 2016:
Solving the Hydrogen and Lithium Substructure of Poly(triazine imide)/LiCl Using NMR Crystallography

Noga, J.; Šimunek, Ján., 2010:
Solving the Independent-Particle Model via Nonunitary Transformation Based on Variational Coupled Cluster Singles

Cadet, P., 2016:
Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle

Roedersheimer, M., 2015:
Solving the Measurement Problem and then Steppin' Out over the Line Riding the Rarest Italian: Crossing the Streams to Retrieve Stable Bioactivity in Majorana Bound States of Dialy zed Human Platelet Lysates

López, C.Silva.; Faza, O.Nieto.; Freindorf, M.; Kraka, E.; Cremer, D., 2015:
Solving the Pericyclic-Pseudopericyclic Puzzle in the Ring-Closure Reactions of 1,2,4,6-Heptatetraene Derivatives

Bender, B.G.; Lockey, R.F., 2016:
Solving the Problem of Nonadherence to Immunotherapy

Elmore, J.G., 2016:
Solving the Problem of Overdiagnosis

Nearing, K.A.; Hunt, C.; Presley, J.H.; Nuechterlein, B.M.; Moss, M.; Manson, S.M., 2016:
Solving the Puzzle of Recruitment and Retention-Strategies for Building a Robust Clinical and Translational Research Workforce

Anonymous, 2016:
Solving the Riddle of the Role of Sphingolipids in Cell Signaling

Nakatsuji, H.; Nakashima, H., 2015:
Solving the Schrödinger equation of molecules by relaxing the antisymmetry rule: Inter-exchange theory

A.N.sr, K.; Ranjan, D.; Zubair, M.; Chen, L.; He, J., 2016:
Solving the Secondary Structure Matching Problem in Cryo-EM De Novo Modeling Using a Constrained K-Shortest Path Graph Algorithm

Reschovsky, J.D.; Converse, L.; Rich, E.C., 2015:
Solving the Sustainable Growth Rate formula conundrum continues steps toward cost savings and care improvements

Favero, L.B.; Uriarte, I.; Spada, L.; Écija, P.; Calabrese, C.; Caminati, W.; Cocinero, E.J., 2016:
Solving the Tautomeric Equilibrium of Purine through Analysis of the Complex Hyperfine Structure of the Four (14)N Nuclei

Odili, J.Beneoluchi.; Mohmad Kahar, M.Nizam., 2016:
Solving the Traveling Salesman's Problem Using the African Buffalo Optimization

Knechtle, W.S.; Perez, S.D.; Raval, M.V.; Sullivan, P.S.; Duwayri, Y.M.; Fernandez, F.; Sharma, J.; Sweeney, J.F., 2016:
Solving the Value Equation: Assessing Surgeon Performance Using Risk-Adjusted Quality-Cost Diagrams and Surgical Outcomes

Fry, A.M., 2016:
Solving the centriole disengagement puzzle

Sidje, R.B.; Vo, H.D., 2015:
Solving the chemical master equation by a fast adaptive finite state projection based on the stochastic simulation algorithm

Chen, X.; Zhang, Y.; Huang, T-Zhu.; Perc, Mž., 2014:
Solving the collective-risk social dilemma with risky assets in well-mixed and structured populations

Campbell, S.; Graham, I., 2016:
Solving the context-process problem

Schimpff, S.C., 2015:
Solving the crisis in primary care. Direct pay models could buy physicians more time with patients to improve care and reset a fractured payment system

Spiers, H.J.; Gilbert, S.J., 2015:
Solving the detour problem in navigation: a model of prefrontal and hippocampal interactions

Schmid, V., 2012:
Solving the dynamic ambulance relocation and dispatching problem using approximate dynamic programming

Hwang, J.; Zhao, Q.; Yang, Z.L.; Wang, Z.; Townsend, J.P., 2016:
Solving the ecological puzzle of mycorrhizal associations using data from annotated collections and environmental samples - an example of saddle fungi

Simón-Soro, A.; Mira, A., 2015:
Solving the etiology of dental caries

King, G., 2015:
Solving the faculty shortage might require more than money

Bischoff, A., 2015:
Solving the goiter nodule

Langrenne, C.; Garcia, A.; Bonnet, M., 2015:
Solving the hypersingular boundary integral equation for the Burton and Miller formulation

Marcos, C.; González-Ferrer, A.; Peleg, M.; Cavero, C., 2015:
Solving the interoperability challenge of a distributed complex patient guidance system: a data integrator based on HL7's Virtual Medical Record standard

Decelle, Aélien.; Ricci-Tersenghi, F., 2016:
Solving the inverse Ising problem by mean-field methods in a clustered phase space with many states

Zhang, Z.; Zheng, Z.; Niu, H.; Mi, Y.; Wu, S.; Hu, G., 2016:
Solving the inverse problem of noise-driven dynamic networks

Bodnar, C.R., 2015:
Solving the monetization conundrum

Hawkes, N., 2015:
Solving the mystery of health inequality

Ingham, B.; Erlangga, G.D.; Smialowska, A.; Kirby, N.M.; Wang, C.; Matia-Merino, L.; Haverkamp, R.G.; Carr, A.J., 2016:
Solving the mystery of the internal structure of casein micelles

Saad, N.; Wilson, D.; Donovan, L.E., 2016:
Solving the mystery: the true prevalence of gestational diabetes in indigenous women

Chen, H.; Huang, L., 2016:
Solving the paradox between same-object advantage and different-object advantage

Bellini, C.; Risso, F.M.; Sannia, A.; Ramenghi, L.A., 2015:
Solving the problem of the transport of twin newborns

Goldsmith, T.C., 2016:
Solving the programmed/non-programmed aging conundrum

Smilek, D.E.; S.C.air, E.William., 2015:
Solving the puzzle of autoimmunity: critical questions

von Rueden, C.; Gavrilets, S.; Glowacki, L., 2016:
Solving the puzzle of collective action through inter-individual differences

Zefferman, M.Ryan.; Baldini, R.; Mathew, S., 2015:
Solving the puzzle of human warfare requires an explanation of battle raids and cultural institutions

Greysen, S.Ryan.; Detsky, A.S., 2016:
Solving the puzzle of posthospital recovery: What is the role of the individual physician?

Rana, A.; Cinar, M.Emin.; Samanta, D.; Schmittel, M., 2016:
Solving the puzzling competition of the thermal C(2)-C(6) vs Myers-Saito cyclization of enyne-carbodiimides

Neuman, M.; Edvardsson, S.; Edström, P., 2015:
Solving the radiative transfer equation with a mathematical particle method

Bashir, R.; Mohile, N.A., 2016:
Solving the riddle of glioblastoma: The hope for immunotherapy

Klein, C.J., 2015:
Solving the riddle of the sphinx may provide new insights into diabetes and polyneuropathy

Resink, S.; Hondebrink, E.; Steenbergen, W., 2015:
Solving the speckle decorrelation challenge in acousto-optic sensing using tandem nanosecond pulses within the ultrasound period

Fischer, M.; Curcio, K., 2016:
Solving the thrombocytopenia puzzle with immature platelet testing

Pines, J.M.; Bernstein, S.L., 2015:
Solving the worldwide emergency department crowding problem - what can we learn from an Israeli ED?

Kong, S-Ting.; Fang, C.Meng-Sang.; Lou, V.W.Q., 2016:
Solving the "Personhood Jigsaw Puzzle" in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly in the Hong Kong Chinese Context

Pandey, P.K., 2016:
Solving third-order boundary value problems with quartic splines

Laukkanen, L.; Suhonen, R.; Leino-Kilpi, H., 2015:
Solving work-related ethical problems

Liu, Z.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Yao, Y.; Dai, J.; Das, S.; Hu, L., 2016:
Solvo-thermal microwave-powered two-dimensional material exfoliation

Shi, Y.; Xia, X.; Li, J.; Wang, J.; Zhao, T.; Yang, H.; Jiang, J.; Jiang, X., 2016:
Solvolysis kinetics of three components of biomass using polyhydric alcohols as solvents

Baranovsky, A.V.; Bolibrukh, D.A.; Schneider, B., 2016:
Solvolysis of 14,17-etheno-bridged 16α-nitroestratrienyl acetate and lactam formation pathways studied by LC-NMR and LC-MS. Structures of minor products

Nguyen, B.H.; Perkins, R.J.; Smith, J.A.; Moeller, K.D., 2015:
Solvolysis, Electrochemistry, and Development of Synthetic Building Blocks from Sawdust

Li, L.; Xue, H.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, P.; Zhu, D.; Jiang, M.; Zhao, X., 2015:
Solvothermal Metal Metathesis on a Metal-Organic Framework with Constricted Pores and the Study of Gas Separation

Luo, D.; Zhou, X-Ping.; Li, D., 2015:
Solvothermal Subcomponent Self-Assembly of Cubic Metal-Imidazolate Cages and Their Coordination Polymers

Gu, Q.; Zhu, K.; Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Qiu, J.; Cao, Y.; Liu, P.; Yao, L., 2015:
Solvothermal Synthesis and Formation Mechanism of Potassium Sodium Niobate Mesocrystals Under Low Alkaline Conditions

Yan, S.; Zhou, L.; Shi, Y.; Wang, B.; Wang, J.; Xu, X., 2016:
Solvothermal Synthesis of Indium Telluride Nanowires and Its Photoelectrical Property

Fei, F.; Wei, Z.; Wang, Q.; Lu, P.; Wang, S.; Qin, Y.; Pan, D.; Zhao, B.; Wang, X.; Sun, J.; Wang, X.; Wang, P.; Wan, J.; Zhou, J.; Han, M.; Song, F.; Wang, B.; Wang, G., 2015:
Solvothermal Synthesis of Lateral Heterojunction Sb2Te3/Bi2Te3 Nanoplates

James, D.J.; Lu, X.; Morelli, D.T.; Brock, S.L., 2015:
Solvothermal Synthesis of Tetrahedrite: Speeding Up the Process of Thermoelectric Material Generation

Zhang, J.; Feng, H.; Yang, J.; Qin, Q.; Fan, H.; Wei, C.; Zheng, W., 2015:
Solvothermal Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Hierarchical CuS Microspheres from a Cu-Based Ionic Liquid Precursor for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors

Kumari, L.; Li, W.; Huang, J.; Provencio, P.P., 2010:
Solvothermal Synthesis, Structure and Optical Property of Nanosized CoSb3 Skutterudite

Cummins, C.; Mokarian-Tabari, P.; Andreazza, P.; Sinturel, C.; Morris, M.A., 2016:
Solvothermal Vapor Annealing of Lamellar Poly(styrene)-block-poly(d,l-lactide) Block Copolymer Thin Films for Directed Self-Assembly Application

Li, J-Juan.; Cai, S-Cai.; Xu, Z.; Chen, X.; Chen, J.; Jia, H-Peng.; Chen, J., 2016:
Solvothermal syntheses of Bi and Zn co-doped TiO2 with enhanced electron-hole separation and efficient photodegradation of gaseous toluene under visible-light

Caruntu, D.; Rostamzadeh, T.; Costanzo, T.; Parizi, S.Salemizadeh.; Caruntu, G., 2015:
Solvothermal synthesis and controlled self-assembly of monodisperse titanium-based perovskite colloidal nanocrystals

Xiang, G.; Zhang, J.; Hao, Z.; Zhang, X.; Pan, G-Hui.; Chen, L.; Luo, Y.; Lü, S.; Zhao, H., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis and upconversion properties of about 10 nm orthorhombic LuF₃: Yb³⁺, Er³⁺ rectangular nanocrystals

Huang, C-Wei.; Wu, M-Yao.; Lin, Y-Wei., 2016 :
Solvothermal synthesis of Ag hybrid BiPO4 heterostructures with enhanced photodegradation activity and stability

Bai, X.; Li, L.; Liu, H.; Tan, L.; Liu, T.; Meng, X., 2015:
Solvothermal synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles and anti-infection application in vivo

Zhou, J.; Jiang, Z.; Cai, W.; Liu, X.; Zhu, Y.; Lan, Y.; Ma, K.; Qian, Y., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis of a silicon hierarchical structure composed of 20 nm Si nanoparticles coated with carbon for high performance Li-ion battery anodes

Fan, J.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, W.; Xue, Y.; Yin, S., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis of different phase N-TiO2 and their kinetics, isotherm and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption of methyl orange

Canaj, A.B.; Tzimopoulos, D.I.; Otręba, M.; Lis, T.; Inglis, R.; Milios, C.J., 2015:
Solvothermal synthesis of enneanuclear [Cu₇(II)Ln₂(III)] clusters

Santos, Lídia.; Nunes, D.; Calmeiro, Tás.; Branquinho, R.; Salgueiro, D.; Barquinha, P.; Pereira, Lís.; Martins, R.; Fortunato, E., 2014:
Solvothermal synthesis of gallium-indium-zinc-oxide nanoparticles for electrolyte-gated transistors

Wysokowski, M.; Materna, K.; Walter, J.; Petrenko, I.; Stelling, A.L.; Bazhenov, V.V.; Klapiszewski, Łukasz.; Szatkowski, T.; Lewandowska, O.; Stawski, D.; Molodtsov, S.L.; Maciejewski, H.; Ehrlich, H.; Jesionowski, T., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis of hydrophobic chitin-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) nanocomposites

Emadzadeh, D.; Ghanbari, M.; Lau, W.J.; Rahbari-Sisakht, M.; Matsuura, T.; Ismail, A.F.; Kruczek, B., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis of nanoporous TiO2: the impact on thin-film composite membranes for engineered osmosis application

Gómez-Gutiérrez, C.M.; Luque, P.A.; Guerra-Rivas, G.; López-Sánchez, J.A.; Armenta, M.A.; Quintana, J.M.; Olivas, A., 2015:
Solvothermal synthesis of nickel-tungsten sulfides for 2-propanol dehydration

Liu, F.; Kong, W.; Wang, L.; Noshadi, I.; Zhang, Z.; Qi, C., 2015:
Solvothermal synthesis of stable nanoporous polymeric bases-crystalline TiO2 nanocomposites: visible light active and efficient photocatalysts for water treatment

Lyth, S.M.; Ma, W.; Liu, J.; Daio, T.; Sasaki, K.; Takahara, A.; Ameduri, B., 2015:
Solvothermal synthesis of superhydrophobic hollow carbon nanoparticles from a fluorinated alcohol

Yang, H.Quan.; Miao, L.; Liu, C.Yan.; Wang, X.Yang.; Peng, Y.; Zhang, A.Juan.; Zhou, X.Yuan.; Wang, G.Yu.; Li, C.; Huang, R., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis of wire-like SnxSb2Te3+x with an enhanced thermoelectric performance

Zhong, B.Nian.; Fei, G.Tao.; Fu, W.Biao.; Gong, X.Xin.; Gao, X.Dong.; Zhang, L.De., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis, stirring-assisted assembly and photoelectric performance of Te nanowires

Wang, Y.; Wang, R.; Liu, Q.; Lai, X.; Zhang, X.; Chen, H.; Zheng, C.; Lin, J.; Huang, F., 2016:
Solvothermal synthesis, structure and physical properties of Cs[Cr(en)2MSe4] (M = Ge, Sn) with [MSe4](4-) tetrahedra as chelating ligand

Ding, D.; Dong, B.; Liang, J.; Zhou, H.; Pang, Y.; Ding, S., 2016:
Solvothermal-Etching Process Induced Ti-Doped Fe2O3 Thin Film with Low Turn-On Voltage for Water Splitting

Dang, D.Khoi.; Kim, E.Jung., 2015:
Solvothermal-assisted liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite in a mixed solvent of toluene and oleylamine

Otero-Lorenzo, R.; Fantechi, E.; Sangregorio, C.; Salgueiriño, Vónica., 2016:
Solvothermally Driven Mn Doping and Clustering of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Heat Delivery Applications

Li, Y.; Yan, L.; Liu, K.; Wang, J.; Wang, A.; Bai, S.; Yan, X., 2018:
Solvothermally Mediated Self-Assembly of Ultralong Peptide Nanobelts Capable of Optical Waveguiding

Hauer, B.; Saltzmann, T.; Simon, U.; Taubner, T., 2016:
Solvothermally Synthesized Sb2Te3 Platelets Show Unexpected Optical Contrasts in Mid-Infrared Near-Field Scanning Microscopy

Larrazábal, Gón.O.; Martín, A.J.; Krumeich, F.; Hauert, R.; Pérez-Ramírez, J., 2016:
Solvothermally-Prepared Cu2O Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction with Tunable Selectivity by the Introduction of p-Block Elements

Van den Eynden, J.; Fierro, A.Carolina.; Verbeke, L.P.C.; Marchal, K., 2016:
SomInaClust: detection of cancer genes based on somatic mutation patterns of inactivation and clustering

Smith, K.S.; Yadav, V.K.; Pei, S.; Pollyea, D.A.; Jordan, C.T.; De, S., 2017:
SomVarIUS: somatic variant identification from unpaired tissue samples

Johnson, N., 2015:
Soma Crisis

König, A.; Shcherbata, H.R., 2015:
Soma influences GSC progeny differentiation via the cell adhesion-mediated steroid-let-7-Wingless signaling cascade that regulates chromatin dynamics

Spadafora, C., 2017:
Soma to germline inheritance of extrachromosomal genetic information via a LINE-1 reverse transcriptase-based mechanism

Steele, E.J.; Lloyd, S.S., 2015:
Soma-to-germline feedback is implied by the extreme polymorphism at IGHV relative to MHC: The manifest polymorphism of the MHC appears greatly exceeded at Immunoglobulin loci, suggesting antigen-selected somatic V mutants penetrate Weismann's Barrier

Wei, F-Jin.; Kuang, L-Yun.; Oung, H-Min.; Cheng, S-Yuan.; Wu, H-Ping.; Huang, L-Tzu.; Tseng, Y-Tzu.; Chiou, W-Yi.; Hsieh-Feng, V.; Chung, C-Han.; Yu, S-May.; Lee, L-Ying.; Gelvin, S.B.; Hsing, Y-Ie.C., 2016:
Somaclonal variation does not preclude the use of rice transformants for genetic screening

Bowie, B.H.; Wojnar, D.; Isaak, A., 2016:
Somali Families' Experiences of Parenting in the United States

Missal, B.; Clark, C.; Kovaleva, M., 2015:
Somali Immigrant New Mothers' Childbirth Experiences in Minnesota

Murray, K.E.; Mohamed, A.Sheik.; Dawson, D.B.; Syme, M.; Abdi, S.; Barnack-Taviaris, J., 2015:
Somali Perspectives on Physical Activity: PhotoVoice to Address Barriers and Resources in San Diego

Bettmann, J.E.; Penney, D.; Clarkson Freeman, P.; Lecy, N., 2016:
Somali Refugees' Perceptions of Mental Illness

Eklöf, N.; Abdulkarim, H.; Hupli, M.; Leino-Kilpi, H., 2017:
Somali asylum seekers' perceptions of privacy in healthcare

Devi, S., 2016:
Somalia calls for greater coordination in health assistance

Jaffer, A.; Hotez, P.J., 2016:
Somalia: A Nation at the Crossroads of Extreme Poverty, Conflict, and Neglected Tropical Diseases

Bhattacharya, A.; Cui, Y., 2016:
SomamiR 2.0: a database of cancer somatic mutations altering microRNA-ceRNA interactions

Keppler-Noreuil, K.M.; Baker, E.H.; Sapp, J.C.; Lindhurst, M.J.; Biesecker, L.G., 2017:
Somatic AKT1 mutations cause meningiomas colocalizing with a characteristic pattern of cranial hyperostosis

Knopp, E.A.; Saraceni, C.; Moss, J.; McNiff, J.M.; Choate, K.A., 2016:
Somatic ATP2A2 mutation in a case of papular acantholytic dyskeratosis: mosaic Darier disease

Ayturk, U.M.; Couto, J.A.; Hann, S.; Mulliken, J.B.; Williams, K.L.; Huang, A.Yue.; Fishman, S.J.; Boyd, T.K.; Kozakewich, H.P.W.; Bischoff, J.; Greene, A.K.; Warman, M.L., 2016:
Somatic Activating Mutations in GNAQ and GNA11 Are Associated with Congenital Hemangioma

Limaye, N.; Kangas, J.; Mendola, A.; Godfraind, C.; Schlögel, M.J.; Helaers, R.; Eklund, L.; Boon, L.M.; Vikkula, M., 2016:
Somatic Activating PIK3CA Mutations Cause Venous Malformation

Schrepf, A.; Harper, D.E.; Williams, D.A.; Hassett, A.L.; Harte, S.E., 2016:
Somatic Awareness and Tender Points in a Community Sample

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Droplet-counting Microtitration System for Precise On-site Analysis

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Some Compositional and Kinetic Controls on the Bioenergetic Landscapes in Oceanic Basement

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Some Concerns About the Design of Nutrition Support Trials

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Some Connectors in Distraction-based Growing Rods Fail More Than Others

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Some Consensus has been Reached on the Labeling of Harmonics, Formants, and Resonances

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Some Consequences of Refusing to Participate in Peer Review

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Droplet digital PCR assay and PNA-LNA clamp method for RHOA mutation detection in angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma

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Some Considerations on the Kernohan-Woltman Notch Phenomenon

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Some Controversies about Early Repolarization: The Haïssaguerre Syndrome

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Some Days Are Better Than Others

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Some Days You're the Pigeon, Some Days the Statue: Discovering Your Seven Me's

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Some Differences In Cognitive Abilities Between Selected Canadian And Filipino Students

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Some Drops of Logic in the Fog of Depression

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Some ENB courses are more equal than others

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Some Equalities Are More Equal Than Others: Quality Equality Emerges Later Than Numerical Equality

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Some Ethical Concerns About Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

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Some Ethical Issues in Prehospital Emergency Medicine

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Some Ethical Legal Issues in Heart Disease Surgery

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Some Eugenic Aspects Of War. 1915

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Some Evaluations of Informatics Applications in Health Care

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Some Excitement, Some Disappointment

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Some Factors Affecting the Success of Specification Searches in Covariance Structure Modeling

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Some Facts about Cancer in the World using Registered Cancer in 2012

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Some Facts about Case Fatality of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Iran

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Some Features Of Manifestations Of Epidemic Process During Acute Intestinal Infections In Moscow

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Some Features of Sound Signal Envelope by the Frog's Cochlear Nucleus Neurons

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Some Global Policies for Antibiotic Resistance Depend on Legally Binding and Enforceable Commitments

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Some Good Epidemiologic News

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Some HER2-Negative Breast Tumors May Respond to HER2-Targeted Treatment

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Some Health Insurance Plans Groan About Not Making It on Exchanges

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Some Health States Are Better Than Others: Using Health State Rank Order to Improve Probabilistic Analyses

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Some Historical Treatments should not be Forgotten: A Review of Cast Wedging and A Trick to Normalize Non-Standardized Digital X-rays

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Some Implications of the Complexities of Ego- functioning and of Self-representation for Psychotherapy with Psychotic Patients

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Some Important Deficiencies in the Development, Validation, and Reporting of a Prediction Model

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Some Important Milestones in the Field of Blood Clotting

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Some Indicators Of Health Care Status In Croatia

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Some Information-Processing Correlates Of Measures Of Intelligence

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Some Innovative Approaches for Public Health and Epidemiology Informatics

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Droplet Digital PCR-Based Chimerism Analysis for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

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Some Interesting Properties and Promising Applications of Nanostructured Materials

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Some Issues of Sample Size Calculation for Time-to-Event Endpoints Using the Freedman and Schoenfeld Formulas

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Some LMAs are stiffer than others

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Some Lessons from the History of the Property Tax

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Some Like It Hot: Camera Traps Unravel the Effects of Weather Conditions and Predator Presence on the Activity Levels of Two Lizards

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Some Like It Hot: Heat Resistance of Escherichia coli in Food

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Some Like It Hot: The Effect of Sterols and Hopanoids on Lipid Ordering at High Temperature

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Some Like it High! Phylogenetic Diversity of High-Elevation Cyanobacterial Community from Biological Soil Crusts of Western Himalaya

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Droplet digital PCR-based circulating microRNA detection serve as a promising diagnostic method for gastric cancer

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Some Lingering Concerns about the Precision Medicine Initiative: Currents in Contemporary Bioethics

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Some Long-Term Goals for JNMT Are Achieved

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Some Mathematical Relationships Between Three-Mode Component Analysis and Stationary Component Analysis

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Some Methodological Issues and Future of Risk Prediction Studies in Cardiology

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Some Multivariate Comparisons of Multinational Managers

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Some Musings About Big Events and the Past and Future of Drug Use and of HIV and Other Epidemics

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Some NHS personal health budgets are spent on holidays and hobbies

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Some New Observations on Activation Energy of Crystal Growth for Thermally Activated Crystallization

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Some Non-FDA Approved Uses for Neuromodulation in Treating Autonomic Nervous System Disorders: A Discussion of the Preliminary Support

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Some Non-FDA Approved Uses for Neuromodulation: A Review of the Evidence

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Some Notes On The Number Of Factors Problem

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Some Observations On The Vertical Migration Ofdinoflagellates (1) (2)

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Some Observations on Counterpoise Corrections for Explicitly Correlated Calculations on Noncovalent Interactions

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Some Observations on the Psychosocial Phenomena Seen in Basic Training †

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Some Observations on "Living In"

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Some Other Serendipitous Discoveries in Dermatology

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Some Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters of Samples of Scleractinium Coral Aquaculture Skeleton Used for Reconstruction/Engineering of the Bone Tissue

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Some Points to Make About an Original Article

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Some Possible Cases of Escape Mimicry in Neotropical Butterflies

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Some Problems with Randomized Controlled Trials and Some Viable Alternatives

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Some Psychological Aspects of T1DM in Children and Adolescents

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Some Questioning About the Assessment of Renal Perfusion in Sepsis

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Some Questions About Dementia and Tube Feedings

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Some Random(ized) Thoughts

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Some Rare Earth Elements Analysis by Microwave Plasma Torch Coupled with the Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry

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Some Recent Developments on Financial Incentives for Smoking Cessation Among Pregnant and Newly Postpartum Women

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Some Reflections on Being Good, on not Being Good and on Just Being

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Some Reflections on Diabetes Mellitus

Shader, R.I., 2016:
Some Reflections on Hypertension and Its Treatment

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Some Reflections on IBM Watson and on Women's Health

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Some Reflections on Sleep and its Treatment

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Some Reflections on the Microbiome and Obesity

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Some Reflections on the Wide World of Publications

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Some Remarks on Alleged Degeneracy

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Some Remarks on Applications of Tests for Detecting A Change Point to Psychometric Problems

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Some Remarks on Imaging of the Inner Ear: Options and Limitations

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Some Remarks on Proc. Post. Tali

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Some Renal Masses Did Not "Read the Book": A Case of a High Grade Hybrid Renal Tumor Masquerading as a Renal Cyst on Non-contrast Imaging

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Some Results Of Molecular Genetic Researches Of Aging And Longevity

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Some Review Journals Do Not Allow Students to Author Reviews: Is this Ethical?

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Some See It, Some Don't: Exploring the Relation between Inattentional Blindness and Personality Factors

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Some Simple Formulas for Posterior Convergence Rates

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Some South African Rubiaceae Tree Leaf Extracts Have Antimycobacterial Activity Against Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Mycobacterium Species

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Some Spatial Politics of Queer-Feminist Research: Personal Reflections From the Field

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Some Strychnos spinosa (Loganiaceae) leaf extracts and fractions have good antimicrobial activities and low cytotoxicities

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Droplet Digital PCR-Based Detection of Clarithromycin Resistance in Helicobacter pylori Isolates Reveals Frequent Heteroresistance

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Some Theory and Applications of Confirmatory Second-Order Factor Analysis

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Some Thoughts About Thinking

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Some Thoughts Concerning Organ Transplantation In Japan

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Some Thoughts On Leading Beyond The Bottom Line

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Some Thoughts about Schizophrenia Research in the Context of High Risk Studies †

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Some Thoughts on Empathy

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Some Thoughts on Empathy: The Eighteenth Annual Frieda Fromm-Reichmann Memorial Lecture

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Some Thoughts on Pharmacovigilance and Postmarketing Surveillance

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Some Thoughts on the Future of Libraries, Journals, Impact Factors, and Replicability

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Some Thoughts on the Nursing of Older People

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Some US hospitals charge 10 times the cost of services, study finds

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Some Unusual Neuropsychological Syndromes: Somatoparaphrenia, Akinetopsia, Reduplicative Paramnesia, Autotopagnosia

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Some Useful Resources for Students Who Are Tempted to Bring Enlightenment to Errant Non-Behaviorists

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Some Uses Of Models Of Quantitative Genetic Selection In Social Science

Anonymous, 2016:
Some Variants Of Differential Diagnostic Difficulties In Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Sarcoidosis

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Some Wildfire Ignition Causes Pose More Risk of Destroying Houses than Others

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Some Willowsia from Nepal and Vietnam (Collembola: Entomobryidae) and description of one new species

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Some Words Hurt More Than Others: Semantic Activation of Pain Concepts in Memory and Subsequent Experiences of Pain

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Some activity but still not much action on patient and public engagement

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Droplet digital PCR detects high rate of TP53 R249S mutants in cell-free DNA of middle African patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

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Some advances in the field of physico-chemical characterization of pathological microcrystals

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Some advantages to having a parent with a disability

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Some adverse effects of soil amendment with organic Materials-The case of soils polluted by copper industry phytostabilized with red fescue

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Droplet Digital PCR for Absolute Quantification of Extracellular MicroRNAs in Plasma and Serum: Quantification of the Cancer Biomarker hsa-miR-141

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Some agreement on kin selection and eusociality?

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Some alarming facts about older people who cannot get up after a fall

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Some analytical and numerical approaches to understanding trap counts resulting from pest insect immigration

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Some arguments in favor of a Myriophyllum aquaticum growth inhibition test in a water-sediment system as an additional test in risk assessment of herbicides

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Some aspects of allogeneic stem cell transplantation in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome: advances and controversy

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Some aspects of cytological diagnostics

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Some aspects of design and analysis of selection programmes in aquaculture species

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Droplet Digital PCR for absolute quantification of proviral load of Human T-cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV) types 1 and 2

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Some aspects of examining the images of tracer hyperfixation foci in osteoscintigrams by computer-assisted automated analysis

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Some aspects of frictional measurements in hip joint simulators

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Some aspects of health status of the Gypsy population in Slovakia

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Some aspects of heart rate variability estimation in rats

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Some aspects of interactivity between endocrine and immune systems required for successful reproduction

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Some aspects of sex ratio studies

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Some aspects of space-charge effect calculation in high-resolution mass spectrometry

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Some aspects of structural alterations of erythrocyte membranes under the effect of uranyl chloride at low concentrations

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Some aspects of the immune system in the pathogenesis of Alzehimers disease

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Some aspects of the treatment of persistent lower urinary tract infections in women

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Droplet digital PCR for BCR/ABL(P210) detection of chronic myeloid leukemia: A high sensitive method of the minimal residual disease and disease progression

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Some assembly required: SOCE and Orai1 channels couple to NFAT transcriptional activity via calmodulin and calcineurin

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Some assembly required: evolutionary and systems perspectives on the mammalian reproductive system

Drew, M.K., 2016:
Some athletes are immature...skeletally

Andrade, C., 2016:
Some augmentation strategies improve outcome but increase discontinuation in adults with treatment-resistant depression

McMorris, F.R.; Powers, R.C., 2017 :
Some axiomatic limitations for consensus and supertree functions on hierarchies

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Some basic aspects of statistical methods and sample size determination in health science research

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Some biological activities of Epaltes divaricata L. - an in vitro study

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Some biological activities of pigments extracted from Micrococcus roseus (PTCC 1411) and Rhodotorula glutinis (PTCC 5257)

Mayor, S., 2016:
Some breast cancer patients with low genetic risk may not need chemotherapy, trial shows

Pinheiro, M.D.O.; Bols, N.C., 2016:
Some but not All Tetrahymena Species Destroy Monolayer Cultures of Cells from a Wide Range of Tissues and Species

Ishida, Y., 2016:
Some case reports which suggest correlation between biologics and leprosy, Mini-symposium on problems on leprosy

Madias, J.E., 2015:
Some caveats about QRS duration in patients receiving cardiac resynchronization therapy

McVie, A., 1995:
Some celebrities more apt than others

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Some challenges of studies aiming to relate the Exposome to human health

Ma, C.; Zhu, P.; Lu, T., 2016 :
Some chaotic properties of fuzzified dynamical systems

M.Laughlin, J.P., 2016:
Some characteristics and effects of natural radiation

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Some characteristics of activity of potential chemotherapeutics--benzimidazole derivatives

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Some chemical speculation on the biosynthesis of corallidictyals A-D

Zargaran, A.; Rahimi, R., 2015:
Some clarifications on the Avicenna's nationality

Frane, A.V., 2016:
Some clarifications regarding multiple comparisons

Riaz, S.; Darda, M.Abud., 2016:
Some classes of estimators in the presence of non-response using auxiliary attribute

Kain, K., 2015:
Some clinical trials are driven by fashion, not science

Schulte, D.J., 2015:
Some closely held corporations no longer required to provide contraception coverage

Warsh, F.H., 2016:
Some cold water on the realities of modern public health

Drandi, D.; Ferrero, S.; Ladetto, M., 2018:
Droplet Digital PCR for Minimal Residual Disease Detection in Mature Lymphoproliferative Disorders

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Droplet Digital PCR for Mutation Detection in Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Melanoma Tissues: A Comparison with Sanger Sequencing and Pyrosequencing

Iturri Clavero, F.; González Uriarte, A.; Tamayo Medel, G.; Martínez Ruíz, A.; Manuel Gamboa Setién, P., 2016:
Some comments to the letter "Controversy to use icatibant for prophylaxis in angioedema"

Nagar, R.; Swaminathan, R.; Mal, J., 2016:
Some common and less known Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae) with the description of a new species from India

Anonymous, 2016:
Some compounding may be allowed, even if still illegal

Anonymous, 2016:
Some computer downloads for better health should be avoided. Approach these phone, tablet, or computer programs with caution if they make big promises

Chow, J.C.L., 2016:
Some computer graphical user interfaces in radiation therapy

Moreno, A., 2016:
Some conceptual issues in the transition from chemistry to biology

Hainarosie, M.; Zainea, V.; Serban, S.; Georgescu, M.G.; Hainarosie, R.; Marinescu, A.; Georgescu, G., 2016:
Some considerations concerning cochlear implantation in IFACF-ORL

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Some considerations concerning the challenge of incorporating social variables into epidemiological models of infectious disease transmission

Trott, K.Rüdiger., 2016:
Some considerations for future research into the risks of radiation-induced cardiovascular diseases

Vogiatzi, P., 2016:
Some considerations on the current debate about typing resolution in solid organ transplantation

Anonymous, 1974:
Some considerations on the origin of returning light

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Some considerations on the transport properties of water-glycerol suspensions

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Some critical issues in the diagnosis and treatment of complex anal fistula

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Some dendritic cells active inside tumors

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Some early cases of aphasia and the capacity to sing

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Some elementary but surprising facts about the Sun's path at sunset

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Some epistemological outlines throughout the publications of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy

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Some equalities and inequalities for fusion frames

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Some ethical implications of "adaptive" trials

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Some ethical issues in HIV/AIDS care

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Droplet Digital PCR for Quantitation of Extracellular RNA

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Some fallacies of human-subjects protection, and some solutions

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Some families respond better than others to diet change

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Some features of primary facial erysipelas under the present conditions

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Some future plans for Transfusion Medicine

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Some good news about breaking bad news

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Some growth points in African child development research

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Some heavy metals in the muscle of Capoeta trutta: risk assessment for the consumers

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Some heightened sensitivity

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Some hematological parameters and the prognostic values of CD4, CD8 and total lymphocyte counts and CD4/CD8 cell count ratio in healthy HIV sero-negative, healthy HIV sero-positive and AIDS subjects in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Some histological criteria for the renal and hepatic lesions in the case of death from acute intoxication with ethyl alcohol

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Some humor windows close - others open

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Some implications of an event-based definition of exposure to the risk of road accident

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Some issues related to evidence-based implantology

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Some lasers are more equal than others

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Some leopards can change their spots: potential repositioning of stem cell reprogramming compounds as anti-cancer agents

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Some lessons I have learned (Sometimes the hard way)

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Some like it hot (ever more so in the tropics): A puzzle with no solution

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Some like it hot, but not too hot

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Some like it hot: testosterone predicts laboratory eating behavior of spicy food

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Some like it safe

Anonymous, 1992:
Some lives! Widgery D Some lives! Sinclair Stevenson £15.95 248pp 1-85619-073-0 [Formula: see text

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Some long-standing and emerging research lines in Africa

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Some long-term results of laparoscopic resection after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer as compared to conventional open surgery

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Some managers are simply not 'fit for practice'

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Some mathematical models of intermolecular autophosphorylation

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Some mechanistic requirements for major transitions

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Some medical societies would make lousy students

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Some metabolic issues should not be neglected when using citrate for continuous renal replacement therapy!

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Some microbial, chemical and sensorial properties of gamma irradiated sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) seeds

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Some Mixotrophic Flagellate Species Selectively Graze on Archaea

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Some modification of cellulose nanocrystals for functional Pickering emulsions

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Some molecular and genetic properties of progenitor cells in sarcomas induced with foreign body

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Some molecular/crystalline factors that affect the sensitivities of energetic materials: molecular surface electrostatic potentials, lattice free space and maximum heat of detonation per unit volume

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Some more equal than others?

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Droplet digital PCR improves absolute quantification of viable lactic acid bacteria in faecal samples

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Some mothers don't 'ave 'em - jobs that is

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Some musings on our labor's meaning and the legacy of our departing friends; on who, why, and how we should publish obituaries

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Some notations on medical texts in Byzantium (IV-XII cent)

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Some nurse trainers don't know what they're doing

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Some observations on and controversies about coronary arterial spasm

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Some observations on sialic acid determination by the Warren thiobarbituric acid method

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Some observations on the development of superior photocatalytic systems for application to water purification by the "adsorb and shuttle" or the interphase charge transfer mechanisms

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Some observations on the synthesis of fully-dispersible nanocrystalline zeolite ZSM-5

Anonymous, 2009:
Some occupations have greater incidences of multiple myeloma

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Some of the Best Sermons are Lived, Not Preached!

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Some of the best assessors are care assistants

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Some of the complexities involved in gene-environment interplay

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Some of the experimental and clinical aspects of the effects of the maternal diabetes on developing hippocampus

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Droplet digital PCR is an accurate method to assess methylation status on FFPE samples

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Some of the most interesting things we know, and don't know, about the biochemistry and physiology of elasmobranch fishes (sharks, skates and rays)

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Some of the people, some of the time: field evidence for associations and dissociations between stress and drug use

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Some of the questions being asked by the review team

Brown, J., 1998:
Some of us do have a sense of humour

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Some options in studying side effects of drugs taken during pregnancy

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Some oral manifestations in blood disorders

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Some parts of the uniform don't fit

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Some people are "More Lexical" than others

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Some people do nothing - but they do it in a fascinating way

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Some people like breakfast at 4am

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Some people move it, move it… for pressure injury prevention

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Some popular medicinal plants and diseases of the Upper Palaeolithic in Western Georgia