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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58901

Chapter 58901 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Endorsement: Corticosteroid Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Institutional Concern

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Ownership & Circulation

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Removal

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement of Retraction

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement of Retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Retraction

Carvalho, C.R.O.; Thirone, A.Claudia.P.; Gontijo, J.A.R.; Velloso, L.A.; Saad, M.J.A., 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Effect of Captopril, Losartan, and Bradykinin on Early Steps of Insulin Action. Diabetes 1997;46:1950-1957. DOI: 10.2337/diab.46.12.1950

Flores, M.B.S.; Fernandes, M.Fernanda.A.; Ropelle, E.R.; Faria, M.C.; Ueno, M.; Velloso, Lício.A.; Saad, M.J.A.; Carvalheira, Jé.B.C., 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Exercise Improves Insulin and Leptin Sensitivity in Hypothalamus of Wistar Rats. Diabetes 2006;55:2554-2561. DOI: 10.2337/db05-1622

Berglund, E.D.; Lustig, D.G.; Baheza, R.A.; Hasenour, C.M.; Lee-Young, R.S.; Donahue, E.Patrick.; Lynes, S.E.; Swift, L.L.; Charron, M.J.; Damon, B.M.; Wasserman, D.H., 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Hepatic Glucagon Action Is Essential for Exercise-Induced Reversal of Mouse Fatty Liver. Diabetes 2011;60:2720-2729. DOI: 10.2337/db11-0455

Tsukumo, D.M.L.; Carvalho-Filho, M.A.; Carvalheira, Jé.B.C.; Prada, Pícia.O.; Hirabara, S.M.; Schenka, Aé.A.; Araújo, E.P.; Vassallo, Jé.; Curi, R.; Velloso, Lício.A.; Saad, M.J.A., 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Loss-of-Function Mutation in Toll-Like Receptor 4 Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin Resistance. Diabetes 2007;56:1986-1998. DOI: 10.2337/db06-1595

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Nuts as a Replacement for Carbohydrates in the Diabetic Diet. Diabetes Care 2011;34:1706-1711. DOI: 10.2337/dc11-0338

Oliveira, A.G.; Carvalho, B.M.; Tobar, Nália.; Ropelle, E.R.; Pauli, Jé.R.; Bagarolli, R.A.; Guadagnini, D.; Carvalheira, Jé.B.C.; Saad, M.J.A., 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Physical Exercise Reduces Circulating Lipopolysaccharide and TLR4 Activation and Improves Insulin Signaling in Tissues of DIO Rats. Diabetes 2011;60:784-796. DOI: 10.2337/db09-1907

Duca, F.A.; Sakar, Y.; Lepage, P.; Devime, F.; Langelier, Bénédicte.; Doré, Jël.; Covasa, M., 2016:
Statement of Retraction. Replication of Obesity and Associated Signaling Pathways Through Transfer of Microbiota From Obese-Prone Rats. Diabetes 2014;63:1624-1636. DOI: 10.2337/db13-1526

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of Retraction: Dan Bi Lee, Ho Seok Suh & Yu Sung Choi. "A comparative study of low-fluence 1,064nm Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser with or without chemical peeling using Jessner's solution in melasma patients"

Jamal, S.A.; Reid, L.S.; Hamilton, C.J., 2016:
Statement of concern re: The effects of organic nitrates on osteoporosis: a systematic review

Anonymous, 2014:
Statement of principle

Sénécal, K.; Rahimzadeh, V.; Knoppers, B.M.; Fernandez, C.V.; Avard, D.; Sinnett, D., 2016:
Statement of principles on the return of research results and incidental findings in paediatric research: a multi-site consultative process

Anonymous, 2014:
Statement of removal

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement of removal

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement of removal

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of removal

Van Effelterre, T.P.; Hogea, C.; Taylor, S.M., 2016:
Statement of removal. Projected impact of Cervarix® vaccination on oncogenic human paillomvirus infection and cervical cancer in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of retraction

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement of retraction

Hew-Butler, T.; Rosner, M.H.; Fowkes-Godek, S.; Dugas, J.P.; Hoffman, M.D.; Lewis, D.P.; Maughan, R.J.; Miller, K.C.; Montain, S.J.; Rehrer, N.J.; Roberts, W.O.; Rogers, I.R.; Siegel, A.J.; Stuempfle, K.J.; Winger, J.M.; Verbalis, J.G., 2016:
Statement of the 3rd International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development Conference, Carlsbad, California, 2015

Potin, M.; Fica, A.; Wilhem, J.; Cerda, J.; Contreras, L.; Escobar, C.; Moreno, G.; Muñoz, A.; Véliz, L., 2016:
Statement of the Advisory Immunization Committee of the Chilean Society of Infectious Diseases on the emergence of serotype 19A pneumococcal infection and the use of pneumococcal conjugated vaccine in Chilean children

Shyu, K-Gi., 2013:
Statement of the Chairman of the Publication Committee of Acta Cardiologica Sinica

Capron, A.Morgan.; Delmonico, F.L.; Dominguez-Gil, B.; Martin, D.Elizabeth.; Danovitch, G.M.; Chapman, J., 2016:
Statement of the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group Regarding Payments to Families of Deceased Organ Donors

Mahler, V.; Dickel, H.; Diepgen, T.Ludwig.; Hillen, U.; Geier, J.; Kaufmann, R.; Kreft, B.; Schnuch, A.; Szliska, C.; Bender, A., 2016:
Statement of the German Contact Dermatitis Research Group (DKG) and the German Dermatological Society (DDG) on liability issues associated with patch testing using a patient's own materials

von Laffert, M.; Schirmacher, P.; Warth, A.; Weichert, W.; Büttner, R.; Huber, R.M.; Wolf, J.; Griesinger, F.; Dietel, M.; Grohé, C., 2016 :
Statement of the German Society for Pathology and the working group thoracic oncology of the working group oncology/German Cancer Society on ALK testing in NSCLC: Immunohistochemistry and/or FISH?

Schreiber, S., 2015:
Statement of the German Society of Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (DGVS) for teduglutide-benefit assessment according to § 35a SGB V the G-BA

Hew-Butler, T.; Rosner, M.H.; Fowkes-Godek, S.; Dugas, J.P.; Hoffman, M.D.; Lewis, D.P.; Maughan, R.J.; Miller, K.C.; Montain, S.J.; Rehrer, N.J.; Roberts, W.O.; Rogers, I.R.; Siegel, A.J.; Stuempfle, K.J.; Winger, J.M.; Verbalis, J.G., 2016:
Statement of the Third International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development Conference, Carlsbad, California, 2015

Wang, Q.; Xu, R., 2018:
Drug repositioning for prostate cancer: using a data-driven approach to gain new insights

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement on Anal Examinations in Cases of Alleged Homosexuality

Hebestreit, H.; Arets, H.G.M.; Aurora, P.; Boas, S.; Cerny, F.; Hulzebos, E.H.J.; Karila, C.; Lands, L.C.; Lowman, J.D.; Swisher, A.; Urquhart, D.S., 2016:
Statement on Exercise Testing in Cystic Fibrosis

Baker, D.W., 2016:
Statement on Pain Management: Understanding How Joint Commission Standards Address Pain

Zhao, K.; So, H-Cheong., 2018:
Drug repositioning for schizophrenia and depression/anxiety disorders: A machine learning approach leveraging expression data

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement on infection prevention and control measures for Ebola virus disease (December 2014)

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement on medical liability reform

Williamson, D.; Lindenfeld, S., 2015:
Statement on nephrologists, other physicians, surgeons, and advanced practitioners with regard to compliance with infection control standards

Češka, R.; Táborský, Mš.; Vrablík, M., 2016:
Statement on new modern hypolipidemic therapy

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement on older adult burn prevention

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement on physician tiering and narrow network programs

Hemnes, A.R.; Kiely, D.G.; Cockrill, B.A.; Safdar, Z.; Wilson, V.J.; A.H.zmi, M.; Preston, I.R.; MacLean, M.R.; Lahm, T., 2015:
Statement on pregnancy in pulmonary hypertension from the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement on prevention of non-traffic vehicle-related injuries in children

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement on principles of patient education

Jiménez-Ruiz, C.A.; Andreas, S.; Lewis, K.E.; Tonnesen, P.; van Schayck, C.P.; Hajek, P.; Tonstad, S.; Dautzenberg, B.; Fletcher, M.; Masefield, S.; Powell, P.; Hering, T.; Nardini, S.; Tonia, T.; Gratziou, C., 2016:
Statement on smoking cessation in COPD and other pulmonary diseases and in smokers with comorbidities who find it difficult to quit

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement on the 48th Session of the UN Commission on Population and Development, 27 April 2015

Anonymous, 2008:
Statement on the Use of Sedation and Analgesia in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Setting

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement on the aging surgeon

Casanueva, F.; de la Cruz Vigo, F.; Goday, A.; Ruiz de Adana, J.Carlos.; Monereo, S.; Vilallonga, Rón.; Martínez de Icaya, Pón.; Sánchez-Santos, R.; García Almeida, Jé.Manuel.; Díez Del Val, I., 2016:
Statement on the current treatment of severe obesity in Spain

Martin, R.; Schachtschabel, D.; Beier, W.; Martin, H.; Burger, M., 2016:
Statement on the elimination of the Max Burger Prize of the German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Anonymous, 2016:
Statement on the importance of parental leave

Anonymous, 2015:
Statement on trauma center designation based upon system need

Alempijevic, D.; Beriashvili, R.; Beynon, J.; Deutsch, A.; Duque, M.; Duterte, P.; van Es, A.; Fernando, R.; Fincanci, S.Korur.; Hansen, S.Holger.; Hardi, L.; Hougen, H.Petter.; Iacopino, V.; Leth, P.Mygind.; Louahlia, S.; Mendonça, M.Cristina.; Modvig, J.; Morcillo Mendez, M-Dolores.; Özkalipci, Önder.; Payne-James, J.; Quiroga, J.; Rasmussen, O.Vedel.; Reyes, Hán.; Rogde, S.; Sajantila, A.; Somasundaram, D.; Thomsen, Jørgen.Lange.; Tidball-Binz, M.; Treue, F.; Vanezis, P.; Viera, D.Nuno., 2016:
Statement on virginity testing

Seidel, Dörthe.; Pieper, D.; Neugebauer, E., 2016:
Statement: Requirements for the assessment of surgical innovations

Sooniste, T.; Granhag, Pär.Anders.; Strömwall, L.A.; Vrij, A., 2016:
Statements about true and false intentions: using the Cognitive Interview to magnify the differences

Burson, T., 2016 :
Statements for the Coroner

Molinaro, P.F.; Malloy, L.C., 2016:
Statements from Youth in Legal Contexts: Effects of Consistency, Legal Role, and Age

Collins, M.W.; Kontos, A.P.; Okonkwo, D.O.; Almquist, J.; Bailes, J.; Barisa, M.; Bazarian, J.; Bloom, O.Josh.; Brody, D.L.; Cantu, R.; Cardenas, J.; Clugston, J.; Cohen, R.; Echemendia, R.; Elbin, R.J.; Ellenbogen, R.; Fonseca, J.; Gioia, G.; Guskiewicz, K.; Heyer, R.; Hotz, G.; Iverson, G.L.; Jordan, B.; Manley, G.; Maroon, J.; McAllister, T.; McCrea, M.; Mucha, A.; Pieroth, E.; Podell, K.; Pombo, M.; Shetty, T.; Sills, A.; Solomon, G.; Thomas, D.G.; Valovich McLeod, T.C.; Yates, T.; Zafonte,, 2016:
Statements of Agreement From the Targeted Evaluation and Active Management (TEAM) Approaches to Treating Concussion Meeting Held in Pittsburgh, October 15-16, 2015

Rockey, P.H.; Rieselbach, R.E.; Neuhausen, K.; Nasca, T.J.; Phillips, R.L.; Sundwall, D.N.; Philibert, I.; Yaghmour, N.A., 2015:
States Can Transform Their Health Care Workforce

Zolot, J., 2017:
States Providing Inaccurate Clinical Information Before Abortion

Rubin, E.B.; Buehler, A.E.; Halpern, S.D., 2016:
States Worse Than Death Among Hospitalized Patients With Serious Illnesses

Butler, S.M., 2015:
States are the key to both strengthening and replacing the Affordable Care Act

Polite, B.N., 2015:
States as the laboratory for democracy: is anybody paying attention, and does anybody care?

Mousel, B., 2016:
States have the power to solve licensure dilemma

Schencker, L., 2016:
States hold key role in big insurer mergers

Anonymous, 2015:
States leverage telepsychiatry solutions to ease ED crowding, accelerate care

Dickson, V., 2015:
States may tap hospitals to help pay for Medicaid expansion in 2017

Mooneyham, B.W.; Mrazek, M.D.; Mrazek, A.J.; Mrazek, K.L.; Phillips, D.T.; Schooler, J.W., 2016:
States of Mind: Characterizing the Neural Bases of Focus and Mind-wandering through Dynamic Functional Connectivity

De Montleau, F.; Panagas, S.; Calteau, Méva.; Granier, C.; Daudin, M., 2015:
States of acute stress of soldiers in operational situations

Lau, P.H.C.; Manton, N.S., 2014:
States of carbon-12 in the Skyrme model

Hope, D.; King, M., 2015:
States of confusion: Jurisdictional variation in Australian medicines nomenclature

Baxter, P., 2015:
States of consciousness: new insights and further questions

Munro, B.M., 2016:
States of emergence: Writing African female same-sex sexuality

Crowther, C.; Schmidt, M., 2016:
States of grace: Eureka moments and the recognition of the unthought known

Murray, A., 2015:
States of grace: a review

Bartel, E.Maria.; Neubauer, F.; Genser, J.; Heberer, B., 2014:
States of paleostress north and south of the Periadriatic fault: Comparison of the Drau Range and the Friuli Southalpine wedge

Dickson, V., 2016:
States on hook for rising Medicare premiums

Herman, B., 2016:
States prodded on network rules

Barlas, S., 2015:
States try to control medicaid pharmaceutical costs: numerous, diverse cost pressures force myriad reform efforts

Yang, Y.Tony.; Pomeranz, J.L., 2016:
States variations in the provision of bariatric surgery under Affordable Care Act exchanges

Karaca-Mandic, P.; Fulton, B.D.; Hollingshead, A.; Scheffler, R.M., 2017:
States with stronger health insurance rate review authority experienced lower premiums in the individual market in 2010-13

Conn, J., 2016:
States' ICD-10 coding workaround may cause problems, IT experts warn

Gottlieb, L.M.; Quiñones-Rivera, A.; Manchanda, R.; Wing, H.; Ackerman, S., 2016:
States' Influences on Medicaid Investments to Address Patients' Social Needs

Knudsen, H.K.; Lofwall, M.R.; Havens, J.R.; Walsh, S.L., 2016:
States' implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the supply of physicians waivered to prescribe buprenorphine for opioid dependence

Cohen, S.S., 2017:
States, Nations, Health Policy, and Nursing

Agley, J.; Gassman, R.A.; Jun, M.; Nowicke, C.; Samuel, S., 2016:
Statewide Administration of the CRAFFT Screening Tool: Highlighting the Spectrum of Substance Use

Moore, B.; Long, T.; Dexter, M.; Powell, S.; LeClair, C.; Alexander-Scott, N., 2016:
Statewide Assessment of Cost-Related Healthcare Access Barriers in Rhode Island

Gold, J.A.; Green, A., 2016:
Statewide Blood Pressure Improvement Challenge

Shlafer, R.J.; Wanous, A.A.; Schubert, E.C., 2016:
Statewide Dissemination of Sesame Street Resources for Families Affected by Incarceration

Andrews, R.M., 2015:
Statewide Hospital Discharge Data: Collection, Use, Limitations, and Improvements

Kaul, S.; Barbeau, B.; Wright, J.; Fluchel, M.; Kirchhoff, A.C.; Nelson, R.E., 2016:
Statewide Longitudinal Hospital Use and Charges for Pediatric and Adolescent Patients With Cancer

Meghea, C.I.; You, Z.; Raffo, J.; Leach, R.E.; Roman, L.Anne., 2015:
Statewide Medicaid Enhanced Prenatal Care Programs and Infant Mortality

Catts, Z.Ali-Khan.; Baig, M.Khurram.; Milewski, B.; Keywan, C.; Guarino, M.; Petrelli, N., 2016:
Statewide Retrospective Review of Familial Pancreatic Cancer in Delaware, and Frequency of Genetic Mutations in Pancreatic Cancer Kindreds

McBride, S.; Tietze, M.; Hanley, M.Anne.; Thomas, L., 2016:
Statewide Study to Assess Nurses' Experiences With Meaningful Use-Based Electronic Health Records

Howell, D.; Kaplan, L., 2016:
Statewide Survey of Healthcare Professionals: Management of Patients With Chronic Noncancer Pain

Tan, S.Kiat.; Jermakowicz, A.; Mookhtiar, A.K.; Nemeroff, C.B.; Schürer, S.C.; Ayad, N.G., 2018:
Drug Repositioning in Glioblastoma: A Pathway Perspective

Kepka, D.; Spigarelli, M.G.; Warner, E.L.; Yoneoka, Y.; McConnell, N.; Balch, A., 2018:
Statewide analysis of missed opportunities for human papillomavirus vaccination using vaccine registry data

Rupp, M.E.; Gilbert, P.; Lyden, E.; Luebbert, P., 2016:
Statewide assessment of use of infection prevention techniques and technologies

Freeman, A.T.; Meyer, A-Marie.; Smitherman, A.B.; Zhou, L.; Basch, E.M.; Shea, T.C.; Wood, W.A., 2017:
Statewide geographic variation in outcomes for adults with acute myeloid leukemia in North Carolina

Cheng, W.; Nazareth, S.; Flexman, J.Patrick., 2015:
Statewide hepatitis C model of care for rural and remote regions

McKnight, E.R.; Bonny, A.E.; Lange, H.L.H.; Kline, D.M.; Abdel-Rasoul, M.; Gay, J.R.; Matson, S.C., 2016:
Statewide opioid prescriptions and the prevalence of adolescent opioid misuse in Ohio

Loke, P.; Koplin, J.; Beck, C.; Field, M.; Dharmage, S.C.; Tang, M.L.K.; Allen, K.J., 2017:
Statewide prevalence of school children at risk of anaphylaxis and rate of adrenaline autoinjector activation in Victorian government schools, Australia

Sidney, K.; Iyer, V.; Vora, K.; Mavalankar, D.; De Costa, A., 2017:
Statewide program to promote institutional delivery in Gujarat, India: who participates and the degree of financial subsidy provided by the Chiranjeevi Yojana program

Dinh, M.M.; Berendsen Russell, S.; Bein, K.J.; Chalkley, D.R.; Muscatello, D.; Paoloni, R.; Ivers, R., 2017:
Statewide retrospective study of low acuity emergency presentations in New South Wales, Australia: who, what, where and why?

Widelka, M.; Lydy, M.J.; Wu, Y.; Chen, D., 2016:
Statewide surveillance of halogenated flame retardants in fish in Illinois, USA

Pirl, W.F.; Muriel, A.; Schapia, L.; Hwang, V.; Moore, C.; Temel, J.; Kornblith, A.; Holland, J.C., 2016:
Statewide survey on the management of psychosocial distress by oncologists

Novak, Mán.; Lester, J.; Karst, A.M.; Parkash, V.; Hirsch, M.S.; Crum, C.P.; Karlan, B.Y.; Drapkin, R., 2016:
Stathmin 1 and p16(INK4A) are sensitive adjunct biomarkers for serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma

Machado-Neto, Jão.Agostinho.; de Melo Campos, P.; Favaro, P.; Lazarini, M.; da Silva Santos Duarte, A.; Lorand-Metze, I.; Costa, F.Ferreira.; Saad, S.Teresinha.Olalla.; Traina, F., 2016:
Stathmin 1 inhibition amplifies ruxolitinib-induced apoptosis in JAK2V617F cells

Gou, J.; Jia, J.; Feng, J.; Zhao, X.; Yi, T.; Cui, T.; Li, Z., 2016:
Stathmin 1 plays a role in endometrial decidualisation by regulating hypoxia inducible factor-1α and vascular endothelial growth factor during embryo implantation

Bellouze, S.; Baillat, G.; Buttigieg, Dée.; de la Grange, P.; Rabouille, C.; Haase, G., 2017:
Stathmin 1/2-triggered microtubule loss mediates Golgi fragmentation in mutant SOD1 motor neurons

Kuang, X-Ying.; Chen, L.; Zhang, Z-Jie.; Liu, Y-Rong.; Zheng, Y-Zi.; Ling, H.; Qiao, F.; Li, S.; Hu, X.; Shao, Z-Ming., 2016:
Stathmin and phospho-stathmin protein signature is associated with survival outcomes of breast cancer patients

Whitehouse, A.; Macdonald, A., 2016 :
Stathmin drives virus-induced metastasis

Marie, S.Kazue.Nagahashi.; Oba-Shinjo, S.Mieko.; da Silva, R.; Gimenez, M.; Nunes Reis, G.; Tassan, J-Pierre.; Rosa, J.Cesar.; Uno, M., 2016:
Stathmin involvement in the maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase pathway in glioblastoma

Nooij, L.S.; Dreef, E.J.; Smit, V.T.H.B.M.; van Poelgeest, Mëtte.I.E.; Bosse, T., 2016:
Stathmin is a highly sensitive and specific biomarker for vulvar high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions

Liu, X.; Liu, H.; Liang, J.; Yin, B.; Xiao, J.; Li, J.; Feng, D.; Li, Y., 2015:
Stathmin is a potential molecular marker and target for the treatment of gastric cancer

Fuller, H.R.; Slade, R.; Jovanov-Milošević, Nša.; Babić, M.; Sedmak, G.; Šimić, G.; Fuszard, M.A.; Shirran, S.L.; Botting, C.H.; Gates, M.A., 2016:
Stathmin is enriched in the developing corticospinal tract

Yurong, L.; Biaoxue, R.; Wei, L.; Zongjuan, M.; Hongyang, S.; Ping, F.; Wenlong, G.; Shuanying, Y.; Zongfang, L., 2016:
Stathmin overexpression is associated with growth, invasion and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma

Malesinski, S.; Tsvetkov, P.O.; Kruczynski, A.; Peyrot, V.; Devred, Fçois., 2016:
Stathmin potentiates vinflunine and inhibits Paclitaxel activity

Kedracka-Krok, S.; Swiderska, B.; Jankowska, U.; Skupien-Rabian, B.; Solich, J.; Dziedzicka-Wasylewska, M., 2016:
Stathmin reduction and cytoskeleton rearrangement in rat nucleus accumbens in response to clozapine and risperidone treatment - Comparative proteomic study

Biaoxue, R.; Xiguang, C.; Hua, L.; Shuanying, Y., 2016:
Stathmin-dependent molecular targeting therapy for malignant tumor: the latest 5 years' discoveries and developments

Zhang, X.; Ji, J.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Shen, L., 2016:
Stathmin1 increases radioresistance by enhancing autophagy in non-small-cell lung cancer cells

Chen, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Ding, C.; Zhang, X.; Qiu, X.; Zhang, Z., 2016:
Stathmin1 overexpression in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: A new promoter in FaDu cell proliferation and migration

Jian, G.; Puerto, M.C.; Wehowsky, A.; Dong, P.; Johnston, K.P.; Hirasaki, G.J.; Biswal, S.Lisa., 2016:
Static Adsorption of an Ethoxylated Nonionic Surfactant on Carbonate Minerals

Anonymous, 2016:
Static Air Support Surfaces to Prevent Pressure Injuries: A Multicenter Cohort Study in Belgian Nursing Homes

Halder, P.K.; Sarker, E., 2016:
Static Anthropometric Characteristics of Bangladeshi Vehicle Driver: A Case Study

Talebi, H.; Karimi, M.Taghi.; Abtahi, S.Hamid.Reza.; Fereshtenejad, N., 2016:
Static Balance in Patients with Vestibular Impairments: A Preliminary Study

Zumthor, J.Paulin.; Cernikova, L.; Rout, S.; Kaech, A.; Faso, C.; Hehl, A.B., 2017:
Static Clathrin Assemblies at the Peripheral Vacuole-Plasma Membrane Interface of the Parasitic Protozoan Giardia lamblia

Yan, Z.; Pan, Y.; Wang, S.; Cheng, M.; Kong, H.; Sun, C.; Hu, K.; Chen, T.; Dong, Q.; Chen, J., 2016:
Static Compression Induces ECM Remodeling and Integrin α2β1 Expression and Signaling in a Rat Tail Caudal Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Model

Kolafa, Jří.; Viererblová, L., 2014:
Static Dielectric Constant from Simulations Revisited: Fluctuations or External Field?

Herdeiro, C.A.R.; Radu, E., 2016:
Static Einstein-Maxwell Black Holes with No Spatial Isometries in AdS Space

Bette, S.; Peschke, P.; Kaesmacher, J.; Delbridge, C.; Pyka, T.; Schmidt-Graf, F.; Zimmer, C.; Meyer, B.; Ringel, F.; Gempt, J., 2017:
Static FET-PET and MR Imaging in Anaplastic Gliomas (WHO III)

Langille, M.; Singh, P., 2016:
Static Facial Slings: Approaches to Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed Face

Saghazadeh, M.; Tsunoda, K.; Soma, Y.; Okura, T., 2016:
Static Foot Posture and Mobility Associated With Postural Sway in Elderly Women Using a Three-dimensional Foot Scanner

Schardt, M.; Murr, P.J.; Rauscher, M.S.; Tremmel, A.J.; Wiesent, B.R.; Koch, A.W., 2016:
Static Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

Gonzalez-Rosa, J.J.; Soto-Leon, V.; Real, P.; Carrasco-Lopez, C.; Foffani, G.; Strange, B.A.; Oliviero, A., 2015:
Static Magnetic Field Stimulation over the Visual Cortex Increases Alpha Oscillations and Slows Visual Search in Humans

Lew, W-Zhen.; Huang, Y-Chih.; Huang, K-Yu.; Lin, C-Tong.; Tsai, M-Tzu.; Huang, H-Ming., 2016:
Static magnetic fields enhance dental pulp stem cell proliferation by activating the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway as its putative mechanism

Kuschel, T.; Klewe, C.; Schmalhorst, J-M.; Bertram, F.; Kuschel, O.; Schemme, T.; Wollschläger, J.; Francoual, S.; Strempfer, J.; Gupta, A.; Meinert, M.; Götz, G.; Meier, D.; Reiss, G., 2015:
Static Magnetic Proximity Effect in Pt/NiFe2O4 and Pt/Fe Bilayers Investigated by X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Reflectivity

Rigoni, C.; Pierno, M.; Mistura, G.; Talbot, D.; Massart, Ré.; Bacri, J-Claude.; Abou-Hassan, A., 2016:
Static Magnetowetting of Ferrofluid Drops

Kufaishi, H.; Alarab, M.; Drutz, H.; Lye, S.; Shynlova, O., 2017:
Static Mechanical Loading Influences the Expression of Extracellular Matrix and Cell Adhesion Proteins in Vaginal Cells Derived From Premenopausal Women With Severe Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Wang, F.; Wang, Q.; Mu, Z-jian.; Yang, Z-dan.; Song, J-yan., 2015:
Static Migration and Release of Dibutyl-Phthalate in the Fluctuating Zone of Three Gorges Reservoir

Venturelli, M.; Cè, E.; Limonta, E.; Rampichini, S.; Devoto, M.; Bisconti, A.V.; Esposito, F., 2016:
Static Passive Stretching Negatively Affects Exercise Endurance Via Reducing Functional Sympatholysis.: 1392 Board #45 June 2, 8: 00 AM - 9: 30 AM

Mucke, H.A.M., 2018:
Drug Repositioning in the Mirror of Patenting: Surveying and Mining Uncharted Territory

Opala-Berdzik, A.; Błaszczyk, J.W.; Bacik, B.; Cieślińska-Świder, J.; Świder, D.; Sobota, G.; Markiewicz, A., 2016:
Static Postural Stability in Women during and after Pregnancy: A Prospective Longitudinal Study

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