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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58906

Chapter 58906 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Midzak, A.; Papadopoulos, V., 2016:
Steroidogenesis: The Classics and Beyond

Zhou, W.; Wu, L.; Xie, J.; Su, T.; Jiang, L.; Jiang, Y.; Cao, Y.; Liu, J.; Ning, G.; Wang, W., 2017:
Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein Overexpression Correlates with Protein Kinase A Activation in Adrenocortical Adenoma

Kinyua, A.W.; Yang, D.Joo.; Chang, I.; Kim, K.Woo., 2017:
Steroidogenic Factor 1 in the Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus Regulates Age-Dependent Obesity

McDonald, W.C.; Banerji, N.; McDonald, K.N.; Ho, B.; Macias, V.; Kajdacsy-Balla, A., 2016:
Steroidogenic Factor 1, Pit-1, and Adrenocorticotropic Hormone: A Rational Starting Place for the Immunohistochemical Characterization of Pituitary Adenoma

Granum, C.; Anchersen, S.; Karlsson, C.; Berg, V.; Olsaker, I.; Verhaegen, S.; Ropstad, E., 2016:
Steroidogenic differential effects in neonatal porcine Leydig cells exposed to persistent organic pollutants derived from cod liver oil

Wang, S.Wei.; Cheung, H.Pan.; Tong, Y.; Lu, J.; Ng, T.Bun.; Zhang, Y.Bo.; Zhang, Z-Jin.; Lee, K.Fai.; Lam, J.Ka.Wing.; Sze, S.Cho.Wing., 2016:
Steroidogenic effect of Erxian decoction for relieving menopause via the p-Akt/PKB pathway in vitro and in vivo

Nomigni, Mène.Tetsi.; Ouzounian, S.; Benoit, A.; Vadrot, J.; Tissier, Fédérique.; Renouf, S.; Lefebvre, Hé.; Christin-Maitre, S.; Louiset, E., 2015:
Steroidogenic enzyme profile in an androgen-secreting adrenocortical oncocytoma associated with hirsustism

Chen, T-Sheng.; Chen, Y-Ting.; Liu, C-Hsin.; Sun, C-Ching.; Mao, F.Chiahung., 2016:
Steroidogenic enzymes of adipose tissue in modulation of trivalent chromium in a mouse model of PCOS

Karpova, T.; Ravichandiran, K.; Insisienmay, L.; Rice, D.; Agbor, V.; Heckert, L.L., 2016:
Steroidogenic factor 1 differentially regulates fetal and adult leydig cell development in male mice

Chen, H.; Guo, J.; Ge, R.; Lian, Q.; Papadopoulos, V.; Zirkin, B.R., 2016:
Steroidogenic fate of the Leydig cells that repopulate the testes of young and aged Brown Norway rats after elimination of the preexisting Leydig cells

Bandiera, R.; Sacco, S.; Vidal, V.P.I.; Chaboissier, M-Christine.; Schedl, A., 2016:
Steroidogenic organ development and homeostasis: A WT1-centric view

Saito, K.; Matsuzaki, T.; Iwasa, T.; Miyado, M.; Saito, H.; Hasegawa, T.; Homma, K.; Inoue, E.; Miyashiro, Y.; Kubota, T.; Irahara, M.; Ogata, T.; Fukami, M., 2016:
Steroidogenic pathways involved in androgen biosynthesis in eumenorrheic women and patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

Cardoso, R.C.; Puttabyatappa, M.; Padmanabhan, V., 2016:
Steroidogenic versus Metabolic Programming of Reproductive Neuroendocrine, Ovarian and Metabolic Dysfunctions

Tonoli, D.; Fürstenberger, C.; Boccard, J.; Hochstrasser, D.; Jeanneret, F.; Odermatt, A.; Rudaz, S., 2016:
Steroidomic Footprinting Based on Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Qualitative and Quantitative High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Evaluation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in H295R Cells

Shrikant Kulkarni, N., 2017:
Steroids Beneficial As Adjunctive Treatment for Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Shanthanna, H.; Kehlet, H., 2017:
Steroids Do Not Reduce Persistent Pain after Cardiac Surgery: Should This Be the End of the Question or the Beginning of Newer Questions?

Maeda, T.; Takeuchi, M.; Tachibana, K.; Nishida, T.; Kagisaki, K.; Imanaka, H., 2017:
Steroids Improve Hemodynamics in Infants With Adrenal Insufficiency After Cardiac Surgery

Rashidi, A.; DiPersio, J.F.; Sandmaier, B.M.; Colditz, G.A.; Weisdorf, D.J., 2018:
Steroids Versus Steroids Plus Additional Agent in Frontline Treatment of Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials

Nelis, H.; Wojciechowicz, B.; Franczak, A.; Leemans, B.; D'Herde, K.; Goossens, K.; Cornillie, P.; Peelman, L.; Van Soom, A.; Smits, K., 2015:
Steroids affect gene expression, ciliary activity, glucose uptake, progesterone receptor expression and immunoreactive steroidogenic protein expression in equine oviduct explants in vitro

Tyraskis, A.; Davenport, M., 2017:
Steroids after the Kasai procedure for biliary atresia: the effect of age at Kasai portoenterostomy

Yin, R-Hua.; Zhao, Z-Zhu.; Ji, X.; Dong, Z-Jun.; Li, Z-Hui.; Feng, T.; Liu, J-Kai., 2014:
Steroids and Sesquiterpenes From Cultures of the Fungus Phellinus igniarius

Adamczak, S.E.; Hoh, D.J., 2017:
Steroids and Spinal Cord Injury-A Global Dilemma

Tao, Y-wu.; Xu, W-dong.; Tian, Y.; Shi, J-gong., 2016:
Steroids and aromatic derivatives from Euphorbia micractina

Carroll, W.; Patel, K., 2016:
Steroids and fluorouracil for keloids and hypertrophic scars

Thongbuakaew, T.; Siangcham, T.; Suwansa-ard, S.; Elizur, A.; Cummins, S.F.; Sobhon, P.; Sretarugsa, P., 2016:
Steroids and genes related to steroid biosynthesis in the female giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Riegler, G.; Facchiano, A.; Patturelli, M.; Pellino, G.; Selvaggi, F., 2016:
Steroids and hiccup: an exceptional but disturbing association in ulcerative colitis not to overlook

Sosvorová, L.; Bičíková, M.; Mohapl, M.; Hampl, R., 2012:
Steroids and their metabolites in CSF from shunt as potential predictors of further disease progression in patients with hydrocephalus and the importance of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase

Hauswald, M., 2015:
Steroids and throat pain

Fernández-Sánchez, Mónica.; Iglesias, Mía.C.; Ablanedo-Terrazas, Y.; Ormsby, C.E.; Alvarado-de la Barrera, C.; Reyes-Terán, G., 2016:
Steroids are a risk factor for Kaposi's sarcoma-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome and mortality in HIV infection

Thompson, B.Taylor.; Ranieri, V.Marco., 2017:
Steroids are part of rescue therapy in ARDS patients with refractory hypoxemia: no

Seam, N.; Suffredini, A.F., 2017:
Steroids are part of rescue therapy in ARDS patients with refractory hypoxemia: we are not sure

Shi, H.; Guo, T.; Liu, P-Cheng.; Wang, Q-Yi.; Du, Y-Ru.; Liu, Q-Yu.; He, M-Mei.; Liu, J-Ling.; Yu, J., 2016:
Steroids as an adjunct for reducing the incidence of proliferative vitreoretinopathy after rhegmatogenous retinal detachment surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Martens, A.; Boada, M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Verleden, S.E.; Vos, R.; Verleden, G.M.; Verbeken, E.K.; Van Raemdonck, D.; Schols, D.; Claes, S.; Neyrinck, A.P., 2016:
Steroids can reduce warm ischemic reperfusion injury in a porcine donation after circulatory death model with ex vivo lung perfusion evaluation

Bertani, G.; Spagnoli, C.; Iodice, A.; Salerno, G.G.; Frattini, D.; Fusco, C., 2016:
Steroids efficacy in the acute management of seizure clusters in one case of PCDH19 female epilepsy

Hough, C.L., 2015:
Steroids for acute respiratory distress syndrome?

Pearse, R.M.; Wijeysundera, D.N., 2015:
Steroids for cardiac surgery: has the story finally ended?

Press, R.; Hiew, F.L.; Rajabally, Y.A., 2016:
Steroids for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy: evidence base and clinical practice

Rezk, E.; Nofal, Y.H.; Hamzeh, A.; Aboujaib, M.F.; AlKheder, M.A.; Al Hammad, M.F., 2016:
Steroids for symptom control in infectious mononucleosis

Sun, Y.; Wu, J.; Sun, X.; Huang, X.; Li, L.; Liu, Q.; Song, S., 2017:
Steroids from the rhizome of Anemarrhena asphodeloides and their cytotoxic activities

Bihari, S.; Bailey, M.; Bersten, A.D., 2017:
Steroids in ARDS: to be or not to be

Ashraf, M.; Souka, A.A.R., 2015:
Steroids in Central Retinal Vein Occlusion: Is There a Role in Current Treatment Practice?

Steurer, J., 2015:
Steroids in addition to antibiotics improve outcome in patients with "community acquired" pneumonia

O'Hearn, K.; McNally, D.; Choong, K.; Acharya, A.; Wong, H.R.; Lawson, M.; Ramsay, T.; McIntyre, L.; Gilfoyle, E.; Tucci, M.; Wensley, D.; Gottesman, R.; Morrison, G.; Menon, K., 2017 :
Steroids in fluid and/or vasoactive infusion dependent pediatric shock: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Nossen, I.; Ciesielski, T.M.; Dimmen, M.V.; Jensen, H.; Ringsby, T.Harald.; Polder, A.; Rønning, B.; Jenssen, Børn.M.; Styrishave, B., 2016:
Steroids in house sparrows (Passer domesticus): Effects of POPs and male quality signalling

López San Román, A.; Garrido, E., 2016:
Steroids in inflammatory bowel disease

Porta, C.; Bracarda, S.; Danesi, R., 2015:
Steroids in prostate cancer: the jury is still out... and even more confused

Hampl, R.; Kubátová, J.; Sobotka, Vír.; Heráček, Jří., 2015:
Steroids in semen, their role in spermatogenesis, and the possible impact of endocrine disruptors

Tokarz, J.; Möller, G.; Hrabě de Angelis, M.; Adamski, J., 2016:
Steroids in teleost fishes: A functional point of view

Schlinger, B.A., 2016:
Steroids in the Avian Brain: Heterogeneity across Space and Time

Nelis, H.; Vanden Bussche, J.; Wojciechowicz, B.; Franczak, A.; Vanhaecke, L.; Leemans, B.; Cornillie, P.; Peelman, L.; Van Soom, A.; Smits, K., 2015:
Steroids in the equine oviduct: synthesis, local concentrations and receptor expression

Nelson, R., 2017:
Steroids reduce respiratory problems in late preterm infants

Tan, N.Di.; Xiao, Y.Lian.; Chen, M.Hu., 2016:
Steroids therapy for eosinophilic esophagitis: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Evans, L.; Larsen, M.; Cox, A.; Skyrme, R., 2016:
Steroids, drugs and stuttering priapism; the rock-and-roll lifestyle of a 24-year-old man

Conrozier, T.; Patarin, J.; Mathieu, P.; Rinaudo, M., 2016:
Steroids, lidocain and ioxaglic acid modify the viscosity of hyaluronic acid: in vitro study and clinical implications

Patte-Mensah, C.; Meyer, L.; Mensah-Nyagan, A.Guy., 2011:
Steroids, spinal cord and pain sensation

Horita, N.; Kaneko, T., 2017:
Steroids-induced osteoporosis due to the treatment for Pulmonary diseases

Zelena, Dóra.; Makara, B.Gábor., 2016:
Steroids: The physiologic and pharmacologic effects of glucocorticoids

de Macedo-Silva, S.Teixeira.; de Souza, W.; Rodrigues, J.C.Fernandes., 2016:
Sterol Biosynthesis Pathway as an Alternative for the Anti-Protozoan Parasite Chemotherapy

Gsaller, F.; Hortschansky, P.; Furukawa, T.; Carr, P.D.; Rash, B.; Capilla, J.; Müller, C.; Bracher, F.; Bowyer, P.; Haas, H.; Brakhage, A.A.; Bromley, M.J., 2017:
Sterol Biosynthesis and Azole Tolerance Is Governed by the Opposing Actions of SrbA and the CCAAT Binding Complex

Fu, Q.; Inankur, B.; Yin, J.; Striker, R.; Lan, Q., 2015:
Sterol Carrier Protein 2, a Critical Host Factor for Dengue Virus Infection, Alters the Cholesterol Distribution in Mosquito Aag2 Cells

Li, N.C.; Fan, J.; Papadopoulos, V., 2016:
Sterol Carrier Protein-2, a Nonspecific Lipid-Transfer Protein, in Intracellular Cholesterol Trafficking in Testicular Leydig Cells

Khadka, M.; Salem, M.; Leblond, J.D., 2016:
Sterol Composition and Biosynthetic Genes of Vitrella brassicaformis, a Recently Discovered Chromerid: Comparison to Chromera velia and Phylogenetic Relationship with Apicomplexan Parasites

Claumarchirant, L.; Matencio, E.; Sanchez-Siles, L.Manuel.; Alegría, A.; Lagarda, Mía.Jesús., 2016:
Sterol Composition in Infant Formulas and Estimated Intake

Zhang, X.; Sun, S.; Nie, X.; Boutté, Y.; Grison, M.; Li, P.; Kuang, S.; Men, S., 2018:
Sterol Methyl Oxidases Affect Embryo Development via Auxin-Associated Mechanisms

Chang, N-Yun.; Chan, Y-Ju.; Ding, S-Torng.; Lee, Y-Hua.; HuangFu, W-Chun.; Liu, I-Hsuan., 2017:
Sterol O-Acyltransferase 2 Contributes to the Yolk Cholesterol Trafficking during Zebrafish Embryogenesis

Warrier, M.; Zhang, J.; Bura, K.; Kelley, K.; Wilson, M.D.; Rudel, L.L.; Brown, J.Mark., 2016:
Sterol O-Acyltransferase 2-Driven Cholesterol Esterification Opposes Liver X Receptor-Stimulated Fecal Neutral Sterol Loss

Van Krieken, R.; Chen, G.; Gao, B.; Read, J.; Al Saleh, H.A.; Li, R.; Al-Nedawi, K.; Krepinsky, J.C., 2016:
Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein (SREBP)-1 is a novel regulator of the Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-β receptor I (TβRI) through exosomal secretion

DuBois, J.C.; Smulian, A.George., 2017:
Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein (Srb1) Is Required for Hypoxic Adaptation and Virulence in the Dimorphic Fungus Histoplasma capsulatum

Ricoult, Séphane.J.H.; Dibble, C.C.; Asara, J.M.; Manning, B.D., 2017:
Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein Regulates the Expression and Metabolic Functions of Wild-Type and Oncogenic IDH1

Bollettini, I.; Barberi, I.; Poletti, S.; Radaelli, D.; Pirovano, A.; Lorenzi, C.; Falini, A.; Cavallaro, R.; Smeraldi, E.; Benedetti, F. , 2015:
Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Transcription Factor-1 Gene Variation and Medication Load Influence White Matter Structure in Schizophrenia

Wei, J.H.; Yin, X.; Welander, P.V., 2016:
Sterol Synthesis in Diverse Bacteria

Gold, D.A.; Grabenstatter, J.; de Mendoza, A.; Riesgo, A.; Ruiz-Trillo, Iñaki.; Summons, R.E., 2016:
Sterol and genomic analyses validate the sponge biomarker hypothesis

Kyçyk, O.; Aguilera, M.Paz.; Gaforio, Jé.Juan.; Jiménez, A.; Beltrán, G., 2017:
Sterol composition of virgin olive oil of forty-three olive cultivars from the World Collection Olive Germplasm Bank of Cordoba

Renaud, R.L.; Subden, R.E.; Pierce, A.M.; Oehlschlager, A.C., 1978:
Sterol composition ofNeurospora crassa

Yao, Y.; Jiang, W.; Li, Y-shan., 2016:
Sterol extracts from Begonia Sinensis Rhizome against respiratory inflammation

Li, W.; Zhou, W.; Song, S.Bean.; Shim, S.Hee.; Kim, Y.Ho., 2015:
Sterol fatty acid esters from the mushroom Hericium erinaceum and their PPAR transactivational effects

Hooper, R.; Rothberg, B.S.; Soboloff, J., 2016:
Sterol hindrance of Orai activation

Kentala, H.; Pfisterer, S.G.; Olkkonen, V.M.; Weber-Boyvat, M., 2016:
Sterol liganding of OSBP-related proteins (ORPs) regulates the subcellular distribution of ORP-VAPA complexes and their impacts on organelle structure

Najle, Sán.R.; Molina, Mía.Celeste.; Ruiz-Trillo, Iñaki.; Uttaro, A.D., 2017:
Sterol metabolism in the filasterean Capsaspora owczarzaki has features that resemble both fungi and animals

Matić Bujagić, I.; Grujić, S.; Jauković, Z.; Laušević, M., 2017:
Sterol ratios as a tool for sewage pollution assessment of river sediments in Serbia

Xu, H.F.; Luo, J.; Wang, H.P.; Wang, H.; Zhang, T.Y.; Tian, H.B.; Yao, D.W.; Loor, J.J., 2017:
Sterol regulatory element binding protein-1 (SREBP-1)c promoter: Characterization and transcriptional regulation by mature SREBP-1 and liver X receptor α in goat mammary epithelial cells

Wen, G.; Pachner, L.I.; Gessner, D.K.; Eder, K.; Ringseis, R., 2016:
Sterol regulatory element-binding proteins are regulators of the sodium/iodide symporter in mammary epithelial cells

Wen, G.; Eder, K.; Ringseis, R., 2017:
Sterol regulatory element-binding proteins are transcriptional regulators of the thyroglobulin gene in thyroid cells

Flasiński, Mł.; Konderla, B.; Broniatowski, M.; Wydro, Pł., 2016:
Sterol-Phospholipid Hybrids at the Air/Water Interface: Studies on Properties and Interactions with Parent Lipid Molecules

Makushok, T.; Alves, P.; Huisman, S.Michiel.; Kijowski, A.Rafal.; Brunner, D., 2016:
Sterol-Rich Membrane Domains Define Fission Yeast Cell Polarity

Cornelio, K.; Espiritu, R.Atillo.; Todokoro, Y.; Hanashima, S.; Kinoshita, M.; Matsumori, N.; Murata, M.; Nishimura, S.; Kakeya, H.; Yoshida, M.; Matsunaga, S., 2016:
Sterol-dependent membrane association of the marine sponge-derived bicyclic peptide Theonellamide A as examined by 1 H NMR

Temime, S.Ben.; Manai, H.; Methenni, K.; Baccouri, B.; Abaza, L.; Daoud, D.; Casas, J.Sánchez.; Bueno, E.Osorio.; Zarrouk, M., 2008:
Sterolic composition of Chétoui virgin olive oil: Influence of geographical origin

Farquharson, K.L., 2015 :
Sterols Modulate Cell-to-Cell Connectivity at Plasmodesmata

Giner, Jé-Luis.; Ceballos, H.; Tang, Y-Zhong.; Gobler, C.J., 2016:
Sterols and Fatty Acids of the Harmful Dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides

Cheng, W.; Sun, L.; Kimpe, L.E.; Mallory, M.L.; Smol, J.P.; Gallant, L.R.; Li, J.; Blais, J.M., 2017:
Sterols and Stanols Preserved in Pond Sediments Track Seabird Biovectors in a High Arctic Environment

Griffiths, W.J.; Abdel-Khalik, J.; Crick, P.J.; Ogundare, M.; Shackleton, C.H.; Tuschl, K.; Kwok, M.Kwun.; Bigger, B.W.; Morris, A.A.; Honda, A.; Xu, L.; Porter, N.A.; Björkhem, I.; Clayton, P.T.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Sterols and oxysterols in plasma from Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome patients

Rudzińska, M.; Górnaś, Pł.; Raczyk, M.; Soliven, A., 2016:
Sterols and squalene in apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) kernel oils: the variety as a key factor

Popov, S.; Stoilov, I.; Marekov, N.; Kovachev, G.; Andreev, S., 1981:
Sterols and their biosynthesis in some freshwater bivalves

Loza-Mejía, M.A.; Salazar, J.Rodrigo., 2016:
Sterols and triterpenoids as potential anti-inflammatories: Molecular docking studies for binding to some enzymes involved in inflammatory pathways

Alsalahi, M.Ali.; Latif, M.Talib.; Ali, M.Mohd.; Dominick, D.; Khan, M.Firoz.; Mustaffa, N.Ili.Hamizah.; Nadzir, M.Shahrul.Mohd.; Nasher, E.; Zakaria, M.Pauzi., 2016:
Sterols as biomarkers in the surface microlayer of the estuarine areas

Li, W.; Zhou, W.; Cha, J.Yun.; Kwon, S.Uk.; Baek, K-Hyun.; Shim, S.Hee.; Lee, Y.Mi.; Kim, Y.Ho., 2016:
Sterols from Hericium erinaceum and their inhibition of TNF-α and NO production in lipopolysaccharide-induced RAW 264.7 cells

Sun, Y.; Lin, Y.; Cao, X.; Xiang, L.; Qi, J., 2015:
Sterols from Mytilidae show anti-aging and neuroprotective effects via anti-oxidative activity

Reichwaldt, E.S.; Ho, W.Y.; Zhou, W.; Ghadouani, A., 2016:
Sterols indicate water quality and wastewater treatment efficiency

Akihisa, T.; Thakur, S.; Rosenstein, F.U.; Matsumoto, T., 1986:
Sterols of cucurbitaceae: The configurations at C-24 of 24-Alkyl-Δ(5)-,Δ(7)- and Δ(8)-sterols

Teshima, S.; Kanazawa, A.; Yamada, I.; Tanaka, Y., 1983:
Sterols of the spongeTethya amamensis: Occurrence of (24E)-24-ethylidenecholesta-5,7-dienol, (24E)-24-propylidenecholesta-5,7-dienol, and (24Z)-24-propylidenecholesta-5,7-dienol

Gazibara, T.; Radovanovic, S.; Maric, G.; Rancic, B.; Kisic-Tepavcevic, D.; Pekmezovic, T., 2016:
Stethoscope Hygiene: Practice and Attitude of Medical Students

Zúniga, Aés.; Mañalich, J.; Cortés, R., 2016:
Stethoscope or staphyloscope?: Potential vector in nosocomial infections

Özkan, B.; Ünlüer, E.E.; Akyol, P.Y.; Karagöz, A.; Bayata, M.S.; Akoğlu, H.; Oyar, O.; Dalli, Aşe.; Topal, F.E., 2016:
Stethoscope versus point-of-care ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of dyspnea: a randomized trial

Lovrenski, J.; Petrović, S.; Balj-Barbir, S.; Jokić, R.; Vilotijević-Dautović, G., 2017:
Stethoscope vs. ultrasound probe - which is more reliable in children with suspected pneumonia?

Andrès, E.; Gass, R., 2017:
Stethoscope: A Still-Relevant Tool and Medical Companion

Jacob, R.Tangerino.de.Souza.; Zambonato, T.Cristina.de.Souza.; Mondelli, M.Fernanda.Capoani.Garcia., 2013:
Stethoscopes with hearing aid use: Case studies

Kragh, J.F., 2016:
Steve Rush on US Air Force Pararescue and Pararesuemen today

Anonymous, 2016:
Steven B. Leder, PhD

Sung, Y-Fong., 2016:
Steven G Holtzman: The blending of professional and personal lives

Bensmaia, S.J.; DiCarlo, J.J.; Hsiao, S., 2015:
Steven Hsiao: in memoriam

Fujiura, G.T., 2015:
Steven J. Taylor: in memoriam

McCullough, M.; Burg, M.; Lin, E.; Peng, D.; Garner, W., 2016:
Steven Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in a burn unit: A 15-year experience

Hon, K.Lun.Ellis.; Choi, C.Lun.Paul., 2016:
Steven Johnson Syndrome: Drug or Bug?

Tuem, K.Beshir.; Gebre, A.Kahsu.; Atey, T.Mehari.; Bitew, H.; Yimer, E.M.; Berhe, D.Fikadu., 2018:
Drug Resistance Patterns of Escherichia coli in Ethiopia: A Meta-Analysis

Knight, L.; Todd, G.; Muloiwa, R.; Matjila, M.; Lehloenya, R.J., 2016:
Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: Maternal and Foetal Outcomes in Twenty-Two Consecutive Pregnant HIV Infected Women

Zizi, N.; Elmrahi, A.; Dikhaye, S.; Fihmi, N.; Alami, Z., 2016:
Stevens Johnson syndrome-Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Overlap induced by sulfasalazine treatment: a case report

Schedel, F.; Herrnstadt, G.; Ehrchen, J., 2016:
Stevens Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis after exogenous contact to S,S-dimethyl cyanoimidodithiocarbonate

Kardaun, S.H.; Vos, B.J.P.R.; Chandran, N.S., 2017:
Stevens Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis-overlap, induced by lacosamide

Grondin, S.; Laflamme, V., 2015:
Stevens's law for time: A direct comparison of prospective and retrospective judgments

Łoboda, J.; Dudzik, A.; Chomyszyn-Gajewska, M., 2015:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrom and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis--based on literature

Aznab, M.; Khazaei, M., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Patient Received Combination Chemotherapy Gemcitabine, Cisplatin, and 5-FU for Biliary Tract Cancer

Saeed, H.N.; Kohanim, S.; Le, H-Gam.; Chodosh, J.; Jacobs, D.S., 2017:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Corneal Ectasia: Management and a Case for Association

Jung, S-Ok.; Cho, M-Ji.; Park, D-Il.; Kim, S-Young.; Kim, J-Ock.; Jung, S-Soo.; Park, H-Sun.; Lee, J-Eun.; Moon, J-Young.; Chung, C-Uk., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Hypothermia Associated with Anti-tuberculosis Medication in a Patient with Heart Failure

Ban, G-Young.; Ahn, S-Joo.; Yoo, H-Soo.; Park, H-Sim.; Ye, Y-Min., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Associated with Acetaminophen Use during Viral Infections

Emerick, M.Ferreira.Barbosa.; Rodrigues, M.Martins.Toledo.; Pedrosa, D.Melo.Arnaud.Sampaio.; Novaes, M.Rita.Carvalho.Garbi.; Gottems, L.Bernarda.Donato., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in a hospital in Distrito Federal

Anonymous, 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in the Pediatric Population: A Review

Miliszewski, M.A.; Kirchhof, M.G.; Sikora, S.; Papp, A.; Dutz, J.P., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: An Analysis of Triggers and Implications for Improving Prevention

Dodiuk-Gad, R.P.; Chung, W-Hung.; Valeyrie-Allanore, L.; Shear, N.H., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: An Update

Sun, J.; Liu, J.; Gong, Q-Li.; Ding, G-Zhong.; Ma, L-Wen.; Zhang, L-Chao.; Lu, Y., 2015:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis: a multi-aspect comparative 7-year study from the People's Republic of China

Yapici, A.K.; Fidanci, M.K.; Kilic, S.; Balamtekin, N.; Mutluay Arslan, M.; Yavuz, S.T.; Kalman, S., 2015:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome triggered by a combination of clobazam, lamotrigine and valproic acid in a 7-year-old child

Atabek, M.Emre.; Çalışkan, Ümran.; Pırgon, Özgür.; Tol, Hüseyin.; Erkul, İbrahim., 2002:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome-Like Exanthema Secondary to Methotrexate

Jang, H.Won.; Shin, J.Jin.; Park, J.Beom.; Son, S.Wook., 2016:
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome-Like Skin Lesions in a Patient with Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

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Stfm Tackles Preceptor Shortage

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Still Rockin!

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Still Rocking

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Still a long way to go

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Still about Francesco de' Medici's poisoning (1587)

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Still alice

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Still battling on

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Still fighting an uphill battle

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Still getting fatter

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Still no agreement on 66 issues in pay talks

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Still on religiosity and alcohol use

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Still on the Road to Worldwide Hypertension Control

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Still puzzling questions in immunology (infection and immunity)

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Still room for print

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Still scope for improvement

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Still searching for the engram

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Still small voice?

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Still the One: 115 and Going Strong

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Still the best medicine laughter

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Still time for Congress to act on healthcare

Anonymous, 2015:
Still too many hysterectomies performed

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Still trivialized too often

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Still trying to pick the best asparaginase preparation

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Drug resistance related to aberrant glycosylation in colorectal cancer

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Still waiting

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Still waiting for real answers

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Still wanted-the mechanisms of consciousness!

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Still water runs deep

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Still waters move fast

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Stillbirth in France

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Stillbirth: a renewed focus

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Stimulating the brain for epilepsy

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Stimulation aids dementia care

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Stimulation is never quite as simple as it seems

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Stimulation of Cauda Equina With a Figure-of-Eight Magnetic Coil

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Stimulation of Cellular Proliferation and Migration: Is It a Viable Measure of Photobiomodulation?

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Stimulation of Protein Expression Through the Harmonic Resonance of Frequency-Specific Music

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Stimulation of neuronal cells by culture supernatant of T lymphocytes triggered by anti-CD3 mAb followed by propagation in the presence of interleukin-2

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Stimulation of nitric oxide production contributes to the antiplatelet and antithrombotic effect of new peptide pENW (pGlu-Asn-Trp)

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Stimulation of the Antioxidative and Antimicrobial Potential of the Blood Red Bracket Mushroom Pycnoporus sanguineus (Higher Basidiomycetes)

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Stimulation of the Dorsal Root Ganglion

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Stimulation of the Drosophila immune system alters genome-wide nucleosome occupancy

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Stimulation of the Estrogen Axis Induces Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Salivary Cancer cells

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Stimulation of the Gasserian ganglion in the treatment of refractory trigeminal neuropathy

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Stimulation of the Hippocampal POMC/MC4R Circuit Alleviates Synaptic Plasticity Impairment in an Alzheimer's Disease Model

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Stimulation of the Nonneuronal Cholinergic System by Highly Diluted Acetylcholine in Keratinocytes

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Stimulation of the Pontine Parabrachial Nucleus Promotes Wakefulness via Extra-thalamic Forebrain Circuit Nodes

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Stimulation of the RIG-I/MAVS Pathway by Polyinosinic:Polycytidylic Acid Upregulates IFN-β in Airway Epithelial Cells with Minimal Costimulation of IL-8

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Stimulation of the Replication of ICP0-Null Mutant Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and pp71-Deficient Human Cytomegalovirus by Epstein-Barr Virus Tegument Protein BNRF1

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Stimulation of the Salicylic Acid Pathway Aboveground Recruits Entomopathogenic Nematodes Belowground

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Stimulation of the Spinal Cord and Dorsal Nerve Roots for Chronic Groin, Pelvic, and Abdominal Pain

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Stimulation of the centromedian nucleus in refractory epilepsy associated to ring chromosome 20

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Stimulation of the hydrolytic stage for biogas production from cattle manure in an electrochemical bioreactor

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Stimulation of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus increases brown adipose tissue nerve activity via hypothalamic paraventricular and dorsomedial nuclei

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Stimulation of the hypoxia pathway modulates chemotherapy resistance in Hodgkin's lymphoma cells

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Stimulation of the medial septum should benefit patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

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Stimulation of the mesencephalic ventral tegmental area blunts the sensitivity of cardiac baroreflex in decerebrate cats

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Stimulation of the metabotropic glutamate (mGlu) 2 receptor attenuates the MK-801-induced increase in the immobility time in the forced swimming test in rats