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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58924

Chapter 58924 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hu, R.; Zhang, L.; Hu, J., 2016:
Study on the kinetics and transformation products of salicylic acid in water via ozonation

Ma, Q-Q.; Yang, X-J.; Yang, N-Q.; Liu, L.; Li, X-D.; Zhu, K.; Fu, Q.; Wei, P., 2017:
Study on the levels of uric acid and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in ACS patients and their relationships with the extent of the coronary artery lesion

Zhao, F.; Kim, J., 2015:
Study on the lifetime decay of quantum dots as a function of temperature

Song, G-lian.; Yu, J-lin.; Liu, F.; He, Y.; Chen, D.; Mo, W-cheng., 2014:
Study on the live state of pieris rapaes using near infrared hypserspectral imaging technology

Thekkedath, S.Cyriac.; Raman, R.Ganapathi.; Musthafa, M.M.; Bakshi, A.K.; Pal, R.; Dawn, S.; Kummali, A.Haneefa.; Huilgol, N.G.; Selvam, T.Palani.; Datta, D., 2016:
Study on the measurement of photo-neutron for15 MV photon beam from medical linear accelerator under different irradiation geometries using passive detectors

Gao, Q.; Guan, L.; Hu, S.; Yao, Y.; Ren, X.; Zhang, Z.; Cheng, C.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, C.; Huang, J.; Su, D.; Ma, X., 2016:
Study on the mechanism of HIF1a-SOX9 in glucose-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy

Li, M.; Jin, G.; Tan, Y.; Guo, M.; Zhu, P., 2016:
Study on the mechanism of a charge-coupled device detector irradiated by millisecond pulse laser under functional loss

Chi, Z.; Wang, D.; You, H., 2016 :
Study on the mechanism of action between dimethyl phthalate and herring sperm DNA at molecular level

He, Y.; Ingudam, S.; Reed, S.; Gehring, A.; Strobaugh, T.P.; Irwin, P., 2016:
Study on the mechanism of antibacterial action of magnesium oxide nanoparticles against foodborne pathogens

Li, J-Li.; Fan, Y-Yan.; Ye, G-Hua.; Dong, M-Wu.; Lin, K-Zhi.; Li, F.; Yu, L-Sheng., 2016:
Study on the mechanism of how curcumin improves pulmonary vascular remodeling associated with chronic pulmonary arterial hypertension

Dai, J-Feng.; Cai, L-Jun.; Chen, C-Ying.; Yu, J.; Lu, B., 2015:
Study on the mechanism of reversal effect of Curcuma Wenyujin on MDR of SGC7901/VCR

Fang, Y.; Xu, H.; Shen, L.; Huang, F.; Yibulayin, S.; Huang, S.; Tian, S.; Hu, Z.; He, Z.; Li, F.; Li, Y.; Zhou, K., 2015:
Study on the mechanism of the interaction between acteoside and pepsin using spectroscopic techniques

Gao, J.; Zhang, J.; Qu, Z.; Zhou, H.; Tong, Y.; Liu, D.; Yang, H.; Gao, W., 2016:
Study on the mechanisms of the bronchodilator effects of Folium Eriobotryae and the selected active ingredient on isolated guinea pig tracheal strips

Wang, D-hui.; Wu, X-hua.; Qian, S-min.; Yao, H-Rong., 2016:
Study on the mesothelin-specific cytotoxicity against epithelial ovarian cancer with full-length mesothelin cDNA-transduced dendritic cells

Židková, M.; Linhart, I.; Balíková, M.; Himl, M.; Váňa, Lír.; Vetýška, M.; Páleníček, Táš.; Lhotková, E.; Dušek, M., 2016:
Study on the metabolism of 5,6-methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane (MDAI) in rats: identification of urinary metabolites

Yao, D.; Wang, Y.; Huo, C.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, M.; Li, L.; Shi, Q.; Kiyota, H.; Shi, X., 2016:
Study on the metabolites of isoalantolactone in vivo and in vitro by ultra performance liquid chromatography combined with Triple TOF mass spectrometry

An, K.; Gao, L., 2015:
Study on the method for determination of glyphosate in workplace air by HPLC post-column derivatization

Hao, Z-hong.; Yao, J-zhen.; Tang, R-ling.; Zhang, X-mei.; Li, W-ge.; Zhang, Q., 2015:
Study on the method for the determination of trace boron, molybdenum, silver, tin and lead in geochemical samples by direct current arc full spectrum direct reading atomic emission spectroscopy (DC-Arc-AES)

Claus, B.; Bauters, T.; Laureys, G., 2018:
Drug shortages in a pediatric stem cell transplantation ward: Challenges and implications. A 5-year bilan

Meng, R.; Yang, Z.; Wang, H.; Wang, Y.; Li, F.; Han, Y., 2016:
Study on the methylation of LCHAD gene promoter region in mitochondria of trophoblast cells incubated with long-chain fatty acids

Gao, L.; Lü, Y.; Cui, L.; Sun, L., 2016:
Study on the molecular epidemiology of bacterial infection in patients in cardiac surgical intensive care unit

Huang, S.; Qiu, H.; Lu, S.; Zhu, F.; Xiao, Q., 2015:
Study on the molecular interaction of graphene quantum dots with human serum albumin: combined spectroscopic and electrochemical approaches

Liu, F-Yan.; Zhang, M-Min.; Zeng, P.; Liu, W-Wen.; Wang, J-Lei.; Yang, B.; Dai, Q.; Wei, J., 2017:
Study on the molecular mechanism of antinociception induced by ghrelin in acute pain in mice

Ma, Q.; Jin, J.; Cai, W., 2015:
Study on the molecular mechanisms of a novel large deletion of FXIIIA mRNA in a new hereditary factor XIII deficiency

Yang, B.; Tan, Z.; Song, Y., 2015:
Study on the molecular regulatory mechanism of MicroRNA-195 in the invasion and metastasis of colorectal carcinoma

Zhai, S.; Lu, S.; Hai, Y.; Wang, Q.; Kang, N.; Wang, Y.; Kong, C.; Sun, W., 2016:
Study on the morphology of sagittal of lumbar endplate in healthy adult

Ni, M.; Chen, X.; Hu, X.; Ma, Y., 2015:
Study on the mortality and risk factors among HIV/AIDS patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Gu, Y-hong.; Li, Y.; Tian, Y.; Lu, Y., 2014:
Study on the multivariate quantitative analysis method for steel alloy elements using LIBS

Mayer-Scholl, A.; Reckinger, S.; Schulze, C.; Nöckler, K., 2016:
Study on the occurrence of Trichinella spp. in raccoon dogs in Brandenburg, Germany

Cao, Y.; Jia, F.; Han, Y.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Q., 2015:
Study on the optimal moisture adding rate of brown rice during germination by using segmented moisture conditioning method

Ye, B.; E.X.; Zhang, L., 2015:
Study on the optimization of monitoring indicators of drinking water quality during health supervision

Ming, Lü.; Li, H-Zhong.; Zhao, M-zhen.; Ma, M-wu.; Yang, Z-Jun.; Liang, J., 2015:
Study on the order degree and geochemical characteristics of major elements of siliceous rock in eastern Qinling area, China

Gong, J.; Wu, D-bo.; Zhang, L-lan.; Li, J.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, D., 2015:
Study on the oxidative stress in the ovaries of a rat model of polycystic ovary

Ibáñez, O.; Vicente, R.; Navega, D.S.; Wilkinson, C.; Jayaprakash, P.T.; Huete, M.I.; Briers, T.; Hardiman, R.; Navarro, F.; Ruiz, E.; Cavalli, F.; Imaizumi, K.; Jankauskas, R.; Veselovskaya, E.; Abramov, A.; Lestón, P.; Molinero, F.; Cardoso, J.; Çağdır, A.S.; Humpire, D.; Nakanishi, Y.; Zeuner, A.; Ross, A.H.; Gaudio, D.; Damas, S., 2016:
Study on the performance of different craniofacial superimposition approaches (I)

Damas, S.; Wilkinson, C.; Kahana, T.; Veselovskaya, E.; Abramov, A.; Jankauskas, R.; Jayaprakash, P.T.; Ruiz, E.; Navarro, F.; Huete, M.I.; Cunha, E.; Cavalli, F.; Clement, J.; Lestón, P.; Molinero, F.; Briers, T.; Viegas, F.; Imaizumi, K.; Humpire, D.; Ibáñez, O., 2016:
Study on the performance of different craniofacial superimposition approaches (II): Best practices proposal

Zhang, Z.; Wang, W.; Chen, X., 2015:
Study on the performance of piezoelectric micro pump for insulin injection

Liu, R.; Gu, P.; Wang, L.; Cheng, M.; Wu, Y.; Zheng, L.; Liu, Y.; Ding, L., 2016:
Study on the pharmacokinetic profiles of corynoline and its potential interaction in traditional Chinese medicine formula Shuanghua Baihe tablets in rats by LC-MS/MS

Zhu, H.; Zhu, S-Can.; Shakya, S.; Mao, Q.; Ding, C-Hua.; Long, M-Hui.; Li, S-Lin., 2015:
Study on the pharmacokinetics profiles of polyphyllin I and its bioavailability enhancement through co-administration with P-glycoprotein inhibitors by LC-MS/MS method

Luo, S.L.; Chen, W.X.; Zhang, J.L.; Zhu, Z.F.; He, F.Y.; Tang, S.C.; Yang, J.Q.; Wang, Y.J., 2016:
Study on the pharyngeal constriction and function of cricopharyngeal muscle in normal persons using dynamic magnetic resonance imaging

Sobolevsky, T.; Prasolov, I.; Rodchenkov, G., 2015:
Study on the phase I metabolism of novel synthetic cannabinoids, APICA and its fluorinated analogue

Jang, J.Tae.; Park, J.; Ahn, B.Du.; Kim, D.Myong.; Choi, S-Jin.; Kim, H-Suk.; Kim, D.Hwan., 2015:
Study on the photoresponse of amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O and zinc oxynitride semiconductor devices by the extraction of sub-gap-state distribution and device simulation

Zong, S-Yu.; Pu, Y-Qiong.; Xu, B-Liang.; Zhang, T.; Wang, B., 2016:
Study on the physicochemical properties and anti-inflammatory effects of paeonol in rats with TNBS-induced ulcerative colitis

Zhu, W-Jing.; Mao, H-Ping.; Li, Q-Lin.; Liu, H-Yu.; Sun, J.; Zuo, Z-Yu.; Chen, Y., 2015:
Study on the polarized reflectance-hyperspectral information fusion technology of tomato leaves nutrient diagnoses

Li, Y.; Fu, Y.; Yuan, M.; Dong, L.; Huang, H.; Li, W.; Gao, J., 2015:
Study on the population-genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Sichuan Basin in China

Guo, L.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Huang, Z.; Cheng, Y.; Ye, J.; Chu, Q.; Huang, D., 2016:
Study on the potential application of salivary inorganic anions in clinical diagnosis by capillary electrophoresis coupled with contactless conductivity detection

Kong, Y.; Yang, X., 2015:
Study on the preemptive analgesia effects of both the parecoxib sodium and the pentazocine in patients undergoing nasal endoscopic surgery

Wu, Q.; Zhang, S.; Hou, B.; Zheng, H.; Deng, W.; Liu, D.; Tang, W., 2015:
Study on the preparation of wood vinegar from biomass residues by carbonization process

Li, Z.; Li, D.; Liu, H.; Jiang, Z.; Zhu, L.; Wang, N., 2015:
Study on the prevalence and associated risk factors related to HIV, syphilis, herpes simplex virus-2 among female sex workers in Jiaozhou, Shandong province

Bidondo, Mía.Paz.; Groisman, B.; Gili, J.A.; Liascovich, R.; Barbero, P.; Pingray, Vónica.; Moretta, S.; Herce, J.; Mosquera, A.; Vera, V.; Toffe, Aán.; Rocco, A.Carolina.; Rizzo, V.; Oreglia, M.; Fernández, D.; Senra, B.Cristina.; Sznitowsky, Mía.Laura.; Fana, A.; Santana, L.; Goncalvez, Rén.; Zaiat, R.; Chancafe, Jé.Vega.; Duro, E.; Pontorno, M.; Becerra, A.; Raggio, M.Noemí.; Schabvlosky, G.; Córdoba, M.; Tomasoni, Fán.; Fumiere, F.; Delucca, J.Carlos.; Botti, L.; Cosentino, V.; Wit, 2015:
Study on the prevalence and neonatal lethality in patients with selected congenital anomalies as per the data of the National Registry of Congenital Anomalies of Argentina

Hagiwara, S., 2017:
Study on the priority of coronary arteriography or therapeutic hypothermia after return of spontaneous circulation in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: results from the SOS-KANTO 2012 study

Niu, X.X.; Li, T.; Liu, Z.H., 2016:
Study on the production of IgG derived from vaginal epithelial cells and the effect of anti-Candida albicans

Joseph, N.; Reddy, A.G.R.; Joy, D.; Patel, V.; Santhosh, P.; Das, S.; Reddy, S.K., 2016:
Study on the proportion and determinants of polycystic ovarian syndrome among health sciences students in South India

Wu, X.; Tai, Z.; Zhu, Q.; Fan, W.; Ding, B.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, L.; Yao, C.; Wang, X.; Ding, X.; Li, Q.; Li, X.; Liu, G.; Liu, J.; Gao, S., 2015:
Study on the prostate cancer-targeting mechanism of aptamer-modified nanoparticles and their potential anticancer effect in vivo

Vendelbosch, S.; Heslinga, S.C.; John, M.; van Leeuwen, K.; Geissler, J.; de Boer, M.; Tanck, M.W.T.; van den Berg, T.K.; Crusius, J.B.A.; van der Horst-Bruinsma, I.E.; Kuijpers, T.W., 2016:
Study on the protective effect of the KIR3DL1 gene in ankylosing spondylitis

Qi, M-You.; Yang, J-Jie.; Zhou, B.; Pan, D-Yi.; Sun, X., 2016:
Study on the protective effect of ursolic acid on alloxan-induced diabetic renal injury and its underlying mechanisms

Li, Y.; Wang, W.; Lin, P.; Lu, H.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Q.; Zhang, Z., 2016:
Study on the psychologic status and personality traits of patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome

Tao, L.; Zhang, Q.; Du, S.; Guo, J.; Liu Weijia; Pan, H.; Hu, X.; Ma, G.; Sun, X., 2015:
Study on the psychological health condition among junior and senior high school students in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Shigehiro, M.; Kita, M.; Takeuchi, S.; Ashihara, Y.; Arai, M.; Okamura, H., 2016:
Study on the psychosocial aspects of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO) in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers in Japan: a preliminary report

Li, Y.; Gao, F.; Xie, Q.; Niu, Y.; Meng, T.; Zhang, R.; Chen, W.; Zheng, Y., 2015:
Study on the pulmonary inflammatory effects induced by inhalation exposure to nanoscale carbon black aerosol in mice

Ma, T.; Huang, J.; Wang, J-Feng., 2016:
Study on the pupal morphogenesis of Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) for postmortem interval estimation

Park, S.Kyu.; Yang, D.Jung.; Heo, J.Won.; Kim, J.Ho.; Park, S.Heon.; Uhm, Y.Han., 2016:
Study on the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy

Janda, K.; Wolska, J.; Debia, K., 2016:
Study on the quantitative and qualitative composition of moulds colonizing sunflower seeds (Helianthus annus L.)

Al-Hamarneh, I.F.; Alkhomashi, N.; Almasoud, F.I., 2016:
Study on the radioactivity and soil-to-plant transfer factor of (226)Ra, (234)U and (238)U radionuclides in irrigated farms from the northwestern Saudi Arabia

Orzeł, J.; Komosa, A., 2014:
Study on the rate of plutonium vertical migration in various soil types of Lublin region (Eastern Poland)

Bi, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, C.; Tao, Z., 2015:
Study on the recovery of lithium from high Mg(2+)/Li(+) ratio brine by nanofiltration

Lou, X-e.; Zhu, Y.; He, Q-jun., 2016:
Study on the regulation of autophagy against anticancer drugs' toxicity

Yu, C.; Sha, Y.; Guo, P.; Chen, Y.; Njunge, L.Wanjiru.; Lu, Y.; Yang, L., 2015:
Study on the regulatory effects of mechano growth factor on soft tissue repair

Zuo, Q.; Li, D.; Zhang, L.; Elsayed, A.Kamel.; Lian, C.; Shi, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Zhu, R.; Wang, Y.; Jin, K.; Zhang, Y.; Li, B., 2016:
Study on the regulatory mechanism of the lipid metabolism pathways during chicken male germ cell differentiation based on RNA-seq

Tian, X.; Zhu, G.; Wang, J.; Wang, Q.; Guan, L.; Tan, Y.; Xue, Z.; Qin, L.; Zhang, J., 2016:
Study on the relation between tissues pathologies and traditional chinese medicine syndromes in knee osteoarthritis: Medical image diagnostics by preoperative X-ray and surgical arthroscopy

Wei, D-mei.; Wu, L-jing.; Gao, A-yu.; Li, Q.; Cheng, L.; Wang, H-jun., 2015:
Study on the relations among the screen-based sedentary behaviors, family factors and body mass index of children

Li, J.; Wang, L.; Huang, Z.; Zhang, M.; Li, Y.; Wang, W.; Chen, B.; Wang, L., 2014:
Study on the relationship between BMI and the risk of cardiovascular among Chinese adults

Liu, Y.; He, Q.; Chen, L.; Liu, H.; Zhao, C.; Song, H., 2015:
Study on the relationship between WBC count levels and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Hui and Han nationality of Ningxia

Zhang, Q.; Pan, E.; Liu, L.; Hu, W.; He, Y.; Xu, Q.; Liang, C., 2015:
Study on the relationship between manganese concentrations in rural drinking water and incidence and mortality caused by cancer in Huai'an city

Ren, G-B.; Wang, L.; Zhang, F-H.; Meng, X-R.; Mao, Z-P., 2016:
Study on the relationship between miR-520g and the development of breast cancer

Song, L.; Lu, J.; Song, H.; Liu, H.; Zhang, W.; Zhao, H., 2015:
Study on the relationship between obesity and lipid metabolism in children and adolescent in yinchuan

Lu, J.; Kuang, J.; Cheng, X., 2015:
Study on the relationship between prenatal monitoring index in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and perinatal prognosis

Xing, J.; Li, J.B.; Yu, J.M.; Shi, F.; Xu, M.; Tian, S.Y.; Shao, Q.; Fan, T.Y.; Liang, C.Q.; Zhang, Y.J., 2016:
Study on the relationship between radiation-induced lung injury and chemotherapy in the patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treated by three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT)

Cheng, J.; Dul, Q.x.; Zhang; Ren, Y.f.; Zhang, B.a.; Feng, X.d., 2016:
Study on the relationship between the structure and functions of anti-human cervical cancer single-chain antibody and the lengths of linkers

de Oliveira, V.Marques.; Latorre, G.Carmona.; Netto, A.Dos.Santos.; Jorge, R.Baches.; Filho, G.Hernandez.; de Paula Leite Cury, R., 2016:
Study on the relationship between the thickness of the anterior cruciate ligament, anthropometric data and anatomical measurements on the knee

Zhou, J.; Liu, D.; Huang, Z.; Zhong, J.; Feng, S.; Zou, W., 2016:
Study on the relationship between tone burst ABR and CE-Chirp ASSR in infants with profound sensorineural hearing loss

Wang, G.; Wang, X.; Fang, Y.; Jiang, L.; Yuan, S.; Tao, F.; Su, P., 2016:
Study on the relationship between traditional bullying, cyberbullying and depression in adolescents

Jiménez, V.E.; Pimentel, E.; Cruces, M.P.; Amaya-Chávez, A.; Ruiz-Azuara, L., 2016:
Study on the relationship of genotoxic and oxidative potential of a new mixed chelate copper antitumoral drug, Casiopeina II-gly (Cas II-gly) in Drosophila melanogaster

Chen, Y.; Ge, J.; Ruan, M.; Zhu, L.; Xie, Y.; Xia, R.; Ni, H.; Zeng, Q., 2016:
Study on the relationship of platelet specific-autoantibodies with therapeutic outcomes by dexamethasone in immune thrombocytopenia purpura

Su, C.; Jia, X.; Wang, Z.; Wang, H.; Zhang, B., 2016:
Study on the relationships between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol among Chinese adults

Wu, X.; Wu, H.; Ye, J.; Zhong, B., 2016:
Study on the release routes of allelochemicals from Pistia stratiotes Linn., and its anti-cyanobacteria mechanisms on Microcystis aeruginosa

Gao, Y.; Zhu, C.G.; Wu, N.Q.; Guo, Y.L.; Liu, G.; Dong, Q.; Li, J.J., 2016:
Study on the reliability of CardioChek PA for measuring lipid profile

Wang, Y.; Li, C.; Zhao, L.; Xie, Y'e.; Zhang, X.; Zeng, G.; Wu, H.; Zhang, J., 2015:
Study on the removal of elemental mercury from simulated flue gas by Fe₂O₃-CeO₂/AC at low temperature

Cai, S.; Chen, Y.; Song, D.; Kong, J.; Wu, Y.; Lu, H., 2016:
Study on the resistance mechanism via outer membrane protein OprD2 and metal β-lactamase expression in the cell wall of iPseudomonas aeruginosa

Gu, S.; Chen, C.; Jiang, X.; Zhang, Z., 2016:
Study on the resveratrol and arsenic trioxide combination induced apoptosis and its mechanism on lung adenocarcinoma cells

Zhang, N.; Zhang, X.; Fu, H.; An, J.; Chen, Y.; Jin, N.; Zhang, B.; Li, H., 2015:
Study on the risk factors of measles among the 8-month-olds and children≥15 years of age in Gansu province

Zhang, Y.; Liang, Y.; Bao, Y.; Sun, J.; Tan, H., 2016:
Study on the risk of HIV transmission by heterosexual contact and the correlation factors

Guo, D.; Wang, Y-Wei.; Ma, J.; Yan, L.; Li, T-Fei.; Han, X-Wei.; Shui, S-Feng., 2016:
Study on the role of Cathepsin B and JNK signaling pathway in the development of cerebral aneurysm

Mondal, D.; Hasnain, M.G.; Hossain, M.S.; Ghosh, D.; Ghosh, P.; Hossain, H.; Baker, J.; Nath, R.; Haque, R.; Matlashewski, G.; Hamano, S., 2018:
Study on the safety and efficacy of miltefosine for the treatment of children and adolescents with post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis in Bangladesh, and an association of serum vitamin E and exposure to arsenic with post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis: an open clinical trial and case-control study protocol

Xu, Y.; Lin, Y.; Gao, S., 2015:
Study on the selection of laser wavelengths in the intravascular low-level laser irradiation therapy

Wang, F.; Wu, D.; He, F.; Fu, H.; Xu, J.; Chen, J.; Zhang, S.; Wang, W., 2016:
Study on the significance of Cofilin 1 overexpression in human bladder cancer

Wang, F.; Li, W.; Li, R.; Tan, G.; Luo, D., 2016:
Study on the situation regarding endoscope cleaning and disinfection in the department of otolaryngology in Hunan hospitals

Liang, K.; Zhai, S.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, G.; Fu, X.; Li, T., 2016:
Study on the small intestine absorptive kinetics characters of tanshinol and protocatechualdehyde of Salvia miltiorrhiza extracts in rats in vivo

Zhang, H.; Zeng, X.; Xie, J.; Li, Z.; Li, H., 2016:
Study on the sorption process of triclosan on cationic microfibrillated cellulose and its antibacterial activity

Wang, M.; Luo, T.; Zhao, J.; Wang, Q.; Li, B.; Azha, T.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Q., 2014:
Study on the spatial distribution and related risks of Rhombomys opimus, based on the ecological niche modeling in Junggar Basin, Xinjiang

Shen, Y.; Yasui, K.; Sun, Z.; Mei, B.; You, M.; Zhu, T., 2015:
Study on the spatial distribution of the liquid temperature near a cavitation bubble wall

Varghese, B.; Al-Busafi, S.N.; Suliman, F.O.; Al-Kindy, S.M.Z., 2015:
Study on the spectral and inclusion properties of a sensitive dye, 3-naphthyl-1-phenyl-5-(5-fluoro-2-nitrophenyl)-2-pyrazoline, in solvents and β-cyclodextrin

Azeman, N.Hidayah.; Yusof, N.Azah.; Abdullah, J.; Yunus, R.; Hamidon, M.Nizar.; Hajian, R., 2016:
Study on the spectrophotometric detection of free fatty acids in palm oil utilizing enzymatic reactions

Zhao, J.; Zeng, H., 2015:
Study on the spectroscopic data and vibrational levels of the ground SiH+ molecular ion

Chen, H-Ting.; Zhou, X-Fang.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, S.; Zhou, J-Rong.; Fei, Y., 2015:
Study on the staggered array of an LED system for improved thermal behavior

Zhang, Q.; Zhou, L.; Yang, Y.; Hua, X.; Shi, H.; Wang, M., 2016:
Study on the stereoselective degradation of three triazole fungicides in sediment

Makomaski, G., 2015:
Study on the structure of pitch-polymer compositions by fluorescence microscope

Lu, G.; Zhang, D.; Zhao, J.; Liu, Y.; Guo, J.; Wu, S.; Zhang, L.; Yang, P.; Wang, Q.; Peng, X., 2016:
Study on the superantigen gene profiles of group A Streptococcus isolated from children in Beijing, 2014

Wang, B.S.; Yang, H.Y.; Han, Y., 2016:
Study on the survival rate of random flap using pre-injection of ADSCs

Pang, K.P.; Pan, H., 2016:
Study on the susceptibility of human corneal epithelial cells to Acanthamoeba in a hypoxia condition

Liu, J.; Chen, C.; Wu, F.; Tang, J., 2016:
Study on the synthesis and biological activities of α-substituted arylacetates derivatives

Kudelko, A.; Jasiak, K.; Ejsmont, K., 2015 :
Study on the synthesis of novel 5-substituted 2-[2-(pyridyl)ethenyl]-1,3,4-oxadiazoles and their acid-base interactions

Marsch, N.; Kock, M.; Lindel, T., 2016:
Study on the synthesis of the cyclopenta[f]indole core of raputindole A

Yamaguchi, T.; Yonezawa, T.; Koda, S., 2015:
Study on the temperature-dependent coupling among viscosity, conductivity and structural relaxation of ionic liquids

Xu, G.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.I.; Yang, Q.; Diao, B.O., 2016:
Study on the therapeutic effect of neural progenitor cells in mice of a glioma murine model

Xiao, Y.; Xia, H.; Zhu, L.; Li, X.; Chen, R.; Yin, X.; Jiang, Z.; Feng, L.; Chen, J.; Yu, M.; Lou, J.; Zhang, X., 2016:
Study on the therapeutic effects of tetrandrine combined with N-acetylcysteine on experimental silicosis of rats

Hu, Y-E.; Dai, S-Fang.; Liu, Y.; Wang, B.; Qu, W., 2016:
Study on the therapeutic mechanisms of pseudolaric acid in mice with allergic contact dermatitis

Rexer, H., 2016:
Study on the therapy of castration-resistant prostate cancer : Randomized phase II study of abiraterone acetate with LHRH therapy vs. abiraterone acetate without LHRH therapy in patients with progressive chemotherapy-naive castration-resistant prostate cancer (SPARE) - AP 67/11 of the Association of Urogenital Oncology (AUO)

Chen, M.; Wang, J.B.; Xing, H.; Ma, Y.L.; Yang, J.; Chen, H.C.; Yao, S.T.; Luo, H.B.; Duan, X.; Wang, Y.K.; Duan, S.; Jia, M.H., 2016:
Study on the threshold of HIV-1 drug resistance in Dehong prefecture of Yunnan province in 2014

Rexer, H., 2015:
Study on the treatment of nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer: A phase III efficacy study for intravesical instillation of mistletoe extract in superficial bladder cancer (TIM) AB 40/11 of the AUO

Teramoto, S.; Narushima, M.; Kojima, I.; Takagi, Y.; Shimoji, T., 2015:
Study on the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse complicated with uterine myoma

Cirlini, M.; Barilli, A.; Galaverna, G.; Michlmayr, H.; Adam, G.; Berthiller, F.; Dall'Asta, C., 2016:
Study on the uptake and deglycosylation of the masked forms of zearalenone in human intestinal Caco-2 cells

Minni, A.; Rosati, D.; Cavaliere, C.; De Carlo, A.; Illuminati, G.; Scarano Catanzaro, V.; Bodoni, M., 2017:
Study on the use of focus harmonic scalpel in thyroidectomies: is it useful also in preserving voice function?

Huang, Y.; Hu, B.; Zhu, J., 2016:
Study on the use of quantitative ultrasound evaluation of diabetic neuropathy in the rat sciatic nerve

Syed-Hussain, S.S.; Howe, L.; Pomroy, W.E.; West, D.M.; Hardcastle, M.; Williamson, N.B., 2016:
Study on the use of toltrazuril to eliminate Neospora caninum in congenitally infected lambs born from experimentally infected ewes

Nakamura, T.; Hatanaka, D.; Yoshioka, T.; Yamada, S.; Goto, H., 2015:
Study on the usefulness of APR scores from the viewpoint of proinflammatory cytokines

Wang, Y.; Guo, Y.; Zeng, N.; Chen, D.; He, H.; Ma, H., 2016:
Study on the validity of 3 × 3 Mueller matrix decomposition

Zhou, S.; Ye, H.; Li, M.; Xiong, P.; Du, D.; Wang, J., 2016:
Study on the variation of arsenic concentration in groundwater and chemical characteristics of arsenic in sediment cores at the areas with endemic arsenic poison disease in Jianghan Plain

Ri, C-Su.; Kim, M-Jin.; Kim, C-Su.; Im, S-Jin., 2015:
Study on the vibration displacement distribution of a circular ultrasonic motor stator

Pei, J-cheng.; Fan, L-wei.; Xie, H., 2015:
Study on the vibrational spectra and XRD characters of Huanglong jade from Longling County, Yunnan Province

Oliveira, J.A.S.A.; Oliveira, Tânia.S.M.; Gaspar, A.; Borges, F.; Ribeiro da Silva, M.D.M.C.; Monte, M.J.S., 2016:
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Study on theoretical models of regional humanity lung cancer hazards assessment

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Study on therapy of metastasized or locally advanced urothelial cancer: A phase III randomized clinical trial of pembrolizumab (MK-3475) versus paclitaxel, docetaxel or vinflunine in subjects with recurrent or progressive metastatic urothelial cancer (Keynote 045) - AP 48/15 der AUO

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Study on tissue Doppler imaging in diagnosis of right ventricular hypertrophy in patients with silicosis complicated by chronic pulmonary heart disease

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Study on traceability system of genuine medicinal materials

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Study on upper limb rehabilitation system based on surface EMG

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Study on variety test of Iris tectorum new variety of CSG1

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Study on viability and chondrogenic differentiation of cryopreserved adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells for future use in regenerative medicine

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Study on virulence factors of Candida tropicalis isolated from clinical samples

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Study on vitamin D₂ stability in dried mushrooms during drying and storage

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Study on wastewater toxicity using ToxTrak™ method

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Study on water-dispersible colloids in saline-alkali soils by atomic force microscopy and spectrometric methods

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Study on water-soluble chemical constituents of Taraxacum mongolicum

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Study on weak-light photovoltaic characteristics of solar cell with a microgroove lens array on glass substrate

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Study on whorl swarming growth phenomenon of Proteus mirabilis

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Study on willingness to participate and willingness to pay for hypothetical industrial injury insurance scheme

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Study on winter dormancy of Thesium chinense and its phenological phase

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Study on wrinkling in graphene under gradient shear by molecular dynamics simulation

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Study on π-π Interaction in H- and J-Aggregates of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanowires by Multiple Techniques

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Study on "Hegu (LI 4) regulates face and mouth" based on palmomental reflex

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Study overestimates depression due to victimisation in adolescence

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Study participants' perceptions of the process and impact of receiving results of N9831

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Study partners perform essential tasks in dementia research and can experience burdens and benefits in this role

Anonymous, 2016:
Study pinpoints care home risks of dehydration

Stephenson, J., 2016:
Study pinpoints discharge delays

Anonymous, 2004:
Study points to diabetes failures

Anonymous, 2017:
Study points to easier dental visits for children with autism

Anonymous, 2006:
Study points to need for better sex education

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Study population, questionnaire, data management and sample description

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Study preferences for exemplar variability in self-regulated category learning

Anonymous, 2016:
Study pressure is biggest contributor to mental health issues, survey finds

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Study progress of dental pulp stem cells in tissue engineering

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Study protocol - A systematic review and meta-analysis of hypothermia in experimental traumatic brain injury: Why have promising animal studies not been replicated in pragmatic clinical trials?

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Study protocol Implementation of the Veder contact method (VCM) in daily nursing home care for people with dementia: an evaluation based on the RE-AIM framework

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Study protocol concerning the determining factors of physical and psychosocial destabilisation in the elderly

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Study protocol for 'we DECide': implementation of advance care planning for nursing home residents with dementia

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Study protocol for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Sitting and ExacerbAtions Trial (COPD-SEAT): a randomised controlled feasibility trial of a home-based self-monitoring sedentary behaviour intervention

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Study protocol for Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy versus Cognitive Patient Education in combination with active individualized physiotherapy in patients with long-lasting musculoskeletal pain - a randomized controlled trial

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Study protocol for Young & Strong: a cluster randomized design to increase attention to unique issues faced by young women with newly diagnosed breast cancer

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Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial to evaluate a referral strategy for axial spondyloarthritis in young primary care patients with chronic low back pain; an impact study

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Study protocol for a cluster randomized trial of the Community of Voices choir intervention to promote the health and well-being of diverse older adults

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Study protocol for a cluster-randomised controlled trial of an NCD access to medicines initiative: evaluation of Novartis Access in Kenya

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Study protocol for a multi-component kindergarten-based intervention to promote healthy diets in toddlers: a cluster randomized trial

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Study protocol for a phase III multicentre, randomised, open-label, blinded-end point trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of immunoglobulin plus cyclosporin A in patients with severe Kawasaki disease (KAICA Trial)

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Study protocol for a pilot, randomised, double-blinded, placebo controlled trial of perineural local anaesthetics and steroids for chronic post-traumatic neuropathic pain in the ankle and foot: the PREPLANS study

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Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of a telehealth program--management of asthma with supportive telehealth of respiratory function in pregnancy (MASTERY©)

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Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of brief, habit-based, lifestyle advice for cancer survivors: exploring behavioural outcomes for the Advancing Survivorship Cancer Outcomes Trial (ASCOT)

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Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of insulin delivery by continuous subcutaneous infusion compared to multiple daily injections

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Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of invasive versus conservative management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax

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Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness of providing information on childbirth and postnatal period to partners of pregnant women

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Study protocol for a randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of S-ketamine for pain treatment in patients with chronic pancreatitis (RESET trial)

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Study protocol for a randomized clinical trial of a fatherhood intervention for African American non-resident fathers: Can we improve father and child outcomes?

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Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a group cognitive-behavioral course for depressed adolescents

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Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of telephone-delivered cognitive behavior therapy compared with befriending for treating depression and anxiety in older adults with COPD

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Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial to assess the feasibility of an open label intervention to improve hydroxyurea adherence in youth with sickle cell disease

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Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial to explore the effects of personalized lifestyle advices and tandem skydives on pleasure in anhedonic young adults

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Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial: tongue strengthening exercises in head and neck cancer patients, does exercise load matter?

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Study protocol for a single-blind, placebo-controlled randomised trial of Tianjiu effects in patients with intradialytic hypotension

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Study protocol for a systematic review of evidence for lifestyle interventions targeting smoking, sleep, alcohol/other drug use, physical activity, and healthy diet in people with bipolar disorder

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Study protocol for a web-based personalized normative feedback alcohol intervention for young adult veterans

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Study protocol for an evaluation of the effectiveness of 'care bundles' as a means of improving hospital care and reducing hospital readmission for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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Study protocol for screening and diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) among young people sentenced to detention in Western Australia

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Study protocol for the Flooring for Injury Prevention (FLIP) Study: a randomised controlled trial in long-term care

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Study protocol for the Maule Cohort (MAUCO) of chronic diseases, Chile 2014-2024

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Study protocol for the randomised controlled trial: Ketamine augmentation of ECT to improve outcomes in depression (Ketamine-ECT study)

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Study protocol for the randomised controlled trial: combined multimarker screening and randomised patient treatment with ASpirin for evidence-based PREeclampsia prevention (ASPRE)

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Study protocol for two randomized controlled trials examining the effectiveness and safety of current weekend allied health services and a new stakeholder-driven model for acute medical/surgical patients versus no weekend allied health services

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Study protocol for "Healthy Hearts Northwest": a 2 × 2 randomized factorial trial to build quality improvement capacity in primary care

Gold, R.; Hollombe, C.; Bunce, A.; Nelson, C.; Davis, J.V.; Cowburn, S.; Perrin, N.; DeVoe, J.; Mossman, N.; Boles, B.; Horberg, M.; Dearing, J.W.; Jaworski, V.; Cohen, D.; Smith, D., 2016:
Study protocol for "Study of Practices Enabling Implementation and Adaptation in the Safety Net (SPREAD-NET)": a pragmatic trial comparing implementation strategies

Ten Brink, A.F.; Visser-Meily, J.M.A.; Nijboer, T.C.W., 2016:
Study protocol of 'Prism Adaptation in Rehabilitation': a randomized controlled trial in stroke patients with neglect

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Study protocol of European Fans in Training (EuroFIT): a four-country randomised controlled trial of a lifestyle program for men delivered in elite football clubs

Brodowicz, T.; Liegl-Atzwager, B.; Tresch, E.; Taieb, S.; Kramar, A.; Gruenwald, V.; Vanseymortier, M.; Clisant, Séphanie.; Blay, J-Yves.; L.C.sne, A.; Penel, N., 2016:
Study protocol of REGOSARC trial: activity and safety of regorafenib in advanced soft tissue sarcoma: a multinational, randomized, placebo-controlled, phase II trial

Elden, H.; Hagberg, H.; Wessberg, A.; Sengpiel, V.; Herbst, A.; Bullarbo, M.; Bergh, C.; Bolin, K.; Malbasic, S.; Saltvedt, S.; Stephansson, O.; Wikström, A-Karin.; Ladfors, L.; Wennerholm, U-Britt., 2016:
Study protocol of SWEPIS a Swedish multicentre register based randomised controlled trial to compare induction of labour at 41 completed gestational weeks versus expectant management and induction at 42 completed gestational weeks

Kwong, E.Wai-yung.; Lee, P.Hong.; Yeung, K-mo., 2016:
Study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of a comprehensive pressure ulcer prevention programme for private for-profit nursing homes

Compen, F.R.; Bisseling, E.M.; Van der Lee, M.L.; Adang, E.M.M.; Donders, A.R.T.; Speckens, A.E.M., 2016:
Study protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of group and individual internet-based Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with treatment as usual in reducing psychological distress in cancer patients: the BeMind study

Hunter, M.S.; Hardy, C.; Norton, S.; Griffiths, A., 2016:
Study protocol of a multicentre randomised controlled trial of self-help cognitive behaviour therapy for working women with menopausal symptoms (MENOS@Work)

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Study protocol of a randomised controlled trial of intranasal ketamine compared with intranasal fentanyl for analgesia in children with suspected, isolated extremity fractures in the paediatric emergency department

Montero-Alía, P.; Muñoz-Ortiz, L.; Jiménez-González, Mè.; Benedicto-Pañell, C.; Altimir-Losada, S.; López-Colomer, Y.; Prat-Rovira, J.; Amargant-Rubio, J.Francesc.; Jastes, S.Mendes.; Moreno-Buitrago, A.; Rodríguez-Pérez, M.Carmen.; Teixidó-Vargas, C.; Albarrán-Sánchez, Jé.Luís.; Candel-Gil, A.; Serra-Serra, Dènec.; Martí-Cervantes, J.José.; Sánchez-Pérez, C.Andrés.; Sañudo-Blanco, L.; Dolader-Olivé, Sònia.; Torán-Monserrat, P., 2016:
Study protocol of a randomized clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a primary care intervention using the Nintendo™ Wii console to improve balance and decrease falls in the elderly

Patras, J.; Martinsen, K.Dagmar.; Holen, S.; Sund, A.Mari.; Adolfsen, F.; Rasmussen, L-Mari.Potulski.; Neumer, S-Peter., 2016:
Study protocol of an RCT of EMOTION: An indicated intervention for children with symptoms of anxiety and depression

van Helmondt, S.Jasperine.; van der Lee, M.Liesbeth.; de Vries, J., 2016:
Study protocol of the CAREST-trial: a randomised controlled trial on the (cost-) effectiveness of a CBT-based online self-help training for fear of cancer recurrence in women with curatively treated breast cancer

Tranberg, M.; Bech, B.Hammer.; Blaakær, J.; Jensen, Jørgen.Skov.; Svanholm, H.; Andersen, B., 2016:
Study protocol of the CHOiCE trial: a three-armed, randomized, controlled trial of home-based HPV self-sampling for non-participants in an organized cervical cancer screening program

Gadiot, R.P.M.; Grotenhuis, B.A.; Biter, L.Ulas.; Dunkelgrun, M.; Zengerink, H.J.J.; Feskens, P.B.G.M.; Mannaerts, G.H.H., 2015:
Study protocol of the DUCATI-study: a randomized controlled trial investigating the optimal common channel length in laparoscopic gastric bypass for morbid obese patients

Dupouy, J.; Authier, N.; Binder, P.; D.P.trizio, P.; Gentile, Gétan.; Kahn, J-Pierre.; Lapeyre-Mestre, M.; Laporte, C.; Letrilliart, L.; Mallaret, M.; Maynie, C.; Micallef, J.; Oustric, Séphane.; Perault-Pochat, M-Christine., 2016:
Study protocol of the ESUB-MG cluster randomized trial: a pragmatic trial assessing the implementation of urine drug screening in general practice for buprenorphine maintained patients

van de Wal, M.A.; Gielissen, M.Fm.; Servaes, P.; Knoop, H.; Speckens, A.Em.; Prins, J.B., 2015:
Study protocol of the SWORD-study: a randomised controlled trial comparing combined online and face-to-face cognitive behaviour therapy versus treatment as usual in managing fear of cancer recurrence

Komatsu, Y.; Ishioka, C.; Shimada, K.; Yamada, Y.; Gamoh, M.; Sato, A.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yuki, S.; Morita, S.; Takahashi, S.; Goto, R.; Kurihara, M., 2016:
Study protocol of the TRICOLORE trial: a randomized phase III study of oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy versus combination chemotherapy with S-1, irinotecan, and bevacizumab as first-line therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer

Williamson, H.; Hamlet, C.; White, P.; Marques, E.M.R.; Cadogan, J.; Perera, R.; Rumsey, N.; Hayward, L.; Harcourt, D., 2017:
Study protocol of the YP Face IT feasibility study: comparing an online psychosocial intervention versus treatment as usual for adolescents distressed by appearance-altering conditions/injuries

Connor, K.; Cheng, E.; Siebens, H.C.; Lee, M.L.; Mittman, B.S.; Ganz, D.A.; Vickrey, B., 2016:
Study protocol of "CHAPS": a randomized controlled trial protocol of Care Coordination for Health Promotion and Activities in Parkinson's Disease to improve the quality of care for individuals with Parkinson's disease

Kwon, I.; Choi, S.; Mittman, B.; Bharmal, N.; Liu, H.; Vickrey, B.; Song, S.; Araiza, D.; McCreath, H.; Seeman, T.; Oh, S-Mi.; Trejo, L.; Sarkisian, C., 2016:
Study protocol of "Worth the Walk": a randomized controlled trial of a stroke risk reduction walking intervention among racial/ethnic minority older adults with hypertension in community senior centers

Pérez, Gòria.; Gotsens, Mè.; Palència, L.; Marí-Dell'Olmo, M.; Domínguez-Berjón, M.Felicitas.; Rodríguez-Sanz, M.; Puig, V.; Bartoll, X.; Gandarillas, A.; Martín, U.; Bacigalupe, A.; Díez, E.; Ruiz, M.; Esnaola, S.; Calvo, M.; Sánchez, P.; Luque Fernández, M.Ángel.; Borrell, C., 2016:
Study protocol on the effect of the economic crisis on mortality and reproductive health and health inequalities in Spain

Kobbernagel, H.E.; Buchvald, F.F.; Haarman, E.G.; Casaulta, C.; Collins, S.A.; Hogg, C.; Kuehni, C.E.; Lucas, J.S.; Omran, H.; Quittner, A.L.; Werner, C.; Nielsen, K.G., 2016:
Study protocol, rationale and recruitment in a European multi-centre randomized controlled trial to determine the efficacy and safety of azithromycin maintenance therapy for 6 months in primary ciliary dyskinesia

Teale, E.; Young, J.; Siddiqi, N.; Munyombwe, T.; Harrison, J.; Schuurmanns, M., 2017:
Study protocol-investigation of the Delirium Observation Screening Scale (DOSS) for the routine detection of delirium in the care home setting: a prospective cohort study

Sentilhes, Lïc.; Daniel, Vérie.; Darsonval, A.; Deruelle, P.; Vardon, D.; Perrotin, F.; L.R.y, C.; Senat, M-Victoire.; Winer, N.; Maillard, Fçoise.; Deneux-Tharaux, C., 2016:
Study protocol. TRAAP - TRAnexamic Acid for Preventing postpartum hemorrhage after vaginal delivery: a multicenter randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Turner, S.; Morris, S.; Sheringham, J.; Hudson, E.; Fulop, N.J., 2016:
Study protocol: DEcisions in health Care to Introduce or Diffuse innovations using Evidence (DECIDE)

Johnson, J.E.; Miller, T.R.; Stout, R.L.; Zlotnick, C.; Cerbo, L.A.; Andrade, J.T.; Wiltsey-Stirman, S., 2016:
Study protocol: Hybrid Type I cost-effectiveness and implementation study of interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) for men and women prisoners with major depression

Naja, F.; Nasreddine, L.; A.T.ani, A.Anoud.; Yunis, K.; Clinton, M.; Nassar, A.; Farhat Jarrar, S.; Moghames, P.; Ghazeeri, G.; Rahman, S.; Al-Chetachi, W.; Sadoun, E.; Lubbad, N.; Bashwar, Z.; Bawadi, H.; Hwalla, N., 2016:
Study protocol: Mother and Infant Nutritional Assessment (MINA) cohort study in Qatar and Lebanon

Villars, Hélène.; Gardette, V.; Perrin, Aélie.; Hein, C.; Elmalem, S.; de Peretti, E.; Zueras, A.; Vellas, B.; Nourhashémi, F., 2014:
Study protocol: Randomised controlled trial to evaluate the impact of an educational programme on Alzheimer's disease patients' quality of life

Hardyns, W.; Vyncke, V.; Pauwels, L.; Willems, S., 2016:
Study protocol: SWING--social capital and well-being in neighborhoods in Ghent

Chen, W.; Li, T.; Zou, G.; Li, X.; Shi, L.; Feng, S.; Shi, J.; Zhou, F.; Han, S.; Ling, L., 2016:
Study protocol: a cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of a multi-pronged behavioural intervention to improve use of personal protective equipment among migrant workers exposed to organic solvents in small and medium-sized enterprises

Denis, F.; Millot, I.; Abello, N.; Carpentier, M.; Peteuil, A.; Soudry-Faure, Aès., 2016:
Study protocol: a cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of a therapeutic educational program in oral health for persons with schizophrenia

Ezard, N.; Dunlop, A.; Clifford, B.; Bruno, R.; Carr, A.; Bissaker, A.; Lintzeris, N., 2016:
Study protocol: a dose-escalating, phase-2 study of oral lisdexamfetamine in adults with methamphetamine dependence

Coffey, M.; Hannigan, B.; Meudell, A.; Hunt, J.; Fitzsimmons, D., 2017:
Study protocol: a mixed methods study to assess mental health recovery, shared decision-making and quality of life (Plan4Recovery)

Watts, G.J.; Clark, K.; Agar, M.; Davidson, P.M.; McDonald, C.; Lam, L.T.; Sajkov, D.; McCaffrey, N.; Doogue, M.; Abernethy, A.P.; Currow, D.C., 2017:
Study protocol: a phase III randomised, double-blind, parallel arm, stratified, block randomised, placebo-controlled trial investigating the clinical effect and cost-effectiveness of sertraline for the palliative relief of breathlessness in people with chronic breathlessness

Hott, A.; Liavaag, S.; Juel, N.Gunnar.; Brox, J.Ivar., 2015:
Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial comparing the long term effects of isolated hip strengthening, quadriceps-based training and free physical activity for patellofemoral pain syndrome (anterior knee pain)

Lo, S.Hoi.Shan.; Chang, A.Marie.; Chau, J.Pak.Chun., 2018:
Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led community-based self-management programme for improving recovery among community-residing stroke survivors

O'Reilly, K.; Donohoe, G.; O'Sullivan, D.; Coyle, C.; Mullaney, R.; O'Connell, P.; Maddock, C.; Nulty, A.; O'Flynn, P.; O'Connell, C.; Kennedy, H.G., 2016:
Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of cognitive remediation for a national cohort of forensic mental health patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder

Weeland, M.M.; Nijhof, K.S.; Vermaes, I.; Engels, R.C.M.E.; Buitelaar, J.K., 2016:
Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial testing the effectiveness of 'Op Volle Kracht' in Dutch residential care

Visser, K.; Greaves-Lord, K.; Tick, N.T.; Verhulst, F.C.; Maras, A.; van der Vegt, E.J.M., 2016:
Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a psychosexual training program for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

Kelly, P.J.; Baker, A.L.; Deane, F.P.; Callister, R.; Collins, C.E.; Oldmeadow, C.; Attia, J.R.; Townsend, C.J.; Ingram, I.; Byrne, G.; Keane, C.A., 2015:
Study protocol: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial of a healthy lifestyle intervention for people attending residential substance abuse treatment

IJsbrandy, C.; Ottevanger, P.B.; Groen, W.G.; Gerritsen, W.R.; van Harten, W.H.; Hermens, R.P.M.G., 2016:
Study protocol: an evaluation of the effectiveness, experiences and costs of a patient-directed strategy compared with a multi-faceted strategy to implement physical cancer rehabilitation programmes for cancer survivors in a European healthcare system; a controlled before and after study

Kamal, A.Kamran.; Majeed, F.; Pasha, O.; Islam, M.; Azam, I.; Ilyas, M.Saleem.; Hussain, M.; Masood, K.; Ahmed, B.; Nazir, S.; Sajjad, Z.; Kasner, S.E., 2015:
Study protocol: asymptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic disease in pakistanis

Waterlander, W.E.; Blakely, T.; Nghiem, N.; Cleghorn, C.L.; Eyles, H.; Genc, M.; Wilson, N.; Jiang, Y.; Swinburn, B.; Jacobi, L.; Michie, J.; Ni Mhurchu, C., 2017:
Study protocol: combining experimental methods, econometrics and simulation modelling to determine price elasticities for studying food taxes and subsidies (The Price ExaM Study)

Simpson, A.; Hannigan, B.; Coffey, M.; Jones, A.; Barlow, S.; Cohen, R.; Všetečková, J.; Faulkner, A.; Haddad, M., 2016:
Study protocol: cross-national comparative case study of recovery-focused mental health care planning and coordination (COCAPP)

Zeeman, H.; Kendall, E.; Whitty, J.A.; Wright, C.J.; Townsend, C.; Smith, D.; Lakhani, A.; Kennerley, S., 2016:
Study protocol: developing a decision system for inclusive housing: applying a systematic, mixed-method quasi-experimental design

Wells, N.M.; Myers, B.M.; Henderson, C.R., 2015:
Study protocol: effects of school gardens on children's physical activity

Dordevic, A.L.; Bonham, M.P.; Ware, R.S.; Brennan, L.; Truby, H., 2015:
Study protocol: evaluation of 'JenMe', a commercially-delivered weight management program for adolescents: a randomised controlled trial

Oakland, K.; Guy, R.; Uberoi, R.; Seeney, F.; Collins, G.; Grant-Casey, J.; Mortensen, N.; Murphy, M.; Jairath, V., 2017:
Study protocol: first nationwide comparative audit of acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding in the UK

Hysong, S.J.; Che, X.; Weaver, S.J.; Petersen, L.A., 2016:
Study protocol: identifying and delivering point-of-care information to improve care coordination

Pellecchia, M.; Beidas, R.S.; Marcus, S.C.; Fishman, J.; Kimberly, J.R.; Cannuscio, C.C.; Reisinger, E.M.; Rump, K.; Mandell, D.S., 2017:
Study protocol: implementation of a computer-assisted intervention for autism in schools: a hybrid type II cluster randomized effectiveness-implementation trial

Mallow, J.A.; Theeke, L.A.; Long, D.M.; Whetsel, T.; Theeke, E.; Mallow, B.K., 2015:
Study protocol: mobile improvement of self-management ability through rural technology (mI SMART)

Munsch, S., 2015:
Study protocol: psychological and physiological consequences of exposure to mass media in young women - an experimental cross-sectional and longitudinal study and the role of moderators

Mirzoev, T.; Etiaba, E.; Ebenso, B.; Uzochukwu, B.; Manzano, A.; Onwujekwe, O.; Huss, R.; Ezumah, N.; Hicks, J.P.; Newell, J.; Ensor, T., 2017:
Study protocol: realist evaluation of effectiveness and sustainability of a community health workers programme in improving maternal and child health in Nigeria

Wright, C.M.; Duquesnay, P.J.; Anzman-Frasca, S.; Chomitz, V.R.; Chui, K.; Economos, C.D.; Langevin, E.G.; Nelson, M.E.; Sacheck, J.M., 2017:
Study protocol: the Fueling Learning through Exercise (FLEX) study - a randomized controlled trial of the impact of school-based physical activity programs on children's physical activity, cognitive function, and academic achievement

Madigan, C.D.; Jolly, K.; Roalfe, A.; Lewis, A.L.; Webber, L.; Aveyard, P.; Daley, A.J., 2016:
Study protocol: the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a brief behavioural intervention to promote regular self-weighing to prevent weight regain after weight loss: randomised controlled trial (The LIMIT Study)

Audrey, S.; Cooper, A.R.; Hollingworth, W.; Metcalfe, C.; Procter, S.; Davis, A.; Campbell, R.; Gillison, F.; Rodgers, S.E., 2015:
Study protocol: the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of an employer-led intervention to increase walking during the daily commute: the Travel to Work randomised controlled trial

Jary, H.; Mallewa, J.; Nyirenda, M.; Faragher, B.; Heyderman, R.; Peterson, I.; Gordon, S.; Mortimer, K., 2016 :
Study protocol: the effects of air pollution exposure and chronic respiratory disease on pneumonia risk in urban Malawian adults--the Acute Infection of the Respiratory Tract Study (The AIR Study)

Dorr, D.A.; McConnell, K.John.; Williams, M.Pierre-Jacques.; Gray, K.A.; Wagner, J.; Fagnan, L.J.; Malcolm, E., 2016:
Study protocol: transforming outcomes for patients through medical home evaluation and redesign: a cluster randomized controlled trial to test high value elements for patient-centered medical homes versus quality improvement

Lokugamage, A., 2016:
Study provides evidence that "vaginal seeding" of infants born by caesarean partially restores microbiota

Blake, Z., 2016:
Study provides insufficient evidence of a link between clarithromycin and myocardial infarction

Hussain, M., 2015:
Study published in the NMJI wins Research Paper of the Year award at the BMJ Awards India 2014

Anonymous, 2013:
Study puts hard numbers on cardiovascular risks of NSAIDs

Serner, A.; van Eijck, C.H.; Beumer, B.R.; Hölmich, P.; Weir, A.; de Vos, R-Jan., 2016:
Study quality on groin injury management remains low: a systematic review on treatment of groin pain in athletes

Anonymous, 2012:
Study questions benefits of handovers at the bedside

Anonymous, 2015:
Study questions effectiveness of mortality indicators

Kmietowicz, Z., 2016:
Study questions value of screening for fungal nail infections before starting treatment

Stockwell, T.; Naimi, T., 2016:
Study raises new doubts regarding the hypothesised health benefits of 'moderate' alcohol use

Rotaru, M.; Totoianu, I.Gheorghe.; Sin, A.Ileana.; Gheucă Solovăstru, L., 2016:
Study regarding the microscopic aspects of pilo-sebaceous units after antiandrogen treatment in hirsute women

Georgescu, V.; Tudorache, O.; Nicolau, M.; Strambu, V., 2016:
Study regarding the survival of patients suffering a traumatic cardiac arrest

Anonymous, 2007:
Study results

Gliese, A.; Busch, C-J.; Knecht, R., 2016:
Study results of primary therapy for head and neck tumors : Highlights of the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting

Anonymous, 1994:
Study results on pressure area care

Novakov Mikić, A.; Stojic, S., 2015:
Study results on the use of different therapies for the treatment of vaginitis in hospitalised pregnant women

Western, B.; Braga, A.; Hureau, D.; Sirois, C., 2016:
Study retention as bias reduction in a hard-to-reach population

Anonymous, 2015:
Study reveals challenges of ageing with an intellectual disability

Anonymous, 1994:
Study reveals failure in identification of women at risk from alcohol abuse

Anonymous, 1995:
Study reveals fears over education funding

Anonymous, 1988:
Study reveals information gap

Anonymous, 2013:
Study reveals risk of heavy coffee drinking in those younger than 55

Anonymous, 1998:
Study reveals size of funding gap for elderly care in state run homes

Anonymous, 2016:
Study says daily PrEP use is as safe as aspirin

Cooper, G.S.; Lunn, R.M.; Ågerstrand, M.; Glenn, B.S.; Kraft, A.D.; Luke, A.M.; Ratcliffe, J.M., 2018:
Study sensitivity: Evaluating the ability to detect effects in systematic reviews of chemical exposures

Anonymous, 2016:
Study sheds light on cancer diagnoses

Mathias, J.M., 2015:
Study sheds new light on natural history of RSIs

Howell, J., 1987:
Study shortage

Velu, K.S., 2016:
Study showing the efficacy of aromasin in metastatic CA breast in postmenopausal women

Anonymous, 2016:
Study shows a data route tying quality to VBP

Anonymous, 1994:
Study shows abuse of patient rights

Anonymous, 2016:
Study shows aspirin as effective as warfarin for people with heart failure

Anonymous, 1999:
Study shows curtains are a major source of infection

Sansom, C., 2016:
Study shows differences in lung transplantation outcomes between health-care systems

Anonymous, 2016:
Study shows female 'advantage' in melanoma survival

Wise, J., 2016:
Study shows higher risk from hip fracture surgery than hip replacement even after adjustment for age

Anonymous, 2016:
Study shows link between high-dose statins and diabetes risk. But health experts caution that the cholesterol-lowering drugs are still a powerful and valuable ally against heart disease

Glickson, J., 2016:
Study shows micro breaks have big benefits

Anonymous, 2016:
Study shows mind-body approaches better than pain relievers for sore backs

Anonymous, 1999:
Study shows oral neglect in some residential homes

de Visser, R.O., 2016 :
Study shows that Dry January does more good than harm

Anonymous, 1993:
Study shows ulcer pain is usually not recognised

Anonymous, 1994:
Study shows women care more about health

Strauss, K., 2015:
Study shows: improved glycemic control in diabetes patients by correcting the injection technique

Husmann, P.R.; Barger, J.Bradley.; Schutte, A.F., 2015:
Study skills in anatomy and physiology: Is there a difference?

Liang, H.; Feng, Y., 2016:
Study status and prospect of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring

Qin, D.; Xu, C., 2016:
Study strategies for long non-coding RNAs and their roles in regulating gene expression

Anonymous, 2016:
Study suggests a link between sleep-disordered breathing and later cognitive decline

Sander, R., 2008:
Study suggests geriatric patients should have pulse oximetry at night

Kupferschmidt, K., 2016:
Study suggests hidden epidemic in CF patients

Anonymous, 2016:
Study suggests how nicotine suppresses appetite

Barton, M.Kay., 2016:
Study suggests it is safe to ease neutropenic restrictions

Anonymous, 2015:
Study suggests more training, support for nurses treating patients with behavioral health concerns.

Anonymous, 2015:
Study suggests tai chi improves life for people with chronic health problems

Wise, J., 2015:
Study supports link between injectable hormonal contraceptive and HIV risk

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Study supports more aggressive blood pressure treatment targets, US officials say

Morell, V., 2016:
Study takes sharp tusk to effort to legalize ivory trade

Komaki, A.; Hashemi-Firouzi, N.; Shojaei, S.; Souri, Z.; Heidari, S.; Shahidi, S., 2016:
Study the Effect of Endocannabinoid System on Rat Behavior in Elevated Plus-Maze

Pathania, M.; Dutt, H.Kumar.; Gogoi, J.Bisnu.; Rathaur, V.; Singh, G.; Singh, P., 2016:
Study the Impact of Diabetes Camps on Adherence to Medication and Glycaemic Control in Uttarakhand

Wei, Q.; Wang, Y.; Li, X.; Yang, M.; Chai, W.; Wang, K.; zhang, Y., 2016:
Study the bonding mechanism of binders on hydroxyapatite surface and mechanical properties for 3DP fabrication bone scaffolds

Chen, Z.; Li, Y.; Yuan, Q., 2016:
Study the effect of His-tag on chondroitinase ABC I based on characterization of enzyme

Sharma, V.Kumar.; Subramanian, S.Kumar.; A.V.; R.S.; Sr, B.; S.V., 2015:
Study the effect of age and gender related differences on common paper and pencil neurocognitive tests in adolescents

Sahraian, A.; Jelodar, S.; Javid, Z.; Mowla, A.; Ahmadzadeh, L., 2015:
Study the effects of saffron on depression and lipid profiles: A double blind comparative study

Abu-Awwad, A.; Arafat, T.; Schmitz, O.J., 2016:
Study the influence of licorice and pomegranate drinks on nicotine metabolism in human urine by LC-orbitrap MS

Ramazani, S.; Karimi, M., 2016:
Study the molecular structure of poly(ε-caprolactone)/graphene oxide and graphene nanocomposite nanofibers

Kolb, M.; Jenkins, G.; Richeldi, L., 2016:
Study the past to divine the future. Confucius' wisdom doesn't work for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Bayat, Z.; Hassanshahian, M.; Hesni, M.Askari., 2016:
Study the symbiotic crude oil-degrading bacteria in the mussel Mactra stultorum collected from the Persian Gulf

Lu, R.; Liu, P.; Chen, X., 2015:
Study the toxicity to Microcystis aeruginosa induced by TiO₂ nanoparticles photocatalysis under UV light

Mowla, A.; Sahraian, A.; Hushmand, F.; Hushmand, F., 2016:
Study the utilization and practice of ECT in south of Iran

Anonymous, 2003:
Study through the web proved effective for nurses

Barker, C.; King, N.; Snowden, M.; Ousey, K., 2016 :
Study time within pre-registration nurse education: A critical review of the literature

Anonymous, 2015:
Study to Assess Lowering the Risk of Heart Problems in Kidney Disease Patients Via Periodontal Treatment

Shrestha, I.; Pokharel, M.; Dhakal, A.; Amatya, R.Cm., 2016:
Study to Compare and Evaluate Traditional vs. Endoscopic Septoplasty

Sagarad, S.V.; Sukhani, N.; Machanur, B.; Patil, S., 2016:
Study to Evaluate Current Trends in Appropriate Usage of Tread Mill Exercise Testing

Meena, V.; Bansal, C.Lata., 2016:
Study to Evaluate Targeted Management and Syndromic Management in Women Presenting with Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Kunadian, V.; Neely, R.Dermot.G.; Sinclair, H.; Batty, J.A.; Veerasamy, M.; Ford, G.A.; Qiu, W., 2017:
Study to Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes in high-risk older patieNts (ICON1) with acute coronary syndrome: study design and protocol of a prospective observational study

Manivel, R.; Ravanan, P.; Meenakshisundram, C.; Dhanaprakasam, N.; Sundramoorthy, S.Arul.Selvan.; Sreekumar, S.; Alagarsamy, J.; Amaladass, A., 2015:
Study to Predict Vascular Dysfunctions in High Risk Young Adults- An Immediate Non-Invasive Investigation to Prevent Early Vascular Ageing

N, R.; Bhat, C.Ramachandra.; Shariff, M.Ataulla.; J, C., 2016:
Study to correlate microalbuminuria with diabetic nephropathy and diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Zhu, S-Y.; Wang, J-D.; Lu, Y-J.; Shen, Z-Y., 2017:
Study to elucidate molecular mechanism behind zinc chemo-preventive role during lung carcinogenesis

Sudan, D.Singh.; Ramnikaz; Manju; Swain, N., 2015 :
Study to evaluate impact of IEC activities on awareness of Tuberculosis and RNTCP-DOTS among OPD patients around Bathinda area

Anonymous, 2005:
Study to find reasons for low MMR uptake

Anonymous, 1991:
Study to focus on lack of courses for GU nurses

Anonymous, 2016:
Study to investigate ram longevity

Anonymous, 1990:
Study to trace Noonan's gene underway in UK

Inoue, T.; Yoshida, T., 2015:
Study toward practical use of oligonucleotide therapeutics

Anonymous, 2015:
Study uncovers mutation involved in two cancers

Jones-Berry, S., 2016:
Study urges anti-burnout aid for intensive care nurses

Anonymous, 2016:
Study urges inclusion of alcohol use in HIV prevention

Hettinga, K., 2015:
Study used wrong assumption about galactose content of fermented dairy products

Martin, 2016:
Study versus experience

Whelan, H.T., 2015 :
Study volunteers needed: An appeal to the UHMS membership

Maalej, O.; Taktak, O.; Boulard, B.; Kammoun, S., 2016:
Study with Analytical Equations of Absorption Spectra Containing Interference Dips in Fluoride Glasses Doped with Cr(3.)

Iftner, T.; Wang, L.; Iftner, A.; Holz, B.; Haedicke-Jarboui, J.; Iftner, N.; von Wasielewski, R.; Martus, P.; Boehmer, G., 2016:
Study-based evaluation of the Abbott RealTime High Risk HPV test in comparison to the HC2 HR HPV test in women aged ≥30 years using residual LBC ThinPrep specimens

Larkin, M., 2016:
Study: 1 in 6 veterinarians have considered suicide

Marbury, D., 2015:
Study: Aca Demands May Deter Family Docs From Treating Kids

Anonymous, 2016:
Study: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Reduce Patients' Dental Phobia

Anonymous, 2015:
Study: Education, training on proper splint technique needed in EDs, urgent care centers

Smith, L., 2015:
Study: Online Communication Elusive For Primary Care Physicians

Zimlich, R., 2015:
Study: Referral Process Needs Protocols, Standardization

Anonymous, 2016:
Study: Tele-dermatologists Only Scratch the Surface

Anonymous, 2015:
Study: bacterium associated with rare "forgotten" disease also responsible for more sore throats than Group A strep in young adults

Anonymous, 2015:
Study: emergency providers often lack consensus on what patients intend when end-of-life forms come into play

Anonymous, 2018:
Study: exercising with an ICD keeps you fit without raising shock risk. Research suggest that not only can regular physical activity improve cardiovascular health without increasing the number of shocks, it may also help you live longer

Anonymous, 2015:
Study: new approach to handoffs slashes errors, preventable adverse events; other medical centers move to implement the protocol

Anonymous, 2016:
Study: poorer nursing care in cheap and profit-oriented homes. When quality is a matter of price

Anonymous, 2015:
Study: surface disinfectants ineffective against viruses?

Gonsenhauser, B.; Hallarn, R.; Carpenter, D.; Para, M.F.; Reider, C.R., 2016:
StudySearch: a web-based application for posting and searching clinical research studies

Varlamova, N.V.; Skuridin, V.S.; Nesterov, E.A.; Chernov, V.I.; Titskaya, A.A., 2015:
Studying Acute Toxicity Of New Radiopharmaceutical 99mtc-Al2o3 Nanocolloids For Oncological Diagnostics

Lees, W.D.; Shepherd, A.J., 2018:
Studying Antibody Repertoires with Next-Generation Sequencing

Denton, D.; Kumar, S., 2016:
Studying Apoptosis in Drosophila

Topaz, M.; Radhakrishnan, K.; Blackley, S.; Lei, V.; Lai, K.; Zhou, L., 2016:
Studying Associations Between Heart Failure Self-Management and Rehospitalizations Using Natural Language Processing

Flannelly, K.J.; Flannelly, L.T.; Jankowski, K.R.B., 2017:
Studying Associations in Health Care Research

Ismail, M.M.T.; Keynton, R.S.; Mostapha, M.M.M.O.; ElTanboly, A.H.; Casanova, M.F.; Gimel'farb, G.L.; El-Baz, A., 2016:
Studying Autism Spectrum Disorder with Structural and Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Survey

Das, J.; Meyer, M.J.; Yu, H., 2016:
Studying Autism in Context

Pohland, M.; Glumm, R.; Stoenica, L.; Höltje, M.; Kiwit, Jürgen.; Ahnert-Hilger, G.; Strauss, U.; Bräuer, A.U.; Paul, F.; Glumm, J., 2016:
Studying Axonal Outgrowth and Regeneration of the Corticospinal Tract in Organotypic Slice Cultures

Xiao, Y.; López-Schier, Hán., 2018:
Studying Axonal Regeneration by Laser Microsurgery and High-Resolution Videomicroscopy

Røder, H.L.; Sørensen, Søren.J.; Burmølle, M., 2016:
Studying Bacterial Multispecies Biofilms: Where to Start?

Zeddeman, A.; Witteveen, S.; Bart, M.J.; van Gent, M.; van der Heide, H.G.J.; Heuvelman, K.J.; Schouls, L.M.; Mooi, F.R., 2015:
Studying Bordetella pertussis populations by use of SNPeX, a simple high-throughput single nucleotide polymorphism typing method

Clayton, J.Austin.; Sullivan, C., 2016:
Studying Both Sexes: A New Frontier for Discovery

Paulson, T.G., 2016:
Studying Cancer Evolution in Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

Anonymous, 2009:
Drug Shortages: Resources for Assistance

Anonymous, 2018:
Drug shortages roundtable: Minimizing the impact on patient care

Niessen, S.J.M.; Forcada, Y.; Mantis, P.; Lamb, C.R.; Harrington, N.; Fowkes, R.; Korbonits, Márta.; Smith, K.; Church, D.B., 2016:
Studying Cat (Felis catus) Diabetes: Beware of the Acromegalic Imposter

Belcram, K.; Palauqui, J-Christophe.; Pastuglia, M., 2016:
Studying Cell Division Plane Positioning in Early-Stage Embryos

Landry, B.D.; Clarke, D.C.; Lee, M.J., 2016:
Studying Cellular Signal Transduction with OMIC Technologies

Islam, A.F.M.Tariqul.; Stepanski, B.M.; Charest, P.G., 2017:
Studying Chemoattractant Signal Transduction Dynamics in Dictyostelium by BRET

Miyabe, Y.; Kim, N.D.; Miyabe, C.; Luster, A.D., 2016:
Studying Chemokine Control of Neutrophil Migration In Vivo in a Murine Model of Inflammatory Arthritis

López-Pérez, Bén.; Gummerum, M.; Wilson, E.; Dellaria, G., 2016:
Studying Children's Intrapersonal Emotion Regulation Strategies from the Process Model of Emotion Regulation

Sendra, L.; Miguel, A.; Pérez-Enguix, D.; Herrero, Mía.José.; Montalvá, E.; García-Gimeno, Mía.Adelaida.; Noguera, I.; Díaz, A.; Pérez, J.; Sanz, P.; López-Andújar, R.; Martí-Bonmatí, L.; Aliño, S.F., 2016 :
Studying Closed Hydrodynamic Models of "In Vivo" DNA Perfusion in Pig Liver for Gene Therapy Translation to Humans

Sayama, H.; Dionne, S.D., 2015:
Studying Collective Human Decision Making and Creativity with Evolutionary Computation

Rodríguez-Escudero, Mía.; Cid, Víctor.J.; Molina, Mía.; Schulze-Luehrmann, J.; Lührmann, A.; Rodríguez-Escudero, I., 2016:
Studying Coxiella burnetii Type IV Substrates in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Focus on Subcellular Localization and Protein Aggregation

A.S.lloum, H.; Saunier, J.; Tfayli, A.; Yagoubi, N., 2016:
Studying DEHP migration in plasticized PVC used for blood bags by coupling Raman confocal microscopy to UV spectroscopy

Wang, G.; Zhao, T.; Wang, L.; Hu, B.; Darabi, A.; Lin, J.; Xing, M.M.Q.; Qiu, X., 2016:
Studying Different Binding and Intracellular Delivery Efficiency of ssDNA Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Their Effects on LC3-Related Autophagy in Renal Mesangial Cells via miRNA-382

Sævland, W.; Norman, E., 2016:
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Studying Pets' Cancers May Yield Health Benefits For Humans

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Studying Program Implementation Is Not Easy but It Is Essential

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Studying arterial wall in hypertension

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Studying can be a headache

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Studying cyberbullying

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Studying epilepsy to understand bipolar disorder?

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Studying frequency processing of the brain to enhance long-term memory and develop a human brain protocol

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Studying genetic resilience to improve human health

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Studying has good times and bad, but it is worthwhile

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Studying health solutions for the poor is not enough

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Studying host-microbiota interactions in Drosophila melanogaster

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Studying human respiratory disease in animals--role of induced and naturally occurring models

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Studying in the region of proximal learning reduces mind wandering

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Studying lineage decision-making in vitro: emerging concepts and novel tools

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Studying lipoprotein trafficking in zebrafish, the case of chylomicron retention disease

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Studying long-term caregiver health outcomes with methodologic rigor

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Studying longitudinal trajectories in animal models of psychiatric illness and their translation to the human condition

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Studying medicine in crisis: Students' perspectives from Syria

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Studying memory encoding to promote reliable engagement of the medial temporal lobe at the single-subject level

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Studying microbiology with Glenn F. Webb

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Studying neuroprotective effect of Atorvastatin as a small molecule drug on high glucose-induced neurotoxicity in undifferentiated PC12 cells: role of NADPH oxidase

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Studying newt brain regeneration following subtype specific neuronal ablation

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Studying nitrosative stress in Parkinson's disease

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Studying nuclear functions of aminoacyl tRNA synthetases

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Studying of the role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha in regulation of erythropoiesis in erythroblastic islands cultures

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Studying on borrowed time: How does testing impair new learning?

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Studying other cultures should be compulsory

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Studying policy and practice: Use of vignettes

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Studying polyglutamine diseases in Drosophila

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Studying protein fold evolution with hybrids of differently folded homologs

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Studying protein-protein interactions using surface plasmon resonance

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Studying protein-protein interactions via blot overlay/far western blot

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Studying protein-protein interactions: progress, pitfalls and solutions

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Studying public knowledge of risk of prenatal alcohol exposure is not the same as knowledge of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

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Studying respiratory rhythm generation in a developing bird: Hatching a new experimental model using the classic in vitro brainstem-spinal cord preparation

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Studying ritual and individual orientations to alcohol use: Drinking motives and their connection to intoxication in Finland in the 2000s

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Studying the active-site loop movement of the São Paolo metallo-β-lactamase-1†Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Procedures for protein expression and purification, 19 F-labelling, crystallisation, data collection, and structure determination, table of crystallographic data, table of crystallographic parameters and refinement statistics, figures showing binding mode and distances, procedures for mass spectrometry measurements, differential scanning fluorimetry me

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Studying the hows and whys

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Studying the Motivated Agent Through Time: Personal Goal Development During the Adult Life Span

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Studying the nursing clinical approach in child health nurse training schools

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Studying the role of cooperative hydration in stabilizing folded protein states

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Studying the role of dystrophin-associated proteins in influencing Becker muscular dystrophy disease severity

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Studying veterinary medicine in Warsaw

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Studying what works, doesn't work in health insurance reform

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Studying with the cloud: the use of online Web-based resources to augment a traditional study group format

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Stuffed Animals in the Operating Room: A Reservoir of Bacteria With a Simple Solution

Anonymous, 2016:
Stumbling blocks and dangers in buying puppies

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Stumbling towards a diagnosis

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Stump Entrapment of the Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament

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Stump Neuroma

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Anonymous, 2015:
Stunning popularity of LARCs with good access and quality: a major opportunity to meet family planning needs

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Stunted PFC activity during neuromuscular control under stress with obesity

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Stunted root development: A rare dental complication of Stevens-Johnson syndrome

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Stunting Is Associated with Food Diversity while Wasting with Food Insecurity among Underfive Children in East and West Gojjam Zones of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

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Stunting Persists despite Optimal Feeding: Are Toilets Part of the Solution?

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Stunting and the Prediction of Lung Volumes Among Tibetan Children and Adolescents at High Altitude

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Sub-Saharan Africa

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