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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58928

Chapter 58928 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tang, V.K.; Pato, M.T.; Sobell, J.L.; Hammond, T.C.; Valdez, M.M.; Lane, C.J.; Pato, C.N., 2017:
Substance use associated with short sleep duration in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder

Tavousi, M.; Montazeri, A.; Hidarnia, A.; Hajizadeh, E.; Taremian, F.; Haerimehrizi, A., 2016:
Substance use avoidance among Iranian male adolescents: a comparison of three versions of the theory of reasoned action

Loffredo, C.A.; Boulos, D.N.K.; Saleh, D'a.A.; Jillson, I.A.; Garas, M.; Loza, N.; Samuel, P.; Shaker, Y.Edward.; Ostrowski, M-Jan.; Amr, S., 2016:
Substance use by Egyptian youth: current patterns and potential avenues for prevention

Baggio, S.; Mohler-Kuo, M.; Dupuis, M.; Henchoz, Y.; Studer, J.; N'Goran, A.A.; Gmel, G., 2017:
Substance use capital: Social resources enhancing youth substance use

Fry, R.A.; Fry, L.E.; Weeks, A., 2015:
Substance use disorder amongst Australian and New Zealand anaesthetic trainees: an analysis of 30 years of data

Poorolajal, J.; Haghtalab, T.; Farhadi, M.; Darvishi, N., 2015:
Substance use disorder and risk of suicidal ideation, suicide attempt and suicide death: a meta-analysis

Clarke, T.; Tickle, A.; Gillott, A., 2016:
Substance use disorder in Asperger syndrome: An investigation into the development and maintenance of substance use disorder by individuals with a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome

Craig, D., 2016 :
Substance use disorder in Canadian university departments of anesthesia

Schaper, E.; Padwa, H.; Urada, D.; Shoptaw, S., 2016:
Substance use disorder patient privacy and comprehensive care in integrated health care settings

Jenkins, J.A.; Gordon, A.J., 2016:
Substance use disorder prevention and treatment in stigmatized patient populations: ripe for innovation

Kern-Godal, A.; Arnevik, E.Ajo.; Walderhaug, E.; Ravndal, E., 2016:
Substance use disorder treatment retention and completion: a prospective study of horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for young adults

Wakeman, S.E.; Rich, J.D., 2016:
Substance use disorders and avoidable mortality after prison

Schäfer, I.; Barnow, S.; Pawils, S.; Schäfer, I.; Barnow, S.; Bullinger, M.; Driessen, M.; Härter, M.; Hiller, P.; Hillemacher, T.; Klein, M.; Muhtz, C.; Mülhan, M.; Ravens-Sieberer, U.; Scherbaum, N.; Thomasius, R.; Schneider, B.; Wegscheider, K.; Pawils, S., 2017:
Substance use disorders as a cause and consequence of childhood abuse. Basic research, therapy and prevention in the BMBF-funded CANSAS-Network

Prior, K.; Mills, K.; Ross, J.; Teesson, M., 2016:
Substance use disorders comorbid with mood and anxiety disorders in the Australian general population

Dharmawardene, V.; Menkes, D.B., 2016:
Substance use disorders in New Zealand adults with severe mental illness: descriptive study of an acute inpatient population

van Duijvenbode, N.; VanDerNagel, J.E.L.; Didden, R.; Engels, R.C.M.E.; Buitelaar, J.K.; Kiewik, M.; de Jong, C.A.J., 2015:
Substance use disorders in individuals with mild to borderline intellectual disability: current status and future directions

Rajkumar, R.Philip., 2014:
Substance use disorders in men presenting to a psychosexual clinic

Nesvåg, R.; Knudsen, G.Peggy.; Bakken, I.Johanne.; Høye, A.; Ystrom, E.; Surén, Pål.; Reneflot, A.; Stoltenberg, C.; Reichborn-Kjennerud, T., 2015:
Substance use disorders in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depressive illness: a registry-based study

Anonymous, 2016:
Substance use disorders in the U.S. Armed forces

Chang, Z.; Lichtenstein, P.; Larsson, H.; Fazel, S., 2017:
Substance use disorders, psychiatric disorders, and mortality after release from prison: a nationwide longitudinal cohort study

Coccaro, E.F.; Fridberg, D.J.; Fanning, J.R.; Grant, J.E.; King, A.C.; Lee, R., 2017:
Substance use disorders: Relationship with intermittent explosive disorder and with aggression, anger, and impulsivity

Forray, A., 2016:
Substance use during pregnancy

Kalapatapu, R.K.; Delucchi, K.L.; Wang, S.; Harbison, J.D.; Nelson, E.E.; Kramer, J.H., 2016:
Substance use history in behavioral-variant frontotemporal dementia versus primary progressive aphasia

Holloway, I.W., 2016:
Substance use homophily among geosocial networking application using gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men

Anthony A B, H.; Brunelle, C., 2016:
Substance use in incarcerated male offenders: Predictive validity of a personality typology of substance misusers

Buchy, L.; Cadenhead, K.S.; Cannon, T.D.; Cornblatt, B.A.; McGlashan, T.H.; Perkins, D.O.; Seidman, L.J.; Tsuang, M.T.; Walker, E.F.; Woods, S.W.; Heinssen, R.; Bearden, C.E.; Mathalon, D.; Addington, J., 2016:
Substance use in individuals at clinical high risk of psychosis

VanDerNagel, J.E.L.; Kiewik, M.; van Dijk, M.; Didden, R.; Korzilius, H.P.L.M.; van der Palen, J.; Buitelaar, J.K.; Uges, D.R.A.; Koster, R.A.; de Jong, C.A.J., 2016:
Substance use in individuals with mild to borderline intellectual disability: A comparison between self-report, collateral-report and biomarker analysis

Russo, D.A.; Stochl, J.; Painter, M.; Jones, P.B.; Perez, J., 2015:
Substance use in people at clinical high-risk for psychosis

Evans, C.B.R.; Cotter, K.L.; Rose, R.A.; Smokowski, P.R., 2016:
Substance use in rural adolescents: The impact of social capital, anti-social capital, and social capital deprivation

Lal, R.; Deb, K.Sinha.; Kedia, S., 2015:
Substance use in women: Current status and future directions

Anonymous, 2016:
Substance use in young people

Carney, R.; Yung, A.R.; Amminger, G.P.; Bradshaw, T.; Glozier, N.; Hermens, D.F.; Hickie, I.B.; Killackey, E.; McGorry, P.; Pantelis, C.; Wood, S.J.; Purcell, R., 2016:
Substance use in youth at risk for psychosis

van Dooren, K.; Young, J.; Blackburn, C.; Claudio, F.Maria., 2016:
Substance use interventions for people with intellectual disability transitioning out of prison

Alnıak, İzgi.; Erkıran, M.; Mutlu, E., 2016:
Substance use is a risk factor for violent behavior in male patients with bipolar disorder

Fosnocht, A.Q.; Briand, L.A., 2016 :
Substance use modulates stress reactivity: Behavioral and physiological outcomes

Janulis, P.; Birkett, M.; Phillips, G.; Mustanski, B., 2016:
Substance use network characteristics and drug and alcohol use behaviors among young men who have sex with men (YMSM)

Manning, V.; Garfield, J.Bb.; Best, D.; Berends, L.; Room, R.; Mugavin, J.; Larner, A.; Lam, T.; Buykx, P.; Allsop, S.; Lubman, D.I., 2016:
Substance use outcomes following treatment: Findings from the Australian Patient Pathways Study

Malmberg, M.; Kleinjan, M.; Overbeek, G.; Vermulst, A.; Lammers, J.; Monshouwer, K.; Vollebergh, W.A.M.; Engels, R.C.M.E., 2015:
Substance use outcomes in the Healthy School and Drugs program: results from a latent growth curve approach

Skjaervø, I.; Skurtveit, S.; Clausen, T.; Bukten, A., 2016:
Substance use pattern, self-control and social network are associated with crime in a substance-using population

Cheng, T.; Johnston, C.; Kerr, T.; Nguyen, P.; Wood, E.; DeBeck, K., 2016:
Substance use patterns and unprotected sex among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting: a prospective cohort study

Kiewik, M.; VanDerNagel, J.E.L.; Kemna, L.E.M.; Engels, R.C.M.E.; DeJong, C.A.J., 2016:
Substance use prevention program for adolescents with intellectual disabilities on special education schools: a cluster randomised control trial

Smith, L.R.; Earnshaw, V.A.; Copenhaver, M.M.; Cunningham, C.O., 2016:
Substance use stigma: Reliability and validity of a theory-based scale for substance-using populations

Holl, J.; Wolff, S.; Schumacher, M.; Höcker, A.; Arens, E.A.; Spindler, G.; Stopsack, M.; Südhof, J.; Hiller, P.; Klein, M.; Schäfer, I.; Barnow, S., 2016:
Substance use to regulate intense posttraumatic shame in individuals with childhood abuse and neglect

Khera, G.S.; Nakamura, N., 2016:
Substance use, gender, and generation status among Asian Indians in the United States

Lintzeris, N.; Rivas, C.; Monds, L.A.; Leung, S.; Withall, A.; Draper, B., 2017:
Substance use, health status and service utilisation of older clients attending specialist drug and alcohol services

Colizzi, M.; Carra, E.; Fraietta, S.; Lally, J.; Quattrone, D.; Bonaccorso, S.; Mondelli, V.; Ajnakina, O.; Dazzan, P.; Trotta, A.; Sideli, L.; Kolliakou, A.; Gaughran, F.; Khondoker, M.; David, A.S.; Murray, R.M.; MacCabe, J.H.; Di Forti, M., 2016:
Substance use, medication adherence and outcome one year following a first episode of psychosis

Lacey, K.K.; Sears, K.Powell.; Govia, I.O.; Forsythe-Brown, I.; Matusko, N.; Jackson, J.S., 2016:
Substance use, mental disorders and physical health of Caribbeans at-home compared to those residing in the United States

Robinson, A.C.; Knowlton, A.R.; Gielen, A.C.; Gallo, J.J., 2016:
Substance use, mental illness, and familial conflict non-negotiation among HIV-positive African-Americans: latent class regression and a new syndemic framework

Rich, A.J.; Lachowsky, N.J.; Cui, Z.; Sereda, P.; Lal, A.; Birch, R.; Montaner, J.; Moore, D.; Hogg, R.S.; Roth, E.A., 2016:
Substance use, sexual behaviour and prevention strategies of Vancouver gay and bisexual men who recently attended group sex events

Pajulo, H.; Pajulo, M.; Jussila, H.; Ekholm, E., 2017:
Substance-Abusing Pregnant Women: Prenatal Intervention Using Ultrasound Consultation and Mentalization to Enhance the Mother-Child Relationship and Reduce Substance use

Hong, H.Sook.; Hwang, D.Yeon.; Park, J.Hyeong.; Kim, S.; Seo, E.Jung.; Son, Y., 2016:
Substance-P alleviates dextran sulfate sodium-induced intestinal damage by suppressing inflammation through enrichment of M2 macrophages and regulatory T cells

He, R.; Yang, L.; Chen, G.; Guo, L.; Pei, Y., 2016:
Substance-P in symptomatic mediopatellar plica as a predictor of patellofemoral pain

Yoshimasu, K., 2016:
Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders as a Risk Factor of Suicide and Homicide among Patients with ADHD: A Mini Review

Edwards, E.Rachel.; Cohen, M.Gintoft.; Wupperman, P., 2018:
Substance-Treatment Professionals' Perceived Barriers to Incorporating Mindfulness Into Treatment

Lin, E.; Balogh, R.; McGarry, C.; Selick, A.; Dobranowski, K.; Wilton, A.S.; Lunsky, Y., 2017:
Substance-related and addictive disorders among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD): an Ontario population cohort study

Cramer, R.J.; Colbourn, S.L.; Gemberling, T.M.; Graham, J.; Stroud, C.H., 2018:
Substance-related coping, HIV-related factors, and mental health among an HIV-positive sexual minority community sample

Schreier, B.; Schwerdt, G.; Heise, C.; Bethmann, D.; Rabe, S.; Mildenberger, S.; Gekle, M., 2016:
Substance-specific importance of EGFR for vascular smooth muscle cells motility in primary culture

Wilkerson, J.Michael.; Noor, S.W.; Breckenridge, E.D.; Adeboye, A.A.; Rosser, B.R.Simon., 2016:
Substance-use and sexual harm reduction strategies of methamphetamine-using men who have sex with men and inject drugs

Mauro, P.M.; Canham, S.L.; Martins, S.S.; Spira, A.P., 2015:
Substance-use coping and self-rated health among US middle-aged and older adults

Lalanne, L.; Weiner, L.; Trojak, B.; Berna, F.; Bertschy, G., 2016:
Substance-use disorder in high-functioning autism: clinical and neurocognitive insights from two case reports

Thompson, C.A., 2017:
Substances doubtful for bulk drug substances list could be INDs

Anonymous, 2015:
Substances temporarily controlled under schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Final rule; technical amendment

Wang, S-Yan.; Chen, L.; Xue, Y.; Xia, Y-Jun., 2016:
Substance P prevents 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium-induced cytotoxicity through inhibition of apoptosis via neurokinin-1 receptors in MES23.5 cells

Joob, B.; Wiwantikit, V., 2016:
Substandard Sanitation in Hospital Canteens Poses Problems in Developing Countries

Lalani, M.; Kaur, H.; Mohammed, N.; Mailk, N.; Wyk, A.van.; Jan, S.; Kakar, R.Meena.; Mojadidi, M.Khalid.; Leslie, T., 2015:
Substandard antimalarials available in Afghanistan: a case for assessing the quality of drugs in resource poor settings

Wise, J., 2015:
Substandard care at "dysfunctional" Morecambe Bay maternity unit led to unnecessary deaths

Zimmer Rasmussen, J., 2016:
Substandard or cheating? What about the readers?

Majumder, M.S.; Cohn, E.L.; Mekaru, S.R.; Huston, J.E.; Brownstein, J.S., 2015:
Substandard vaccination compliance and the 2015 measles outbreak

Kelesidis, T.; Falagas, M.E., 2015:
Substandard/counterfeit antimicrobial drugs

Toomsoo, T.; Liepelt-Scarfone, I.; Kerner, R.; Kadastik-Eerme, L.; Asser, T.; Rubanovits, I.; Berg, D.; Taba, P., 2016 :
Substantia Nigra Hyperechogenicity: Validation of Transcranial Sonography for Parkinson Disease Diagnosis in a Large Estonian Cohort

Zhou, H-Yan.; Sun, Q.; Tan, Y-Yan.; Hu, Y-Yun.; Zhan, W-Wei.; Li, D-Hui.; Wang, Y.; Xiao, Q.; Liu, J.; Chen, S-Di., 2016:
Substantia nigra echogenicity correlated with clinical features of Parkinson's disease

Martínez-Sánchez, P.; Cazorla-García, Rén.; Sanz-Gallego, I.; Correas-Callero, E.; Pulido-Valdeolivas, I.; Arpa, J., 2016:
Substantia nigra echogenicity in hereditary ataxias with and without nigrostriatal pathology: a pilot study

Hirata, F.C.C.; Sato, Jão.R.; Vieira, G.; Lucato, L.T.; Leite, C.C.; Bor-Seng-Shu, E.; Pastorello, B.F.; Otaduy, M.C.G.; Chaim, K.T.; Campanholo, K.R.; Novaes, N.P.; Melo, L.Magalhães.; Gonçalves, Márcia.R.; do Nascimento, F.Barjud.Pereira.; Teixeira, M.Jacobsen.; Barbosa, E.Reis.; Amaro, E.; Cardoso, E.Fernando., 2016:
Substantia nigra fractional anisotropy is not a diagnostic biomarker of Parkinson's disease: A diagnostic performance study and meta-analysis

Sprenger, F.S.; Wurster, I.; Seppi, K.; Stockner, H.; Scherfler, C.; Sojer, M.; Schmidauer, C.; Berg, D.; Poewe, W., 2017:
Substantia nigra hyperechogenicity and Parkinson's disease risk in patients with essential tremor

Jesus-Ribeiro, J.; Sargento-Freitas, Jão.; Sousa, Mário.; Silva, F.; Freire, Aónio.; Januário, C., 2017:
Substantia nigra hyperechogenicity does not correlate with motor features in Parkinson's disease

Ambrosius, W.; Michalak, S.; Owecki, M.; Łukasik, M.; Florczak-Wyspiańska, J.; Kozubski, W., 2015:
Substantia nigra hyperechogenicity in Polish patients with Parkinson's disease

Lambeck, J.; Niesen, W-Dirk.; Reinhard, M.; Matthias, R.; Weiller, C.; Dose, M.; Matthias, D.; Zucker, B.; Birgit, Z., 2016:
Substantia nigra hyperechogenicity in hypokinetic Huntington's disease patients

Yilmaz, R.; Behnke, S.; Liepelt-Scarfone, I.; Roeben, B.; Pausch, C.; Runkel, A.; Heinzel, S.; Niebler, R.; Suenkel, U.; Eschweiler, G.W.; Maetzler, W.; Berg, D., 2016:
Substantia nigra hyperechogenicity is related to decline in verbal memory in healthy elderly adults

Reimão, S.; Pita Lobo, P.; Neutel, D.; Correia Guedes, L.; Coelho, M.; Rosa, M.M.; Ferreira, J.; Abreu, D.; Gonçalves, N.; Morgado, C.; Nunes, R.G.; Campos, J.; Ferreira, J.J., 2015:
Substantia nigra neuromelanin magnetic resonance imaging in de novo Parkinson's disease patients

Reimão, S.; Pita Lobo, Pícia.; Neutel, D.; Guedes, L.Correia.; Coelho, M.; Rosa, Mário.M.; Azevedo, P.; Ferreira, J.; Abreu, D.; Gonçalves, N.; Nunes, R.G.; Campos, J.; Ferreira, J.J., 2016:
Substantia nigra neuromelanin-MR imaging differentiates essential tremor from Parkinson's disease

Dietz, H.Peter., 2017:
Substantial Advantages for Older Primiparae

Ma, F.; Jiao, Y.; Gao, G.; Gu, Y.; Bilic, A.; Sanvito, S.; Du, A., 2016:
Substantial Band-Gap Tuning and a Strain-Controlled Semiconductor to Gapless/Band-Inverted Semimetal Transition in Rutile Lead/Stannic Dioxide

Kozlenkov, A.; Wang, M.; Roussos, P.; Rudchenko, S.; Barbu, M.; Bibikova, M.; Klotzle, B.; Dwork, A.J.; Zhang, B.; Hurd, Y.L.; Koonin, E.V.; Wegner, M.; Dracheva, S., 2016:
Substantial DNA methylation differences between two major neuronal subtypes in human brain

Kahn, J.A.; Widdice, L.E.; Ding, L.; Huang, B.; Brown, D.R.; Franco, E.L.; Bernstein, D.I., 2016:
Substantial Decline in Vaccine-Type Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Among Vaccinated Young Women During the First 8 Years After HPV Vaccine Introduction in a Community

Sundbom, M.; Hedberg, J.; Marsk, R.; Boman, L.; Bylund, A.; Hedenbro, J.; Laurenius, A.; Lundegårdh, Göran.; Möller, P.; Olbers, T.; Ottosson, J.; Näslund, I.; Näslund, E., 2016:
Substantial Decrease in Comorbidity 5 Years After Gastric Bypass: A Population-based Study From the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry

Vorobiev, A.; Khassanov, A.; Ukleev, V.; Snigireva, I.; Konovalov, O., 2015:
Substantial Difference in Ordering of 10, 15, and 20 nm Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on a Water Surface: In Situ Characterization by the Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering

Yun, D.; Lee, Y.M.; Laughter, M.R.; Freed, C.R.; Park, D., 2016:
Substantial Differentiation of Human Neural Stem Cells Into Motor Neurons on a Biomimetic Polyurea

Testani, J.M.; Brisco, M.A.; Kociol, R.D.; Jacoby, D.; Bellumkonda, L.; Parikh, C.R.; Coca, S.G.; Tang, W.H.Wilson., 2015:
Substantial Discrepancy Between Fluid and Weight Loss During Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Treatment

Luo, Q.; Li, Q.; Xie, Y.; King, R.Bruce.; Schaefer, H.F., 2011:
Substantial Dissociation Energies for the Recently Synthesized NC-Ag-NH3 and Br-Ag-NH3 Molecules and Their Isovalent Family Members M(CN)XY3 and M(Br)XY3 (M = Cu, Ag, Au; X = N, P; Y = H, F)

Nagasawa, K.; Sarropoulou, E.; Edvardsen, V.; Fernandes, J.M.O., 2016:
Substantial Downregulation of Myogenic Transcripts in Skeletal Muscle of Atlantic Cod during the Spawning Period

Samukawa, Y.; Omiya, H.; Watase, H.; Nozaki, K.; Sakai, S.; Nishimura, R., 2017:
Substantial Effects of Luseogliflozin Revealed by Analyzing Responses to Postprandial Hyperglycemia: Post Hoc Subanalyses of a Randomized Controlled Study

Shapiro, J.K., 2016:
Substantial Equivalence Premarket Review: the Right Approach for Most Medical Devices

Carpenter, D.; Connolly, G.N.; Lempert, L.Kass., 2016:
Substantial Equivalence Standards in Tobacco Governance: Statutory Clarity and Regulatory Precedent for the FSPTCA

Floyd, S., 2017:
Substantial Goodness and Nascent Human Life

Yang, W.; Watson, V.J.; Logan, B.E., 2017:
Substantial Humic Acid Adsorption to Activated Carbon Air Cathodes Produces a Small Reduction in Catalytic Activity

Kawano, S.; Kakehashi, M., 2016:
Substantial Impact of School Closure on the Transmission Dynamics during the Pandemic Flu H1N1-2009 in Oita, Japan

Ge, Z.; Xu, L.; Cao, Y.; Wu, T.; Song, H.; Ma, Z.; Xu, J.; Chen, K., 2015:
Substantial Improvement of Short Wavelength Response in n-SiNW/PEDOT:PSS Solar Cell

Gorla, A.Kumar.Reddy.; Sood, A.; Prakash, G.; Parmar, M.; Mittal, B.Rai., 2017:
Substantial Increase in Myocardial FDG Uptake on Interim PET/CT May Be an Early Sign of Adriamycin-Induced Cardiotoxicity

de Kretser, D.M.; Bensley, J.G.; Phillips, D.J.; Levvey, B.J.; Snell, G.I.; Lin, E.; Hedger, M.P.; O'Hehir, R.E., 2016:
Substantial Increases Occur in Serum Activins and Follistatin during Lung Transplantation

Ohmit, S.E.; Petrie, J.G.; Malosh, R.E.; Johnson, E.; Truscon, R.; Aaron, B.; Martens, C.; Cheng, C.; Fry, A.M.; Monto, A.S., 2016:
Substantial Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Households With Children During the 2013-2014 Influenza Season, When 2009 Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) Virus Predominated

Wareham, C.S., 2017:
Substantial Life Extension and the Fair Distribution of Healthspans

Hu, S.; Cui, W.; Mak, S.; Xu, D.; Hu, Y.; Tang, J.; Choi, C.; Lee, M.; Pang, Y.; Han, Y., 2016:
Substantial Neuroprotective and Neurite Outgrowth-Promoting Activities by Bis(propyl)-cognitin via the Activation of Alpha7-nAChR, a Promising Anti-Alzheimer's Dimer

Joo, J.Hoon.; Yun, K.Sik.; Kim, J-Hwa.; Lee, Y.; Yoo, C-Yul.; Yu, J.Haeng., 2015:
Substantial Oxygen Flux in Dual-Phase Membrane of Ceria and Pure Electronic Conductor by Tailoring the Surface

Li, Z.; Wang, C.; Zhao, X.; Liu, L.; Wang, C.; Li, H.; Shen, H.; Liang, L.; Bettger, J.; Yang, Q.; Wang, D.; Wang, A.; Pan, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Yang, X.; Zhang, C.; Fonarow, G.C.; Schwamm, L.H.; Hu, B.; Peterson, E.D.; Xian, Y.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Substantial Progress Yet Significant Opportunity for Improvement in Stroke Care in China

Yu, X.; Mishra, R.; Holloway, G.; von Itzstein, M.; Coulson, B.S.; Blanchard, H., 2016:
Substantial Receptor-induced Structural Rearrangement of Rotavirus VP8*: Potential Implications for Cross-Species Infection

Dellon, E.S.; Collins, M.H.; Bonis, P.A.; Leung, J.; Capocelli, K.E.; Dohil, R.; Falk, G.W.; Furuta, G.T.; Menard-Katcher, C.; Gupta, S.K.; Hirano, I.; Hiremath, G.S.; Kagalwalla, A.F.; Wershil, B.K.; Liacouras, C.A.; Muir, A.B.; Mukkada, V.A.; Putnam, P.E.; Schoepfer, A.M.; Straumann, A.; Wo, J.M.; Yang, G-Yu.; Rothenberg, M.E.; Gonsalves, N., 2016:
Substantial Variability in Biopsy Practice Patterns Among Gastroenterologists for Suspected Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders

Falteisek, Láš.; Duchoslav, Věch.; Čepička, I., 2017:
Substantial Variability of Multiple Microbial Communities Collected at Similar Acidic Mine Water Outlets

Juto, H.; Möller, M.; Wennergren, D.; Edin, K.; Apelqvist, I.; Morberg, P., 2016:
Substantial accuracy of fracture classification in the Swedish Fracture Register: Evaluation of AO/OTA-classification in 152 ankle fractures

Sivaraju, A.; Nussbaum, I.; Cardoza, C.S.; Mattson, R.H., 2015:
Substantial and sustained seizure reduction with ketogenic diet in a patient with Ohtahara syndrome

Shann, F., 2018:
Substantial benefits from finding the most effective BCG strain

Van Eenoo, L.; Declercq, A.; Onder, G.; Finne-Soveri, H.; Garms-Homolová, V.; Jónsson, Pálmi.V.; Dix, O.H.M.; Smit, J.H.; van Hout, H.P.J.; van der Roest, Hëtte.G., 2017:
Substantial between-country differences in organising community care for older people in Europe-a review

Hong, H-Ki.; Donaghy, L.; Kang, C-Keun.; Kang, H-Sil.; Lee, H-Jung.; Park, H-Sik.; Choi, K-Sik., 2017:
Substantial changes in hemocyte parameters of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum two years after the Hebei Spirit oil spill off the west coast of Korea

Khajavi, K.; Shen, A.; Hutchison, A., 2015:
Substantial clinical benefit of minimally invasive lateral interbody fusion for degenerative spondylolisthesis

Byrne, J., 2015:
Substantial contribution dental hygienist-therapists could make to dental care

Aspenberg, P.; Schepull, T., 2015:
Substantial creep in healing human Achilles tendons. A pilot study

Khetsuriani, N.; Tishkova, F.; Jabirov, S.; Wannemuehler, K.; Kamili, S.; Pirova, Z.; Mosina, L.; Gavrilin, E.; Ursu, P.; Drobeniuc, J., 2016:
Substantial decline in hepatitis B virus infections following vaccine introduction in Tajikistan

Magoni, M.; Donato, F.; Speziani, F.; Leonardi, L.; Orizio, G.; Scarcella, C.; Gaia, A.; Apostoli, P., 2018:
Substantial decline of polychlorinated biphenyls serum levels 10years after public health interventions in a population living near a contaminated site in Northern Italy

Mizutani, O.; Shiina, M.; Yoshimi, A.; Sano, M.; Watanabe, T.; Yamagata, Y.; Nakajima, T.; Gomi, K.; Abe, K., 2017:
Substantial decrease in cell wall α-1,3-glucan caused by disruption of the kexB gene encoding a subtilisin-like processing protease in Aspergillus oryzae

Mikkelsen, A.Pretzmann.; Hansen, M.Lock.; Olesen, J.Bjerring.; Hvidtfeldt, M.Winther.; Karasoy, D.; Husted, S.; Johnsen, Søren.Paaske.; Brandes, A.; Gislason, G.; Torp-Pedersen, C.; Lamberts, M., 2017:
Substantial differences in initiation of oral anticoagulant therapy and clinical outcome among non-valvular atrial fibrillation patients treated in inpatient and outpatient settings

Saito, O.; Wang, Z.; Mitsumura, H.; Ogawa, T.; Iguchi, Y.; Yokoyama, M., 2015:
Substantial fluctuation of acoustic intensity transmittance through a bone-phantom plate and its equalization by modulation of ultrasound frequency

Borgström, K.; von Koss Torkildsen, J.; Lindgren, M., 2016:
Substantial gains in word learning ability between 20 and 24 months: A longitudinal ERP study

Staton, M.; Zhebentyayeva, T.; Olukolu, B.; Fang, G.Chen.; Nelson, D.; Carlson, J.E.; Abbott, A.G., 2016:
Substantial genome synteny preservation among woody angiosperm species: comparative genomics of Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) and plant reference genomes

Perry, A.; Wachowiak, W.; Brown, A.V.; Ennos, R.A.; Cottrell, J.E.; Cavers, S., 2016:
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Substantial role for carbonic anhydrase in latitudinal variation in mesophyll conductance of Populus trichocarpa Torr. & Gray

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Substantial slice of £4.2bn IT fund must go to general practice, say GP leaders

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Substantiated Modelling Instead of Flying Blind

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Substantiating Appropriate Motion Capture Techniques for the Assessment of Nordic Walking Gait and Posture in Older Adults

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Substantiating the impact of John Snow’s contributions using data deleted during the 1936 reprinting of his original essay On the Mode of Communication of Cholera

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Substantiating the need for primary care-based sexual health promotion interventions for ethnic minority adolescent women experiencing health disparities

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Substantiation of Dose Limits for a new Normative Document on Radiation Safety of Long-Duration Space Missions at Orbit Altitudes of up to 500 Km

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Substantiation of Surgical Approach in Iatrogenic Injuries of the Bile-Excreting Ducts

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Substantiation and search of health indicators for military servicemen and civil population

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Substantiation of Expressive Markers Use to Personalize Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

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Substantiation of a complex of radiation-hygienic approaches to the management of very low-level waste

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Substantiation of increasing the quality of disease-modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis using in the Russian Federation

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Substantive effect of chlorhexidine

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Substantive nature of sleep in updating the temporal conditions necessary for inducing units of internal sensations

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Substantive treatment of Lutembacher's syndrome by the trans-septal puncture technique: a case report and review

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Substantivity of Ag-Ca-Si mesoporous nanoparticles on dentin and its ability to inhibit Enterococcus faecalis

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Substernal Titanium Support After Pectus Open Repair

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Substituent Effects in the Surface-Initiated ATRP of Substituted Styrenes

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Substituent and solvent effects on the UV-vis absorption spectrum of the photoactive yellow protein chromophore

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Substituent effect in the photochromism of two isomeric asymmetric diarylethenes having pyrrole and thiophene units

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Substitute blood factories explored

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Substrates for clinical applicability of stem cells

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Substratum-Associated Microbiota

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Substratum-Associated Microbiota

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Subtle Electrocardiographic Abnormalities

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Subtle Implicit Language Facts Emerge from the Functions of Constructions

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Subtle perceptions of male sexual orientation influence occupational opportunities

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Subtle structural changes in the Asp251Gly/Gln307His P450 BM3 mutant responsible for new activity toward diclofenac, tolbutamide and ibuprofen

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Subtotal Esophagectomy for Carcinoma in a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis

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Subtotal Hysterectomy with Single Port Access Laparoscopy: Gadget or Progress?

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Subtraction CT angiography for the diagnosis of iliac arterial steno-occlusive disease

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Subtraction electrocardiography: Detection of ischemia-induced ST displacement without the need to identify the J point

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Subtraction of subcutaneous fat to improve the prediction of visceral adiposity: exploring a new anthropometric track in overweight and obese youth

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Subtraction-based approach for enhancing the depth sensitivity of time-resolved NIRS

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Subtractive assembly for comparative metagenomics, and its application to type 2 diabetes metagenomes

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