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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58982

Chapter 58982 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Werner, F.J.; Graiff, A.; Matthiessen, B., 2016:
Temperature effects on seaweed-sustaining top-down control vary with season

Wood, J.A.; Benneker, A.M.; Lammertink, R.G.H., 2016:
Temperature effects on the electrohydrodynamic and electrokinetic behaviour of ion-selective nanochannels

Murcia, S.; McConville, M.; Li, G.; Ossa, A.; Arola, D., 2015:
Temperature effects on the fracture resistance of scales from Cyprinus carpio

Wu, C-Ju.; Lin, S-Yu.; Chou, S-Chin.; Tsai, C-Yun.; Yen, J-Yush., 2015:
Temperature effects on the magnetic properties of silicon-steel sheets using standardized toroidal frame

Nifong, R.L.; Gillooly, J.F., 2016:
Temperature effects on virion volume and genome length in dsDNA viruses

Rios, F.G.; Viana, E.R.; Ribeiro, G.M.; González, J.C.; Abelenda, A.; Peruzzo, D.C., 2016:
Temperature evaluation of dental implant surface irradiated with high-power diode laser

Li, S.; Ou, W.; Yang, M.; Guo, C.; Lu, C.; Hu, J., 2014:
Temperature evaluation of traveling-wave ultrasonic motor considering interaction between temperature rise and motor parameters

Bhatti, I.Noor.; Rawat, R.; Banerjee, A.; Pramanik, A.K., 2014:
Temperature evolution of magnetic and transport behavior in 5d Mott insulator Sr₂IrO₄: significance of magneto-structural coupling

Tobia, D.; Milano, Ján.; Causa, Mía.Teresa.; Winkler, E.L., 2014:
Temperature evolution of the effective magnetic anisotropy in the MnCr₂O₄ spinel

Treidel, L.A.; Carter, A.W.; Bowden, R.M., 2017:
Temperature experienced during incubation affects antioxidant capacity but not oxidative damage in hatchling red-eared slider turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans)

Song, X.; Liu, G.; Huang, Z.; Duan, W.; Tan, H.; Li, Y.; Hou, X., 2016:
Temperature expression patterns of genes and their coexpression with LncRNAs revealed by RNA-Seq in non-heading Chinese cabbage

Buckley, L.B.; Huey, R.B., 2016:
Temperature extremes: geographic patterns, recent changes, and implications for organismal vulnerabilities

Nguyen, T.Hau.; Park, S.; Hlaing, K.Kyu.; Kang, H.Wook., 2016:
Temperature feedback-controlled photothermal treatment with diffusing applicator: theoretical and experimental evaluations

Du, Y.; Zhang, L.; Sang, L.; Wu, D., 2017:
Temperature field simulation and phantom validation of a Two-armed Spiral Antenna for microwave thermotherapy

Houshmandyar, S.; Yang, Z.J.; Phillips, P.E.; Rowan, W.L.; Hubbard, A.E.; Rice, J.E.; Hughes, J.W.; Wolfe, S.M., 2016:
Temperature gradient scale length measurement: A high accuracy application of electron cyclotron emission without calibration

Lindsay, S.M.; Yin, J., 2016:
Temperature gradients drive radial fluid flow in Petri dishes and multiwell plates

Salazar, A.; Larralde, Hán.; Leyvraz, Fçois., 2014:
Temperature gradients in equilibrium: Small microcanonical systems in an external field

Bertrand-Gaday, C.; Pessemesse, L.; Cabello, Gérard.; Wrutniak-Cabello, C.; Casas, Fçois., 2016:
Temperature homeostasis in mice lacking the p43 mitochondrial T3 receptor

Yasuhara, M.; Danovaro, R., 2017:
Temperature impacts on deep-sea biodiversity

Huber, M.; Loibl, M.; Eder, C.; Zellner, J.; Kujat, R.; Nerlich, M.; Gehmert, S., 2016:
Temperature in and around the scapholunate ligament during radiofrequency shrinkage: a cadaver study

Iñiguez, C.; Schifano, P.; Asta, F.; Michelozzi, P.; Vicedo-Cabrera, A.; Ballester, F., 2017:
Temperature in summer and children's hospitalizations in two Mediterranean cities

Filingeri, D.; Chaseling, G.; Lynch, G.; Morris, N.B., 2016:
Temperature in the hot spot: oesophageal temperature and whole body thermal status in patent foramen ovale

Carvalho, Félix.; Kiyatkin, E.A.; Rusyniak, D.E.; Romanovsky, A.A., 2015:
Temperature in the spotlight of drug abuse research

Sabaeian, M.; Jalil-Abadi, F.Sedaghat.; Rezaee, M.Mohammad.; Motazedian, A.; Shahzadeh, M., 2015:
Temperature increase effects on a double-pass cavity type II second-harmonic generation: a model for depleted Gaussian continuous waves

Özkocak, I.; Taşkan, M.M.; Gökt Rk, H.; Aytac, F.; Karaarslan, E.Şirin., 2015:
Temperature increases on the external root surface during endodontic treatment using single file systems

Lin, X.; Li, Y.; Leung, P.Hangmei.; Li, J.; Hu, J.; Liu, X.; Li, Z., 2017:
Temperature induced modulation of lipid oxidation and lipid accumulation in palmitate-mediated 3T3-L1 adipocytes and 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Nguyen, T.Hoan.; Malone, J.M.; Boutsalis, P.; Shirley, N.; Preston, C., 2016:
Temperature influences the level of glyphosate resistance in barnyardgrass (Echinochloa colona)

Pattnaik, S.; Swain, K.; Rao, J.Venkateshwar.; Varun, T.; Mallick, S., 2016:
Temperature influencing permeation pattern of alfuzosin: an investigation using DoE

Woyessa, G.; Nielsen, K.; Stefani, A.; Markos, C.; Bang, O., 2016:
Temperature insensitive hysteresis free highly sensitive polymer optical fiber Bragg grating humidity sensor

Zhang, Y.; Shi, Y., 2015:
Temperature insensitive lower-index-mode photonic crystal nanobeam cavity

Teles, Tísio.N.; Gupta, S.; Di Cintio, P.; Casetti, L., 2015:
Temperature inversion in long-range interacting systems

Armstrong, J.; Bresme, F., 2016:
Temperature inversion of the thermal polarization of water

Miller, G.M.; Kroon, F.J.; Metcalfe, S.; Mundayi, P.L., 2015:
Temperature is the evil twin: effects of increased temperature and ocean acidification on reproduction in a reef fish

Nielsen, N.; Friberg, H., 2015:
Temperature management after cardiac arrest

Bullock, M.Ross.; Rehman, M.Fazlur.; Oddo, M.; Miller, C.; Hill, M., 2016:
Temperature management in neurological and neurosurgical intensive care unit

Dietrich, W.Dalton., 2015:
Temperature management in the new year

Walklate, J.; Geeves, M.A., 2016:
Temperature manifold for a stopped-flow machine to allow measurements from -10 to +40°C

Chen, C.; Du, Z.; Wang, J.; Pan, L., 2016:
Temperature mapping using molecular diffusion based fluorescence thermometry via simultaneous imaging of two numerical apertures

Ravussin, Y., 2015:
Temperature matters with rodent metabolic studies

Parmala, M.; Eriksson, M.; Rytioja, M.; Tanttu, J.; Köhler, M., 2017:
Temperature measurement in human fat with T2 imaging

Bijur, P.E.; Shah, P.D.; Esses, D., 2016:
Temperature measurement in the adult emergency department: oral, tympanic membrane and temporal artery temperatures versus rectal temperature

Yun, J.; Ahn, J-Hyuk.; Lee, B.Jae.; Moon, D-Il.; Choi, Y-Kyu.; Park, I., 2016:
Temperature measurement of Joule heated silicon micro/nanowires using selectively decorated quantum dots

Bizjan, B.; Širok, B.; Drnovšek, J.; Pušnik, I., 2015:
Temperature measurement of mineral melt by means of a high-speed camera

Crespillo, M.L.; Graham, J.T.; Zhang, Y.; Weber, W.J., 2016:
Temperature measurements during high flux ion beam irradiations

Kearney, S.P.; Guildenbecher, D.R., 2016:
Temperature measurements in metalized propellant combustion using hybrid fs/ps coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering

Uleberg, O.; Eidstuen, S.C.; Vangberg, G.; Skogvoll, E. , 2016:
Temperature measurements in trauma patients: is the ear the key to the core?

Geijer, Håkan.; Udumyan, R.; Lohse, G.; Nilsagård, Y., 2016:
Temperature measurements with a temporal scanner: systematic review and meta-analysis

Ramos-de-la-Peña, A.Mayela.; Montañez, J.C.; Reyes-Vega, Mía.de.la.Luz.; Contreras-Esquivel, J.Carlos., 2016:
Temperature model for process impact non-uniformity in genipin recovery by high pressure processing

Hawkins, T.D.; Hagemeyer, J.C.G.; Warner, M.E., 2016:
Temperature moderates the infectiousness of two conspecific Symbiodinium strains isolated from the same host population

Zhu, Y.H.; Wu, R.; Zhong, P.R.; Zhu, C.H.; Ma, L., 2017:
Temperature modifies the acute effect of particulate air pollution on mortality in Jiang'an district of Wuhan

Kim, S.Estella.; Lim, Y-Hee.; Kim, H., 2016:
Temperature modifies the association between particulate air pollution and mortality: A multi-city study in South Korea

Lambert, A.Sophie.; Dabrin, A.; Morin, S.; Gahou, J.; Foulquier, A.; Coquery, M.; Pesce, Séphane., 2016:
Temperature modulates phototrophic periphyton response to chronic copper exposure

Peñaranda, D.S.; Morini, M.; Tveiten, H.; Vílchez, M.Carmen.; Gallego, V.; Dirks, R.P.; van den Thillart, G.E.E.J.M.; Pérez, L.; Asturiano, J.F., 2016:
Temperature modulates testis steroidogenesis in European eel

Kulstad, E.B.; Naiman, M.; Shanley, P.; Garrett, F.; Haryu, T.; Waller, D.; Azarafrooz, F.; Courtney, D.Mark., 2016:
Temperature modulation with an esophageal heat transfer device - a pediatric swine model study

Saccomandi, P.; Schena, E.; Massaroni, C.; Fong, Y.; Grasso, R.F.; Giurazza, F.; Beomonte Zobel, B.; Buy, X.; Palussiere, J.; Cazzato, R.L., 2016:
Temperature monitoring during microwave ablation in ex vivo porcine livers

Kennedy, W.; Conway, A., 2017:
Temperature monitoring of nonanaesthetised patients in a cardiac catheterisation laboratory

Chikata, Y.; Onodera, M.; Imanaka, H.; Nishimura, M., 2013:
Temperature of gas delivered from ventilators

González-Salgado, D.; Zemánková, K.; Noya, E.G.; Lomba, E., 2016:
Temperature of maximum density and excess thermodynamics of aqueous mixtures of methanol

Ahmad, M.Sultan.; Ali, N.; Mehboob, N.; Mehmood, R.; Ahmad, M.; Wahid, A., 2018:
Temperature on admission among cases of neonatal sepsis and its association with mortality

Li, S.Ka-Lok.; Banerjee, J.; Jang, C.; Sehgal, A.; Stone, R.A.; Civan, M.M., 2015:
Temperature oscillations drive cycles in the activity of MMP-2,9 secreted by a human trabecular meshwork cell line

Adam, Z.R., 2016:
Temperature oscillations near natural nuclear reactor cores and the potential for prebiotic oligomer synthesis

Begall, S.; Berendes, M.; Schielke, C.K.M.; Henning, Y.; Laghanke, M.; Scharff, A.; van Daele, P.; Burda, H., 2016:
Temperature preferences of African mole-rats (family Bathyergidae)

Paltineanu, C.; Septar, L.; Chitu, E., 2017:
Temperature profile in apricot tree canopies under the soil and climate conditions of the Romanian Black Sea Coast

Palumbo, G.; Iadicicco, A.; Tosi, D.; Verze, P.; Carlomagno, N.; Tammaro, V.; Ippolito, J.; Campopiano, S., 2018 :
Temperature profile of ex-vivo organs during radio frequency thermal ablation by fiber Bragg gratings

Wang, M.T.M.; Gokul, A.; Craig, J.P., 2016:
Temperature profiles of patient-applied eyelid warming therapies

Werner, J., 2016:
Temperature receptors in cutaneous nerve endings are not thermostat molecules that induce thermoregulatory behaviors against thermal load

Kobayashi, S., 2016:
Temperature receptors in cutaneous nerve endings are thermostat molecules that induce thermoregulatory behaviors against thermal load

Dong, C.; Bai, S.; Du, L., 2016:
Temperature regulates circadian rhythms of immune responses in red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii

Lin, Q.; De Vrieze, J.; He, G.; Li, X.; Li, J., 2017:
Temperature regulates methane production through the function centralization of microbial community in anaerobic digestion

Gotic, I.; Omidi, S.; Fleury-Olela, F.; Molina, N.; Naef, F.; Schibler, U., 2017:
Temperature regulates splicing efficiency of the cold-inducible RNA-binding protein gene Cirbp

Faussurier, Gérald.; Blancard, C., 2016:
Temperature relaxation in dense plasma mixtures

Faussurier, Gérald.; Blancard, C., 2016:
Temperature relaxation in dense plasmas

Souza, Léia.F.; Gasparetto, B.F.; Lopes, R.R.; Barros, I.B.I., 2016:
Temperature requirements for seed germination of Pereskia aculeata and Pereskia grandifolia

Yin, X.; van der Putten, P.E.L.; Driever, S.M.; Struik, P.C., 2017:
Temperature response of bundle-sheath conductance in maize leaves

Ubierna, N.; Gandin, A.; Boyd, R.A.; Cousins, A.B., 2016:
Temperature response of mesophyll conductance in three C 4 species calculated with two methods: 18 O discrimination and in vitro V pmax

Elsgaard, L.; Olsen, A.B.; Petersen, Søren.O., 2016:
Temperature response of methane production in liquid manures and co-digestates

Zou, D.; Gao, K., 2014:
Temperature response of photosynthetic light- and carbon-use characteristics in the red seaweed Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta)

Carey, J.C.; Tang, J.; Templer, P.H.; Kroeger, K.D.; Crowther, T.W.; Burton, A.J.; Dukes, J.S.; Emmett, B.; Frey, S.D.; Heskel, M.A.; Jiang, L.; Machmuller, M.B.; Mohan, J.; Panetta, A.Marie.; Reich, P.B.; Reinsch, S.; Wang, X.; Allison, S.D.; Bamminger, C.; Bridgham, S.; Collins, S.L.; de Dato, G.; Eddy, W.C.; Enquist, B.J.; Estiarte, M.; Harte, J.; Henderson, A.; Johnson, B.R.; Larsen, K.Steenberg.; Luo, Y.; Marhan, S.; Melillo, J.M.; Peñuelas, J.; Pfeifer-Meister, L.; Poll, C.; Rastetter, E., 2016:
Temperature response of soil respiration largely unaltered with experimental warming

Galmés, J.; Kapralov, M.V.; Copolovici, L.O.; Hermida-Carrera, C.; Niinemets, Ü., 2015:
Temperature responses of the Rubisco maximum carboxylase activity across domains of life: phylogenetic signals, trade-offs, and importance for carbon gain

Micciulla, S.; Soltwedel, O.; Löhmann, O.; von Klitzing, R., 2015:
Temperature responsive behavior of polymer brush/polyelectrolyte multilayer composites

Kim, Y-Min.; Potta, T.; Park, K-Hong.; Song, S-Chang., 2016:
Temperature responsive chemical crosslinkable UV pretreated hydrogel for application to injectable tissue regeneration system via differentiations of encapsulated hMSCs

Heffernan, J.M.; Overstreet, D.J.; Srinivasan, S.; Le, L.D.; Vernon, B.L.; Sirianni, R.W., 2016:
Temperature responsive hydrogels enable transient three-dimensional tumor cultures via rapid cell recovery

Tamarov, K.; Xu, W.; Osminkina, L.; Zinovyev, S.; Soininen, P.; Kudryavtsev, A.; Gongalsky, M.; Gaydarova, A.; Närvänen, A.; Timoshenko, V.; Lehto, V-Pekka., 2016:
Temperature responsive porous silicon nanoparticles for cancer therapy - spatiotemporal triggering through infrared and radiofrequency electromagnetic heating

Witschas, B.; Gu, Z.; Ubachs, W., 2015:
Temperature retrieval from Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering profiles measured in air

Fonte, E.; Ferreira, P.; Guilhermino, Lúcia., 2016:
Temperature rise and microplastics interact with the toxicity of the antibiotic cefalexin to juveniles of the common goby (Pomatoschistus microps): Post-exposure predatory behaviour, acetylcholinesterase activity and lipid peroxidation

Karatas, O.; Turel, V.; Bayindir, Y.Ziya., 2016:
Temperature rise during polymerization of different cavity liners and composite resins

Meisberger, E.W.; Bakker, S.J.G.; Cune, M.S., 2016:
Temperature rise during removal of fractured components out of the implant body: an in vitro study comparing two ultrasonic devices and five implant types

Dundar, R.; Bulut, H.; Yükkaldiran, A.; Güler, O.K.; Demirtaş, Y.; Iynen, I.; Bozkuş, F.; Soy, F.K., 2016:
Temperature rises in the round window caused by various light sources during insertion of rigid endoscopes: an experimental animal study

Seki, K.; Wojcik, M., 2016:
Temperature scaling of effective polaron mobility in energetically disordered media

Morita, K.; Nakashima, A., 2016:
Temperature seasonality during fry out-migration influences the survival of hatchery-reared chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta

Barbagallo, B.; Garrity, P.A., 2016:
Temperature sensation in Drosophila

Warren-Smith, S.C.; Nguyen, L.Viet.; Lang, C.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.M., 2016:
Temperature sensing up to 1300°C using suspended-core microstructured optical fibers

Zhang, Q.; Lan, L.; Shi, W.; Yu, L.; Xie, L-Yi.; Xiong, F.; Zhao, C.; Li, N.; Yin, Z.; Zong, L.; Guan, J.; Wang, D.; Sun, W.; Wang, Q., 2018:
Temperature sensitive auditory neuropathy

Bennevault, V.; Huin, C.; Guégan, P.; Evgeniya, K.; Qiu, X-P.; Winnik, F.M., 2016:
Temperature sensitive supramolecular self assembly of per-6-PEO-β-cyclodextrin and α,ω-di-(adamantylethyl)poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) in water

Makita, N.; Kawamura, A., 2015:
Temperature sensitivity of microbial respiration of fine root litter in a temperate broad-leaved forest

Taghipoor, M.; Bertsch, A.; Renaud, P., 2015:
Temperature sensitivity of nanochannel electrical conductance

Fan, J-juan.; Li, D-dan.; Zhang, X-yu.; He, N-peng.; Bu, J-feng.; Wang, Q.; Sun, X-min.; Wen, X-fa., 2016:
Temperature sensitivity of soil organic carbon mineralization and β-glucosidase enzymekinetics in the northern temperate forests at different altitudes, China

Wang, R.; Sun, Q.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Q.; Du, L.; Zhao, M.; Gao, X.; Hu, Y.; Guo, S., 2016:
Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration: Synthetic effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on Chinese Loess Plateau

Socorro, A.B.; Soltani, S.; Del Villar, I.; Corres, J.M.; Armani, A.M., 2016:
Temperature sensor based on a hybrid ITO-silica resonant cavity

Tian, X.; Wei, X.; Chen, Y.; Duan, C.; Yin, M., 2015:
Temperature sensor based on ladder-level assisted thermal coupling and thermal-enhanced luminescence in NaYF4: Nd³⁺

Bian, Y.Z.; Guo, C.; Chang, T.M.S., 2016:
Temperature stability of Poly-[hemoglobin-superoxide dismutase-catalase-carbonic anhydrase] in the form of a solution or in the lyophilized form during storage at -80 °C, 4 °C, 25 °C and 37 °C or pasteurization at 70 °C

Chen, J.; Nolte, V.; Schlötterer, C., 2015:
Temperature stress mediates decanalization and dominance of gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster

Sumares, Júlia.A.P.; Morão, L.Galvão.; Martins, P.M.M.; Martins, D.A.B.; Gomes, E.; Belasque, Jé.; Ferreira, H., 2016:
Temperature stress promotes cell division arrest in Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri

Schiffer, M.; Harms, L.; Lucassen, M.; Mark, F.Christopher.; Pörtner, H-Otto.; Storch, D., 2015:
Temperature tolerance of different larval stages of the spider crab Hyas araneus exposed to elevated seawater PCO2

Kondryuk, D.V.; Derevyanchuk, A.V.; Kramar, V.M., 2016:
Temperature transformations of optical spectra in semiconductor flat heterostructures with quantum wells

Raffel, T.R.; Halstead, N.T.; McMahon, T.A.; Davis, A.K.; Rohr, J.R., 2015:
Temperature variability and moisture synergistically interact to exacerbate an epizootic disease

Merrill, S.C.; Peairs, F.B., 2016:
Temperature variability is a key component in accurately forecasting the effects of climate change on pest phenology

Muschinski, A., 2015:
Temperature variance dissipation equation and its relevance for optical turbulence modeling

Egondi, T.; Kyobutungi, C.; Rocklöv, J., 2016:
Temperature variation and heat wave and cold spell impacts on years of life lost among the urban poor population of Nairobi, Kenya

Yuan-Gao, L.; Xiao, W.; Kexian, X.; Dan, L., 2015:
Temperature variation at the external root surface during Nd: YAG laser irradiation in the root canal in vitro

Lei, J.; Booth, D.T., 2015:
Temperature, field activity and post-feeding metabolic response in the Asian house gecko, Hemidactylus frenatus

Madrigano, J.; Jack, D.; Anderson, G.Brooke.; Bell, M.L.; Kinney, P.L., 2016:
Temperature, ozone, and mortality in urban and non-urban counties in the northeastern United States

Dutta, S.; Samanta, P.; Dhara, D., 2016:
Temperature, pH and redox responsive cellulose based hydrogels for protein delivery

Tingstad, L.; Olsen, S.Lie.; Klanderud, K.; Vandvik, V.; Ohlson, M., 2016:
Temperature, precipitation and biotic interactions as determinants of tree seedling recruitment across the tree line ecotone

Liu, Q.; Fu, Y.H.; Zeng, Z.; Huang, M.; Li, X.; Piao, S., 2016:
Temperature, precipitation, and insolation effects on autumn vegetation phenology in temperate China

Nguyen Van Long, N.; Vasseur, Vérie.; Coroller, L.; Dantigny, P.; Le Panse, S.; Weill, Aélie.; Mounier, Jérôme.; Rigalma, K., 2016:
Temperature, water activity and pH during conidia production affect the physiological state and germination time of Penicillium species

Skovgård, H.; Nachman, Gösta., 2017:
Temperature- and Age-Dependent Survival, Development, and Oviposition Rates of the Pupal Parasitoid Spalangia cameroni (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Manimanjari, D.; Srinivasa Rao, M.; Swathi, P.; Rama Rao, C.A.; Vanaja, M.; Maheswari, M., 2015:
Temperature- and CO2-dependent life table parameters of Spodoptera litura (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) on sunflower and prediction of pest scenarios

Misra, R.K.; Aharon, S.; Li, B.; Mogilyansky, D.; Visoly-Fisher, I.; Etgar, L.; Katz, E.A., 2015:
Temperature- and Component-Dependent Degradation of Perovskite Photovoltaic Materials under Concentrated Sunlight

Warner, B.; Oberg, J.C.; Gill, T.G.; El Hallak, F.; Hirjibehedin, C.F.; Serri, M.; Heutz, S.; Arrio, M-Anne.; Sainctavit, P.; Mannini, M.; Poneti, G.; Sessoli, R.; Rosa, P., 2013:
Temperature- and Light-Induced Spin Crossover Observed by X-ray Spectroscopy on Isolated Fe(II) Complexes on Gold

Lorenz, L.; Kusebauch, U.; Moroder, L.; Wachtveitl, J., 2017:
Temperature- and Photocontrolled Unfolding/Folding of a Triple-Helical Azobenzene-Stapled Collagen Peptide Monitored by Infrared Spectroscopy

Svitlyk, V.; Chernyshov, D.; Mozharivskyj, Y.; Yuan, F.; Zaharko, O.; Mezouar, M., 2015:
Temperature- and Pressure-Induced Spin Crossover in Co1+xCr2-xSe4 (x = 0.24): A Diffraction Study

Chen, H.S.; Yang, L.; Huang, L.F.; Wang, W.L.; Hu, Y.; Jiang, J.J.; Zhou, Z.S., 2016:
Temperature- and Relative Humidity-Dependent Life History Traits of Phenacoccus solenopsis (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Malvales: Malvaceae)

Huang, Q.; Wang, H.; Ricciardi, A.; Lewis, M.A., 2017:
Temperature- and Turbidity-Dependent Competitive Interactions Between Invasive Freshwater Mussels

Liao, P-Yu.; Liu, W-Chung.; Cheng, C-Hao.; Chiu, Y-Hua.; Kung, Y-Yu.; Chang, S-Lin., 2015:
Temperature- and energy-dependent phase shifts of resonant multiple-beam X-ray diffraction in germanium crystals

Forth, J.; French, D.J.; Gromov, A.V.; King, S.; Titmuss, S.; Lord, K.M.; Ridout, M.J.; Wilde, P.J.; Clegg, P.S., 2016:
Temperature- and pH-Dependent Shattering: Insoluble Fatty Ammonium Phosphate Films at Water-Oil Interfaces

Lu, H.; Wang, Y.; Li, L.; Kotsuchibashi, Y.; Narain, R.; Zeng, H., 2015:
Temperature- and pH-Responsive Benzoboroxole-Based Polymers for Flocculation and Enhanced Dewatering of Fine Particle Suspensions

Mączka, Mław.; Ptak, M.; Pawlus, S.; Paraguassu, W.; Sieradzki, A.; Balciunas, S.; Simenas, M.; Banys, J., 2016:
Temperature- and pressure-dependent studies of niccolite-type formate frameworks of [NH 3 (CH 2 ) 4 NH 3 ][M 2 (HCOO) 6 ] (M = Zn, Co, Fe)

Shen, P-Ting.; Sivan, Y.; Lin, C-Wei.; Liu, H-Lin.; Chang, C-Wei.; Chu, S-Wei., 2016:
Temperature- and roughness- dependent permittivity of annealed/unannealed gold films

Zhou, J.; Yin, P.; Chen, X.; Hu, L.; Liu, T., 2016:
Temperature- and salt-responsive polyoxometalate-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hybrid macromolecules in aqueous solution

Ahola, V.; Koskinen, P.; Wong, S.C.; Kvist, J.; Paulin, L.; Auvinen, P.; Saastamoinen, M.; Frilander, M.J.; Lehtonen, R.; Hanski, I., 2016:
Temperature- and sex-related effects of serine protease alleles on larval development in the Glanville fritillary butterfly

Wu, Z.; Shum, P.Ping.; Shao, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, N.; Huang, T.; Humbert, G.; Auguste, J-Louis.; Gérome, Fédéric.; Blondy, J-Marc.; Dinh, X.Quyen., 2016:
Temperature- and strain-insensitive curvature sensor based on ring-core modes in dual-concentric-core fiber

Liu, S-Jun.; Cao, C.; Yao, S-Li.; Zheng, T-Fei.; Wang, Z-Xiang.; Liu, C.; Liao, J-Sheng.; Chen, J-Lin.; Li, Y-Wu.; Wen, H-Rui., 2016:
Temperature- and vapor-induced reversible single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformations of three 2D/3D Gd III -organic frameworks exhibiting significant magnetocaloric effects

Allan, C.; Boccia, R.V., 2016:
Temperature- and volume-dependent dissolution of amifostine 500 mg reconstituted for subcutaneous injection in normal saline or sterile water for injection

Hu, Y.; Hong, W.; Shi, Y.; Liu, H., 2012:
Temperature-Accelerated Sampling and Amplified Collective Motion with Adiabatic Reweighting to Obtain Canonical Distributions and Ensemble Averages

Takahashi, H.; Miyagi, A.; Redondo-Morata, L.; Scheuring, S., 2016:
Temperature-Controlled High-Speed AFM: Real-Time Observation of Ripple Phase Transitions

Koinzer, S.; Baade, A.; Schlott, K.; Hesse, C.; Caliebe, A.; Roider, J.; Brinkmann, R., 2015:
Temperature-Controlled Retinal Photocoagulation Reliably Generates Uniform Subvisible, Mild, or Moderate Lesions

Julià-López, A.; Hernando, J.; Ruiz-Molina, D.; González-Monje, P.; Sedó, J.; Roscini, C., 2016:
Temperature-Controlled Switchable Photochromism in Solid Materials

Ward, B.A., 2016:
Temperature-Correlated Changes in Phytoplankton Community Structure Are Restricted to Polar Waters

Sweet, C.R.; Watson, R.E.; Landis, C.A.; Smith, J.P., 2016:
Temperature-Dependence of Lipid A Acyl Structure in Psychrobacter cryohalolentis and Arctic Isolates of Colwellia hornerae and Colwellia piezophila

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Template for preparation of papers for IEEE sponsored conferences & symposia

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Template for robust soft-body crawling with reflex-triggered gripping

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Template free construction of a hollow Fe3O4 architecture embedded in an N-doped graphene matrix for lithium storage

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Template free synthesis of ZnO/Ag2O nanocomposites as a highly efficient visible active photocatalyst for detoxification of methyl orange

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Template free synthesis of natural carbohydrates functionalised fluorescent silver nanoclusters

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Template guided transperineal saturation biopsy of the prostate: lessons for focal and urethra-sparing high-dose-rate brachytherapy for localized prostate cancer

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Template method to controllable synthesis 3D porous NiCo2O4 with enhanced capacitance and stability for supercapacitors

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Template optimization and transfer in perceptual learning

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Template selection by replication protein of tobacco mosaic virus

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Template synthesis of hollow silver hexapods using hexapod-shaped silver oxide mesoparticles

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Template to Perpetrate: An Update on Violence in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Template-Assisted Hydrothermal Growth of Aligned Zinc Oxide Nanowires for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Applications

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Template-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of Li₂MnSiO₄ as a Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

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Template-Assisted Synthesis of Nickel Sulfide Nanowires: Tuning the Compositions for Supercapacitors with Improved Electrochemical Stability

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Template-Based Multimodal Joint Generative Model of Brain Data

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Template-Directed Instrumentation Reduces Cost and Improves Efficiency for Total Knee Arthroplasty: An Economic Decision Analysis and Pilot Study

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Template-Directed Synthesis of Porous and Protective Core-Shell Bionanoparticles

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Template-Engaged Solid-State Synthesis of Barium Magnesium Silicate Yolk@Shell Particles and Their High Photoluminescence Efficiency

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Template-Engaged Synthesis of 1D Hierarchical Chainlike LiCoO2 Cathode Materials with Enhanced High-Voltage Lithium Storage Capabilities

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Template-Framework Interactions in Tetraethylammonium-Directed Zeolite Synthesis

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Template-Free Synthesis of Hollow/Porous Organosilica-Fe 3 O 4 Hybrid Nanocapsules toward Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy

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Template-Free Synthesis of Nanorod-Assembled Hierarchical Zn 1-x Mn x S Hollow Nanostructures with Enhanced Pseudocapacitive Properties

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Template-Free Synthesis of Ruthenium Oxide Nanotubes for High-Performance Electrochemical Capacitors

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Template-Stripped Tunable Plasmonic Devices on Stretchable and Rollable Substrates

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Template-Triggered Emergence of a Self-Replicator from a Dynamic Combinatorial Library

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Template-assisted colloidal self-assembly of macroscopic magnetic metasurfaces

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Template-assisted extrusion of biopolymer nanofibers under physiological conditions

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Template-assisted growth of transparent plasmonic nanowire electrodes

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Template-assisted synthesis of Janus silica nanobowls

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Template-based Synthesis of a Formate Metal-Organic Framework/Activated Carbon Fiber Composite for High-performance Methane Adsorptive Separation

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Template-based identification of protein-protein interfaces using eFindSitePPI

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Template-based lymphadenectomy reduces the risk of regional lymph node recurrence among patients with upper/middle ureteral cancer

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Template-based prediction of protein function

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Template-based protein structure prediction in CASP11 and retrospect of I-TASSER in the last decade

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Template-based syntheses for shape controlled nanostructures

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Template-controlled mineralization: Determining film granularity and structure by surface functionality patterns

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Template-controlled synthesis of chiral cyclohexylhemicucurbit[8]uril

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Template-dependent nucleotide addition in the reverse (3'-5') direction by Thg1-like protein

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Template-dependent photochemical reactivity of molecular metal oxides

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Template-directed assembly of metal-chalcogenide nanocrystals into ordered mesoporous networks

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Template-directed construction of conformational supramolecular isomers for bilayer porous metal-organic frameworks with distinct gas sorption behaviors

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Template-free 3D titanium carbide (Ti 3 C 2 T x ) MXene particles crumpled by capillary forces

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Template-free Synthesis of One-dimensional Cobalt Nanostructures by Hydrazine Reduction Route

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Template-free TiO2 hollow submicrospheres embedded with SnO2 nanobeans as a versatile scattering layer for dye-sensitized solar cells

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Template-free TiO 2 photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cell via modified chemical route

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Template-free construction of hollow α-Fe2O3 hexagonal nanocolumn particles with an exposed special surface for advanced gas sensing properties

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Template-free electrodeposition of AlFe alloy nanowires from a room-temperature ionic liquid as an anode material for Li-ion batteries

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Template-free growth of well-crystalline α-Fe2O3 nanopeanuts with enhanced visible-light driven photocatalytic properties

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Template-free modeling by LEE and LEER in CASP11

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Template-free synthesis of hierarchical ZnFe2O4 yolk-shell microspheres for high-sensitivity acetone sensors

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Template-free synthesis of highly porous V2O5 cuboids with enhanced performance for lithium ion batteries

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Template-free synthesis of hollow-structured Co3O4 nanoparticles as high-performance anodes for lithium-ion batteries

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Template-free synthesis of nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbons for CO 2 adsorption and supercapacitor electrodes

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Template-free synthesis of ordered ZnO@ZnS core-shell arrays for high performance supercapacitors

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Template-free synthesis of porous graphitic carbon nitride/carbon composite spheres for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction

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Template-free wavelet-based detection of local symmetries

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Template-guided implantation of the Bonebridge: clinical experience

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Template-Mediated Biomineralization for Bone Tissue Engineering

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Template-particle stabilized bicontinuous emulsion yielding controlled assembly of hierarchical high-flux filtration membranes

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Templated Aggregation of TAR DNA-binding Protein of 43 kDa (TDP-43) by Seeding with TDP-43 Peptide Fibrils

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Templated C-C and C-N Bond Formation Facilitated by a Molybdenum(VI) Metal Center

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Anonymous, 2016:
Templated Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Care Plan Documentation for Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury

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Templated Sequence Insertion Polymorphisms in the Human Genome

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Templated Synthesis of Uniform Perovskite Nanowire Arrays

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Templated blue phases

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Templated self-assembly of block copolymers and morphology transformation driven by the Rayleigh instability

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Templateless Infrared Heating Process for Fabricating Carbon Nitride Nanorods with Efficient Photocatalytic H2 Evolution

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Templateless synthesis of polyacrylamide-based Nanogels via RAFT dispersion polymerization

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Templates as a method for implementing data provenance in decision support systems

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Templates for rejection can specify semantic properties of nontargets in natural scenes

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Templating Highly Crystalline Organic Semiconductors Using Atomic Membranes of Graphene at the Anode/Organic Interface

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Templating Influence of Molecular Precursors on Pr(OH)3 Nanostructures

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Temple syndrome misdiagnosed as Silver-Russell syndrome

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Tempo and Mode of the Evolution of Venom and Poison in Tetrapods

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