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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58987

Chapter 58987 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cohain, J.Slome., 2016:
Testing the Epi-No birth trainer where episiotomy is not practiced

Wang, Z-Yi.; Liu, R-Yu.; Wang, X-Yu., 2016:
Testing the Equivalence Principle and Lorentz Invariance with PeV Neutrinos from Blazar Flares

Chiorri, C.; Marsh, H.W.; Ubbiali, A.; Donati, D., 2016:
Testing the Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance Across Gender of the Big Five Inventory Through Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling

Huguet, A.; McGrath, P.J.; Wheaton, M.; Mackinnon, S.P.; Rozario, S.; Tougas, M.E.; Stinson, J.N.; MacLean, C., 2015:
Testing the Feasibility and Psychometric Properties of a Mobile Diary (myWHI) in Adolescents and Young Adults With Headaches

Nieto, Rén.; Hernández, Eàlia.; Boixadós, Mè.; Huguet, A.; Beneitez, I.; McGrath, P., 2016:
Testing the Feasibility of DARWeb: An Online Intervention for Children With Functional Abdominal Pain and Their Parents

Marko, K.I.; Krapf, J.M.; Meltzer, A.C.; Oh, J.; Ganju, N.; Martinez, A.G.; Sheth, S.G.; Gaba, N.D., 2016:
Testing the Feasibility of Remote Patient Monitoring in Prenatal Care Using a Mobile App and Connected Devices: A Prospective Observational Trial

Epstein, E.Gingell.; Sherman, J.; Blackman, A.; Sinkin, R.A., 2016:
Testing the Feasibility of Skype and FaceTime Updates With Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Reichard, A.; McDermott, S.; Ruttenber, M.; Mann, J.; Smith, M.G.; Royer, J.; Valdez, R., 2016 :
Testing the Feasibility of a Passive and Active Case Ascertainment System for Multiple Rare Conditions Simultaneously: The Experience in Three US States

Varte, L.R.; Rawat, S.; Singh, I.; Majumdar, D., 2015:
Testing the Furniture Dimension Match Levels with Anthropometry among Indian Working Women of Defence Laboratories

Geiger, M.F.; Moriniere, J.; Hausmann, A.; Haszprunar, G.; Wägele, W.; Hebert, P.D.N.; Rulik, Börn., 2016:
Testing the Global Malaise Trap Program - How well does the current barcode reference library identify flying insects in Germany?

Parrish, A.E.; Emerson, I.D.; Rossettie, M.S.; Beran, M.J., 2016:
Testing the Glucose Hypothesis among Capuchin Monkeys: Does Glucose Boost Self-Control?

Billeskov, R.; Tan, E.V.; Cang, M.; Abalos, R.M.; Burgos, J.; Pedersen, B.Vestergaard.; Christensen, D.; Agger, E.Marie.; Andersen, P., 2017:
Testing the H56 Vaccine Delivered in 4 Different Adjuvants as a BCG-Booster in a Non-Human Primate Model of Tuberculosis

Peterman, J.S.; Carper, M.M.; Kendall, P.C., 2016:
Testing the Habituation-Based Model of Exposures for Child and Adolescent Anxiety

Schweitzer, M.Higby.; Moyer, A.E.; Zheng, W., 2016:
Testing the Hypothesis of Biofilm as a Source for Soft Tissue and Cell-Like Structures Preserved in Dinosaur Bone

Wilcox, R.R., 1995:
Testing the Hypothesis of Independence Between Two Sets of Variates

Marques, Véria.R.S.; Spataro, P.; Cestari, V.; Sciarretta, A.; Rossi-Arnaud, C., 2017:
Testing the Identification/Production Hypothesis of Implicit Memory in Schizophrenia: The Role of Response Competition

Studdert, D.M.; Donohue, J.J.; Mello, M.M., 2016:
Testing the Immunity of the Firearm Industry to Tort Litigation

Connor, C.McDonald.; Morrison, F.J.; Fishman, B.; Giuliani, S.; Luck, M.; Underwood, P.S.; Bayraktar, A.; Crowe, E.C.; Schatschneider, C., 2011:
Testing the Impact of Child Characteristics × Instruction Interactions on Third Graders' Reading Comprehension by Differentiating Literacy Instruction

Keough, M.T.; O'Connor, R.M.; Colder, C.R., 2017:
Testing the Implicit and Explicit Cognitions Underlying Behavioral Inhibition System-Related Drinking in Young Adults

Smagula, S.F.; Faulkner, K.; Scheier, M.F.; Tindle, H.A.; Cauley, J.A., 2017:
Testing the Independence of Multiple Personality Factors in Relation to Health Among Community-Dwelling Older Men

Wilson, K.G.; Heenan, A.; Kowal, J.; Henderson, P.R.; McWilliams, L.A.; Castillo, D., 2016:
Testing the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide in Chronic Pain

Zhou, A.Q.; Hsueh, L.; Roesch, S.C.; Vaughn, A.A.; Sotelo, F.L.; Lindsay, S.; Klonoff, E.A., 2016:
Testing the Invariance of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey's Sexual Behavior Questionnaire Across Gender, Ethnicity/Race, and Generation

Preiss, M.; Mejzlíková, T.; Rudá, Aéla.; Krámský, D.; Pitáková, J., 2015:
Testing the Level of Social Desirability During Job Interview on White-Collar Profession

van Hees, S.; Pexman, P.M.; Hargreaves, I.S.; Zdrazilova, L.; Hart, J.M.; Myers-Stewart, K.; Cortese, F.; Protzner, A.B., 2016:
Testing the Limits of Skill Transfer for Scrabble Experts in Behavior and Brain

Tullett, A.M.; Plaks, J.E., 2016:
Testing the Link Between Empathy and Lay Theories of Happiness

Meyer, D.W.; Saggini, Fédéric., 2016:
Testing the Markov hypothesis in fluid flows

Mo, J.; Simha, A.; Kheifets, S.; Raizen, M.G., 2015:
Testing the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution using Brownian particles

Smith, R.A., 2014:
Testing the Model of Stigma Communication with a Factorial Experiment in an Interpersonal Context

Fulmer, G.W.; Lang, Q.Choon., 2017:
Testing the Multidimensionality in Teacher Interpersonal Behavior: Validating the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction Using the Rasch Measurement Model

Knoblauch, M.; Knoblauch, J.; Mullendore, D.L.; Savage, J.A.; Babst, B.A.; Beecher, S.D.; Dodgen, A.C.; Jensen, K.H.; Holbrook, N.Michele., 2017:
Testing the Münch hypothesis of long distance phloem transport in plants

Roche, M.A.; Spence Laschinger, H.K.; Duffield, C., 2015:
Testing the Nursing Worklife Model in Canada and Australia: a multi-group comparison study

Vilagut, G.; Forero, C.G.; Adroher, N.D.; Olariu, E.; Cella, D.; Alonso, J.; Alonso, J.; García Forero, C.; Vilagut, G.; Álvarez, P.; Castro-Rodriguez, Jé-Ignacio.; Martín-López, L.Miguel.; Campillo, M.; Abellanas, L.; Garnier, C.; Más, M.Rosa.; Reinoso, M.; Barbaglia, G.; Fullana, M.A.; Maydeu, A.; Brown, A., 2016:
Testing the PROMIS® Depression measures for monitoring depression in a clinical sample outside the US

Vikár, A.; Nagy, T.; Lendvay, Görgy., 2016:
Testing the Palma-Clary Reduced Dimensionality Model Using Classical Mechanics on the CH4 + H → CH3 + H2 Reaction

Danieli, P.; Malpasso, G.; Ciuffreda, M.Chiara.; Gnecchi, M., 2017:
Testing the Paracrine Properties of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Conditioned Medium

Schwartz, S.J.; Unger, J.B.; Baezconde-Garbanati, L.; Zamboanga, B.L.; Córdova, D.; Lorenzo-Blanco, E.I.; Huang, S.; Des Rosiers, S.E.; Soto, D.W.; Lizzi, K.M.; Villamar, J.A.; Pattarroyo, M.; Szapocznik, Jé., 2016:
Testing the Parent-Adolescent Acculturation Discrepancy Hypothesis: A Five-Wave Longitudinal Study

Mundt, A.P.; Chow, W.S.; Priebe, S., 2015:
Testing the Penrose Hypothesis-Reply

Lemmermeyer, S.; Lörcher, L.; van Kleunen, M.; Dawson, W., 2016:
Testing the Plant Growth-Defense Hypothesis Belowground: Do Faster-Growing Herbaceous Plant Species Suffer More Negative Effects from Soil Biota than Slower-Growing Ones?

Groves, C.L.; Gentile, D.; Tapscott, R.L.; Lynch, P.J., 2015:
Testing the Predictive Validity and Construct of Pathological Video Game Use

Dupuis-Desormeaux, M.; Davidson, Z.; Mwololo, M.; Kisio, E.; Taylor, S.; MacDonald, S.E., 2016:
Testing the Prey-Trap Hypothesis at Two Wildlife Conservancies in Kenya

Gilmartin, H.M.; Sousa, K.H., 2017:
Testing the Quality Health Outcomes Model Applied to Infection Prevention in Hospitals

Wang, F.L.; Pandika, D.; Chassin, L.; Lee, M.; King, K., 2016:
Testing the Relations Among Family Disorganization, Delay Discounting, and Adolescent Alcohol Use: A Genetically Informed Study

Kozak, K.H.; Wiens, J.J., 2016:
Testing the Relationships between Diversification, Species Richness, and Trait Evolution

Goldstein, B.A.; Polley, E.C.; Briggs, F.B.S.; van der Laan, M.J.; Hubbard, A., 2017:
Testing the Relative Performance of Data Adaptive Prediction Algorithms: A Generalized Test of Conditional Risk Differences

Wang, L.Jun.; Lin, F.Xin.; Zhao, B.; Wu, J.; Cao, Y.; Wang, S., 2017:
Testing the Reliability of BOLD-fMRI Motor Mapping in Patients with Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations by Electric Cortical Stimulation and Surgery Outcomes

Peterson, G.Greg.; Zurovac, J.; Brown, R.S.; Coburn, K.D.; Markovich, P.A.; Marcantonio, S.A.; Clark, W.D.; Mutti, A.; Stepanczuk, C., 2016:
Testing the Replicability of a Successful Care Management Program: Results from a Randomized Trial and Likely Explanations for Why Impacts Did Not Replicate

Fancourt, B.A.; Bateman, B.L.; VanDerWal, J.; Nicol, S.C.; Hawkins, C.E.; Jones, M.E.; Johnson, C.N., 2016:
Testing the Role of Climate Change in Species Decline: Is the Eastern Quoll a Victim of a Change in the Weather?

Lega, C.; Stephan, M.A.; Zatorre, R.J.; Penhune, V., 2016:
Testing the Role of Dorsal Premotor Cortex in Auditory-Motor Association Learning Using Transcranical Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Michoux, F.; Ahmad, N.; Wei, Z-Yi.; Belgio, E.; Ruban, A.V.; Nixon, P.J., 2016:
Testing the Role of the N-Terminal Tail of D1 in the Maintenance of Photosystem II in Tobacco Chloroplasts

Verleger, R.; Hamann, L.Marlena.; Asanowicz, D.; Śmigasiewicz, K., 2015:
Testing the S-R link hypothesis of P3b: The oddball effect on S1-evoked P3 gets reduced by increased task relevance of S2

Baek, Y.Soon.; Covey, P.A.; Petersen, J.J.; Chetelat, R.T.; McClure, B.; Bedinger, P.A., 2015:
Testing the SI × SC rule: Pollen-pistil interactions in interspecific crosses between members of the tomato clade (Solanum section Lycopersicon, Solanaceae)

Clarke, P.J.; Bell, D.M.; Lawes, M.J., 2016:
Testing the Shifting Persistence Niche Concept: Plant Resprouting along Gradients of Disturbance

Cicero, A.F.G.; Derosa, G.; Pisciotta, L.; Barbagallo, C., 2016:
Testing the Short-Term Efficacy of a Lipid-Lowering Nutraceutical in the Setting of Clinical Practice: A Multicenter Study

Toppi, J.; Mattia, D.; Risetti, M.; Formisano, R.; Babiloni, F.; Astolfi, L., 2016:
Testing the Significance of Connectivity Networks: Comparison of Different Assessing Procedures

Grimbos, T.; Wiener, J., 2016:
Testing the Similarity Fit/Misfit Hypothesis in Adolescents and Parents With ADHD

Llop, J.; Gil, E.; Llorens, J.; Miranda-Fuentes, A.; Gallart, M., 2018:
Testing the Suitability of a Terrestrial 2D LiDAR Scanner for Canopy Characterization of Greenhouse Tomato Crops

Hargreaves, A.D.; Swain, M.T.; Logan, D.W.; Mulley, J.F., 2015:
Testing the Toxicofera: comparative transcriptomics casts doubt on the single, early evolution of the reptile venom system

Betz, C.L.; Smith, K.A.; Macias, K.; Deavenport-Saman, A., 2015:
Testing the Transition Preparation Training Program: Well-being of relationships outcomes

Psihogios, A.M.; Murray, C.; Zebracki, K.; Acevedo, L.; Holmbeck, G.N., 2016:
Testing the Utility of a Bio-Neuropsychosocial Model for Predicting Medical Adherence and Responsibility During Early Adolescence in Youth With Spina Bifida

Wolffhechel, K.; Hahn, A.C.; Jarmer, H.; Fisher, C.I.; Jones, B.C.; DeBruine, L.M., 2016:
Testing the Utility of a Data-Driven Approach for Assessing BMI from Face Images

Beaudoin, C.E.; Stephenson, M.T.; Agha, S., 2017:
Testing the Validity of Campaign Ad Exposure Measures: A Family Planning Media Campaign in Pakistan

Coffman, J.M.; Rhodes, K.V.; Fix, M.; Bindman, A.B. , 2017:
Testing the Validity of Primary Care Physicians' Self-Reported Acceptance of New Patients by Insurance Status

Rosenthal, P.B., 2017:
Testing the Validity of Single-Particle Maps at Low and High Resolution

Morton, S.E.; O'Hare, K.J.M.; Maha, J.L.K.; Nicolson, M.P.; Machado, L.; Topless, R.; Merriman, T.R.; Linscott, R.J., 2016:
Testing the Validity of Taxonic Schizotypy Using Genetic and Environmental Risk Variables

Raylu, N.; Oei, T.Po.S.; Loo, J.M.Y.; Tsai, J-Shun., 2017:
Testing the Validity of a Cognitive Behavioral Model for Gambling Behavior

Grossoehme, D.H.; Fitchett, G., 2013:
Testing the Validity of a Protocol to Screen for Spiritual Struggle among Parents of Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Lahiri, K.; Peng, H.; Zhao, Y., 2014:
Testing the Value of Probability Forecasts for Calibrated Combining

Berens, E.B.; Sharif, G.M.; Wellstein, A.; Glasgow, E., 2017:
Testing the Vascular Invasive Ability of Cancer Cells in Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)

Wang, Y.; Chen, X-Jie.; Cui, J-Fang.; Liu, L-Lu., 2016:
Testing the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory in the Chinese context

Manning, D.A.C.; Baptista, J.; Sanchez Limon, M.; Brandt, K., 2016:
Testing the ability of plants to access potassium from framework silicate minerals

Wang, J.; Aierken, G.; Li, X.; Li, L.; Mao, X., 2017:
Testing the absorption of the extracts of Coreopsis tinctoria Nutt. in the intestinal canal in rats using an Ussing chamber

Wilkin, T.; Greene, S.; McCrimmon, R., 2016:
Testing the accelerator hypothesis: a new approach to type 1 diabetes prevention (adAPT 1)

Smyth, R.E.; Oram Cardy, J.; Purcell, D., 2016:
Testing the accuracy of timing reports in visual timing tasks with a consumer-grade digital camera

Baldassi, F.; D'Amico, F.; Carestia, M.; Cenciarelli, O.; Mancinelli, S.; Gilardi, F.; Malizia, A.; DI Giovanni, D.; Soave, P.M.; Bellecci, C.; Gaudio, P.; Palombi, L., 2017:
Testing the accuracy ratio of the Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) through Ebola haemorrhagic fever outbreaks

Gomersall, S.R.; Maher, C.; English, C.; Rowlands, A.V.; Dollman, J.; Norton, K.; Olds, T., 2017:
Testing the activitystat hypothesis: a randomised controlled trial

Osorio, A.; González-Cámara, M., 2016:
Testing the alleged superiority of the indulgent parenting style among Spanish adolescents

Rostila, M.; Saarela, J.; Kawachi, I.; Hjern, A., 2015:
Testing the anniversary reaction: causal effects of bereavement in a nationwide follow-up study from Sweden

Cerit, Hâl.; Veer, I.M.; Dahan, A.; Niesters, M.; Harmer, C.J.; Miskowiak, K.W.; Rombouts, S.A.R.B.; Van der Does, W., 2016:
Testing the antidepressant properties of the peptide ARA290 in a human neuropsychological model of drug action

Santos, C.Mello.Dos.; Celeste, R.Keller.; Hilgert, J.Balbinot.; Hugo, F.Neves., 2016:
Testing the applicability of a model of oral health-related quality of life

Gocha, T.P.; Ingvoldstad, M.E.; Kolatorowicz, A.; Cosgriff-Hernandez, M-Tomasita.J.; Sciulli, P.W., 2016:
Testing the applicability of six macroscopic skeletal aging techniques on a modern Southeast Asian sample

Evteev, A.A.; Movsesian, A.A., 2016:
Testing the association between human mid-facial morphology and climate using autosomal, mitochondrial, Y chromosomal polymorphisms and cranial non-metrics

Hodder, J.N.; La Delfa, N.J.; Potvin, J.R., 2017:
Testing the assumption in ergonomics software that overall shoulder strength can be accurately calculated by treating orthopedic axes as independent

Kar, K.; Krekelberg, B., 2017:
Testing the assumptions underlying fMRI adaptation using intracortical recordings in area MT

Fang, L.; Sanchez, A.; Koster, E.H.W., 2016:
Testing the attentional scope model of rumination: An eye-tracking study using the moving window paradigm

Gaughan, J.; Gravelle, H.; Siciliani, L., 2015:
Testing the bed-blocking hypothesis: does nursing and care home supply reduce delayed hospital discharges?

Elliott, M.A.; Brewster, S.E.; Thomson, J.A.; Malcolm, C.; Rasmussen, S., 2016:
Testing the bi-dimensional effects of attitudes on behavioural intentions and subsequent behaviour

Ehrlich, K.B.; Ross, K.M.; Chen, E.; Miller, G.E., 2016:
Testing the biological embedding hypothesis: Is early life adversity associated with a later proinflammatory phenotype?

Fortes, Iês.; Vasconcelos, M.; Machado, A., 2016:
Testing the boundaries of "paradoxical" predictions: Pigeons do disregard bad news

Le Scouarnec, S.; Karakachoff, M.; Gourraud, J-Baptiste.; Lindenbaum, P.; Bonnaud, Séphanie.; Portero, V.; Duboscq-Bidot, Lëtitia.; Daumy, X.; Simonet, F.; Teusan, R.; Baron, E.; Violleau, J.; Persyn, E.; Bellanger, L.; Barc, J.; Chatel, Séphanie.; Martins, Rël.; Mabo, P.; Sacher, Fédéric.; Haïssaguerre, M.; Kyndt, F.; Schmitt, Sébastien.; Bézieau, Séphane.; Le Marec, Hé.; Dina, C.; Schott, J-Jacques.; Probst, V.; Redon, R., 2016:
Testing the burden of rare variation in arrhythmia-susceptibility genes provides new insights into molecular diagnosis for Brugada syndrome

Dione, M.; Delevoye-Turrell, Y., 2016:
Testing the co-existence of two timing strategies for motor control in a unique task: The synchronisation spatial-tapping task

Furukawa, R.; Driessnack, M., 2016:
Testing the committee approach to translating measures across cultures: Translating primary communication inventory from English to Japanese

Schaefer, S.Y.; Hengge, C.R., 2016:
Testing the concurrent validity of a naturalistic upper extremity reaching task

Bobes, M.A.; Góngora, D.; Valdes, A.; Santos, Y.; Acosta, Y.; Fernandez Garcia, Y.; Lage, A.; Valdés-Sosa, M., 2016:
Testing the connections within face processing circuitry in Capgras delusion with diffusion imaging tractography

Fischer, C.; Lingsma, H.F.; Anema, H.A.; Kievit, J.; Steyerberg, E.W.; Klazinga, N., 2017:
Testing the construct validity of hospital care quality indicators: a case study on hip replacement

Linde-Medina, M., 2017:
Testing the cranial evolutionary allometric 'rule' in Galliformes

Garcia, A.N.; Depena, C.K.; Yin, W.; Gore, A.C., 2016:
Testing the critical window of estradiol replacement on gene expression of vasopressin, oxytocin, and their receptors, in the hypothalamus of aging female rats

Acedo-Carmona, C.; Gomila, A., 2016:
Testing the cultural group selection hypothesis in Northern Ghana and Oaxaca

Conlan, A.J.K.; Wood, J.L.N., 2016:
Testing the dairy difference

Rahman, S.; Ali, S.Ausaf.; Islam, A.; Hassan, M.Imtaiyaz.; Ahmad, F., 2016:
Testing the dependence of stabilizing effect of osmolytes on the fractional increase in the accessible surface area on thermal and chemical denaturations of proteins

Quattrini, A.M.; Baums, I.B.; Shank, T.M.; Morrison, C.L.; Cordes, E.E., 2016:
Testing the depth-differentiation hypothesis in a deepwater octocoral

Liu, L.; Wang, L.; Cao, C.; Qing, Y.; Armour, C., 2016:
Testing the dimensional structure of DSM-5 posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in a nonclinical trauma-exposed adolescent sample

Hildebrandt, T.; Grotzinger, A.; Reddan, M.; Greif, R.; Levy, I.; Goodman, W.; Schiller, D., 2016:
Testing the disgust conditioning theory of food-avoidance in adolescents with recent onset anorexia nervosa

Capizzi, M.; Ambrosini, E.; Arbula, S.; Mazzonetto, I.; Vallesi, A., 2017:
Testing the domain-general nature of monitoring in the spatial and verbal cognitive domains

Zündorf, I.C.; Lewald, Jörg.; Karnath, H-Otto., 2016:
Testing the dual-pathway model for auditory processing in human cortex

Otsuka, Y.; Mareschal, I.; Clifford, C.W.G., 2017:
Testing the dual-route model of perceived gaze direction: Linear combination of eye and head cues

Henze, G-Isabelle.; Zänkert, S.; Urschler, D.F.; Hiltl, T.J.; Kudielka, B.M.; Pruessner, J.C.; Wüst, S., 2016:
Testing the ecological validity of the Trier Social Stress Test: Association with real-life exam stress

Jiang, Y.; McCarthy, J.M.; Allen, A.S., 2015:
Testing the effect of rare compound-heterozygous and recessive mutations in case--parent sequencing studies

Fournier, M.; d'Arripe-Longueville, F.; Radel, R., 2016:
Testing the effect of text messaging cues to promote physical activity habits: a worksite-based exploratory intervention

Heppe, E.C.M.; Kef, S.; Schuengel, C., 2016:
Testing the effectiveness of a mentoring intervention to improve social participation of adolescents with visual impairments: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Tamura, K.; Aiba, K.; Saeki, T.; Nakanishi, Y.; Kamura, T.; Baba, H.; Yoshida, K.; Yamamoto, N.; Kitagawa, Y.; Maehara, Y.; Shimokawa, M.; Hirata, K.; Kitajima, M., 2016:
Testing the effectiveness of antiemetic guidelines: results of a prospective registry by the CINV Study Group of Japan

Leak, T.M.; Swenson, A.; Vickers, Z.; Mann, T.; Mykerezi, E.; Redden, J.P.; Rendahl, A.; Reicks, M., 2015:
Testing the effectiveness of in-home behavioral economics strategies to increase vegetable intake, liking, and variety among children residing in households that receive food assistance

Schienle, A.; Gremsl, A.; Übel, S.; Körner, C., 2016:
Testing the effects of a disgust placebo with eye tracking

de Bruijn, G-Jan.; Spaans, P.; Jansen, B.; van't Riet, J., 2017:
Testing the effects of a message framing intervention on intentions towards hearing loss prevention in adolescents

Hanna, C.; Naughton, I.; Boser, C.; Holway, D., 2015:
Testing the effects of ant invasions on non-ant arthropods with high-resolution taxonomic data

Lyons, E.J.; Baranowski, T.; Basen-Engquist, K.M.; Lewis, Z.H.; Swartz, M.C.; Jennings, K.; Volpi, E., 2016:
Testing the effects of narrative and play on physical activity among breast cancer survivors using mobile apps: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Dupuis-Desormeaux, M.; Davidson, Z.; Pratt, L.; Mwololo, M.; MacDonald, S.E., 2016:
Testing the effects of perimeter fencing and elephant exclosures on lion predation patterns in a Kenyan wildlife conservancy

Chaitanya, C.V.; Koirala, N.; Mideksa, K.G.; Anwar, A.R.; Schmidt, G.; Deuschl, G.; Groppa, S.; Muthuraman, M., 2016:
Testing the effects of pre-processing on voxel based morphometry analysis

Zohar, D.; Lee, J., 2017:
Testing the effects of safety climate and disruptive children behavior on school bus drivers performance: A multilevel model

Chambers, R.; Tingey, L.; Beach, A.; Barlow, A.; Rompalo, A., 2016:
Testing the efficacy of a brief sexual risk reduction intervention among high-risk American Indian adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Díaz-Ferrer, S.; Rodríguez-Ruiz, S.; Ortega-Roldán, B.; Moreno-Domínguez, S.; Fernández-Santaella, M.Carmen., 2016:
Testing the efficacy of pure versus guided mirror exposure in women with bulimia nervosa: A combination of neuroendocrine and psychological indices

Janse, A.; Worm-Smeitink, M.; Bussel-Lagarde, Jé.; Bleijenberg, G.; Nikolaus, S.; Knoop, H., 2016:
Testing the efficacy of web-based cognitive behavioural therapy for adult patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CBIT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Yu, S.; Pilot, G., 2014:
Testing the efficiency of plant artificial microRNAs by transient expression in Nicotiana benthamiana reveals additional action at the translational level

Sivadas, S.K.; Nagesh, R.; Gupta, G.V.M.; Gaonkar, U.; Mukherjee, I.; Ramteke, D.; Ingole, B.S., 2017:
Testing the efficiency of temperate benthic biotic indices in assessing the ecological status of a tropical ecosystem

Mlynarek, J.J., 2015:
Testing the enemy release hypothesis in a native insect species with an expanding range

von Cramon-Taubadel, N.; Schroeder, L., 2017:
Testing the equivalence of modern human cranial covariance structure: Implications for bioarchaeological applications

Albersheim-Carter, J.; Blubaum, A.; Ballagh, I.H.; Missaghi, K.; Siuda, E.R.; McMurray, G.; Bass, A.H.; Dubuc, Réjean.; Kelley, D.B.; Schmidt, M.F.; Wilson, R.J.A.; Gray, P.A., 2016:
Testing the evolutionary conservation of vocal motoneurons in vertebrates

Gibbons, J.A.; Fehr, A.M.A.; Brantley, J.Claire.; Wilson, K.J.; Lee, S.A.; Walker, W.Richard., 2016:
Testing the fading affect bias for healthy coping in the context of death

Cheng, J.; Purcell, H.N.; Dimitriou, S.M.; Grossoehme, D.H., 2015:
Testing the feasibility and acceptability of a chaplaincy intervention to improving treatment attitudes and self-efficacy of adolescents with cystic fibrosis: a pilot study

Ficklscherer, A.; Stapf, J.; Meissner, K.Michael.; Niethammer, T.; Lahner, M.; Wagenhäuser, M.; Müller, P.E.; Pietschmann, M.F., 2016:
Testing the feasibility and safety of the Nintendo Wii gaming console in orthopedic rehabilitation: a pilot randomized controlled study

Willcox, J.Catherine.; Campbell, K.Jane.; McCarthy, E.Anne.; Wilkinson, S.Ann.; Lappas, M.; Ball, K.; Fjeldsoe, B.; Griffiths, A.; Whittaker, R.; Maddison, R.; Shub, A.; Pidd, D.; Fraser, E.; Moshonas, N.; Crawford, D.Andrew., 2016:
Testing the feasibility of a mobile technology intervention promoting healthy gestational weight gain in pregnant women (txt4two) - study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Gainforth, H.L.; Latimer-Cheung, A.E.; Davis, C.; Casemore, S.; Martin Ginis, K.A., 2015:
Testing the feasibility of training peers with a spinal cord injury to learn and implement brief action planning to promote physical activity to people with spinal cord injury

Shapiro, A.L.B.; Schmiege, S.J.; Brinton, J.T.; Glueck, D.; Crume, T.L.; Friedman, J.E.; Dabelea, D., 2016:
Testing the fuel-mediated hypothesis: maternal insulin resistance and glucose mediate the association between maternal and neonatal adiposity, the Healthy Start study

Hamilton, D.E.; Press, V.G.; Twu, N.M.; Yuen, T.C.; Azu, C.N.; Churpek, M.M.; Edelson, D.P., 2017:
Testing the functional assessment of mentation: A mobile application based assessment of mental status

Wei, X.; Vrieling, K.; Mulder, P.P.J.; Klinkhamer, P.G.L., 2015:
Testing the generalist-specialist dilemma: the role of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in resistance to invertebrate herbivores in Jacobaea species

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Testing times

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Testing times

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Testing times

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Testing times

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Testing times ahead

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Testing times for BRCA gene carriers

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Tetrandrine down-regulates expression of miRNA-155 to inhibit signal-induced NF-κB activation in a rat model of diabetes mellitus

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