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Chapter 59,034

The Study of relationship between fetal radius loss and chromosomal abnormality

Yang, R.Q.; Liu, Z.Y.; Hu, J.; Nan, Y.; Fan, L.M.

Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 96(35): 2818-2820


ISSN/ISBN: 0376-2491
PMID: 27686549
Accession: 059033211

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Objective: To explore the relationship between fetal radius loss and chromosomal abnormalities. Methods: Collect data of 3 100 cases pregnant women who had been checked in the second hospital of Jilin University from 2012 to 2015.There were 8 cases of absent radius, except 1 case of fetal lost follow-up, the remaining 7 cases had complete ultrasound, chromosome examination and the result of induction.The relationship between fetal radius loss and chromosomal abnormalities were analysed. Results: There were 1 case of 21 trisomy syndrome, 1 case of trisomy 13 syndrome, 2 cases of trisomy 18, 2 cases of chromosome translocation, 1 case of normal chromosome result and 1 case was lost to follow-up of the 8 absent radius fetuses. Conclusion: Through a comparison between the chromosome and ultrasonic characteristics of fetuses who have absent radius, we had indicated the relationship of fetal radius deletion and chromosomal anomaly, improved the positive rate of chromosome invasion examination, and provided the reference for eugenics.

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