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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59074

Chapter 59074 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nakae, Y.; Stoward, P.J., 2016:
The high correlation between counts and area fractions of lipofuscin granules, a biomarker of oxidative stress in muscular dystrophies

Rouw, E.; Hormann, E.; Scherbaum, V., 2014:
The high cost of half-hearted breastfeeding promotion in Germany

Thometz, N.M.; Kendall, T.L.; Richter, B.P.; Williams, T.M., 2017:
The high cost of reproduction in sea otters necessitates unique physiological adaptations

Stevenson, V.L.; Gras, A.; Bárdos, J.I.; Broughton, J., 2016:
The high cost of spasticity in multiple sclerosis to individuals and society

Haan, Y.C.; van Montfrans, G.A.; Brewster, L.M., 2015:
The high creatine kinase phenotype is hypertension- and obesity-prone

Lawlor, T.M.; Talmadge, M.D.; Murray, M.M.; Nelson, M.E.; Mueller, A.C.; Romanyukha, A.A.; Fairchild, G.R.; Grypp, M.D.; Williams, A.S., 2015:
The high dose response and functional capability of the DT-702/Pd lithium fluoride thermoluminescent dosimeter

Liu, T-Hua.; Guo, K.; Liu, R-Qiang.; Zhang, S.; Huang, Z-Hui.; Liu, Y-Kun., 2016:
The high expressed serum soluble neural cell adhesion molecule, a high risk factor indicating hepatic encephalopathy in hepatocelular carcinoma patients

Zhao, Z.; Wang, P.; Gao, Y.; He, J., 2016:
The high expression instead of mutation of p53 is predictive of overall survival in patients with esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis

Zhang, P.; Cao, H-Yi.; Bai, L-Lin.; Li, W-Nan.; Wang, Y.; Chen, S-Yan.; Zhang, L.; Yang, L-He.; Xu, H-Tao.; Wang, E-Hua., 2016:
The high expression of TC1 (C8orf4) was correlated with the expression of β-catenin and cyclin D1 and the progression of squamous cell carcinomas of the tongue

Lu, M.; Liu, Z.; Li, B.; Wang, G.; Li, D.; Zhu, Y., 2016:
The high expression of long non-coding RNA PANDAR indicates a poor prognosis for colorectal cancer and promotes metastasis by EMT pathway

Blackmore, T.; Willy, R.W.; Creaby, M.W., 2016:
The high frequency component of the vertical ground reaction force is a valid surrogate measure of the impact peak

Mikstiene, V.; Jakaitiene, A.; Byckova, J.; Gradauskiene, E.; Preiksaitiene, E.; Burnyte, B.; Tumiene, B.; Matuleviciene, A.; Ambrozaityte, L.; Uktveryte, I.; Domarkiene, I.; Rancelis, T.; Cimbalistiene, L.; Lesinskas, E.; Kucinskas, V.; Utkus, A., 2016:
The high frequency of GJB2 gene mutation c.313_326del14 suggests its possible origin in ancestors of Lithuanian population

Champeroux, P.; Le Guennec, J.Y.; Jude, S.; Laigot, C.; Maurin, A.; Sola, M.L.; Fowler, J.S.L.; Richard, S.; Thireau, J., 2016:
The high frequency relationship: implications for torsadogenic hERG blockers

Wilson, N.; Blakely, T., 2015:
The high health burden from alcohol in New Zealand and the need for an appropriate government response

Cozzani, E.; Agnoletti, A.Fay.; Pappalardo, F.; Schiavetti, I.; Torino, A.; Parodi, A., 2016:
The high incidence of anti-Ro/SSA and anti-p200 antibodies in female patients with connective tissue diseases confirms the importance of screening for congenital heart block-associated autoantibodies during pregnancy

Tully, C.M.; Apolo, A.B.; Zabor, E.C.; Regazzi, A.M.; Ostrovnaya, I.; Furberg, H.F.; Rosenberg, J.E.; Bajorin, D.F., 2016:
The high incidence of vascular thromboembolic events in patients with metastatic or unresectable urothelial cancer treated with platinum chemotherapy agents

Suda, M.; Kiriyama, T.; Ishihara, K.; Onoguchi, M.; Kobayashi, Y.; Sakurai, M.; Shibutani, T.; Kumita, S-Ichiro., 2016:
The high matrix acquisition technique for imaging of atherosclerotic plaque inflammation in fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography with time-of-flight: Phantom study

Tan, E-Jean.; Kahata, K.; Idås, O.; Thuault, S.; Heldin, C-Henrik.; Moustakas, A., 2015:
The high mobility group A2 protein epigenetically silences the Cdh1 gene during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

Panday, A.; Grove, A., 2016:
The high mobility group protein HMO1 functions as a linker histone in yeast

Terragni, P.; Cossu, A.P., 2016:
The high nasal flow therapy for pre-oxygenation: a new strategy for conventional procedures in intensive care settings?

Ming-Hua, D.; Rui-Jiang, X.; Wen-Chao, L., 2016:
The high osteotomy cut of Dega procedure for developmental dysplasia of the hip in children under 6 years of age

Artuso, A.; Balter, R.; Bonetti, E.; Zambon, C.; Ravani, A.; Dolcini, B.; Masieri, M.Taddei.; Salvagno, G.Luca.; Zanotti, R.; Pizzolo, G.; Veneri, D., 2016:
The high oxygen affinity haemoglobin Nantes: a family case description

Oger, P.; Cario, Aïs., 2015:
The high pressure life of piezophiles

Stavrou, E.; Riad Manaa, M.; Zaug, J.M.; Kuo, I-Feng.W.; Pagoria, P.F.; Kalkan, B.; Crowhurst, J.C.; Armstrong, M.R., 2015:
The high pressure structure and equation of state of 2,6-diamino-3,5-dinitropyrazine-1-oxide (LLM-105) up to 20 GPa: X-ray diffraction measurements and first principles molecular dynamics simulations

Pilloux, L.; Aeby, Sébastien.; Gaümann, R.; Burri, C.; Beuret, C.; Greub, G., 2016:
The high prevalence and diversity of Chlamydiales DNA within Ixodes ricinus ticks suggest a role for ticks as reservoirs and vectors of Chlamydia-related bacteria

Çetinkaya, Ülfet.; Yazar, Süleyman.; Kuk, S.; Sivcan, E.; Kaynar, Lül.; Arslan, D.; Şahin, İzzet., 2018:
The high prevalence of Encephalitozoon intestinalis in patients receiving chemotherapy and children with growth retardation and the validity of real-time PCR in its diagnosis

Motoya, T.; Nagata, N.; Komori, H.; Doi, I.; Kurosawa, M.; Keta, T.; Sasaki, N.; Ishii, K., 2016:
The high prevalence of hepatitis E virus infection in wild boars in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Yu, S.; Fang, H.; Han, J.; Cheng, X.; Xia, L.; Li, S.; Liu, M.; Tao, Z.; Wang, L.; Hou, L'an.; Qin, X.; Li, P.; Zhang, R.; Su, W.; Qiu, L., 2015:
The high prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in China: a multicenter vitamin D status survey

Vela, L.; Martínez Castrillo, J.C.; García Ruiz, P.; Gasca-Salas, C.; Macías Macías, Y.; Pérez Fernández, E.; Ybot, I.; Lopez Valdés, E.; Kurtis, M.M.; Posada Rodriguez, I.J.; Mata, M.; Ruiz Huete, C.; Eimil, M.; Borrue, C.; Del Val, J.; López-Manzanares, L.; Rojo Sebastian, A.; Marasescu, R., 2017:
The high prevalence of impulse control behaviors in patients with early-onset Parkinson's disease: A cross-sectional multicenter study

Mehraban, A.; Shams, J.; Moamenzade, S.; Samimi, S.Mehdi.; Rafiee, S.; Zademohamadi, F., 2015:
The high prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder in patients with chronic pain

Jahn, J.L.; Giovannucci, E.L.; Stampfer, M.J., 2016:
The high prevalence of undiagnosed prostate cancer at autopsy: implications for epidemiology and treatment of prostate cancer in the Prostate-specific Antigen-era

Anonymous, 2001:
The high price of an unsafe workplace

Anonymous, 2015:
The high price of cancer drugs: enough is enough

Marihart, C.L.; Brunt, A.R.; Geraci, A.A., 2015:
The high price of obesity in nursing homes

Goozner, M., 2015:
The high price of precision medicine

Waltar, A.E.; Brooks, A.L.; Cuttler, J.M.; Feinendegen, L.E.; González, A.J.; Morgan, W.F., 2016:
The high price of public fear of low-dose radiation

Kindler, R.M.; Holzmann, D.; Landis, B.N.; Ditzen, B.; Soyka, M.B., 2017:
The high rate of long-term recurrences and sequelae after epistaxis treatment

Pellegrini, C.A., 2016:
The high reliability journey: A look in the mirror with Oro 2.0

Héritier, L.; Verneau, O.; Breuil, G.; Meistertzheim, A-Leila., 2016:
The high resolution melting analysis (HRM) as a molecular tool for monitoring parasites of the wildlife

Figueroa, J.Gerardo.Santoyo.; Jung, H.Yi.; Jeong, G-Taek.; Kim, J.Kyun., 2016:
The high reutilization value potential of high-salinity anchovy fishmeal wastewater through microbial degradation

Bachmann, H.S.; Frey, U.H.; Riemann, K.; Schmitz, K.J.; Otterbach, F.; Callies, R.; Nückel, H.; Siffert, W., 2016:
The high risk allele of a six-nucleotide insertion-deletion polymorphism in the CASP8 promoter is associated with favorable outcome in multiple cancers

Pathela, P.; Braunstein, S.L.; Blank, S.; Shepard, C.; Schillinger, J.A., 2016:
The high risk of an HIV diagnosis following a diagnosis of syphilis: a population-level analysis of New York City men

Zu, Y.; Wu, W.; Zhao, X.; Li, Y.; Zhong, C.; Zhang, Y., 2016:
The high water solubility of inclusion complex of taxifolin-γ-CD prepared and characterized by the emulsion solvent evaporation and the freeze drying combination method

Mohamad Zamberi, Z.; Zakaria, Z.; Abdul Aziz, A.Thalhah.; Heng, B.Sim.Lim.; Zaid, M.; Chong, C.Lee.Kwok.; Noor, F.Mohd.; Abu Bakar, S.; Boon Peng, H., 2016:
The high-affinity human IgG receptor Fc gamma receptor I (FcγRI) is not associated with vascular leakage of dengue

Blank, U.; Charles, N.; Benhamou, M., 2016:
The high-affinity immunoglobulin E receptor as pharmacological target

Chenoweth, A.M.; Trist, H.M.; Tan, P-Szee.; Wines, B.D.; Hogarth, P.Mark., 2016:
The high-affinity receptor for IgG, FcγRI, of humans and non-human primates

Mortensen, M.B.; Afzal, S.; Nordestgaard, Børge.G.; Falk, E., 2016:
The high-density lipoprotein-adjusted SCORE model worsens SCORE-based risk classification in a contemporary population of 30,824 Europeans: the Copenhagen General Population Study

Li, S-Jin.; Liu, C-Hsin.; Chu, H-Pin.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S-Torng.; Chu, C-Han.; Wang, C-Yu.; Chen, C-Yi., 2016:
The high-fat diet induces myocardial fibrosis in the metabolically healthy obese minipigs-The role of ER stress and oxidative stress

Kummer, K.; Fondacaro, A.; Jimenez, E.; Velez-Fort, E.; Amorese, A.; Aspbury, M.; Yakhou-Harris, F.; van der Linden, P.; Brookes, N.B., 2016:
The high-field magnet endstation for X-ray magnetic dichroism experiments at ESRF soft X-ray beamline ID32

Kuo, T.B.J.; Lai, C.T.; Chen, C.Y.; Yang, Y.C.; Yang, C.C.H., 2017:
The high-frequency component of heart rate variability during extended wakefulness is closely associated with the depth of the ensuing sleep in C57BL6 mice

Basturk, O.; Yang, Z.; Tang, L.H.; Hruban, R.H.; Adsay, V.; McCall, C.M.; Krasinskas, A.M.; Jang, K-Taek.; Frankel, W.L.; Balci, S.; Sigel, C.; Klimstra, D.S., 2015:
The high-grade (WHO G3) pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor category is morphologically and biologically heterogenous and includes both well differentiated and poorly differentiated neoplasms

Hofmann, Tás.; Nebehaj, E.; Albert, L., 2015:
The high-performance liquid chromatography/multistage electrospray mass spectrometric investigation and extraction optimization of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) bark polyphenols

de Oliveira, N.; Joyeux, D.; Roudjane, M.; Gil, J.François.; Pilette, B.; Archer, L.; Ito, K.; Nahon, L., 2016:
The high-resolution absorption spectroscopy branch on the VUV beamline DESIRS at SOLEIL

Piper, D.E.; Romanow, W.G.; Gunawardane, R.N.; Fordstrom, P.; Masterman, S.; Pan, O.; Thibault, S.T.; Zhang, R.; Meininger, D.; Schwarz, M.; Wang, Z.; King, C.; Zhou, M.; Walker, N.P.C., 2016:
The high-resolution crystal structure of human LCAT

Klima, M.; Baumlova, A.; Chalupska, D.; Hřebabecký, H.; Dejmek, M.; Nencka, R.; Boura, E., 2016:
The high-resolution crystal structure of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIβ and the crystal structure of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIα containing a nucleoside analogue provide a structural basis for isoform-specific inhibitor design

Jansma, A.L.; Martinez-Yamout, M.A.; Liao, R.; Sun, P.; Dyson, H.Jane.; Wright, P.E., 2015:
The high-risk HPV16 E7 oncoprotein mediates interaction between the transcriptional coactivator CBP and the retinoblastoma protein pRb

Feuchtner, G.; Kerber, J.; Burghard, P.; Dichtl, W.; Friedrich, G.; Bonaros, N.; Plank, F., 2016:
The high-risk criteria low-attenuation plaque <60 HU and the napkin-ring sign are the most powerful predictors of MACE: a long-term follow-up study

Whiteman, A.R.; Dhesi, J.K.; Walker, D., 2016:
The high-risk surgical patient: a role for a multi-disciplinary team approach?

Schmetterer, C.; Rajamohan, D.; Ipser, H.; Flandorfer, H., 2011:
The high-temperature phase equilibria of the Ni-Sn-Zn system: Isothermal sections

Moriya, Y.; Uzawa, N.; Morita, T.; Mogushi, K.; Miyaguchi, K.; Takahashi, K-Ichiro.; Michikawa, C.; Sumino, J.; Tanaka, H.; Harada, K., 2015:
The high-temperature requirement factor A3 (HtrA3) is associated with acquisition of the invasive phenotype in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells

Liu, J.W.; Abraham, A.C.; Tang, S.Y., 2016:
The high-throughput phenotyping of the viscoelastic behavior of whole mouse intervertebral discs using a novel method of dynamic mechanical testing

Zhang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Han, R., 2017:
The high-throughput production of dsRNA against sacbrood virus for use in the honey bee Apis cerana (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Ghani, M.Awais.; Li, J.; Rao, L.; Raza, M.Ammar.; Cao, L.; Yu, N.; Zou, X.; Chen, L., 2015:
The high-throughput sequencing of small RNAs profiling in wide hybridisation and allopolyploidisation between Brassica rapa and Brassica nigra

Ozbilgin, K.; Karaca, F.; Turan, A.; Köse, C.; Vatansever, S.; Ozcakir, T., 2015:
The higher heparin-binding epidermal growth factor (HB-EGF) in missed abortion

Dogansen, S.Ciftci.; Selcukbiricik, O.Soyluk.; Bilir, B.Ekiz.; Yarman, S., 2018:
The higher incidence of autoimmune thyroid disease in prolactinomas than in somatotrophinomas

Jang, H.; Banerjee, A.; Chavan, T.S.; Lu, S.; Zhang, J.; Gaponenko, V.; Nussinov, R., 2016:
The higher level of complexity of K-Ras4B activation at the membrane

Melchiorre, D.; Linari, S.; Castaman, G., 2018:
The higher prevalence of missense mutations in hemophilia B compared to hemophilia A could be important in determining a milder clinical phenotype in patients with severe hemophilia B

Zanardo, V.; Straface, G., 2016:
The higher temperature in the areola supports the natural progression of the birth to breastfeeding continuum

Senica, M.; Stampar, F.; Veberic, R.; Mikulic-Petkovsek, M., 2016:
The higher the better? Differences in phenolics and cyanogenic glycosides in Sambucus nigra leaves, flowers and berries from different altitudes

Gøtzsche-Astrup, O.; Jakobsen, J.; Furnham, A., 2016:
The higher you climb: Dark side personality and job level

Hofer, J.; Busch, H.; Raihala, C.; Poláčková Šolcová, I.; Tavel, P., 2015:
The Higher Your Implicit Affiliation-Intimacy Motive, the More Loneliness Can Turn You Into a Social Cynic: A Cross-Cultural Study

Johansen, T.; Sachse, C., 2016:
The higher-order molecular organization of p62/SQSTM1

Karatas, F.; Sahin, S.; Karatas, H.Gulsah.; Karsli, P.B.; Emre, C.; Kivrakoglu, F., 2016:
The highest (3600 IU) reported overdose of insulin glargine ever and management

Anonymous, 1997:
The highest accolade

Mohseni, M.; Sharifi Abdar, P.; Borghei, S.Mehdi., 2016:
The highest inhibition coefficient of phenol biodegradation using an acclimated mixed culture

Arblaster, J., 2015:
The highest melting point challenge

Bringedal, B., 2016:
The highest priority

Mercer, T.; Bae, J.; Kipnes, J.; Velazquez, M.; Thomas, S.; Setji, N., 2016:
The highest utilizers of care: individualized care plans to coordinate care, improve healthcare service utilization, and reduce costs at an academic tertiary care center

Lou, J.; Liu, F.; Lindsay, C.D.; Chaudhuri, O.; Heilshorn, S.C.; Xia, Y., 2018:
Dynamic Hyaluronan Hydrogels with Temporally Modulated High Injectability and Stability Using a Biocompatible Catalyst

Balakrishnan, A.; Morris, G.P., 2016:
The highly alloreactive nature of dual TCR T cells

Mathew, S.F.; Crowe-McAuliffe, C.; Graves, R.; Cardno, T.S.; McKinney, C.; Poole, E.S.; Tate, W.P., 2016:
The highly conserved codon following the slippery sequence supports -1 frameshift efficiency at the HIV-1 frameshift site

Yang, S.; Okada, N.; Nagatsu, M., 2016:
The highly effective removal of Cs⁺ by low turbidity chitosan-grafted magnetic bentonite

Salem, O.; Erdem, N.; Jung, J.; Münstermann, E.; Wörner, A.; Wilhelm, H.; Wiemann, S.; Körner, C., 2017:
The highly expressed 5'isomiR of hsa-miR-140-3p contributes to the tumor-suppressive effects of miR-140 by reducing breast cancer proliferation and migration

Li, T-qiu.; Teng, Y-li.; Zou, Y-guang.; Yang, Y.; Li, Q.; Mao, X-ming., 2015:
The highly expressed secreted phosphoprotein 1 gene in prostate cancer metastasis: a microarray-based bioinformatic analysis

Osterberg, L.; Swigris, R.; Weil, A.; Branch, W.T., 2016:
The highly influential teacher: recognising our unsung heroes

Nansseu, J.Richie.N.; Noubiap, J.Jacques.N.; Mengnjo, M.K.; Aminde, L.Ndemnge.; Essouma, M.; Jingi, A.M.; Bigna, J.Joel.R., 2017:
The highly neglected burden of resistant hypertension in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Liu, Z.; Pan, Q.; Liang, Z.; Qiao, W.; Cen, S.; Liang, C., 2015:
The highly polymorphic cyclophilin A-binding loop in HIV-1 capsid modulates viral resistance to MxB

Gomes, C.Cavaliéri.; Diniz, M.Gonçalves.; Amaral, Fício.Rezende.; Antonini Guimarães, B.Viana.; Gomez, R.Santiago., 2015:
The highly prevalent H3F3A mutation in giant cell tumours of bone is not shared by sporadic central giant cell lesion of the jaws

Lopez, M.F.; Moorman, D.E.; Aston-Jones, G.; Becker, H.C., 2016:
The highly selective orexin/hypocretin 1 receptor antagonist GSK1059865 potently reduces ethanol drinking in ethanol dependent mice

He, Y.; Liang, Y.; Wang, D., 2015:
The highly sensitive and facile colorimetric detection of the glycidyl azide polymer based on propargylamine functionalized gold nanoparticles using click chemistry

Gatesoupe, Fçois-Joël.; Huelvan, C.; Le Bayon, N.; Le Delliou, Hé.; Madec, L.; Mouchel, O.; Quazuguel, P.; Mazurais, D.; Zambonino-Infante, Jé-Luis., 2017:
The highly variable microbiota associated to intestinal mucosa correlates with growth and hypoxia resistance of sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, submitted to different nutritional histories

Huot, P.; Johnston, T.H.; Fox, S.H.; Newman-Tancredi, A.; Brotchie, J.M., 2016:
The highly-selective 5-HT(1A) agonist F15599 reduces L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia without compromising anti-parkinsonian benefits in the MPTP-lesioned macaque

Demes, K.A.; Geeraert, N., 2016:
The highs and lows of a cultural transition: a longitudinal analysis of sojourner stress and adaptation across 50 countries

Joshi, P.H.; Nasir, K., 2016:
The highs and lows of cardiovascular risk prediction: time for paradigm shift?

Leitao, M.M., 2015:
The highs and lows of targeted therapies

Melichar, B., 2016:
The highs and lows of tumor biomarkers: lost illusions

Vogel, M.; Rees, C.E.; McCuddy, T.; Carson, D.C., 2016:
The highs that bind: school context, social status and marijuana use

Shi, G.; Zhang, Z.; Friesen, T.L.; Raats, D.; Fahima, T.; Brueggeman, R.S.; Lu, S.; Trick, H.N.; Liu, Z.; Chao, W.; Frenkel, Z.; Xu, S.S.; Rasmussen, J.B.; Faris, J.D., 2018:
The hijacking of a receptor kinase-driven pathway by a wheat fungal pathogen leads to disease

Lally, J.F., 2015:
The hill battles of Khe Sanh: a marine corps doctor remembers

Zhu, M.X.; Tuo, B.; Yang, J.J., 2017:
The hills and valleys of calcium signaling

Chen, K.; Czabotar, P.E.; Blewitt, M.E.; Murphy, J.M., 2016:
The hinge domain of the epigenetic repressor Smchd1 adopts an unconventional homodimeric configuration

Goodrick, S., 2015:
The hinterland of delirium

Wierzbicki, A.S.; Watts, G.F., 2016:
The hinterland of familial hypercholesterolaemia: what do we not know?

García-Esponda, César.M.; Candela, A.M., 2015:
The hip adductor muscle group in caviomorph rodents: anatomy and homology

Bradish, C., 2015:
The hip in arthrogryposis

Giannotti, S.; Bottai, V.; Dell'Osso, G.; De Paola, G.; Bugelli, G.; Guido, G., 2015:
The hip prosthesis in lateral femur fracture: current concepts and surgical technique

Redmond, J.M.; Gupta, A.; Nasser, R.; Domb, B.G., 2015:
The hip-spine connection: understanding its importance in the treatment of hip pathology

Keder, A.; Rives-Quinto, Ní.; Aerne, B.L.; Franco, M.; Tapon, N.; Carmena, A., 2016:
The hippo pathway core cassette regulates asymmetric cell division

Zhang, L.; Yang, S.; Chen, X.; Stauffer, S.; Yu, F.; Lele, S.M.; Fu, K.; Datta, K.; Palermo, N.; Chen, Y.; Dong, J., 2015:
The hippo pathway effector YAP regulates motility, invasion, and castration-resistant growth of prostate cancer cells

Zhou, Q.; Li, L.; Zhao, B.; Guan, K-Liang., 2015:
The hippo pathway in heart development, regeneration, and diseases

Del Re, D.P., 2014:
The hippo signaling pathway: implications for heart regeneration and disease

Nasehi, M.; Sharaf-Dolgari, E.; Ebrahimi-Ghiri, M.; Zarrindast, M-Reza., 2016:
The hippocampal NMDA receptors may be involved in acquisition, but not expression of ACPA-induced place preference

Contro, E.; Nanni, M.; Bellussi, F.; Salsi, G.; Grisolia, G.; Sanz-Cortès, M.; Righini, A.; Rizzo, N.; Pilu, G.; Ghi, T., 2016:
The hippocampal commissure: a new finding at prenatal 3D ultrasound in fetuses with isolated complete agenesis of the corpus callosum

Fang, F.; Lin, W.; Ling, X.; Song, R.; Liu, Q.; Lai, B.; Cang, J., 2017:
The hippocampal cyclin D1 expression is involved in postoperative cognitive dysfunction after sevoflurane exposure in aged mice

Goodman, A.M.; Wheelock, M.D.; Harnett, N.G.; Mrug, S.; Granger, D.A.; Knight, D.C., 2016:
The hippocampal response to psychosocial stress varies with salivary uric acid level

Tripathi, A.; Schenker, E.; Spedding, M.; Jay, T.M., 2017:
The hippocampal to prefrontal cortex circuit in mice: a promising electrophysiological signature in models for psychiatric disorders

Rimmerman, N.; Schottlender, N.; Reshef, R.; Dan-Goor, N.; Yirmiya, R., 2016:
The hippocampal transcriptomic signature of stress resilience in mice with microglial fractalkine receptor (CX3CR1) deficiency

Scott, J.A.; Goodrich-Hunsaker, N.; Kalish, K.; Lee, A.; Hunsaker, M.R.; Schumann, C.M.; Carmichael, O.T.; Simon, T.J., 2018:
The hippocampi of children with chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome have localized anterior alterations that predict severity of anxiety

Ghoshal, A.; Conn, P.Jeffrey., 2015:
The hippocampo-prefrontal pathway: a possible therapeutic target for negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia

Knierim, J.J., 2016:
The hippocampus

Fasick, V.; Spengler, R.N.; Samankan, S.; Nader, N.D.; Ignatowski, T.A., 2016:
The hippocampus and TNF: Common links between chronic pain and depression

Khan, S.Ali.; Ryali, V.; Bhat, P.Shivaram.; Prakash, J.; Srivastava, K.; Khanam, S., 2015:
The hippocampus and executive functions in depression

Biedermann, S.V.; Fuss, J.; Steinle, Jörg.; Auer, M.K.; Dormann, C.; Falfán-Melgoza, C.; Ende, G.; Gass, P.; Weber-Fahr, W., 2016:
The hippocampus and exercise: histological correlates of MR-detected volume changes

Bartsch, T.; Wulff, P., 2016:
The hippocampus in aging and disease: From plasticity to vulnerability

Armelin, A.; Heinemann, U.; de Hoz, L., 2016:
The hippocampus influences assimilation and accommodation of schemata that are not hippocampus-dependent

Chang, S-Dar.; Liang, K.C., 2016:
The hippocampus integrates context and shock into a configural memory in contextual fear conditioning

Karathanou, K.; Bondar, A-Nicoleta., 2018:
Dynamic hydrogen-bond networks in bacterial protein secretion

Thakral, P.P.; Yu, S.S.; Rugg, M.D., 2015:
The hippocampus is sensitive to the mismatch in novelty between items and their contexts

Cheng, L.; Wang, S-Hui.; Huang, Y.; Liao, X-Mei., 2016:
The hippocampus may be more susceptible to environmental noise than the auditory cortex

Arcaro, J.; Ma, J.; Chu, L.; Kuo, M.; Mirsattari, S.M.; Stan Leung, L., 2016:
The hippocampus participates in a pharmacological rat model of absence seizures

López Ruiz, J.R.; Osuna Carrasco, L.P.; López Valenzuela, C.L.; Franco Rodríguez, N.E.; de la Torre Valdovinos, B.; Jiménez Estrada, I.; Dueñas Jiménez, J.M.; Dueñas Jiménez, S.H., 2016:
The hippocampus participates in the control of locomotion speed

Huijgen, J.; Samson, S., 2015:
The hippocampus: A central node in a large-scale brain network for memory

Ranganath, C.; Hsieh, L-Tien., 2017:
The hippocampus: a special place for time

Birkett, J., 1994:
The hippy, hippy shake-up

Hartwig, C.; Munder, A.; Glage, S.; Wedekind, D.; Schenk, H.; Seifert, R.; Neumann, D., 2015:
The histamine H4 -receptor (H4 R) regulates eosinophilic inflammation in ovalbumin-induced experimental allergic asthma in mice

Mommert, S.; Dittrich-Breiholz, O.; Stark, H.; Gutzmer, R.; Werfel, T., 2015:
The histamine H4 receptor regulates chemokine production in human natural killer cells

Thurmond, R.L., 2015:
The histamine H4 receptor: from orphan to the clinic

Schneider, E.H.; Seifert, R., 2017:
The histamine H4-receptor and the central and peripheral nervous system: A critical analysis of the literature

Brevard, J.; Elder, M.Anne.; Berman, G.; Tan, Y.; Volfson, D.; Ogden, A.; Evans, B.; Bednar, M.M., 2016:
The histamine skin prick test: An analysis of the method for use in clinical trials

Provensi, G.; Blandina, P.; Passani, M.Beatrice., 2017:
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The hiv pandemic - local and global implications Eduard J Beck The hiv pandemic - local and global implications et al Oxford University Press 800pp £65 0 19 852843 4 0198528434 [Formula: see text

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The home surgery: child and baby first aid The home surgery: child and baby first aid H Jones Home Surgery 30mins £10.99+£1.51p&p [Formula: see text

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The honorary officers

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The ideal adjuvant treatment in node positive vulvar cancer is (fill in your best guess here)

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