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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59079

Chapter 59079 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ali, M.; Capel, M.; Jones, G.; Gazi, T., 2015:
The importance of identifying preferred place of death

Payne, L.; Sekuler, R., 2014:
The importance of ignoring: Alpha oscillations protect selectivity

Gustafson, K., 2016:
The importance of imagination (or lack thereof) in artificial, human and quantum decision making

Ito, N.; Moseley, G.W.; Sugiyama, M., 2017:
The importance of immune evasion in the pathogenesis of rabies virus

Willoughby, J.R.; Wijayawardena, B.K.; Sundaram, M.; Swihart, R.K.; DeWoody, J.Andrew., 2017:
The importance of including imperfect detection models in eDNA experimental design

Verbeeck, H.; Kearsley, E., 2016:
The importance of including lianas in global vegetation models

Floyd, M.S., 2016:
The importance of increasing urology exposure among undergraduates: A U.K. Perspective

Ferrante, M.; Copat, C.; Mauceri, C.; Grasso, A.; Schilirò, T.; Gilli, G., 2017:
The importance of indicators in monitoring water quality according to European directives

Schwartz, M.A., 2016 :
The importance of indifference in scientific research

Baltus, A.; Herrmann, C.Siegfried., 2017:
The importance of individual frequencies of endogenous brain oscillations for auditory cognition - A short review

Clinton, J.; Feller, A.F.; Williams, R.C., 2016:
The importance of infant mental health

Bolus, N.E., 2016:
The importance of infection and contamination control

Askling, H.H., 2016:
The importance of influenza diagnosis

Yghemonos, S., 2018:
The importance of informal carers for primary health care

Darbà, J.; Ramírez, G.; Sicras, A.; Francoli, P.; Torvinen, S.; Sánchez-de la Rosa, R., 2016:
The importance of inhaler devices: the choice of inhaler device may lead to suboptimal adherence in COPD patients

Gerritsen, K.G.; Boer, W.H.; Joles, J.A., 2015:
The importance of intake: a gut feeling

Zhao, X.; Parpart-Li, S.; Wang, X.Wei., 2016:
The importance of integrated genomics to uncover clinically relevant cancer driver genes

Barrantes, K.; Achí, R., 2016:
The importance of integrons for development and propagation of resistance in Shigella: the case of Latin America

Khan, M.A.; Satchithananda, D.K.; Mamas, M.A., 2017:
The importance of interactions between atrial fibrillation and heart failure

Willems, R., 2009:
The importance of interdisciplinary collaborative research in responding to HIV/AIDS vulnerability in rural Senegal

Nemergut, D.R.; Townsend, A.R., 2015:
The importance of interdisciplinary communication with patients about complex, chronic illnesses: our experiences as parents of a child with a craniopharyngioma

Dellaretti, M.; de Vasconcelos, L.T.; Dourado, J.; de Souza, R.F.; Fontoura, R.R.; de Sousa, A.A., 2017:
The importance of internal carotid artery occlusion tolerance test in carotid endarterectomy under locoregional anesthesia

Huda, T.M.; Tahsina, T.; El Arifeen, S.; Dibley, M.J., 2016:
The importance of intersectoral factors in promoting equity-oriented universal health coverage: a multilevel analysis of social determinants affecting neonatal infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh

Stewart, D.E., 2015:
The importance of intimate partner violence and suicidal ideation in pregnant women

Bartoska, R.; Baca, V.; Horak, Z.; Hrubina, M.; Skala-Rosenbaum, J.; Marvan, J.; Kachlik, D.; Dzupa, V., 2017:
The importance of intramedullary hip nail positioning during implantation for stable pertrochanteric fractures: biomechanical analysis

Ainsworth, E.A., 2017:
The importance of intraspecific variation in tree responses to elevated [CO2]: breeding and management of future forests

Guijarro-Villar, C.; Martínez-Lorca, M.; González González, J., 2018:
The importance of intrauterine stimulation: New content and challenges in maternal education programmes

Basavaraju, N.; Priolkar, K.R.; Gourier, D.; Sharma, S.K.; Bessière, Aélie.; Viana, B., 2014 :
The importance of inversion disorder in the visible light induced persistent luminescence in Cr³⁺ doped AB₂O₄ (A = Zn or Mg and B = Ga or Al)

Lazarus, J.H., 2016:
The importance of iodine in public health

Gozzelino, R.; Arosio, P., 2015:
The importance of iron in pathophysiologic conditions

Lubušký, M., 2015:
The importance of irregular red cell antibodies screening and blood group antigens assessment in pregnant women

Chan, J.; Schunn, C.D., 2016:
The importance of iteration in creative conceptual combination

Fommei, E.; Chatzianagnostou, K.; Ghione, S., 2016:
The importance of knowing the timing within the menstrual cycle in nonmenopausal hypertensive women in the diagnostic workup for primary aldosteronism

Barai, I.; Gadhvi, K.; Nair, P.; Prasad, S., 2016:
The importance of laboratory medicine in the medical student curriculum

de Sá Ribeiro, G.Assis.Cachuba.; Scola, R.Hermínia.; Piovesan, E.Juliato.; Wollmann Junior, D.Rugeri.; Paiva, E.Dos.Santos.; da Cunha, C.Leinig.Pereira.; Werneck, L.Cesar., 2018:
The importance of lactic acid in migraines and fibromyalgia

Li, B.; Qiu, Y.; Shi, H.; Yin, H., 2018:
The importance of lag time extension in determining bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Song, H.; Coggins, L.X.; Reichwaldt, E.S.; Ghadouani, A., 2016:
The importance of lake sediments as a pathway for microcystin dynamics in shallow eutrophic lakes

Read, E.K.; Patil, V.P.; Oliver, S.K.; Hetherington, A.L.; Brentrup, J.A.; Zwart, J.A.; Winters, K.M.; Corman, J.R.; Nodine, E.R.; Woolway, R.Iestyn.; Dugan, H.A.; Jaimes, A.; Santoso, A.B.; Hong, G.S.; Winslow, L.A.; Hanson, P.C.; Weathers, K.C., 2015:
The importance of lake-specific characteristics for water quality across the continental United States

Jiang, H-Tao.; Guo, J-Nan.; Liu, Z-Qin.; Yuan, Q.; Zhou, Z-Yu.; Liu, Y.; Xiao, K-Feng.; Yang, J-Gen., 2016:
The importance of laparoscopy in the surgical reconstruction of inguinal vas injury

Blankenship, J.C., 2016:
The importance of leadership in the cath lab

Yoder-Wise, P.S., 2015:
The importance of learning

Ryan, C.James.; Callaghan, S.; Large, M., 2016:
The importance of least restrictive care: the clinical implications of a recent High Court decision on negligence

Kahan, T.; Persson, H., 2016:
The importance of left ventricular geometry in hypertensive heart disease

Watson, E.M., 2017:
The importance of leisure reading to health sciences students: results of a survey

Johannes, K.; Wilson, C.; Landau, B., 2016:
The importance of lexical verbs in the acquisition of spatial prepositions: The case of in and on

Zhang, X.; Stevens, R.C.; Xu, F., 2015:
The importance of ligands for G protein-coupled receptor stability

Weissensteiner, J.R., 2016:
The importance of listening: engaging and incorporating the athlete's voice in theory and practice

Trzeciak-Ryczek, A.; Tokarz-Deptuła, B.; Deptuła, Wław., 2016:
The importance of liver lesions and changes to biochemical and coagulation factors in the pathogenesis of RHD

Cadman, J.; Sutterlin, C.; Dabirrahmani, Dè.; Appleyard, R., 2016:
The importance of loading the periphery of the vertebral endplate

Robert, Hélène.S.; Crhak Khaitova, L.; Mroue, S.; Benková, E., 2016:
The importance of localized auxin production for morphogenesis of reproductive organs and embryos in Arabidopsis

Carrel, T., 2015:
The importance of longitudinal assessment of valve function

Gurung, S.P.; Schwarz, C.; Hall, J.P.; Cardin, C.J.; Brazier, J.A., 2016:
The importance of loop length on the stability of i-motif structures

Goldschmidt, A.B.; Accurso, E.C.; O'Brien, S.; Kara Fitzpatrick, K.; Lock, J.D.; Le Grange, D., 2017:
The importance of loss of control while eating in adolescents with purging disorder

Hamasaki-Katagiri, N.; Lin, B.C.; Simon, J.; Hunt, R.C.; Schiller, T.; Russek-Cohen, E.; Komar, A.A.; Bar, H.; Kimchi-Sarfaty, C., 2016:
The importance of mRNA structure in determining the pathogenicity of synonymous and non-synonymous mutations in haemophilia

Saracoglu, A.; Saracoglu, K.T.; Kafali, I.H., 2017:
The importance of maintaining an optimal hemodynamic state during minimally invasive fetal surgery

De Jesus, C.E.; Reiskind, M.H., 2017:
The importance of male body size on sperm uptake and usage, and female fecundity in Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus

Stawski, C.; Körtner, G.; Nowack, J.; Geiser, F., 2016:
The importance of mammalian torpor for survival in a post-fire landscape

Nelson, A.J.D.; Vann, S.D., 2016:
The importance of mammillary body efferents for recency memory: towards a better understanding of diencephalic amnesia

Anchordoquy, J.Patricio.; Anchordoquy, J.Mateo.; Sirini, M.Angel.; Testa, J.Alberto.; Peral-García, P.; Furnus, C.Cristina., 2017:
The importance of manganese in the cytoplasmic maturation of cattle oocytes: blastocyst production improvement regardless of cumulus cells presence during in vitro maturation

Baddour, H.Michael.; Magliocca, K.R.; Chen, A.Y., 2016:
The importance of margins in head and neck cancer

Fleming, P.J.; Dworkin, S.L., 2016:
The importance of masculinity and gender norms for understanding institutional responses to HIV testing and treatment strategies

Nielsen, K.F.; Larsen, T.O., 2015:
The importance of mass spectrometric dereplication in fungal secondary metabolite analysis

Montalvo-Javé, E.Esteban.; Mendoza-Barrera, Gán.Eduardo.; Valderrama-Treviño, A.Isaac.; Alcántara-Medina, S.; Macías-Huerta, N.Abraham.; Tapia-Jurado, Jús., 2017:
The importance of master's degree and doctorate degree in general surgery

Askelson, N.M.; Golembiewski, E.H.; Baquero, B.; Momany, E.T.; Friberg, J.; Montgomery, D., 2016:
The importance of matching the evaluation population to the intervention population: Using Medicaid data to reach hard-to-reach intervention populations

Ares Segura, S.; Arena Ansótegui, Jé.; Díaz-Gómez, N.Marta., 2017:
The importance of maternal nutrition during breastfeeding: Do breastfeeding mothers need nutritional supplements?

Chen, J.H.K.; Cheng, V.C.C.; Wong, O-Ying.; Wong, S.C.Y.; So, S.Y.C.; Yam, W-Cheong.; Yuen, K-Yung., 2016:
The importance of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry for correct identification of Clostridium difficile isolated from chromID C. difficile chromogenic agar

Powell, F.; Farrow, C.; Meyer, C.; Haycraft, E., 2016:
The importance of mealtime structure for reducing child food fussiness

Giddins, G., 2016:
The importance of measurement

Wicherts, J.M., 2017:
The importance of measurement invariance in neurocognitive ability testing

Turriziani, A.; Attanasio, G.; Scarcella, F.; Sangalli, L.; Scopa, A.; Genualdo, A.; Quici, S.; Nazzicone, G.; Ricciotti, M.Adelaide.; La Commare, F., 2016:
The importance of measuring customer satisfaction in palliative care

van den Berg, P.; Weissing, F.J., 2016:
The importance of mechanisms for the evolution of cooperation

Hoang, H.T.; Sabia, M.; Torjman, M.; Goldberg, M.E., 2015:
The importance of medical education in the changing field of pain medicine

Levinger, S.; Somer, E.; Holden, R.R., 2016:
The importance of mental pain and physical dissociation in youth suicidality

Passi, V., 2016:
The importance of mentoring during educational supervision

Parekh, R.; Armañanzas, Rén.; Ascoli, G.A., 2015:
The importance of metadata to assess information content in digital reconstructions of neuronal morphology

Christoffersen, S., 2016:
The importance of microbiological testing for establishing cause of death in 42 forensic autopsies

Barbai, Tás.; Fejős, Z.; Puskas, L.G.; Tímár, József.; Rásó, Eébet., 2016:
The importance of microenvironment: the role of CCL8 in metastasis formation of melanoma

Mehrabi, Z.; Slade, E.M.; Solis, A.; Mann, D.J., 2015:
The importance of microhabitat for biodiversity sampling

Montgomery, K.; Norman, P.; Messenger, A.G.; Thompson, A.R., 2016:
The importance of mindfulness in psychosocial distress and quality of life in dermatology patients

Stricker-Krongrad, A.; Shoemake, C.R.; Liu, J.; Brocksmith, D.; Bouchard, G., 2016:
The importance of minipigs in dermal safety assessment: an overview

Miyo, M.; Konno, M.; Colvin, H.; Nishida, N.; Koseki, J.; Kawamoto, K.; Tsunekuni, K.; Nishimura, J.; Hata, T.; Takemasa, I.; Mizushima, T.; Doki, Y.; Mori, M.; Ishii, H., 2016:
The importance of mitochondrial folate enzymes in human colorectal cancer

Magi, Jão.Carlos., 2015:
The importance of modernizing the specialty societies

Demirtürk, M.; Gelincik, Aı.; Ulusan, M.; Ertek, Bıs.; Büyüköztürk, S.; Çolakoğlu, B., 2017:
The importance of mold sensitivity in nonallergic rhinitis patients

Tobin, N.P.; Foukakis, T.; De Petris, L.; Bergh, J., 2016:
The importance of molecular markers for diagnosis and selection of targeted treatments in patients with cancer

Speers, D.J.; Dowse, G.K., 2015:
The importance of molecular testing to confirm measles, mumps and rubella in immunised individuals

Carnovale, C.; Gentili, M.; Fortino, I.; Merlino, L.; Clementi, E.; Radice, S.; ViGer Group, 2016:
The importance of monitoring adverse drug reactions in elderly patients: the results of a long-term pharmacovigilance programme

Allen, M.L.; Wilmers, C.C.; Elbroch, L.Mark.; Golla, J.M.; Wittmer, H.U., 2018:
The importance of motivation, weapons, and foul odors in driving encounter competition in carnivores

Frost, E.L.; Lukacher, A.E., 2015:
The importance of mouse models to define immunovirologic determinants of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

Anonymous, 2000:
The importance of mouth care

Vaumourin, E.; Vourc'h, Gël.; Gasqui, P.; Vayssier-Taussat, M., 2016:
The importance of multiparasitism: examining the consequences of co-infections for human and animal health

Abraham, G., 2017:
The importance of muscarinic receptors in domestic animal diseases and therapy: Current and future perspectives

Somov, D.A.; Makarova, M.R.; Makarova, I.N., 2015:
The importance of muscular disbalance in physical therapy of the patients presenting with pneumonia

Comandone, A.; Boglione, A., 2015:
The importance of mutational status in prognosis and therapy of GIST

Husted, K.Søborg.; Bouzinova, E.V., 2017:
The importance of n-6/n-3 fatty acids ratio in the major depressive disorder

Orwat, M.Iris.; Kempny, A.; Bauer, U.; Gatzoulis, M.A.; Baumgartner, H.; Diller, G-Paul., 2016:
The importance of national and international collaboration in adult congenital heart disease: A network analysis of research output

Hopkins, J.; Welbourn, R., 2017:
The importance of national registries/databases in metabolic surgery: the UK experience

Wågø, K.J.; Skarsvåg, T.I.; Lundbom, J.S.; Tangen, L.F.; Ballo, S.; Hjelseng, T.; Finsen, V., 2017:
The importance of needle gauge for pain during injection of lidocaine

Montanera, D., 2017:
The importance of negative defensive medicine in the effects of malpractice reform

Bastos, A.M.; Faria, C.G.; Moreira, Eília.; Morais, D.; Melo-de-Carvalho, Jé.M.; Paul, M.Constança., 2015:
The importance of neighborhood ecological assets in community dwelling old people aging outcomes: A study in Northern Portugal

Schulz, A.; Büttner, R.; Hagel, C.; Baader, S.L.; Kluwe, L.; Salamon, J.; Mautner, V-Felix.; Mindos, T.; Parkinson, D.B.; Gehlhausen, J.R.; Clapp, D.Wade.; Morrison, H., 2017:
The importance of nerve microenvironment for schwannoma development

Bailey, D.J.; Saldanha, C.J., 2016:
The importance of neural aromatization in the acquisition, recall, and integration of song and spatial memories in passerines

Streiter, S.; Fisch, B.; Sabbah, B.; Ao, A.; Abir, R., 2016:
The importance of neuronal growth factors in the ovary

Vaughn, K.A.; Greene, M.R.; Ramos Nuñez, A.I.; Hernandez, A.E., 2016:
The importance of neuroscience in understanding bilingual cognitive control

Liao, J.; Cao, X.; Zhao, L.; Wang, J.; Gao, Z.; Wang, M.Cai.; Huang, Y., 2017:
The importance of neutral and niche processes for bacterial community assembly differs between habitat generalists and specialists

Draman, M.S.; Dolan, E.; van der Poel, L.; Tun, T.Kyaw.; McDermott, J.H.; Sreenan, S.; O'Brien, E., 2016:
The importance of night-time systolic blood pressure in diabetic patients: Dublin Outcome Study

Zarif, J.C.; Miranti, C.K., 2016:
The importance of non-nuclear AR signaling in prostate cancer progression and therapeutic resistance

Li, X.; Sandler, Håkan.; Kleiven, S., 2016:
The importance of nonlinear tissue modelling in finite element simulations of infant head impacts

Omori, Y.; Yanagisawa, K.; Sato, A.; Uchigata, Y., 2016:
The importance of nonstop treatment after delivery for pregnant women with type 2 diabetes

Matthees, A., 2015:
The importance of nonverbal communication

Chae, S.Jin., 2010:
The importance of nonverbal communication skills

Noblett, J.; Roberts, E., 2016:
The importance of not jumping to conclusions: syphilis as an organic cause of neurological, psychiatric and endocrine presentations

Bennett, K.Mary.; Windle, G., 2016:
The importance of not only individual, but also community and society factors in resilience in later life

Gordon, R.D., 2018:
The importance of not overlooking curable hypertension: primary aldosteronism rarely screened for reflecting poor uptake of Endocrine Society Guidelines

Figueroa-Villar, Jé.D.; Sales, E.M., 2016:
The importance of nucleoside hydrolase enzyme (NH) in studies to treatment of Leishmania: A review

Anonymous, 2015:
The importance of nurses in cancer care

Martín-Calvo, N.; Moreno-Galarraga, L.; Bes-Rastrollo, M., 2016:
The importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles in childhood and adolescence

Siebert, D.; Schmidt, S.; Hänse, M.; Coenen, M., 2017:
The importance of nutrition counselling in veterinary practice

Fung, E.B., 2017:
The importance of nutrition for health in patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemia

Khazaie, H.; Ghadami, M.Rasoul.; Masoudi, M., 2017:
The importance of obstructive sleep apnea screening in driving license application procedures

Bosi, M.; De Vito, A.; Gobbi, R.; Poletti, V.; Vicini, C., 2016:
The importance of obstructive sleep apnoea and hypopnea pathophysiology for customized therapy

Dawson, D.; Singh, M.; Chung, F., 2016:
The importance of obstructive sleep apnoea management in peri-operative medicine

Bilovitz, P.Othmar., 2014 :
The importance of old deciduous trees and wooden fences for lichen diversity - an example from the Teichalm area (Eastern Alps)

Hartgerink, J.M.; Cramm, J.M.; Bakker, T.J.; Mackenbach, J.P.; Nieboer, A.P., 2016:
The importance of older patients' experiences with care delivery for their quality of life after hospitalization

Duran, M.; Pohl, E.; Grabitz, K.; Schelzig, H.; Sagban, T.A.; Simon, F., 2015:
The importance of open emergency surgery in the treatment of acute mesenteric ischemia

Scanlan, A.T.; Tucker, P.S.; Dalbo, V.J., 2015:
The importance of open- and closed-skill agility for team selection of adult male basketball players

Wainberg, Z.A.; Drakaki, A., 2016:
The importance of optimal drug sequencing in metastatic colorectal cancer: biological rationales for the observed survival benefit conferred by first-line treatment with EGFR inhibitors

Ke, Y.; Labrie, F., 2016:
The importance of optimal extraction to insure the reliable MS-based assays of endogenous compounds

Fan, S.; Davenport, A., 2016:
The importance of overhydration in determining peritoneal dialysis technique failure and patient survival in anuric patients

Montemayor, M.B.; Price, J.; Rochefort, L., 2016:
The importance of pH and sand substrate in the revegetation of saline non-waterlogged peat fields

Kataoka, F.; Susumu, N.; Yamagami, W.; Kuwahata, M.; Takigawa, A.; Nomura, H.; Takeuchi, H.; Nakahara, T.; Kameyama, K.; Aoki, D., 2016:
The importance of para-aortic lymph nodes in sentinel lymph node mapping for endometrial cancer by using hysteroscopic radio-isotope tracer injection combined with subserosal dye injection: Prospective study

Tangen, G.Gujord.; Bergland, A.; Engedal, K.; Mengshoel, A.Marit., 2016:
The importance of parkinsonian signs for gait and balance in patients with Alzheimer's disease of mild degree

Torrente-Murciano, L., 2016:
The importance of particle-support interaction on particle size determination by gas chemisorption

Alhejily, W.A., 2015:
The importance of particular coronary collaterals' pathway in acute coronary syndrome

Free, J., 2015:
The importance of partnerships

Ernst, N.; Zijlstra, F.; de Boer, M.J.; Dambrink, J.H.E.; Gosselink, A.T.M.; Henriques, J.P.S.; van 't Hof, A.W.J.; Hoorntje, J.C.A.; van der Horst, J.C.C.; Suryapranata, H., 2003:
The importance of patency of the infarct-related artery in treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction

Cockburn, I.; Long, G., 2016:
The importance of patents to innovation: updated cross-industry comparisons with biopharmaceuticals

Cunnington, A.J., 2015:
The importance of pathogen load

Mawdsley, S.; Glynne-Jones, R., 2016:
The importance of pathological downstaging and the circumferential margin in rectal carcinomas treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiation

Koumpouros, Y.; Toulias, T.L.; Koumpouros, N., 2016:
The importance of patient engagement and the use of Social Media marketing in healthcare

Kusumo, W., 2017:
The importance of patient involvement in implementing electronic health record systems

Putnam, M., 2016:
The importance of peer reviewers for advancing the field

Miller, E.J.; Fraser, I.S., 2016:
The importance of pelvic nerve fibers in endometriosis

Del Brutto, O.H.; Mera, R.M., 2016:
The importance of people compliance (social desirability bias) in the assessment of epilepsy prevalence in rural areas of developing countries. Results of the Atahualpa Project

Ferris, F.L., 2015:
The importance of peripheral diabetic retinopathy

Tappin, D., 2017:
The importance of permanent cessation for pregnant smokers

van der Veen, D.C.; van Dijk, S.D.M.; Comijs, H.C.; van Zelst, W.H.; Schoevers, R.A.; Oude Voshaar, R.C., 2016:
The importance of personality and life-events in anxious depression: from trait to state anxiety

Gilmartin, J.Fiona-Maree.; Fowkes, G., 2018:
The importance of pharmacist and researcher collaboration to inform clinical audit and optimise medicine services in aged care facilities

Avery, M.; Williams, F., 2015:
The importance of pharmacist providing patient education in oncology

Laura, E., 2015:
The importance of phenotypes in the management of asthma

Kocher, G.J.; Poulson, J.Lysgaard.; Blichfeldt-Eckhardt, M.Rune.; Elle, B.; Schmid, R.A.; Licht, P.B., 2016 :
The importance of phrenic nerve preservation and its effect on long-term postoperative lung function after pneumonectomy

Flueckiger, L.; Lieb, R.; Meyer, A.H.; Witthauer, C.; Mata, J., 2017:
The importance of physical activity and sleep for affect on stressful days: Two intensive longitudinal studies

Castrogiovanni, P.; Trovato, F.Maria.; Szychlinska, M.Anna.; Nsir, H.; Imbesi, R.; Musumeci, G., 2017:
The importance of physical activity in osteoporosis. From the molecular pathways to the clinical evidence

Vural, A., 2015:
The importance of physical examination findings and the use of physostigmine

Knapik, J.J., 2016:
The importance of physical fitness for injury prevention: part 1

Manning, T.; Walsh, P., 2016:
The importance of physicochemical characteristics and nonlinear classifiers in determining HIV-1 protease specificity

Fitzpatrick, C.R.; Agrawal, A.A.; Basiliko, N.; Hastings, A.P.; Isaac, M.E.; Preston, M.; Johnson, M.T.J., 2016:
The importance of plant genotype and contemporary evolution for terrestrial ecosystem processes

McGehee, E.; Rakheja, D.; Oliver, D.; Chen, W.; Boriack, R.; Collins, R.H., 2016:
The importance of plasma D-2HG measurement in screening for IDH mutations in acute myeloid leukaemia

Bayir, H.; Yildiz, I., 2015:
The importance of platelet markers on hospital mortality in intensive care unit patients

Ramírez-Silva, L.; Guerrero-Mendiola, C.; Cabrera, N., 2015:
The importance of polarity in the evolution of the K+ binding site of pyruvate kinase

Lynden-Bell, R.M.; Quitevis, E.L., 2016:
The importance of polarizability: comparison of models of carbon disulphide in the ionic liquids [C1C1im][NTf2] and [C4C1im][NTf2

Moodley, D.; Geerts, S.; Richardson, D.M.; Wilson, J.R.U., 2016:
The importance of pollinators and autonomous self-fertilisation in the early stages of plant invasions: Banksia and Hakea (Proteaceae) as case studies

Baldini, R., 2015:
The importance of population growth and regulation in human life history evolution

Gray, L., 2016:
The importance of post hoc approaches for overcoming non-response and attrition bias in population-sampled studies

Moskała, A.; Woźniak, K.; Kluza, P.; Romaszko, K.; Lopatin, O., 2016:
The importance of post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) in confrontation with conventional forensic autopsy of victims of motorcycle accidents

Banerjee, A., 2016:
The importance of post-partum family planning

Koós, Oér.; Kovács, T.; Fülöp, Aás.; Pekli, Dán.; Ónody, Péter.; Lukovich, Péter.; Harsányi, László.; Kupcsulik, Péter.; Hahn, Oár.; Szijártó, A., 2016:
The importance of postoperative circulatory alterations in hepatic surgery

Bowyer, A.; Royse, C., 2016:
The importance of postoperative quality of recovery: influences, assessment, and clinical and prognostic implications

Shaefer, C.F.; Anderson, J., 2016:
The importance of postprandial glycemic control: optimizing add-on therapy to basal insulin

Leyrer, M.; Linkenauger, S.A.; Bülthoff, H.H.; Mohler, B.J., 2016:
The importance of postural cues for determining eye height in immersive virtual reality

Bajgoric, S., 2015:
The importance of pragmatism in delivering teaching

Maurer, W., 2016:
The importance of precise documentation of vaccination by physicians and vaccine providers

Jørgensen, J.Trøst., 2018:
The importance of predictive biomarkers in oncology drug development

Russin, J.J.; Kramer, D.R.; Thomas, D.; Hasson, D.; Liu, C.Y.; Amar, A.P.; Mack, W.J.; Giannotta, S.L., 2016:
The importance of preoperative diagnosis of blister aneurysms

Park, H.Ki.; Shin, H.Ju.; Park, Y.Hwan.; Ma, B.Gyoung., 2017:
The importance of preoperative oxygen saturation as a predictor of pulmonary arterial hypertension after surgery of atrial septal defects

Święszek, D.; Gędłek, Mł.; Kenig, J., 2016:
The importance of prerehabilitation in the reduction of postoperative complications of elderly patients undergoing abdominal operations--systematic review

Qi, H.; Yu, X., 2015:
The importance of prevention and treatment of shoulder dystocia

Khalpey, Z.; Nehs, M.A.; ElBardissi, A.W.; Semel, M.; Tullius, S.G., 2010:
The importance of prevention of calciphylaxis in patients who are at risk and the potential fallibility of calcimimetics in the treatment of calciphylaxis for patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism

Lempert, L.K.; Grana, R.; Glantz, S.A., 2017:
The importance of product definitions in US e-cigarette laws and regulations

Varga, E.; Chao, E.C.; Yeager, N.D., 2016:
The importance of proper bioinformatics analysis and clinical interpretation of tumor genomic profiling: a case study of undifferentiated sarcoma and a constitutional pathogenic BRCA2 mutation and an MLH1 variant of uncertain significance

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The importance of psychiatry of old age

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The importance of replicating results from randomised trials

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The importance of reporting suspected adverse reactions caused by new drugs

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The importance of reproductive barriers and the effect of allopolyploidization on crop breeding

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The importance of scientific publication in the development of public health

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The importance of selected spices in cardiovascular diseases

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The importance of selection criteria for the evaluation of Heart Rate Variability in women

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The importance of sex of patient in the management of femoroacetabular impingement

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The importance of sexual function in men with spinal cord injuries

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The importance of soft tissue stabilization in trans-femoral amputation

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The importance of specialized stroke care for patients with TIA

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The importance of spirituality for people living with dementia

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The importance of stories in understanding people's relationship to food: narrative inquiry methodology has much to offer the public health nutrition researcher and practitioner

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The importance of stretching. It's not enough to build muscle and achieve aerobic fitness. You need to think about flexibility, too

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The importance of studying antimicrobials in pregnancy

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The importance of studying red blood cells microparticles

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The importance of surgical margins in gastric cancer

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The importance of surgical oncology in China: a view from across the ocean

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The importance of systematic approaches in the study of emesis

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The importance of taking a religious and spiritual history

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The importance of taking a thorough history

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The importance of taking late cardiovascular toxicity induced by TKI into consideration in patients with CML

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The importance of task design and behavioral control for understanding the neural basis of cognitive functions

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The importance of taxonomic resolution for additive beta diversity as revealed through DNA barcoding

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The importance of teaching neuroscience to psychiatric residents in the context of psychological formulations

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The importance of teaching skills in the UK undergraduate medical curriculum

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The importance of telehealth for directors and other decision makers

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The importance of test accuracy in economic evaluations of companion diagnostics

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The importance of the BTK pathway in B-cell malignancies: discussion

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The importance of the Care Standards Bill, this year's pay award and support for the pioneering spirit in nursing

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The importance of the Lewis base in lithium mediated metallation and bond cleavage reaction of allyl amines and allyl phosphines

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The importance of the family heritage in epilepsy

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The importance of the first 1 000 days of life

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The importance of the human footprint in shaping the global distribution of terrestrial, freshwater and marine invaders

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The importance of the loss of junior doctor's hours monitoring under the new contract

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The importance of the mesofascial interface in complete mesocolic excision

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The importance of the mother archetype in our day's Hungary

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The importance of the mundane--Nebuliser care and hygiene

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The importance of the patients deemed not guilty by reason of insanity for the psychiatric reform

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The importance of the relationship in psychotherapy

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The importance of the reviewers

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The importance of the tissue microenvironment in hairy cell leukemia

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The importance of the type I interferon system in autoimmunity

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Dynamic Intermediates in the Radical Cation Diels-Alder Cycloaddition: Lifetime and Suprafacial Stereoselectivity

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The importance of the wisdom of not knowing in clinical practice

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The importance of thesis in specialization courses in Medicine

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The importance of transmission electron microscopy analysis of spermatozoa: Diagnostic applications and basic research

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The importance of"talk"between clinical laboratories and clinicians in precision medicine

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The importance, challenges and prospects of taking work practices into account for healthcare quality improvement

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The important role of interdisciplinary care teams in comprehensive HIV medical care

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The important role of simulation in sedation

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The importence of collaboration between rheumatology and vascular surgery in the treatment of vasculitis

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The importin protein karyopherin-β1 regulates the mice fibroblast-like synoviocytes inflammation via facilitating nucleus transportation of STAT3 transcription factor

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The impossibility of informed consent?

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The imprecision surrounding wound dressing selection and application

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The improved nasal endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy

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The improvement of hirsutism and the decrease of testosterone concentration in the peripheral blood serum after removing an endometrioid ovarian cyst

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The increase to 2016 insurance premiums will be more than the 4% already announced

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The incredible shrinking dinosaurs..

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