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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59084

Chapter 59084 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ghneim, H.K., 2017:
The kinetics of the effect of manganese supplementation on SOD2 activity in senescent human fibroblasts

Mitsumoto, F.; Murata, M.; Ura, K.; Takayama, K.; Hiramine, S.; Shimizu, M.; Toyoda, K.; Ogawa, E.; Furusyo, N.; Hayashi, J., 2016:
The kinetics of the hepatitis B surface antigen level after the initiation of antiretroviral therapy for hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus coinfected patients

Zhu, Y.; Wang, P.; Wang, F.; Zhao, M.; Hu, X.; Chen, F., 2016:
The kinetics of the inhibition of acrylamide by glycine in potato model systems

Dima, C.; Pătraşcu, L.; Cantaragiu, A.; Alexe, P.; Dima, Ştefan., 2016:
The kinetics of the swelling process and the release mechanisms of Coriandrum sativum L. essential oil from chitosan/alginate/inulin microcapsules

Freitag, M., 2016:
The kinetochore interaction network (KIN) of ascomycetes

Vincenten, N.; Kuhl, L-Marie.; Lam, I.; Oke, A.; Kerr, A.Rw.; Hochwagen, A.; Fung, J.; Keeney, S.; Vader, G.; Marston, Aèle.L., 2016:
The kinetochore prevents centromere-proximal crossover recombination during meiosis

Waters, A.M.; Asfahani, R.; Carroll, P.; Bicknell, L.; Lescai, F.; Bright, A.; Chanudet, E.; Brooks, A.; Christou-Savina, S.; Osman, G.; Walsh, P.; Bacchelli, C.; Chapgier, A.; Vernay, B.; Bader, D.M.; Deshpande, C.; O' Sullivan, M.; Ocaka, L.; Stanescu, H.; Stewart, H.S.; Hildebrandt, F.; Otto, E.; Johnson, C.A.; Szymanska, K.; Katsanis, N.; Davis, E.; Kleta, R.; Hubank, M.; Doxsey, S.; Jackson, A.; Stupka, E.; Winey, M.; Beales, P.L., 2016:
The kinetochore protein, CENPF, is mutated in human ciliopathy and microcephaly phenotypes

Griffiths, P., 2016:
The kiss of sleeping beauty

Yoshitake, A.; Hachiya, T.; Hayashi, K.; Shimizu, H., 2016:
The kissing stents technique for a patient with chronic type B aortic dissection

Ben-Arye, E.; Keshet, Y.; Shahbar, I.Miller.; Aharonson, M.Livne.; Preis, L.; Agour, O.; Schiff, E.; Samuels, N., 2016:
The kitchen as therapy: qualitative assessment of an integrative cuisine workshop for patients undergoing chemotherapy

Hall, M.; Bennell, K.L.; Wrigley, T.V.; Metcalf, B.R.; Campbell, P.K.; Kasza, J.; Paterson, K.L.; Hunter, D.J.; Hinman, R.S., 2016:
The knee adduction moment and knee osteoarthritis symptoms: relationships according to radiographic disease severity

Lubowitz, J.H.; Provencher, M.T.; Brand, J.C.; Rossi, M.J., 2015:
The knee anterolateral ligament

Melrose, J., 2017:
The knee joint loose body as a source of viable autologous human chondrocytes

Pessina, S.; Angeli, D.; Martens, S.; Visser, R.G.F.; Bai, Y.; Salamini, F.; Velasco, R.; Schouten, H.J.; Malnoy, M., 2017:
The knock-down of the expression of MdMLO19 reduces susceptibility to powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha) in apple (Malus domestica)

Rush, J.L.; Flowers, R.H.; Casamiquela, K.M.; Jacks, S.K.; Ibrahim, J.; Brodell, R.T., 2017:
The knock: An adjunct to education for improving outpatient hand hygiene

Zeira, E.; Abramovitch, R.; Meir, K.; Even Ram, S.; Gil, Y.; Bulvik, B.; Bromberg, Z.; Levkovitch, O.; Nahmansson, N.; Adar, R.; Reubinoff, B.; Galun, E.; Gropp, M., 2016:
The knockdown of H19lncRNA reveals its regulatory role in pluripotency and tumorigenesis of human embryonic carcinoma cells

Ocádiz-Ruiz, Rón.; Fonseca, W.; Linford, A.S.; Yoshino, T.P.; Orozco, E.; Rodríguez, M.A., 2017:
The knockdown of each component of the cysteine proteinase-adhesin complex of Entamoeba histolytica (EhCPADH) affects the expression of the other complex element as well as the in vitro and in vivo virulence

Martinez-Pena Y Valenzuela, I.; Aittaleb, M.; Chen, P-Ju.; Akaaboune, M., 2015:
The knockdown of αkap alters the postsynaptic apparatus of neuromuscular junctions in living mice

Geng, X.; Lei, T.; Zhou, H.; Yao, W.; Xin, W.; Yang, B., 2016:
The knockout of urea transporter-B improves the hemorheological properties of erythrocyte

Xu, W.; Meng, Y.; Surana, P.; Fuerst, G.; Nettleton, D.; Wise, R.P., 2015:
The knottin-like Blufensin family regulates genes involved in nuclear import and the secretory pathway in barley-powdery mildew interactions

Tielsch, J.M., 2015:
The know, do, and quality gaps in international maternal and child health care interventions

Mohanan, M.; Vera-Hernández, M.; Das, V.; Giardili, S.; Goldhaber-Fiebert, J.D.; Rabin, T.L.; Raj, S.S.; Schwartz, J.I.; Seth, A., 2015:
The know-do gap in quality of health care for childhood diarrhea and pneumonia in rural India

Gómez-Restrepo, C.; Tamayo-Martínez, N.; Ayala-Corredor, C.; Carrasco-Gil, A.; Padilla-Muñoz, A.; Garzón, D.F.; Borda, J.P.; Verhelst, P.; Ramirez, Mía.P.; González, L.M.; Gil, J.F., 2016:
The knowledge acquired during and adherence to a postgraduate course concerned with mental health aimed at school counselors

Song, H.; Do, Y.; Kim, J.; Lee, J., 2016:
The knowledge and attitudes of cancer pain management of residents and nurses in university hospital in Daegu city, Korea

Afhami, N.; Bahadoran, P.; Taleghani, H.Reza.; Nekuei, N., 2016:
The knowledge and attitudes of midwives regarding legal and religious commandments on induced abortion and their relationship with some demographic characteristics

Bolivar, E.P.; Shopnick, R.I.; Mannucci, P.M.; Gringeri, A.; Brettler, D.B., 1995:
The knowledge and perception of factor concentrate in persons with haemophilia A

Dukic, L.; Jokic, A.; Kules, J.; Pasalic, D., 2016:
The knowledge and understanding of preanalytical phase among biomedicine students at the University of Zagreb

Freshwater, M.Felix., 2015:
The knowledge gap: a different type of nerve gap

Matłok, M.; Pędziwiatr, M.; Major, P.; Nowakowski, M.; Rubinkiewicz, M.; Wyleżoł, M.; Budzyński, P.; Budzyński, A., 2015:
The knowledge of Polish medical students about surgical treatment of obesity

Major, P.; Stefura, T.; Jezierska-Kazberuk, M.; Wysocki, Mł.; Pędziwiatr, Mł.; Pisarska, M.; Małczak, P.; Kacprzyk, A.; Budzyński, A., 2016:
The knowledge of Polish primary care physicians about bariatric surgery

Pina Queirós, P.Joaquim., 2016:
The knowledge of expert nurses and the practical-reflective rationality

Sliwińska-Mossoń, M.; Marcinkiewicz, M.; Marciniak, K.; Milnerowicz, H., 2016:
The knowledge of students and teachers of selected groups about the OTC drugs containing codeine and pseudoephedrine--an alternative to "legal highs"?

Roberts, I.; Ker, K.; Edwards, P.; Beecher, D.; Manno, D.; Sydenham, E., 2015:
The knowledge system underpinning healthcare is not fit for purpose and must change

Amara, N.; Blouin-Bougie, J.; Jbilou, J.; Halilem, N.; Simard, J.; Landry, Réjean., 2016:
The knowledge value-chain of genetic counseling for breast cancer: an empirical assessment of prediction and communication processes

Al-Arfaj, I.; Al-Shammari, A.; Al-Subai, T.; Al-Absi, G.; AlJaffari, M.; Al-Kadi, A.; El Tantawi, M.; Al-Ansari, A., 2016:
The knowledge, attitude and practices of male sports participants to sports-related dental trauma in Khobar and Dammam, Saudi Arabia - A pilot survey

Kelly, M.; Sahm, L.J.; Shiely, F.; O'Sullivan, R.; Brenner, M.; Larkin, P.; McCarthy, S., 2016:
The knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of carers (parents, guardians, healthcare practitioners, crèche workers) around fever and febrile illness in children aged 5 years and under: protocol for a qualitative systematic review

Mc Gillicuddy, A.; Kelly, M.; Crean, A.M.; Sahm, L.J., 2016:
The knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of patients and their healthcare professionals around oral dosage form modification: A systematic review of the qualitative literature

Takure, A.O.; Jinadu, Y.O.; Adebayo, S.A.; Shittu, O.B.; Salako, B.L.; Kadiri, S., 2017:
The knowledge, awareness, and acceptability of renal transplantation among patients with end-stage renal disease in Ibadan, Nigeria

Afroz, R.; Rahman, A.; Masud, M.Mehedi.; Akhtar, R., 2016:
The knowledge, awareness, attitude and motivational analysis of plastic waste and household perspective in Malaysia

Selo-Ojeme, D.; Pathak, S.; Joshi, V., 2015:
The knowledge, practice and opinion of midwives' in the UK on their training in obstetric perineal repair

Elsheikha, H.M.; Büsselberg, D.; Zhu, X-Quan., 2018:
The known and missing links between Toxoplasma gondii and schizophrenia

Donaghy, L.; Hong, H-Ki.; Jauzein, Cécile.; Choi, K-Sik., 2015:
The known and unknown sources of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in haemocytes of marine bivalve molluscs

Peng, P., 2016:
The known knowns and known unknowns of chronic pain

Chang, C-Chyuan.; Chang, H-Che.; Liu, K-Fu.; Cheng, W., 2017:
The known two types of transglutaminases regulate immune and stress responses in white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei

Durand, Mélanie.; Segura, E., 2015:
The known unknowns of the human dendritic cell network

Wang, F.; Rose, T.; Jeong, K.; Kretzschmar, T.; Wissuwa, M., 2016:
The knowns and unknowns of phosphorus loading into grains, and implications for phosphorus efficiency in cropping systems

Flis, M.; Szymona, K.; Morylowska-Topolska, J.; Urbańska, A.; Krukow, Pł.; Kandefer-Szerszeń, M.; Zdzisińska, B.; Urbańska, E.M.; Karakuła-Juchnowicz, H., 2016:
The kynurenic acid hypothesis - a new look at etiopathogenesis and treatment of schizophrenia

Bipath, P.; Levay, P.F.; Viljoen, M., 2016:
The kynurenine pathway activities in a sub-Saharan HIV/AIDS population

Maddison, D.C.; Giorgini, F., 2015:
The kynurenine pathway and neurodegenerative disease

Hunt, N.H.; Too, L.Khoon.; Khaw, L.Tim.; Guo, J.; Hee, L.; Mitchell, A.J.; Grau, G.E.; Ball, H.J., 2016:
The kynurenine pathway and parasitic infections that affect CNS function

Schwarcz, R.; Stone, T.W., 2016:
The kynurenine pathway and the brain: Challenges, controversies and promises

Erhardt, S.; Schwieler, L.; Imbeault, S.; Engberg, Göran., 2016:
The kynurenine pathway in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Favennec, M.; Hennart, B.; Caiazzo, R.; Leloire, A.; Yengo, Lïc.; Verbanck, M.; Arredouani, A.; Marre, M.; Pigeyre, M.; Bessede, A.; Guillemin, G.J.; Chinetti, G.; Staels, B.; Pattou, Fçois.; Balkau, B.; Allorge, D.; Froguel, P.; Poulain-Godefroy, O., 2016:
The kynurenine pathway is activated in human obesity and shifted toward kynurenine monooxygenase activation

Clarke, G.; Stone, T.W.; Schwarcz, R., 2016:
The kynurenine pathway: Towards metabolic equilibrium

Zhai, L.; Dey, M.; Lauing, K.L.; Gritsina, G.; Kaur, R.; Lukas, R.V.; Nicholas, M.Kelly.; Rademaker, A.W.; Dostal, C.R.; McCusker, R.H.; Raizer, J.J.; Parsa, A.T.; Bloch, O.; Wainwright, D.A., 2016:
The kynurenine to tryptophan ratio as a prognostic tool for glioblastoma patients enrolling in immunotherapy

Hanff, E.; Kayacelebi, A.Arinc.; Herrmann, C.; Obermann, M.; Das, A.Martin.; Tsikas, D., 2016:
The l-arginine/NO pathway in the MELAS syndrome: An insufficiently explored and controversial research area

Petrella, E.; Pignatti, L.; Neri, I.; Facchinetti, F., 2014:
The l-arginine/nitric oxide pathway is impaired in overweight/obese pregnant women

Kreimer, S., 2015:
The lCD-10 transition. Avoiding revenue disruptions

Yang, G.; Ma, W.; Zhang, B.; Xie, Q., 2016:
The labeling of stem cells by superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles modified with PEG/PVP or PEG/PEI

Marek, Aš.; Pedersen, M.H.F.; Vogensen, S.B.; Clausen, R.P.; Frølund, B.; Elbert, Táš., 2016:
The labeling of unsaturated γ-hydroxybutyric acid by heavy isotopes of hydrogen: iridium complex-mediated H/D exchange by C─H bond activation vs reduction by boro-deuterides/tritides

Jia, X-shi.; Zhang, Q-xia.; Xu, M-jie.; Wang, M.; Zhang, P., 2015:
The labial and palatal bone thickness in 67 young adults with normal occlusion at the maxillary anterior teeth measured by cone-beam computed tomography

Kuert, P.A.; Bello, B.C.; Reichert, H., 2016:
The labial gene is required to terminate proliferation of identified neuroblasts in postembryonic development of the Drosophila brain

Riško, P.; Pláteník, J.; Buchal, R.; Potočková, J.; Kraml, P.J., 2016:
The labile iron pool in monocytes reflects the activity of the atherosclerotic process in men with chronic cardiovascular disease

Weber, M., 2015:
The labor law is flexible

Porenczuk, A.; Firlej, P.; Szczepańska, Gżyna.; Kolenda, A.; Olczak-Kowalczyk, D., 2017:
The laboratory comparison of shear bond strength and microscopic assessment of failure modes for a glass-ionomer cement and dentin bonding systems combined with silver nanoparticles

Peake, I.; Seligsohn, U.; Gitel, S.; Kitchen, S.; Zivelin, A., 1995:
The laboratory diagnosis of haemophilia: Recommendations by the Laboratory Activities Committee of the World Federation of Hemophilia

Garanja, T.A.; Tikhomirov, D.S.; Tupoleva, T.A.; Troitskaia, V.V.; Parovichnikova, E.M.; Galstian, G.M.; Filatov, F.P., 2015:
The laboratory diagnostic of herpes viral infections under nosocomial pneumonia in oncologic hematologic patients

Sterken, M.G.; Snoek, L.Basten.; Kammenga, J.E.; Andersen, E.C., 2015:
The laboratory domestication of Caenorhabditis elegans

Stogov, V.M.; Kireeva, E.A.; Karasev, A.G., 2015:
The laboratory evaluation of pathogenic factors under retarded consolidation of fractures of bones of lower extremities

Spichiger, D., 2014:
The laboratory in reichenau castle designated as «chemical landmark» on 12 september 2014

Kurec, A., 2016:
The laboratory of the future moves outside the walls

Pollak, L.; Zohar, E.; Glovinsky, Y.; Huna-Baron, R., 2016:
The laboratory profile in idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Gosselin, R.C.; Adcock, D.M., 2018:
The laboratory's 2015 perspective on direct oral anticoagulant testing

Futrell, K., 2016:
The laboratory's contribution to advanced medical analytics

Weissman, A., 2016:
The laboratory's role in combating sepsis

Beasley, D., 2016:
The laboratory's role in the transformation to patient-centered care

Hilterman, E., 2016:
The labour climate in the area of justice as a basis for behavioural change in offenders

Bouhnik, A-Deborah.; Bendiane, M-Karim.; Cortaredona, S.; Sagaon Teyssier, L.; Rey, D.; Berenger, C.; Seror, V.; Peretti-Watel, P.; Aparicio, T.; Babin, E.; Beck, Fçois.; Benamouzig, R.; B, M-K.; B, C.; Bessette, D.; B, A-D.; Bousquet, P-Jean.; Cabanel-Gicquel, M-Claude.; Cavallini-Lambert, M.; Chantry, Mèle.; Chauvet, C.; C, S.; Danguy, Véronique.; Dorval, M.; Herbet, J-Baptiste.; Huiart, L.; Joutard, X.; Corroller-Soriano, A-Gaëlle.Le.; Mancini, J.; Meresse, Mégane.; Morere, J-François.;, 2015:
The labour market, psychosocial outcomes and health conditions in cancer survivors: protocol for a nationwide longitudinal survey 2 and 5 years after cancer diagnosis (the VICAN survey)

Ding, J.; Li, Q-Ying.; Yu, J-Zhong.; Wang, X.; Lu, C-Zhen.; Ma, C-Gen.; Xiao, B-Guo., 2016:
The lack of CD131 and the inhibition of Neuro-2a growth by carbamylated erythropoietin

Ozola, A.; Pjanova, D., 2015:
The lack of E318K MITF germline mutation in Latvian melanoma patients

Marks, S.D., 2017:
The lack of Lazarus effect with proteasome inhibition

Greenberg, H.; Leeder, S.R.; Shiau, S., 2015:
The lack of a non-communicable disease curriculum threatens the relevance of global public health education

Kobayashi, S.; Endo, W.; Inui, T.; Wakusawa, K.; Tanaka, S.; Onuma, A.; Haginoya, K., 2017:
The lack of antiepileptic drugs and worsening of seizures among physically handicapped patients with epilepsy during the Great East Japan Earthquake

Homoródi, Nóra.; Kovács, E.G.; Leé, S.; Katona, Éva.; Shemirani, A.H.; Haramura, G.; Balogh, László.; Bereczky, Z.; Szőke, G.; Péterfy, H.; Kiss, Róbert.G.; Édes, Ián.; Muszbek, László., 2016:
The lack of aspirin resistance in patients with coronary artery disease

Blok, F.; Roes, E.M.; van Leenders, G.J.L.H.; van Beekhuizen, H.J., 2016:
The lack of clinical value of peritoneal washing cytology in high risk patients undergoing risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy: a retrospective study and review

González Aguilera, B.; Guerrero Vázquez, R.; Gros Herguido, N.; Sánchez Gallego, F.; Navarro González, E., 2016:
The lack of consensus in management of malignant struma ovarii

Robinson, M.T.; Vickrey, B.G.; Holloway, R.G.; Chong, K.; Williams, L.S.; Brook, R.H.; Leng, M.; Parikh, P.; Zingmond, D.S., 2017:
The lack of documentation of preferences in a cohort of adults who died after ischemic stroke

Livneh, A.; Youngster, I.; El-On, Y.; Berkovitch, M.; Abu-Kishk, I., 2016:
The lack of effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygenation as a treatment for Leishmania major in a mouse model

Agabio, R.; Mameli, S.; Melis, M.Rosaria., 2015:
The lack of efficacy of oxytocin and NSAIDs

Di Giulio, M., 2017:
The lack of foundation in the mechanism on which are based the physico-chemical theories for the origin of the genetic code is counterposed to the credible and natural mechanism suggested by the coevolution theory

Saleh, A.F.; Fellows, M.D.; Ying, L.; Gooderham, N.J.; Priestley, C.C., 2016:
The Lack of Mutagenic Potential of a Guanine-Rich Triplex Forming Oligonucleotide in Physiological Conditions

Thomas, D.M.; Shaw, D.J.; Barnwell, M.L.; Jones, R.L.; Ahmadian, H.R.; Prentice, R.L.; Lin, C.K.; Triana, T.; Cheezum, M.K.; Cury, R.C.; Slim, A.M., 2016:
The lack of obstructive coronary artery disease on coronary CT angiography safely reduces downstream cost and resource utilization during subsequent chest pain presentations

Tomaszewska, E.; Winiarska-Mieczan, A.; Dobrowolski, P., 2016:
The lack of protective effects of tea supplementation on liver and jejunal epithelium in adult rats exposed to cadmium and lead

King, J.D., 2017:
The lack of public health teaching for medical students reinforces false stereotypes

Kim, E.; Lim, Y-Jin.; Park, H-Seul.; Kim, S-Kwon.; Jeon, Y-Tae.; Hwang, J-Won.; Lee, Y-Seok.; Park, H-Pyoung., 2015:
The lack of relationship between intracranial pressure and cerebral ventricle indices based on brain computed tomography in patients undergoing ventriculoperitoneal shunt

Wu, C-Fang.; Andzinski, L.; Kasnitz, N.; Kröger, A.; Klawonn, F.; Lienenklaus, S.; Weiss, S.; Jablonska, J., 2015:
The lack of type I interferon induces neutrophil-mediated pre-metastatic niche formation in the mouse lung

Goñi, A.Baeza.; Schonhaut, B.L.; Salinas, A.P., 2016:
The lactary of the Manuel Arriarán Hospital. Two years of operation

Friedrich, D.C.; de Andrade, F.M.; Fiegenbaum, M.; de Almeida, S.; Mattevi, V.S.; Callegari-Jacques, S.M.; Hutz, M.H., 2014:
The lactase persistence genotype is a protective factor for the metabolic syndrome

Maté-Muñoz, Jé.Luis.; Domínguez, Rúl.; Lougedo, J.H.; Garnacho-Castaño, M.V., 2016:
The lactate and ventilatory thresholds in resistance training

Morland, C.; Lauritzen, K.Husø.; Puchades, M.; Holm-Hansen, S.; Andersson, K.; Gjedde, A.; Attramadal, Håvard.; Storm-Mathisen, J.; Bergersen, L.Hildegard., 2016:
The lactate receptor, G-protein-coupled receptor 81/hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 1: Expression and action in brain

Liu, Z.; He, J-Hua.; Chen, X-Xin., 2016:
The lacteus-, laspeyresiella- and mycetophilus-groups of Apanteles Foerster, 1862 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) in China, with descriptions of eight new species

O'Beirne, S.L.; O'Dwyer, D.N.; Walsh, S.M.; Dodd, J.D.; Crotty, T.B.; Donnelly, S.C., 2016:
The lady with the dragon tattoo

Viana, R.; Lujan, P.; Sanz, P., 2016:
The laforin/malin E3-ubiquitin ligase complex ubiquitinates pyruvate kinase M1/M2

Chambers, J.D.; Thorat, T.; Pyo, J.; Neumann, P.J., 2016:
The lag from FDA approval to published cost-utility evidence

Arfè, A.; Corrao, G., 2016 :
The lag-time approach improved drug-outcome association estimates in presence of protopathic bias

Nathanail, A.V.; Gibson, B.; Han, L.; Peltonen, K.; Ollilainen, V.; Jestoi, M.; Laitila, A., 2016:
The lager yeast Saccharomyces pastorianus removes and transforms Fusarium trichothecene mycotoxins during fermentation of brewer's wort

Hoggard, L.S.; Byrd, C.M.; Sellers, R.M., 2016:
The lagged effects of racial discrimination on depressive symptomology and interactions with racial identity

Ackermann, H-W., 2015:
The lambda - P22 problem

Bartsiokas, A.; Arsuaga, J-Luis.; Santos, E.; Algaba, M.; Gómez-Olivencia, A., 2015:
The lameness of King Philip II and Royal Tomb I at Vergina, Macedonia

Qi, R.; Xu, N.; Wang, G.; Ren, H.; Li, S.; Lei, J.; Lin, Q.; Wang, L.; Gu, X.; Zhang, H.; Jiang, Q.; Zhang, C., 2016:
The lamin-A/C-LAP2α-BAF1 protein complex regulates mitotic spindle assembly and positioning

Cicchillitti, L.; Manni, I.; Mancone, C.; Regazzo, G.; Spagnuolo, M.; Alonzi, T.; Carlomosti, F.; Dell'Anna, M.Lucia.; Dell'Omo, G.; Picardo, M.; Ciana, P.; Capogrossi, M.C.; Tripodi, M.; Magenta, A.; Rizzo, M.Giulia.; Gurtner, A.; Piaggio, G., 2016:
The laminA/NF-Y protein complex reveals an unknown transcriptional mechanism on cell proliferation

Petro, L.S.; Muckli, L., 2016:
The laminar integration of sensory inputs with feedback signals in human cortex

Díaz, Álvaro.; Fernández, C.; Pittini, Álvaro.; Seoane, P.I.; Allen, J.E.; Casaravilla, C., 2016:
The laminated layer: Recent advances and insights into Echinococcus biology and evolution

Chen, J.; He, W-Rui.; Shen, L.; Dong, H.; Yu, J.; Wang, X.; Yu, S.; Li, Y.; Li, S.; Luo, Y.; Sun, Y.; Qiu, H-Ji., 2015:
The laminin receptor is a cellular attachment receptor for classical Swine Fever virus

Ocaña, F.M.; Suryanarayana, S.M.; Saitoh, K.; Kardamakis, A.A.; Capantini, L.; Robertson, B.; Grillner, S., 2015:
The lamprey pallium provides a blueprint of the mammalian motor projections from cortex

Ng, P.K.L.; Shih, H-Te., 2017:
The land crabs of the Discoplax longipes A. Milne-Edwards, 1867 species group, with description of a new species from Guam (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Gecarcinidae)

Wright, S., 2016:
The land of lost souls

Anonymous, 2015:
The land of the free

Martin, S.L.; Hayes, D.B.; Kendall, A.D.; Hyndman, D.W., 2016:
The land-use legacy effect: Towards a mechanistic understanding of time-lagged water quality responses to land use/cover

Frances, S.P.; Mackenzie, D.O.; Sferopoulos, R.; Lee, B., 2015:
The landing of field mosquitoes on permethrin-treated military uniforms in queensland, australia

Walsh, M.G.; Haseeb, M., 2015:
The landscape configuration of zoonotic transmission of Ebola virus disease in West and Central Africa: interaction between population density and vegetation cover

Cadavid Restrepo, A.M.; Yang, Y.Rong.; McManus, D.P.; Gray, D.J.; Giraudoux, P.; Barnes, T.S.; Williams, G.M.; Soares Magalhães, R.J.; Hamm, N.A.S.; Clements, A.C.A., 2016:
The landscape epidemiology of echinococcoses

Whelton, H.; Wardman, M.J., 2015:
The landscape for women leaders in dental education, research, and practice

Guo, P.; Wang, D.; Wu, J.; Yang, J.; Ren, T.; Zhu, B.; Xiang, Y., 2015:
The landscape of alternative splicing in cervical squamous cell carcinoma

Balbin, O.Alejandro.; Malik, R.; Dhanasekaran, S.M.; Prensner, J.R.; Cao, X.; Wu, Y-Mi.; Robinson, D.; Wang, R.; Chen, G.; Beer, D.G.; Nesvizhskii, A.I.; Chinnaiyan, A.M., 2016:
The landscape of antisense gene expression in human cancers

Di Dalmazi, G., 2017:
The landscape of bilateral adrenal incidentalomas associated with subclinical hypercortisolism

Kanduri, C.; Kantojärvi, K.; Salo, P.M.; Vanhala, R.; Buck, G.; Blancher, C.; Lähdesmäki, H.; Järvelä, I., 2016:
The landscape of copy number variations in Finnish families with autism spectrum disorders

Andersson, M.K.; Stenman, Göran., 2018:
The landscape of gene fusions and somatic mutations in salivary gland neoplasms - Implications for diagnosis and therapy

Baran, Y.; Subramaniam, M.; Biton, A.; Tukiainen, T.; Tsang, E.K.; Rivas, M.A.; Pirinen, M.; Gutierrez-Arcelus, M.; Smith, K.S.; Kukurba, K.R.; Zhang, R.; Eng, C.; Torgerson, D.G.; Urbanek, C.; Li, J.Billy.; Rodriguez-Santana, J.R.; Burchard, E.G.; Seibold, M.A.; MacArthur, D.G.; Montgomery, S.B.; Zaitlen, N.A.; Lappalainen, T., 2016:
The landscape of genomic imprinting across diverse adult human tissues

Brbić, M.; Piškorec, M.; Vidulin, V.; Kriško, A.; Šmuc, T.; Supek, F., 2017:
The landscape of microbial phenotypic traits and associated genes

Butlin, T.; Woodhouse, J.; Champneys, A.R., 2015:
The landscape of nonlinear structural dynamics: an introduction

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The largest maternity in Switzerland will be in Geneva

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The last taboo: sexual abuse of children The last taboo: sexual abuse of children G Search Penguin 178pp £3-99 0-14-011049-6

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The last thing we need is a workshop to make us smile

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The last time, adieu…

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The law protects whistleblowers in the NHS, and beyond

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The left hand appears completely cramped

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The left thoracotomy approach for esophagectomy

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The leg stiffnesses animals use may improve the stability of locomotion

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The legacy of Shipman

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The legacy of a pioneer

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