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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59095

Chapter 59095 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yamaguchi, M., 2016:
The potential role of regucalcin in kidney cell regulation: Involvement in renal failure (Review)

Hoshi, Y.; Endo, K.; Shirakihara, T.; Fukagawa, A.; Miyazawa, K.; Saitoh, M., 2016:
The potential role of regulator of G-protein signaling 16 in cell motility mediated by δEF1 family proteins

Yu, P., 2016:
The potential role of retroviruses in autoimmunity

Godínez-Chaparro, B.; Martínez-Lorenzana, G.; Rodríguez-Jiménez, J.; Manzano-García, A.; Rojas-Piloni, G.; Condés-Lara, M.; González-Hernández, A., 2016:
The potential role of serotonergic mechanisms in the spinal oxytocin-induced antinociception

Brunton, S.A., 2016:
The potential role of sodium glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors in the early treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Pierzchalska, M.; Grabacka, M., 2017:
The potential role of some phytochemicals in recognition of mitochondrial damage-associated molecular patterns

Tran, C.; Damaser, M.S., 2015:
The potential role of stem cells in the treatment of urinary incontinence

Lu, Y-Chang.; Chang, T-Kuo.; Yeh, S-Ting.; Fang, H-Wei.; Lin, C-Yen.; Hsu, L-I.; Huang, C-Hsiung.; Huang, C-Hung., 2016:
The potential role of strontium ranelate in treating particle-induced osteolysis

Rubin, K.; Glazer, S., 2016:
The potential role of subclinical Bordetella Pertussis colonization in the etiology of multiple sclerosis

Boos, A.M.; Weigand, A.; Brodbeck, R.; Beier, J.P.; Arkudas, A.; Horch, R.E., 2017:
The potential role of telocytes in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Gladwin, T.E.; Mohr, Sören.E.; Wiers, R.W., 2014:
The potential role of temporal dynamics in approach biases: delay-dependence of a general approach bias in an alcohol approach-avoidance task

Kasap, E.; Gerceker, E.; Boyacıoglu, S.Örenay.; Yuceyar, H.; Yıldırm, H.; Ayhan, S.; Korkmaz, M., 2017:
The potential role of the NEK6, AURKA, AURKB, and PAK1 genes in adenomatous colorectal polyps and colorectal adenocarcinoma

Torres, C.; Linares, A.; Alejandre, M.Jose.; Palomino-Morales, R.; Martin, M.; Delgado, J.Ramon.; Martinez, J.; Perales, S., 2015:
The potential role of the glycoprotein osteoactivin/glycoprotein nonmetastatic melanoma protein B in pancreatic cancer

Wong, J.M.; Fisher, M., 2016:
The potential role of the left atrial septal pouch in cryptogenic stroke

Al-Rasheed, M.M.; Alzahrani, A.S.; Macadam, A.; Overall, A.; Gard, P.; Dzimiri, N., 2016:
The potential role of the sodium iodide symporter gene polymorphism in the development of differentiated thyroid cancer

Atala, A.; Danilevskiy, M.; Lyundup, A.; Glybochko, P.; Butnaru, D.; Vinarov, A.; Yoo, J.J., 2015:
The potential role of tissue-engineered urethral substitution: clinical and preclinical studies

Palomino, J.Carlos.; Martin, A., 2016:
The potential role of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole in the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis

Agilli, M.; Fidan, G., 2015:
The potential role of two appetite hormones in the early detection of pancreatic necrosis and severe acute pancreatitis: A biochemical aspect

Drake, M.J.; Kanai, A.; Bijos, D.A.; Ikeda, Y.; Zabbarova, I.; Vahabi, B.; Fry, C.H., 2016:
The potential role of unregulated autonomous bladder micromotions in urinary storage and voiding dysfunction; overactive bladder and detrusor underactivity

Vo, P.; Bair-Merritt, M.; Camargo, C.A., 2016:
The potential role of vitamin D in the link between obesity and asthma severity/control in children

Walocko, F.M.; Khouri, R.K.; Urbanchek, M.G.; Levi, B.; Cederna, P.S., 2016:
The potential roles for adipose tissue in peripheral nerve regeneration

Chou, R-Hwang.; Chiu, L.; Yu, Y-Luen.; Shyu, W-Cherng., 2015:
The potential roles of EZH2 in regenerative medicine

Falahzadeh, K.; Banaei-Esfahani, A.; Shahhoseini, M., 2015:
The potential roles of actin in the nucleus

Grøneng, G.M.; Vatn, Søve.; Kristoffersen, A.Bråthen.; Nafstad, O.; Hopp, P., 2015:
The potential spread of severe footrot in Norway if no elimination programme had been initiated: a simulation model

He, W.; Au-Yeung, S-Yin.Stephanie.; Mak, M.; Leung, T.Wai.Hong.; Leung, H.; Wong, L.Ka.Sing., 2017:
The potential synergism by combining external counterpulsation with intermittent theta burst stimulation in post-stroke motor function recovery

Uçar, I.; Ertekin, T.; Nisari, M.; Ceylan, D.; Al, Ö.; Ülger, H., 2015:
The potential teratogenic effects of interferon beta-1a and interferon beta-1b on in vitro embryonic development

Kopczyńska, E.Katarzyna., 2016:
The potential therapeutic applications and prognostic significance of metastasis-associated in colon cancer-1 (MACC1) in cancers

Wang, Y.; Tian, J.; Wang, S., 2016:
The potential therapeutic role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in autoimmune arthritis

Germain, A.; Mayland, C.R.; Jack, B.A., 2017:
The potential therapeutic value for bereaved relatives participating in research: An exploratory study

Stramer, S.L., 2016:
The potential threat to blood transfusion safety of emerging infectious disease agents

Di Giorgio, L.; Moses, M.W.; Fullman, N.; Wollum, A.; Conner, R.O.; Achan, J.; Achoki, T.; Bannon, K.A.; Burstein, R.; Dansereau, E.; DeCenso, B.; Delwiche, K.; Duber, H.C.; Gakidou, E.; Gasasira, A.; Haakenstad, A.; Hanlon, M.; Ikilezi, G.; Kisia, C.; Levine, A.J.; Maboshe, M.; Masiye, F.; Masters, S.H.; Mphuka, C.; Njuguna, P.; Odeny, T.A.; Okiro, E.A.; Roberts, D.Allen.; Murray, C.J.L.; Flaxman, A.D., 2017:
The potential to expand antiretroviral therapy by improving health facility efficiency: evidence from Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia

Mariano, D.; de Souza, D.; Meinerz, D.F.; Allebrandt, J.; de Bem, A.F.; Hassan, W.; Rodrigues, O.; da Rocha, J., 2016:
The potential toxicological insights about the anti-HIV drug azidothymidine-derived monoselenides in human leukocytes: Toxicological insights of new selenium-azidothymidine analogs

Zehr, E.Paul., 2016:
The potential transformation of our species by neural enhancement

Roush, J.K., 2016:
The potential tyranny of statistical power

Graham, D.S.; Fleisher, L.A., 2017:
The potential unintended consequences of linking insurance coverage decisions to quality metrics

Gillberg, L.; Ling, C., 2015:
The potential use of DNA methylation biomarkers to identify risk and progression of type 2 diabetes

Parraga-Aguado, I.; González-Alcaraz, Mía.Nazaret.; Schulin, R.; Conesa, Héctor.M., 2016:
The potential use of Piptatherum miliaceum for the phytomanagement of mine tailings in semiarid areas: Role of soil fertility and plant competition

Azlin-Hasim, S.; Cruz-Romero, M.C.; Cummins, E.; Kerry, J.P.; Morris, M.A., 2016:
The potential use of a layer-by-layer strategy to develop LDPE antimicrobial films coated with silver nanoparticles for packaging applications

Costa, A.G.; Bilezikian, J.P.; Lewiecki, E.Michael., 2016:
The potential use of antisclerostin therapy in chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder

Frecska, E.; Bokor, P.; Andrassy, G.; Kovacs, A., 2018:
The potential use of ayahuasca in psychiatry

Andreucci, M.; Faga, T.; Riccio, E.; Sabbatini, M.; Pisani, A.; Michael, A., 2016:
The potential use of biomarkers in predicting contrast-induced acute kidney injury

Kagami, H., 2016:
The potential use of cell-based therapies in the treatment of oral diseases

He, W.Shuwen.; Bishop, K.Suzanne., 2017:
The potential use of cell-free-circulating-tumor DNA as a biomarker for prostate cancer

Puri, B.K.; Hakkarainen-Smith, J.S.; Monro, J.A., 2015:
The potential use of cholestyramine to reduce the risk of developing Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea in patients receiving long-term intravenous ceftriaxone

Beaver, K.M.; Jackson, D.B.; Flesher, D., 2015:
The potential use of genetics to increase the effectiveness of treatment programs for criminal offenders

Fuchikami, M.; Yamamoto, S.; Morinobu, S.; Okada, S.; Yamawaki, Y.; Yamawaki, S., 2016:
The potential use of histone deacetylase inhibitors in the treatment of depression

Wan, X.; Zheng, X.; Pang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Jing, T.; Xu, W.; Zhang, Q., 2016:
The potential use of lapatinib-loaded human serum albumin nanoparticles in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer

Kamerer, A.M.; Diaz, F.J.; Peppi, M.; Chertoff, M.E., 2016:
The potential use of low-frequency tones to locate regions of outer hair cell loss

Dulamea, A.Octaviana., 2016:
The potential use of mesenchymal stem cells in stroke therapy--From bench to bedside

Chen, H.; Pan, H.; Li, P.; Wang, H.; Wang, X.; Pan, W.; Yuan, Y., 2017:
The potential use of novel chitosan-coated deformable liposomes in an ocular drug delivery system

Huey, R.; Hawthorne, S.; McCarron, P., 2016:
The potential use of rabies virus glycoprotein-derived peptides to facilitate drug delivery into the central nervous system: a mini review

Bryan, N.S., 2015:
The potential use of salivary nitrite as a marker of NO status in humans

Oliveira, I.; Reed, J.P.; Abu-Orf, M.; Wilson, V.; Jones, D.; Esteves, S.R., 2016:
The potential use of shear viscosity to monitor polymer conditioning of sewage sludge digestates

Cook, I.A.; Kealey, C.P.; DeGiorgio, C.M., 2015:
The potential use of trigeminal nerve stimulation in the treatment of epilepsy

Bluekens, A.M.J.; Veldkamp, W.J.H.; Schuur, K.H.; Karssemeijer, N.; Broeders, M.J.M.; den Heeten, G.J., 2015:
The potential use of ultra-low radiation dose images in digital mammography--a clinical proof-of-concept study in craniocaudal views

Salvi, S.; Martignano, F.; Molinari, C.; Gurioli, G.; Calistri, D.; De Giorgi, U.; Conteduca, V.; Casadio, V., 2016:
The potential use of urine cell free DNA as a marker for cancer

Díaz-Redondo, A.; Miranda-Bautista, Jé.; García-Lledó, J.; Gisbert, J.P.; Menchén, L., 2016:
The potential usefulness of human leukocyte antigen typing for celiac disease screening: A systematic review and meta-analysis

de Sousa, Jé.Roberto.Pereira.; Esposito, M.Cristina.; Carvalho Filho, F.da.Silva.; Juen, L., 2015:
The potential uses of sarcosaprophagous flesh flies and blowflies for the evaluation of the regeneration and conservation of forest clearings: a case study in the Amazon forest

Guerram, M.; Jiang, Z-Zhou.; Yousef, B.Alsiddig.; Hamdi, A.Mejda.; Hassan, H.Mohamed.; Yuan, Z-Qiao.; Luo, H-Wei.; Zhu, X.; Zhang, L-Yong., 2016:
The potential utility of acetyltanshinone IIA in the treatment of HER2-overexpressed breast cancer: Induction of cancer cell death by targeting apoptotic and metabolic signaling pathways

Ahn, Y-Hwan.; Koh, Y-Il.; Kim, J-Hee.; Ban, G-Young.; Lee, Y-Kyung.; Hong, G-Na.; Jin, U-Ram.; Choi, B-Joo.; Shin, Y-Seob.; Park, H-Sim.; Ye, Y-Min., 2015:
The potential utility of iodinated contrast media (ICM) skin testing in patients with ICM hypersensitivity

Burmeister, D.; Bishwokarma, B.; AbouShwareb, T.; Olson, J.; Herco, M.; Tan, J.; Andersson, K-Erik.; Christ, G., 2016:
The potential utility of non-invasive imaging to monitor restoration of bladder structure and function following subtotal cystectomy (STC)

Hardy, K.K.; Willard, V.W.; Wigdor, A.B.; Allen, T.M.; Bonner, M.J., 2015:
The potential utility of parent-reported attention screening in survivors of childhood cancer to identify those in need of comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation

Weick, J.; Bawa, H.S., 2015:
The potential utility of patient-reported range of motion after total knee arthroplasty

Gardner, K.R.; Brennan, F.X.; Scott, R.; Lombard, J., 2015:
The potential utility of pharmacogenetic testing in psychiatry

Biernacka, A.; Tsongalis, P.D.; Peterson, J.D.; de Abreu, F.B.; Black, C.C.; Gutmann, E.J.; Liu, X.; Tafe, L.J.; Amos, C.I.; Tsongalis, G.J., 2017:
The potential utility of re-mining results of somatic mutation testing: KRAS status in lung adenocarcinoma

Davidson, C.; Schifano, F., 2016:
The potential utility of some legal highs in CNS disorders

Khaleghi, S.; Ju, J.M.; Lamba, A.; Murray, J.A., 2016:
The potential utility of tight junction regulation in celiac disease: focus on larazotide acetate

Stewart, I.J.; Glass, K.R.; Howard, J.T.; Morrow, B.D.; Sosnov, J.A.; Siew, E.D.; Wickersham, N.; Latack, W.; Kwan, H.K.; Heegard, K.D.; Diaz, C.; Henderson, A.T.; Saenz, K.K.; Ikizler, T.Alp.; Chung, K.K., 2015:
The potential utility of urinary biomarkers for risk prediction in combat casualties: a prospective observational cohort study

Tao, Y.; Geng, L.; Xu, W-Wei.; Qin, L-Min.; Peng, G-Hua.; Huang, Y-Fei., 2016:
The potential utilizations of hydrogen as a promising therapeutic strategy against ocular diseases

Wu, X.; Li, S.; Xu, X.; Wu, S.; Chen, R.; Jiang, Q.; Li, Y.; Xu, Y., 2016:
The potential value of miR-1 and miR-374b as biomarkers for colorectal cancer

Patsner, B.; Morgan, S.A., 1999:
The potential value of preoperative cytobrush papanicolaou smear in clinical stage I endometrial carcinoma

Ozmen, O.; Koyuncu, A.; Koksal, D.; Tatci, E.; Alagoz, E.; Demirag, F.; Gokcek, A.; Arslan, N., 2016:
The potential value of volume-based quantitative PET parameters and increased bone marrow uptake for the prediction of survival in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma

Zandi, O.; Hamann, T.W., 2015:
The potential versus current state of water splitting with hematite

Smith, L.; Ekelund, U.; Hamer, M., 2015:
The potential yield of non-exercise physical activity energy expenditure in public health

Abd El-Baki, G.K.; Mostafa, D., 2015:
The potentiality of Trichoderma harzianum in alleviation the adverse effects of salinity in faba bean plants

Tayel, A.A.; El-Tras, W.F.; Elguindy, N.M., 2017:
The potentiality of cross-linked fungal chitosan to control water contamination through bioactive filtration

Quinn, J.C.; Davis, R., 2015:
The potentials and challenges of algae based biofuels: a review of the techno-economic, life cycle, and resource assessment modeling

Li, L.; Fernández-Cruz, Mía.Luisa.; Connolly, M.; Conde, Eía.; Fernández, M.; Schuster, M.; Navas, Jé.María., 2015:
The potentiation effect makes the difference: non-toxic concentrations of ZnO nanoparticles enhance Cu nanoparticle toxicity in vitro

Lourenco, S.F.; Cabrera, J., 2016:
The potentiation of geometry by features in human children: Evidence against modularity in the domain of navigation

Owojori, O.J.; Siciliano, S.D., 2015:
The potentiation of zinc toxicity by soil moisture in a boreal forest ecosystem

Dani, S.; Dhage, A.; Gundannavar, G., 2015:
The pouch and tunnel technique for management of multiple gingival recession defects

Sorensen, T., 2015:
The pouch of Douglas

Goldinger, S.D.; Papesh, M.H.; Barnhart, A.S.; Hansen, W.A.; Hout, M.C., 2017:
The poverty of embodied cognition

Benatar, S.Robert., 2016:
The poverty of the concept of 'poverty eradication'

Rady, E-Houssainy.A.; Hassanein, W.A.; Elhaddad, T.A., 2016:
The power Lomax distribution with an application to bladder cancer data

Recio-Garrido, D.; Kleiner, Y.; Colombo, A.; Tartakovsky, B., 2018:
Dynamic model of a municipal wastewater stabilization pond in the arctic

Capezuti, E.A., 2016:
The power and importance of sleep

Clark, C.M., 2015:
The power and potential of positive mentoring

Todd, E.V.; Black, M.A.; Gemmell, N.J., 2016:
The power and promise of RNA-seq in ecology and evolution

Grozinger, C.M.; Robinson, G.E., 2015:
The power and promise of applying genomics to honey bee health

Dieppe, P.; Goldingay, S.; Greville-Harris, M., 2016:
The power and value of placebo and nocebo in painful osteoarthritis

Vizcarra, J.A.; Wilson-Perez, H.E.; Espay, A.J., 2015:
The power in numbers: gut microbiota in Parkinson's disease

Lai, C-Yun.; Olukan, T.; Santos, S.; Al Ghaferi, A.; Chiesa, M., 2015:
The power laws of nanoscale forces under ambient conditions

de Souza, N., 2016:
The power of 'weak' interactions

Zimmerman, G.M.; Rees, C.; Posick, C.; Zimmerman, L.A., 2017:
The power of (Mis)perception: Rethinking suicide contagion in youth friendship networks

Tanis, J., 2017:
The power of 41%: A glimpse into the life of a statistic

Lindauer, S.J., 2016:
The power of Empowerment

Stagljar, I., 2016:
The power of OMICs

Fabritz, L., 2016:
The power of P in the elderly: Small biphasic wave, big impact

Chilenski, S.M.; Perkins, D.F.; Olson, J.; Hoffman, L.; Feinberg, M.E.; Greenberg, M.; Welsh, J.; Crowley, D.Max.; Spoth, R., 2016:
The power of a collaborative relationship between technical assistance providers and community prevention teams: A correlational and longitudinal study

Hedberg, E.C.; Ayers, S., 2016:
The power of a paired t-test with a covariate

Cromheeke, S.; Mueller, S.C., 2016:
The power of a smile: Stronger working memory effects for happy faces in adolescents compared to adults

Price, S.S., 2016:
The power of advocacy

Patel, P.; Fan, W.; Livert, D.; Krishnamurthy, M., 2015:
The power of anecdotes on resident HVCCC curriculum

Lomas, C.; Collins, M., 2015:
The power of art

Horowitz, G.L., 2015:
The power of asterisks

Gruber, W.H.; Powell, A.C.; Torous, J.B., 2016:
The power of capturing and using information at the point of care

Liu, J.; Shan, H., 2018:
The power of collaboration

Pearl, J., 2016:
The power of collaboration between surgery and engineering

Lawless, J., 2015:
The power of collective activism

Zhang, B.; Mercer, A.R. , 2016:
The power of comparison

DiMenichi, B.C.; Tricomi, E., 2015:
The power of competition: Effects of social motivation on attention, sustained physical effort, and learning

Omoto, A.M.; Packard, C.D., 2017:
The power of connections: Psychological sense of community as a predictor of volunteerism

Boelens, J.Jan., 2018:
The power of cord blood cells

Rosan, C.; Grimas, E., 2016:
The power of couple-focused approaches in the perinatal period

Hansma, H.Greenwood., 2015:
The power of crowding for the origins of life

Naydenova, E.; Tsanas, A.; Howie, S.; Casals-Pascual, C.; De Vos, M., 2017:
The power of data mining in diagnosis of childhood pneumonia

Berlin, D.B.; Davidson, M.J.; Schoen, F.J., 2016:
The power of disruptive technological innovation: Transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Landsem, I.Pauline., 2016:
The power of early interventions in families with preterm born children

Menicatti, M.; Guandalini, L.; Dei, S.; Floriddia, E.; Teodori, E.; Traldi, P.; Bartolucci, G., 2016:
The power of energy-resolved tandem mass spectrometry experiments for resolution of isomers: the case of drug plasma stability investigation of multidrug resistance inhibitors

Westbury, B., 2015 :
The power of environment

Anonymous, 2003:
The power of expectations

Fair, B.Jung.; Pleiss, J.A., 2016:
The power of fission: yeast as a tool for understanding complex splicing

Moutsianas, L.; Agarwala, V.; Fuchsberger, C.; Flannick, J.; Rivas, M.A.; Gaulton, K.J.; Albers, P.K.; McVean, G.; Boehnke, M.; Altshuler, D.; McCarthy, M.I., 2016:
The power of gene-based rare variant methods to detect disease-associated variation and test hypotheses about complex disease

Simonsen, L.; Viboud, Cécile., 2018:
The power of historical data for assessment of childhood vaccine benefits

Soll, R.F.; Edwards, W.H., 2016:
The power of improvement

Rodin, D.; Grover, S.; Elmore, S.N.; Knaul, F.M.; Atun, R.; Caulley, L.; Herrera, C.A.; Jones, J.A.; Price, A.J.; Munshi, A.; Gandhi, A.K.; Shah, C.; Gospodarowicz, M., 2017:
The power of integration: radiotherapy and global palliative care

Parslow, H., 2016:
The power of joined up data to understand population health

Mohle, B., 2016:
The power of kindess

O'Brien, A., 2016:
The power of kindness. Acts of kindness by nurses live long in patients' memories

El-Mallakh, R.S.; Doenninghaus, S., 2016:
The power of language: use in psychiatry

Weinstein, M.; Susi, P.; Goldberg, M., 2017:
The power of local action in occupational health: the adoption of local exhaust ventilation in the Chicago tuckpointing trade

Xiao, K.; Chung, J.; Wall, A., 2016:
The power of mass spectrometry in structural characterization of GPCR signaling

Goldbeck, L., 2018:
The power of mental adaptation to genetic abnormality

Curchoe, C.Lynn., 2015:
The power of mentoring

Punjabi, P.P., 2015:
The power of negative thinking--the glass is half full

Veenstra, J.A., 2016:
The power of next-generation sequencing as illustrated by the neuropeptidome of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii

Dauriz, M.; Meigs, J.B., 2018:
The power of numbers

Dua, H.Singh., 2014:
The power of observation

Moreno-Hagelsieb, G., 2015:
The power of operon rearrangements for predicting functional associations

Sibiryakova, O.V.; Volodin, I.A.; Matrosova, V.A.; Volodina, E.V.; Garcia, Aés.J.; Gallego, L.; Landete-Castillejos, Tás., 2015:
The power of oral and nasal calls to discriminate individual mothers and offspring in red deer, Cervus elaphus

Neno, R., 2005:
The power of partnerships

Zallen, D.T., 2015:
The power of partnerships: the Liverpool school of butterfly and medical genetics

Anonymous, 2001:
The power of patients' groups Bruce Wood The power of patients' groups Open University Press £19.99 0 335 20367 1 0335203671 [Formula: see text

Pennisi, E., 2016:
The power of personality

Wason, J.M.S.; Dentamaro, A.; Eisen, T.G., 2015:
The power of phase II end-points for different possible mechanisms of action of an experimental treatment

Munro, C.L., 2015:
The power of philanthropy: message from the president

Anonymous, 2012:
The power of pink

Howard Mason, P., 2009:
The power of place: geography, destiny, and globalization's rough landscape, by Harm de Blij

Moyer, H.S., 2015:
The power of placenta for hemorrhage control

Eagleson, C.; Hayes, S.; Mathews, A.; Perman, G.; Hirsch, C.R., 2017:
The power of positive thinking: Pathological worry is reduced by thought replacement in Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Mortenson, W.Bennett.; Hammell, K.W.; Luts, A.; Soles, C.; Miller, W.C., 2016:
The power of power wheelchairs: Mobility choices of community-dwelling, older adults

Qin, J.; Moustafa, A.; Harms, H.; El-Din, M.Gamal.; Wick, L.Y., 2015:
The power of power: electrokinetic control of PAH interactions with exfoliated graphite

Byrom, A., 2015:
The power of protection

Hahnel, U.J.J.; Arnold, O.; Waschto, M.; Korcaj, L.; Hillmann, K.; Roser, D.; Spada, H., 2015:
The power of putting a label on it: green labels weigh heavier than contradicting product information for consumers' purchase decisions and post-purchase behavior

Aston, M.; Price, S.; Etowa, J.; Vukic, A.; Young, L.; Hart, C.; MacLeod, E.; Randel, P., 2015:
The power of relationships: exploring how Public Health Nurses support mothers and families during postpartum home visits

Calamita, G.; Portincasa, P.; Agre, P., 2017:
The power of science diplomacy, a lesson from the Nobel laureate Peter Agre

Sharer, M.; Cluver, L.; Shields, J.J.; Ahearn, F., 2017:
The power of siblings and caregivers: under-explored types of social support among children affected by HIV and AIDS

Raab, M.; Gigerenzer, G., 2015:
The power of simplicity: a fast-and-frugal heuristics approach to performance science

Park, A., 2015:
The power of sleep. New research shows a good night's rest isn't a luxury--it's critical for your brain and for your health

Opitz, J.M.; Pavone, L.; Corsello, G.; Opitz, J.; Mendel, J.Gregor., 2016:
The power of stories in Pediatrics and Genetics

Reiner, A., 2016:
The power of story in delivering cancer care

Elhendy, A., 2016:
The power of stress echocardiography and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy in predicting long-term outcome. Nothing lasts forever

Luo, Y.; Zhang, S.; Tao, R.; Geng, H., 2016:
The power of subliminal and supraliminal eye contact on social decision making: An individual-difference perspective

Grabenwöger, M., 2017:
The power of surgery

Locock, L.; Boylan, A-Marie.; Snow, R.; Staniszewska, S., 2016:
The power of symbolic capital in patient and public involvement in health research

Anonymous, 2005:
The power of television

Morgan, J., 2018:
The power of the App: can mobile-technology save lives?

Alghamdi, I.G.; Hussain, I.I.; Alghamdi, M.S.; El-Sheemy, M.A., 2015:
The power of the age standardized incidence rate to discover the gene link between cancer diseases: development of a new epidemiological method to save money, time, and effort for genetic scientists

Morris, R., 2015:
The power of the agenda

Markovic, N.S.; Markovic, O.; Henderson, E.S., 2016:
The power of the biomarker for cervical cancer control

Renger, R.; Foltysova, J.; Becker, K.L.; Souvannasacd, E., 2016:
The power of the context map: Designing realistic outcome evaluation strategies and other unanticipated benefits

Peters, J.; Desai, K.; Ricci, D.; Chen, D.; Singh, M.; Chewning, B., 2017:
The power of the patient question: A secret shopper study

Epstein, N.; Brendel, T.; Hege, I.; Ouellette, D.L.; Schmidmaier, R.; Kiesewetter, J., 2017:
The power of the pen: how to make physicians more friendly and patients more attractive

Harding-Price, D., 1990:
The power of the people

Siegel, J.T.; Tan, C.N.; Navarro, M.A.; Alvaro, E.M.; Crano, W.D., 2015:
The power of the proposition: frequency of marijuana offers, parental knowledge, and adolescent marijuana use

Blankenship, J.C., 2016:
The power of the story in an era of big data and huge databases

Thompson, B.M.; Gonzalo, J.D.; Levine, R.E., 2017:
The power of the written word: team assessment of behaviour

Silva, J.Vieira.; Freitas, M.João.; Felgueiras, J.; Fardilha, M., 2015:
The power of the yeast two-hybrid system in the identification of novel drug targets: building and modulating PPP1 interactomes

Weiss, M.S.; Hunter, W.N.; Dauter, Z., 2016:
The power of three

Harris, S.B., 2016:
The power of two: an update on fixed-dose combinations for type 2 diabetes

Morgan, V., 2016:
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The presence of morphine as heroin metabolites in placental tissue and fetus: case report

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