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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59117

Chapter 59117 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bugdayci, G.; Oguzman, H.; Arattan, H.Yasemin.; Sasmaz, G., 2015:
The use of reference change values in clinical laboratories

Wielowieyska-Szybińska, D.; Białek-Galas, K.; Podolec, K.; Wojas-Pelc, A., 2015:
The use of reflectance confocal microscopy for examination of benign and malignant skin tumors

Białek-Galas, K.; Wielowieyska-Szybińska, D.; Dyduch, G.; Wojas-Pelc, A., 2015:
The use of reflectance confocal microscopy in selected inflammatory skin diseases

Germain, A.; Nolan, K.; Doyle, R.; Mason, S.; Gambles, M.; Chen, H.; Smeding, R.; Ellershaw, J., 2016:
The use of reflective diaries in end of life training programmes: a study exploring the impact of self-reflection on the participants in a volunteer training programme

Ruiz-López, M.; Rodriguez-García, M.; Villanueva, Pón-González.; Márquez-Cava, M.; García-Mateos, Mónica.; Ruiz-Ruiz, B.; Herrera-Sánchez, E., 2016:
The use of reflective journaling as a learning strategy during the clinical rotations of students from the faculty of health sciences: An action-research study

Roman, R.; Hedeşiu, M.; Fildan, F.; Ileşan, R.; Mitea, D.; Dinu, C.; Băciuţ, M., 2016:
The use of reformatted Cone Beam CT images in assessing mid-face trauma, with a focus on the orbital floor fractures

Fonteneau, L.; Ragot, M.; Parent du Châtelet, I.; Guthmann, J-Paul.; Lévy-Bruhl, D., 2016:
The use of reimbursement data for timely monitoring of vaccination coverage: the example of human papillomavirus vaccine following public concerns about vaccine safety

Hawken, S.; Potter, B.K.; Little, J.; Benchimol, E.I.; Mahmud, S.; Ducharme, R.; Wilson, K., 2016:
The use of relative incidence ratios in self-controlled case series studies: an overview

Van de Velde, M., 2018:
The use of remifentanil during general anesthesia for caesarean section

Pineda, C.; Grogan, T.; Lin, J.A.; Zaritsky, J.J.; Venick, R.; Farmer, D.G.; Kelly, R.B., 2016:
The use of renal replacement therapy in critically ill pediatric small bowel transplantation candidates and recipients: Experience from one center

Sweeting, M.J.; Barrett, J.K.; Thompson, S.G.; Wood, A.M., 2016:
The use of repeated blood pressure measures for cardiovascular risk prediction: a comparison of statistical models in the ARIC study

Lopes-Conceição, Lísa.; Pereira, M.; Araújo, C.; Laszczýnska, O.; Lunet, N.; Azevedo, A., 2016:
The use of reperfusion and revascularization procedures in acute coronary syndrome in Portugal: a systematic review

Nordt, M.; Hoehl, S.; Weigelt, S., 2017:
The use of repetition suppression paradigms in developmental cognitive neuroscience

Grall-Bronnec, M.; Sauvaget, A., 2015:
The use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for modulating craving and addictive behaviours: a critical literature review of efficacy, technical and methodological considerations

Lancefield, C.S.; Slawin, A.M.Z.; Westwood, N.J.; Lebl, T., 2016:
The use of residual dipolar coupling for conformational analysis of structurally related natural products

Lopez, M.A.; Andreasi Bassi, M.; Confalone, L.; Carinci, F.; Ormianer, Z.; Lauritano, D., 2016:
The use of resorbable cortical lamina and micronized collagenated bone in the regeneration of atrophic crestal ridges: a surgical technique. Case series

Lopez, M.A.; Manzulli, N.; Casale, M.; Ormianer, Z.; Carinci, F., 2016:
The use of resorbable heterologous cortical lamina as a new sinus lift floor: a technical note

Anonymous, 2015:
The use of restraints or seclusion in the school setting

Muir-Cochrane, E.; Oster, C.; Gerace, A., 2016:
The use of restrictive measures in an acute inpatient child and adolescent mental health service

Weltz, A.S.; Harris, D.G.; O'Neill, N.A.; O'Meara, L.B.; Brenner, M.L.; Diaz, J.J., 2015:
The use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta to control hemorrhagic shock during video-assisted retroperitoneal debridement or infected necrotizing pancreatitis

Du Plessis, L.E.; Mol, B.W.; Svigos, J.M., 2016:
The use of retrievable inferior vena cava filters in pregnancy: Another successful case report, but are we actually making a difference?

Dias, K.T.S.; Braga Junior, S.S., 2016:
The use of reverse logistics for waste management in a Brazilian grocery retailer

Monteyne, T.; Heeze, L.; Mortier, Séverine.Thérèse.F.C.; Oldörp, K.; Nopens, I.; Remon, J-Paul.; Vervaet, C.; De Beer, T., 2017:
The use of rheology to elucidate the granulation mechanisms of a miscible and immiscible system during continuous twin-screw melt granulation

Sendi, P.; Zimmerli, W., 2016:
The use of rifampin in staphylococcal orthopaedic-device-related infections

Wilson, C.M.; Crocker, A.G.; Nicholls, T.L.; Charette, Y.; Seto, M.C., 2015:
The use of risk and need factors in forensic mental health decision-making and the role of gender and index offense severity

Abourazzak, F.E.; Soubai, R.Boussaadani.; Chellat, H.; El Mezouar, I.; Harzy, T., 2015:
The use of rituximab in rheumatoid arthritis: about 55 patients

Noizat-Pirenne, F.; Habibi, A.; Mekontso-Dessap, A.; Razazi, K.; Chadebech, P.; Mahevas, M.; Vingert, B.; Bierling, P.; Galactéros, F.; Bartolucci, P.; Michel, M., 2015:
The use of rituximab to prevent severe delayed haemolytic transfusion reaction in immunized patients with sickle cell disease

Yang, V.K.; Cunningham, S.M.; Rush, J.E.; de Laforcade, A., 2017:
The use of rivaroxaban for the treatment of thrombotic complications in four dogs

Son, M.; Wypasek, E.; Celinska-Lowenhoff, M.; Undas, A., 2016:
The use of rivaroxaban in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome: A series of 12 cases

Levi Sandri, G.B.; de Werra, E.; Mascianà, G.; Guerra, F.; Spoletini, G.; Lai, Q., 2016:
The use of robotic surgery in abdominal organ transplantation: A literature review

Cook, D., 2016:
The use of robotics in nephrectomy

Carlos, R.Vieira.; Torres, M.L.A.; de Boer, H.D., 2017:
The use of rocuronium and sugammadex in paediatric renal transplantation: Two case reports

Yamaoka, T.T.; Auckburally, A., 2016:
The use of rocuronium for ophthalmological surgery in an alpaca

Wolf, M.E.; Ebert, A.D.; Chatzikonstantinou, A., 2016:
The use of routine EEG in acute ischemic stroke patients without seizures: generalized but not focal EEG pathology is associated with clinical deterioration

Burke, C.John.; Didolkar, M.M.; Barnhart, H.X.; Vinson, E.N., 2016:
The use of routine non density calibrated clinical computed tomography data as a potentially useful screening tool for identifying patients with osteoporosis

Lamers, A.; van Nieuwenhuizen, C.; Siebelink, B.; Blaauw, T.; Vermeiren, R., 2015:
The use of routine outcome monitoring in child semi-residential psychiatry: predicting parents' completion rates

Farboud, A.; Arya, A.K., 2016:
The use of rugby scrum caps following parotidectomy to reduce the re-accumulation of seroma

Gurgul, A.; Szmatoła, T.; Topolski, P.; Jasielczuk, I.; Żukowski, K.; Bugno-Poniewierska, M., 2016:
The use of runs of homozygosity for estimation of recent inbreeding in Holstein cattle

Meulders, A.; Van Daele, T.; Volders, Séphanie.; Vlaeyen, J.W.S., 2017:
The use of safety-seeking behavior in exposure-based treatments for fear and anxiety: Benefit or burden? A meta-analytic review

Ayyıldız, S., 2015:
The use of saline solution or gelled phantoms in MRI studies during testing dental materials

Cardoso, E.Santos.de.Carvalho.; Jesus, B.Laís.Santos.de.; Gomes, L.Gama.da.Silva.; Sousa, S.Mara.Bispo.; Gadelha, S.Rocha.; Marin, L.Juliano., 2016:
The use of saliva as a practical and feasible alternative to urine in large-scale screening for congenital cytomegalovirus infection increases inclusion and detection rates

Napierała, M.; Tezyk, A.; Piznal, Młgorzata.; Bogusiewicz, J.; Florek, E., 2016:
The use of saliva for exposure assessments on designer drugs among adolescents

Sharpley, C.F.; Christie, D.R.H.; Bitsika, V.; Agnew, L.L.; Andronicos, N.M.; McMillan, M.E.; Richards, T.M., 2016 :
The use of salivary cortisol as an index of chronic stress that correlates with depression in prostate cancer patients

Perez-Botella, M.; Downe, S.; Magistretti, C.Meier.; Lindstrom, B.; Berg, M., 2015:
The use of salutogenesis theory in empirical studies of maternity care for healthy mothers and babies

Chen, C.; Wakefield, J.; Lumely, T., 2015:
The use of sampling weights in Bayesian hierarchical models for small area estimation

Young, A.; Arif, A., 2016:
The use of scalp cooling for chemotherapy-induced hair loss

Cervantes-Trejo, A.; Leenen, I., 2015:
The use of seatbelts and child seats in drivers and passengers of motor vehicles in four metropolitan areas in Mexico

Göksoy, H.Sami.; Arat, M., 2017:
The use of second allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for hematologic malignancies relapsed after the first: Does it worth to do?

Page, P.R.J.; Trickett, R.W.; Rahman, S.M.; Walters, A.; Pinder, L.M.; Brooks, C.J.; Hutchings, H.; Pallister, I., 2016:
The use of secure anonymised data linkage to determine changes in healthcare utilisation following severe open tibial fractures

Kulkarni, J.; Gilbert, H.; Gurvich, C.; de Castella, A.; Fitzgerald, P.; Davis, S., 2006:
The use of selective estrogen receptor modulators in the treatment of menopausal women with schizophrenia

Šimetka, O.; Klát, J., 2017:
The use of selective progesterone receptor modulators in the treatment of myomas

Bukowski, E.L., 2015:
The use of self-Reiki for stress reduction and relaxation

Bresnahan, E.; Bates, A.; Wu, A.; Reiner, M.; Jacob, B., 2016:
The use of self-gripping (Progrip™) mesh during laparoscopic total extraperitoneal (TEP) inguinal hernia repair: a prospective feasibility and long-term outcomes study

Almalki, M.; Gray, K.; Sanchez, F.Martin., 2015:
The use of self-quantification systems for personal health information: big data management activities and prospects

Gill, T.K.; Tucker, G.R.; Avery, J.C.; Shanahan, E.Michael.; Menz, H.B.; Taylor, A.W.; Adams, R.J.; Hill, C.L., 2016:
The use of self-report questions to examine the prevalence of musculoskeletal problems: a test-retest study

Liu, W.; Chen, M.; Zu, X.; Li, Y.; He, W.; Tong, S.; Lei, Y.; Qi, L., 2015:
The use of self-retaining barbed suture preserves superior renal function during laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: a PADUA score matched comparison

Balogh, O.; Roch, M.; Keller, S.; Michel, E.; Reichler, I.M., 2016:
The use of semi-quantitative tests at Cesarean section delivery for the differentiation of canine fetal fluids from maternal urine on the basis of biochemical characteristics

Giusti, M.; Campomenosi, C.; Gay, S.; Massa, B.; Silvestri, E.; Monti, E.; Turtulici, G., 2014:
The use of semi-quantitative ultrasound elastosonography in combination with conventional ultrasonography and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in the assessment of malignancy risk of thyroid nodules with indeterminate cytology

Linka, W.Andrzej.; Golenia, E.; Zgoda, M.Mikołaj.; Kołodziejczyk, Mł.Krzysztof., 2015:
The use of semi-synthetic polymers in the formulation of sucking and chewable tablets containing sage extract and zinc gluconate

Roxo, Sónia.; de Almeida, Jé.António.; Matias, F.Vieira.; Mata-Lima, H.; Barbosa, S., 2016:
The use of sensory perception indicators for improving the characterization and modelling of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) grade in soils

Zhang, H.; Tan, H.; Gao, J.; Wei, Y.; Yu, Z.; Zhou, Y., 2016:
The use of sequential X-ray, CT and MRI in the preoperative evaluation of breast-conserving surgery

Cembrowski, G.; Topping, K.; Versluys, K.; Tran, D.; Malick, M.; Holmes, D.; Clarke, G., 2016:
The use of serial outpatient complete blood count (CBC) results to derive biologic variation: a new tool to gauge the acceptability of hematology testing

Paton, D.J.; Füssel, A-E.; Vosloo, W.; Dekker, A.; De Clercq, K., 2015:
The use of serosurveys following emergency vaccination, to recover the status of "foot-and-mouth disease free where vaccination is not practised"

Kotanidis, L.; Nikolettos, K.; Petousis, S.; Asimakopoulos, B.; Chatzimitrou, E.; Kolios, G.; Nikolettos, N., 2016:
The use of serum anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) levels and antral follicle count (AFC) to predict the number of oocytes collected and availability of embryos for cryopreservation in IVF

Perri, A.M.; O'Sullivan, T.L.; Harding, J.C.S.; Friendship, R.M., 2016:
The use of serum beta-hydroxybutyrate to determine whether nursery pigs selected on the basis of clinical signs are anorexic

Xiong, L.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, M.; Xu, W., 2016:
The use of serum glial fibrillary acidic protein test as a promising tool for intracerebral hemorrhage diagnosis in Chinese patients and prediction of the short-term functional outcomes

Matheus, Séverine.; Huc, P.; Labeau, B.; Bremand, L.; Enfissi, A.; Merle, O.; Flusin, O.; Rousset, D.; Leparc-Goffart, I., 2016:
The use of serum spotted onto filter paper for diagnosing and monitoring Chikungunya virus infection

Menenakos, E.; Doulami, G.; Tzanetakou, I.P.; Natoudi, M.; Kokoroskos, N.; Almpanopoulos, K.; Leandros, E.; Zografos, G.; Theodorou, D., 2016:
The use of serum uric acid concentration as an indicator of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy success

Wu, B.; Credeur, D.; Fryer, S.; Stoner, L., 2015:
The use of shear rate-diameter dose-response curves as an alternative to the flow-mediated dilation test

Fowler, J.N.; Pallanta, A.A.; Swanik, C.B.; Wagner, N.J., 2015:
The use of shear thickening nanocomposites in impact resistant materials

Boban, A.; Lambert, C.; Hermans, C., 2016:
The use of short-term central venous catheters for optimizing continuous infusion of coagulation factor concentrate in haemophilia patients undergoing major surgical procedures

Kovjazin, R.; Carmon, L., 2016:
The use of signal peptide domains as vaccine candidates

Santos, S.Guilherme.Caetano.Gonçalves.Dos.; Saraiva, E.Paes.; Pimenta Filho, E.Cavalcanti.; Gonzaga Neto, S.; Fonsêca, V.França.Carvalho.; Pinheiro, Aônio.da.Costa.; Almeida, M.Elivania.Vieira.; de Amorim, M.Leal.Cabral.Menezes., 2016:
The use of simple physiological and environmental measures to estimate the latent heat transfer in crossbred Holstein cows

Qinqin, L.; Qiao, C.; Jiancai, D.; Weiping, H., 2015:
The use of simulated rainfall to study the discharge process and the influence factors of urban surface runoff pollution loads

Chen, H.; Kelly, M.; Hayes, C.; van Reyk, D.; Herok, G., 2017:
The use of simulation as a novel experiential learning module in undergraduate science pathophysiology education

Kim, D.; Donnenberg, V.S.; Wilson, J.W.; Donnenberg, A.D., 2016:
The use of simultaneous confidence bands for comparison of single parameter fluorescent intensity data

van Rijn, S.F.; de Vries, M.R.; Kraan, G.A., 2017:
The use of single photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography to differentiate between pain arising from trapeziometacarpal joint and scaphotrapeziotrapezoid joint osteoarthritis

Poltavski, D.V., 2015:
The use of single-electrode wireless EEG in biobehavioral investigations

Coutinho, S.Dall'Acqua.; Burke, J.Catarina.; de Paula, C.Dejuste.; Rodrigues, M.Trefaut.; Catão-Dias, Jé.Luiz., 2016:
The use of singleplex and nested PCR to detect Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in free-living frogs

Woods, T.E.Carl.; Raynor, J.Annette.; Bruce, L.; McDonald, Z., 2015:
The use of skill tests to predict status in junior Australian football

Wurzer, P.; Keil, H.; Branski, L.K.; Parvizi, D.; Clayton, R.P.; Finnerty, C.C.; Herndon, D.N.; Kamolz, L.P., 2016:
The use of skin substitutes and burn care-a survey

Orabi, H.; Safwat, A.S.; Shahat, A.; Hammouda, H.M., 2013:
The use of small intestinal submucosa graft for hypospadias repair: Pilot study

Rajpaul, K.; Acton, C., 2015:
The use of smart technology to deliver efficient and effective pressure-damage education

Ah-kee, E.Yann.; Khan, A.Asif., 2016:
The use of smartphones by junior doctors

Migliore, M., 2017:
The use of smartphones or tablets in surgery. What are the limits?

Raeburn, T.; Schmied, V.; Hungerford, C.; Cleary, M., 2016:
The use of social environment in a psychosocial clubhouse to facilitate recovery-oriented practice

Quinlan, C.S.; Collins, A.M.; Nason, G.J.; Dempsey, M., 2017:
The use of social media by plastic surgery journals

Fung, I.Chun-Hai.; Tse, Z.Tsz.Ho.; Fu, K-Wa., 2016:
The use of social media in public health surveillance

Galiatsatos, P.; Porto-Carreiro, F.; Hayashi, J.; Zakaria, S.; Christmas, C., 2016:
The use of social media to supplement resident medical education - the SMART-ME initiative

Choi, E.P.H.; Wong, J.Y.H.; Fong, D.Y.T., 2016:
The use of social networking applications of smartphone and associated sexual risks in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations: a systematic review

Veale, H.J.; Sacks-Davis, R.; Weaver, E.Rn.; Pedrana, A.E.; Stoové, M.A.; Hellard, M.E., 2015:
The use of social networking platforms for sexual health promotion: identifying key strategies for successful user engagement

Billedo, C.Joy.; Kerkhof, P.; Finkenauer, C., 2015:
The use of social networking sites for relationship maintenance in long-distance and geographically close romantic relationships

Gutierrez, K.M.; Cooper, T.V., 2017:
The use of social networking sites: A risk factor for using alcohol, marijuana, and synthetic cannabinoids?

Wolf, K.; Silapunt, S., 2016:
The use of sodium sulfacetamide in dermatology

Alakailly, X.; Kummoona, R.; Quereshy, F.A.; Baur, D.A.; González, A.E., 2015:
The use of sodium tetradecyl sulphate for the treatment of venous malformations of the head and neck

Attama, A.A.; Umeyor, C.E., 2016:
The use of solid lipid nanoparticles for sustained drug release

Albrecht, R.; Verrecchia, E.; Pfeifer, H-R., 2015:
The use of solid-phase fluorescence spectroscopy in the characterisation of organic matter transformations

Ben-Harush, Y.; Kessous, R.; Weintraub, A.Y.; Aricha-Tamir, B.; Steiner, N.; Spiegel, E.; Hershkovitz, R., 2017:
The use of sonographic cervical length assessment for the prediction of time from induction to delivery

Majorano, M.; Lavelli, M., 2015:
The use of sophisticated words with children with specific language impairment during shared book reading

Mazzucchelli, L.; Rosso, F.; Marmotti, A.; Bonasia, D.Edoardo.; Bruzzone, M.; Rossi, R., 2015:
The use of spacers (static and mobile) in infection knee arthroplasty

Woolley, T.L.; Crowther, R.G.; Doma, K.; Connor, J.D., 2016:
The use of spatial manipulation to examine goalkeepers' anticipation

Kiprono, S.; Muchunu, J.; Beltraminelli, H., 2016:
The use of special stains at two dermatopathology laboratories in East Africa

Orah, N.; Rotimi, O.; Abdulkareem, F.B., 2018:
The use of special stains in liver biopsy interpretation: Implications for the management of liver disease in Nigeria

Mandeville, K.L.; Ulaya, G.; Lagarde, Mène.; Muula, A.S.; Dzowela, T.; Hanson, K., 2016:
The use of specialty training to retain doctors in Malawi: A discrete choice experiment

Frutos, Ián.; García-Delgado, C.; Cala, V.; Gárate, A.; Eymar, E., 2016:
The use of spent mushroom compost to enhance the ability of Atriplex halimus to phytoremediate contaminated mine soils

Duquette, S.A.; Kazemi, M., 2016:
The use of spinal manipulation to treat an acute on field athletic injury: a case report

Ho, J.C.; Tang, C.; Deegan, B.J.; Allen, P.K.; Jonasch, E.; Amini, B.; Wang, X.A.; Li, J.; Tatsui, C.E.; Rhines, L.D.; Brown, P.D.; Ghia, A.J., 2017:
The use of spine stereotactic radiosurgery for oligometastatic disease

Vasileva, A.V.; Karavaeva, T.A.; Poltorak, S.V.; Chekhlaty, E.I., 2016:
The use of spitomine (buspirone) in the combined therapy of panic disorder

Prasetyono, T.O.H.; Sadikin, P.M.; Saputra, D.K.A., 2016:
The use of split-thickness versus full-thickness skin graft to resurface volar aspect of pediatric burned hands: A systematic review

Ma, S.; Chowdhury, S.K., 2016:
The use of stable isotope-labeled drug as microtracers with conventional LC-MS/MS to support human absolute bioavailability studies: are we there yet?

Seale, N.Sue.; Randall, R., 2016:
The use of stainless steel crowns: a systematic literature review

Kretova, A.S.; Lyubimov, A.V., 2015:
The use of stalevo in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease

Odemis, B.; Oztas, E.; Akpinar, M.Yener.; Kacar, S.; Kuzu, U.Baris.; Ozdemir, M., 2017:
The use of stand-alone fully covered self-expandable metallic stents for drainage of walled-off necrosis or pseudocyst may lead to poor results

Murray, L.; Salis, C.; Martin, N.; Dralle, J., 2016 :
The use of standardised short-term and working memory tests in aphasia research: a systematic review

Preau, Sébastien.; Dewavrin, F.; Demaeght, V.; Chiche, A.; Voisin, Bît.; Minacori, F.; Poissy, J.; Boulle-Geronimi, C.; Blazejewski, C.; Onimus, T.; Durocher, A.; Saulnier, F., 2017:
The use of static and dynamic haemodynamic parameters before volume expansion: A prospective observational study in six French intensive care units

Hanbali, A.S.; Urbaez Duran, E.; Wang, D.; Jankowski, M.; Syed, A.; Farhan, S.; Chapman, R., 2016:
The use of statins and the effect on survival in patients with small cell lung cancer

Westman, P.C.; Lipinski, M.J., 2015:
The use of statins in patients with heart failure: more questions than answers

Wang, D.; Hanbali, A.; Jankowski, M.; Duran, E.U.; Syed, A.; Farhan, S.; Chapman, R., 2016:
The use of statins may prolong survival of non-small cell lung cancer patients

Oke, J.L.; Stratton, I.M.; Aldington, S.J.; Stevens, R.J.; Scanlon, P.H., 2018:
The use of statistical methodology to determine the accuracy of grading within a diabetic retinopathy screening programme

Mingote, R.M.; Nogueira, R.A., 2016:
The use of statistical methods for censored data to evaluate the activity concentration of Pb-210 in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Shen, C.; Yu, Z.; Liu, Z., 2016:
The use of statistics in heart rhythm research: a review

Li, B.; Chen, K.; Gao, X.; Zhao, C.; Shao, Q.; Sun, Q.; Li, H., 2016:
The use of steam explosion to increase the nutrition available from rice straw

Koźlik, M.; Wójcicki, P., 2015:
The use of stem cells in plastic and reconstructive surgery

Łyczkowska-Piotrowska, J.; Radzikowska, E.; Walecka, I.; Maciejewski, R., 2016:
The use of stem cells in some rheumatic diseases

Ardhanareeswaran, K.; Coppola, G.; Vaccarino, F., 2015:
The use of stem cells to study autism spectrum disorder

Gill, R.; Schneck, M.J., 2017:
The use of stent retrievers in acute ischemic stroke

Iashchenko, A.V.; Sinopal'nikov, A.I., 2015:
The use of stepwise antibacterial therapy of community-acquired pneumonia

Cho, E.; Rubinstein, L.; Stevenson, P.; Gooley, T.; Philips, M.; Halasz, L.M.; Gensheimer, M.F.; Linden, H.M.; Rockhill, J.K.; Gadi, V.K., 2015:
The use of stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastases from breast cancer: who benefits most?

Kara, M.; Gundogdu, A.Gokhan.; Kadioglu, S.Zeki.; Cayirci, E.Can.; Taskin, N., 2017:
The use of sternal wedge osteotomy in pectus surgery: when is it necessary?

Perugi, G.; Vannucchi, G., 2015:
The use of stimulants and atomoxetine in adults with comorbid ADHD and bipolar disorder

Berli, A-Sabin.J.; Jud Schefer, R.; Steininger, K.; Schwarzwald, C.C., 2016:
The use of strain, strain rate, and displacement by 2D speckle tracking for assessment of systolic left ventricular function in goats: applicability and influence of general anesthesia

Erasmus, E., 2016:
The use of street-level bureaucracy theory in health policy analysis in low- and middle-income countries: a meta-ethnographic synthesis

Parriault, M-Claire.; Van Melle, A.; Basurko, Célia.; Adriouch, L.; Rogier, Séphanie.; Couppié, P.; Nacher, M., 2016:
The use of structural equation modelling and behavioural theory to target priority interventions to increase condom use among the intimate partners of sex workers in French Guiana

Berry, C.; Board, J., 2016:
The use of structural modelling to infer structure and function in biocontrol agents

Klára, Tás.; Csönge, L.; Janositz, Gábor.; Pap, Károly.; Lacza, Z., 2015:
The use of structural proximal tibial allografts coated with human albumin in treating extensive periprosthetic knee-joint bone deficiency and averting late complications. Case report

Marcet, I.; Álvarez, C.; Paredes, Bín.; Díaz, M., 2016:
The use of sub-critical water hydrolysis for the recovery of peptides and free amino acids from food processing wastes. Review of sources and main parameters

Sin, B.; Ternas, T.; Motov, S.M., 2015:
The use of subdissociative-dose ketamine for acute pain in the emergency department

Philippou, D.; Borzatta, V.; Capparella, E.; Moroni, L.; Field, L.; Moores, G., 2017:
The use of substituted alkynyl phenoxy derivatives of piperonyl butoxide to control insecticide-resistant pests

Murray, L.M.; Nock, V.; Evans, J.J.; Alkaisi, M.M., 2017:
The use of substrate materials and topography to modify growth patterns and rates of differentiation of muscle cells

Szymański, M.; Ataide, A.; Linder, T., 2016:
The use of subtotal petrosectomy in cochlear implant candidates with chronic otitis media

Iakubovskii, S.V.; Kondratenko, G.G.; Popova, I.I., 2015:
The use of succinate-containing preparations in combine therapy of diffuse toxic goiter

Asakura, C.; Iwasaki, H., 2018:
The use of succinylcholine after sugammadex reversal

De Robertis, E.; Zito Marinosci, G.; Romano, G.Marco.; Piazza, O.; Iannuzzi, M.; Cirillo, F.; De Simone, S.; Servillo, G., 2016:
The use of sugammadex for bariatric surgery: analysis of recovery time from neuromuscular blockade and possible economic impact

Karwacki, Z.; Niewiadomski, S.; Rzaska, M., 2016:
The use of sugammadex for the reversal of vecuronium-induced neuromuscular block following intracranial surgery

Sengul, T.; Saracoglu, A.; Sener, S.; Bezen, O., 2017:
The use of sugammadex in a pregnant patient with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

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The use of the analyst as an autistic shape

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The use of the rat as a model for studying peripheral nerve regeneration and sprouting after complete and partial nerve injuries

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Dynamic properties of human incudostapedial joint-Experimental measurement and finite element modeling

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The use of the sequential mathematical analysis for the determination of the driver's seat position inside the car passenger compartment from the injuries to the extremities in the case of a traffic accident

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The use of the short communication article format

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The use of the submental island flap in reconstructing palatal and facial defects in a surgical camp in East Africa

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The use of theory in research

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The use of thermodynamic and kinetic data in drug discovery: decisive insight or increasing the puzzlement?

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The use of thiafentanil oxalate and azaperone for reversible immobilisation of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) within a nature reserve - Short communication

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The use of three-dimensional imaging to evaluate the effect of conventional orthodontic approach in treating a subject with facial asymmetry

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The use of thresholds of electrically evoked short-latent auditory potentials for the adjustment of the speech processors in the patients undergoing cochlear implantation

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The use of thrombolytic therapy in pregnancy

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The utility of utility scores

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