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Translation into Greek and initial validity and reliability testing of a modified version of the SCIM III, in both English and Greek, for self-use

Michailidou, C.; Marston, L.; De Souza, L.H.

Disability and Rehabilitation 38(2): 180-188


ISSN/ISBN: 0963-8288
PMID: 25875048
DOI: 10.3109/09638288.2015.1035454
Accession: 059160283

To translate and culturally adapt the Spinal Cord Injury Measure version III (SCIM III) into Greek (GR-SCIM III). To conduct initial testing of psychometric properties of both measures by self-report. Forward-backward translation was conducted to produce the GR-SCIM III. Participants completed the English or Greek versions in 2008-2009. Both versions were examined for multidimensionality, internal consistency and concurrent/criterion validity with the EQ-5D. Forty-five Greek adults with spinal cord injury (SCI) (23 males), mean age 61 (SD17) years; mean time since injury 11 (SD9) years, completed the GR-SCIM III. One hundred and seventy four English-speaking adults with SCI (111 males), mean age 47 (SD12) years; mean time since injury 12 (SD11) years, completed the SCIM III. Unidimensionality was confirmed for both versions. Internal consistency was acceptable (α = 0.78 for both). Validity was strong for the "self-care" subscale (GR-SCIM III ρ = -0.78, SCIM III ρ = -0.75) and moderate for the "mobility" subscale (GR-SCIM III ρ = -0.58, SCIM III ρ = -0.45). This has been the first function scale translated and validated in Greek for people with SCI. Both the GR-SCIM III and SCIM III are reliable for use by self-report. More studies are needed to further examine their psychometric properties and compare with observation or interview. The Greek version of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure version III (SCIM) is valid and reliable for self-report. Further testing is needed to assess psychometric qualities not assessed in the present study. Researchers and therapists in Greece can use a specific measure to assess functional independence in people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Consideration needs to be given to the participants' type of injury, which may affect the results of SCIM III.

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