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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59249

Chapter 59249 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yap, K.S.; Morand, E.F., 2016:
Vitamin D and systemic lupus erythematosus: continued evolution

Palmer, D.J., 2015:
Vitamin D and the Development of Atopic Eczema

Sun, M.; Guo, B., 2016:
Vitamin D and the Epigenetic Machinery in Colon Cancer

Larriba, Mía.Jesús.; García de Herreros, A.; Muñoz, A., 2016:
Vitamin D and the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition

Limketkai, B.N.; Bechtold, M.L.; Nguyen, D.L., 2017:
Vitamin D and the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Palaniswamy, S.; Williams, D.; Järvelin, M-Riitta.; Sebert, S., 2016:
Vitamin D and the Promotion of Long-Term Metabolic Health from a Programming Perspective

Cui, X.; Gooch, H.; Groves, N.J.; Sah, P.; Burne, T.H.; Eyles, D.W.; McGrath, J.J., 2015:
Vitamin D and the brain: key questions for future research

Dougherty, K.A.; Dilisio, M.F.; Agrawal, D.K., 2016:
Vitamin D and the immunomodulation of rotator cuff injury

Patrick, R.P.; Ames, B.N., 2015:
Vitamin D and the omega-3 fatty acids control serotonin synthesis and action, part 2: relevance for ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and impulsive behavior

Vitezova, A.; Cartolano, N.S.; Heeringa, J.; Zillikens, M.Carola.; Hofman, A.; Franco, O.H.; Kiefte-de Jong, J.C., 2016:
Vitamin D and the risk of atrial fibrillation--the Rotterdam Study

Gidlöf, S.; Silva, A.T.; Gustafsson, S.; Lindqvist, P.G., 2015:
Vitamin D and the risk of preeclampsia--a nested case-control study

Mostafa, W.Z.; Hegazy, R.A., 2015:
Vitamin D and the skin: Focus on a complex relationship: A review

Vondra, K.; Stárka, L.; Hampl, R., 2016:
Vitamin D and thyroid diseases

Venturini, E.; Facchini, L.; Martinez-Alier, N.; Novelli, V.; Galli, L.; de Martino, M.; Chiappini, E., 2015:
Vitamin D and tuberculosis: a multicenter study in children

Facchini, L.; Venturini, E.; Galli, L.; de Martino, M.; Chiappini, E., 2016:
Vitamin D and tuberculosis: a review on a hot topic

Davies, P.D.O.; Martineau, A.R., 2016:
Vitamin D and tuberculosis: more effective in prevention than treatment?

Sarin, P.; Duffy, J.; Mughal, Z.; Hedayat, E.; Manaseki-Holland, S., 2017:
Vitamin D and tuberculosis: review and association in three rural provinces of Afghanistan

Lips, P.; Eekhoff, M.; van Schoor, N.; Oosterwerff, M.; de Jongh, R.; Krul-Poel, Y.; Simsek, S., 2016:
Vitamin D and type 2 diabetes

Grigalavicius, M.; Moan, J.; Dahlback, A.; Juzeniene, A., 2016:
Vitamin D and ultraviolet phototherapy in Caucasians

Krajewski, W.; Dzięgała, M.; Kołodziej, A.; Dembowski, J.; Zdrojowy, R., 2016:
Vitamin D and urological cancers

Mitro, S.D.; Zota, A.R., 2016:
Vitamin D and uterine leiomyoma among a sample of US women: Findings from NHANES, 2001-2006

Annweiler, Cédric.; Bartha, R.; Karras, S.N.; Gautier, J.; Roche, Fédéric.; Beauchet, O., 2015:
Vitamin D and white matter abnormalities in older adults: a quantitative volumetric analysis of brain MRI

Gifondorwa, D.J.; Thompson, T.D.; Wiley, J.; Culver, A.E.; Shetler, P.K.; Rocha, G.V.; Ma, Y.L.; Krishnan, V.; Bryant, H.U., 2016:
Vitamin D and/or calcium deficient diets may differentially affect muscle fiber neuromuscular junction innervation

Castronovo, C.; Castronovo, V.; Nikkels, A.; Peulen, O., 2016:
Vitamin D anti-cancer activities: observations, doubts and certainties

Wallis, R.S.; Zumla, A., 2016:
Vitamin D as Adjunctive Host-Directed Therapy in Tuberculosis: A Systematic Review

Lei, G-Sheng.; Zhang, C.; Zimmerman, M.K.; Lee, C-Hung., 2016:
Vitamin D as Supplemental Therapy for Pneumocystis Pneumonia

Woo, Y.Ri.; Jung, K.Eun.; Koo, D.Won.; Lee, J.Sun., 2015:
Vitamin D as a Marker for Disease Severity in Chronic Urticaria and Its Possible Role in Pathogenesis

Schöttker, B.; Brenner, H., 2016 :
Vitamin D as a Resilience Factor, Helpful for Survival of Potentially Fatal Conditions: A Hypothesis Emerging from Recent Findings of the ESTHER Cohort Study and the CHANCES Consortium

Vedak, T.Kanhaiya.; Ganwir, V.; Shah, A.B.; Pinto, C.; Lele, V.R.; Subramanyam, A.; Shah, H.; Deo, S.Shrikant., 2015:
Vitamin D as a marker of cognitive decline in elderly Indian population

O'Sullivan, M., 2015:
Vitamin D as a novel therapy in inflammatory bowel disease: new hope or false dawn?

Hamdy Al-Said, N.; Abd El Ghaffar Mohamed, N.; Salam, R.F.; Fawzy, M.Wadie., 2015:
Vitamin D as a risk factor for premature atherosclerosis in patients with type 2 diabetes

Goldsmith, J.R., 2015:
Vitamin D as an Immunomodulator: Risks with Deficiencies and Benefits of Supplementation

Kerley, C.P.; Elnazir, B.; Faul, J.; Cormican, L., 2016:
Vitamin D as an adjunctive therapy in asthma. Part 1: A review of potential mechanisms

Kerley, C.P.; Elnazir, B.; Faul, J.; Cormican, L., 2016:
Vitamin D as an adjunctive therapy in asthma. Part 2: A review of human studies

Slominski, A.T.; Brozyna, A.; Jozwicki, W.; Tuckey, R.C., 2015:
Vitamin D as an adjuvant in melanoma therapy

Zhao, S.; Gardner, K.; Taylor, W.; Marks, E.; Goodson, N., 2015:
Vitamin D assessment in primary care: changing patterns of testing

Tazzyman, S.; Richards, N.; Trueman, A.R.; Evans, A.L.; Grant, V.A.; Garaiova, I.; Plummer, S.F.; Williams, E.A.; Corfe, B.M., 2016:
Vitamin D associates with improved quality of life in participants with irritable bowel syndrome: outcomes from a pilot trial

Evatt, M.L., 2015:
Vitamin D associations and sleep physiology-promising rays of information

Thompson, J.M.; Fioletov, V.E.; Marrett, L.D.; Rosen, C.F.; Weinstock, M.A., 2018:
Vitamin D at the Expense of Skin Cancer Protection: Is It Worth the Risk?

Morin, Gève.; Orlando, Vérie.; St-Martin Crites, K.; Patey, N.; Mailhot, Gève., 2017:
Vitamin D attenuates inflammation in CFTR knockdown intestinal epithelial cells but has no effect in cells with intact CFTR

Rai, V.; Dietz, N.E.; Dilisio, M.F.; Radwan, M.M.; Agrawal, D.K., 2017:
Vitamin D attenuates inflammation, fatty infiltration, and cartilage loss in the knee of hyperlipidemic microswine

Al-Rasheed, N.M.; Al-Rasheed, N.M.; Bassiouni, Y.A.; Hasan, I.H.; Al-Amin, M.A.; Al-Ajmi, H.N.; Mohamad, R.A., 2016:
Vitamin D attenuates pro-inflammatory TNF-α cytokine expression by inhibiting NF-кB/p65 signaling in hypertrophied rat hearts

Garsen, M.; Sonneveld, R.; Rops, A.L.W.M.M.; Huntink, S.; van Kuppevelt, T.H.; Rabelink, T.J.; Hoenderop, J.G.J.; Berden, J.H.M.; Nijenhuis, T.; van der Vlag, J., 2016:
Vitamin D attenuates proteinuria by inhibition of heparanase expression in the podocyte

Chen, H.; Zhang, L.; He, Z.; Zhong, X.; Zhang, J.; Li, M.; Bai, J., 2015:
Vitamin D binding protein gene polymorphisms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis

Braithwaite, V.S.; Jones, K.S.; Schoenmakers, I.; Silver, M.; Prentice, A.; Hennig, B.J., 2015:
Vitamin D binding protein genotype is associated with plasma 25OHD concentration in West African children

Horita, N.; Miyazawa, N.; Tomaru, K.; Inoue, M.; Ishigatsubo, Y.; Kaneko, T., 2016:
Vitamin D binding protein genotype variants and risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis

Sainsbury, J.P.; Trajtman, A.; Stalker, A.T.; Embil, J.M.; Keynan, Y., 2016:
Vitamin D binding protein polymorphism protects against development of blastomycosis

Braczkowski, R.; Braczkowska, Bła.; Stryjewski, P.J.; Kuczaj, A.; Al-Srory, G., 2016:
Vitamin D blood levels of students in grades IV-Vl of primary schools in Katowice

Lee, Y-Che.; Hung, S-Yuan.; Liou, H-Hsiang.; Lin, T-Mei.; Tsai, C-Hung.; Lin, S-Hsiang.; Tsai, Y-Sheng.; Chang, M-Yu.; Wang, H-Hao.; Ho, L-Chun.; Chen, Y-Ting.; Wu, C-Fang.; Chen, H-Ching.; Chen, H-Pao.; Liu, K-Wen.; Chen, C-I.; She, K.Min.; Wang, H-Kuang.; Lin, C-Wei.; Chiou, Y-Yow., 2016:
Vitamin D can ameliorate chlorhexidine gluconate-induced peritoneal fibrosis and functional deterioration through the inhibition of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of mesothelial cells

Berridge, M.J., 2015:
Vitamin D cell signalling in health and disease

Shan, N.Lin.; Wahler, J.; Lee, H.Jin.; Bak, M.Ji.; Gupta, S.Das.; Maehr, H.; Suh, N., 2016:
Vitamin D compounds inhibit cancer stem-like cells and induce differentiation in triple negative breast cancer

Wahler, J.; So, J.Young.; Cheng, L.C.; Maehr, H.; Uskokovic, M.; Suh, N., 2015:
Vitamin D compounds reduce mammosphere formation and decrease expression of putative stem cell markers in breast cancer

Almeida, O.P.; Hankey, G.J.; Yeap, B.B.; Golledge, J.; Flicker, L., 2016:
Vitamin D concentration and its association with past, current and future depression in older men: The Health In Men Study

de la Calle, Mía.; García, S.; Duque, M.; Bartha, Jé.L., 2016:
Vitamin D concentrations are decreased in singleton and twin pregnancies

Alvi, S.N.; El Tabache, C.; Al-Ashwall, A.; Hammami, M.Maher., 2017:
Vitamin D content in fortified low fat milk in Saudi Arabia

við Streym, S.; Højskov, C.S.; Møller, U.Kristine.; Heickendorff, L.; Vestergaard, P.; Mosekilde, L.; Rejnmark, L., 2016:
Vitamin D content in human breast milk: a 9-mo follow-up study

Mrotzek, C.; Felcht, M.; Sommer, A.; Schrader, A.; Klemke, C-Detlev.; Herling, M.; Schlaak, M.; Fabri, M., 2016:
Vitamin D controls apoptosis and proliferation of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cells

Pelham, C.J.; Drews, E.M.; Agrawal, D.K., 2017:
Vitamin D controls resistance artery function through regulation of perivascular adipose tissue hypoxia and inflammation

Olson, K.C.; Kulling, P.M.; Olson, T.L.; Tan, S-Fern.; Rainbow, R.J.; Feith, D.J.; Loughran, T.P., 2016:
Vitamin D decreases STAT phosphorylation and inflammatory cytokine output in T-LGL leukemia

Chang, E.; Kim, Y., 2017:
Vitamin D decreases adipocyte lipid storage and increases NAD-SIRT1 pathway in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Wang, L-Feng.; Chien, C-Yu.; Tai, C-Feng.; Chiang, F-Yu.; Chen, J.Yi-Fu., 2015:
Vitamin D decreases the secretion of eotaxin and RANTES in nasal polyp fibroblasts derived from Taiwanese patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps

Wang, L-Feng.; Tai, C-Feng.; Chien, C-Yu.; Chiang, F-Yu.; Chen, J.Yi-Fu., 2015:
Vitamin D decreases the secretion of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in fibroblasts derived from Taiwanese patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis

Keflie, T.Seyoum.; Nölle, N.; Lambert, C.; Nohr, D.; Biesalski, H.Konrad., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiencies among tuberculosis patients in Africa: A systematic review

Shin, K-Young.; Park, K.Kyu.; Moon, S-Hwan.; Yang, I.Hwan.; Choi, H-June.; Lee, W-Suk., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency adversely affects early post-operative functional outcomes after total knee arthroplasty

de Bragança, A.Carolina.; Volpini, R.A.; Canale, D.; Gonçalves, Jína.G.; Shimizu, M.Heloisa.M.; Sanches, T.R.; Seguro, A.C.; Andrade, Lúcia., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency aggravates ischemic acute kidney injury in rats

Anonymous, 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency also frequent among the young

Botros, R.M.; Sabry, I.M.; Abdelbaky, R.S.; Eid, Y.M.; Nasr, M.S.; Hendawy, L.M., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency among healthy Egyptian females

Angurana, S.Kumar.; Mahajan, V., 2018:
Vitamin D deficiency among healthy children in developing countries: an epidemic being recognized

Munter, G.; Levi-Vineberg, T.; Sylvetsky, N., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency among physicians: a comparison between hospitalists and community-based physicians

Al-Jaroudi, D.; Al-Banyan, N.; Aljohani, N.J.; Kaddour, O.; Al-Tannir, M., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency among subfertile women: case-control study

Bednarek, A.; Chudek, J.; Karwasiecka, Dła.; Kubeczko, M.; Wojnar, J., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency among women diagnosed with breast cancer and unclear benefits of vitamin supplementation

Keeney, J.T.; Butterfield, D.Allan., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer disease: Common links

Pareek, M.; Innes, J.; Sridhar, S.; Grass, L.; Connell, D.; Woltmann, G.; Wiselka, M.; Martineau, A.R.; Kon, O.Min.; Dedicoat, M.; Lalvani, A., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and TB disease phenotype

Larkin, A.; Lassetter, J., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and acute lower respiratory infections in children younger than 5 years: identification and treatment

Lee, M.T.; Licursi, M.; McMahon, D.J., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and acute vaso-occlusive complications in children with sickle cell disease

Korwutthikulrangsri, M.; Mahachoklertwattana, P.; Lertbunrian, R.; Chailurkit, L-Or.; Poomthavorn, P., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and adrenal function in critically ill children

Moberg, M.; Elango, P.; Ferrucci, L.; Spruit, M.A.; Wouters, E.F.; Rutten, E.P.A., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and airflow limitation in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Thompson, J.; Nitiahpapand, R.; Bhatti, P.; Kourliouros, A., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and atrial fibrillation

Sulimani, R.A.; Mohammed, A.G.; Alfadda, A.A.; Alshehri, S.N.; Al-Othman, A.M.; Al-Daghri, N.M.; Hanley, D.A.; Khan, A.A., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency and biochemical variations among urban Saudi adolescent girls according to season

Schnatz, P.F.; Nudy, M.; Jiang, X.; Demko, J.E.; Appt, S.E., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women: contributions from human and nonhuman primate studies

Ciccone, M.Matteo.; Zito, A.; Dentamaro, I.; Vestito, D.; Scicchitano, P.; Iacoviello, M.; De Pergola, G.; Devito, F., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular diseases

Moy, F.Ming.; Hoe, V.Cw.; Hairi, N.Naqiah.; Vethakkan, S.Ratna.; Bulgiba, A., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and depression among women from an urban community in a tropical country

Al-Ajlan, A.; Krishnaswamy, S.; Alokail, M.S.; Aljohani, N.J.; Al-Serehi, A.; Sheshah, E.; Alshingetti, N.M.; Fouda, M.; Turkistani, I.Z.; Al-Daghri, N.M., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and dyslipidemia in early pregnancy

Fraser, D.R., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and energy metabolism

Chen, S.; Sun, Y.; Agrawal, D.K., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and essential hypertension

Heffler, E.; Bonini, M.; Brussino, L.; Solidoro, P.; Guida, G.; Boita, M.; Nicolosi, G.; Bucca, C., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency and exercise-induced laryngospasm in young competitive rowers

Johnson, K.; Sattari, M., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and fatigue: an unusual presentation

Jacobs, E.T.; Mullany, C.J., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and inadequacy in a correctional population

Judd, S.E.; Morgan, C.J.; Panwar, B.; Howard, V.J.; Wadley, V.G.; Jenny, N.S.; Kissela, B.M.; Gutiérrez, O.M., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and incident stroke risk in community-living black and white adults

Green, R.J.; Samy, G.; Miqdady, M.S.; El-Hodhod, M.; Akinyinka, O.O.; Saleh, G.; Haddad, J.; Alsaedi, S.A.; Mersal, A.Y.; Edris, A.; Salah, M., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in Africa and the Middle East, despite year-round sunny days

Saki, F.; Dabbaghmanesh, M.Hossein.; Omrani, G.Ranjbar.; Bakhshayeshkaram, M., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and its associated risk factors in children and adolescents in southern Iran

Martínez-Alonso, M.; Dusso, A.; Ariza, G.; Nabal, M., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and its association with fatigue and quality of life in advanced cancer patients under palliative care: A cross-sectional study

Kiggundu, D.S.; Mutebi, E.; Kibirige, D.; Boxer, R.; Kakande, B.; Kigozi, B.K.; Katabira, E., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and its characteristics among patients with acute stroke at a national referral hospital in Kampala Uganda

Wakayo, T.; Belachew, T.; Vatanparast, H.; Whiting, S.J., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and its predictors in a country with thirteen months of sunshine: the case of school children in central Ethiopia

Yoon, J.Han.; Park, D.Kyu.; Yong, S.Woo.; Hong, J.Man., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and its relationship with endothelial dysfunction in patients with early Parkinson's disease

Fong, C.Yi.; Kong, A.Nie.; Poh, B.Koon.; Mohamed, A.Rithauddin.; Khoo, T.Beng.; Ng, R.Lun.; Noordin, M.; Nadarajaw, T.; Ong, L.Choo., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency and its risk factors in Malaysian children with epilepsy

Mpandzou, G.; Aït Ben Haddou, E.; Regragui, W.; Benomar, A.; Yahyaoui, M., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and its role in neurological conditions: A review

Sankar, J.; Lotha, W.; Ismail, J.; Anubhuti, C.; Meena, R.S.; Sankar, M.Jeeva., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and length of pediatric intensive care unit stay: a prospective observational study

Blomberg Jensen, M.; Gerner Lawaetz, J.; Andersson, A-Maria.; Petersen, Jørgen.Holm.; Nordkap, L.; Bang, A.Kirstine.; Ekbom, P.; Joensen, U.Nordström.; Prætorius, L.; Lundstrøm, P.; Boujida, V.Hartvig.; Lanske, B.; Juul, A.; Jørgensen, N., 2018:
Vitamin D deficiency and low ionized calcium are linked with semen quality and sex steroid levels in infertile men

Jat, K.Ram., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and lower respiratory tract infections in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies

García-Soler, P.; Morales-Martínez, A.; Rosa-Camacho, V.; Lillo-Muñoz, J.Antonio.; Milano-Manso, G., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and morbimortality in critically ill paediatric patients

Eldash, H.H.; Atwa, Z.Th.; Saad, M.A., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis in hemophilic children: an intermingled comorbidity

Bedir Findik, R.; Ersoy, A.Ozgur.; Fidanci, V.; Tasci, Y.; Helvacioglu, Y.; Karakaya, J., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency and placental calcification in low-risk obstetric population: are they related?

Shah, S.Kamran.Ali.; Taufiq, I.; Najjad, M.Kazim.Rahim.; Ali, S.Danish.; Siddiqui, M.Ather., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and possible link with Bony pain and onset of Osteoporosis

Brown, C.J.; Akaichi, F., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and posterior subcapsular cataract

van de Vijver, A.; Drakopoulos, P.; Van Landuyt, L.; Vaiarelli, A.; Blockeel, C.; Santos-Ribeiro, S.; Tournaye, H.; Polyzos, N.P., 2018:
Vitamin D deficiency and pregnancy rates following frozen-thawed embryo transfer: a prospective cohort study

Xiao, X.; Wang, Y.; Hou, Y.; Han, F.; Ren, J.; Hu, Z., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency and related risk factors in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Anonymous, 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and rickets: consensus at last

Luo, Y.; Chen, J., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and risk factors in children with Crohn's disease

Mave, V.; Chandanwale, A.; Bhosale, R.; Shere, D.; Gupte, N.; Suryavanshi, N.; Kulkarni, V.; Kagal, A.; Bharadwaj, R.; Joshi, S.; Bollinger, R.C.; Gupta, A., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency and risk of postpartum tuberculosis among HIV-infected breastfeeding mothers in India

Eloi, M.; Horvath, D.V.; Szejnfeld, V.L.; Ortega, J.C.; Rocha, D.A.C.; Szejnfeld, J.; Castro, C.H.M., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and seasonal variation over the years in São Paulo, Brazil

Eggemoen, Åse.R.; Falk, R.S.; Knutsen, K.V.; Lagerløv, P.; Sletner, L.; Birkeland, Kåre.I.; Jenum, A.K., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and supplementation in pregnancy in a multiethnic population-based cohort

Liu, T.; Zhong, S.; Liu, L.; Liu, S.; Li, X.; Zhou, T.; Zhang, J., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency and the risk of anemia: a meta-analysis of observational studies

de Haan, K.; Groeneveld, A.B.Johan.; de Geus, H.R.H.; Egal, M.; Struijs, A., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for infection, sepsis and mortality in the critically ill: systematic review and meta-analysis

Bryce, G.; MacBeth, N., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency as a suspected causative factor in the failure of an immediately placed dental implant: a case report

van Orten-Luiten, A.C.B.; Janse, A.; Dhonukshe-Rutten, R.A.M.; Witkamp, R.F., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency as adverse drug reaction? A cross-sectional study in Dutch geriatric outpatients

Noyola-García, M.Estela.; Díaz-Romero, A.; Arce-Quiñones, M.; Chong-Martínez, B.Alicia.; Anda-Garay, J.Carlos., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency associated with insulin resistance in medical residents

Junaid, K.; Rehman, A.; Jolliffe, D.A.; Saeed, T.; Wood, K.; Martineau, A.R., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency associates with susceptibility to tuberculosis in Pakistan, but polymorphisms in VDR, DBP and CYP2R1 do not

Ala-Kokko, T.I.; Mutt, S.J.; Nisula, S.; Koskenkari, J.; Liisanantti, J.; Ohtonen, P.; Poukkanen, M.; Laurila, J.J.; Pettilä, V.; Herzig, K-Heinz.; Laru-Sompa, R.; Pulkkinen, A.; Saarelainen, M.; Reilama, M.; Tolmunen, S.; Rantalainen, U.; Miettinen, M.; Suvela, M.; Pesola, K.; Saastamoinen, P.; Kauppinen, S.; Pettilä, V.; Kaukonen, K-Maija.; Korhonen, A-Maija.; Nisula, S.; Vaara, S.; Suojaranta-Ylinen, R.; Mildh, L.; Haapio, M.; Nurminen, L.; Sutinen, S.; Pettilä, L.; Laitinen, Hä.; Syrjä,, 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency at admission is not associated with 90-day mortality in patients with severe sepsis or septic shock: Observational FINNAKI cohort study

Wyatt, C.; Lucas, R.M.; Hurst, C.; Kimlin, M.G., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency at melanoma diagnosis is associated with higher Breslow thickness

Gominak, S.C., 2017:
Vitamin D deficiency changes the intestinal microbiome reducing B vitamin production in the gut. The resulting lack of pantothenic acid adversely affects the immune system, producing a "pro-inflammatory" state associated with atherosclerosis and autoimmunity

Dancer, R.C.A.; Parekh, D.; Lax, S.; D'Souza, V.; Zheng, S.; Bassford, C.R.; Park, D.; Bartis, D.G.; Mahida, R.; Turner, A.M.; Sapey, E.; Wei, W.; Naidu, B.; Stewart, P.M.; Fraser, W.D.; Christopher, K.B.; Cooper, M.S.; Gao, F.; Sansom, D.M.; Martineau, A.R.; Perkins, G.D.; Thickett, D.R., 2015:
Vitamin D deficiency contributes directly to the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

Ma, Y-hui.; Zhou, Y-lan.; Yue, C-yan.; Zhang, G-hui.; Deng, L.; Xie, G-hua.; Xu, W-ping.; Shen, L-song., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency contributes to the reduction and impaired function of naïve CD45RA⁺ regulatory T cell in chronic heart failure

de Bragança, A.C.; Volpini, R.A.; Mehrotra, P.; Andrade, Lúcia.; Basile, D.P., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency contributes to vascular damage in sustained ischemic acute kidney injury

Djukic, M.; Sostmann, N.; Bertsch, T.; Mecke, M.; Nessler, S.; Manig, A.; Hanisch, U-Karsten.; Triebel, J.; Bollheimer, L.Cornelius.; Sieber, C.; Nau, R., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency decreases survival of bacterial meningoencephalitis in mice

Moon, Y.; Moon, W-Jin.; Kwon, H.; Lee, J-Min.; Han, S-Heui., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency disrupts neuronal integrity in cognitively impaired patients

Niederstrasser, J.; Herr, C.; Wolf, L.; Lehr, C.M.; Beisswenger, C.; Bals, R., 2016:
Vitamin D Deficiency Does Not Result in a Breach of Host Defense in Murine Models of Pneumonia

Heulens, N.; Korf, H.; Cielen, N.; De Smidt, E.; Maes, K.; Gysemans, C.; Verbeken, E.; Gayan-Ramirez, G.; Mathieu, C.; Janssens, W., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency exacerbates COPD-like characteristics in the lungs of cigarette smoke-exposed mice

Dang, R.; Jiang, P.; Cai, H.; Li, H.; Guo, R.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, W.; He, X.; Liu, Y.; Xu, P., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency exacerbates atypical antipsychotic-induced metabolic side effects in rats: involvement of the INSIG/SREBP pathway

Park, S.; Kim, D.Sol.; Kang, S., 2016:
Vitamin D deficiency impairs glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and increases insulin resistance by reducing PPAR-γ expression in nonobese Type 2 diabetic rats

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Vitamin D deficiency impairs skeletal muscle function in a smoking mouse model

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