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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59302

Chapter 59302 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Agrawal, H.; Sexson-Tejtel, S.Kristen.; Qureshi, A.M.; Alam, M.; Masand, P.; Fraser, C.D.; Molossi, S.; Mery, C.M., 2017:
Aborted Sudden Cardiac Death After Unroofing of Anomalous Left Coronary Artery

Lachmann, V.; Makimoto, H.; Kelm, M.; Bönner, F., 2017:
Aborted sudden cardiac death: ICD or no ICD

Giusca, S.; Eisele, T.; Nunninger, P.; Münz, B.; Korosoglou, G., 2017:
Aborted Sudden Cardiac Death in a Female Patient Presenting with Takotsubo-Like Cardiomyopathy due to Epicardial Coronary Vasospasm

Alasti, M.; Verma, K.; Rangasamy, K.; Healy, S.; Kotschet, E., 2017:
Aborted sudden cardiac death in a patient with implantable loop recorder

Hallett, J.M.; Bryant, V.; Drake, D.; George, S.; Upadhyaya, M., 2017:
Aborted Tracheo-esophageal Fistula in a Neonate

Zheng, N.; Chen, J.; Li, T.; Liu, W.; Liu, J.; Chen, H.; Wang, J.; Jia, L., 2017:
Abortifacient metapristone (RU486 derivative) interrupts CXCL12/CXCR4 axis for ovarian metastatic chemoprevention

Watters, W.W., 1980:

Anonymous, 2017:

Anonymous, 1978 :
Abortion 1978

Anonymous, 1981:
Abortion: 1. Definitions and implications [correction

Fergusson, D.M.; Boden, J.M.; Horwood, L.John., 2007:
Abortion among young women and subsequent life outcomes

Brind, J.; Chinchilli, V.M., 2002:
Abortion and breast cancer

Tavani, A.; La Vecchia, C.; Franceschi, S.; Negri, E.; D'Avanzo, B.; Decarli, A., 1996:
Abortion and breast cancer risk

Soper, D.E., 2007:
Abortion and clostridial toxic shock syndrome

Hill, D.J., 2010:
Abortion and conscientious objection

Premkumar, A.; Brown, K.; Mengesha, B.; Jackson, A.V., 2017:
Abortion and contemporary hip-hop: a thematic analysis of lyrics from 1990-2015

Chahal, H.; Mumtaz, Z., 2017:
Abortion and fertility control in Pakistan: the role of misoprostol

Horan, D.J.; Gorby, J.D., 1976:
Abortion and human rights

McArthur, J.E., 1992:
Abortion and mental health

Cooper, J.E., 2009:
Abortion and mental health disorders

Hammer, A.Sofie.; Andresen, L.; Aalbæk, B.; Damborg, P.; Weiss, V.; Christiansen, M.Line.; Selsing, Søren.; Bahl, M.Iain., 2018:
Abortion and mortality in farm mink (Neovison vison) associated with feed-born Clostridium limosum

Diehl, A.; Pillon, S.Cristina.; Santos, M.Antonio.Dos.; Laranjeira, R., 2017:
Abortion and sex-related conditions in substance-dependent Brazilian patients

Gomez, A.M., 2017:
Abortion and subsequent depressive symptoms: an analysis of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

Ortiz-Prado, E.; Simbaña, K.; Gómez, L.; Stewart-Ibarra, A.M.; Scott, L.; Cevallos-Sierra, G., 2017:
Abortion, an increasing public health concern in Ecuador, a 10-year population-based analysis

Lalli, C., 2016:
[Abortion: An Unforgivable Sin?

Cleeve, A.; Faxelid, E.; Nalwadda, G.; Klingberg-Allvin, M., 2017:
Abortion as agentive action: reproductive agency among young women seeking post-abortion care in Uganda

McReynolds-Pérez, J., 2018:
Abortion as empowerment: reproductive rights activism in a legally restricted context

Siller, H.; Hochleitner, M., 2017:
Abortion as one aspect of Women's Health

Mosley, E.A.; King, E.J.; Schulz, A.J.; Harris, L.H.; De Wet, N.; Anderson, B.A., 2017:
Abortion attitudes among South Africans: findings from the 2013 social attitudes survey

Gissi, A., 2016:
[abortion Between Crime and Care (Italy, 1889-1943)

Anonymous, 1977:
Abortion (amendment) bill

Brind, J., 2018:
Abortion-breast cancer link: review of recent evidence from Asia

Anonymous, 1947:
Abortion by Medical Profession

Norman, W.V.; Dickens, B.M., 2017:
Abortion by telemedicine: an equitable option for Irish women

Regan, L., 2017:
Abortion care as a key women's health service

Norman, W.V.; Downie, J., 2017:
Abortion care in Canada is decided between a woman and her doctor, without recourse to criminal law

Wu, W-Ju.; Maru, S.; Regmi, K.; Basnett, I., 2018:
Abortion Care in Nepal, 15 Years after Legalization: Gaps in Access, Equity, and Quality

Sotheary, K.; Long, D.; Mundy, G.; Madan, Y.; Blumenthal, P.D., 2017:
Abortion choices among women in Cambodia after introduction of a socially marketed medicated abortion product

Quast, T.; Gonzalez, F.; Ziemba, R., 2017:
Abortion Facility Closings and Abortion Rates in Texas

Wilson, J.Q.; Arkes, H., 1994 :
Abortion facts and feelings II: an exchange

Rowe, H.; Holton, S.; Kirkman, M.; Bayly, C.; Jordan, L.; McNamee, K.; McBain, J.; Sinnott, V.; Fisher, J., 2017:
Abortion: findings from women and men participating in the Understanding Fertility Management in contemporary Australia national survey

Nuccetelli, S., 2017:
Abortion for fetal defects: two current arguments

Norman, W.V.; Guilbert, E.R.; Okpaleke, C.; Hayden, A.S.; Steven Lichtenberg, E.; Paul, M.; White, K.O'Connell.; Jones, H.E., 2017:
Abortion health services in Canada: Results of a 2012 national survey

Richards, V., 1873:
Abortion, Iliac Abscess, Death from Cardiac Embolism

Rosen, H., 1970:
Abortion in America

Jones, R.K.; Jerman, J., 2017:
Abortion Incidence and Service Availability In the United States, 2014

Puri, M.; Singh, S.; Sundaram, A.; Hussain, R.; Tamang, A.; Crowell, M., 2018:
Abortion Incidence and Unintended Pregnancy in Nepal

Acevedo, Z., 1980:
Abortion in early America

Gonzalez, J.; Passantino, G.; Esnal, A.; Cuesta, N.; García Vera, J.A.; Mechelli, L.; Saez, A.; García Marín, J.F.; Tempesta, M., 2017:
Abortion in goats by Caprine alphaherpesvirus 1 in Spain

Smith, R.G.; Steinhoff, P.G.; Palmore, J.A.; Diamond, M., 1973 :
Abortion in Hawaii: 1970-1971

Conti, J.A.; Cahill, E., 2017:
Abortion in the media

Deedy, J., 1980:
Abortion in the USA

Maffi, I., 2017:
Abortion in Tunisia after the revolution: Bringing a new morality into the old reproductive order

Baxerres, C.; Boko, I.; Konkobo, A.; Ouattara, F.; Guillaume, Aès., 2017:
Abortion in two francophone African countries: a study of whether women have begun to use misoprostol in Benin and Burkina Faso

Nye, J.L., 2017:
Abortion Is Not Just About the Role of Women in Society, but Also the Role of Religion

Grindlay, K.; Seymour, J.W.; Fix, L.; Reiger, S.; Keefe-Oates, B.; Grossman, D., 2017:
Abortion Knowledge and Experiences Among U.S. Servicewomen: A Qualitative Study

Dunn, H.P., 1972:
Abortion law

Berer, M., 2018:
Abortion Law and Policy Around the World: In Search of Decriminalization

Anonymous, 1961:
Abortion Law in Other Countries

Sheldon, S., 2016:
Abortion law reform in Victoria: lessons for the UK

Cook, R.J., 1976:
Abortion laws in commonwealth countries

Taneja, A.; Nagaraja, S.Burugina.; Padubidri, J.Rao.; Madadin, M.; Menezes, R.G., 2017:
Abortion of Fetus with Down's Syndrome: India Joins the Worldwide Controversy Surrounding Abortion Laws

Bury, J., 1977:
"Abortion on demand"

Giannice, C., 1976:
Abortion or contraception?

Hancart Petitet, P., 2017:
Abortion politics in Cambodia social history, local forms and transnational issues

Anonymous, 1966:
Abortion: protect yourself

Johari, V.; Jadhav, U., 2017:
Abortion rights judgment: a ray of hope!

Gianella, C., 2018:
Abortion Rights Legal Mobilization in the Peruvian Media, 1990-2015

Erlandsson, G.; Montgomery, S.M.; Cnattingius, S.; Ekbom, A., 2002:
Abortions and breast cancer: record-based case-control study

O'Neil, M.Lou., 2017:
Abortion services at hospitals in Istanbul

McCaffrey, M.J., 2018:
Abortion's Impact on Prematurity: Closing the Knowledge Gap

Gelman, A.; Rosenfeld, E.A.; Nikolajski, C.; Freedman, L.R.; Steinberg, J.R.; Borrero, S., 2016:
Abortion Stigma Among Low-Income Women Obtaining Abortions in Western Pennsylvania: A Qualitative Assessment

De Zordo, S., 2016:
[Abortion, Stigma and Conscientious Objection: Experiences and Opinions of Gynecologists in Italy and Catalonia

Herndon, J.; Strauss, L.T.; Whitehead, S.; Parker, W.Y.; Bartlett, L.; Zane, S., 2002:
Abortion surveillance--United States, 1998

Pazol, K.; Creanga, A.A.; Jamieson, D.J., 2016:
Abortion Surveillance - United States, 2012

Jatlaoui, T.C.; Shah, J.; Mandel, M.G.; Krashin, J.W.; Suchdev, D.B.; Jamieson, D.J.; Pazol, K., 2017:
Abortion Surveillance - United States, 2014

Cameron, S.; Lohr, P.A.; Ingham, R., 2017:
Abortion terminology: views of women seeking abortion in Britain

Anonymous, 1988:
Abortion--the great debate

Roy, G.; Parvataneni, R.; Friedman, B.; Eastwood, K.; Darney, P.D.; Steinauer, J., 2006:
Abortion training in Canadian obstetrics and gynecology residency programs

Anonymous, 1983:
Abortion, yes or no ..

Constable, R.T., 1978:
Abortion: yesterday, today, and tomorrow--a rebuttal

Cilione, M., 2016:
[Abortive Pollution in the Sacred Laws of Cyrene and Kos

Prasad, S.; Tiwari, M.; Chaube, S.K., 2017:
Abortive Spontaneous Egg Activation: An Emerging Biological Threat for the Existence of Mammals

Berger, R.M.F.; Gehin, M.; Beghetti, M.; Ivy, D.; Kusic-Pajic, A.; Cornelisse, P.; Grill, S.; Bonnet, D., 2017:
A bosentan pharmacokinetic study to investigate dosing regimens in paediatric patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: FUTURE-3

Grey, D.E.; Fong, E.A.; Cole, C.; Jensen, J.; Finlayson, J., 2017:
ABO serology in a case of persistent weak A in a recipient following a group O-matched unrelated bone marrow transplant

Wright, W., 1790:
A Botanical and Medical Account of the Quassia Simaruba, or Tree Which Produces the Cortex Simaruba

Yimam, M.; Jiao, P.; Hong, M.; Brownell, L.; Lee, Y-Chul.; Kim, H-Jin.; Nam, J-Bum.; Kim, M-Ran.; Jia, Q., 2017:
A Botanical Composition from Morus alba, Ilex paraguariensis, and Rosmarinus officinalis for Body Weight Management

Yimam, M.; Lee, Y-Chul.; Wright, L.; Jiao, P.; Horm, T.; Hong, M.; Brownell, L.; Jia, Q., 2017:
A Botanical Composition Mitigates Cartilage Degradations and Pain Sensitivity in Osteoarthritis Disease Model

Brown, P.N.; Lund, J.A.; Murch, S.J., 2017:
A botanical, phytochemical and ethnomedicinal review of the genus Mitragyna korth: Implications for products sold as kratom

Li, X.; Zhang, H.; Tang, Y.; Wu, P.; Xu, S.; Zhang, X., 2017:
A Both-End Blocked Peroxidase-Mimicking DNAzyme for Low-Background Chemiluminescent Sensing of miRNA

Chen, X-Zu.; Song, X-Hai.; Chen, X-Long.; Li, C-Chun.; Mo, X-Ming.; Hu, J-Kun., 2017:
A Bottleneck in Understanding Metastatic Cancer Stem Cell of Peritoneal Seeding from Gastric Cancer: A Null Result in Brief

Gumz, A.; Neubauer, K.; Horstkotte, J.Katharina.; Geyer, M.; Löwe, B.; Murray, A.M.; Kästner, D., 2017:
A bottom-up approach to assess verbal therapeutic techniques. Development of the Psychodynamic Interventions List (PIL)

Wood, S.E.; Sinsinbar, G.; Gudlur, S.; Nallani, M.; Huang, C-Fan.; Liedberg, B.; Mrksich, M., 2017:
A Bottom-Up Proteomic Approach to Identify Substrate Specificity of Outer-Membrane Protease OmpT

Wang, J.; Niu, J.; Sawada, T.; Shao, Z.; Serizawa, T., 2017:
A Bottom-Up Synthesis of Vinyl-Cellulose Nanosheets and Their Nanocomposite Hydrogels with Enhanced Strength

Chong, K.Yee.; Liu, H.; Yin, K.; Harrison, P.J.; Kau, K.Kei., 2017:
A bottom water sampler for determining chemical gradients across the water-sediment interface

Scherk, M.; Sparkes, A., 2018:
A bounty of riches

Kaushik, M.; Kaushik, S.; Roy, K.; Singh, A.; Mahendru, S.; Kumar, M.; Chaudhary, S.; Ahmed, S.; Kukreti, S., 2016:
A bouquet of DNA structures: Emerging diversity

Nagai, K.; Aoki, J.; Sakamoto, Y.; Kimura, K., 2018:
About 30% of wake-up stroke patients may be candidate for the tPA therapy using Negative-FLAIR as a "tissue clock"

Vatin, L.; Jean, E.; Rivière, D.; Montava, M.; Giovanni, A.; Dessi, P.; Lagier, A., 2017:
About a case of laryngeal location of SAPHO

Kaffel, D.; Hamdi, W., 2018:
About a rare complication of spondyloarthritis

Even, R.; Sors, C., 1954:
About benign thymoma

Daniels, C.W.; Sanabria, F., 2018:
About bouts: A heterogeneous tandem schedule of reinforcement reveals dissociable components of operant behavior in Fischer rats

Gallego Muñoz, Cóbal.; Guerrero Navarro, N.; Candela Fajardo, A., 2017:
About cardiovascular effects associated with non-insulin antidiabetics: importance of patient therapeutic education and spontaneous reporting of adverse effects

Yurekli, I.; Kestelli, M.; Cakir, H.; Iner, H., 2017:
About Commissural Prolapse and Mitral Valve Repair

Gutiérrez-Pérez, G.L.; Mesones-Tello, J.P.; Medina-Conde, B.B.; Alvarado, Gán.F., 2017:
About conditions of application of logistic regression

Junge, N.; Sharma, A.Deep.; Ott, M., 2017:
About cytokeratin 19 and the drivers of liver regeneration

Burla, M.Cristina.; Carrozzini, B.; Cascarano, G.Luca.; Giacovazzo, C.; Polidori, G., 2017:
About difference electron densities and their properties

Makrushin, A.V., 2015:
About expedience and perspectives of immortalism

Boren, H.G., 1979:
About face

Mercière, M.; Boulord, R.; Carasco-Lacombe, C.; Klopp, C.; Lee, Y-Ping.; Tan, J-Sheong.; Syed Alwee, S.S.R.; Zaremski, A.; De Franqueville, H.; Breton, Fédéric.; Camus-Kulandaivelu, Létizia., 2018:
About Ganoderma boninense in oil palm plantations of Sumatra and peninsular Malaysia: Ancient population expansion, extensive gene flow and large scale dispersion ability

Destrem, H., 1957:
About geriatric practice

Loguercio, C., 2017:
About gut microbiota: why?

Uguen, A., 2017:
About HER2 monitoring using liquid biopsies in patients with gastric cancer

Godoy, M.S.; Mongili, B.; Fino, D.; Prieto, M.Auxiliadora., 2017:
About how to capture and exploit the CO 2 surplus that nature, per se, is not capable of fixing

Rangiah, F.N., 1979:
About illustration departments

McDougall, A., 1928:
About Institutions and Epilepsy

Anonymous, 2015:
About ISSX

Bonsante, F.; Gouyon, J-Bernard.; Robillard, P-Yves.; Gouyon, Béatrice.; Iacobelli, S., 2017:
Early optimal parenteral nutrition and metabolic acidosis in very preterm infants

Boissonnault, C.M.; BARTHEZ, P.J., 1956:
About Medical Biology; The vitalism of Barthez

Lopes, L.Pinheiro.; Menezes, T.Machado.; Toledo, D.Oliveira.; DE-Oliveira, Aônio.Talvane.Torres.; Longatto-Filho, A.; Nascimento, Jé.Eduardo.de.Aguilar., 2018:
Early Oral Feeding Post-Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Resection and Primary Anastomosis in Oncology

Lambros, L.; Quintin-Roué, I.; Guibourg, B.; Uguen, A., 2017:
About MET expression and other biomarkers in non-small cell lung cancer

Quillen, T.Fox., 2006:
...About multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1

De la Sen, M., 2007:
About Optimal Fractional Hold Circuits for Inter- sample Output Reconstruction in Sampled-data Systems

Kiveloff, B.I., 1988:
About osteoporosis

Dodgson, J.E., 2017:
About Our Knowledge Base: How Knowledge Development Informs Researchers and Readers

Dominiczak, M.H., 2017:
About Physical and Cultural Aspects of Age

Oleksenko, V.V.; Efetov, S.V.; Aliev, K.A., 2017:
About reduodenization of digestive tract in gastrectomy

Dodgson, J.E., 2017:
About Research

Burke, G.; Dodgson, J.E., 2017:
About Research: Is It Effect or Affect? Why Does It Matter?

Dodgson, J.E., 2017:
About Research: Qualitative Methodologies

Carvalho, M.Sá.; Löwy, I., 2017:
About Science, History and Sociology: an interview with Ilana Löwy

Wong, I.; Law, S., 2018:
Early oral intake through meticulous chewing after esophagectomy

Rachlin, H., 2013:
About Teleological Behaviorism

Goldman, B., 1992:
About that fee increase ...

Gaszner, G.; Barna, G.; Dome, P., 2017:
About the association between antipsychotic medication and cardiovascular morbidity: epidemiology and possible background mechanisms

Anonymous, 2004:
About The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry

Scheen, A.J.; Paquot, N., 2018:
About the choice between a DPP-4 inhibitor and a SGLT 2 inhibitor tor treating type 2 diabetes

Guilpain, P.; Le Quellec, A., 2017:
About the complexity of adult onset Still's disease… and advances still required for its management

Brodusch, N.; Voisard, Fédéric.; Gauvin, R., 2017:
About the contrast of δ' precipitates in bulk Al-Cu-Li alloys in reflection mode with a field-emission scanning electron microscope at low accelerating voltage

Anonymous, 2017:
About the cover

Yurekli, I.; Kestelli, M.; Cakir, H.; Iscan, S., 2017:
About the Decision-Making Process for Mitral Valve Repair

Davydkin, N.F., 2018:
About the definition of notions and classification of the physical factors and methods for the physiotherapeutic treatment

Di Matteo, J., 1958:
About the etiology of the aortic aneurysms

Anonymous, 2017:
About The Hastings Center

Fabiano, A.; Zambito, Y.; Bernkop-Schnürch, A., 2016:
About the impact of water movement on the permeation behaviour of nanoparticles in mucus

Piňos, J.; Mikmeková, Š.; Frank, L., 2017:
About the information depth of backscattered electron imaging

Anonymous, 2008:
About the journal

Anonymous, 2017:
About the Journal

Kurbanova, S.M.; Harabara, G.I., 2017:
About the measures taken to improve the mental health service in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2013-2016

Roztoczyńska, A.; Lipkowski, Pł.; Kozłowska, J.; Bartkowiak, W., 2017:
About the nature of halogen bond interaction under the spatial confinement

Lebredonchel, S.; Lacornerie, T.; Rault, E.; Wagner, A.; Reynaert, N.; Crop, F., 2017:
About the non-consistency of PTV-based prescription in lung

Matesanz, R.; Marazuela, R.; Coll, E.; Mahíllo, B.; Domínguez-Gil, B., 2017:
About the Opt-Out System, Live Transplantation, and Information to the Public on Organ Donation in Spain … Y olé!

Osorio, C., 2017:
About the origin of the term bacteria: a semantic paradox

de Jesus, L.Eyer., 2017:
About the paper "Prevalence of nocturnal enuresis and its influence in the quality of life in school-aged children"

Anonymous, 2017:
About the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

Gao, W.; Farahani, M.Reza.; Imran, M., 2017:
About the Randić Connectivity, Modify Randić Connectivity and Sum-connectivity Indices of Titania Nanotubes TiO2(m,n)

Halasz, J., 2017:
About the right to be ill

Benedykt, V., 2017:
About the Role of Digestive Tract Decompression in Patients with Acute Bowel Obstruction. Mistakes, Complications and their Prevention

Anonymous, 2017:
About the Special Report

Trullàs, J.Carles.; Miró, Òscar., 2017:
About the Specialty Treating Patients With Heart Failure

Soussan, M., 2017:
About the specificity of radiotracers for prostate cancer

Galante, R.; Rediguieri, C.F.; Kikuchi, I.Satiko.; Vasquez, P.A.S.; Colaço, Rério.; Serro, A.Paula.; Pinto, T.J.A., 2017:
About the Sterilization of Chitosan Hydrogel Nanoparticles

Cayotte, J.L.; Midon, J., 1958:
About the surgical cure of vesico-vaginal fistulas

Costantini, M.; Higginson, I.J.; Merlo, D.F.; Di Leo, S.; Tanzi, S., 2017:
About the "surprise question"

Fardeau, M., 2017:
About the technique of muscle biopsy (IV). The advent of histochemistry and cytoenzymology in the analysis of muscle biopsies. A short and personal historical overview

Ozsoylu, S., 2000:
About the treatment of Kasabach-Merritt syndrome

Anonymous, 2007:
About This Journal

Anonymous, 2002:
About time

Hammer, Q.; Romagnani, C., 2017:
About Training and Memory: NK-Cell Adaptation to Viral Infections

Perrault, M., 1957:
About tranquilizers

Tauzin, M.; Felix, A.; Michot, C.; Dedieu, C.; Aoust, L.; Fortas, F.; Guillier, C.; Ngo, J.; Wachter, P-Y.; Petermann, L.; Kermorvant-Duchemin, E., 2017:
About twins: Epidemiological, genetic, and obstetrical aspects, specific risks, and outcome

Issoufou, I.; Harmouchi, H.; Rabiou, S.; Belliraj, L.; Ammor, F.Z.; Lakranbi, M.; Sani, R.; Serraj, M.; Ouadnouni, Y.; Smahi, M., 2017:
About two huge bilateral bronchial atypical carcinoid tumors

Supady, A.; Hecht, S.; Baldauf, C., 2017:
About Underappreciated Yet Active Conformations of Thiourea Organocatalysts

Tang, C.; Chang, C-Zu.; Zhao, G.; Liu, Y.; Jiang, Z.; Liu, C-Xing.; McCartney, M.R.; Smith, D.J.; Chen, T.; Moodera, J.S.; Shi, J., 2017:
Above 400-K robust perpendicular ferromagnetic phase in a topological insulator

Haidrani, L., 2017:
'Above all, be brave'

Schmidt, M.A., 1991:
Above all, do no harm

Thoms, R.; Köhler, M.; Gessler, A.; Gleixner, G., 2017:
Above and below ground carbohydrate allocation differs between ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) and beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)

Dellantonio, S.; Pastore, L.; Esposito, G., 2017:
Above and below the surface: Genetic and cultural factors in the development of values

Nielsen, D.; Brace, C., 2002:
Above and beyond?

Ferrada, P.; Sakran, J.V.; Dubose, J.; Vergis, A.; Peck, G.; Alseidi, A.; Moalem, J.; Tefera, G.; Turner, P.L., 2017:
Above and beyond: A primer for young surgeons interested in global surgery

Zimmermann-Meisse, Gëlle.; Prévost, G.; Jover, E., 2017:
Above and beyond C5a Receptor Targeting by Staphylococcal Leucotoxins: Retrograde Transport of Panton-Valentine Leucocidin and γ-Hemolysin

Smith, C.T., 1971:
Above and beyond...the call of duty

Fernández, Jín.; Rodríguez-Vallejo, M.; Martínez, J.; Tauste, A.; Piñero, D.P., 2017:
Above-average defocus curves in photopic and mesopic vision with multifocal intraocular lenses after laser assisted in situ keratomileusis

McGrath, B.; Lynch, J.; Wilson, M.; Nicholson, L.; Wallace, S., 2016:
Above cuff vocalisation: A novel technique for communication in the ventilator-dependent tracheostomy patient

Martínez-García, E.; Dadi, T.; Rubio, E.; García-Morote, F.A.; Andrés-Abellán, M.; López-Serrano, F.R., 2017:
Aboveground autotrophic respiration in a Spanish black pine forest: Comparison of scaling methods to improve component partitioning

Johnson, D.A.; Tieszen, L.L., 1976:
Aboveground biomass allocation, leaf growth, and photosynthesis patterns in tundra plant forms in arctic Alaska

Wirth, C.; Schulze, E-D.; Schulze, W.; von Stünzner-Karbe, D.; Ziegler, W.; Miljukova, I.M.; Sogatchev, A.; Varlagin, A.B.; Panvyorov, M.; Grigoriev, S.; Kusnetzova, W.; Siry, M.; Hardes, G.; Zimmermann, R.; Vygodskaya, N.N., 1999:
Above-ground biomass and structure of pristine Siberian Scots pine forests as controlled by competition and fire

Peng, S.; He, N.; Yu, G.; Wang, Q., 2017:
Aboveground biomass estimation at different scales for subtropical forests in China

Phanphet, S.; Dechjarern, S.; Jomjanyong, S., 2017:
Above-knee prosthesis design based on fatigue life using finite element method and design of experiment

Toh, W.Xing.; Suárez, L., 2017:
Above, on, or shang ()? Language and spatial representations among English-Mandarin bilinguals

Brown, R., 2018:
Above politics

Karjalainen, J.; Martin, J.M.; Knip, M.; Ilonen, J.; Robinson, B.H.; Savilahti, E.; Akerblom, H.K.; Dosch, H.M., 1992:
A bovine albumin peptide as a possible trigger of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Souillard, R.; Le Maréchal, C.; Ballan, V.; Mahé, F.; Chemaly, M.; Le Bouquin, S., 2018:
A bovine botulism outbreak associated with a suspected cross-contamination from a poultry farm

Guidry, A.; O'Brien, C., 2002:
A bovine mammary endothelial/epithelial cell culture model of the blood/milk barrier

Fu, B.; Hou, X.; Wang, C.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Li, R.; Shao, X.; Hu, W., 2017:
A bowl-shaped sumanene derivative with dense convex-concave columnar packing for high-performance organic field-effect transistors

Hohendorff, J.Von.; Habigzang, Lísa.Fernanda.; Koller, S.Helena., 2017:
"A boy, being a victim, nobody really buys that, you know?": Dynamics of sexual violence against boys

Anonymous, 2003:
A boycott by passport

Mentink, M.G.; Weber, R.J.P.; Jansen, F.H., 2018:
A boy with a white striped knee on a radiograph

Poropat, F.; Pastore, S.; Gesuete, V.; Barbi, E., 2017 :
A boy with fever and arthralgia

Cozzi, G.; Maschio, M.; Poillucci, G.; Pennesi, M.; Barbi, E., 2017:
A boy with fever, cough and gross haematuria

Pavan, M.; Ferrara, G.; Nider, S.; Martelossi, S.; Ventura, A., 2017:
A Boy With Genital Lesions in Course of Crohn Disease

Li, J.; Ding, Y.; Chang, G.; Cheng, Q.; Li, X.; Wang, J.; Wang, X.; Shen, Y., 2017:
A boy with Meier-Gorlin syndrome carrying a novel ORC6 mutation and uniparental disomy of chromosome 16

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ABP Directory

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A Brash, Politically Incorrect, Opinionated and Brilliant Friend

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Abreast with the Times

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Abreast with the Times Again

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A breath of fresh air for umbilical cord blood

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A bridge too far?

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A bridge too far?

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A brief friendship

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A brief guide to root cause analysis

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Early oral nutrition plays an active role in enhanced recovery after minimally invasive esophagectomy

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A Brief History of Lithium Treatment in Psychiatry

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A Brief History of Long-Term Potentiation

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A brief history of post-truth in medicine

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A brief history of psychiatry: millennia past and present--part III

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A brief history of the International Menopause Society

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A brief history of the multiverse

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A brief history of the Society for Ultrastructural Pathology

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A brief history of the study of nerve dependent regeneration

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A Brief History of the Tobacco Settlement in Oklahoma

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A Brief Introduction into the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System: New and Old Techniques

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A brief introduction to early forms of non-verbal social cognition

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A Brief Introduction to Single-Molecule Fluorescence Methods

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A brief investigation on Gu Dehua, a female healer from Wuzhong in the Qing Dynasty

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A brief measure of reactance to health warnings

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A brief measure to predict exercise behavior: the Archer-Garcia Ratio

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Early orbital infantile hemangioma that emphasizes the importance of glucose-transporter-1 (GLUT-1)

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A brief motivational interview promotes internal motivation to donate blood among young adults with and without a prior donation history

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A brief note on the history of psychosurgery in Japan

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A Brief Note on the Use of Congo Red in Protozoal Dysentery

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A Brief Opinion on Pulling Down Briefs

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A brief overview of cardiac resynchronization therapy and its current use in clinical practice

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A Brief Overview of Nitric Oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species Signaling in Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension

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A brief overview of synthetic biology research programs and roadmap studies in the United States

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A Brief Overview of the STP 36th Annual Symposium: Musculoskeletal System

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A brief parent-focused intervention to improve preschoolers' conversational skills and school readiness

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A Brief Peek into Nursing's Future

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A brighter future

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A brighter future for older people

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A bright future

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A Bright Future for Antibiotics?

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Abrikossoff's tumour on the upper limb: a rare presentation

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A Brilliant Aurora

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A Brilliant Meteor

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A Brilliant Pioneer and Leader

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Early or elective coronary angioplasty in acute myocardial infarction

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A Broader Bioethics: Topic Selection and the Impact of National Bioethics Commissions

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A Broader Perspective of Musculoskeletal Conditions in Children

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Abrogation of red blood cell G6PD enzyme activity through Heat treatment: development of survey material for the UK NEQAS G6PD scheme

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A Broken Fruit Knife: Half in the Bronchus and Half in the Duodenum

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A broken heart

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A broken pacemaker lead in a 69-year-old woman

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A broken promise: microbiome differential abundance methods do not control the false discovery rate

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A broken system

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A Broth Dilution Method of Assaying Streptothricin and Streptomycin

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A Brownish Skin Lesion on the Upper Neck

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A Brown Tumor of Tibial Diaphysis Masquerading as Malignancy

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ABR Subspecialty Certifications in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Pain Medicine

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Abrupt climate change

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Abrupt climate changes during Termination III in Southern Europe

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Abrupt Cline for Sex Chromosomes in a Hybrid Zone Between two Species of Mice

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Abrupt Decline in a Protected Population of Siamangs (Symphalangus syndactylus) in Southern Sumatra

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Abrupt decline in the rate of accumulation of total protein and yolk in postvitellogenic egg chambers ofDrosophila

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Abrupt disruption of remote monitoring transmission as an indicator of safe backup mode

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Abrupt generalized pustules in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and interstitial lung disease

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Abrupt increase in impedance measurements as detected via remote monitoring: What is the cause?

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Abruptio Placentae

Salim, M.Umer.; Mustahsan, S.Muhammad.; Fatima, A., 2018:
Abruptio Placentae with Type II Respiratory Failure Secondary to Acute Interstitial Pneumonia Responsive to Steroids

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Abrupt Onset of Pustules in a Child

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Abrupt salinity stress induces oxidative stress via the Nrf2-Keap1 signaling pathway in large yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea

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Abrupt Size Partitioning of Multimodal Photoluminescence Relaxation in Monodisperse Silicon Nanocrystals

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Abrupt smoking cessation more effective than cutting down

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Abrupt strategy change underlies gradual performance change: Bayesian hierarchical models of component and aggregate strategy use

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Abrupt Thyroid Function Changes in a 32-Year-Old Man

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Abrupt weaning reduces postweaning growth and is associated with alterations in gastrointestinal markers of development in dairy calves fed an elevated plane of nutrition during the preweaning period

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Abrus agglutinin targets cancer stem-like cells by eliminating self-renewal capacity accompanied with apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

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Abrus or Jequirity Poison

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Abrus Poisoning

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Abscess after appendicectomy in children: the role of conservative management

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Abscess in the Cavity of the Tunica Vaginalis, &c

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Abscess in the non-lactating breast

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Abscess Mistaken for Hernia

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Abscess of Brain Due to Chronic Ear Disease

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Abscess of Liver

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Abscess of Liver Bursting into the Pericardium

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Abscess of Liver with Amœbæ, but without Antecedent Bowel Disease

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Abscess of lung

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Abscess of Ovary Presenting All the Signs of Ovarian Cyst

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Abscess of Spleen Extending to and Involving the Liver

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Abscess of Spleen.-Recovery

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Abscess of Spleen with Empyema

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Abscess of the Base of Tongue and Epiglottis

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Abscess of the Brain: With Reports of Two Cases

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Abscess of the Liver

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Abscess of the liver

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Abscess of the Liver Successfully Treated by Tapping

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Abscess of the Lung

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Abscess of the Lung in a Fœtus

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Abscess of the Lung-Peribronchial

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Abscess of the Spleen

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Abscess of the spleen

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Abscess of the tongue

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Abscess of Zygomatic Root: A Rare Otogenic Complication

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Absence of evidence: antimicrobial prescribing in neonates, elderly and pregnant women

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Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: the case of non-inferiority

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Absence of JC polyomavirus (JCPyV) viremia in early post-transplant JCPyV nephropathy: A case report

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Absence of juvenile hormone signalling regulates the dynamic expression profiles of nutritional metabolism genes during diapause preparation in the cabbage beetle Colaphellus bowringi

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Absence of KCNQ4 mutation in Bengali families with ADNSHL originated from West Bengal, India

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Absence of Left Circumflex Artery: A Rare Congenital Disorder of Coronary Arteries

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Absence of Magnetic Thermal Conductivity in the Quantum Spin-Liquid Candidate YbMgGaO_{4}

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Absence of Measles Virus Detection from Stapes of Patients with Otosclerosis

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Absence of measurable malaria-induced mortality in western fence lizards (Sceloporus occidentalis) in nature: a 4-year study of annual and over-winter mortality

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Absence of microglial CX3CR1 impairs the synaptic integration of adult-born hippocampal granule neurons

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Absence of microRNA-21 does not reduce muscular dystrophy in mouse models of LAMA2-CMD

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Absence of Myostatin Improves Cardiac Function Following Myocardial Infarction

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Absence of neurological abnormalities in mice homozygous for the Polr3a G672E hypomyelinating leukodystrophy mutation

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Absence of Nickel in Detergents Confirmed by Dimethylglyoxime Spot Test

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Absence of Notch1 in murine myeloid cells attenuates the development of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by affecting Th1 and Th17 priming

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Absence of NUCKS augments paracrine effects of mesenchymal stem cells-mediated cardiac protection

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Absence of nuclease activity in commonly used oxygen-scavenging systems

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Absence of Nucleotide-Oligomerization-Domain-2 Is Associated with Less Distinct Disease in Campylobacter jejuni Infected Secondary Abiotic IL-10 Deficient Mice

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Absence of periodic orbits in digital memcomputing machines with solutions

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Absence of Plasmodium inui and Plasmodium cynomolgi, but detection of Plasmodium knowlesi and Plasmodium vivax infections in asymptomatic humans in the Betong division of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

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Absence of Pollen Discounting in a Genotype of Ipomoea Purpurea Exhibiting Increased Selfing

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Absence of ppGpp Leads to Increased Mobilization of Intermediately Accumulated Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) in Ralstonia eutropha H16

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Absence of proof does not constitute proof of absence. On the misuse of "evidence-based medicine"

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Absence of PTHrP nuclear localization and C-terminus sequences leads to abnormal development of T cells

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Absence of regulator of G-protein signaling 4 does not protect against dopamine neuron dysfunction and injury in the mouse 6-hydroxydopamine lesion model of Parkinson's disease

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Absence of RNase H2 triggers generation of immunogenic micronuclei removed by autophagy

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Absence of rotational activity detected using 2-dimensional phase mapping in the corresponding 3-dimensional phase maps in human persistent atrial fibrillation

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Absence of Selection for Quantum Coherence in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson Complex: A Combined Evolutionary and Excitonic Study

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Absence of sensory input does not affect persistent neurons in Tenebrio molitor metamorphosis (Insecta: Coleoptera)

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Absence of sex differences in mental rotation performance in autism spectrum disorder

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Absence of Sigma 1 Receptor Accelerates Photoreceptor Cell Death in a Murine Model of Retinitis Pigmentosa

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Absence of significant hemodynamic changes in the fetus following maternal betamethasone administration

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Absence of single critical dose for the amorphization of quartz under ion irradiation

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Absence of Specific Chlamydia trachomatis Inclusion Membrane Proteins Triggers Premature Inclusion Membrane Lysis and Host Cell Death

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Absence of suppressor of cytokine signaling 2 turns cardiomyocytes unresponsive to LIF-dependent increases in Ca 2+ levels

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Absence of Syphilis in Fiji

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Absence of system x c - on immune cells invading the central nervous system alleviates experimental autoimmune encephalitis

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Absence of t(14;18) chromosome translocation in agricultural workers after short-term exposure to pesticides

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Absence of the alpha-1-antitrypsin PI*Z allele in Tunisia substantiates the particular genetic structure of African populations

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Absence of the dermatan sulfate chain of decorin does not affect mouse development

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Absence of the Epithelial Glycocalyx As Potential Tumor Marker for the Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

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Absence of the Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein results in defects of RNA editing of neuronal mRNAs in mouse

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Absence of the frequently reported PIK3CA, CASP8, and NOTCH1 mutations in South Indian oral cancers

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Absence of the inferior vena cava

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Absence of the Integrin α3 Subunit Induces an Activated Phenotype in Human Keratinocytes

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Absence of the KhpA and KhpB (JAG/EloR) RNA-binding proteins suppresses the requirement for PBP2b by overproduction of FtsA in Streptococcus pneumoniae D39

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Absence of the kinase S6k1 mimics the effect of chronic endurance exercise on glucose tolerance and muscle oxidative stress

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Absence of the neurogenesis-dependent nuclear receptor TLX induces inflammation in the hippocampus

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Absence of the NOD2 protein renders epithelia more susceptible to barrier dysfunction due to mitochondrial dysfunction

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Absence of the Polar Organizing Protein PopZ Results in Reduced and Asymmetric Cell Division in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Absence of the right common carotid artery

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Absence of the right common carotid artery: a rare case without separate origins of the internal and external carotid arteries

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Absence of the spleen and the occurrence of primary red cell alloimmunization in humans

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Absence of the subclavius muscle with contralateral subclavius posticus muscle: first imaging report

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Absence of the Thermal Hall Effect in Anomalous Nernst and Spin Seebeck Effects

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Absence of the trade-off between the size and number of offspring in the natterjack toad (Bufo calamita)

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Absence of thrombocytopaenia and/or microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia does not reliably exclude recurrence of atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome after kidney transplantation

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Absence of tmRNA Has a Protective Effect against Fluoroquinolones in Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Absence of toxicity and genotoxicity in an extract of Rubus coriifolius

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Absence of transforming growth factor beta 1 in murine platelets reduces neointima formation without affecting arterial thrombosis

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Absence of Tumor on Repeat Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor Does Not Predict Final Pathologic T0 Stage in Bladder Cancer Treated with Radical Cystectomy

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Absence of Ulnar Artery Inflow Detected by Allen's Test Prior to Radial Forearm Free Flap

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Absence of ultrasound inflammation in patients presenting with arthralgia rules out the development of arthritis

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Absence of Uterus

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Absence of vaccinia virus detection in a remote region of the Northern Amazon forests, 2005-2015

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Absence or mislocalization of DNAH5 is a characteristic marker for motile ciliary abnormality in nasal polyps

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Absence seizure susceptibility correlates with pre-ictal β oscillations

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Absent cardiac and muscle sympathetic nerve activities involvement in Ross syndrome: A follow-up study

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Absent Cerebellar Circulation With Intact Cerebral Blood Flow on a 99mTc Bicisate "Brain Death" Study

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Absent congenital cervical pedicle nearly misdiagnosed as a facet dislocation: A case report

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Absent ductus venosus: case series from two tertiary centres

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Absenteeism in Head Start and Children's Academic Learning

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Absent external oblique musculo-aponeurotic complex during inguinal hernioplasty: a case report and review of literature

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Absent fetal hand: a case report

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Absent fetal nasal bone in the second trimester and risk of abnormal karyotype in a prescreened population of Chinese women

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Absent Filling of Ipsilateral Superficial Middle Cerebral Vein Is Associated With Poor Outcome After Reperfusion Therapy

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Absent Infra-renal Inferior Vena Cava Presenting with Varicose Veins

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Absent in Melanoma 2 proteins in SLE

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Absent in vitro interaction between chloroquine and antifungals against Aspergillus fumigatus

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Absent Left Common Carotid Artery in a Trauma Patient

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Absent Lung Deflation Because of Blockade Using an Endobronchial Blocker

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Absent monofilament sensation in a type 2 diabetic feet

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Absent pedicles in campomelic dysplasia

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Absent progesterone receptor expression in the lymph node metastases of ER-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer is associated with relapse on tamoxifen

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Absent Pulmonary Valve in a Case of Tetralogy of Fallot: An Incidental Discovery on Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography

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Absent pulmonary valve syndrome - diagnosis, associations, and outcome in 71 prenatally diagnosed cases

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Absent right common carotid artery associated with aberrant right subclavian artery

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Absent Uvula: What Mallampati Class?

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ABS-FishCount: An Agent-Based Simulator of Underwater Sensors for Measuring the Amount of Fish

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Absolute and estimated values of macular pigment optical density in young and aged Asian participants with or without age-related macular degeneration

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