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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59317

Chapter 59317 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sharma, A.; Gaidamakova, E.K.; Grichenko, O.; Matrosova, V.Y.; Hoeke, V.; Klimenkova, P.; Conze, I.H.; Volpe, R.P.; Tkavc, R.; Gostinčar, C.; Gunde-Cimerman, N.; DiRuggiero, J.; Shuryak, I.; Ozarowski, A.; Hoffman, B.M.; Daly, M.J., 2017:
Across the tree of life, radiation resistance is governed by antioxidant Mn 2+ , gauged by paramagnetic resonance

Spanias, J.A.; Simon, A.M.; Hargrove, L.J., 2018:
Across-user adaptation for a powered lower limb prosthesis

Rosenke, M.; Weiner, K.S.; Barnett, M.A.; Zilles, K.; Amunts, K.; Goebel, R.; Grill-Spector, K., 2017:
A cross-validated cytoarchitectonic atlas of the human ventral visual stream

Dougherty, E.R.; Carlson, C.J.; Blackburn, J.K.; Getz, W.M., 2017:
A cross-validation-based approach for delimiting reliable home range estimates

Rosowsky, E.; Young, A.S.; Malloy, M.C.; van Alphen, S.P.J.; Ellison, J.M., 2016:
A cross-validation Delphi method approach to the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders in older adults

Laiyu, S.; Lei, Z.; Soufu, X.; Junting, X.; Jie, Z.; Hui, L., 2017:
A Cross-Validation Design Using Age and HLA Alleles for the Assessment of Clinical Schizophrenia Risk

Iaccarino, L.; Chiotis, K.; Alongi, P.; Almkvist, O.; Wall, A.; Cerami, C.; Bettinardi, V.; Gianolli, L.; Nordberg, A.; Perani, D., 2017:
A Cross-Validation of FDG- and Amyloid-PET Biomarkers in Mild Cognitive Impairment for the Risk Prediction to Dementia due to Alzheimer's Disease in a Clinical Setting

Glover, A.J.J.; Churcher, F.P.; Gray, A.L.; Mills, J.F.; Nicholson, D.E., 2017:
A cross-validation of the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide-Revised (VRAG-R) within a correctional sample

Rashdan, S.; Gerber, D.E., 2017:
A crowded, but still varied, space: brigatinib in anaplastic lymphoma kinase-rearranged non-small cell lung cancer

Heng, E.Ling.; Semple, T.; Dimopoulos, K.; Nicol, E.D.; Mohiaddin, R.H., 2017:
A crown of thorns-right ventricular outflow tract obstruction caused by calcific pericardial ring

Take, Y.; Shino, K.; Mae, T.; Tachibana, Y.; Iuchi, R.; Nakagawa, S.; Nakata, K., 2018:
Early Structural Results After Anatomic Triple Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Validated by Tunnel Location, Graft Orientation, and Static Anteroposterior Tibia-Femur Relationship

Goldberg-Stein, S.; Frigini, L.Alexandre.; Long, S.; Metwalli, Z.; Nguyen, X.V.; Parker, M.; Abujudeh, H., 2017:
ACR RADPEER Committee White Paper with 2016 Updates: Revised Scoring System, New Classifications, Self-Review, and Subspecialized Reports

Ferreira, J.F.; Bagatin, I.A., 2017:
A Cr(VI) selective probe based on a quinoline-amide calix[4]arene

Nardi, P.; Bassano, C.; Pellegrino, A.; Ruvolo, G., 2018:
Early structural valve deterioration of the Mitroflow biological valve prosthesis

Subramaniam, R.M.; Janowitz, W.R.; Johnson, G.B.; Lodge, M.A.; Parisi, M.T.; Ferguson, M.R.; Hellinger, J.C.; Gladish, G.W.; Gupta, N.K., 2017:
ACR-SPR-STR Practice Parameter for the Performance of Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography - Computed Tomography (PET/CT) Imaging

Tessler, F.N.; Middleton, W.D.; Grant, E.G.; Hoang, J.K.; Berland, L.L.; Teefey, S.A.; Cronan, J.J.; Beland, M.D.; Desser, T.S.; Frates, M.C.; Hammers, L.W.; Hamper, U.M.; Langer, J.E.; Reading, C.C.; Scoutt, L.M.; Stavros, A.Thomas., 2017:
ACR Thyroid Imaging, Reporting and Data System (TI-RADS): White Paper of the ACR TI-RADS Committee

Lee, H-Tung.; Liu, S-Ping.; Lin, C-Huan.; Lee, S.Wei.; Hsu, C.Y.; Sytwu, H-Kang.; Hsieh, C-Hung.; Shyu, W-Cherng., 2017:
A Crucial Role of CXCL14 for Promoting Regulatory T Cells Activation in Stroke

Xue, J.; Quan, C.; Li, C.; Yue, J.; Zhang, C., 2017:
A crucial temporal accuracy test of combining EEG and Tobii eye tracker

Fishman, Y.I.; Kim, M.; Steinschneider, M., 2017:
A Crucial Test of the Population Separation Model of Auditory Stream Segregation in Macaque Primary Auditory Cortex

Marder, S.R.; Gitlin, M.J., 2018:
A Cruel Irony for Clinicians Who Treat Depression

Rafiq, S.; Ilyas, M.; Gojwari, T., 2017:
A Crus-Cial Discovery: Secondary Hypertension

Bengochea, M.; Berón de Astrada, Mín.; Tomsic, D.; Sztarker, J., 2017:
A crustacean lobula plate: Morphology, connections, and retinotopic organization

Wang, X.; Wang, Q.; Han, Y-Jeong.; Liu, Q.; Gu, L.; Yang, Z.; Su, J.; Liu, B.; Zuo, Z.; He, W.; Wang, J.; Liu, B.; Matsui, M.; Kim, J-Il.; Oka, Y.; Lin, C., 2017:
A CRY-BIC negative-feedback circuitry regulating blue light sensitivity of Arabidopsis

Albertelli, P.A., 1977:
A cry for help

Jeffery, F.W., 1963:
A Cry from Kenya

Acharjee, K.Kumar., 1938:
A Crying Need for a Pharmacy Act in India

Semla, M.; Goc, Z.; Martiniaková, M.; Omelka, R.; Formicki, G., 2016:
Acrylamide: a common food toxin related to physiological functions and health

Nguyen, H.T.; van der Fels-Klerx, H.J.Ine.; van Boekel, M.A.J.S., 2017:
Acrylamide and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural formation during biscuit baking. Part II: Effect of the ratio of reducing sugars and asparagine

Zamani, E.; Shokrzadeh, M.; Ziar, A.; Abedian-Kenari, S.; Shaki, F., 2017:
Acrylamide attenuated immune tissues' function via induction of apoptosis and oxidative stress: Protection by l-carnitine

Kacar, S.; Vejselova, D.; Kutlu, H.M.; Sahinturk, V., 2017:
Acrylamide-derived cytotoxic, anti-proliferative, and apoptotic effects on A549 cells

Shamla, L.; Nisha, P., 2017:
Acrylamide formation in plantain (Musa paradisiaca) chips influenced by different ripening stages: A correlation study with respect to reducing sugars, amino acids and phenolic content

Galani, J.H.Y.; Patel, N.J.; Talati, J.G., 2017:
Acrylamide-forming potential of cereals, legumes and roots and tubers analyzed by UPLC-UV

Elias, A.; Roasto, M.; Reinik, M.; Nelis, K.; Nurk, E.; Elias, T., 2017:
Acrylamide in commercial foods and intake by infants in Estonia

Sarocka, A.; Babosova, R.; Kovacova, V.; Omelka, R.; Semla, M.; Kapusta, E.; Goc, Z.; Formicki, G.; Martiniakova, M., 2017:
Acrylamide-induced changes in femoral bone microstructure of mice

Batoryna, M.; Lis, M.; Formicki, G., 2017:
Acrylamide-induced disturbance of the redox balance in the chick embryonic brain

Zhao, M.; Lewis Wang, F.Sheng.; Hu, X.; Chen, F.; Chan, H.Man., 2017:
Acrylamide-induced neurotoxicity in primary astrocytes and microglia: Roles of the Nrf2-ARE and NF-κB pathways

Zhang, B.; Shao, H.; Wang, X.Hui.; Chen, X.; Li, Z.Sheng.; Cao, P.; Zhu, D.; Yang, Y.Guang.; Xiao, J.Wei.; Li, B., 2017:
Acrylamide-induced Subacute Neurotoxic Effects on the Cerebral Cortex and Cerebellum at the Synapse Level in Rats

Xu, Y-Yu.; Wang, P-Qi.; Xu, C-Qi.; Shan, X-Yun.; Feng, Q., 2017:
Acrylamide induces HepG2 cell proliferation through upregulation of miR-21 expression

Zamani, E.; Shaki, F.; AbedianKenari, S.; Shokrzadeh, M., 2017:
Acrylamide induces immunotoxicity through reactive oxygen species production and caspase-dependent apoptosis in mice splenocytes via the mitochondria-dependent signaling pathways

Hu, F.; Jin, S.Qiang.; Zhu, B.Qi.; Chen, W.Qin.; Wang, X.Yi.; Liu, Z.; Luo, J.Wen., 2017:
Acrylamide in thermal-processed carbohydrate-rich foods from Chinese market

Powers, S.J.; Mottram, D.S.; Curtis, A.; Halford, N.G., 2017:
Acrylamide levels in potato crisps in Europe from 2002 to 2016

Anonymous, 1984:
Acrylamide neurotoxicity

Wilkinson, M.; Orton, D., 2018:
Acrylate allergy: time to intervene

Santoro, R.; Venkateswaran, S.; Amadeo, F.; Zhang, R.; Brioschi, M.; Callanan, A.; Agrifoglio, M.; Banfi, C.; Bradley, M.; Pesce, M., 2017:
Acrylate-based materials for heart valve scaffold engineering

Shitrit, Y.; Bianco-Peled, H., 2016:
Acrylated chitosan for mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Wang, J.; Meng, X.; Yuan, Z.; Tian, Y.; Bai, Y.; Jin, Z., 2018:
Acrylated Composite Hydrogel Preparation and Adsorption Kinetics of Methylene Blue

DeKoven, S.; DeKoven, J.; Holness, D.Linn., 2017:
(Meth)Acrylate Occupational Contact Dermatitis in Nail Salon Workers: A Case Series

Horner, K.L.; Anderson, B., 2010:

Guerrieri, D.; Rapp, E.; Roman, M.; Thelander, G.; Kronstrand, R., 2017:
Acrylfentanyl: Another new psychoactive drug with fatal consequences

Samraj, T.; Simon, G.T., 1973:
Acrylic cranioplasty

Abdulhameed, N.; Roulet, J-Francois.; Shen, C., 2018:
Acrylic Reinforcement with Off the Shelf Perforated Metal Plates

Mathur, B.B., 1973:
Acrylic resins

Payne, K.F.B.; Dewhurst, L.; Robinson, G.; Edwards, B.; McVeigh, K., 2017:
Acrylic stent to aid placement of footplate of palatal distractor during surgically-assisted rapid palatal expansion

Sazanov, A.A.; Erganokov, K.Kh.; Pfeifer, E., 2017 :
A cryobank as an attribute of omics technologies

Dhindwal, S.; Lobo, J.; Cabra, V.; Santiago, D.J.; Nayak, A.R.; Dryden, K.; Samsó, M., 2018:
A cryo-EM-based model of phosphorylation- and FKBP12.6-mediated allosterism of the cardiac ryanodine receptor

Wu, X.; Gantner, T.; Koller, M.; Zeppenfeld, M.; Chervenkov, S.; Rempe, G., 2017:
A cryofuge for cold-collision experiments with slow polar molecules

Chuss, D.T.; Rostem, K.; Wollack, E.J.; Berman, L.; Colazo, F.; DeGeorge, M.; Helson, K.; Sagliocca, M., 2017:
A cryogenic thermal source for detector array characterization

Sapchenko, S.A.; Demakov, P.A.; Samsonenko, D.G.; Dybtsev, D.N.; Schröder, M.; Fedin, V.P., 2017:
A Cryptand Metal-Organic Framework as a Platform for the Selective Uptake and Detection of Group I Metal Cations

Pitombo, F.Bettini.; Gobin, J.; Abreu, N.Maria.Nunes.; Jute, A., 2017:
A Cryptic Invasion in the Western Atlantic: Presence of the Fouling Barnacle <i>Megabalanus</i> zebra (Darwin, 1854) (Crustacea, Cirripedia) in the Caribbean Sea

Adeola, A.C.; Ommeh, S.C.; Song, J-Jiao.; Olaogun, S.Charles.; Sanke, O.J.; Yin, T-Ting.; Wang, G-Dong.; Wu, S-Fang.; Zhou, Z-Yin.; Lichoti, J.K.; Agwanda, B.R.; Dawuda, P.M.; Murphy, R.W.; Peng, M-Sheng.; Zhang, Y-Ping., 2017:
A cryptic mitochondrial DNA link between North European and West African dogs

Lopes, L.Esteves.; Vasconcelos, M.Ferreira.DE.; Gonzaga, L.Pedreira., 2017:
A cryptic new species of hummingbird of the Campylopterus largipennis complex (Aves: Trochilidae)

Zhang, P.; Wang, X.; Fan, A.; Zheng, Y.; Liu, X.; Wang, S.; Zou, H.; Oakley, B.R.; Keller, N.P.; Yin, W-Bing., 2017:
A cryptic pigment biosynthetic pathway uncovered by heterologous expression is essential for conidial development in Pestalotiopsis fici

Morgan, M.A.J.; Rickels, R.A.; Collings, C.K.; He, X.; Cao, K.; Herz, H-Martin.; Cozzolino, K.A.; Abshiru, N.A.; Marshall, S.A.; Rendleman, E.J.; Sze, C.C.; Piunti, A.; Kelleher, N.L.; Savas, J.N.; Shilatifard, A., 2017:
A cryptic Tudor domain links BRWD2/PHIP to COMPASS-mediated histone H3K4 methylation

Kobayashi, T.; Kitaichi, M.; Tachibana, K.; Kishimoto, Y.; Inoue, Y.; Kagawa, T.; Maekura, T.; Sugimoto, C.; Arai, T.; Akira, M.; Inoue, Y., 2017:
A Cryptogenic Case of Fulminant Fibrosing Organizing Pneumonia

Riggle, B.A.; Greenberg, M.L.; Wang, Y.; Wissner, R.F.; Zemerov, S.D.; Petersson, E.James.; Dmochowski, I.J., 2017:
A cryptophane-based "turn-on" 129 Xe NMR biosensor for monitoring calmodulin

Schiller, J.; Klein, S.; Engels, M.; Büttner, R.; Rybniker, J.; Fätkenheuer, G.; Scheid, C.; Wybranski, C.; Quaas, A.; Reinhardt, H.Christian.; Flümann, R., 2017:
Case Report: A Cryptosporidium infection in a patient with relapsed T-lymphoblastic lymphoma undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Lin, C.; Li, J.; Pan, F.; Zhao, Y.; Xu, L.; Yang, Y.; Du, X.; Lin, X.; Liao, F.; Lin, J.; Yang, T.; Sun, J., 2017:
A crystalline AlPO 4 -5 intermediate: designed synthesis, structure, and phase transformation

Sanna, E.; Escudero-Adán, E.C.; Bauzá, A.; Ballester, P.; Frontera, A.; Rotger, C.; Costa, A., 2015:
A crystalline sponge based on dispersive forces suitable for X-ray structure determination of included molecular guests

Nowak-Król, A.; Röhr, M.I.S.; Schmidt, D.; Würthner, F., 2017:
A Crystalline π-Stack Containing Five Stereoisomers: Insights into Conformational Isomorphism, Chirality Inversion, and Disorder

Maize, K.M.; Shah, R.; Strom, A.; Kumarapperuma, S.; Zhou, A.; Wagner, C.R.; Finzel, B.C., 2017:
A Crystal Structure Based Guide to the Design of Human Histidine Triad Nucleotide Binding Protein 1 (hHint1) Activated ProTides

Hoser, A.A.; Sovago, I.; Lanza, A.; Madsen, A.Ø., 2016:
A crystal structure prediction enigma solved: the gallic acid monohydrate system - surprises at 10 K

Anonymous, 2017:
ACS Awards 2017

Greer, W.; McSwine, S., 2017:
ACS Case Reviews in Surgery and AHRQ Safety Program for ERAS: New ACS programs enhance quality patient care

Ackerman, T.Leystra., 2017:
ACS Chapter Grant Program supports opportunities to lobby state lawmakers

Lindsley, C.W., 2017:
ACS Chemical Neuroscience: Most Cited Papers from 2015

Lindsley, C.W., 2017:
ACS Chemical Neuroscience: Most Cited Papers from 2016

Walker, R.L.; Ghali, W.A.; Chen, G.; Khalsa, T.K.; Mangat, B.K.; Campbell, N.R.C.; Dixon, E.; Rabi, D.; Jette, N.; Dhanoa, R.; Quan, H., 2018:
ACSC Indicator: testing reliability for hypertension

Stewart, R.M.; Jenkins, D.H.; Winchell, R.J.; Rotondo, M.F., 2017:
ACS Committee on Trauma pledges to make zero preventable deaths a reality

Dickson-Witmer, D.; Blair, S.; Boughey, J.C., 2017:
ACS CRP Dissemination and Implementation Committee issues call for participants in pilot project

Lombard, D.B.; Zhao, Y., 2017:
ACSF3 and Mal(onate)-Adapted Mitochondria

Geist, E.T., 2017:
ACS Fellowship for Single-Degree Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Lopes, D.Siqueira.; Câmara, Aéa.Cruz.; Aguiar, C.Menezes.; do Nascimento, M.do.Carmo.Chagas.; Farias de Araújo, L., 2017:
A C-Shaped Canal in a Maxillary Second Molar: Prexion 3D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Analysis

Aldrich, C.C.; Calderón, F., 2017:
ACS Infectious Diseases Special Issue Focused on Drug Discovery for Global Health

Migita, T.; Takayama, K-Ichi.; Urano, T.; Obinata, D.; Ikeda, K.; Soga, T.; Takahashi, S.; Inoue, S., 2017:
ACSL3 promotes intratumoral steroidogenesis in prostate cancer cells

Tenekecioglu, E.; Torii, R.; Katagiri, Y.; Asano, T.; Modolo, R.; Miyazaki, Y.; Chichareon, P.; Poon, E.K.W.; Gijsen, F.; Thondapu, V.; van Klaveren, D.; Jonker, H.; Ooi, A.; Barlis, P.; Collet, C.; Onuma, Y.; Bourantas, C.V.; Serruys, P.W., 2018:
Early strut protrusion and late neointima thickness in Absorb bioresorbable scaffold: A serial wall shear stress analysis up to five years

Jiamsakul, A.; Kerr, S.J.; Kiertiburanakul, S.; Azwa, I.; Zhang, F.; Chaiwarith, R.; Wong, W.; Ly, P.Sun.; Kumarasamy, N.; Ditangco, R.; Pujari, S.; Yunihastuti, E.; Do, C.Duy.; Merati, T.Parwati.; Nguyen, K.Van.; Lee, M.Po.; Choi, J.Yong.; Oka, S.; Kantipong, P.; Sim, B.L.H.; Ng, O.Tek.; Ross, J.; Law, M., 2018:
Early suboptimal ART adherence was associated with missed clinical visits in HIV-infected patients in Asia

Xu, Y-Fan.; Yang, M-Zi.; Chen, B-Xue.; Wang, X-Dong.; Chen, H-Yan.; Kuang, D-Bin.; Su, C-Yong., 2017:
A CsPbBr 3 Perovskite Quantum Dot/Graphene Oxide Composite for Photocatalytic CO 2 Reduction

Dodhia, S.; Celis, K.; Aylward, A.; Cai, Y.; Fontana, M.E.; Trespalacios, A.; Hoffman, D.C.; Alfonso, H.Ostos.; Eisig, S.B.; Su, G.H.; Chung, W.K.; Haddad, J., 2017:
ACSS2 gene variant associated with cleft lip and palate in two independent Hispanic populations

Vysochan, A.; Sengupta, A.; Weljie, A.M.; Alwine, J.C.; Yu, Y., 2017:
ACSS2-mediated acetyl-CoA synthesis from acetate is necessary for human cytomegalovirus infection

Goldfarb, M.A., 2017:
ACS Surgeon Workforce Subcommittee develops Onboarding Checklist for Surgeons

Molás, R.Batista.; de Paula-Silva, M.; Masood, R.; Ullah, A.; Gimenes, A.Dantas.; Oliani, S.Maria., 2017:
Ac 2-26 peptide and serine protease of Bothrops atrox similarly induces angiogenesis without triggering local and systemic inflammation in a murine model of dorsal skinfold chamber

Xu, C.; Yu, Y.; Ling, L.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Li, Y.; Duan, G., 2018:
A C 8 -Modified Graphene@mSiO 2 Composites Based Method for Quantification of Gallic Acid in Rat Plasma after Oral Administration of Changtai Granule and Its Application to Pharmacokinetics

Grassi, C.; Fripp, V.; Pories, S., 2017:
ACS WiSC addresses ongoing challenges for women in surgery

Hobbs, R.P.; Smith, S.H.; Getsios, S., 2017:
Act1: A Psoriasis Susceptibility Gene Playing its Part in Keratinocytes

Linden, A., 2017:
Acta Crystallographica Section C is making an impact

Kobayashi, K., 2018:
Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Presentations

Wegener, G.; Andreassen, O.A., 2011:
Acta Neuropsychiatrica and Scandinavian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (SCNP)

Wegener, G., 2018:
Acta Neuropsychiatrica and social media

Persson, P.B., 2017:
Acta Physiologica Award: outperforming original articles from 2015 to 2017

Vieira-Sousa, E.; Cavaleiro, J.; Mourão, A.F.; Rodrigues, A.M.; Albino-Teixeira, A.; Pimentel-Santos, F.M.; Oliveira-Ramos, F.; Canhão, H.; Polido-Pereira, J.; Fonseca, J.E.; Pereira da Silva, J.A.; Romeu, J.C.; Melo Gomes, J.; Costa, L.; Graça, L.; Leandro, M.J.; Santos, M.J.; Machado, P.M.; Ramiro, S., 2018:
Acta Reumatológica Portuguesa: perspectives in 2017

Lee, D-Ho.; Noh, H.; Hwang, C.Ju.; Lee, C.Sung.; Abumi, K.; Cho, J.Hwan., 2017:
A CT-Based Simulation Study to Compare the Risk of Facet Joint Violation by the Cervical Pedicle Screw Between Degenerative and Nondegenerative Cervical Spines

Lin, C-Hui.; Shih, T-Wei.; Pan, T-Ming., 2017:
A "Ct contrast"-based strain-specific real-time quantitative PCR system for Lactobacilllus paracasei subsp. paracasei NTU 101

Choi, E.Mi.; Suh, K.Sik.; Jung, W-Won.; Park, S.Young.; Chin, S.Ouk.; Rhee, S.Youl.; Pak, Y.Kim.; Chon, S., 2017:
Actein alleviates 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-mediated cellular dysfunction in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells

Chen, H-Jun.; Liu, J., 2017:
Actein ameliorates hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in high fat diet-induced NAFLD by regulation of insulin and leptin resistant

Xi, R.; Wang, L-Juan., 2017:
Actein ameliorates hepatobiliary cancer through stemness and p53 signaling regulation

Zhou, W-Di.; Wang, X.; Sun, X-Zhen.; Hu, J.; Zhang, R-Rong.; Hong, Z., 2017:
Actein induces apoptosis in leukemia cells through suppressing RhoA/ROCK1 signaling pathway

Yuan, L-Qun.; Chen, Y-Ming.; Sun, C.; Wang, Z-Yong.; Wang, D-Lin.; Lan, Q., 2017 :
Actein inhibits glioma growth via a mitochondria-mediated pathway

Lu, Y.; Zhou, W.; Feng, Y.; Li, Y.; Liu, K.; Liu, L.; Lin, D.; He, Z.; Wu, X., 2017:
Acteoside and Acyl-Migrated Acteoside, Compounds in Chinese Kudingcha Tea, Inhibit α-Amylase In Vitro

Shiao, Y-Ji.; Su, M-Hwan.; Lin, H-Ching.; Wu, C-Rei., 2018:
Acteoside and Isoacteoside Protect Amyloid β Peptide Induced Cytotoxicity, Cognitive Deficit and Neurochemical Disturbances In Vitro and In Vivo

van der Ent, A.; van Balgooy, M.; van Welzen, P., 2015:
Actephila alanbakeri (Phyllanthaceae): a new nickel hyperaccumulating plant species from localised ultramafic outcrops in Sabah (Malaysia)

Su, H.; Sureda-Gomez, M.; Rabaneda-Lombarte, N.; Gelabert, M.; Xie, J.; Wu, W.; Adell, T., 2017:
A C-terminally truncated form of β-catenin acts as a novel regulator of Wnt/β-catenin signaling in planarians

Yamada, K.; Osakabe, Y.; Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K., 2017:
A C-terminal motif contributes to the plasma membrane localization of Arabidopsis STP transporters

Pandey, K.K.; Bera, S.; Shi, K.; Aihara, H.; Grandgenett, D.P., 2017:
A C-terminal "Tail" Region in the Rous Sarcoma Virus Integrase Provides High Plasticity of Functional Integrase Oligomerization during Intasome Assembly

Holt, R., 2017:
Act for science

Accoceberry, I.; Rougeron, A.; Biteau, N.; Chevrel, P.; Fitton-Ouhabi, Vérie.; Noël, T., 2017:
A CTG Clade Candida Yeast Genetically Engineered for the Genotype-Phenotype Characterization of Azole Antifungal Resistance in Human-Pathogenic Yeasts

Choi, S.; Kim, H.; Paek, E., 2016 :
ACTG: novel peptide mapping onto gene models

Desroches-Castan, Aès.; Feige, J-Jacques.; Cherradi, N., 2017:
ACTH Action on Messenger RNA Stability Mechanisms

Clark, B.J., 2016:
ACTH Action on StAR Biology

Dostrovsky, A., 1955:
A.C.T.H. & cortisone in dermatology

Cantilo, E., 1954:
A. C. T. H. and cortisone

Sanchez Medal, J.; Maisterrena, J., 1951:
ACTH and cortisone in hematology; review

Canelas, H.M.; Netto, A.S.F., 1953:
ACTH and cortisone in neurology: results in 23 cases

MacKenzie, S.M.; Freel, E.Marie.; Connell, J.M.; Fraser, R.; Davies, E., 2017:
ACTH and Polymorphisms at Steroidogenic Loci as Determinants of Aldosterone Secretion and Blood Pressure

Nasr, S.J.; Rodgers, C.; Pandey, G.; Altman, E.G.; Gaviria, F.M.; Davis, J.M., 1983:
ACTH and the dexamethasone suppression test in depression

Hofmann, K.; Montibeller, J.A.; Finn, F.M., 1974:
ACTH antagonists

Dmitrašinović, G.; Pešić, V.; Stanić, Dšanka.; Plećaš-Solarović, B.; Dajak, M.; Ignjatović, S., 2017:
ACTH, Cortisol and IL-6 Levels in Athletes following Magnesium Supplementation

Israels, A.A., 1953:
ACTH in asthma

Miyashita, K.; Itoh, H.; Nakao, K., 2006:
ACTH-independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia

Romani, J., 1958:
ACTH Physiological Role

Byun, J.; Kim, S.Hyun.; Jeong, H.Sook.; Rhee, Y.; Lee, W.Jung.; Kang, C.Moo., 2017:
ACTH-producing neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas: a case report and literature review

Fridmanis, D.; Roga, A.; Klovins, J., 2017:
ACTH Receptor (MC2R) Specificity: What Do We Know About Underlying Molecular Mechanisms?

Wijewardene, A.A.; Glastras, S.J.; Learoyd, D.L.; Robinson, B.G.; Tsang, V.H.M., 2017:
ACTH-secreting medullary thyroid cancer: a case series

Chakraborty, A.N.; Banerjee, A.K.; Ghosh, S., 1953:
ACTH Therapy in Pemphigus Vulgaris

Guo, L-Li.; Wu, Y-Hong.; Xu, X-Wu.; Huang, C-Jie.; Xu, Y-Yun.; Cheng, H.; Wang, C-Sheng.; Wu, M.; Xu, X-Wei., 2017:
Actibacterium pelagium sp. nov., a novel alphaproteobacterium, and emended description of the genus Actibacterium

Leroy, A.; Beaufils, P.; Faivre, B.; Steltzlen, C.; Boisrenoult, P.; Pujol, N., 2017:
Actifit ® polyurethane meniscal scaffold: MRI and functional outcomes after a minimum follow-up of 5 years

De Crescenzo, F.; Economou, A.; Sharpley, A.L.; Gormez, A.; Quested, D.J., 2017:
Actigraphic features of bipolar disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Kurina, L.M.; Thisted, R.A.; Chen, J-Hao.; McClintock, M.K.; Waite, L.J.; Lauderdale, D.S., 2015:
Actigraphic sleep characteristics among older Americans

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Actigraphic Sleep Duration and Fragmentation in Older Women: Associations With Performance Across Cognitive Domains

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ACT in the treatment of sexual addiction: About a clinical case

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Action against human trafficking and slavery

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Action awaits on antimicrobial misuse

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Action Categories in Lateral Occipitotemporal Cortex Are Organized Along Sociality and Transitivity

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Action effect features, but not anatomical features, determine the Backward Crosstalk Effect: evidence from crossed-hands experiments

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Action-effects enhance explicit sequential learning

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Action (verb) fluency deficits in schizophrenia spectrum disorders: linking language, cognition and interpersonal functioning

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Action history influences subsequent movement via two distinct processes

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Action is needed to avoid NHS staffing crisis in Scotland, audit finds

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Action learning across the decades

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Action learning in virtual higher education: applying leadership theory

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Action learning: ripples within and beyond the set

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Action levels for indoor radon: different risks for the same lung carcinogen?

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Action mechanisms of Onabotulinum toxin-A: hints for selection of eligible patients

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Action Monitoring Cortical Activity Coupled to Submovements

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Action, Not Rhetoric, Needed to Reverse the Opioid Overdose Epidemic

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Action observation effects reflect the modular organization of the human motor system

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Action observation in the modification of postural sway and gait: Theory and use in rehabilitation

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Action Observation of Motor Skills Followed by Immediate Sleep Enhances the Motor Rehabilitation of Older Adults With Stroke

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Action observation produces motor resonance in Parkinson's disease

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Action of 2,2',4,4'-tetrahydroxybenzophenone in the biosynthesis pathway of melanin

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Action of a GH115 α-glucuronidase from Amphibacillus xylanus at alkaline condition promotes release of 4-O-methylglucopyranosyluronic acid from glucuronoxylan and arabinoglucuronoxylan

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Action of CMG with strand-specific DNA blocks supports an internal unwinding mode for the eukaryotic replicative helicase

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Action of Disinfectants on Microbes: An Interesting Phenomenon

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Action of Hydrobromate of Scopolamine upon the Iris and Ciliary Muscle-Hypnotic Anæsthesia-Turck's Gyromele in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Stomach-Europhen-A Simple Remedy for Enuresis

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Action of Ipecacuanha in Dysentery

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Action Of L-Carnitine, Corvitin And Their Combination On Functional State Of Liver In Experimental Model Of Reye Syndrome In Rats

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Action of Mercury on the Liver

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Action of Monomeric/Gemini Surfactants on Free Cells and Biofilm of Asaia lannensis

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ACTION of parathyroid hormone

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Action of photoperiod at cold in diapausing Chrysopa carnea females (Chrysopidae, Neuroptera)

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Action of sex hormones and pregnancy on various enzymatic activities in the uterus (arginase, peptidases, alkaline phosphatase)

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Action of the hypoglycemic sulfonyl compounds in hypophysectomized, adrenalectomized and depancreatized animals

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Action of theor-gene on pigmentation inPlatynereis dumerilii (Polychaeta) : II. Pigment deposition as caused by a maternal effect or immediately byor-gene activity

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Action of the Sterno-Cleido-Mastoid Muscles

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Action of the tofranil (G. 22. 355) on the electroencephalogram

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Action of triparanol on blood lipid changes

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Action of White Santonin in Night-Blindness Due to Intestinal Worms

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Action of YM155 on clear cell renal cell carcinoma does not depend on survivin expression levels

Anonymous, 1983:
Action on Alcohol Abuse is born

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Action on injury. Setting the agenda for children and young people in the UK: conclusion

Jarvis, S.; Towner, E., 1999:
Action on injury. Setting the agenda for children and young people in the UK: introduction

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Action on the social determinants of health through social enterprise

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Action Organization in Lateral Occipitotemporal Cortex

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Action-oriented colour-coded foot length calliper for primary healthcare workers as a proxy for birth weight & gestational period

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Action perception as hypothesis testing

Anonymous, 1981:
Action plan

Kendall-Raynor, P., 2017:
Action plan aims to boost practice nurse workforce

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Action plan for a healthy agriculture, healthy nutrition, healthy people

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Action plans and coping strategies in elderly COPD patients influence the result of pulmonary rehabilitation: an observational study

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Action plans with brief patient education for exacerbations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Action potential-based MEA platform for in vitro screening of drug-induced cardiotoxicity using human iPSCs and rat neonatal myocytes

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Action potential block in neurons by infrared light

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Action Potential Broadening in Capsaicin-Sensitive DRG Neurons from Frequency-Dependent Reduction of Kv3 Current

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Action potential contour and inter-species differences

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Action Potential Dynamics in Fine Axons Probed with an Axonally Targeted Optical Voltage Sensor

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Action potential propagation: ion current or intramembrane electric field?

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Action potentials and ion conductances in wild-type and CALHM1-knockout type II taste cells

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Action Potential Shortening and Impairment of Cardiac Function by Ablation of Slc26a6

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Action Priority: Early Neurophysiological Interaction of Conceptual and Motor Representations

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Action properties of object images facilitate visual search

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Action recognition is sensitive to the identity of the actor

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Action recognition is viewpoint-dependent in the visual periphery

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Action Recognition Using 3D Histograms of Texture and A Multi-Class Boosting Classifier

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Action research

Penman, J., 1999:
Action research in the care of patients with sexual anxieties

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Action Research on Development and Application of Internet of Things Services in Hospital

Misra, S., 2017:
Action research on education in Ayurveda

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Actions and Mechanisms of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Voltage-Gated Ion Channels

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Actions and Regulation of Ionotropic Cannabinoid Receptors

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Action-Self Quenching: Dimer-Induced Fluorescence Quenching of Chromophores as a Probe for Biomolecular Structure

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Action-semantic and syntactic deficits in subjects at risk for Huntington's disease

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Action-skilled observation: Issues for the study of sport expertise and the brain

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Actions of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Glucocorticoid Stress in Neurogenesis

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Actions of nurses in early detection of breast cancer

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Actions of Propofol on Neurons in the Cerebral Cortex

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Actions of quercetin, a flavonoid, on ion transporters: its physiological roles

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Actions of Quercetin, a Polyphenol, on Blood Pressure

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Actions of sesquiterpene lactones isolated from Moquiniastrum polymorphum subsp. floccosum in MCF7 cell line and their potentiating action on doxorubicin

Anonymous, 2017:
Actions of the ASHP Board of Directors- Meeting of April 6-7, 2017

Anonymous, 2017:
Actions of the ASHP Board of Directors-Meeting of January 26-27, 2017

Anonymous, 2017:
Actions of the ASHP Board of Directors-Meeting of June 3 and 6, 2017

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Actions of the Biceps Brachii at the Shoulder: A Review

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Actions of the School Health Program and school meals in the prevention of childhood overweight: experience in the municipality of Itapevi, São Paulo State, Brazil, 2014

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Actions on gamma-motoneurones elicited by electrical stimulation of group II muscle afferent fibres in the hind limb of the cat

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Action spectra again?

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Action spectra in semiconductor photocatalysis

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Activated NOTCH-Induced Intratumoral Heterogeneity Drives Lung Cancer

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Activating analytic thinking enhances the value given to individualizing moral foundations

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Activating DNA repair

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Activating Peripheral Innate Immunity Enables Safe and Effective Oncolytic Virotherapy in the Brain

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Activating the Bifunctionality of a Perovskite Oxide toward Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution Reactions

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Activating the Omega 13

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Activation and Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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Activation and exhaustion of antigen-specific CD8 + T cells occur in different splenic compartments during infection with Plasmodium berghei

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Activation and Functional Connectivity of the Left Inferior Temporal Gyrus during Visual Speech Priming in Healthy Listeners and Listeners with Schizophrenia

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Activation and Functional Specialization of Regulatory T Cells Lead to the Generation of Foxp3 Instability

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Activation and Inhibition of Sodium-Hydrogen Exchanger Is a Mechanism That Links the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus With That of Heart Failure

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Activation and Loading of the Starter Unit during Thiocoraline Biosynthesis

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Activation and mechanism of a cryptic oviedomycin gene cluster via the disruption of a global regulatory gene, adpA , in Streptomyces ansochromogenes

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Activation and pathogenic manipulation of the sensors of the innate immune system

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Activation and Role of NACHT, LRR, and PYD Domains-Containing Protein 3 Inflammasome in RNA Viral Infection

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Activation and Stabilization of Olive Recombinant 13-Hydroperoxide Lyase Using Selected Additives

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Activation and Substitution of 1-Ferrocenylalkylamines with Allenones: Application to Three-Component Synthesis of 4-(1-Ferrocenylalkyl)pyrazoles

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Activation changes of the left inferior frontal gyrus for the factors of construction and scrambling in a sentence

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Activation-Dependent Breathing in a Flexible Metal-Organic Framework and the Effects of Repeated Sorption/Desorption Cycling

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Activation-Dependent TRAF3 Exon 8 Alternative Splicing Is Controlled by CELF2 and hnRNP C Binding to an Upstream Intronic Element

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Activation function-1 domain of estrogen receptor regulates the agonistic and antagonistic actions of tamoxifen

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Activation, homing, and role of the mesenchymal stem cells in the inflammatory environment

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Activation-induced reduction of SDH activity in diaphragm muscle fibers

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Activation inhibitors of nuclear factor kappa B protect neurons against the NMDA-induced damage in the rat retina

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Activation in the angular gyrus and in the pSTS is modulated by face primes during voice recognition

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Activation Mechanism and Cellular Localization of Membrane-Anchored Alginate Polymerase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Activation mechanism of a neuromodulator-gated pacemaker ionic current

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Activation mechanism of the G protein-coupled sweet receptor heterodimer with sweeteners and allosteric agonists

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Activation mechanisms of the E3 ubiquitin ligase parkin

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Activation mechanisms of the first sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor

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Activation of 5-HT 1A receptors in the rat dorsomedial hypothalamus inhibits stress-induced activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis

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Activation of 5-HT 2A receptor disrupts rat maternal behavior

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Activation of 5-HT 7 receptors reverses NMDA-R-dependent LTD by activating PKA in medial vestibular neurons

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Activation of ABA Receptors Gene GhPYL9-11A Is Positively Correlated with Cotton Drought Tolerance in Transgenic Arabidopsis

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Activation of a calcium-dependent protein kinase involved in the Azospirillum growth promotion in rice

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Activation of a Ca 2+ -dependent cation conductance with properties of TRPM2 by reactive oxygen species in lens epithelial cells

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Activation of a c-Jun N-terminal kinase-mediated autophagy pathway attenuates the anticancer activity of gemcitabine in human bladder cancer cells

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Activation of a cryptic 5' splice site reverses the impact of pathogenic splice site mutations in the spinal muscular atrophy gene

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Activation of a Cryptic Gene Cluster in Lysobacter enzymogenes Reveals a Module/Domain Portable Mechanism of Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases in the Biosynthesis of Pyrrolopyrazines

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Activation of a cryptic splice site in the mitochondrial elongation factor GFM1 causes combined OXPHOS deficiency

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Activation of Actuating Hydrogels with WS 2 Nanosheets for Biomimetic Cellular Structures and Steerable Prompt Deformation

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Activation of adenosine A2A receptor signaling regulates the expression of cytokines associated with immunologic dysfunction in BTBR T + Itpr3 tf /J mice

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Activation of Adiponectin Receptor Regulates Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9 Expression and Inhibits Lesions in ApoE-Deficient Mice

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Activation of adrenergic receptor β2 promotes tumor progression and epithelial mesenchymal transition in tongue squamous cell carcinoma

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Activation of β-adrenergic receptor promotes cellular proliferation in human glioblastoma

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Activation of β-adrenoceptor facilitates active avoidance learning through enhancement of glutamate levels in the hippocampal dentate gyrus

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Activation of a Neospora caninum EGFR-Like Kinase Facilitates Intracellular Parasite Proliferation

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Activation of Akt by SC79 protects myocardiocytes from oxygen and glucose deprivation (OGD)/re-oxygenation

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Activation of Akt characterizes estrogen receptor positive human breast cancers which respond to anthracyclines

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Activation of Akt/GSK-3beta signaling pathway is involved in intermedin(1-53) protection against myocardial apoptosis induced by ischemia/reperfusion

Allison, S.E.; Chen, Y.; Petrovic, N.; Zhang, J.; Bourget, K.; Mackenzie, P.I.; Murray, M., 2017:
Activation of ALDH1A1 in MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cells that over-express CYP2J2 protects against paclitaxel-dependent cell death mediated by reactive oxygen species

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Activation of Alkaline Irrigation Fluids in Endodontics

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Activation of AMP-activated protein kinase by metformin ablates angiotensin II-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and hypertension in mice in vivo

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Activation of AMPK Attenuated Cardiac Fibrosis by Inhibiting CDK2 via p21/p27 and miR-29 Family Pathways in Rats

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Activation of AMPK by berberine induces hepatic lipid accumulation by upregulation of fatty acid translocase CD36 in mice

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Activation of KLF1 Enhances the Differentiation and Maturation of Red Blood Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

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Activation of Macrophages by Lipopolysaccharide for Assessing the Immunomodulatory Property of Biomaterials<sup/>

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Activation of mas-related G-protein-coupled receptors by the house dust mite cysteine protease Der p1 provides a new mechanism linking allergy and inflammation

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Activation of master virulence regulator PhoP in acidic pH requires the Salmonella -specific protein UgtL

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Activation of melatonin receptor (MT1/2) promotes P-gp transporter in methamphetamine-induced toxicity on primary rat brain microvascular endothelial cells

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Activation of Microglyocytes in the Anterior Horns of Rat Spinal Cord after Administration of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide

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Activation of mTOR is involved in anti-β 2 GPI/β 2 GPI-induced expression of tissue factor and IL-8 in monocytes

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Activation of Na + /H + exchanger other than formation of transmembrane pore underlies the cytotoxicity of nematocyst venom from Chrysaora helvola Brandt jellyfish

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Activation of Natural Killer Cells by Probiotics

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Activation of Natural Products Biosynthetic Pathways via a Protein Modification Level Regulation

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Activation of neonatal microglia can be influenced by other neural cells

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Activation of Nrf2-driven antioxidant enzymes by cardamonin confers neuroprotection of PC12 cells against oxidative damage

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Activation of Nrf2 might reduce oxidative stress in human granulosa cells

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Activation of Nrf2 pathway and inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasome activation contribute to the protective effect of chlorogenic acid on acute liver injury

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Activation of Nrf2 Signaling Augments Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Oncolysis via Autophagy-Driven Suppression of Antiviral Immunity

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Activation of nuclear β-catenin/c-Myc axis promotes oxidative stress injury in streptozotocin-induced diabetic cardiomyopathy

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Activation of Nuclear Factor-κB by Tumor Necrosis Factor in Intestinal Epithelial Cells and Mouse Intestinal Epithelia Reduces Expression of the Chloride Transporter SLC26A3

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Activation of Nuclear Factor-kappa B in Endothelial Cells of Chronic Subdural Hematoma Outer Membranes

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Activation of older patients through PRACTA intervention for primary healthcare doctors: does the method matter?

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Activation of oncogenic pathways in classical Hodgkin lymphoma by decitabine: A rationale for combination with small molecular weight inhibitors

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Activation of Osteoblastic Function on Titanium Surface with Titanium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle Coating: An In Vitro Study

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Activation of P2X7 receptor and NLRP3 inflammasome assembly in hippocampal glial cells mediates chronic stress-induced depressive-like behaviors

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Activation of P2X purinoceptors by ATP subsequent to an increase in reactive oxygen species causes enhanced laryngeal reflex reactivity in a rat model of extraoesophageal reflux

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Activation of p38 and Erk Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Signaling in Ocular Rosacea

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Activation of p47phox as a Mechanism of Bupivacaine-Induced Burst Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and Neural Toxicity

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Activation of p53/miR-34a Tumor Suppressor Axis by Chinese Herbal Formula JP-1 in A549 Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells

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Activation of Parathyroid Hormone 2 Receptor Induces Decorin Expression and Promotes Wound Repair

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Activation of Parvalbumin Neurons in the Rostro-Dorsal Sector of the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus Promotes Sensitivity to Pain in Mice

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Activation of Parvalbumin-Positive Neurons in Both Retina and Primary Visual Cortex Improves the Feature-Selectivity of Primary Visual Cortex Neurons

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