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Aquatic environmental assessment of Lake Balaton in the light of physical-chemical water parameters

Sebestyén, V.; Németh, J.óz.; Juzsakova, T.; Domokos, E.; Kovács, Z.óf.; Rédey, Ák.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 24(32): 25355-25371


ISSN/ISBN: 1614-7499
PMID: 28932976
DOI: 10.1007/s11356-017-0163-3
Accession: 059393730

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One of the issues of the Hungarian Water Management Strategy is the improvement and upgrading of the water of Lake Balaton. The Water Framework Directive (WFD) specifies and sets forth the achievement of the good ecological status. However, the assessment of the water quality of the lake as a complex system requires a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation procedure. Measurements were carried out around the Lake Balaton at ten different locations/sites and 13 physical-chemical parameters were monitored at each measurement site.For the interpretation of the water chemistry parameters the Aquatic Environmental Assessment (AEA) method devised by authors was used for the water body of the Lake Balaton. The AEA method can be used for all types of the water bodies since it is flexible and using individual weighting procedure for the water chemistry parameters comprehensive information can be obtain. The AEA method was compared with existing EIA methods according to a predefined criterion system and proved to be the most suitable tool for evaluating the environmental impacts in our study.On the basis of the results it can be concluded that the status of the quality of studied area on the Lake Balaton can be categorized as proper quality (from the outcome of the ten measurement sites this conclusion was reached at seven sites).

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