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Association of FOXF2 gene polymorphisms with ischemic stroke in Chinese Han population

Shi, C-He.; Tang, M-Bo.; Li, S-Hua.; Wang, Z-Jie.; Liu, X-Jing.; Zhao, L.; Gao, Y.; Li, Y-Sheng.; Sun, S-Lei.; Wu, J.; Song, B.; Xu, Y-Ming.

Oncotarget 8(52): 89867-89875


ISSN/ISBN: 1949-2553
PMID: 29163794
Accession: 059415078

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Recently, a novel locus at chromosome 6p25 (rs12204590, near FOXF2) associated with an increased risk of stroke in European populations was identified. However, whether polymorphisms in FOXF2 are also associated with the incidence of ischemic stroke in other populations remains unknown. In this case-control study, 803 Chinese Han patients with ischemic stroke and 803 matched control individuals were enrolled. Four tag SNPs and rs12204590 located in or near FOXF2 were selected, and the associations between genotypes/alleles and ischemic stroke were analyzed. In our study, we did not detect an association between the previously reported locus rs12204590 and ischemic stroke. By the genotype analysis, a novel SNP rs1711972, near FOXF2, was observed to be associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke(CA genotype, adjusted OR = 1.35; 95% CI, 1.07 to 1.70), but not significantly after Bonferroni corrections for multiple tests. However, in the subgroup analysis, we discovered that rs1711972 was associated with an increased risk of large-artery atherosclerotic stroke in the additive model (P = 0.020; CA genotype, adjusted OR = 1.50; 95%CI, 1.09 to 2.07) and dominant model (P = 0.010; OR = 1.47; 95%CI, 1.09 to 1.99). Collectively, these results indicate that a novel SNP near FOXF2 may influence the risk of large-artery atherosclerotic stroke in Chinese Han population.

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