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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59437

Chapter 59437 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Maciorowski, Z.; Chattopadhyay, P.K.; Jain, P., 2017:
Basic Multicolor Flow Cytometry

Skoe, E.; Burakiewicz, E.; Figueiredo, M.; Hardin, M., 2017:
Basic neural processing of sound in adults is influenced by bilingual experience

Pocivavsek, A.; Rowland, L.M., 2017:
Basic Neuroscience Illuminates Causal Relationship Between Sleep and Memory: Translating to Schizophrenia

Hirsch, S.; Lambert, K.; Coppens, K.; Moeller, K., 2017:
Basic numerical competences in large-scale assessment data: Structure and long-term relevance

Chen, Y.; Chen, J.; Sun, Y.; Liu, Y.; Wu, L.; Wang, Y.; Yu, S., 2010:
Basic occupational health services in Baoan, China

Muralidhar, V.; Ahasan, M.Faizul.; Khan, A.Mahmud.; Alam, M.Shariful., 2017:
Basic occupational health services (BOHS) in community primary care: the MSF (Dhaka) model

Denys, M-Astrid.; Kapila, V.; Weiss, J.; Goessaert, A-Sofie.; Everaert, K., 2017:
Basic or extended urine sampling to analyse urine production?

Newman, H.; Maritz, J., 2017:
Basic overview of method validation in the clinical virology laboratory

Prokopowicz, G.; Życzkowski, M.; Nowakowski, K.; Bogacki, Rł.; Bryniarski, P.; Paradysz, A., 2017:
Basic Parameters of Blood Count as Prognostic Factors for Renal Cell Carcinoma

von Cube, M.; Schumacher, M.; Wolkewitz, M., 2018:
Basic parametric analysis for a multi-state model in hospital epidemiology

Mu, Y.; Zou, M.; Sun, X.; He, B.; Xu, X.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Chi, W., 2017:
BASIC PENTACYSTEINE Proteins Repress ABSCISIC ACID INSENSITIVE4 Expression via Direct Recruitment of the Polycomb-Repressive Complex 2 in Arabidopsis Root Development

Widiger, T.A.; Crego, C.; Rojas, S.L.; Oltmanns, J.R., 2017:
Basic personality model

Abedon, S.T.; Katsaounis, T.I., 2018:
Basic Phage Mathematics

Thomas, G.D., 1984:
Basic porcelain jacket crown ceramics--part 1

Sato, E.; Isobe, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Matsumura, A., 2017:
Basic Principle and Image Analysis in the Diffusion Tensor Image

Hara, M.; Hirota, Y., 2018:
Basic principle of population-based cohort study to evaluate influenza vaccine effectiveness among elderly Japanese

Maier, B.Oliver.; Simon, S.T.; Bausewein, C.; Pralong, A.; Voltz, R., 2016:
Basic principles and health care structures of palliative care

Carp, L., 1946:
Basic Principles in Geriatric Surgery

Heideborn, M.O., 1965:
Basic Principles in the Planning and Execution of Jaw-Orthopedic Treatments in General Dental Practice. I

Rausch, V.; Seybold, D.; Königshausen, M.; Köller, M.; Schildhauer, T.A.; Geßmann, J., 2017:
Basic principles of fracture healing

Henderson, V., 1969:
Basic principles of nursing care. 4

Benet, L.Z.; Zia-Amirhosseini, P., 1995:
Basic principles of pharmacokinetics

Heinenberg, H.D., 1986:
Basic principles of prosthetics: complete denture (III)

Mehta, P.M., 1939:
Basic Principles of Solarium Treatment

Marinović, M.; Fumić, N.; Laginja, S.; Smokrović, E.; Bakota, B.; Bekić, M.; Čoklo, M., 2017:
Basic Principles of Surgical Treatment of Chronic Wounds – Sharp Debridement

Fukushima, W.; Hirota, Y., 2018:
Basic principles of test-negative design in evaluating influenza vaccine effectiveness

Heinenberg, H.D., 1986:
Basic principles. Prosthetics: complete dentures (I)

Preusser, M., 2017:
Basic principles: signaling pathways and checkpoints

Fierz, W., 2000 :
Basic problems of serological laboratory diagnosis

Diard, Médéric.; Hardt, W-Dietrich., 2018:
Basic Processes in Salmonella -Host Interactions: Within-Host Evolution and the Transmission of the Virulent Genotype

Ossikovski, R.; Gil, Jé.J., 2017:
Basic properties and classification of Mueller matrices derived from their statistical definition

Sandler, J.; Dare, C.; Holder, A., 1970:
Basic psychoanalytic concepts. 3. Transference

Sandler, J.; Holder, A.; Dare, C., 1970:
Basic psychoanalytic concepts. IV. Counter-transference

Sandler, J.; Dare, C.; Holder, A., 1970:
Basic psychoanalytic concepts. IX. Working through

Sandler, J.; Holder, A.; Dare, C., 1970:
Basic psychoanalytic concepts. VI. Acting out

Sandler, J.; Holder, A.; Dare, C., 1970:
Basic psychoanalytic concepts: V. Resistance

Campbell, R.; Tobback, E.; Delesie, L.; Vogelaers, D.; Mariman, A.; Vansteenkiste, M., 2017:
Basic psychological need experiences, fatigue, and sleep in individuals with unexplained chronic fatigue

Orkibi, H.; Ronen, T., 2017:
Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction Mediates the Association between Self-Control Skills and Subjective Well-Being

Turan, A.; Çeltikçi, Pınar.; Tufan, A.; Öztürk, M.Akif., 2017 :
Basic radiological assessment of synovial diseases: a pictorial essay

Himmel, D.; Radtke, V.; Butschke, B.; Krossing, I., 2017:
Basic Remarks on Acidity

Debruyne, F.; Yoshida, O.; Olsson, C.; Bauer, J.; Höltl, W.; Kakehi, Y.; Schalken, J.A.; Borkowsky, A., 1995:
Basic research

Bugelli, V.; Campobasso, C.Pietro., 2017:
Basic research and applied science in forensic entomology

Tanaka, T.; Komaki, H.; Chazono, M.; Kitasato, S.; Kakuta, A.; Akiyama, S.; Marumo, K., 2017:
Basic research and clinical application of beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP)

Heras-Garvin, A., 2017:
Basic research and model systems in familial dysautonomia: What do we know and what's next?

Lee, T., 2017:
Basic Research as the Top Priority for INJ

Riemann, D., 2017:
Basic research, chronobiology, ontogeny and clinical sleep medicine

Dichgans, M., 2017:
Basic research for clinicians : A new rubric for Der Nervenarzt

Schlötzer-Schrehardt, U.; Cursiefen, C., 2017:
Basic research in ophthalmology in Germany and its international context

Hausner, T.; Redl, H., 2017:
Basic research in traumatology and its contribution to routine operation

Foley, B.R.; Marjoram, P.; Nuzhdin, S.V., 2017:
Basic reversal-learning capacity in flies suggests rudiments of complex cognition

Ikeno, H.; Mizoguchi, T., 2017:
Basics and applications of ELNES calculations

Ritterson, R.; Casagrande, R., 2017:
Basic Scholarship in Biosafety Is Critically Needed To Reduce Risk of Laboratory Accidents

Platz, E.A., 2001:
Basic Science

Ozkan, J., 2017:
Basic Science and Cardiology I: Basics

Ozkan, J., 2017:
Basic Science and Cardiology II: Funding

Lagathu, C.; Cossarizza, A.; Béréziat, Véronique.; Nasi, M.; Capeau, J.; Pinti, M., 2018:
Basic science and pathogenesis of ageing with HIV: potential mechanisms and biomarkers

Fowler, C.D.; Gipson, C.D.; Kleykamp, B.A.; Rupprecht, L.E.; Harrell, P.T.; Rees, V.W.; Gould, T.J.; Oliver, J.; Bagdas, D.; Damaj, M.Imad.; Schmidt, H.D.; Duncan, A.; De Biasi, M., 2017:
Basic Science and Public Policy: Informed Regulation for Nicotine and Tobacco Products

Green, J., 2018:
Basic science and treatment innovation

Wilson, M.G.; Ellison, G.M.; Cable, N.Tim., 2015:
Basic science behind the cardiovascular benefits of exercise

Brophy, C.M., 2006:
Basic science career development

Relman, A.S., 1980:
Basic science for clinicians

Carballo, C.B.; Nakagawa, Y.; Sekiya, I.; Rodeo, S.A., 2017:
Basic Science of Articular Cartilage

Davis, R.H., 1987:
Basic science research

Hubbeling, D.; Sapunov, A.; Bertram, R., 2017:
Basic Sciences and Psychiatry

Baquero, F., 2018:
Basic Sciences Fertilizing Clinical Microbiology and Infection Management

Zanzonico, P., 2011:
Basic Sciences of Nuclear Medicine

Koren, D.; Scheyer, R.; Reznik, N.; Adres, M.; Apter, A.; Parnas, J.; Seidman, L.J., 2017:
Basic self-disturbance, neurocognition and metacognition: A pilot study among help-seeking adolescents with and without attenuated psychosis syndrome

Madeira, Lís.; Carmenates, S.; Costa, C.; Linhares, L.; Stanghellini, G.; Figueira, M.Luísa.; Sass, L., 2017:
Basic Self-Disturbances beyond Schizophrenia: Discrepancies and Affinities in Panic Disorder - An Empirical Clinical Study

Diaz-Cacho, M.; Delgado, E.; Barreiro, A.; Falcón, P., 2017:
Basic Send-on-Delta Sampling for Signal Tracking-Error Reduction

Montero Baladía, M.; Arroyo Diez, M.; Badallo Areválo, O., 2017:
Basic sign in lung echography. Liquid and air bronchogram: Differentiation

Chai, L.; Cai, B.; ShangGuan, W.; Wang, J.; Wang, H., 2017:
Basic Simulation Environment for Highly Customized Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Kinematic Scenarios

Serrani, M.; Calvanese, C.; Lisotti, A.; Caletti, G.; Abenavoli, L.; Fusaroli, P., 2017:
Basics in Endoscopic Ultrasound Part 1: Diagnostic Indications and Tissue Sampling

Capranzano, P.; Angiolillo, D.J., 2013:
Basics of Antithrombotic Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease: Pharmacologic Targets of Platelet Inhibitors and Anticoagulants

Yaşar, E.; Adigüzel, E.; Arslan, M.; Matthews, D.J., 2017:
Basics of bone metabolism and osteoporosis in common pediatric neuromuscular disabilities

Sarkar, M.; Prabhu, V., 2017:
Basics of cardiopulmonary bypass

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing--Pharmacy Applications, Part 1

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing--Pharmacy Applications, Part 2

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding: 3D Printing: Pharmacy Applications, Part 3: Compounding, Formulation Considerations, and the Future

Allen, L.V., 2016:
Basics of Compounding: Clinical Pharmaceutics, Part 1

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding: Clinical Pharmaceutics, Part 2

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding: Compounding Films

Allen, L.V.; Okeke, C.C., 2009:
Basics of compounding; considerations for implementing United States pharmacopeia chapter 797 pharmaceutical compounding-sterile preparations, part 13

Allen, L.V., 2002:
Basics of compounding: iontophoresis, part 2

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding: Special Capsules

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Compounding with Dilutions and Concentrates

Camp, C.L.; Degen, R.M.; Dines, J.S.; Altchek, D.W.; Sanchez-Sotelo, J., 2017:
Basics of Elbow Arthroscopy Part III: Positioning and Diagnostic Arthroscopy in the Lateral Decubitus Position

Camp, C.L.; Degen, R.M.; Dines, J.S.; Sanchez-Sotelo, J.; Altchek, D.W., 2017:
Basics of Elbow Arthroscopy Part II: Positioning and Diagnostic Arthroscopy in the Supine Position

Camp, C.L.; Degen, R.M.; Sanchez-Sotelo, J.; Altchek, D.W.; Dines, J.S., 2017:
Basics of Elbow Arthroscopy Part I: Surface Anatomy, Portals, and Structures at Risk

Petersen, B., 2018:
Basics of genome editing technology and its application in livestock species

Borenstein, M.; Higgins, J.P.T.; Hedges, L.V.; Rothstein, H.R., 2017:
Basics of meta-analysis: I 2 is not an absolute measure of heterogeneity

Duke-Novakovski, T., 2018:
Basics of monitoring equipment

Tadano, K.; Isobe, T.; Sato, E.; Takei, H.; Kobayashi, D.; Mori, Y.; Tomita, T.; Sakae, T., 2017:
Basics of Monte-Carlo Simulation: Focusing on Dose-to-medium and Dose-to-water

Hansen, J., 2016:
Basics of Opioid Pharmacology

Rödel, F.; Fournier, C.; Wiedemann, J.; Merz, F.; Gaipl, U.S.; Frey, B.; Keilholz, L.; Seegenschmiedt, M.Heinrich.; Rödel, C.; Hehlgans, S., 2017:
Basics of Radiation Biology When Treating Hyperproliferative Benign Diseases

Thompson, C.B.; Panacek, E.A., 1998:
Basics of research (Part 13): Qualitative research--an example

Akers, M.J., 2017:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Biopharmaceutics of Injectable Dosage Forms

Akers, M.J., 2017:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Clinical Hazards of Injectable Drug Administration

Akers, M.J., 2017:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Excipients Used in Injections

Akers, M.J., 2017:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Manipulating Peptides and Proteins

Allen, L.V., 2016:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Ophthalmic Preparations, Part 1: Ophthalmic Solutions

Allen, L.V., 2017:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Ophthalmic Preparations, Part 2: Suspensions and Ointments

Akers, M.J., 2017:
Basics of Sterile Compounding: Personnel Requirements for Sterile Compounding

Chatburn, R.L., 2018:
Basics of study design: Practical considerations (From the "Biostatistics and Epidemiology Lecture Series, Part 1")

Moore, J.H.; Thornton, T.A.; Ritchie, M.D., 2008:
Basic statistics

Giuffrida, M.A., 2018:
Basic Statistics for the Exotic Animal Practitioner

Divisi, D.; Di Leonardo, G.; Zaccagna, G.; Crisci, R., 2017:
Basic statistics with Microsoft Excel: a review

Cesana, B.M.; Cavaliere, F., 2018:
Basics to perform and present statistical analyses in scientific biomedical reports. Part 2

Wenzel, A., 2018:
Basic Strategies of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Wang, R.; Cui, Y.; Xu, Y.; Irudayaraj, J., 2017:
Basic studies on epigenetic carcinogenesis of low-dose exposure to 1-trichloromethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-β-carboline (TaClo) in vitro

Nakanishi, K.; Sakata, R.; Takaki, A.; Nakasone, Y.; Kadota, M.; Ito, S., 2017:
Basic Study for the Purpose of Developing a Quantitative 67 Ga-SPECT Measurement Method

Morimoto, Y.; Izumi, H.; Yoshiura, Y.; Fujisawa, Y.; Yatera, K.; Fujita, K.; Maru, J.; Endoh, S.; Honda, K., 2017:
Basic study of intratracheal instillation study of nanomaterials for the estimation of the hazards of nanomaterials

Maruyama, D.; Yamazaki, S.; Honda, E.; Suzuki, E.; Hommatsu, K.; Oshiba, R.; Sato, N., 2017:
Basic Study on Visibility and Water Equivalency of a New Colorless Transparent Bolus for Electron Radiotherapy

Krol, E.J., 1963:
Basic Surgical Training

Yeung, A.Wai.Kan.; Goto, T.K.; Leung, W.Keung., 2017:
Basic taste processing recruits bilateral anteroventral and middle dorsal insulae: An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of fMRI studies

Phelan, M.C., 2008:
Basic techniques in mammalian cell tissue culture

Patzold, U.; Drees, A.; Haller, P.; Müller, H.; Weinrich, W.; Dahmer, J., 1978:
Basic text: the acute organic psychosyndrome. Part 2

Patzold, U.; Drees, A.; Haller, P.; Müller, H.; Weinrich, W.; Dahmer, J., 1978:
Basic text: the acute organic psychosyndrome. Part 3

Daniels, R., 2017:
Basic therapeutics : What are the features of modern personal care products to protect and regenerate the skin barrier?

Sieper, J., 1998 :
Basic therapy in the treatment of arthritis

Zhang, D-Zhong.; Chen, B-He.; Zhang, L-Fang.; Cheng, M-Kun.; Fang, X-Jie.; Wu, X-Jun., 2017:
Basic Transcription Factor 3 Is Required for Proliferation and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition via Regulation of FOXM1 and JAK2/STAT3 Signaling in Gastric Cancer

Knezevic, N.Nick.; Yekkirala, A.; Yaksh, T.L., 2017:
Basic/Translational Development of Forthcoming Opioid- and Nonopioid-Targeted Pain Therapeutics

Maranchie, J.K., 2018:
Basic/Translational Science Survey: Kidney Cancer

Maranchie, J.K., 2017:
Basic/Translational Science Survey Section: Kidney Cancer

Abessolo, M.; Rossier, Jérôme.; Hirschi, A., 2017:
Basic Values, Career Orientations, and Career Anchors: Empirical Investigation of Relationships

Krishnamurthy, S.; Singh, R.; Chandrasekaran, V.; Mathiyazhagan, G.; Chidambaram, M.; Deepak Barathi, S.; Mahadevan, S., 2017:
Basidiobolomycosis complicated by hydronephrosis and a perinephric abscess presenting as a hypertensive emergency in a 7-year-old boy

Jiao, M.; Yu, D.; Tan, C.; Guo, J.; Lan, D.; Han, E.; Qi, T.; Voegele, R.Thomas.; Kang, Z.; Guo, J., 2017:
Basidiomycete-specific PsCaMKL1 encoding a CaMK-like protein kinase is required for full virulence of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici

Ramadhani, I.; Sukarno, N.; Listiyowati, S., 2017:
Basidiospores attach to the seed of Shorea leprosula in lowland tropical dipterocarp forest and form functional ectomycorrhiza on seed germination

Jiao, M.; Tan, C.; Wang, L.; Guo, J.; Zhang, H.; Kang, Z.; Guo, J., 2017:
Basidiospores of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici succeed to infect barberry, while Urediniospores are blocked by non-host resistance

Li, M-Peng.; Hu, X-Lei.; Yang, Y-Long.; Zhang, Y-Jiao.; Zhou, J-Peng.; Peng, L-Ming.; Tang, J.; Chen, X-Ping., 2017:
Basigin rs8259 Polymorphism Confers Decreased Risk of Chronic Heart Failure in a Chinese Population

Stewart, R.M., 2017:
Basil A. Pruitt Jr. MD and the US Army Institute for Surgical Research: Five Decades of Science, Clinical Care, Mentorship, and Leadership

Alkin, Tç.; Tural, U.; Onur, E.; Oztürk, V.; Monkul, E.Serap.; Kutluk, Kürşad., 2006:
Basilar artery blood flow velocity changes in patients with panic disorder following 35% carbon dioxide challenge

Manara, R.; Carlier, R.Y.; Righetto, S.; Citton, V.; Locatelli, G.; Colas, F.; Ermani, M.; Germain, D.P.; Burlina, A., 2017:
Basilar Artery Changes in Fabry Disease

Del Brutto, O.H.; Mera, R.M.; Costa, A.F.; Del Brutto, V.J., 2017:
Basilar Artery Diameter Is Inversely Associated with Fetal Type Circle of Willis

Berkovic, S.F.; Spokes, R.L.; Anderson, R.M.; Bladin, P.F., 1983:
Basilar artery dissection

Nakajima, H.; Ishiguro, T.; Komiyama, M., 2015:
Basilar Artery Dissection Presenting with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Report of Two Cases

Del Brutto, O.H.; Mera, R.M.; Del Brutto, V.J.; Costa, A.F.; Zambrano, M.; Brorson, J., 2017:
Basilar Artery Dolichoectasia: Prevalence and Correlates With Markers of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Peterson, N.T.; Duchesneau, P.M.; Westbrook, E.L.; Weinstein, M.A., 1977:
Basilar artery ectasia demonstrated by computed tomography

Tuhrim, S.; Weinberger, J., 1989:
Basilar artery occlusion

Sidler, D.; Renz, N.; Brekenfeld, C.; Ercin, Eüment.; Schroth, G.; Brack, M., 2012:
Basilar artery occlusion after acute myocardial infarction

Lena, J.; Eskandari, R.; Infinger, L.; Fargen, K.M.; Spiotta, A.; Turk, A.; Turner, R.D.; Chaudry, I., 2017:
Basilar artery occlusion in a child treated successfully with mechanical thrombectomy using ADAPT

Griauzde, J.; Gemmete, J.J.; Chaudhary, N.; Pandey, A.S.; Garton, H.J., 2013:
Basilar artery pseudoaneurysm presenting at 5-month follow-up after traumatic atlanto-occipital dislocation in a 7-year-old girl treated with intracranial stent placement and coiling

Montejo, C.; Vicente, M.; Sánchez, A.; Renú, A., 2017:
Basilar artery thrombosis caused by vertebral dissection secondary to brachial plexus block

Alturki, A.Y.; Alamri, A.S.; Badawy, M.M.; Lo, B.W., 2017:
Basilar artery vasospasm after pretuncal non-aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage responding to milrinone

O'connell, J.E.A.; Turner, J.W.A., 1950:
Basilar impression of the skull

Mateos Gomez, J.H.; Dorfsman Figueroa, J., 1961:
Basilar invagination

Moore, J.; Koon, H.E.C., 2017:
Basilar portion porosity: A pathological lesion possibly associated with infantile scurvy

See, A.P.; Baranoski, J.F.; Flores, B.C.; Ducruet, A.; Albuquerque, F.C., 2017:
Basilar stroke from a persistent hypoglossal artery

Chou, I-Ching.; Lee, I-Chi.; Hong, S-Yu., 2017:
Basilar-type migraine: An overlooked cause of loss of consciousness in pediatric emergency rooms

Slater, B.C.S., 2017:
Basil C S Slater

Landau, M.; Doumas, B., 2018:
Basil Doumas

Wang, S.; Wang, M.S.; Jennings, W.C., 2017:
Basilic elevation transposition may improve the clinical outcomes for superficialization of basilic arteriovenous fistula veins

Chipde, S.Sudhir.; Agrawal, S.; Kalathia, J.; Mishra, U.; Agrawal, R., 2017:
Basilic vein transposition: A viable alternative for multiple failed arteriovenous fistulas - A single center experience

Zhang, G-Qing.; Zhang, C-Shuo.; Sun, N.; Lv, W.; Chen, B-Min.; Zhang, J-Lin., 2017:
Basiliximab application on liver recipients: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Chapman, T.M.; Keating, G.M., 2003:
Basiliximab: a review of its use as induction therapy in renal transplantation

Yamagishi, H.; Chen-Yoshikawa, T.F.; Date, H., 2017:
Basiliximab for posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome after lung transplantation

Feng, B.; Zhu, Y.; Su, Z.; Tang, L.; Sun, C.; Li, C.; Zheng, G., 2017:
Basil polysaccharide attenuates hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis in rat by suppressing H3K9me2 histone methylation under hepatic artery ligation-induced hypoxia

Schieltz, K.M.; Wacker, D.P.; Ringdahl, J.E.; Berg, W.K., 2017:
Basing assessment and treatment of problem behavior on behavioral momentum theory: Analyses of behavioral persistence

Hackenberg, S.C.; Andrews, S.J.; Airs, R.L.; Arnold, S.R.; Bouman, H.A.; Cummings, D.; Lewis, A.C.; Minaeian, J.K.; Reifel, K.M.; Small, A.; Tarran, G.A.; Tilstone, G.H.; Carpenter, L.J., 2017:
Basin-Scale Observations of Monoterpenes in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans

Xia, X.; Guo, W.; Liu, H., 2017:
Basin Scale Variation on the Composition and Diversity of Archaea in the Pacific Ocean

Kim, B.; Park, J., 2018:
Basins of distinct asymptotic states in the cyclically competing mobile five species game

Singh, A.K.; Fulton, Z.; Tiwari, R.; Zhang, X.; Lu, L.; Altmeyer, W.B.; Tantiwongkosi, B., 2017:
Basion-Cartilaginous Dens Interval: An Imaging Parameter for Craniovertebral Junction Assessment in Children

Yamamoto, A.; Omori, Y.; Shindo, A.; Imai, H.; Suzuki, H., 2017:
Basi-parallel anatomical scanning-magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome of the basilar artery: a case report

Lux, R.L., 2017:
Basis and ECG measurement of global ventricular repolarization

Gregori, C., 1974:
Basis and norms of utilization of anti-inflammatory drugs in dental surgery--2d part

Seghouane, A-Krim.; Iqbal, A., 2017:
Basis Expansion Approaches for Regularized Sequential Dictionary Learning Algorithms With Enforced Sparsity for fMRI Data Analysis

Denlinger, D.L., 1981:
Basis for a Skewed Sex Ratio in Diapause-Destined Flesh Flies

Kotlarchyk, M.; Thurston, G.M., 2017:
Basis for calculating cross sections for nuclear magnetic resonance spin-modulated polarized neutron scattering

Urzi, F.; Šimunič, Bštjan.; Buzan, E., 2017:
Basis for Sarcopenia Screening With the SARC-CalF in Nursing Homes

Leggett, R., 2017:
Basis for the ICRP's updated biokinetic model for carbon inhaled as CO 2

Fölster-Holst, R.; Sperl, A.; Albrecht, T.; Klimek, L., 2017:
Basis for the treatment of eczematous diseases in otorhinolaryngology

Heinenberg, B.J.; Heinenberg, S., 1983:
Basis knowledge: definitive filling materials (II)

Ehn, S.; Sellerer, T.; Mechlem, K.; Fehringer, A.; Epple, M.; Herzen, J.; Pfeiffer, F.; Noël, P.B., 2016:
Basis material decomposition in spectral CT using a semi-empirical, polychromatic adaption of the Beer-Lambert model

Shergill, L.S.; Malone, J.; Boutsalis, P.; Preston, C.; Gill, G., 2016:
Basis of ACCase and ALS inhibitor resistance in Hordeum glaucum Steud

Insua, A.; Monje, A.; Wang, H-Lay.; Miron, R.J., 2017:
Basis of bone metabolism around dental implants during osseointegration and peri-implant bone loss

Okubo, I., 2008:
Basis of clinical economics (5)

Sato, S., 1981:
Basis of digital bio-signal processing. IV.

Sato, S., 1981:
Basis of digital bio-signal processing. V

Amaha, K., 1972:
Basis of respiratory physiology. 2. Respiratory deadspace

Newman, J.S.; Newberg, A.H., 2011:
Basketball injuries

Tao, J.J.; Schram, A.M.; Hyman, D.M., 2017:
Basket Studies: Redefining Clinical Trials in the Era of Genome-Driven Oncology

Oesterlein, T.; Frisch, D.; Loewe, A.; Seemann, G.; Schmitt, C.; Dössel, O.; Luik, A., 2017:
Basket-Type Catheters: Diagnostic Pitfalls Caused by Deformation and Limited Coverage

Tol, A.; Farhandi, H.; Mohebbi, B.; Sadeghi, R., 2017:
BASNEF Model intervention on blood pressure modification among hypertensive diabetic patients

Laso-Dosal, F.; Arrese Estrada, J.; Ben Mosbah, T.; Dowlati, A.; Damseaux, M.; Mélotte, P.; Cornil, F.; Broux, M.; Piérard-Franchimont, C.; Piérard, G.E., 1989:
Basocellular epithelioma

Sengupta, A.; Yau, J.O.Y.; Jean-Richard-Dit-Bressel, P.; Liu, Y.; Millan, E.Zayra.; Power, J.M.; McNally, G.P., 2017:
Basolateral Amygdala Neurons Maintain Aversive Emotional Salience

Hart, E.E.; Izquierdo, A., 2016:
Basolateral amygdala supports the maintenance of value and effortful choice of a preferred option

Lichtenberg, N.T.; Pennington, Z.T.; Holley, S.M.; Greenfield, V.Y.; Cepeda, C.; Levine, M.S.; Wassum, K.M., 2017:
Basolateral Amygdala to Orbitofrontal Cortex Projections Enable Cue-Triggered Reward Expectations

Fullana, M.A.; Zhu, X.; Alonso, P.; Cardoner, Nís.; Real, E.; López-Solà, C.; Segalàs, C.; Subirà, M.; Galfalvy, H.; Menchón, Jé.M.; Simpson, H.Blair.; Marsh, R.; Soriano-Mas, C., 2017:
Basolateral amygdala-ventromedial prefrontal cortex connectivity predicts cognitive behavioural therapy outcome in adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder

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Bathing beauty to aid infirm

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Bat patrol

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Battered wives

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Battersea's campaign gathers momentum

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Batter up!

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Battle of the bugs

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Battle over drilling in Arctic refuge reignites

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Battle Wounds of the Thoracic Cavity

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Battling bias

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Battling severe mental illnesses with smartphones: how patients' smartphone data can help improve clinical care

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Baveno VI Recommendation on Avoidance of Screening Endoscopy in Cirrhotic Patients: Not Quite There Yet!

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Baxter Award for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical Sciences

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Bayesian geodesic path for human motor control

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Bayesian Group Bridge for Bi-level Variable Selection

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Bayesian Helmholtz Stereopsis with Integrability Prior

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Bayesian Hierarchical Structure for Quantifying Population Variability to Inform Probabilistic Health Risk Assessments

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Bayesian Inference of Two-Dimensional Contrast Sensitivity Function from Data Obtained with Classical One-Dimensional Algorithms Is Efficient

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Bayesian inference of uncertainty in freshwater quality caused by low-resolution monitoring

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Bayesian Lasso and multinomial logistic regression on GPU

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Bayesian markets to elicit private information

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Bayesian Model Averaging with Change Points to Assess the Impact of Vaccination and Public Health Interventions

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Bayesian Modeling of Biomolecular Assemblies with Cryo-EM Maps

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Bayesian models for cost-effectiveness analysis in the presence of structural zero costs

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Bayesian MRI denoising in complex domain

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Bayesian multi-subject factor analysis to predict microsleeps from EEG power spectral features

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Bayesian Neighborhood Component Analysis

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Bayesian network as a support tool for rapid query of the environmental multimedia distribution of nanomaterials

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Bayesian network model for identification of pathways by integrating protein interaction with genetic interaction data

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Bayesian Networks Illustrate Genomic and Residual Trait Connections in Maize ( Zea mays L.)

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Bayesian Networks Improve Causal Environmental Assessments for Evidence-Based Policy

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Bayesian Networks to Compare Pest Control Interventions on Commodities Along Agricultural Production Chains

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Bayesian noninferiority test for 2 binomial probabilities as the extension of Fisher exact test

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Bayesian nonparametric areal wombling for small-scale maps with an application to urinary bladder cancer data from Connecticut

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Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation for Dynamic Treatment Regimes with Sequential Transition Times

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Bayesian nonparametric estimation of EQ-5D utilities for United States using the existing United Kingdom data

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Bayesian Nonparametric Longitudinal Data Analysis

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Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for Partially-Observable Reinforcement Learning

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Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Modeling of Panel Data for Sequential Classification

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Bayesian nonparametric statistics: A new toolkit for discovery in cancer research

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Bayesian Occam's Razor Is a Razor of the People

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Bayesian one-step IPD network meta-analysis of time-to-event data using Royston-Parmar models

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Baylor University Medical Center system

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Bayu, Pitta, Kapha

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Bazedoxifene for HRT?

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BBB -on-a-chip to study nanoparticle transport

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BCAT1 Enhances BCAA Production to Drive Myeloid Leukemia

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BCC-NER: bidirectional, contextual clues named entity tagger for gene/protein mention recognition

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Bead Wash Buffer A

Anonymous, 2017:
Bead Wash Buffer B

Anonymous, 2017:
Bead Wash Buffer C

Anonymous, 2017:
Bead Wash Buffer D

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Be an Advocate for Women's Health: Get a Pelvic MRI

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Be a ratings winner