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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59484

Chapter 59484 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Suzuki, Y.; Suu, S.; Sato, H., 1970:
Cerebrospinal lesions resulting from invasion of canine heartworm larvae

Stodart, T., 1904:
Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis in Akyab Jail

Woolley, J.M., 1907:
Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis in Bhagalpur in 1906

Peters, B.A., 1940:
Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis in Bristol

Barry, C.C., 1903:
Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis in Burma

Ferrer, J., 1960:
Cerebrospinal otorrhea

Chu, C.C.; Shih, I.S., 1963:
Cerebrospinal Rhinorrhea

Rudolph, G.; Steinbach, E., 1964:
Cerebrospinal Syphilis

Kohshi, K.; Morimatsu, Y.; Tamaki, H.; Murata, Y.; Kohshi, K.; Ishitake, T.; Denoble, P.J., 2018:
Cerebrospinal vascular diseases misdiagnosed as decompression illness: the importance of considering other neurological diagnoses

Shamley, D.J.; Heckmann, J.M.; Mendelsohn, D.; Saffer, S.D., 1988:
Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis. A case report

Heller, R.; Grau, A.J.; Schäbitz, W.R.; Schwaninger, M., 2002:
Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, a treatable metabolic disorder

Tibrewal, S.; Duell, P.Barton.; DeBarber, A.E.; Loh, A.R., 2017:
Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis: early diagnosis on the basis of juvenile cataracts

Kimura, M.; Nawata, K.; Kinoshita, O.; Yamauchi, H.; Itoda, Y.; Imamura, T.; Hatano, M.; Kinugawa, K.; Ono, M., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Accident Rate Is Different Between Centrifugal and Axial-Flow Pumps, but Survival and Driveline Infection Rates Are Similar

You, J.; Volkow, N.D.; Park, K.; Zhang, Q.; Clare, K.; Du, C.; Pan, Y., 2017:
Cerebrovascular adaptations to cocaine-induced transient ischemic attacks in the rodent brain

Bari, V.; De Maria, B.; Mazzucco, C.Enrico.; Rossato, G.; Tonon, D.; Nollo, G.; Faes, L.; Porta, A., 2017:
Cerebrovascular and cardiovascular variability interactions investigated through conditional joint transfer entropy in subjects prone to postural syncope

Vézina, Aélie.; Charfi, C.; Zgheib, A.; Annabi, B., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Angiogenic Reprogramming upon LRP1 Repression: Impact on Sphingosine-1-Phosphate-Mediated Signaling in Brain Endothelial Cell Chemotactism

Scott, R.; Paulson, D., 2017:
Cerebrovascular burden and depressive symptomatology interrelate over 18 years: support for the vascular depression hypothesis

Leong, C.; Alessi-Severini, S.; Enns, M.W.; Nie, Y.; Sareen, J.; Bolton, J.; Prior, H.J.; Chateau, D., 2017:
Cerebrovascular, Cardiovascular, and Mortality Events in New Users of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors: A Propensity Score-Matched Population-Based Study

Yamauchi, T.; Yoshikawa, T.; Sasaki, T.; Matsumoto, S.; Takahashi, M.; Suka, M.; Yanagisawa, H., 2017:
Cerebrovascular/cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders due to overwork and work-related stress among local public employees in Japan

Sawada, T., 1982:
Cerebrovascular circulation

Akyıldız, Bşak.; Ülgen-Tekerek, N.; Özyurt, A.; Pamukçu, Özge.; Narin, N., 2017:
Cerebrovascular complication of infective endocarditis complicated with abdominal trauma

Marton, I.; Pósfai, Éva.; Csomor, Aéla.; Vécsei, László.; Borbényi, Z.; Sas, K., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Complications and Polycythaemia Vera

Graus, F.; Rogers, L.R.; Posner, J.B., 1985:
Cerebrovascular complications in patients with cancer

Garbino, J.; Ambrosioni, J., 2008:
Cerebrovascular complications of infective endocarditis

Paciaroni, M.; Bogousslavsky, J., 2008:
Cerebrovascular complications of neck manipulation

Wood, D.H., 1978:
Cerebrovascular complications of sickle cell anemia

Ishida, K.; Uchida, M.; Utada, K.; Yamashita, A.; Yamashita, S.; Fukuda, S.; Matsumoto, M.; Sakabe, T., 2017:
Cerebrovascular CO 2 reactivity during isoflurane-nitrous oxide anesthesia in patients with chronic renal failure

Knopman, D.S.; Hooshmand, B., 2017:
Cerebrovascular disease affects brain structural integrity long before clinically overt strokes

Srikanth, V.; Saling, M.M.; Thrift, A.G.; Donnan, G.A., 2006:
Cerebrovascular disease and dementia

Letra, L.; Sena, C., 2018:
Cerebrovascular Disease: Consequences of Obesity-Induced Endothelial Dysfunction

Lotufo, P.Andrade.; Goulart, A.Carvalho.; Passos, Véria.Maria.de.Azeredo.; Satake, F.Mitsuhiro.; Souza, M.de.Fátima.Marinho.de.; França, E.Barbosa.; Ribeiro, Aônio.Luiz.Pinho.; Bensenõr, I.Judith.Martins., 2018:
Cerebrovascular disease in Brazil from 1990 to 2015: Global Burden of Disease 2015

Gaddi, A.; Cicero, A..F.G.; Nascetti, S.; Poli, A.; Inzitari, D., 2003:
Cerebrovascular disease in Italy and Europe: it is necessary to prevent a 'pandemia'

Knepper, L.E.; Giuliani, M.J., 1995:
Cerebrovascular disease in women

Wells, R., 1971:
Cerebrovascular disease occurrence in Australia

Kaeser, H.E., 1973:
Cerebrovascular diseases (introduction)

Kwak, R., 1978:
Cerebrovascular diseases

Komiyama, M., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Diseases from the Perspective of Embryology, Anatomy, and Genetics

El-Fayech, C.; Haddy, N.; Allodji, R.Sètchéou.; Veres, C.; Diop, F.; Kahlouche, A.; Llanas, D.; Jackson, A.; Rubino, C.; Guibout, C.; Pacquement, Hélène.; Oberlin, O.; Thomas-Teinturier, Cécile.; Scarabin, P-Yves.; Chavaudra, J.; Lefkopoulos, D.; Giroud, M.; Bejot, Y.; Bernier, Vérie.; Carrie, C.; Diallo, I.; de Vathaire, F., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Diseases in Childhood Cancer Survivors: Role of the Radiation Dose to Willis Circle Arteries

Zanon, E.; Milan, M.; Sarolo, L.; Pasca, S., 2017:
Cerebrovascular diseases in hemophiliacs: A real, but underestimated risk

Banerjee, A.K., 1996:
Cerebrovascular Diseases in India - a Pathologists Viewpoint

Poznanska, A.; Wojtyniak, B.; Chwojnicki, K.; Lewtak, K.; Rubikowska, B.; Seroka, W., 2017:
Cerebrovascular diseases in Poland-inconsistent seasonal patterns of hospitalisation and mortality

Sousa, Jão.André.; Mendes-Pinto, M.; Sargento-Freitas, Jão.; Silva, F.; Cecília, C.; Macário, C.; Gouveia, A.; Machado, C.; Rodrigues, B.; Santo, G.C.; Lima, A.; Veiga, R.; Cunha, Lís.; Freire-Gonçalves, Aónio., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Dissemination in Time and Space as a Predictor of Cardioembolism

Holcomb, W.L.; Petrie, R.H., 1990:
Cerebrovascular emergencies in pregnancy

Chazal, T.; Couture, P.; Rosso, C.; Haroche, J.; Léger, A.; Hervier, B.; Deltour, S.; Rufat, P.; Amoura, Z.; Cohen Aubart, F., 2017:
Cerebrovascular events are associated with lower survival in giant cell arteritis: A case-controlled multicenter study

Ong, E.; Barraco, F.; Nighoghossian, N.; Praire, A.; Desestret, V.; Derex, L.; Vighetto, A.; Biotti, D., 2017:
Cerebrovascular events as presenting manifestations of Myeloproliferative Neoplasm

Sun, Y.H.; Liu, X.B.; Wang, J.A., 2017 :
Cerebrovascular events post transcatheter aortic valve replacement: an issue that should not be overlooked

Çelik, Güner.; Yurdakul, Hüseyin.; Yildirim, E., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Events Secondary to Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation Based on Genetic Heterogeneity

Harriott, A.M.; Zimmerman, E.; Singhal, A.B.; Jaff, M.R.; Lindsay, M.E.; Rordorf, G.A., 2017:
Cerebrovascular fibromuscular dysplasia: The MGH cohort and literature review

van Opstal, A.M.; van Rooden, S.; van Harten, T.; Ghariq, E.; Labadie, G.; Fotiadis, P.; Gurol, M.Edip.; Terwindt, G.M.; Wermer, M.J.H.; van Buchem, M.A.; Greenberg, S.M.; van der Grond, J., 2016:
Cerebrovascular function in presymptomatic and symptomatic individuals with hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy: a case-control study

Grell, A-Sofie.; Frederiksen, S.Denise.; Edvinsson, L.; Ansar, S., 2017:
Cerebrovascular gene expression in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Grell, A-Sofie.; Mostajeran, M.; Frederiksen, S.Denise.; Edvinsson, L.; Ansar, S., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Gene Expression in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats After Transient Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion

Nivethitha, L.; Mooventhan, A.; Manjunath, N.K.; Bathala, L.; Sharma, V.K., 2017:
Cerebrovascular hemodynamics during pranayama techniques

Librizzi, L.; de Cutis, M.; Janigro, D.; Runtz, L.; de Bock, F.; Barbier, E.L.; Marchi, N., 2017:
Cerebrovascular heterogeneity and neuronal excitability

Lin, A.; Rawal, S.; Agid, R.; Mandell, D.M., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Imaging: Which Test is Best?

Mishra, A.Kumar.; Arvind, V.Harshad.; Muliyil, D.; Kuriakose, C.K.; George, A.Anna.; Karuppusami, R.; Benton Carey, R.Albert.; Mani, S.; Hansdak, S.George., 2017:
Cerebrovascular injury in cryptococcal meningitis

Verro, P.; Levine, S.R.; Tietjen, G.E., 1998:
Cerebrovascular ischemic events with high positive anticardiolipin antibodies

De Reuck, J.L.; Deramecourt, V.; Auger, F.; Durieux, N.; Maurage, C-Alain.; Pasquier, F.; Cordonnier, C.; Leys, D.; Bordet, R., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Lesions in Mixed Neurodegenerative Dementia: A Neuropathological and Magnetic Resonance Study

French, L.A.; Chou, S.N.; Story, J.L., 1964:
Cerebrovascular malformations

Garkowski, A.; Zajkowska, J.; Zajkowska, A.; Kułakowska, A.; Zajkowska, O.; Kubas, Bżena.; Jurgilewicz, D.; Hładuński, M.; Łebkowska, U., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Manifestations of Lyme Neuroborreliosis-A Systematic Review of Published Cases

Liu, X.; Donnelly, J.; Czosnyka, M.; Aries, M.J.H.; Brady, K.; Cardim, D.; Robba, C.; Cabeleira, M.; Kim, D-Joo.; Haubrich, C.; Hutchinson, P.J.; Smielewski, P., 2017:
Cerebrovascular pressure reactivity monitoring using wavelet analysis in traumatic brain injury patients: A retrospective study

Qiu, X.; Shi, L.; Zhuang, H.; Zhang, H.; Wang, J.; Wang, L.; Sun, P.; Yu, L.; Liu, L., 2018:
Cerebrovascular Protective Effect of Boldine Against Neural Apoptosis via Inhibition of Mitochondrial Bax Translocation and Cytochrome C Release

Dlamini, N.; Yau, I.; Westmacott, R.; Shroff, M.; Armstrong, D.; Logan, W.; Mikulis, D.; deVeber, G.; Kassner, A., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Reactivity and Intellectual Outcome in Childhood Stroke With Transient Cerebral Arteriopathy

Barnes, J.N.; Harvey, Rée.E.; Miller, K.B.; Jayachandran, M.; Malterer, K.R.; Lahr, B.D.; Bailey, K.R.; Joyner, M.J.; Miller, V.M., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Reactivity and Vascular Activation in Postmenopausal Women With Histories of Preeclampsia

Hegeduš, I.; Milić, J.; Ćosić, A.; Buljan, K.; Drenjančević, I., 2017:
Cerebrovascular reactivity in acute hyperoxia in patients with acute ischaemic stroke

Urback, A.L.; MacIntosh, B.J.; Goldstein, B.I., 2017:
Cerebrovascular reactivity measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging during breath-hold challenge: A systematic review

Thrippleton, M.J.; Shi, Y.; Blair, G.; Hamilton, I.; Waiter, G.; Schwarzbauer, C.; Pernet, C.; Andrews, P.Jd.; Marshall, I.; Doubal, F.; Wardlaw, J.M., 2017:
Cerebrovascular reactivity measurement in cerebral small vessel disease: Rationale and reproducibility of a protocol for MRI acquisition and image processing

Smeda, J.S.; Daneshtalab, N., 2017:
Cerebrovascular recovery after stroke with individual and combined losartan and captopril treatment of SHRsp

Andrews, R.N.; Metheny-Barlow, L.J.; Peiffer, A.M.; Hanbury, D.B.; Tooze, J.A.; Bourland, J.Daniel.; Hampson, R.E.; Deadwyler, S.A.; Cline, J.Mark., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Remodeling and Neuroinflammation is a Late Effect of Radiation-Induced Brain Injury in Non-Human Primates

Yew, B.; Nation, D.A., 2017:
Cerebrovascular resistance: effects on cognitive decline, cortical atrophy, and progression to dementia

Dong, M-Xue.; Hu, L.; Huang, Y-Jun.; Xu, X-Min.; Liu, Y.; Wei, Y-Dong., 2017:
Cerebrovascular risk factors for patients with cerebral watershed infarction: A case-control study based on computed tomography angiography in a population from Southwest China

Hategan, A.; Hirsch, C.H., 2017:
Cerebrovascular Steal Phenomenon and Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Gaskill-Shipley, M.F.; Ernst, R.J., 2001 :
Cerebrovascular trauma

Bahl, E.; Koomar, T.; Michaelson, J.J., 2016:
cerebroViz: an R package for anatomical visualization of spatiotemporal brain data

Das, S.; Haedicke, K.; Grimm, J., 2017:
Cerenkov-Activated Sticky Tag for In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging

Ciarrocchi, E.; Belcari, N., 2017:
Cerenkov luminescence imaging: physics principles and potential applications in biomedical sciences

Nakamura, Y.; Nagaya, T.; Sato, K.; Okuyama, S.; Ogata, F.; Wong, K.; Adler, S.; Choyke, P.L.; Kobayashi, H., 2017:
Cerenkov Radiation-Induced Photoimmunotherapy with 18 F-FDG

Calvello, S.; Piccardo, M.; Rao, S.Vittal.; Soncini, A., 2017:
CERES: An ab initio code dedicated to the calculation of the electronic structure and magnetic properties of lanthanide complexes

Adnan, A.A.; Jibrin, J.M.; Kamara, A.Y.; Abdulrahman, B.L.; Shaibu, A.S.; Garba, I.I., 2017:
CERES-Maize Model for Determining the Optimum Planting Dates of Early Maturing Maize Varieties in Northern Nigeria

Guérin, Aée.; Rønning, H.Thorsen.; Dargaignaratz, C.; Clavel, T.; Broussolle, Véronique.; Mahillon, J.; Granum, P.Einar.; Nguyen-The, C., 2017:
Cereulide production by Bacillus weihenstephanensis strains during growth at different pH values and temperatures

Wu, J.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, M.; Yao, Y.; Han, J.; Liu, K., 2018:
Cereus sinensis Polysaccharide and Its Immunomodulatory Properties in Human Monocytic Cells

Klein, C.; Waldhauer, I.; Nicolini, V.G.; Freimoser-Grundschober, A.; Nayak, T.; Vugts, D.J.; Dunn, C.; Bolijn, M.; Benz, Jörg.; Stihle, M.; Lang, S.; Roemmele, M.; Hofer, T.; van Puijenbroek, E.; Wittig, D.; Moser, S.; Ast, O.; Brünker, P.; Gorr, I.H.; Neumann, S.; de Vera Mudry, M.Cristina.; Hinton, H.; Crameri, F.; Saro, J.; Evers, S.; Gerdes, C.; Bacac, M.; van Dongen, G.; Moessner, E.; Umaña, P., 2017:
Cergutuzumab amunaleukin (CEA-IL2v), a CEA-targeted IL-2 variant-based immunocytokine for combination cancer immunotherapy: Overcoming limitations of aldesleukin and conventional IL-2-based immunocytokines

Rodriguez, Jé.A.; Grinter, D.C.; Liu, Z.; Palomino, R.M.; Senanayake, S.D., 2017:
Ceria-based model catalysts: fundamental studies on the importance of the metal-ceria interface in CO oxidation, the water-gas shift, CO 2 hydrogenation, and methane and alcohol reforming

Wu, H.; Li, F.; Wang, S.; Lu, J.; Li, J.; Du, Y.; Sun, X.; Chen, X.; Gao, J.; Ling, D., 2017:
Ceria nanocrystals decorated mesoporous silica nanoparticle based ROS-scavenging tissue adhesive for highly efficient regenerative wound healing

Soh, M.; Kang, D-Wan.; Jeong, H-Gil.; Kim, D.; Kim, D.Yeon.; Yang, W.; Song, C.; Baik, S.; Choi, I-Young.; Ki, S-Ki.; Kwon, H.Jin.; Kim, T.; Kim, C.Kyung.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Hyeon, T., 2017:
Ceria-Zirconia Nanoparticles as an Enhanced Multi-Antioxidant for Sepsis Treatment

Schneider, D.; Harmgarth, N.; Edelmann, F.T.; Anwander, R., 2017:
Ceric Cyclopentadienides Bearing Alkoxy, Aryloxy, Chlorido, or Iodido Co-Ligands

Anonymous, 2017:
Ceritinib Bests Chemo for Untreated ALK+ NSCLC

Metro, G.; Passaro, A.; Lo Russo, G.; Bonanno, L.; Giusti, R.; Gregorc, V.; Capelletto, E.; Martelli, O.; Cecere, F.L.; Giannarelli, D.; Luciani, A.; Bearz, A.; Tuzi, A.; Scotti, V.; Tonini, G.; Galetta, D.; Carta, A.; Soto Parra, H.; Rebonato, A.; Morabito, A.; Chiari, R., 2017:
Ceritinib compassionate use for patients with crizotinib-refractory, anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Verduzco, D.; Kuenzi, B.M.; Kinose, F.; Sondak, V.K.; Eroglu, Z.; Rix, U.; Smalley, K.S.M., 2017:
Ceritinib Enhances the Efficacy of Trametinib in BRAF/NRAS -Wild-Type Melanoma Cell Lines

Anonymous, 2017:
Ceritinib for non-small cell lung cancer

Hida, T.; Satouchi, M.; Nakagawa, K.; Seto, T.; Matsumoto, S.; Kiura, K.; Nokihara, H.; Murakami, H.; Tokushige, K.; Hatano, B.; Nishio, M., 2017:
Ceritinib in patients with advanced, crizotinib-treated, anaplastic lymphoma kinase-rearranged NSCLC: Japanese subset

Shaw, A.T.; Kim, T.Min.; Crinò, L.; Gridelli, C.; Kiura, K.; Liu, G.; Novello, S.; Bearz, A.; Gautschi, O.; Mok, T.; Nishio, M.; Scagliotti, G.; Spigel, D.R.; Deudon, Séphanie.; Zheng, C.; Pantano, S.; Urban, P.; Massacesi, C.; Viraswami-Appanna, K.; Felip, E., 2017:
Ceritinib versus chemotherapy in patients with ALK-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer previously given chemotherapy and crizotinib (ASCEND-5): a randomised, controlled, open-label, phase 3 trial

Zhou, D.; Liu, D.; Pan, G.; Chen, X.; Li, D.; Xu, W.; Bai, X.; Song, H., 2017:
Cerium and Ytterbium Codoped Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots: A Novel and Efficient Downconverter for Improving the Performance of Silicon Solar Cells

Geibel, I.; Schmidtmann, M.; Christoffers, J., 2017:
Cerium-catalyzed, oxidative synthesis of annulated, tetrasubstituted dihydrofuran-derivatives

Ramenzoni, L.L.; Weber, F.E.; Attin, T.; Schmidlin, P.R., 2017:
Cerium Chloride Application Promotes Wound Healing and Cell Proliferation in Human Foreskin Fibroblasts

Zhang, C.; He, J.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, J.; Zhao, Y.; Niu, Y.; Yu, C., 2017:
Cerium dioxide-doped carboxyl fullerene as novel nanoprobe and catalyst in electrochemical biosensor for amperometric detection of the CYP2C19*2 allele in human serum

Huang, Y.; Li, L.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Ge, S.; Li, H.; Yu, J., 2017:
Cerium Dioxide-Mediated Signal "On-Off" by Resonance Energy Transfer on a Lab-On-Paper Device for Ultrasensitive Detection of Lead Ions

Kobyliak, N.; Virchenko, O.; Falalyeyeva, T.; Kondro, M.; Beregova, T.; Bodnar, P.; Shcherbakov, O.; Bubnov, R.; Caprnda, M.; Delev, D.; Sabo, J.; Kruzliak, P.; Rodrigo, L.; Opatrilova, R.; Spivak, M., 2017:
Cerium dioxide nanoparticles possess anti-inflammatory properties in the conditions of the obesity-associated NAFLD in rats

Solola, L.A.; Zabula, A.V.; Dorfner, W.L.; Manor, B.C.; Carroll, P.J.; Schelter, E.J., 2017:
Cerium(IV) Imido Complexes: Structural, Computational, and Reactivity Studies

Hong, F.; Qu, C.; Wang, L., 2017:
Cerium Improves Growth of Maize Seedlings via Alleviating Morphological Structure and Oxidative Damages of Leaf under Different Stresses

Pošćić, F.; Schat, H.; Marchiol, L., 2017:
Cerium negatively impacts the nutritional status in rapeseed

Friedrich, J.; Schneider, D.; Bock, L.; Maichle-Mössmer, Cäcilia.; Anwander, R., 2017:
Cerium(IV) Neopentoxide Complexes

Ma, L.; Chen, R.; Zhu, G.; Hu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Chen, T.; Liu, J.; Jin, Z., 2017:
Cerium Oxide Nanocrystal Embedded Bimodal Micromesoporous Nitrogen-Rich Carbon Nanospheres as Effective Sulfur Host for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Naseri-Nosar, M.; Farzamfar, S.; Sahrapeyma, H.; Ghorbani, S.; Bastami, F.; Vaez, A.; Salehi, M., 2018:
Cerium oxide nanoparticle-containing poly (ε-caprolactone)/gelatin electrospun film as a potential wound dressing material: In vitro and in vivo evaluation

Adebayo, O.A.; Akinloye, O.; Adaramoye, O.A., 2017:
Cerium oxide nanoparticle elicits oxidative stress, endocrine imbalance and lowers sperm characteristics in testes of balb/c mice

Rossi, L.; Zhang, W.; Ma, X., 2017:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles alter the salt stress tolerance of Brassica napus L. by modifying the formation of root apoplastic barriers

Naz, S.; Beach, J.; Heckert, B.; Tummala, T.; Pashchenko, O.; Banerjee, T.; Santra, S., 2017:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles: a 'radical' approach to neurodegenerative disease treatment

Hegazy, M.A.; Maklad, H.M.; Samy, D.M.; Abdelmonsif, D.A.; El Sabaa, B.M.; Elnozahy, F.Y., 2017:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles could ameliorate behavioral and neurochemical impairments in 6-hydroxydopamine induced Parkinson's disease in rats

Charbgoo, F.; Ahmad, M.Bin.; Darroudi, M., 2017:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles: green synthesis and biological applications

Ariu, F.; Bogliolo, L.; Pinna, A.; Malfatti, L.; Innocenzi, P.; Falchi, L.; Bebbere, D.; Ledda, S., 2018:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles (CeO 2 NPs) improve the developmental competence of in vitro-matured prepubertal ovine oocytes

Nemmar, A.; Yuvaraju, P.; Beegam, S.; Fahim, M.A.; Ali, B.H., 2017:
Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in Lung Acutely Induce Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and DNA Damage in Various Organs of Mice

Sekar, G.; Kumar, N.Prem.; Mukherjee, A.; Chandrasekaran, N., 2017:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles promote HSA fibrillation in vitro

Pezzini, I.; Marino, A.; Del Turco, S.; Nesti, C.; Doccini, S.; Cappello, V.; Gemmi, M.; Parlanti, P.; Santorelli, F.M.; Mattoli, V.; Ciofani, G., 2016:
Cerium oxide nanoparticles: the regenerative redox machine in bioenergetic imbalance

Khataee, A.; Hassandoost, R.; Rahim Pouran, S., 2017:
Cerium-substituted magnetite: Fabrication, characterization and sonocatalytic activity assessment

Yu, S.; Li, C.; Biswas, L.; Hu, X.; Liu, F.; Reilly, J.; Liu, X.; Liu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Lu, Z.; Han, S.; Wang, L.; Yu Liu, J.; Jiang, T.; Shu, X.; Wong, F.; Tang, Z.; Liu, M., 2017:
CERKL gene knockout disturbs photoreceptor outer segment phagocytosis and causes rod-cone dystrophy in zebrafish

Markham, A., 2017:
Cerliponase Alfa: First Global Approval

Paschoal, A.Rossi.; Lozada-Chávez, I.; Domingues, D.Silva.; Stadler, P.F., 2017:
ceRNAs in plants: computational approaches and associated challenges for target mimic research

Pozzi, F.; Alia, R.Garcia.; Brugger, M.; Carbonez, P.; Danzeca, S.; Gkotse, B.; Jaekel, M.Richard.; Ravotti, F.; Silari, M.; Tali, M., 2017:
Cern Irradiation Facilities

Yazdani, R.; Abolhassani, H.; Tafaroji, J.; Azizi, G.; Hamidieh, A.Ali.; Chou, J.; Geha, R.S.; Aghamohammadi, A., 2017:
Cernunnos deficiency associated with BCG adenitis and autoimmunity: First case from the national Iranian registry and review of the literature

Drazen, J.M.; Yialamas, M.A., 2017:
Certain about Dying with Uncertainty

Anthony, R.W., 1925:
Certain Aspects of Litholapaxy

Beliaev, I.I., 1970:
Certain aspects of the development of hygienic science and sanitation practice

Pashkov, V.; Harkusha, A., 2017:
Certain aspects on medical devices software law regulation

Liu, L.; Tian, B.; Chai, H-Peng.; Yuan, Y-Qiang., 2017:
Certain bright soliton interactions of the Sasa-Satsuma equation in a monomode optical fiber

Duer, C., 1899:
Certain Cases of Hyperpyrexia

Wyszyńska, T.; Witowska, K., 1967:
Certain diagnostic criteria in urinary tract infections in children

Xu, J-Hao.; Lai, Y.; Zhuang, L-Ping.; Huang, C-Ze.; Li, C-Qiang.; Chen, Q-Kui.; Yu, T., 2018:
Certain Dietary Habits Contribute to the Functional Dyspepsia in South China Rural Area

Wig, K.L.; Riyaz, R.Ahmad., 1941:
Certain Epidemiological Aspects of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Northern India

Deng, H.Y.; Zhang, Z.T., 2018:
Certain experiences in sequential treatment of occlusal reconstruction

Aiyar, N.Subramanya., 1896:
Certain Facts Regarding the Poison-Lore of the Hindus

Jabarzareh, A.; Sadeghi-Sefidmazgi, A.; Ghorbani, G.; Cabrera, V., 2018:
Economic evaluation of sexed semen use in Iranian dairy farms according to field data

Agarwal, P.; Jleli, M.; Tomar, M., 2017:
Certain Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities via generalized k -fractional integrals

Bogomolov, D.V.; Putintsev, V.A.; Zbrueva, Y.V.; Denisova, O.P., 2017:
Certain immunohistochemical markers of the intravitality of strangulation mechanical asphyxia

Nisar, K.Sooppy.; Mondal, S.Rahman.; Choi, J., 2017:
Certain inequalities involving the k-Struve function

Dutta, P.C., 1933:
Certain Injuries of the Wrist That Are Frequently Overlooked

Stevenson, E.Lowndes.; Sloane, R., 2017:
Certain Less Invasive Infertility Treatments Associated with Different Levels of Pregnancy-Related Anxiety in Pregnancies Conceived via In Vitro Fertilization

Anonymous, 1935:
Certain Metastatic Complications of Gonorrhœa Discussion

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CFPC welcomes its 2016-2017 President, Dr David White

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CF-related diabetes: Containing the metabolic miscreant of cystic fibrosis

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