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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59568

Chapter 59568 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Szklarz, G.; Adrjanowicz, K.; Knapik-Kowalczuk, J.; Jurkiewicz, K.; Paluch, M., 2017:
Crystallization of supercooled fenofibrate studied at ambient and elevated pressures

Asor, R.; Ben-Nun-Shaul, O.; Oppenheim, A.; Raviv, U., 2017:
Crystallization, Reentrant Melting, and Resolubilization of Virus Nanoparticles

Lu, H.; Wang, J.; Wang, T.; Wang, N.; Bao, Y.; Hao, H., 2017:
Crystallization techniques in wastewater treatment: An overview of applications

Jiang, Z.; Chen, R.; Lu, Y.; Whiteside, B.; Coates, P.; Wu, Z.; Men, Y., 2017:
Crystallization Temperature Dependence of Cavitation and Plastic Flow in the Tensile Deformation of Poly(ε-caprolactone)

Gerard, C.J.J.; Ferry, G.; Vuillard, L.M.; Boutin, J.A.; Chavas, L.M.G.; Huet, T.; Ferte, N.; Grossier, R.; Candoni, N.; Veesler, Séphane., 2018:
Crystallization via tubing microfluidics permits both in situ and ex situ X-ray diffraction

Broecker, J.; Eger, B.T.; Ernst, O.P., 2017:
Crystallogenesis of Membrane Proteins Mediated by Polymer-Bounded Lipid Nanodiscs

Feng, J.; Yan, X.; Liu, Y.; Gao, H.; Wu, Y.; Su, B.; Jiang, L., 2017:
Crystallographically Aligned Perovskite Structures for High-Performance Polarization-Sensitive Photodetectors

Werther, R.; Hallinan, J.P.; Lambert, A.R.; Havens, K.; Pogson, M.; Jarjour, J.; Galizi, R.; Windbichler, N.; Crisanti, A.; Nolan, T.; Stoddard, B.L., 2017 :
Crystallographic analyses illustrate significant plasticity and efficient recoding of meganuclease target specificity

Li, G-Bo.; Brem, Jürgen.; Lesniak, R.; Abboud, M.I.; Lohans, C.T.; Clifton, I.J.; Yang, S-Yong.; Jiménez-Castellanos, J-Carlos.; Avison, M.B.; Spencer, J.; McDonough, M.A.; Schofield, C.J., 2017:
Crystallographic analyses of isoquinoline complexes reveal a new mode of metallo-β-lactamase inhibition

Nagae, M.; Liebschner, D.; Yamada, Y.; Morita-Matsumoto, K.; Matsugaki, N.; Senda, T.; Fujita, M.; Kinoshita, T.; Yamaguchi, Y., 2017:
Crystallographic analysis of murine p24γ2 Golgi dynamics domain

Kawai, A.; Chuang, V.T.G.; Kouno, Y.; Yamasaki, K.; Miyamoto, S.; Anraku, M.; Otagiri, M., 2017:
Crystallographic analysis of the ternary complex of octanoate and N-acetyl-l-methionine with human serum albumin reveals the mode of their stabilizing interactions

Schacherl, M.; Gompert, M.; Pardon, E.; Lamkemeyer, T.; Steyaert, J.; Baumann, U., 2017:
Crystallographic and biochemical characterization of the dimeric architecture of site-2 protease

Tatemizo, N.; Imada, S.; Miura, Y.; Nishio, K.; Isshiki, T., 2017:
Crystallographic and electronic properties of AlCrN films that absorb visible light

Singh, D.; Grüber, G., 2017:
Crystallographic and enzymatic insights into the mechanisms of Mg-ADP inhibition in the A 1 complex of the A 1 A O ATP synthase

Matoba, Y.; Yoshida, T.; Izuhara-Kihara, H.; Noda, M.; Sugiyama, M., 2017:
Crystallographic and mutational analyses of cystathionine β-synthase in the H 2 S-synthetic gene cluster in Lactobacillus plantarum

Huband, S.; Keeble, D.S.; Zhang, N.; Glazer, A.M.; Bartasyte, A.; Thomas, P.A., 2017:
Crystallographic and optical study of LiNb 1 - x Ta x O 3

Huband, S.; Glazer, A.M.; Roleder, K.; Majchrowski, A.; Thomas, P.A., 2017:
Crystallographic and optical study of PbHfO 3 crystals

Manszewski, T.; Szpotkowski, K.; Jaskolski, M., 2017:
Crystallographic and SAXS studies of S -adenosyl-l-homocysteine hydrolase from Bradyrhizobium elkanii

Singal, B.; Balakrishna, A.Manikkoth.; Nartey, W.; Manimekalai, M.Sony.Subramanian.; Jeyakanthan, J.; Grüber, G., 2017:
Crystallographic and solution structure of the N-terminal domain of the Rel protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sulovari, A.; Tanski, J.M., 2017:
Crystallographic and spectroscopic characterization of 5-chloro-pyridine-2,3-di-amine

Ogawa, N.; Nagase, H.; Loftsson, T.; Endo, T.; Takahashi, C.; Kawashima, Y.; Ueda, H.; Yamamoto, H., 2017:
Crystallographic and theoretical studies of an inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin with fentanyl

Park, J.; Rodionov, D.; De Schutter, J.W.; Lin, Y-Shyan.; Tsantrizos, Y.S.; Berghuis, A.M., 2017:
Crystallographic and thermodynamic characterization of phenylaminopyridine bisphosphonates binding to human farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase

Han, H.; Kursula, P., 2017:
Crystallographic anomalous diffraction data for the experimental phasing of two myelin proteins, gliomedin and periaxin

Qiu, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Taherbhoy, A.M.; Kaiser, S.E.; Schulman, B.A., 2017:
Crystallographic Characterization of ATG Proteins and Their Interacting Partners

Ohno, H.; Takeda, K.; Niwa, S.; Tsujinaka, T.; Hanazono, Y.; Hirano, Y.; Miki, K., 2017:
Crystallographic characterization of the high-potential iron-sulfur protein in the oxidized state at 0.8 Å resolution

Li, Z.; Yang, B.; Zou, N.; Zhang, Y.; Esling, C.; Gan, W.; Zhao, X.; Zuo, L., 2017:
Crystallographic Characterization on Polycrystalline Ni-Mn-Ga Alloys with Strong Preferred Orientation

Wang, J.; Askerka, M.; Brudvig, G.W.; Batista, V.S., 2017:
Crystallographic Data Support the Carousel Mechanism of Water Supply to the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II

Huang, R.; Wang, G.; Guo, S.; Wang, K.; Fu, Q., 2017:
Crystallographic features of poly(vinylidene fluoride) film upon an attractive substrate of KBr

Zhang, C.; Zhang, Y.; Esling, C.; Zhao, X.; Zuo, L., 2017:
Crystallographic features of the martensitic transformation and their impact on variant organization in the intermetallic compound Ni 50 Mn 38 Sb 12 studied by SEM/EBSD

Panneerselvam, S.; Shehzad, A.; Mueller-Dieckmann, J.; Wilmanns, M.; Bocola, M.; Davari, M.D.; Schwaneberg, U., 2017:
Crystallographic insights into a cobalt (III) sepulchrate based alternative cofactor system of P450 BM3 monooxygenase

Sanjeeva, K.Buntara.; Tirotta, I.; Kumar, V.; Bombelli, F.Baldelli.; Terraneo, G.; Metrangolo, P., 2017:
Crystallographic insights into the structural aspects of thioctic acid based halogen-bond donor for the functionalization of gold nanoparticles

Neeman, L.; Ben-Zvi, R.; Rechav, K.; Popovitz-Biro, R.; Oron, D.; Joselevich, E., 2017:
Crystallographic Mapping of Guided Nanowires by Second Harmonic Generation Polarimetry

Segersäll, M.; Moverare, J.J., 2013:
Crystallographic Orientation Influence on the Serrated Yielding Behavior of a Single-Crystal Superalloy

Pan, X.; He, Y.; Lei, J.; Huang, X.; Zhao, Y., 2017:
Crystallographic Snapshots of Class A β-Lactamase Catalysis Reveal Structural Changes That Facilitate β-Lactam Hydrolysis

Kißlinger, T.; Ferstl, P.; Schneider, M.A.; Hammer, L., 2017:
Crystallographic structure and energetics of the Rh(1 0 0)-(3 × 1)-2O phase

Okada, H.; Kawakami, H.; Aoyagi, S.; Matsuo, Y., 2017:
Crystallographic Structure Determination of Both [5,6]- and [6,6]-Isomers of Lithium-Ion-Containing Diphenylmethano[60]fullerene

Kgosisejo, O.; Chen, J.An.; Grochulski, P.; Tanaka, T., 2017:
Crystallographic structure of recombinant Lactococcus lactis prolidase to support proposed structure-function relationships

Kretsinger, R.H., 1980:
Crystallographic studies of calmodulin and homologs

Żesławska, E.; Nitek, W.; Marona, H.; Gunia-Krzyżak, A., 2018:
Crystallographic studies of cinnamamide derivatives as a means of searching for anticonvulsant activity

Guzenko, D.; Chernyatina, A.A.; Strelkov, S.V., 2017:
Crystallographic Studies of Intermediate Filament Proteins

Okuniewski, A.; Rosiak, D.; Chojnacki, Jław.; Becker, B., 2016:
Crystallographic study of self-organization in the solid state including quasi-aromatic pseudo-ring stacking interactions in 1-benzoyl-3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)thiourea and 1-benzoyl-3-(2-hydroxypropyl)thiourea

Harijan, R.K.; Kiema, T-Riikka.; Syed, S.M.; Qadir, I.; Mazet, M.; Bringaud, Fédéric.; Michels, P.A.M.; Wierenga, R.K., 2017:
Crystallographic substrate binding studies of Leishmania mexicana SCP2-thiolase (type-2): unique features of oxyanion hole-1

Matsuzaki, T., 2002:
Crystallography based drug design

Hasnain, S.Samar., 2015:
Crystallography in the 21st century

Rissanen, K., 2017:
Crystallography of encapsulated molecules

Weiss, S.L.; Keele, L.; Balamuth, F.; Vendetti, N.; Ross, R.; Fitzgerald, J.C.; Gerber, J.S., 2017:
Crystalloid Fluid Choice and Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Sepsis: A Matched Retrospective Cohort Study

Hundley, D.; Brooks, A.; Thomovsky, E.; Johnson, P., 2017:
Crystalloids: A Quick Reference for Challenges in Daily Practice

Ghodraty, M.Reza.; Rokhtabnak, F.; Dehghan, H.Reza.; Pournajafian, A.; Baghaee Vaji, M.; Koleini, Z.Sadat.; Porhomayon, J.; Nader, N.D., 2017:
Crystalloid versus colloid fluids for reduction of postoperative ileus after abdominal operation under combined general and epidural anesthesia

Joosten, A.; Delaporte, A.; Ickx, B.; Touihri, K.; Stany, I.; Barvais, L.; Van Obbergh, L.; Loi, P.; Rinehart, J.; Cannesson, M.; Van der Linden, P., 2017:
Crystalloid versus Colloid for Intraoperative Goal-directed Fluid Therapy Using a Closed-loop System: A Randomized, Double-blinded, Controlled Trial in Major Abdominal Surgery

Guillou, F.; Pathak, A.K.; Hackett, T.A.; Paudyal, D.; Mudryk, Y.; Pecharsky, V.K., 2017:
Crystal, magnetic, calorimetric and electronic structure investigation of GdScGe 1-x Sb x compounds

Boyce, W.H.; King, J.S., 1959:
Crystal-matrix interrelations in calculi

Ji, Z-Ru.; Zhang, Y.; Pang, S-Feng.; Zhang, Y-Hong., 2017:
Crystal Nucleation and Crystal Growth and Mass Transfer in Internally Mixed Sucrose/NaNO 3 Particles

Russo, J.; Tanaka, H., 2017:
Crystal nucleation as the ordering of multiple order parameters

Davis, R.D.; Tolbert, M.A., 2017:
Crystal nucleation initiated by transient ion-surface interactions at aerosol interfaces

Nordquist, K.A.; Schaab, K.M.; Sha, J.; Bond, A.H., 2017:
Crystal Nucleation Using Surface-Energy-Modified Glass Substrates

Anonymous, 2017:
Crystal Oldman among nurses named in Queen's birthday honours list

Lai, M.; Zhang, X.; Fang, F., 2017:
Crystal Orientation Effect on the Subsurface Deformation of Monocrystalline Germanium in Nanometric Cutting

Sharafi, M.; Campbell, J.P.; Rajappan, S.C.; Dudkina, N.; Gray, D.L.; Woods, T.J.; Li, J.; Schneebeli, S.T., 2017:
Crystal-Packing-Driven Enrichment of Atropoisomers

Dauter, Z.; Jaskólski, M., 2017:
Crystal pathologies in macromolecular crystallography

Assali, S.; Lähnemann, J.; Vu, T.T.T.; Jöns, K.D.; Gagliano, L.; Verheijen, M.A.; Akopian, N.; Bakkers, E.P.A.M.; Haverkort, J.E.M., 2017:
Crystal Phase Quantum Well Emission with Digital Control

David, J.; Rossella, F.; Rocci, M.; Ercolani, D.; Sorba, L.; Beltram, F.; Gemmi, M.; Roddaro, S., 2017:
Crystal Phases in Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Nanowire Devices

Kazantsev, R.V.; Dannenhoffer, A.J.; Weingarten, A.S.; Phelan, B.T.; Harutyunyan, B.; Aytun, T.; Narayanan, A.; Fairfield, D.J.; Boekhoven, J.; Sai, H.; Senesi, A.; O'Dogherty, P.I.; Palmer, L.C.; Bedzyk, M.J.; Wasielewski, M.R.; Stupp, S.I., 2017:
Crystal-Phase Transitions and Photocatalysis in Supramolecular Scaffolds

Moazeni, N.; Latifi, M.; Merati, A.Akbar.; Rouhani, S., 2017:
Crystal polymorphism in polydiacetylene-embedded electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers

Wu, Y.Sermon.; Isabel, A.Panimaya.Selvi.; Zheng, J-Hsuan.; Lin, B-Wen.; Li, J-Hong.; Lin, C-Chen., 2015:
Crystal Quality and Light Output Power of GaN-Based LEDs Grown on Concave Patterned Sapphire Substrate

van der WEGEN, T., 1959:
Crystal reactions of some alkaloids, barbiturates, sulfonamides and some other substances. III

van der WEGEN, T., 1959:
Crystal reactions of some alkaloids, barbiturates, sulfonamides and some other substances. V

Koop, T., 2017:
Crystals creeping out of cracks

Schumacher, H.R., 1987:
Crystals, inflammation, and osteoarthritis

Arriola, A.Grace.P.; Martin, N.D.; Tondon, R., 2017:
Crystals in Perforated Bowel: Culprits or Innocent Bystanders

Qureshi, A.; Kashif, M., 2010:
Crystal-storing histiocytosis

Balakrishna, J.P.; Jaffe, E.S., 2018:
Crystal-storing histiocytosis associated with thymic extranodal marginal zone lymphoma

Uthamalingam, P.; Mehta, S., 2017:
Crystal-Storing Histiocytosis: Report of a Rare Case Presenting With Pathological Fracture of Femur. Is There More to the Entity?

Hosaka, T.; Okazaki, M.; Kimura-Someya, T.; Ishizuka-Katsura, Y.; Ito, K.; Yokoyama, S.; Dodo, K.; Sodeoka, M.; Shirouzu, M., 2017:
Crystal structural characterization reveals novel oligomeric interactions of human voltage-dependent anion channel 1

Zhan, W.; Wang, J.; Wang, H.; Zhang, J.; Liu, X.; Zhang, P.; Chi, M.; Guo, Y.; Guo, Y.; Lu, G.; Sun, S.; Dai, S.; Zhu, H., 2017:
Crystal Structural Effect of AuCu Alloy Nanoparticles on Catalytic CO Oxidation

Eikeland, E.; Blichfeld, A.B.; Borup, K.A.; Zhao, K.; Overgaard, J.; Shi, X.; Chen, L.; Iversen, B.B., 2017:
Crystal structure across the β to α phase transition in thermoelectric Cu 2- x Se

Kellici, T.F.; Mavromoustakos, T.; Jendrossek, D.; Papageorgiou, A.C., 2017:
Crystal structure analysis, covalent docking, and molecular dynamics calculations reveal a conformational switch in PhaZ7 PHB depolymerase

Lee, S.; Kim, K.Heon.; Kim, H-Yeon.; Choi, I-Geol., 2017:
Crystal structure analysis of 3,6-anhydro-l-galactonate cycloisomerase suggests emergence of novel substrate specificity in the enolase superfamily

An, J-Hun.; Kiyonga, A.Nguvoko.; Yoon, W.; Ryu, H.Chul.; Kim, J-Sun.; Kang, C.; Park, M.; Yun, H.; Jung, K., 2018:
Crystal Structure Analysis of the First Discovered Stability-Enhanced Solid State of Tenofovir Disoproxil Free Base Using Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction

Tibhe, G.D.; Macías, M.A.; Pandolfi, E.; Schapiro, V.; Suescun, L., 2017:
Crystal structure and absolute configuration of (4 S ,5 R ,6 S )-4,5,6-trihy-droxy-3-methyl-cyclo-hex-2-enone (gabosine H)

Macías, M.A.; Pandolfi, E.; Schapiro, V.; Silveira, G.P.; Vilela, G.D.; Suescun, L., 2017:
Crystal structure and absolute configuration of (3a R ,3'a R ,7a S ,7'a S )-2,2,2',2'-tetra-methyl-3a,6,7,7a,3'a,6',7',7'a-octa-hydro-4,4'-bi[1,3-benzodioxol-yl], obtained from a Pd-catalyzed homocoupling reaction

Zhang, N.; Yin, S.; Zhang, W.; Gong, X.; Zhang, N.; Fang, K.; Ge, H., 2017:
Crystal Structure and Biochemical Characterization of an Aminopeptidase LapB from Legionella pneumophila

Ghachi, M.El.; Howe, N.; Auger, R.; Lambion, A.; Guiseppi, A.; Delbrassine, Fçois.; Manat, G.; Roure, S.; Peslier, S.; Sauvage, E.; Vogeley, L.; Rengifo-Gonzalez, J-Carlos.; Charlier, P.; Mengin-Lecreulx, D.; Foglino, M.; Touzé, T.; Caffrey, M.; Kerff, Fédéric., 2017:
Crystal structure and biochemical characterization of the transmembrane PAP2 type phosphatidylglycerol phosphate phosphatase from Bacillus subtilis

Liu, X.; Yuan, Z.; Wang, J.; Cui, Y.; Liu, S.; Ma, Y.; Gu, L.; Xu, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and biochemical features of dye-decolorizing peroxidase YfeX from Escherichia coli O157 Asp 143 and Arg 232 play divergent roles toward different substrates

Papageorgiou, A.C.; Chen, J.; Li, D., 2017:
Crystal structure and biological implications of a glycoside hydrolase family 55 β-1,3-glucanase from Chaetomium thermophilum

Kisiela, M.; Faust, A.; Ebert, B.; Maser, E.; Scheidig, A.J., 2017:
Crystal structure and catalytic characterization of the dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 4 (DHRS4) from Caenorhabditis elegans

Pavkov-Keller, T.; Steiner, K.; Faber, M.; Tengg, M.; Schwab, H.; Gruber-Khadjawi, M.; Gruber, K., 2017:
Crystal Structure and Catalytic Mechanism of CouO, a Versatile C-Methyltransferase from Streptomyces rishiriensis

Taguchi, H.; Xie, Y.; Horikoshi, N.; Maehara, K.; Harada, A.; Nogami, J.; Sato, K.; Arimura, Y.; Osakabe, A.; Kujirai, T.; Iwasaki, T.; Semba, Y.; Tachibana, T.; Kimura, H.; Ohkawa, Y.; Kurumizaka, H., 2017:
Crystal Structure and Characterization of Novel Human Histone H3 Variants, H3.6, H3.7, and H3.8

Driss, D.; Cadars, S.; Deniard, P.; Mevellec, J-Y.; Corraze, B.; Janod, E.; Cario, L., 2017:
Crystal structure and chemical bonding in the mixed anion compound BaSF

Köysal, Y.; Bülbül, H.; İlhan, İlhan.Özer.; Akın, N.; Dege, N., 2016:
Crystal structure and computational studies of (3 Z )-4-benzoyl-3-[(2,4-di-nitro-phen-yl)hydrazinyl-idene]-5-phenyl-furan-2(3 H )-one

Faizi, M.Serajul.Haque.; Dege, N.; Malinkin, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and DFT study of 2-(pyren-1-yl)-1 H -benzimidazole

Faizi, M.Serajul.Haque.; Dege, N.; Malysheva, M.L., 2017:
Crystal structure and DFT study of 8-hy-droxy-1,2,3,5,6,7-hexa-hydro-pyrido[3,2,1- ij ]quinoline-9-carbaldehyde

Faizi, M.Serajul.Haque.; Dege, N.; Malinkin, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and DFT study of bis-{( S )-2-[(2-hy-droxy-benzyl)-amino]-4-methyl-penta-noato-κ 2 N , O }(1,10-phenanthroline-κ 2 N , N ')nickel(II)

Faizi, M.Serajul.Haque.; Dege, N.; Malinkin, S.; Sliva, T.Yu., 2017:
Crystal structure and DFT study of ( E )- N -[2-(1 H -indol-3-yl)eth-yl]-1-(anthracen-9-yl)methanimine

Fukui, K.; Iino, H.; Baba, S.; Kumasaka, T.; Kuramitsu, S.; Yano, T., 2017:
Crystal structure and DNA-binding property of the ATPase domain of bacterial mismatch repair endonuclease MutL from Aquifex aeolicus

Basak, S.; Schmandt, N.; Gicheru, Y.; Chakrapani, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and dynamics of a lipid-induced potential desensitized-state of a pentameric ligand-gated channel

Chen, L.; Ren, G.; Guo, Y.; Sang, G., 2017:
Crystal structure and electrochemical properties of [Ni(bztmpen)(CH 3 CN)](BF 4 ) 2 {bztmpen is N -benzyl- N , N ', N '-tris-[(6-methyl-pyridin-2-yl)meth-yl]ethane-1,2-di-amine}

Shahid, A.; Noureen, S.; Choudhary, M.Iqbal.; Yousuf, S.; Ahmed, M., 2018:
Crystal structure and electrostatic properties of prednisolone acetate studied using a transferred multipolar atom model

Anis'kov, A.; Grinev, V.; Klochkova, I., 2017:
Crystal structure and features of 3',8-di-benzyl-idene-4a,5,6,7,8,8a-hexa-hydro-2' H -spiro-[chromene-2,1'-cyclo-hexa-n]-2'-one

Fernandez-Millan, P.; Autour, A.; Ennifar, E.; Westhof, E.; Ryckelynck, M., 2017:
Crystal structure and fluorescence properties of the iSpinach aptamer in complex with DFHBI

Chreifi, G.; Dejam, D.; Poulos, T.L., 2017:
Crystal structure and functional analysis of Leishmania major pseudoperoxidase

Kim, K-Hwa.; Lee, C.Woo.; Dangi, B.; Park, S-Ha.; Park, H.; Oh, T-Jin.; Lee, J.Hyuck., 2017:
Crystal Structure and Functional Characterization of a Cytochrome P450 ( Ba CYP106A2) from Bacillus sp. PAMC 23377

Lee, C.Woo.; Kwon, S.; Park, S-Ha.; Kim, B-Young.; Yoo, W.; Ryu, B.Han.; Kim, H-Woo.; Shin, S.Chul.; Kim, S.; Park, H.; Kim, T.Doohun.; Lee, J.Hyuck., 2017:
Crystal Structure and Functional Characterization of an Esterase (EaEST) from Exiguobacterium antarcticum

Park, S-Ha.; Lee, C.Woo.; Lee, S.Gu.; Shin, S.Chul.; Kim, H.Jun.; Park, H.; Lee, J.Hyuck., 2017:
Crystal structure and functional characterization of an isoaspartyl dipeptidase (CpsIadA) from Colwellia psychrerythraea strain 34H

Kim, H-Neul.; Seok, S-Hyeon.; Lee, Y-Sup.; Won, H-Sik.; Seo, M-Duk., 2017:
Crystal structure and functional characterization of SF216 from Shigella flexneri

Bano, H.; Hussain, S.; Khan, K.M.; Perveen, S.; Yousuf, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 1-(4-bromo-phen-yl)-2-{[5-(pyridin-3-yl)-1,3,4-oxa-diazol-2-yl]sulfan-yl}ethan-1-one

Kumar, R.; Hussain, S.; Khan, K.M.; Perveen, S.; Yousuf, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 1-(4-chloro-phen-yl)-2-{[5-(4-chloro-phen-yl)-1,3,4-oxa-diazol-2-yl]sulfan-yl}ethanone

Jeevaraj, M.; Sivajeyanthi, P.; Edison, B.; Thanigaimani, K.; Balasubramani, K.; Razak, I.Abdul., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 2-amino-4-meth-oxy-6-methyl-pyrimidinium 2-hy-droxy-benzoate

Bankeu Kezetas, J.Jules.; Dietagoum Madjouka, Séphanie.; Kumar, R.; Ali, M.Shaiq.; Lenta Njakou, B.; Yousuf, S., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 3-oxours-12-ene-27a,28-dioic acid (quafrinoic acid)

Hökelek, T.; Aşkın, Gülçin.Şefiye.; Özkaya, S.; Necefoğlu, H., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of aqua-bis-(nicotinamide-κ N 1 )bis-(2,4,6-tri-methyl-benzoato-κ O )zinc

Hökelek, T.; Sertkaya, G.; Ay, E.; Özkaya, S.; Necefoğlu, H., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of di-aqua-bis-(isonicotinamide-κ N )bis-(2,4,6-tri-methyl-benzoato-κ O 1 )nickel(II) dihydrate

Bahoussi, R.Imane.; Djafri, A.; Chouaih, A.; Djafri, A.; Hamzaoui, F., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of ethyl 2-{[4-ethyl-5-(quinolin-8-yloxymeth-yl)-4 H -1,2,4-triazol-3-yl]sulfan-yl}acetate

Shaik, A.; Kirubakaran, S.; Thiruvenkatam, V., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of ethyl 5-phenyl-isoxazole-3-carboxyl-ate

Sivajeyanthi, P.; Jeevaraj, M.; Edison, B.; Balasubramani, K., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of ( E )-4-amino- N '-[1-(4-methyl-phen-yl)ethyl-idene]benzohydrazide

Issaoui, C.; Chebbi, H.; Alouani, K.; Guesmi, A., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of the new cyclo-diphosphazane [EtNP(S)NMe 2 ] 2

Shooter, J.; Allen, C.J.; Tinsley, C.W.K.; Zakharov, L.N.; Abbey, E.R., 2017:
Crystal structure and Hirshfield analysis of the 4-(di-methyl-amino)-pyridine adduct of 4-meth-oxy-phenyl-borane

Mohana, M.; Thomas Muthiah, P.; McMillen, C.D., 2017:
Crystal structure and hydrogen-bonding patterns in 5-fluoro-cytosinium picrate

Zhao, F-Jiao.; Jin, Y.; Liu, Z.; Guo, C.; Li, T-Biao.; Li, Z-Yi.; Wang, G.; Wu, Z-Liu., 2017:
Crystal structure and iterative saturation mutagenesis of ChKRED20 for expanded catalytic scope

Rodríguez, Mía.Margarita.; Herman, Rël.; Ghiglione, B.; Kerff, Fédéric.; D'Amico González, G.; Bouillenne, F.; Galleni, M.; Handelsman, J.; Charlier, P.; Gutkind, G.; Sauvage, E.; Power, P., 2017:
Crystal structure and kinetic analysis of the class B3 di-zinc metallo-β-lactamase LRA-12 from an Alaskan soil metagenome

Boivin, E.; Masquelier, C.; Croguennec, L.; Chotard, J-Noël., 2017:
Crystal Structure and Lithium Diffusion Pathways of a Potential Positive Electrode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Li 2 V III (H 0.5 PO 4 ) 2

Xu, H.; Zhou, Z.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Q.; He, Z.; Wang, S.; Huang, L.; Zhu, H., 2017:
Crystal structure and luminescence properties of the blue-green-emitting Ba 9 (Lu, Y) 2 Si 6 O 24 :Ce 3 + phosphor

Huang, X.; Chen, D.; He, M.; Li, J.; Huang, J.; Li, B., 2017:
Crystal structure and luminescent properties of novel coordination polymers constructed with bifurandicarboxylic acid

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Crystal Structure and Regulation of the Citrus Pol III Repressor MAF1 by Auxin and Phosphorylation

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Crystal structure and RNA-binding properties of an Hfq homolog from the deep-branching Aquificae: conservation of the lateral RNA-binding mode

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Crystal Structure of 4,6-α-Glucanotransferase Supports Diet-Driven Evolution of GH70 Enzymes from α-Amylases in Oral Bacteria

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Crystal structure of a chloride-bridged copper(II) dimer: piperazine-1,4-dium bis-(di-μ-chlorido-bis[(4-carboxypyridine-2-carboxyl-ato-κ 2 N , O 2 )chlorido-cuprate(II)

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Crystal structure of a Co II coordination polymer with a dipyridyl ligand: catena -poly[[bis-(nitrato-κ 2 O , O ')cobalt(II)]-μ- N -(pyridin-2-ylmeth-yl)pyridine-3-amine-κ 3 N , N ': N ''

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Crystal structure of a DNA duplex containing four Ag(i) ions in consecutive dinuclear Ag(i)-mediated base pairs: 4-thiothymine-2Ag(i)-4-thiothymine

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Crystal structure of a family 80 chitosanase from Mitsuaria chitosanitabida

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Crystal structure of a β-fructofuranosidase with high transfructosylation activity from Aspergillus kawachii

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Crystal structure of a heterometallic coordination polymer: poly[di-aqua-bis-(μ 7 -benzene-1,3,5-tri-carboxyl-ato)dicalcium(II)copper(II)

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Crystal Structure of a Human K-Ras G12D Mutant in Complex with GDP and the Cyclic Inhibitory Peptide KRpep-2d

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Crystal structure of a lipase from Streptomyces sp. strain W007 - implications for thermostability and regiospecificity

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Crystal structure of a marine glycoside hydrolase family 99-related protein lacking catalytic machinery

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Crystal structure of a mutant glycosylasparaginase shedding light on aspartylglycosaminuria-causing mechanism as well as on hydrolysis of non-chitobiose substrate

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Crystal structure of (4,4'-bipyridyl-κ N )bis-[ N -(2-hydroxy-ethyl)- N -iso-propyl-dithio-carbamato-κ 2 S , S ']zinc(II)-4,4'-bipyridyl (2/1) and its isostructural cadmium(II) analogue

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Crystal structure of an apremilast ethanol hemisolvate hemihydrate solvatomorph

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Crystal structure of an engineered, HIV-specific recombinase for removal of integrated proviral DNA

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Crystal structure of an ep-oxy-sterol: 9α,11α-ep-oxy-5α-cholest-7-ene-3β,5,6α-triol 3,6-di-acetate

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Crystal structure of a new spiro-polytetra-hydro-furan compound with translational pseudosymmetry: rac -(2 S ,2' S ,5' R )-2-methyl-5'-[(1 R ,2 R ,5 S ,5' R )-1,4,4,5'-tetra-methyl-dihydro-3' H -3,8-dioxa-spiro[bi-cyclo-[3.2.1]octane-2,2'-furan]-5'-yl]hexa-hydro[2,2'-bi-furan]-5(2 H )-one

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Crystal structure of a novel RNA motif that allows for precise positioning of a single metal ion

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Crystal Structure of a Plant Multidrug and Toxic Compound Extrusion Family Protein

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Crystal structure of a pyrazine-2,3-dicarboxamide ligand and of its silver(I) nitrate complex, a three-dimensional coordination polymer

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Crystal structure of Aquifex aeolicus gene product Aq1627: a putative phosphoglucosamine mutase reveals a unique C-terminal end-to-end disulfide linkage

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Crystal structure of a rare trigonal bipyramidal titanium(IV) coordination complex: tri-chlorido-(3,3'-di- tert -butyl-2'-hy-droxy-5,5',6,6'-tetra-methyl-1,1'-biphenyl-2-olato-κ O 2 )(tetra-hydro-furan-κ O )-titanium(IV)

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Crystal structure of a silver-, cobalt- and iron-based phosphate with an alluaudite-like structure: Ag 1.655 Co 1.64 Fe 1.36 (PO 4 ) 3

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Crystal structure of a TAPBPR-MHC I complex reveals the mechanism of peptide editing in antigen presentation

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Crystal structure of Ba 2 (La 0.727 Ba 0.182 M 0.091 )MO 6 (M = Nb, Sb, Bi): symmetry nuance identified in photoluminescence and IR spectroscopy studies

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Crystal structure of β-benzyl dl-aspartate N -carb-oxyanhydride

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Crystal structure of bis(μ 2 -4-bromo-2-[({2-[({2-[(5-bromo-2-oxidobenzylidene)amino]ethyl}sulfanyl)sulfonyl]ethyl}imino)methyl]phenolato)dicopper(II) dimethylformamide disolvate

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Crystal structure of bis-{( S )-1-[2-(di-phenyl-phosphan-yl)ferrocen-yl]-( R )-eth-yl}ammonium bromide di-chloro-methane monosolvate

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Crystal structure of bis-(1,10-phenanthroline-κ 2 N , N ')(1,3-thia-zole-2-thiol-ato-κ 2 S 2 , N )nickel(II) hexa-fluorido-phosphate 1,4-dioxane sesquisolvate

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Crystal structure of bis-{ N '-[( E )-4-hy-droxy-benzyl-idene]pyridine-4-carbohydrazide-κ N 1 }di-iodidocadmium methanol disolvate

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Crystal structure of bis-[ N -(2-hy-droxy-eth-yl)- N -methyl-dithio-carbamato-κ 2 S , S '](pyridine)-zinc(II) pyridine monosolvate and its N -ethyl analogue

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Crystal structure of bis-(acetato-κ 2 O , O ')di-aqua-[1-(pyridin-2-yl-methyl-idene-κ N )-2-(pyridin-2-yl-κ N )hydrazine-κ N 1 ]terbium(III) nitrate monohydrate

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Crystal structure of bis-(μ- N -hy-droxy-picolin-amid-ato)bis-[bis-( N -hy-droxy-picolinamide)-sodium

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Crystal structure of bis[bis(4-azaniumylphenyl) sulfone] tetranitrate monohydrate

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Crystal structure of BrlR with c-di-GMP

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Crystal structure of bromido- fac -tricarbon-yl[5-(3,4,5-tri-meth-oxy-phen-yl)-3-(pyridin-2-yl)-1 H -1,2,4-triazole-κ 2 N 2 , N 3 ]rhenium(I) methanol monosolvate

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Crystal structure of caesium di-hydrogen citrate from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data and DFT comparison

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Crystal structure of calcium dinickel(II) iron(III) tris-(orthophosphate): CaNi 2 Fe(PO 4 ) 3

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Crystal structure of calmodulin

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Crystal structure of μ-carbonyl-1:2κ 2 C : C -carbonyl-1κ C -(1η 5 -cyclo-penta-dien-yl)iodido-2κ I -[μ-2-(pyridin-2-yl)ethene-1,1-diyl-1κ C 1 :2κ 2 N , C 1 ]ironpalladium( Fe - Pd ) benzene monosolvate

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Crystal structure of CD27 in complex with a neutralizing noncompeting antibody

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Crystal Structure of Chicken γS-Crystallin Reveals Lattice Contacts with Implications for Function in the Lens and the Evolution of the βγ-Crystallins

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Crystal structure of chlorido-[1-(4-nitro-phen-yl)thio-urea-κ S ]bis-(tri-phenyl-phosphane-κ P )copper(I)

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Crystal structure of chlorido-bis-[(1,2,5,6-η)-cyclo-octa-1,5-diene]iridium(I)

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Crystal structure of ({(1 R ,2 R )- N , N '-bis-[(quino-lin-2-yl)methyl]cyclo-hexane-1,2-di-amine}-chlorido-iron(III))-μ-oxido-[tri-chlorido-ferrate(III)] chloro-form monosolvate

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Crystal structure of cis-dihydrodiol naphthalene dehydrogenase (NahB) from Pseudomonas sp. MC1: Insights into the early binding process of the substrate

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Crystal Structure of Cocosin, A Potential Food Allergen from Coconut (Cocos nucifera)

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Crystal structure of Deep Vent DNA polymerase

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Crystal structure of D-glycero-Β-D-manno-heptose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase from Burkholderia pseudomallei

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Crystal structure of di-bromo-meth-oxy-seselin (DBMS), a photobiologically active pyran-ocoumarin

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Crystal structure of di-μ-chlorido-bis-(chlorido-{ N 1 , N 1 -diethyl- N 4 -[(pyridin-2-yl-κ N )methyl-idene]benzene-1,4-di-amine-κ N 4 }mercury(II))

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Crystal structure of diethyl 3,3'-[(2-fluoro-phen-yl)methyl-idene]bis-(1 H -indole-2-carboxyl-ate)

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Crystal structure of dilead(II) oxochromate(VI) oxotellurate(IV)

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Crystal structure of dipeptidyl peptidase III from the human gut symbiont Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron

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Crystal structure of (3,5-dimethyl-1 H -pyrrol-2-yl)di-phenyl-phosphine oxide

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Crystal structure of dipotassium N -carbodi-thio-ato-l-prolinate trihydrate

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Crystal structure of dirubidium hydrogen citrate from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data and DFT comparison

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Crystal structure of d(CCGGGGTACCCCGG) 2 at 1.4 Å resolution

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Crystal structure of enolase from Drosophila melanogaster

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Crystal structure of erioflorin isolated from Podanthus mitiqui (L.)

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Crystal structure of (1 E ,1' E )-1,1'-(pyridine-2,6-di-yl)bis-[ N -(2,3,4,5,6-penta-fluoro-phen-yl)ethan-1-imine

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Crystal structure of [Cu(tmpen)](BF 4 ) 2 {tmpen is N , N , N ', N '-tetra-kis-[(6-methyl-pyridin-2-yl)meth-yl]ethane-1,2-di-amine}

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Crystal structure of ethyl ( E )-2-cyano-3-(thio-phen-2-yl)acrylate: two conformers forming a discrete disorder

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Crystal structure of ethyl-ene-dioxy-tetra-thia-fulvalene-4,5-bis-(thiol-benzoic acid) 0.25-hydrate

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Crystal structure of eukaryotic ribosome and its complexes with inhibitors

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Crystal Structure of Faradaurate-279: Au 279 (SPh-tBu) 84 Plasmonic Nanocrystal Molecules

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Crystal structure of fluroxypyr

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Crystal structure of [Ag(NH 3 ) 3 ] 2 [Ag(NH 3 ) 2 ] 2 [SnF 6 ]F 2 , a compound showing argentophilic inter-actions

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Crystal structure of full-length Zika virus NS5 protein reveals a conformation similar to Japanese encephalitis virus NS5

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Crystal structure of ( E )-furan-2-carbaldehyde O -benzoyloxime

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Crystal structure of glucose isomerase in complex with xylitol inhibitor in one metal binding mode

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Crystal structure of β-glucosidase 1A from Thermotoga neapolitana and comparison of active site mutants for hydrolysis of flavonoid glucosides

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Crystal Structure of Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from the Gram-Positive Bacterial Pathogen A. vaginae , an Immunoevasive Factor that Interacts with the Human C5a Anaphylatoxin

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Crystal structure of guanidinium hexafluoridovanadate(III), (CN 3 H 6 ) 3 [VF 6 ]: an unusual hybrid compound related to perovskite

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Crystal structure of hexa-methyl 4,4',4'',4''',4'''',4'''''-[(1,3,5,2λ 5 ,4λ 5 ,6λ 5 -tri-aza-triphosphinine-2,2,4,4,6,6-hexa-yl)hexa-kis-(-oxy)]hexa-benzoate

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Crystal structure of human chondroadherin: solving a difficult molecular-replacement problem using de novo models

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Crystal structure of human coactosin-like protein at 1.9 A resolution

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Crystal structure of human dendritic cell inhibitory receptor C-type lectin domain reveals the binding mode with N-glycan

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Crystal structure of human proteasome assembly chaperone PAC4 involved in proteasome formation

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Crystal structure of human WBSCR16, an RCC1-like protein in mitochondria

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Crystal structure of ( E )-4-methyl- N -{2-[2-(4-nitro-benzyl-idene)hydrazin-1-yl]-2-oxoeth-yl}benzene-sulfonamide N , N -di-methyl-formamide monosolvate

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Crystal structure of Aquifex aeolicus σ N bound to promoter DNA and the structure of σ N -holoenzyme

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Crystal structure of catena -poly[di-ammonium [di-μ-oxalato-cuprate(II)]

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Crystal structure of catena -poly[[copper(II)-μ 2 -salicylato-[diaqua-copper(II)]-μ 2 -salicylato] dihydrate

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Crystal structure of catena -poly[[[aqua-bis-(di-methyl-formamide-κ O )magnesium(II)]-μ 3 -(2,2'-bi-pyridine-5,5'-di-carboxyl-ato-κ 5 O 2 : O 2' : N , N ': O 5 )-[di-chlorido-platinum(II)]] di-methyl-formamide monosolvate

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Crystal structure of catena -poly[[bis-( N -acethyl-thio-morpholine-κ S )copper(I)]-μ-iodido

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Crystal structure of catena -poly[silver(I)-μ-l-valinato-κ 2 N : O

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Crystal structure of catena -poly[[bis-(acetato-κ O )copper(II)]-bis-[μ-4-(1 H -imidazol-1-yl)phenol]-κ 2 N 3 : O ;κ 2 O : N 3

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Crystal structure of meso -di-μ-chlorido-bis-[bis-(2,2'-bi-pyridine)-cadmium] bis-(1,1,3,3-tetra-cyano-2-ethoxy-propenide) 0.81-hydrate

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Crystal structure of ( E )-2-{[(4-anilinophen-yl)imino]meth-yl}-4-nitro-phenol

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Crystal structure of importin-α3 bound to the nuclear localization signal of Ran-binding protein 3

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Crystal structure of importin-α bound to the nuclear localization signal of Epstein-Barr virus EBNA-LP protein

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Crystal structure of { N -[(6-bromo-pyridin-2-yl)(phen-yl)methyl-idene]-2,6-di-methyl-aniline-κ 2 N , N '}di-chlorido-zinc di-chloro-methane hemisolvate

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Crystal structure of N '-[2-(benzo[ d ]thia-zol-2-yl)acet-yl]-4-methyl-benzene-sulfono-hydrazide

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Crystal structure of N -(4-oxo-2-sulfanyl-idene-1,3-thia-zolidin-3-yl)-2-(thio-phen-3-yl)acetamide

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Crystal structure of N -(4-hy-droxy-benz-yl)acetone thio-semicarbazone

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Crystal structure of ( Z )- N -benzyl-idene-1-phenyl-methanamine oxide hydrogen peroxide monosolvate

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Crystal structure of [ N , N -bis-(di-phenyl-phospho-ro-thio-yl)amidato-κ 2 S , S ']bis-(tri-phenyl-phosphane-κ P )copper(I) di-chloro-methane monosolvate

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Crystal structure of N , N '-di-benzyl-pyromellitic diimide

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Crystal structure of N , N '-di-decyl-pyromellitic di-imide

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Crystal structure of inositol 1,3,4,5,6-pentakisphosphate 2-kinase from Cryptococcus neoformans

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Crystal structure of O -benzyl-l-tyrosine N -carb-oxy anhydride

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Crystal structure of rac -4-[2-( tert -butyl-aza-nium-yl)-1-hy-droxy-eth-yl]-2-(hy-droxy-meth-yl)phenol benzoate

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Crystal structure of ( E )- N '-(3-fluoro-2-hy-droxy-benzyl-idene)isonicotinohydrazide

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Crystal structure of isopropyl 2-hy-droxy-2-phenyl-acetate: a pharmacopoeia reference standard

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Crystal structure of lactitol (4-O-beta-D-galactopyranosyl-D-glucitol) trihydrate

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Crystal Structure of Leiomodin 2 in Complex with Actin: A Structural and Functional Reexamination

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Crystal structure of l-glutamate N-acetyltransferase ArgA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Crystal structure of lipoate-bound lipoate ligase 1, LipL1, from Plasmodium falciparum

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Crystal structure of Li 3 Ga(BO 3 ) 2

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Crystal structure of lpg1832, a VirK family protein from Legionella pneumophila, reveals a novel fold for bacterial VirK proteins

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Crystal structure of LysK, an enzyme catalyzing the last step of lysine biosynthesis in Thermus thermophilus, in complex with lysine: Insight into the mechanism for recognition of the amino-group carrier protein, LysW

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Crystal structure of master biofilm regulator CsgD regulatory domain reveals an atypical receiver domain

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Crystal structure of MBP-PigG fusion protein and the essential function of PigG in the prodigiosin biosynthetic pathway in Serratia marcescens FS14

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Crystal structure of Mdm12 and combinatorial reconstitution of Mdm12/Mmm1 ERMES complexes for structural studies

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Crystal structure of metagenomic β-xylosidase/ α-l-arabinofuranosidase activated by calcium

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Crystal structure of methyl ( Z )-2-[( Z )-3-methyl-2-({( E )-1-[( R *)-4-methyl-cyclo-hex-3-en-1-yl]ethyl-idene}hydrazinyl-idene)-4-oxo-thia-zolidin-5-yl-idene]acetate

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Crystal structure of mimivirus uracil-DNA glycosylase

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Crystal structure of mutant form Cys115His of Citrobacter freundii methionine γ-lyase complexed with l-norleucine

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Crystal structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis VapC20 toxin and its interactions with cognate antitoxin, VapB20, suggest a model for toxin-antitoxin assembly

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Crystal structure of N-acetylmannosamine kinase from Fusobacterium nucleatum

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Crystal structure of naltrexone chloride solvates with ethanol, propan-2-ol, and 2-methyl-propan-2-ol

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Crystal structure of nonspecific lipid transfer protein from Solanum melongena

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Crystal structure of NucB, a biofilm-degrading endonuclease

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Crystal structure of octocoral lectin SLL-2 complexed with Forssman antigen tetrasaccharide

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Crystal structure of oxam-yl

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Crystal structure of penoxsulam

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Crystal structure of penta-sodium hydrogen dicitrate from synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data and DFT comparison

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Crystal structure of (perchlorato-κ O )(1,4,7,10-tetra-aza-cyclo-dodecane-κ 4 N )copper(II) perchlorate

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Crystal structure of Pigment Red 254 from X-ray powder diffraction data

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Crystal structure of Pistol, a class of self-cleaving ribozyme

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Crystal structure of Pla l 1 reveals both structural similarity and allergenic divergence within the Ole e 1-like protein family

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Crystal structure of plant acetohydroxyacid synthase, the target for several commercial herbicides

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Crystal structure of Pseudomonas aeruginosa N-acetyltransferase PA4534

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Crystal structure of rhodopsin: a G-protein-coupled receptor

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Crystal structure of RNA polymerase II from Komagataella pastoris

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Crystal structure of rubidium peroxide ammonia disolvate

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Crystal structure of Rv1220c, a SAM-dependent O-methyltransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Crystal structure of Streptomyces coelicolor RraAS2, an unusual member of the RNase E inhibitor RraA protein family

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Crystal structure of μ 6 -chlorido-nona-kis-(μ-4-chloro-pyrazolato)bis-μ 3 -methoxo-hexa-copper(II)

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Crystal structure of TBC1D15 GTPase-activating protein (GAP) domain and its activity on Rab GTPases

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Crystal structure of (1 R ,3a R ,7a R )-1-{( S )-1-[(2 R ,5 S )-5-(3-hy-droxy-pentan-3-yl)tetra-hydro-furan-2-yl]eth-yl}-7a-methyl-2,3,3a,4,5,6,7,7a-octa-hydro-1 H -inden-4-one

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Crystal structure of tetra-hydro-seselin, an angular pyran-ocoumarin

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Crystal structure of tetra-iso-butyl-thiuram di-sulfide

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Crystal Structure of Tetrameric Arabidopsis MYC2 Reveals the Mechanism of Enhanced Interaction with DNA

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Crystal Structure of TetR Family Repressor AlkX from Dietzia sp. Strain DQ12-45-1b Implicated in Biodegradation of n -Alkanes

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Crystal structure of the 1:2 adduct of bis-(piperidinium) sulfate and 1,3-di-methyl-thio-urea

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Crystal structure of the 2'-specific and double-stranded RNA-activated interferon-induced antiviral protein 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase

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Crystal structure of the active form of native human thymidylate synthase in the absence of bound substrates

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Crystal structure of the adenosine A 2A receptor bound to an antagonist reveals a potential allosteric pocket

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Crystal structure of the ATPase-C domain of the chromatin remodeller Fun30 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Crystal Structure of the Carboxy-Terminal Region of the Bacteriophage T4 Proximal Long Tail Fiber Protein Gp34

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Crystal structure of the catalytic domain of Clostridium perfringens neuraminidase in complex with a non-carbohydrate-based inhibitor, 2-(cyclohexylamino)ethanesulfonic acid

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Crystal Structure of the Chloroplastic Oxoene Reductase ceQORH from Arabidopsis thaliana

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Crystal Structure of the CLOCK Transactivation Domain Exon19 in Complex with a Repressor

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Crystal structure of the co-crystalline adduct 1,3,6,8-tetra-aza-tri-cyclo-[ 3,8 ]dodecane (TATD)-4-iodo-phenol (1/2): supra-molecular assembly mediated by halogen and hydrogen bonding

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Crystal structure of the coxsackievirus A16 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase elongation complex reveals novel features in motif A dynamics

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Crystal structure of the crenarchaeal ExoIII AP endonuclease SisExoIII reveals a conserved disulfide bond endowing the protein with thermostability

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Crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of Bacillus subtilis GabR reveals a closed conformation by γ-aminobutyric acid binding, inducing transcriptional activation

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Crystal Structure of the C-terminal Domain of Human eIF2D and Its Implications on Eukaryotic Translation Initiation

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Crystal Structure of the Cul2-Rbx1-EloBC-VHL Ubiquitin Ligase Complex

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Crystal structure of the diglycidyl ether of eugenol

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Crystal Structure of the DNA-Binding Domain of Human Herpesvirus 6A Immediate Early Protein 2

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Crystal structure of the DNA sequence d(CGTGAATTCACG) 2 with DAPI

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Crystal structure of the Entamoeba histolytica RNA lariat debranching enzyme EhDbr1 reveals a catalytic Zn 2+ /Mn 2+ heterobinucleation

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Crystal structure of the EnvZ periplasmic domain with CHAPS

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Crystal structure of the essential biotin-dependent carboxylase AccA3 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Crystal Structure of the Extracellular Domain of the Human Dendritic Cell Surface Marker CD83

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Crystal structure of the flagellar chaperone FliS from Bacillus cereus and an invariant proline critical for FliS dimerization and flagellin recognition

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Crystal Structure of the Full-Length Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Capsid Protein Shows an N-Terminal β-Hairpin in the Absence of N-Terminal Proline

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Crystal Structure of the Heterotrimeric Integrin-Binding Region of Laminin-111

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Crystal structure of the high-Tc superconductor Ba2YCu3O9- delta

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Crystal structure of the human alkaline sphingomyelinase provides insights into substrate recognition

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Crystal structure of the human dual specificity phosphatase 1 catalytic domain

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Crystal structure of the human Polϵ B-subunit in complex with the C-terminal domain of the catalytic subunit

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Crystal structure of the cis and trans polymorphs of bis-[μ-2-(1,3-benzo-thia-zol-2-yl)phenolato]-κ 3 N , O : O ;κ 3 O : N , O -bis-[ fac -tri-carbonyl-rhenium(I)

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Crystal structure of the inactive state of the receiver domain of Spo0A from Paenisporosarcina sp. TG-14, a psychrophilic bacterium isolated from an Antarctic glacier

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Crystal structure of the kinase and UBA domains of SNRK reveals a distinct UBA binding mode in the AMPK family

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Crystal structure of the Legionella effector Lem22

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Crystal structure of the Legionella pneumophila Lpg2936 in complex with the cofactor S-adenosyl-L-methionine reveals novel insights into the mechanism of RsmE family methyltransferases

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Crystal Structure of the Marburg Virus Nucleoprotein Core Domain Chaperoned by a VP35 Peptide Reveals a Conserved Drug Target for Filovirus

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Crystal Structure of the Maturation Protein from Bacteriophage Qβ

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Crystal Structure of the Minimal Cas9 from Campylobacter jejuni Reveals the Molecular Diversity in the CRISPR-Cas9 Systems

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Crystal structure of the mixed-metal tris-ulfide BaCu 1/3 Ta 2/3 S 3

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Crystal structure of the monoclinic phase (phase IV) of bis-(tetra-methyl-ammonium) tetra-chlorido-cuprate(II)

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Crystal structure of the multiple antibiotic resistance regulator MarR from Clostridium difficile

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Crystal Structure of the New Investigational Drug Candidate VT-1598 in Complex with Aspergillus fumigatus Sterol 14α-Demethylase Provides Insights into Its Broad-Spectrum Antifungal Activity

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Crystal structure of the nitrile-specifier protein NSP1 from Arabidopsis thaliana

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Crystal structure of the novel amino-acid racemase isoleucine 2-epimerase from Lactobacillus buchneri

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Crystal structure of the N-terminal anticodon-binding domain of the nondiscriminating aspartyl-tRNA synthetase from Helicobacter pylori

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Crystal structure of the N-terminal domain of human Timeless and its interaction with Tipin

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Crystal structure of the N-terminal domain of VqsR from Pseudomonas aeruginosa at 2.1 Å resolution

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Crystal Structure of the N-Terminal Half of the Traffic Controller UL37 from Herpes Simplex Virus 1

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Crystal structure of the overlapping dinucleosome composed of hexasome and octasome

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Crystal structure of the PEG-bound SH3 domain of myosin IB from Entamoeba histolytica reveals its mode of ligand recognition

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Crystal structure of the putative cytoplasmic protein STM0279 (Hcp2) from Salmonella typhimurium

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Crystal Structure of the Receptor-Binding Domain of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type HA, Also Known as Type FA or H

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Crystal Structure of the Regulatory Domain of AphB from Vibrio vulnificus , a Virulence Gene Regulator

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Crystal structure of thermostable alkylsulfatase SdsAP from Pseudomonas sp. S9

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Crystal structure of the RNA 2',3'-cyclic phosphodiesterase from Deinococcus radiodurans

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Crystal structure of the solid solution Ba 8.35 Pb 0.65 (B 3 O 6 ) 6

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Crystal structure of the solute-binding protein BxlE from Streptomyces thermoviolaceus OPC-520 complexed with xylobiose

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Crystal structure of the starch-binding domain of glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger

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Crystal structure of the tetra-aqua-bis-(thio-cyanato-κ N )cobalt(II)-caffeine-water (1/2/4) co-crystal

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Crystal structure of the tetra-hydro-furan disolvate of a 94:6 solid solution of [ N 2 , N 6 -bis-(di- tert -butyl-phosphan-yl)pyridine-2,6-di-amine]-dibromido-manganese(II) and its monophosphine oxide analogue

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Crystal structure of the thioesterification conformation of Bacillus subtilis o -succinylbenzoyl-CoA synthetase reveals a distinct substrate-binding mode

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Crystal structure of the tricellulin C-terminal coiled-coil domain reveals a unique mode of dimerization

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Crystal structure of the type IV secretion system component CagX from Helicobacter pylori

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Crystal structure of the UBR-box from UBR6/FBXO11 reveals domain swapping mediated by zinc binding

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Crystal structure of the WD40 domain of human PRPF19

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Crystal structure of the Xpo1p nuclear export complex bound to the SxFG/PxFG repeats of the nucleoporin Nup42p

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Crystal Structure of Thioesterase SgcE10 Supporting Common Polyene Intermediates in 9- and 10-Membered Enediyne Core Biosynthesis

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Crystal structure of tissue factor in complex with antibody 10H10 reveals the signaling epitope

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Crystal structure of (2,2'-bipyrid-yl)[2,6-bis-(1-butyl-1 H -benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine]-chlorido-iridium(III) tri-fluoro-methane-sulfonate

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Crystal structure of trirubidium citrate from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data and DFT comparison

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Crystal structure of trirubidium citrate monohydrate from laboratory X-ray powder diffraction data and DFT comparison

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Crystal structure of tris[(4,7,13,16,21,24-hexa-oxa-1,10-di-aza-bicyclo-[8.8.8]hexa-cosane-κ 8 N 2 , O 6 )rubidium] rubidium nona-stannide

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Crystal structure of {( S )-1-phenyl- N , N -bis-[(pyridin-2-yl)meth-yl]ethanamine-κ 3 N , N ', N ''}bis-(thio-cyanato-κ N )zinc from synchrotron data

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Crystal structure of Zn(ZnCl 4 ) 2 (Cho) 2 : the transformation of ions to neutral species in a deep eutectic system

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Crystal Structure Representation for Neural Networks using Topological Approach

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Crystal structures, absolute configurations and molecular docking studies of naftopidil enantiomers as α 1D -adrenoceptor antagonists

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Crystal structures and hydrogen bonding in the isotypic series of hydrated alkali metal (K, Rb and Cs) complexes with 4-amino-phenyl-arsonic acid

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Crystal Structures and Mechanical Properties of Ca₂C at High Pressure

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Crystal structures and physicochemical properties of amisulpride polymorphs

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Crystal Structures and Vapor-Induced Crystalline Transformation of 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin Pseudopolymorphs

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Crystal Structures at Atomic Resolution of the Perovskite-Related GdBaMnFeO 5 and Its Oxidized GdBaMnFeO 6

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Crystal structures of 4-meth-oxy-benzoic acid-1,3-bis-(pyridin-4-yl)propane (2/1) and biphenyl-4,4'-di-carb-oxy-lic acid-4-meth-oxy-pyridine (1/2)

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Crystal structures of a ZIP zinc transporter reveal a binuclear metal center in the transport pathway

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Crystal Structures of Bacterial (6-4) Photolyase Mutants with Impaired DNA Repair Activity

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Crystal structures of bis-[(9 S ,13 S ,14 S )-3-meth-oxy-17-methyl-morphinanium] tetra-chlorido-cobaltate and tetra-chlorido-cuprate

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Crystal structures of β-carboxysome shell protein CcmP: ligand binding correlates with the closed or open central pore

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Crystal structures of claudins: insights into their intermolecular interactions

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Crystal Structures of Diaryliodonium Fluorides and Their Implications for Fluorination Mechanisms

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Crystal Structures of ERAP2 Complexed with Inhibitors Reveal Pharmacophore Requirements for Optimizing Inhibitor Potency

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CsF/CsCl Recording Solution

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