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Determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk and dairy products using high performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence with post column photochemical derivatization

Shuib, N.S.; Makahleh, A.; Salhimi, S.M.; Saad, B.

Journal of Chromatography. a 1510: 51-56


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-3778
PMID: 28668367
DOI: 10.1016/j.chroma.2017.06.054
Accession: 059593036

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The determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk using high performance liquid chromatography with photochemical post-column derivatization and fluorescence detection is described. The samples were first extracted and clean-up using the immunoaffinity AFLATEST column originally targeted for aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2. The separation of aflatoxin M1 were performed using C18 Hypersil gold (150mm×4.6mm, 5μm) column at 40°C under isocratic elution. Fluorescence detector (FLD) was set at 360nm and 440nm as excitation and emission, respectively. The use of methanol to replace acetonitrile as the mobile phase resulted in ∼67% peak area enhancement of AFM1. The limit of detection (LOD) and quantification (LOQ) of the analytical method after post-column derivatization without evaporation/reconstitution with mobile phase was 0.0085μgL-1 and 0.025μgL-1 respectively. However, LOD and LOQ improved to 0.002 and 0.004μgL-1 respectively with the addition of evaporation/reconstitution step. The method was statistically validated, showing linear response (R2>0.999), good recoveries (85.2-107.0%) and relative standard deviations (RSD) were found to be ≤7%. The proposed method was applied to determine AFM1 contamination in various types of milk and milk products. Only 2 samples were contaminated with aflatoxin M1 (10% incidence). However, the contamination level is below the Malaysian and European legislation limits.

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