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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59626

Chapter 59626 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fernandez-Prieto, I.; Spence, C.; Pons, F.; Navarra, J., 2017:
Does Language Influence the Vertical Representation of Auditory Pitch and Loudness?

Jin, I-Ki.; Kates, J.M.; Arehart, K.H., 2018:
Does Language Matter When Using a Graphical Method for Calculating the Speech Intelligibility Index?

Yao, S.; Tanaka, E.; Matsui, Y.; Ikeda, A.; Murakami, T.; Okumoto, T.; Harada, T., 2017:
Does laparoscopic adhesiolysis decrease the risk of recurrent symptoms in small bowel obstruction? A propensity score-matched analysis

Blackshaw, H.; Carding, P.; Jepson, M.; Mat Baki, M.; Ambler, G.; Schilder, A.; Morris, S.; Degun, A.; Yu, R.; Husbands, S.; Knowles, H.; Walton, C.; Karagama, Y.; Heathcote, K.; Birchall, M., 2018:
Does laryngeal reinnervation or type I thyroplasty give better voice results for patients with unilateral vocal fold paralysis (VOCALIST): study protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Brianezzi, L.Ferreira.de.Freitas.; Maenosono, R.Massunari.; Bim, O.; Zabeu, G.Speranza.; Palma-Dibb, R.Guenka.; Ishikiriama, Sérgio.Kiyoshi., 2017:
Does laser diode irradiation improve the degree of conversion of simplified dentin bonding systems?

Stijns, J.; Wasowicz, D.K.; Zimmerman, D.D.E., 2017:
Does laser fistuloplasty (FiLaC™) offer any benefit over surgical closure of the internal orifice?

Uzêda-E-Silva, Vínia.Dias.; Rodriguez, T.Tavares.; Ramalho, L.Maria.Pedreira.; Xavier, Fávia.Calo.Aquino.; de Castro, I.Cardoso.Vieira.; Pinheiro, Aônio.Luiz.Barbosa.; Dos Santos, J.Nunes., 2017:
Does laser phototherapy influence the proliferation of myoepithelial cells in the salivary gland of hypothyroid rats?

Morris, A.R.; Thomas, J.M.C.; Reading, I.C.; Clarke, N.M.P., 2017:
Does Late Hip Dysplasia Occur After Normal Ultrasound Screening in Breech Babies?

Argaman, T.; Golomb, D., 2017:
Does layer 4 in the barrel cortex function as a balanced circuit when responding to whisker movements?

Gonzales, J.U.; Raymond, A.; Ashley, J.; Kim, Y., 2017:
Does l-citrulline supplementation improve exercise blood flow in older adults?

Hill, B., 2017:
Does leadership style of modern matrons contribute to safer and more effective clinical services?

Benli, E.; Cirakoglu, A.; Ogreden, E.; Cetinkol, Y.; Calgin, M.Kerem.; Ayyildiz, A.; Yüce, A., 2017:
Does Leaving the Biopsy Needle in Povidone-Iodine Solution Reduce Infective Complications after Biopsy?

Silbiger, J.J., 2014:
Does left atrial enlargement contribute to mitral leaflet tethering in patients with functional mitral regurgitation? Proposed role of atriogenic leaflet tethering

Patel, S.K.; Restrepo, C.; Werden, E.; Churilov, L.; Ekinci, E.I.; Srivastava, P.M.; Ramchand, J.; Wai, B.; Chambers, B.; O'Callaghan, C.J.; Darby, D.; Hachinski, V.; Cumming, T.; Donnan, G.; Burrell, L.M.; Brodtmann, A., 2018:
Does left ventricular hypertrophy affect cognition and brain structural integrity in type 2 diabetes? Study design and rationale of the Diabetes and Dementia (D2) study

Nelson, R., 2017:
Does Legalizing Marijuana Increase Teen Use?

Mostamand, J.; Bader, D.L.; Hudson, Zë., 2018:
Does leg predomination affect measuring vasti muscle onsets during single leg squatting? A reliability study

Shiri, R.; Falah-Hassani, K., 2017:
Does leisure time physical activity protect against low back pain? Systematic review and meta-analysis of 36 prospective cohort studies

Young, S.R.; Bouloux, G.F.; Perez, S.D.; Abramowicz, S., 2017:
Does length of intubation before tracheostomy affect intensive care unit length of stay?

Delanois, R.E.; Gwam, C.; Mistry, J.B.; Khlopas, A.; Chughtai, M.; Ramkumar, P.; Piuzzi, N.; Berger, R.; Bonutti, P.M.; Malkani, A.L.; Mont, M.A., 2017:
Does Length of Stay Influence How Patients Rate Their Hospitalization After Total Hip Arthroplasty?

Wang, F.; Chang, C.; Chen, M.; Gao, Y.; Chen, Y-Ling.; Zhou, S-Chong.; Li, J-Wei.; Zhi, W-Xiang., 2017:
Does Lesion Size Affect the Value of Shear Wave Elastography for Differentiating Between Benign and Malignant Thyroid Nodules?

Severs, C.J.; Hondius, A.J.K.; Schene, A.H., 2018:
Does less seclusion create a safer environment? An attempt to map the concept of 'feeling safe'

Cohen; Weisel; Rao; Mickle, 1997:
Does Lethal Reperfusion Injury Exist in Cardiac Surgery?

Yaşar Şirin, D.; Yılmaz, İbrahim.; İsyar, M.; Öznam, K.; Mahiroğulları, M., 2018:
Does leukocyte-poor or leukocyte-rich platelet-rich plasma applied with biopolymers have superiority to conventional platelet-rich plasma applications on chondrocyte proliferation?

Cai, M.; Liu, E.; Tao, H.; Qian, Z.; Lin, X.; Cheng, Z., 2017:
Does Level of Hospital Matter? A Study of Mortality of Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients in Shanxi, China

Sansfaçon, J.; Steiger, H.; Gauvin, L.; Fletcher, Émilie.; Israël, M., 2017:
Does level of motivation for change impact post-treatment outcomes in the eating disorders? Protocol for a systematic review with quantitative analysis

Siegelmann-Danieli, N.; Katzir, I.; Landes, J.Vesterman.; Segal, Y.; Bachar, R.; Rabinovich, H.Rotem.; Bialik, M.; Azuri, J.; Porath, A.; Lomnicky, Y., 2017:
Does levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system increase breast cancer risk in peri-menopausal women? An HMO perspective

Campbell, J.; Mihalicz, P.; Thiessen, E.; Curtin, S., 2017:
Does lexical stress influence 17-month-olds' mapping of verbs and nouns?

Vicentini, G.Emílio.; Martins, H.Amilcar.; Fracaro, L.; de Souza, S.Raquel.Garcia.; da Silva Zanoni, K.Papi.; Silva, T.Nishida.Xavier.; Blegniski, F.Paschoal.; Guarnier, Fávia.Alessandra.; Zanoni, J.Nelisis., 2017:
Does l-glutamine-supplemented diet extenuate NO-mediated damage on myenteric plexus of Walker 256 tumor-bearing rats?

Arsenault, B.J.; Perrot, N.; Couture, P., 2016:
Does lifestyle contribute to disease severity in patients with inherited lipid disorders?

Kaya, B.; Usluogullari, B.; Yurttutan, N.; Sahan, M.H.; Güralp, O.; Malik, E., 2017:
Does ligation of internal iliac artery for postpartum hemorrhage affect clitoral artery blood flow and postpartum sexual functions?

Girard, O.; Millet, Gégoire.P.; Morin, J-Benoit.; Brocherie, F., 2017:
Does "Live High-Train Low (and High)" Hypoxic Training Alter Running Mechanics In Elite Team-sport Players?

Hu, Y.; Zhou, Y-Kang.; Chen, Y-Xing.; Ye, L-Xi.; Zeng, Z-Chong., 2017:
Does liver resection/transplantation affect respiratory induced liver motion in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma?

Radl, J.; Salazar, L.; Cebolla-Boado, Héctor., 2017:
Does Living in a Fatherless Household Compromise Educational Success? A Comparative Study of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills

Butterworth, P.; Kelly, B.J.; Handley, T.E.; Inder, K.J.; Lewin, T.J., 2017:
Does living in remote Australia lessen the impact of hardship on psychological distress?

Guimarães, M.B.; Antes, T.H.; Dolacio, M.B.; Pereira, D.D.; Marquezan, M., 2017:
Does local delivery of bisphosphonates influence the osseointegration of titanium implants? A systematic review

Kuchálik, J.; Magnuson, A.; Tina, E.; Gupta, A., 2017:
Does local infiltration analgesia reduce peri-operative inflammation following total hip arthroplasty? A randomized, double-blind study

Lum, Z.C.; Lombardi, A.V.; Hurst, J.; Morris, M.; Berend, K., 2017:
Does Local Soft Tissue Infiltration With a Liposomal Bupivacaine Cocktail Have a Synergistic Effect When Combined With Single-Shot Adductor Canal Peripheral Nerve Block in Knee Arthroplasty?

Guadagni, S.; Fiorentini, G.; Clementi, M.; Palumbo, G.; Palumbo, P.; Chiominto, A.; Baldoni, S.; Masedu, F.; Valenti, M.; Tommaso, A.Di.; Fabi, B.; Aliberti, C.; Sarti, D.; Guadagni, V.; Pellegrini, C., 2018:
Does Locoregional Chemotherapy Still Matter in the Treatment of Advanced Pelvic Melanoma?

Altundag, K., 2017:
Does longer disease-free interval affect the complete remission in metastatic breast cancer?

Borbélyová, V.; Domonkos, E.; Bábíčková, J.; Tóthová, Ľubomíra.; Kačmárová, Mária.; Uličná, Oľga.; Ostatníková, D.; Hodosy, Július.; Celec, P., 2017:
Does long-term androgen deficiency lead to metabolic syndrome in middle-aged rats?

Srivastava, R.; Das, S.K.; Goel, G.; Asthana, A.; Agarwal, G.G., 2017:
Does long term colchicine prevent degradation of collagen fiber network in osteoarthritis?

Otake, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Mashima, H., 2017:
Does long-term efficacy differ between infliximab and adalimumab after 1 year of continuous administration?: A STROBE-compliant retrospective cohort study

Li, Y-Ying.; Zhang, G-Hao.; Tian, C-Bei.; Liu, M-Xiu.; Liu, Y-Qing.; Liu, H.; Wang, J-Jun., 2017:
Does Long-Term Feeding on Alternative Prey Affect the Biological Performance of Neoseiulus barkeri (Acari: Phytoseiidae) on the Target Spider Mites?

Baudy, P.; Zubrod, J.P.; Konschak, M.; Weil, M.; Schulz, R.; Bundschuh, M., 2016:
Does long-term fungicide exposure affect the reproductive performance of leaf-shredders? A partial life-cycle study using Hyalella azteca

Zinelis, S.; Pandis, N.; Al Jabbari, Y.S.; Eliades, G.; Eliades, T., 2017:
Does long-term intraoral service affect the mechanical properties and elemental composition of multistranded wires of lingual fixed retainers?

Compher, C.; Higashiguchi, T.; Yu, J.; Jensen, G.L., 2017:
Does Low Body Mass Index Predict the Hospital Mortality of Adult Western or Asian Patients?

Czekaj, J.; Fary, C.; Gaillard, T.; Lustig, S., 2017:
Does low-constraint mobile bearing knee prosthesis give satisfactory results for severe coronal deformities? A five to twelve year follow up study

An, M-Young.; Shin, J.Yong.; Lee, Y-Keun.; Sabbagh, M.Diya.; Roh, S-Gyun.; Lee, N-Ho., 2017:
Does Low-Dose Heparin Have a Significant Role in Free Flap Surgery?

Luu, B.; Rodway, G.W., 2018:
Does low-dose methotrexate deserve more respect from clinicians?

Tsai, S-Ting.; Chen, J-Lian.; Ni, C-Kung., 2017:
Does low-energy collision-induced dissociation of lithiated and sodiated carbohydrates always occur at anomeric carbon of the reducing end?

Lipshultz, S.E.; Barach, P.R.; Wilkinson, J.D., 2017:
Does Lowering Heart Rate Improve Outcomes in Children With Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Chronic Heart Failure?

García, S.; Reyes, L.; Roldán, P.; Torales, J.; Halperin, I.; Hanzu, F.; Langdon, C.; Alobid, I.; Enseñat, J., 2017:
Does Low-Field Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Improve the Results of Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery? Experience of the Implementation of a New Device in a Referral Center

Caccianiga, G.; Paiusco, A.; Perillo, L.; Nucera, R.; Pinsino, A.; Maddalone, M.; Cordasco, G.; Lo Giudice, A., 2017:
Does Low-Level Laser Therapy Enhance the Efficiency of Orthodontic Dental Alignment? Results from a Randomized Pilot Study

Ferretti, G.; Bria, E.; Giannarelli, D.; Carlini, P.; Felici, A.; Mandalà, M.; Papaldo, P.; Fabi, A.; Ciccarese, M.; Cognetti, F., 2006:
Does low-molecular-weight heparin influence cancer-related mortality?

Barba-Vasseur, M.; Bernard, N.; Pujol, S.; Sagot, P.; Riethmuller, D.; Thiriez, Gérard.; Houot, Hélène.; Defrance, Jérôme.; Mariet, A-Sophie.; Luu, V-Phuc.; Barbier, A.; Benzenine, E.; Quantin, C.; Mauny, Fédéric., 2017:
Does low to moderate environmental exposure to noise and air pollution influence preterm delivery in medium-sized cities?

Tawussi, F.; Walther, C.; Gupta, D.K., 2017:
Does low uranium concentration generates phytotoxic symptoms in Pisum sativum L. in nutrient medium?

Lacerda, D.Cabral.; Manhães-de-Castro, R.; Ferraz-Pereira, K.Nogueira.; Toscano, A.Elisa., 2017:
Does L-Tryptophan supplementation reduce chewing deficits in an experimental model of cerebral palsy?

Lee, J.Hwan.; Lee, S-Ho., 2017:
Does lumbar paraspinal muscles improve after corrective fusion surgery in degenerative flat black?

Jazini, E.; Klocke, N.; Tannous, O.; Johal, H.S.; Hao, J.; Salloum, K.; Gelb, D.E.; Nascone, J.W.; Belin, E.; Hoshino, C.Max.; Hussain, M.; OʼToole, R.V.; Bucklen, B.; Ludwig, S.C., 2017:
Does Lumbopelvic Fixation Add Stability? A Cadaveric Biomechanical Analysis of an Unstable Pelvic Fracture Model

Matsutani, N.; Sawabata, N.; Yamaguchi, M.; Woo, T.; Kudo, Y.; Kawase, A.; Shiono, S.; Iinuma, H.; Morita, S.; Kawamura, M., 2017:
Does lung cancer surgery cause circulating tumor cells?-A multicenter, prospective study

Freire-Tellado, M.; Navarro-Patón, Rén.; Pavón-Prieto, M.Del.Pilar.; Fernández-López, M.; Mateos-Lorenzo, J.; López-Fórneas, I., 2017:
Does lying in the recovery position increase the likelihood of not delivering cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

İlhan, T.Tuyan.; Uçar, M.Gazi.; Pekin, A.Tazegül.; Yılmaz, S.Arzu.; Kerimoğlu, Özlem.Seçilmiş.; Çelik, Çetin., 2017:
Does lymphadenectomy have influence on postoperative body fluid distribution?

Lee, T.S.; Morris, C.M.; Czerniec, S.A.; Mangion, A.J., 2017:
Does Lymphedema Severity Affect Quality of Life? Simple Question. Challenging Answers

Chagpar, A.B.; Horowitz, N.; Sanft, T.; Wilson, L.D.; Silber, A.; Killelea, B.; Moran, M.S.; DiGiovanna, M.P.; Hofstatter, E.; Chung, G.; Pusztai, L.; Lannin, D.R., 2017:
Does lymph node status influence adjuvant therapy decision-making in women 70 years of age or older with clinically node negative hormone receptor positive breast cancer?

Giacomelli, I.; Scartoni, D.; Mohammadi, H.; Regine, W.F.; Chuong, M.D., 2017:
Does lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio before, during, or after definitive chemoradiation for locally advanced pancreatic cancer predict for clinical outcomes?

Mullainathan, S.; Obermeyer, Z., 2017:
Does Machine Learning Automate Moral Hazard and Error?

Fisher, P.G., 2018:
Does macrocephaly require MRI, CT, ultrasound, or a tape measure?

Keren, A., 1996:
Does magnesium supplementation have any role in acute myocardial infarction? Yes

Patkar, S.; Gulia, A.; Juvekar, S.; Rekhi, B.; Puri, A., 2017:
Does magnetic resonance imaging accurately predict residual disease after unplanned excision of soft-tissue sarcomas?

Faust, H., 1995:
Does managed care require a new way of talking to patients? Yes

Stockwell, T.; Pauly, B.Bernie.; Chow, C.; Erickson, R.A.; Krysowaty, B.; Roemer, A.; Vallance, K.; Wettlaufer, A.; Zhao, J., 2017:
Does managing the consumption of people with severe alcohol dependence reduce harm? A comparison of participants in six Canadian managed alcohol programs with locally recruited controls

Nair, A., 2018:
Does mannitol contribute to hypotension after parenteral paracetamol administration in critical care?

Massey, S.H.; Hatcher, A.E.; Clark, C.A.C.; Burns, J.L.; Pine, D.S.; Skol, A.D.; Mroczek, D.K.; Espy, K.A.; Goldman, D.; Cook, E.; Wakschlag, L.S., 2017:
Does MAOA increase susceptibility to prenatal stress in young children?

Porter, C.L.; Dyer, W.Justin., 2017:
Does marital conflict predict infants' physiological regulation? A short-term prospective study

Kaplan, D.E., 2015:
Does Massive Antigen Burden Allow Hepatic Viruses to Induce Regulatory T Cells and Their Tolerance and Persistence?

Kordi, M.; Heravan, M.Banaei.; Asgharipour, N.; Akhlaghi, F.; Mazloum, S.Reza., 2017:
Does maternal and fetal health locus of control predict self-care behaviors among women with gestational diabetes?

Gonzalez, M.G.; Reed, K.L.; Center, K.E.; Hill, M.G., 2017:
Does Maternal Body Mass Index Have an Effect on the Accuracy of Ultrasound-Derived Estimated Birth Weight?: A Retrospective Study

Baharom, S.; De Matteo, R.; Ellery, S.; Della Gatta, P.; Bruce, C.R.; Kowalski, G.M.; Hale, N.; Dickinson, H.; Harding, R.; Walker, D.; Snow, R.J., 2017:
Does maternal-fetal transfer of creatine occur in pregnant sheep?

Sivarajah, V.; Venus, K.; Yudin, M.H.; Murphy, K.E.; Morrison, S.A.; Tan, D.Hs., 2017:
Does maternal HSV-2 coinfection increase mother-to-child transmission of HIV? A systematic review

Ryan, J.; Mansell, T.; Fransquet, P.; Saffery, R., 2017:
Does maternal mental well-being in pregnancy impact the early human epigenome?

Oostvogels, Aëtte.J.J.M.; Hof, M.H.P.; Gademan, M.G.J.; Roseboom, T.J.; Stronks, K.; Vrijkotte, T.G.M., 2017:
Does maternal pre-pregnancy overweight or obesity influence offspring's growth patterns from birth up to 7years? The ABCD-study

Bozkurt, O.; Eras, Z.; Sari, F.Nur.; Dizdar, E.Alyamac.; Uras, N.; Canpolat, F.Emre.; Oguz, S.Suna., 2016:
Does maternal psychological distress affect neurodevelopmental outcomes of preterm infants at a gestational age of ≤32weeks

Nikniaz, L.; Mahdavi, R.; Ostadrahimi, A.; Nikniaz, Z.; Aliasgharzadeh, S., 2017:
Does Maternal Synbiotic Supplementation Affect Conjugated Linoleic Acid Level in Breast Milk? A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

Hillemeier, M.M.; Domino, M.E.; Wells, R.; Goyal, R.K.; Kum, H-Chung.; Cilenti, D.; Basu, A., 2017:
Does Maternity Care Coordination Influence Perinatal Health Care Utilization? Evidence from North Carolina

Manning, W.A.; Ghosh, K.M.; Blain, A.P.; Longstaff, L.M.; Rushton, S.P.; Deehan, D.J., 2017 :
Does Maximal External Tibial Component Rotation Influence Tibiofemoral Load Distribution in the Primary Knee Arthroplasty Setting: A Comparison of Neutral vs Maximal Anatomical External Rotatory States

Suzuki, A.; Hirasaki, M.; Okuda, A., 2017:
Does MAX open up a new avenue for meiotic research?

Ramanzini, G.Corrêa.; Volpato, G.Luiz.; Visconti, M.Aparecida., 2017:
Does MCH play a role on establishment or maintenance of social hierarchy in Nile tilapia?

Bawankule, R.; Singh, A.; Kumar, K.; Shetye, S., 2017:
Does Measles Vaccination Reduce the Risk of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) and Diarrhea in Children: A Multi-Country Study?

Najera, H.Ernesto., 2017:
Does measurement invariance hold for the official Mexican multidimensional poverty measure? A state-level analysis 2012

Wright, C.M.; Bremner, M.; Lip, S.; Symonds, J.D., 2016:
Does measurement technique explain the mismatch between European head size and WHO charts?

Milic-Emili, J., 2004:
Does mechanical injury of the peripheral airways play a role in the genesis of COPD in smokers?

Morehead, K.; Dunlosky, J.; Rawson, K.A.; Bishop, M.; Pyc, M.A., 2017:
Does mediator use contribute to the spacing effect for cued recall? Critical tests of the mediator hypothesis

Labrum, J.T.; Paziuk, T.; Rihn, T.C.; Hilibrand, A.S.; Vaccaro, A.R.; Maltenfort, M.G.; Rihn, J.A., 2017:
Does Medicaid Insurance Confer Adequate Access to Adult Orthopaedic Care in the Era of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Yavari, N., 2017:
Does medical education erode medical trainees' ethical attitude and behavior?

Frakes, M.; Jena, A.B., 2017:
Does Medical Malpractice Law Improve Health Care Quality?

Kohlert, S.; Zuccaro, L.; McLean, L.; Macdonald, K., 2018:
Does medical school research productivity predict a resident's research productivity during residency?

Brinkman, D.J.; van Rossem, A.P.; Tichelaar, J.; Richir, M.C.; van Agtmael, M.A., 2017:
Does Medical Students Knowing More About Drugs Lead to Better Treatment Choices?

Mahmoudi, E.; Tarraf, W.; Maroukis, B.L.; Levy, H.G., 2018:
Does Medicare Managed Care reduce racial/ethnic disparities in diabetes preventive care and healthcare expenditures?

Card, D.; Dobkin, C.; Maestas, N., 2009:
Does Medicare Save Lives?

Kinoshita, H., 2017:
Does Memory Consolidation by Anesthetics Relate to a Time Window of Age?

Dales, R.E.; Cakmak, S., 2017:
Does Mental Health Status Influence Susceptibility to the Physiologic Effects of Air Pollution? A Population Based Study of Canadian Children

Borsari, B.; Apodaca, T.R.; Yurasek, A.; Monti, P.M., 2017:
Does mental status impact therapist and patient communication in emergency department brief interventions addressing alcohol use?

Jao, N.C.; Veluz-Wilkins, A.K.; Smith, M.J.; Carroll, A.J.; Blazekovic, S.; Leone, F.T.; Tyndale, R.F.; Schnoll, R.A.; Hitsman, B., 2017:
Does menthol cigarette use moderate the effect of nicotine metabolism on short-term smoking cessation?

Mizrachi, Y.; Leytes, S.; Levy, M.; Ginath, S.; Bar, J.; Ezri, T.; Kovo, M., 2017:
Does meperidine analgesia affect the incidence of obstetric lacerations at vaginal delivery?

Alves, A.Karina.Soares.; Lanzoni, Véria.; Fuziy, Rério.Aoki.; Franco, R.Maria.Aparecida.Monteiro.Moura.; Maeda, C.Toshinori.; Lopes, G.de.Jesus.; Linhares, M.Moura., 2017:
Does mesenchymal stem cell improve the liver regeneration after the 70% hepatectomy?

Nissen, M.; Cernaianu, G.; Thränhardt, R.; Vahdad, M.R.; Barenberg, K.; Tröbs, R-Bodo., 2017:
Does metabolic alkalosis influence cerebral oxygenation in infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis?

Sartini, A.; Gitto, S.; Villa, E., 2017:
Does Metabolic Syndrome and Not the Inflammatory Load Predict Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Severity in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients?

Norris, P.; Ralph, N.; Moloney, C., 2018:
Does metabolic syndrome predict surgical complications? A protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Poshyvailo, L.; von Lieres, E.; Kondrat, S., 2017:
Does metabolite channeling accelerate enzyme-catalyzed cascade reactions?

Abdel Latif, M.K.; Spencer, J.N.; Paradzinsky, M.; Tanko, J.M., 2017:
Does Metal Ion Complexation Make Radical Clocks Run Fast? An Experimental Perspective

Diaz-Morales, N.; Iannantuoni, F.; Escribano-Lopez, I.; Bañuls, C.; Rovira-Llopis, S.; Sola, E.; Rocha, M.; Hernandez-Mijares, A.; Victor, V.M., 2017:
Does Metformin Modulate Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Autophagy in Type 2 Diabetic Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells?

Barnett, L.A.; Jordan, K.P.; Edwards, J.J.; van der Windt, D.A., 2017:
Does metformin protect against osteoarthritis? An electronic health record cohort study

Diaz-Morales, N.; Rovira-Llopis, S.; Bañuls, C.; Lopez-Domenech, S.; Escribano-Lopez, I.; Veses, S.; Jover, A.; Rocha, M.; Hernandez-Mijares, A.; Victor, V.M., 2017:
Does Metformin Protect Diabetic Patients from Oxidative Stress and Leukocyte-Endothelium Interactions?

Chojecki, A., 2017:
Does MHC Class I Chain-Related Gene A Matter?

Menezes, A.C.B.; Filho, S.C.Valadares.; Rotta, P.P.; Santos, S.A.; Pacheco, M.V.C.; Silva, B.C.; Pucetti, P.; Alhadas, H.M.; Detmann, E.; Caton, J.S., 2018:
Does microbial nitrogen contamination affect the estimation of crude protein degradability of concentrate feeds?

Wilhelm, T.; Wittlinger, J.; Georgiew, R.; Güldner, C.; Hoch, S.; Teymoortash, A.; Günzel, T.; Stankovic, P., 2017:
Does Microscope Assistance in Cold Steel Tonsillectomy Reduce the Risk of Postoperative Hemorrhage? Results of a Prospective Cohort Study

Gehrich, A.P.; Patzwald, J.; Raby, L.; Lustik, M.; Gruber, D.; Gonzalez, H., 2018:
Does Mid-Urethral Sling Surgery in the Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence Affect Weight Changes in Women? A Retrospective Cohort Study Using Internal Controls

Mizrachi, Y.; Leytes, S.; Levy, M.; Hiaev, Z.; Ginath, S.; Bar, J.; Kovo, M., 2017:
Does midwife experience affect the rate of severe perineal tears?

Van Waesberghe, J.; Coburn, M., 2017:
Does migraine lead perioperatively to stroke?

Silva-Néto, R.Pereira.; Almeida Soares, A., 2018:
Does Migraine Occur Only in Humans or Other Animals May Suffer from This Disease Too?

Fang, H.; Jin, Y.; Zhao, M.; Zhang, H.; A Rizzo, J.; Zhang, D.; Hou, Z., 2018:
Does Migration Limit the Effect of Health Insurance on Hypertension Management in China?

Ando, T.; Briasoulis, A.; Telila, T.; Afonso, L.; Grines, C.L.; Takagi, H., 2017:
Does mild paravalvular regurgitation post transcatheter aortic valve implantation affect survival? A meta-analysis

Harrison, S.; Lennon, R.; Holly, J.; Higgins, J.P.T.; Gardner, M.; Perks, C.; Gaunt, T.; Tan, V.; Borwick, C.; Emmet, P.; Jeffreys, M.; Northstone, K.; Rinaldi, S.; Thomas, S.; Turner, S.D.; Pease, A.; Vilenchick, V.; Martin, R.M.; Lewis, S.J., 2017:
Does milk intake promote prostate cancer initiation or progression via effects on insulin-like growth factors (IGFs)? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Beks, R.B.; Mellema, J.J.; Menendez, M.E.; Chen, N.C.; Ring, D.; Vranceanu, A.Maria., 2017:
Does Mindfulness Correlate With Physical Function and Pain Intensity in Patients With Upper Extremity Illness?

Ball, E.F.; Nur Shafina Muhammad Sharizan, E.; Franklin, G.; Rogozińska, E., 2017:
Does mindfulness meditation improve chronic pain? A systematic review

Warren, M.T.; Wray-Lake, L., 2017:
Does mindfulness prepare adolescents for value-behavior concordance? Examining the role of value content

Wang, Y.; Xu, W.; Zhuang, C.; Liu, X., 2018:
Does Mind Wandering Mediate the Association Between Mindfulness and Negative Mood? A Preliminary Study

Kulkarni, A.Gopalrao.; Patel, R.Shammi.; Dutta, S., 2016:
Does Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Minimize Surgical Site Infections?

Uribe, J.S.; Beckman, J.; Mummaneni, P.V.; Okonkwo, D.; Nunley, P.; Wang, M.Y.; Mundis, G.M.; Park, P.; Eastlack, R.; Anand, N.; Kanter, A.; Lamarca, F.; Fessler, R.; Shaffrey, C.I.; Lafage, V.; Chou, D.; Deviren, V., 2017:
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Does mobile health matter?

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Does mRNA structure contain genetic information for regulating co-translational protein folding?

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Does my patient still have reflux when ppi therapy does not work?

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Does neighborhood size really cause the word length effect?

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Does neighbourhood deprivation affect the genetic influence on body mass?

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Does network topology influence systemic risk contribution? A perspective from the industry indices in Chinese stock market

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Does Neurofunction Monitoring Enhance Nursing Confidence and Comfort?

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Does neuroimaging have a role in predicting outcomes in psychosis?

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Does Neuropathic Pain Affect the Quality of Sleep?

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Does new instrumentation improve radiologic alignment of the Oxford® medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty?

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Does New Zealand need a third medical school?

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Does next-generation sequencing of cyst fluid improve management of pancreatic cystic neoplasms?

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Does Nissen Fundoplication Provide Lifelong Reflux Control? Symptomatic Outcome After 31-33 Years

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Does Noise Weighting Matter in CT Iterative Reconstruction?

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Does noncontact low-frequency ultrasound therapy contribute to wound healing at the molecular level?

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Does non-invasive brain stimulation reduce essential tremor? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Does Noninvasive Ventilation Have a Role in Severe COPD?

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Does normal spirometry rule out an obstructive or restrictive ventilatory defect?

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Does Normobaric Hyperoxia Cause Oxidative Stress in the Injured Brain? A Microdialysis Study Using 8-Iso-Prostaglandin F2α as a Biomarker

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Does nose blowing improve hearing in serous otitis? A community study

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Does not compute

Hector, R., 2018:
Does Not Correspond to Everyday Reality

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Does N 2 fixation meet the nitrogen requirements of heterocystous blue-green algae in shallow eutrophic lakes?

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Does N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide level predict prognosis of acute pulmonary embolism?

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Does N-terminal Pro-brain Type Natriuretic Peptide Predict Cardiac Complications After Hip Fracture Surgery?

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Doesn't PREP contravene the human rights act?

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Does nurses' role, health or symptoms influence their personal use of ingestible complementary and alternative medicines?

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Does nursing have a future?

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Does obesity modify the relationship between physical activity and breast cancer risk?

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Does Obesity Predispose Medical Intensive Care Unit Patients to Venous Thromboembolism despite Prophylaxis? A Retrospective Chart Review

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Does Obesity-Related Hemodilution of Carcinoembryonic Antigen Exist in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients?

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Does Objective Quality of Physicians Correlate with Patient Satisfaction Measured by Hospital Compare Metrics in New York State?

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Does Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment Reduce Cardiovascular Risk?: It Is Far Too Soon to Say

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Does occlusion therapy improve control in intermittent exotropia?

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Does occupational exposure to formaldehyde cause hematotoxicity and leukemia-specific chromosome changes in cultured myeloid progenitor cells?

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Does Ocular Neuropathic Pain Deserve an Autonomous Position in the IHS Classification? Clinical and Diagnostic Evidences

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Does omalizumab impair glucose homeostasis in a patient with severe persistent asthma and type 2 diabetes mellitus?

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Does Omega-3 supplementation after the age of 65 influence cognitive function? Results of a systematic review

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Does omphalocele major undergo spontaneous closure?

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Does one size fit all?

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Does One Size Fit All? Assessing the Need for Organizational Second Victim Support Programs

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Does One Size Fit All? Examining the Application of Neurosurgery Residency Milestones Developed in the United States to a Taiwanese Culture

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Does One Size Fit Everyone? Replacement Dose of Levothyroxine in Long-standing Primary Hypothyroidism in Adults

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Does one workshop on respecting cultural differences increase health professionals' confidence to improve the care of Australian Aboriginal patients with cancer? An evaluation

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Does One Year of Schooling Improve Children's Cognitive Control and Alter Associated Brain Activation?

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Does Online Social Connectedness Buffer Risk of Depression Following Driving Cessation? An Analysis of Older Drivers and Ex-Drivers

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Does oolong tea (Camellia sinensis) made from a combination of leaf and stem smell more aromatic than leaf-only tea? Contribution of the stem to oolong tea aroma

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Does Opium Dependency Affect the Pattern of Involvement in Laryngeal Cancer?

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Does optimal partitioning of color space account for universal color categorization?

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Does optimism weaken the negative effects of being lonely on suicide risk?

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Does "OPTINAB" strategy ("stop-and-go") work in treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer (APC) with nab-paclitaxel-gemcitabine?

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Does Oral Health Predict Functional Status in Late Life? Findings From a National Sample

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Does particle disease really exist?

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Does Pathological Iron Overload Impair the Function of Human Lungs?

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Does peace prevent homosexuality?

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Does penile rehabilitation have a role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy?

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Does Percutaneous Vertebroplasty or Balloon Kyphoplasty for Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures Increase the Incidence of New Vertebral Fractures? A Meta-Analysis

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Does periodic lung screening of films meets standards?

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Does perioperative ketamine have a role in the prevention of chronic postsurgical pain: the ROCKet trial

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Does Peritoneal Protein Transport Increase with Peritoneal Dialysis Therapy Duration and Lead to Extracellular Water Overload in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients?

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Does pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model-guided anaesthesia improve outcome after hip fracture surgery?

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Does Pharmacological Therapy Still Play a Role in Preventing Sudden Death in Surgically Treated Tetralogy of Fallot?

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Does plasma-based molecular testing have a role in the routine care of lung cancer?

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Does player unavailability affect football teams' match physical outputs? A two-season study of the UEFA champions league

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Association between polycystic ovary syndrome and the risk of subclinical vascular disease in normal‑weight women with type 1 diabetes

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Does polysaccharide is an idea template selection for glycosyl imprinting?

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Does practice make perfect? Not always

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Does pregnancy cause obesity

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Does Pregnancy Increase Use and Awareness of Nutrition Information in Food Labels?

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Does pre-PCI FFR predict post-PCI blood flow increase? do we need IMR too?

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Does pressure cause liver cirrhosis? The sinusoidal pressure hypothesis

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Does Prestroke Antiplatelet Therapy Increase the Risk of Symptomatic Intracranial Hemorrhage in Patients Receiving Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Acute Ischemic Stroke?

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Does prevention of vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage improve clinical outcome? Yes

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Does prevention pay?

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Does prey dispersion affect frequency-dependent predation by wild birds?

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Does prey preference change as a result of prey species being presented together? Analysis of prey selection by the predatory mite Typhlodromus pyri (Acarina: Phytoseiidae)

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Does prior administration of the RBANS influence performance on subsequent neuropsychological testing?

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Does promoting resolution instead of inhibiting inflammation represent the new paradigm in treating infections?

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Does Promotion Orientation Help Explain Why Future-Orientated People Exercise and Eat Healthy?

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Does propolis have any effect on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

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Does prostate size predict the urodynamic characteristics and clinical outcomes in benign prostate hyperplasia?

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Does Protecting Older Workers From Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Evidence From Disability Discrimination Laws

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Does protocatechuic acid, a natural antioxidant, reduce renal ischemia reperfusion injury in rats?

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Does Proton Pump Inhibitor Increase the Clostridium difficile Infection Risk in the Treatment and Prophylaxis of Stress Ulcers than Histanime-2 Receptor Antagonist?

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Does Proton Therapy Have a Future in CNS Tumors?

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Does psychoanalysis have a future? Yes

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Does psychoanalysis have a valuable place in modern mental health services? Yes

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Does pulmonary rehabilitation alleviate depression in older patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Does pyogenic liver abscess increase the risk of delayed-onset primary liver cancer?: Evidence from a nationwide cohort study

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Does pyuria always suggest urinary tract infection with common microorganisms? Answers

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Does pyuria always suggest urinary tract infection with common microorganisms? Questions

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Does Quality Affect Patients' Choice of Doctor? Evidence from England

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Does quality of life outweigh the cardiovascular risks of stimulant medication in a child with ADHD and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

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Does quantity ensure quality? Standardized OSCE-stations for outcome-oriented evaluation of practical skills at different medical faculties

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Does radiography still have a significant diagnostic role in evaluation of acute traumatic wrist injuries? A prospective comparative study

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Does RAIM with Correct Exclusion Produce Unbiased Positions?

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Does raising awareness in families reduce environmental tobacco smoke exposure in wheezy children?

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Does Ramadan fasting contribute to the increase of peptic ulcer perforations?

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Does rapid blood sampling affect the retention time of patients with low-acuity complaints in the emergency department?

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Does rapid HIV testing result in an early diagnosis and reduce the waiting time for patients to receive medical care?

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Does rating the operation videos with a checklist score improve the effect of E-learning for bariatric surgical training? Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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Does Reading Words Differing in Arousal Load Influence Interference Control in Flanker Task?

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Does Receiving a Blood Transfusion Predict for Length of Stay in Children Undergoing Cranial Vault Remodeling for Craniosynostosis? Outcomes Using the Pediatric National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Dataset

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Does Recombination Constrain Neutral Divergence Among Bacterial Taxa?

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Does recovery buffer against emotional labor in terms of motivational outcomes at work? Analyzing age differences among Finnish health care professionals

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Does recruitment source moderate treatment effectiveness? A subgroup analysis from the EVIDENT study, a randomised controlled trial of an internet intervention for depressive symptoms

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Does rectal indomethacin prevent post-ERCP pancreatitis in average-risk patients?

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Does rectal washout during anterior resection prevent local tumor recurrence?

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Does recyclable separation reduce the cost of municipal waste management in Japan?

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Does Red Blood Cell Distribution Width Really Have a Prognostic Role in Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma?

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Does reduced vascular stiffening fully explain preserved cardiovagal baroreflex function in older, physically active men?

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Does Reducing the Duration from Symptom Onset to Recanalization Improve the Results of Intracranial Mechanical Thrombectomy in the Elderly?

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Does relevancy matter?

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Does Residual Varus Alignment Cause Increasing Varus Laxity at a Minimum of Five Years After Total Knee Arthroplasty?

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Does resistance really carry a fitness cost?

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Does retirement benefit health?

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Does Routine Pathology Evaluation of Uterine Content Following Evacuation for Abnormal Early Pregnancy Influence Further Management?

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Does routine preoperative computed tomography imaging provide clinical utility in patients undergoing primary cardiac surgery?

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Does scatter-hoarding of seeds benefit cache owners or pilferers?

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Does SDG 3 have an adequate theory of change for improving health systems performance?

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Does Second Place Count? Lessons from a Major Discrepancy Between Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacter cloacae in a One-Year Follow-Up Study

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Does section 63 of the Mental Health Act 1983 disempower patients with mental illness? Analysis of the case law

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Does seeing an Asian face make speech sound more accented?

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Does Selection and Management of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease In Government Run and Private Hospitals Differ?

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Does Self-Efficacy Mediate the Relationships Between Social-Cognitive Factors and Intentions to Receive HPV Vaccination Among Young Women?

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Does self-enhancement facilitate task performance?

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Does Roller Massage With a Foam Roll Change Pressure Pain Threshold of the Ipsilateral Lower Extremity Antagonist and Contralateral Muscle Groups? An Exploratory Study

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Does Semantic Congruency Accelerate Episodic Encoding, or Increase Semantic Elaboration?

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Does semi-automatic bone-fragment segmentation improve the reproducibility of the Letournel acetabular fracture classification?

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Does sensitivity to arousal improve the prognostic value of somatosensory evoked potentials in newborn infants?

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Does Septoplasty Improve Heart Functions of Patients With Septum Deviation in Terms of Echocardiography Findings?

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Does serious consequential masking exist? An update

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Does serum CA125 have clinical value for follow-up monitoring of postoperative patients with epithelial ovarian cancer? Results of a 12-year study

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Does service timing matter for psychological outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation? Insights from the National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Does severe osteoarthritis in knees with varus deformity alter the adductor ratio?

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Does sex or ethnicity impact anti-tumour necrosis factor agent use in rheumatoid arthritis?

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Does Sexual Selection Influence Ornamentation of Hemipenes in Old World Snakes?

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Does SGLT2 inhibition with dapagliflozin overcome individual therapy resistance to RAAS inhibition?

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Does short-term gluteal activation enhance muscle performance?

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Does Short-Term Hunger Increase Trust and Trustworthiness in a High Trust Society?

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Does short-term morbidity and stoma reduction outweigh a potential long-term risk of colonic stent placement?

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Does signaling of estrogen-related receptors affect structure and function of bank vole Leydig cells?

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Does sildenafil improve ventilatory function in asthmatic subjects?

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Does silvoagropecuary landscape fragmentation affect the genetic diversity of the sigmodontine rodent Oligoryzomys longicaudatus ?

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Does Simulation-Based Training Increase Athletic Training Students' Clinical Confidence and Competence in Performing a Cardiovascular Screening?

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Does simulation enhance nurses' ability to assess deteriorating patients?

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Does Single Balloon Enteroscopy Have Similar Efficacy and Endoscopic Performance Compared with Double Balloon Enteroscopy?

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Does single blind peer review hinder newcomers?

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Does single mega-dose vitamin A in early neonatal period reduce mortality during infancy in low- and middle-income countries?

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Does Sirt2 Regulate Cholesterol Biosynthesis During Oligodendroglial Differentiation In Vitro and In Vivo?

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Does Site Matter? Comparing Accuracy and Patient Comfort of Blood Glucose Samples Taken From the Finger and Palm of the Perioperative Patient

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Does site of buccal mucosa graft for bulbar urethra stricture affect outcome? A comparative analysis of ventral, dorso-lateral and dorsal buccal mucosa graft augmentation urethroplasty

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Does site-of-care for oncology infusion therapy influence treatment patterns, cost, and quality in the United States?

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Does site of specimen extraction affect incisional hernia rate after robot assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy?

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Does sitting versus standing radiographic assessment of odontoid fractures matter? A case report

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Does Situation-Specificity Affect the Operation of Implementation Intentions?

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Does size matter?

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Does size matter?

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Does size matter concerning impact of position on oxygenation status in spontaneously breathing patients with unilateral effusion?

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Does Size Matter? Correlation of Excised Gastric Specimen Size in Sleeve Gastrectomy to Postoperative Weight Loss and Comorbidities

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Does Size Matter in ICU Telemedicine?

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Does Spousal Support Can Increase the Women's Physical Activity?

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Does Starting to Smoke Cigars Trigger Onset of Cannabis Blunt Smoking?

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Does static electric field from ultra-high voltage direct-current transmission lines affect male reproductive capacity? Evidence from a laboratory study on male mice

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Does Subclinical Inflammation Play a Role in the Pathogenesis of Diverticulosis?

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Does sunlight protect us from cancer?

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Does Supplementation with Omega-3 PUFAs Add to the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease?

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Does Surgical Bypass or Palliative Resections Offer the Better Palliative Treatment for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer? A Meta-Analysis

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Does surrounding temperature influence the rate of hypothermia during Caesarean section?

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Does synaesthesia age? Changes in the quality and consistency of synaesthetic associations

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Does Systemic Disease Aggravate the Severity of Dry Mouth by Anticholinergics in Overactive Bladder Patients?

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Does T1- and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging give value-added than bone scintigraphy in the follow-up of vertebral metastasis of prostate cancer?

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Does Tack Curing Luting Cements Affect the Final Cure?

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Does Tail-Cuff Plethysmography Provide a Reliable Estimate of Central Blood Pressure in Mice?

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Does tantalum exhibit any intrinsic antimicrobial or antibiofilm properties?

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Does taping in addition to physiotherapy improve the outcomes in subacromial impingement syndrome? A systematic review

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Does task shifting among parts of a weak health system help?

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Does task shifting yield cost savings and improve efficiency for health systems? A systematic review of evidence from low-income and middle-income countries

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Does tax-based health financing offer protection from financial catastrophe? Findings from a household economic impact survey of ischaemic heart disease in Malaysia

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Does teaching non-technical skills to medical students improve those skills and simulated patient outcome?

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Does teaching of robotic partial nephrectomy affect renal function and perioperative outcomes?

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Does tea consumption during early pregnancy have an adverse effect on birth outcomes?

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Does team-based learning improve performance in an infectious diseases course in a preclinical curriculum?

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Does Telecare Improve Interorganisational Collaboration?

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Does Telehealth Monitoring Identify Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Reduce Hospitalisations? An Analysis of System Data

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Does Telescoping Exist in Male and Female Gamblers? Does It Matter?

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Does telomerase activity have an effect on infertility in patients with endometriosis?

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Does telomerase activity have an effect on infertility in patients with endometriosis? Methodological issues

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Does Temperature Increase by Sympathetic Neurolysis Improve Pain in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? A Retrospective Cohort Study

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Does temperature management improve outcome in patients resuscitated from a non-shockable rhythm?

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Does temperature modify the effect of PM 10 on mortality? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Does temproray bilateral balloon occlusion of the common iliac arteries reduce the need for intra-operative blood transfusion in cases of placenta accretism?

Anonymous, 2017:
Does tendon firing quicken time to recovery for superficial digital flexor tendon injury?

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Does tent caterpillar attack reduce the food quality of red alder foliage?

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Does testing increase spontaneous mediation in learning semantically related paired associates?

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Does Testing More Frequently Shorten the Time to Detect Disease Progression?

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Does testosterone affect foraging behavior in male frogs?

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Does testosterone affect the normal menstrual cycle?

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Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Promote an Augmented Risk of Thrombotic Events in Thalassemia Major Male Patients with Hypogonadism?

Rees, J., 2017:
Does testosterone therapy raise the risk of VTE?

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Does the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale function differently in old people with different levels of cognitive functioning?

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Does the 1H-NMR plasma metabolome reflect the host-tumor interactions in human breast cancer?

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Does the ability to express different emotions predict different indices of physical health? A skill-based study of physical symptoms and heart rate variability

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Does the acceptance of hybrid learning affect learning approaches in France?

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Does the accreditation of private dental practices work? Time to rethink how accreditation can improve patient safety

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Does the acquisition of spatial skill involve a shift from algorithm to memory retrieval?

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Does the acromiohumeral distance matter in chronic rotator cuff related shoulder pain?

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Does the Additional Articulation in Retrieved Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty Implants Decrease Trunnionosis Compared to Total Hip Arthroplasty?

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Does the Addition of a "Black Bone" Sequence to a Fast Multisequence Trauma MR Protocol Allow MRI to Replace CT after Traumatic Brain Injury in Children?

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Does the addition of active body warming to in-line intravenous fluid warming prevent maternal hypothermia during elective caesarean section? A randomised controlled trial

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Does the Addition of a Dynamic Pedicle Screw to a Fusion Segment Prevent Adjacent Segment Pathology in the Lumbar Spine?

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Does the Addition of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 to Platelet-Rich Fibrin Improve Healing After Treatment for Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw?

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Does the addition of postoperative radiotherapy to adjuvant chemotherapy offer any benefit in patients with non-small cell lung cancer and mediastinal lymphadenopathy?

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Does the addition of salpingectomy or fimbriectomy to hysterectomy in premenopausal patients compromise ovarian reserve? A prospective study

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Does the addition of two exercise-focussed home visits to usual care improve outcomes for patients with balance impairments? A randomized controlled trial

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Does the adjunctive use of statins provide additional benefits to nonsurgical periodontal treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Does the administration of melatonin during post-traumatic brain injury affect cytokine levels?

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Does the aerobic threshold correlate with the maximal fat oxidation rate in short stage treadmill tests?

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Does the age affect the efficacy of angiogenesis inhibitors in ovarian cancer? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

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Does the Age of Donor Kidneys Affect Nocturnal Polyuria in Patients With Successful Real Transplantation?

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Does the alternative pathway ameliorate chilling injury in sensitive plant tissues?

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Does the Amount of Food Consumed Influence the Growth of An Animal?

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Does the anthropometric model influence whole-body center of mass calculations in gait?

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Does the APACHE II score predict performance of activities of daily living in patients discharged from a weaning center?

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Does the appearance of the urethral pressure profile trace correlate with the sphincter EMG findings in women with voiding dysfunction?

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Does the Application of Heat Gel Pack After Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetic Cream Improve Venipuncture or Intravenous Cannulation Success Rate in Children? A Randomized Control Trial

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Does the applied polytrauma definition notably influence outcome and patient population? - a retrospective analysis

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Does the approach influence the success rate for ultrasound-guided rectus sheath blocks? An anatomical case series

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Does the approximate number system serve as a foundation for symbolic mathematics?

Plath, J.E.; Henderson, D.J.H.; Coquay, J.; Dück, K.; Haeni, D.; Lafosse, L., 2017:
Does the Arthroscopic Latarjet Procedure Effectively Correct "Off-Track" Hill-Sachs Lesions?

Ko, C-I.; Puga, A., 2017:
Does the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Regulate Pluripotency?

Arndt, S.; Sahker, E.; Hedden, S., 2017:
Does the Assessment of Recovery Capital scale reflect a single or multiple domains?

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Does the association between adherence to statin medications and mortality depend on measurement approach? A retrospective cohort study

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Does the association between early life growth and later obesity differ by race/ethnicity or socioeconomic status? A systematic review

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Does the association between leisure activities and survival in old age differ by living arrangement?

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Does the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder interfere with bariatric surgery results?

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Does the behavioural type-specific approach for type 2 diabetes promote changes in lifestyle? Protocol of a cluster randomised trial in Japan

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Does the biopsychosocial-spiritual model of addiction apply in an Islamic context? A qualitative study of Jordanian addicts in treatment

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Does the Brief Observation of Social Communication Change help moving forward in measuring change in early autism intervention studies?

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Does the capacity of ribosomes to control translation fidelity change with age?

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Does the cardinal ligament of the uterus contain a nerve that should be preserved in radical hysterectomy?

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Does the Cardiologist Have a Key Role in Long-Term Management of Hypertension?

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Does the CATCH Early Childhood Program Increase Physical Activity Among Low-Income Preschoolers?-Results From a Pilot Study

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Does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Survey Underreport Risky Sexual Behavior?

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Does the cerebellum contribute to human navigation by processing sequential information?

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Does the choice of forceps during IUD insertion affect pain scores?

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Does the choice of tariff matter?: A comparison of EQ-5D-5L utility scores using Chinese, UK, and Japanese tariffs on patients with psoriasis vulgaris in Central South China

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Does the Cl + CH 4 → H + CH 3 Cl Reaction Proceed via Walden Inversion?

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Does the clinical evaluation of the cardiac status predict outcome in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms?

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Does the CO2 laser reduce bond strength in different types of ceramic brackets?

Hertzog, C.; Smith, R.Marit.; Ariel, R., 2017:
Does the Cognitive Reflection Test actually capture heuristic versus analytic reasoning styles in older adults?

Gipps, R.G.T., 2017:
Does the cognitive therapy of depression rest on a mistake?

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Does the combination of aprotinin and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor cause renal failure after cardiac surgery?

Furlan, A.J., 2009:
Does the combination of warfarin and aspirin have a place in secondary stroke prevention? Yes

Suzuki, T., 2017:
Does the combination use of two pain assessment tools have a synergistic effect?

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Does the Combined Intervention Program Matter for College-Attending Hispanic and Other Minority Young Adults?

Hornby, N.L.; Lamb, C.R., 2017 :
Does the computed tomographic appearance of the lung differ between young and old dogs?

Ozawa, M.; Berthier, L., 2017:
Does the configurational entropy of polydisperse particles exist?

Horn, G.; D'Angelo, D., 2017:
Does the Coping Assessment for Laboring Moms (CALM) Scale Enhance Perception of Nursing Presence?

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Does the corticotropin-releasing hormone system play a role in the pathogenesis of lichen planus?

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Does the cost of incubation set limits to clutch size in common eiders Somateria mollissima?

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Does the Critical Shoulder Angle Correlate With Rotator Cuff Tear Progression?

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Does the degree of coarctation of the aorta influence wall shear stress focal heterogeneity?

Davenport, M.T.; Sokol, E.R.; Comiter, C.V.; Elliott, C.S., 2017:
Does the Degree of Cystocele Predict De Novo Stress Urinary Incontinence After Prolapse Repair? Further Analysis of the Colpopexy and Urinary Reduction Efforts Trial

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Does the degree of endocrine dyscrasia post-reproduction dictate post-reproductive lifespan? Lessons from semelparous and iteroparous species

Resnik, L.; Acluche, F.; Lieberman Klinger, S.; Borgia, M., 2017 :
Does the DEKA Arm substitute for or supplement conventional prostheses

Smith, M.M.; McLeod, B.D.; Southam-Gerow, M.A.; Jensen-Doss, A.; Kendall, P.C.; Weisz, J.R., 2018:
Does the Delivery of CBT for Youth Anxiety Differ Across Research and Practice Settings?

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Does the dermatology standardized letter of recommendation alter applicants' chances of matching into residency?

Seena, S.; Carvalho, F.; Cássio, F.; Pascoal, Cáudia., 2017:
Does the developmental stage and composition of riparian forest stand affect ecosystem functioning in streams?

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Does the diameter of the stapes prosthesis really matter? A prospective clinical study

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Does the Dietary Pattern of Shanghai Residents  Change across Seasons and Area of Residence:  Assessing Dietary Quality Using the Chinese Diet  Balance Index (DBI)

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Does the Difference in Fascial Closure Technique Affect Postoperative Pain?

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Does the dilution effect generally occur in animal diseases?

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Does the direct measurement of oxygen tension in tumors have any adverse effects?

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Does the discrepancy in histologic differentiation between a forceps biopsy and an endoscopic specimen necessitate additional surgery in early gastric cancer?

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Does the disruption of horizontal anterior ciliary vessels affect the blood-aqueous barrier function?

Laville, V.; Trombert, Béatrice.; Fernandez, M.; Charles, R., 2017:
Does the distance between the patient's home and the laboratory influence laboratory monitoring of diabetes?

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Does the distribution pattern of brain metastases during BRAF inhibitor therapy reflect phenotype switching?

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Does the diurnal cycle of cortisol explain the relationship between physical performance and cognitive function in older adults?

Symons, X., 2017:
Does the doctrine of double effect apply to the prescription of barbiturates? iSyme vs the Medical Board of Australia

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Does the dose and type of nonselective beta-blocker really matter?

Berg, P.; Saalfeld, S.; Voß, S.; Redel, T.; Preim, B.; Janiga, G.; Beuing, O., 2017:
Does the DSA reconstruction kernel affect hemodynamic predictions in intracranial aneurysms? An analysis of geometry and blood flow variations

Catelli, D.S.; Kowalski, E.; Beaulé, P.E.; Lamontagne, M., 2017:
Does the Dual-Mobility Hip Prosthesis Produce Better Joint Kinematics During Extreme Hip Flexion Task?

Botha-Ravyse, C.; Blignaut, S., 2018:
Does the early adopter catch the worm or choke on it? A reflective journey of the challenges of technology adoption in a health sciences education institution

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Does the early introduction of solids promote obesity?

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Does the eating disorder examination questionnaire global subscale adequately predict eating disorder psychopathology in the daily life of obese adults?

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Does the effectiveness of core stability exercises correlate with the severity of spinal stenosis in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis?

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Does the Effect of Inferior Turbinate Outfracture Persist?

Fine, A.; Wolff, K.T.; Baglivio, M.T.; Piquero, A.R.; Frick, P.J.; Steinberg, L.; Cauffman, E., 2017:
Does the Effect of Justice System Attitudes on Adolescent Crime Vary Based on Psychosocial Maturity?

van de Ven, J.; Fransen, A.F.; Schuit, E.; van Runnard Heimel, P.J.; Mol, B.W.; Oei, S.G., 2017:
Does the effect of one-day simulation team training in obstetric emergencies decline within one year? A post-hoc analysis of a multicentre cluster randomised controlled trial

De Filippis, S.; Cuomo, I.; Kotzalidis, G.D.; Pucci, D.; Zingaretti, P.; Porrari, R.; Fini, C.; Motta, P.; Caloro, M.; Girardi, P., 2017:
Does the efficacy of asenapine in bipolar disorder increase in the presence of comorbidity with a substance use disorder? A naturalistic study

Choi, Y.Won.; Choi, J-Hyuk., 2017 :
Does the efficacy of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor differ according to the type of EGFR mutation in non-small cell lung cancer?

Schmitt, H.; Kray, J.; Ferdinand, N.K., 2017:
Does the Effort of Processing Potential Incentives Influence the Adaption of Context Updating in Older Adults?

Tan, Q.; Qin, Q., 2017:
Does the elevation of CAMLs predict metastatic breast cancer patients' survival?

Peponis, T.; Bohnen, J.D.; Sangji, N.F.; Nandan, A.R.; Han, K.; Lee, J.; Yeh, D.Dante.; de Moya, M.A.; Velmahos, G.C.; Chang, D.C.; Kaafarani, H.M.A., 2017:
Does the emergency surgery score accurately predict outcomes in emergent laparotomies?

Morgan, J.F., 2013:
Does the emphasis on risk in psychiatry serve the interests of patients or the public? Yes

Hauptmann, A.; Handle, K.F.; Baloh, P.; Grothe, H.; Loerting, T., 2017:
Does the emulsification procedure influence freezing and thawing of aqueous droplets?

Karatasakis, A.; Brilakis, E.S., 2017:
Does the end justify the means? The contemporary role of dissection/re-entry strategies for recanalization of coronary chronic total occlusions

Stasyuk, A.J.; Solà, M., 2017:
Does the endohedral borospherene supersalt FLi 2 @B 39 maintain the "super" properties of its subunits?

Foster, C., 2018:
Does the English Law on Abortion Affront Human Dignity?

Drygalski, K.; Berk, K.; Charytoniuk, T.; Iłowska, N.; Łukaszuk, Błomiej.; Chabowski, A.; Konstantynowicz-Nowicka, K., 2017:
Does the enterolactone (ENL) affect fatty acid transporters and lipid metabolism in liver?

Santurtún, M.; Santurtún, A.; Zarrabeitia, Mía.T., 2017:
Does the environment affect suicide rates in Spain? A spatiotemporal analysis

Dzingina, M.D.; McCrone, P.; Higginson, I.J., 2017:
Does the EQ-5D capture the concerns measured by the Palliative care Outcome Scale? Mapping the Palliative care Outcome Scale onto the EQ-5D using statistical methods

Mariathas, M.; Olechowski, B.; Mahmoudi, M.; Curzen, N., 2016:
Does the evidence really suggest that we should completely revascularise bystander disease in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary angioplasty? Why we still need more definitive trial data to change routine practice

Bernardi, M.; Caraceni, P.; Navickis, R.J., 2016:
Does the evidence support a survival benefit of albumin infusion in patients with cirrhosis undergoing large-volume paracentesis?

Shaw, J.E., 2017:
Does the evidence support population-wide screening for type 2 diabetes? No

Nolan, J.P.; Soar, J., 2012:
Does the evidence support the use of mild hypothermia after cardiac arrest? Yes

Baloira Villar, A.; Palop Cervera, M., 2017:
Does the Exacerbator Phenotype in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Really Exist?

van der Lei, B.; Fechner, M.F., 2017:
Does the Eyebrow Sag with Aging? An Anthropometric Study of 95 Caucasians from 20 to 79 Years of Age

Wijenberg, M.L.M.; Stapert, S.Z.; Verbunt, J.A.; Ponsford, J.L.; Van Heugten, C.M., 2017:
Does the fear avoidance model explain persistent symptoms after traumatic brain injury?

Sundermann, E.E.; Biegon, A.; Rubin, L.H.; Lipton, R.B.; Landau, S.; Maki, P.M., 2017:
Does the Female Advantage in Verbal Memory Contribute to Underestimating Alzheimer's Disease Pathology in Women versus Men?

Silvers-Granelli, H.J.; Bizzini, M.; Arundale, A.; Mandelbaum, B.R.; Snyder-Mackler, L., 2017:
Does the FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program Reduce the Incidence of ACL Injury in Male Soccer Players?

Rodrigues, M.R.M.; Slimovitch, M.; Chilingaryan, G.; Levin, M.F., 2017:
Does the Finger-to-Nose Test measure upper limb coordination in chronic stroke?

Li, S.; Lv, W.; Zhou, K.; Che, G., 2017:
Does the fissureless technique decrease the incidence of prolonged air leak after pulmonary lobectomy?

Riddell, J.; Jhun, P.; Fung, C-Chi.; Comes, J.; Sawtelle, S.; Tabatabai, R.; Joseph, D.; Shoenberger, J.; Chen, E.; Fee, C.; Swadron, S.P., 2018:
Does the Flipped Classroom Improve Learning in Graduate Medical Education?

Ustundag, Y.; Saritas, U., 2017:
Does the fluid choice matter for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis?

Gall, J.A.M., 2017:
Does the forensic physician have a role beyond injury documentation and specimen collection in Australia? A personal view

Deqing, L.; Kejian, L.; Teng, L.; Weitao, Z.; Dasheng, L., 2017:
Does the fracture fragment at the anterior column in thoracolumbar burst fractures get enough attention?

Courtois, R.; Petot, J-M.; Lignier, B.; Lecocq, G.; Plaisant, O., 2017:
Does the French Big Five Inventory evaluate facets other than the Big Five factors?

Kong, J.Hyun.; Winton, E.F.; Heffner, L.T.; Chen, Z.; Langston, A.A.; Hill, B.; Arellano, M.; El-Rassi, F.; Kim, A.; Jillella, A.; Kota, V.K.; Bodó, I.; Khoury, H.Jean., 2017:
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