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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 59767

Chapter 59767 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Griffin, E.F.; Caldwell, K.A.; Caldwell, G.A., 2017:
Genetic and Pharmacological Discovery for Alzheimer's Disease Using Caenorhabditis elegans

Umezawa, H.; Naito, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Yoshioka, K.; Suzuki, K.; Sudo, T.; Hagihara, M.; Hatano, M.; Tatsumi, K.; Kasuya, Y., 2017:
Genetic and Pharmacological Inhibition of p38α Improves Locomotor Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury

Joffre, J.; Potteaux, S.; Zeboudj, L.; Loyer, X.; Boufenzer, A.; Laurans, L.; Esposito, B.; Vandestienne, M.; de Jager, S.C.A.; Hénique, C.; Zlatanova, I.; Taleb, S.; Bruneval, P.; Tedgui, A.; Mallat, Z.; Gibot, S.; Ait-Oufella, H., 2017:
Genetic and Pharmacological Inhibition of TREM-1 Limits the Development of Experimental Atherosclerosis

Stratford, J.K.; Yan, F.; Hill, R.A.; Major, M.B.; Graves, L.M.; Der, C.J.; Yeh, J.Jen., 2017:
Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of TTK impairs pancreatic cancer cell line growth by inducing lethal chromosomal instability

Schroeder, J.C.; Deliu, E.; Novarino, G.; Schmeisser, M.J., 2018:
Genetic and Pharmacological Reversibility of Phenotypes in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dewey, F.E.; Gusarova, V.; Dunbar, R.L.; O'Dushlaine, C.; Schurmann, C.; Gottesman, O.; McCarthy, S.; Van Hout, C.V.; Bruse, S.; Dansky, H.M.; Leader, J.B.; Murray, M.F.; Ritchie, M.D.; Kirchner, H.Lester.; Habegger, L.; Lopez, A.; Penn, J.; Zhao, A.; Shao, W.; Stahl, N.; Murphy, A.J.; Hamon, S.; Bouzelmat, A.; Zhang, R.; Shumel, B.; Pordy, R.; Gipe, D.; Herman, G.A.; Sheu, W.H.H.; Lee, I-Te.; Liang, K-Woei.; Guo, X.; Rotter, J.I.; Chen, Y-Der.I.; Kraus, W.E.; Shah, S.H.; Damrauer, S.; Smal, 2017:
Genetic and Pharmacologic Inactivation of ANGPTL3 and Cardiovascular Disease

Harris, R.Adron.; Bajo, M.; Bell, R.L.; Blednov, Y.A.; Varodayan, F.P.; Truitt, J.M.; de Guglielmo, G.; Lasek, A.W.; Logrip, M.L.; Vendruscolo, L.F.; Roberts, A.J.; Roberts, E.; George, O.; Mayfield, J.; Billiar, T.R.; Hackam, D.J.; Mayfield, R.Dayne.; Koob, G.F.; Roberto, M.; Homanics, G.E., 2016:
Genetic and Pharmacologic Manipulation of TLR4 Has Minimal Impact on Ethanol Consumption in Rodents

Oliver, C.G., 1972:
Genetic And Phenotypic Differentiation And Geographic Distance In Four Species Of Lepidoptera

Depienne, C.; Nava, C.; Keren, B.; Heide, S.; Rastetter, Aès.; Passemard, S.; Chantot-Bastaraud, S.; Moutard, M-Laure.; Agrawal, P.B.; VanNoy, G.; Stoler, J.M.; Amor, D.J.; Billette de Villemeur, T.; Doummar, D.; Alby, C.; Cormier-Daire, Vérie.; Garel, C.; Marzin, P.; Scheidecker, S.; de Saint-Martin, A.; Hirsch, E.; Korff, C.; Bottani, A.; Faivre, L.; Verloes, A.; Orzechowski, C.; Burglen, L.; Leheup, B.; Roume, J.; Andrieux, J.; Sheth, F.; Datar, C.; Parker, M.J.; Pasquier, L.; Odent, S.; Na, 2017:
Genetic and phenotypic dissection of 1q43q44 microdeletion syndrome and neurodevelopmental phenotypes associated with mutations in ZBTB18 and HNRNPU

Tena, W.; Wolde-Meskel, E.; Degefu, T.; Walley, F., 2017:
Genetic and phenotypic diversity of rhizobia nodulating chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in soils from southern and central Ethiopia

Song, W.; Wang, M.; Su, W.; Lu, Q.; Xiao, X.; Cai, J.; Zhang, Z.; Li, S.; Li, P.; Gong, J.; Gong, W.; Shang, H.; Liu, A.; Li, J.; Chen, T.; Ge, Q.; Shi, Y.; Yuan, Y., 2017:
Genetic and phenotypic effects of chromosome segments introgressed from Gossypium barbadense into Gossypium hirsutum

Wolff, M.; Johannesen, K.M.; Hedrich, U.B.S.; Masnada, S.; Rubboli, G.; Gardella, E.; Lesca, G.; Ville, Dée.; Milh, M.; Villard, L.; Afenjar, A.; Chantot-Bastaraud, S.; Mignot, C.; Lardennois, C.; Nava, C.; Schwarz, N.; Gérard, M.; Perrin, L.; Doummar, D.; Auvin, Séphane.; Miranda, M.J.; Hempel, M.; Brilstra, E.; Knoers, N.; Verbeek, N.; van Kempen, M.; Braun, K.P.; Mancini, G.; Biskup, S.; Hörtnagel, K.; Döcker, M.; Bast, T.; Loddenkemper, T.; Wong-Kisiel, L.; Baumeister, F.M.; Fazeli, W.;, 2017:
Genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity suggest therapeutic implications in SCN2A-related disorders

González-Arenzana, L.; Garijo, P.; Berlanas, C.; López-Alfaro, I.; López, R.; Santamaría, P.; Gutiérrez, A.R., 2017:
Genetic and phenotypic intraspecific variability of non-Saccharomyces yeasts populations from La Rioja winegrowing region (Spain)

Hirschtritt, M.E.; Darrow, S.M.; Illmann, C.; Osiecki, L.; Grados, M.; Sandor, P.; Dion, Y.; King, R.A.; Pauls, D.; Budman, C.L.; Cath, D.C.; Greenberg, E.; Lyon, G.J.; Yu, D.; McGrath, L.M.; McMahon, W.M.; Lee, P.C.; Delucchi, K.L.; Scharf, J.M.; Mathews, C.A., 2017:
Genetic and phenotypic overlap of specific obsessive-compulsive and attention-deficit/hyperactive subtypes with Tourette syndrome

Kalia, N.; Singh, J.; Sharma, S.; Arora, H.; Kaur, M., 2017:
Genetic and Phenotypic Screening of Mannose-Binding Lectin in Relation to Risk of Recurrent Vulvovaginal Infections in Women of North India: A Prospective Cohort Study

Bradford, M.J.; Roff, D.A., 1995:
Genetic and phenotypic sources of life history variation along a cline in voltinism in the cricket Allonemobius socius

Sun, Y.; Deng, M.; Peng, Z.; Hu, R.; Chen, H.; Wu, B., 2017:
Genetic and phylogenetic analysis of feline calicivirus isolates in China

Alsarraf, M.; Mierzejewska, E.J.; Mohallal, E.M.E.; Behnke, J.M.; Bajer, A., 2017:
Genetic and phylogenetic analysis of the ticks from the Sinai Massif, Egypt, and their possible role in the transmission of Babesia behnkei

Kim, Y-Il.; Park, S-Jin.; Kwon, H-Il.; Kim, E-Ha.; Si, Y-Jae.; Jeong, J-Hwan.; Lee, I-Won.; Nguyen, H.Dinh.; Kwon, J-Jung.; Choi, W.Suk.; Song, M-Suk.; Kim, C-Joong.; Choi, Y-Ki., 2017:
Genetic and phylogenetic characterizations of a novel genotype of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N8 viruses in 2016/2017 in South Korea

Shindano, T.A.; Horsmans, Y.; Kabamba, B.M., 2017:
Genetic and phylogenic characterization of hepatitis B virus in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Muqaddasi, Q.H.; Pillen, K.; Plieske, Jörg.; Ganal, M.W.; Röder, M.S., 2017:
Genetic and physical mapping of anther extrusion in elite European winter wheat

Li, T-Cheng.; Yoshizaki, S.; Kataoka, M.; Ami, Y.; Suzaki, Y.; Doan, Y.Hai.; Haga, K.; Ishii, K.; Takeda, N.; Wakita, T., 2017:
Genetic and physicochemical analyses of a novel ferret hepatitis E virus, and clinical signs of infection after birth

Chahota, R.Kumar.; Sharma, V.; Ghani, M.; Sharma, T.Raj.; Rana, J.Chand.; Sharma, S.Kumar., 2017:
Genetic and phytochemical diversity analysis in Bunium persicum populations of north-western Himalaya

Li, T.; Hou, Q.; Liu, H.; Xiao, H.; Zhang, B.; Liu, S.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, C.; Ding, X.; Liao, S., 2017:
Genetic and prenatal diagnosis for a haemophilia A family with two novel mutations of F8 gene

Zhu, H.; Ji, C., 2017:
Genetic and prenatal diagnosis of a pedigree affected with type 3 von Willebrand disease

Hishimura, N.; Watari, M.; Ohata, H.; Fuseya, N.; Wakiguchi, S.; Tokutomi, T.; Okuhara, K.; Takahashi, N.; Iizuka, S.; Yamamoto, H.; Mishima, T.; Fujieda, S.; Kobayashi, R.; Cho, K.; Kuroda, Y.; Kurosawa, K.; Tonoki, H., 2017:
Genetic and prenatal findings in two Japanese patients with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome

Bountress, K.; Danielson, C.Kmett.; Williamson, V.; Vladmirov, V.; Gelernter, J.; Ruggiero, K.; Amstadter, A., 2017:
Genetic and psychosocial predictors of alcohol use trajectories among disaster-exposed adolescents

Li, K.; Wang, H.; Hu, X.; Ma, F.; Wu, Y.; Wang, Q.; Liu, Z.; Huang, C., 2017:
Genetic and Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis of Cell Wall Components and Forage Digestibility in the Zheng58 × HD568 Maize RIL Population at Anthesis Stage

Bouillon, R., 2018:
Genetic and Racial Differences in the Vitamin D Endocrine System

Maronpot, R.R.; Hobbs, C.A.; Davis, J.; Swartz, C.; Boyle, M.; Koyanagi, M.; Hayashi, S-Mo., 2016:
Genetic and rat toxicity studies of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase

Ayala, F.J.; Tracey, M.L.; Barr, L.G.; Ehrenfeld, J.G., 1974:
Genetic And Reproductive Differentiation Of The Subspecies, Drosophila Equinoxialis Caribbensis

Ngo, T.P.H.; Bartie, K.L.; Thompson, K.D.; Verner-Jeffreys, D.W.; Hoare, R.; Adams, A., 2017:
Genetic and serological diversity of Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolates from salmonids in United Kingdom

Guo, X.; Liu, B.; Chen, M.; Wang, Y.; Wang, L.; Chen, H.; Wang, Y.; Tu, L.; Zhang, X.; Feng, L., 2017:
Genetic and serological identification of three Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains as candidates for novel provisional O serotypes

Bruenig, D.; Mehta, D.; Morris, C.P.; Harvey, W.; Lawford, B.; Young, R.McD.; Voisey, J., 2017:
Genetic and serum biomarker evidence for a relationship between TNFα and PTSD in Vietnam war combat veterans

Ratiu, J.J.; Racine, J.J.; Hasham, M.G.; Wang, Q.; Branca, J.A.; Chapman, H.D.; Zhu, J.; Donghia, N.; Philip, V.; Schott, W.H.; Wasserfall, C.; Atkinson, M.A.; Mills, K.D.; Leeth, C.M.; Serreze, D.V., 2017:
Genetic and Small Molecule Disruption of the AID/RAD51 Axis Similarly Protects Nonobese Diabetic Mice from Type 1 Diabetes through Expansion of Regulatory B Lymphocytes

Larsson, K.; Forslund, Pär., 1992:
Genetic And Social Inheritance Of Body And Egg Size In The Barnacle Goose (Branta Leucopsis)

Orians, C.M.; Fritz, R.S., 1996:
Genetic and soil-nutrient effects on the abundance of herbivores on willow

Neiditch, M.B.; Capodagli, G.C.; Prehna, G.; Federle, M.J., 2017:
Genetic and Structural Analyses of RRNPP Intercellular Peptide Signaling of Gram-Positive Bacteria

Song, J.Min.; Hong, S.Kon.; An, Y.Jun.; Kang, M.Hye.; Hong, K.Ho.; Lee, Y-Ho.; Cha, S-Shin., 2017:
Genetic and Structural Characterization of a Thermo-Tolerant, Cold-Active, and Acidic Endo-β-1,4-glucanase from Antarctic Springtail, Cryptopygus antarcticus

Ravenscroft, N.; Omar, A.; Hlozek, J.; Edmonds-Smith, C.; Follador, R.; Serventi, F.; Lipowsky, G.; Kuttel, M.M.; Cescutti, P.; Faridmoayer, A., 2017:
Genetic and structural elucidation of capsular polysaccharides from Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 23A and 23B, and comparison to serotype 23F

Papageorgiou, L.; Megalooikonomou, V.; Vlachakis, D., 2017:
Genetic and structural study of DNA-directed RNA polymerase II of iTrypanosoma brucei , towards the designing of novel antiparasitic agents

García-Portela, Mía.; Riobó, P.; Franco, Jé.Mariano.; Bañuelos, R.Mª.; Rodríguez, F., 2017:
Genetic and toxinological characterization of North Atlantic strains of the dinoflagellate Ostreopsis and allelopathic interactions with toxic and non-toxic species from the genera Prorocentrum, Coolia and Gambierdiscus

Wei, L.; Jian, H.; Lu, K.; Yin, N.; Wang, J.; Duan, X.; Li, W.; Liu, L.; Xu, X.; Wang, R.; Paterson, A.H.; Li, J., 2017:
Genetic and transcriptomic analyses of lignin- and lodging-related traits in Brassica napus

Vancamelbeke, M.; Vanuytsel, T.; Farré, R.; Verstockt, S.; Ferrante, M.; Van Assche, G.; Rutgeerts, P.; Schuit, F.; Vermeire, Séverine.; Arijs, I.; Cleynen, I., 2017:
Genetic and Transcriptomic Bases of Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Stern, D.L.; Crocker, J.; Ding, Y.; Frankel, N.; Kappes, G.; Kim, E.; Kuzmickas, R.; Lemire, A.; Mast, J.D.; Picard, S., 2017:
Genetic and Transgenic Reagents for Drosophila simulans, D. mauritiana, D. yakuba, D. santomea, and D. virilis

Enkhbold, B.; Shatar, M.; Wakamori, S.; Tamura, T.; Hiono, T.; Matsuno, K.; Okamatsu, M.; Umemura, T.; Damdinjav, B.; Sakoda, Y., 2017:
Genetic and virulence characterization of classical swine fever viruses isolated in Mongolia from 2007 to 2015

Guo, X.; Fan, C.; Wang, Y.; Wang, M.; Cai, C.; Yang, Y.; Zhao, S.; Duan, F.; Li, Y., 2017:
Genetic anticipation in a special form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with sudden cardiac death in a family with 74 members across 5 generations

von Salomé, J.; Boonstra, P.S.; Karimi, M.; Silander, G.; Stenmark-Askmalm, M.; Gebre-Medhin, S.; Aravidis, C.; Nilbert, M.; Lindblom, A.; Lagerstedt-Robinson, K., 2017:
Genetic anticipation in Swedish Lynch syndrome families

Han, Z.; Zhao, W.; Chen, Y.; Xu, Q.; Sun, J.; Zhang, T.; Zhao, Y.; Liang, S.; Gao, M.; Wang, Q.; Kong, X.; Liu, S., 2018:
Genetic, antigenic, and pathogenic characteristics of avian infectious bronchitis viruses genotypically related to 793/B in China

Xu, Q.; Sun, J.; Gao, M.; Zhao, S.; Liu, H.; Zhang, T.; Han, Z.; Kong, X.; Liu, S., 2017:
Genetic, antigenic, and pathogenic characteristics of Newcastle disease viruses isolated from geese in China

Banerjee, S.B.; Morrison, F.G.; Ressler, K.J., 2017:
Genetic approaches for the study of PTSD: Advances and challenges

Niklaus, S.; Neuhauss, S.C.F., 2017:
Genetic approaches to retinal research in zebrafish

Kassir, Y.; Stuart, D.T., 2018:
Genetic Approaches to Study Meiosis and Meiosis-Specific Gene Expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Szabo, M.; Máté, Báta.; Csép, K.; Benedek, T., 2017:
Genetic Approaches to the Study of Gene Variants and Their Impact on the Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes

Michaelson, J.J., 2017:
Genetic Approaches to Understanding Psychiatric Disease

Yatsenko, S.A.; Witchel, S.Feldman., 2017:
Genetic approach to ambiguous genitalia and disorders of sex development: What clinicians need to know

Llaurens, V.; Whibley, A.; Joron, M., 2017:
Genetic architecture and balancing selection: the life and death of differentiated variants

Coneva, V.; Frank, M.H.; Balaguer,; Li, M.; Sozzani, R.; Chitwood, D.H., 2017:
Genetic Architecture and Molecular Networks Underlying Leaf Thickness in Desert-Adapted Tomato Solanum pennellii

Ponsuksili, S.; Trakooljul, N.; Hadlich, F.; Haack, F.; Murani, E.; Wimmers, K., 2017:
Genetic architecture and regulatory impact on hepatic microRNA expression linked to immune and metabolic traits

Neumann, K.; Zhao, Y.; Chu, J.; Keilwagen, J.; Reif, J.C.; Kilian, B.; Graner, A., 2018:
Genetic architecture and temporal patterns of biomass accumulation in spring barley revealed by image analysis

Lichtenberger, R.; Simpson, M.A.; Smith, C.; Barker, J.; Navarini, A.A., 2017:
Genetic architecture of acne vulgaris

Raj, T.; Chibnik, L.B.; McCabe, C.; Wong, A.; Replogle, J.M.; Yu, L.; Gao, S.; Unverzagt, F.W.; Stranger, B.; Murrell, J.; Barnes, L.; Hendrie, H.C.; Foroud, T.; Krichevsky, A.; Bennett, D.A.; Hall, K.S.; Evans, D.A.; De Jager, P.L., 2017:
Genetic architecture of age-related cognitive decline in African Americans

Synofzik, M.; Otto, M.; Ludolph, A.; Weishaupt, J.H., 2017:
Genetic architecture of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia : Overlap and differences

Muqaddasi, Q.H.; Brassac, J.; Börner, A.; Pillen, K.; Röder, M.S., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Anther Extrusion in Spring and Winter Wheat

Fragoso, C.A.; Moreno, M.; Wang, Z.; Heffelfinger, C.; Arbelaez, L.J.; Aguirre, J.A.; Franco, N.; Romero, L.E.; Labadie, K.; Zhao, H.; Dellaporta, S.L.; Lorieux, M., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of a Rice Nested Association Mapping Population

Makhanova, N.; Morgan, A.P.; Kayashima, Y.; Makhanov, A.; Hiller, S.; Zhilicheva, S.; Xu, L.; Pardo-Manuel de Villena, F.; Maeda, N., 2017:
Genetic architecture of atherosclerosis dissected by QTL analyses in three F2 intercrosses of apolipoprotein E-null mice on C57BL6/J, DBA/2J and 129S6/SvEvTac backgrounds

Coser, S.M.; Chowda Reddy, R.V.; Zhang, J.; Mueller, D.S.; Mengistu, A.; Wise, K.A.; Allen, T.W.; Singh, A.; Singh, A.K., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Charcoal Rot (iMacrophomina phaseolina ) Resistance in Soybean Revealed Using a Diverse Panel

Shakiba, E.; Edwards, J.D.; Jodari, F.; Duke, S.E.; Baldo, A.M.; Korniliev, P.; McCouch, S.R.; Eizenga, G.C., 2017:
Genetic architecture of cold tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa) determined through high resolution genome-wide analysis

Sharifi, M.; Futema, M.; Nair, D.; Humphries, S.E., 2018:
Genetic Architecture of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Soltani, A.; MafiMoghaddam, S.; Walter, K.; Restrepo-Montoya, D.; Mamidi, S.; Schroder, S.; Lee, R.; McClean, P.E.; Osorno, J.M., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Flooding Tolerance in the Dry Bean Middle-American Diversity Panel

Hill, C.B.; Li, C., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Flowering Phenology in Cereals and Opportunities for Crop Improvement

Rhodes, D.H.; Hoffmann, L.; Rooney, W.L.; Herald, T.J.; Bean, S.; Boyles, R.; Brenton, Z.W.; Kresovich, S., 2017:
Genetic architecture of kernel composition in global sorghum germplasm

Graff, M.; Emery, L.S.; Justice, A.E.; Parra, E.; Below, J.E.; Palmer, N.D.; Gao, C.; Duan, Q.; Valladares-Salgado, A.; Cruz, M.; Morrison, A.C.; Boerwinkle, E.; Whitsel, E.A.; Kooperberg, C.; Reiner, A.; Li, Y.; Rodriguez, C.Jose.; Talavera, G.A.; Langefeld, C.D.; Wagenknecht, L.E.; Norris, J.M.; Taylor, K.D.; Papanicolaou, G.; Kenny, E.; Loos, R.J.F.; Chen, Y-Der.Ida.; Laurie, C.; Sofer, T.; North, K.E., 2017:
Genetic architecture of lipid traits in the Hispanic community health study/study of Latinos

Würschum, T.; Leiser, W.L.; Weissmann, S.; Maurer, H.Peter., 2017:
Genetic architecture of male fertility restoration of Triticum timopheevii cytoplasm and fine-mapping of the major restorer locus Rf3 on chromosome 1B

Wang, Q.; Zhao, H.; Jiang, J.; Xu, J.; Xie, W.; Fu, X.; Liu, C.; He, Y.; Wang, G., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Natural Variation in Rice Nonphotochemical Quenching Capacity Revealed by Genome-Wide Association Study

Lee, Y.Chwen.G.; Yang, Q.; Chi, W.; Turkson, S.A.; Du, W.A.; Kemkemer, C.; Zeng, Z-Bang.; Long, M.; Zhuang, X., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Natural Variation Underlying Adult Foraging Behavior That Is Essential for Survival of Drosophila melanogaster

Xavier, A.; Hall, B.; Hearst, A.A.; Cherkauer, K.A.; Rainey, K.M., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Phenomic-Enabled Canopy Coverage in iGlycine max

Ortiz, D.; Hu, J.; Salas Fernandez, M.G., 2018:
Genetic architecture of photosynthesis in Sorghum bicolor under non-stress and cold stress conditions

Rajarammohan, S.; Kumar, A.; Gupta, V.; Pental, D.; Pradhan, A.K.; Kaur, J., 2017:
Genetic Architecture of Resistance to iAlternaria brassicae in iArabidopsis thaliana : QTL Mapping Reveals Two Major Resistance-Conferring Loci

Arif, M.Abdur.Rehman.; Nagel, M.; Lohwasser, U.; Borner, A., 2017:
Genetic architecture of seed longevity in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Heyworth, M.F., 2017:
Genetic aspects and environmental sources of microsporidia that infect the human gastrointestinal tract

MacDonald, I.M., 2005:
Genetic aspects of age-related macular degeneration

Bird, T.D., 2008:
Genetic aspects of Alzheimer disease

Swift, M., 1990:
Genetic aspects of ataxia-telangiectasia

Parmentier, H.K.; van der Vaart, P.S.; Nieuwland, M.G.B.; Savelkoul, H.F.J., 2017:
Genetic aspects of auto-immune profiles of healthy chickens

Kibitov, А.О.; Мazo, G.E., 2016:
Genetic aspects of binge eating disorder Part 2. Molecular genetics and pharmacogenetic approaches

Stocker, B.A.; Wilkinson, R.G.; Mäkelä, P.H., 1966:
Genetic aspects of biosynthesis and structure of Salmonella somatic polysaccharide

Witt, H.; Simon, P.; Lerch, M.M., 2001:
Genetic aspects of chronic pancreatitis

Patton, M.A., 1987:
Genetic aspects of congenital malformations

Sell-Kubiak, E.; Wimmers, K.; Reyer, H.; Szwaczkowski, T., 2017:
Genetic aspects of feed efficiency and reduction of environmental footprint in broilers: a review

Miller, S.J., 1966:
Genetic aspects of glaucoma

Lozano, J.Cesar.Martinez.; Gómez, R.Margarita.; Sanabria, A.Gabriel.Zarate.; Jubiz, G.; Valderrama, S.Del.Pilar.Otalora., 2017:
Genetic aspects of glial cells regarding neurodegenerative diseases

Folstein, S.E., 1985:
Genetic aspects of infantile autism

Garabédian, M., 1995:
Genetic aspects of osteoporosis

Bandmann, O.; Marsden, C.D.; Wood, N.W., 1998:
Genetic aspects of Parkinson's disease

Marques, P.; Korbonits, Márta., 2017:
Genetic Aspects of Pituitary Adenomas

Morozova, A.Yu.; Zubkov, E.A.; Zorkina, Y.A.; Reznik, A.M.; Kostyuk, G.P.; Chekhonin, V.P., 2017:
Genetic aspects of schizophrenia

Andreoli, V.; Sprovieri, F., 2017:
Genetic Aspects of Susceptibility to Mercury Toxicity: An Overview

Filippova, T.V.; Alyaev, Y.G.; Rudenko, V.I.; Asanov, A.Yu.; Gadzhieva, Z.K.; Subbotina, T.I.; Perekalina, A.N., 2017:
Genetic aspects of urolithiasis

Kim, S-Eun.; Jo, S.Duk.; Kwon, K.Chul.; Won, Y-Yeon.; Lee, J., 2017:
Genetic Assembly of Double-Layered Fluorescent Protein Nanoparticles for Cancer Targeting and Imaging

Ayala-Burbano, P.A.; Caldano, L.; Junior, P.Manoel.Galetti.; Pissinatti, A.; Marques, M.Cristina.; Wormell, D.; Domingues de Freitas, Pícia., 2017:
Genetic assessment for the endangered black lion tamarin Leontopithecus chrysopygus (Mikan, 1823), Callitrichidae, Primates

Mulumba-Mfumu, L.K.; Achenbach, J.E.; Mauldin, M.R.; Dixon, L.K.; Tshilenge, Cé.Georges.; Thiry, E.; Moreno, N.; Blanco, E.; Saegerman, C.; Lamien, C.E.; Diallo, A., 2017:
Genetic Assessment of African Swine Fever Isolates Involved in Outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo between 2005 and 2012 Reveals Co-Circulation of p72 Genotypes I, IX and XIV, Including 19 Variants

Desikan, R.S.; Fan, C.Chieh.; Wang, Y.; Schork, A.J.; Cabral, H.J.; Cupples, L.Adrienne.; Thompson, W.K.; Besser, L.; Kukull, W.A.; Holland, D.; Chen, C-Hua.; Brewer, J.B.; Karow, D.S.; Kauppi, K.; Witoelar, A.; Karch, C.M.; Bonham, L.W.; Yokoyama, J.S.; Rosen, H.J.; Miller, B.L.; Dillon, W.P.; Wilson, D.M.; Hess, C.P.; Pericak-Vance, M.; Haines, J.L.; Farrer, L.A.; Mayeux, R.; Hardy, J.; Goate, A.M.; Hyman, B.T.; Schellenberg, G.D.; McEvoy, L.K.; Andreassen, O.A.; Dale, A.M., 2017:
Genetic assessment of age-associated Alzheimer disease risk: Development and validation of a polygenic hazard score

Madisha, M.Thabang.; Dalton, D.L.; Jansen, R.; Kotze, A., 2017:
Genetic assessment of an isolated endemic Samango monkey (Cercopithecus albogularis labiatus) population in the Amathole Mountains, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Chatterjee, N.; Dhar, B.; Bhattarcharya, D.; Deori, S.; Doley, J.; Bam, J.; Das, P.J.; Bera, A.K.; Deb, S.M.; Devi, N.Neelima.; Paul, R.; Malvika, S.; Ghosh, S.Kumar., 2017:
Genetic assessment of leech species from yak (Bos grunniens) in the tract of Northeast India

Dai, P.; Luan, S.; Lu, X.; Luo, K.; Meng, X.; Cao, B.; Kong, J., 2017:
Genetic assessment of residual feed intake as a feed efficiency trait in the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei

Scribner, K.T.; Soiseth, C.; McGuire, J.; Sage, G.K.; Thorsteinson, L.; Nielsen, J.L.; Knudsen, E., 2017:
Genetic assessment of the effects of streamscape succession on coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch colonization in recently deglaciated streams

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Genetic epidemiology

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