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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59868

Chapter 59868 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sheikh, I.A.; Malik, A.; AlBasri, S.F.M.; Beg, M.A., 2017:
In silico identification of genes involved in chronic metabolic acidosis

de V C Sinatti, V.; R Baptista, L.Phillippe.; Alves-Ferreira, M.; Dardenne, L.; Hermínio Martins da Silva, Jão.; Guimarães, A.Carolina., 2017:
In silico identification of inhibitors of ribose 5-phosphate isomerase from Trypanosoma cruzi using ligand and structure based approaches

Zinati, Z.; Shamloo-Dashtpagerdi, R.; Behpouri, A., 2017:
In silico identification of miRNAs and their target genes and analysis of gene co-expression network in saffron ( Crocus sativus L. ) stigma

Baghban Kohnehrouz, B.; Bastami, M.; Nayeri, S., 2017:
In Silico Identification of Novel microRNAs and Targets Using EST Analysis in Allium cepa L

Singh, S.; Mohanty, A., 2017:
In silico identification of potential drug compound against Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma by virtual screening and toxicity studies for the treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy

El-Aarag, S.A.; Mahmoud, A.; Hashem, M.H.; Abd Elkader, H.; Hemeida, A.E.; ElHefnawi, M., 2018:
In silico identification of potential key regulatory factors in smoking-induced lung cancer

Ivanov, S.; Semin, M.; Lagunin, A.; Filimonov, D.; Poroikov, V., 2017:
In Silico Identification of Proteins Associated with Drug-induced Liver Injury Based on the Prediction of Drug-target Interactions

Tiberti, M.; Pandini, A.; Fraternali, F.; Fornili, A., 2017:
In silico identification of rescue sites by double force scanning

Kuksa, P.P.; Leung, Y.Yee.; Vandivier, L.E.; Anderson, Z.; Gregory, B.D.; Wang, L-San., 2018:
In Silico Identification of RNA Modifications from High-Throughput Sequencing Data Using HAMR

Talukdar, S.; Bayan, U.; Saikia, K.Kr., 2017:
In silico identification of vaccine candidates against Klebsiella oxytoca

Singh, P.; Ganjiwale, A.; Howlett, A.C.; Cowsik, S.M., 2017:
In silico interaction analysis of cannabinoid receptor interacting protein 1b (CRIP1b) - CB1 cannabinoid receptor

Liu, J.; Gong, Y.; Xia, L.; Zhao, X., 2017:
In Silico Investigation into Cellular Mechanisms of Cardiac Alternans in Myocardial Ischemia

Bayatpour, D.; Abouali, O.; Ghaffarieh, A.; Ahmadi, G., 2017:
In silico investigation of cornea deformation during irrigation/aspiration in phacoemulsification in cataract surgery

Thao, N.Phuong.; Kim, J.Hoon.; Thuy Luyen, B.Thi.; Dat, N.Tien.; Kim, Y.Ho., 2017:
In silico investigation of cycloartane triterpene derivatives from Cimicifuga dahurica (Turcz.) Maxim. roots for the development of potent soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors

Wei, X.; Yuan, Q.; Serge, B.; Xu, T.; Ma, G.; Yu, H., 2017:
In silico investigation of gas/particle partitioning equilibrium of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)

Shityakov, S.; Roewer, N.; Förster, C.; Broscheit, J-Albert., 2017:
In silico investigation of propofol binding sites in human serum albumin using explicit and implicit solvation models

Van Leeuwen, S.R.; Baranoski, G.V.G.; Kimmel, B.W., 2018 :
In silico investigation of the effects of hemolysis on the hyperspectral absorptance of blood in motion

Dutta, M.; Mattaparthi, V.Satish.Kumar., 2017:
In silico investigation on the inhibition of Aβ 42 aggregation by Aβ 40 peptide by potential of mean force study

Arya, H.; Syed, S.Basha.; Singh, S.Sureshkumar.; Ampasala, D.R.; Coumar, M.Selvaraj., 2017:
In Silico Investigations of Chemical Constituents of Clerodendrum colebrookianum in the Anti-Hypertensive Drug Targets: ROCK, ACE, and PDE5

Ni, H.; Adeniran, I.; Zhang, H., 2017:
In-silico investigations of the functional impact of KCNA5 mutations on atrial mechanical dynamics

Kumar, S.; Singh, S.Kumar., 2016:
In silico-in vitro-in vivo studies of experimentally designed carvedilol loaded silk fibroin-casein nanoparticles using physiological based pharmacokinetic model

Sviatenko, L.K.; Gorb, L.; Leszczynska, D.; Okovytyy, S.I.; Shukla, M.K.; Leszczynski, J., 2017:
In silico kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of 1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazinane (RDX): M06-2X investigation

Subramanian, G.; Poda, G., 2017:
In silico ligand-based modeling of hBACE-1 inhibitors

Fattahian, Y.; Riahi-Madvar, A.; Mirzaee, R.; Asadikaram, G.; Rahbar, M.Reza., 2017:
In silico locating the immune-reactive segments of Lepidium draba peroxidase and designing a less immune-reactive enzyme derivative

Sabatucci, A.; Tortolani, D.; Dainese, E.; Maccarrone, M., 2017:
In silico mapping of allosteric ligand binding sites in type-1 cannabinoid receptor

Chesler, E.J.; Rodriguez-Zas, S.L.; Mogil, J.S., 2001:
In silico mapping of mouse quantitative trait loci

Meyer, I.M., 2017:
In silico methods for co-transcriptional RNA secondary structure prediction and for investigating alternative RNA structure expression

Roy, A.; Nair, S.; Sen, N.; Soni, N.; Madhusudhan, M.S., 2017:
In silico methods for design of biological therapeutics

Agarwal, S.; Nagpure, N.S.; Srivastava, P.; Kumar, R.; Pandey, M.; Srivastava, S.; Jena, J.K.; Das, P.; Kushwaha, B., 2016:
In Silico Mining of Conserved miRNAs of Indian Catfish Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Contigs, ESTs, and BAC End Sequences

Filho, R.M.Moraes.; Menezes, A.F.; Martins, L.S.S., 2018:
In silico modeling and characterization of phytoparasitic nematodes translationally-controlled tumor proteins

Hens, B.; Pathak, S.M.; Mitra, A.; Patel, N.; Liu, B.; Patel, S.; Jamei, M.; Brouwers, J.; Augustijns, P.; Turner, D.B., 2017:
In Silico Modeling Approach for the Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Dissolution, Supersaturation, and Precipitation of Posaconazole

Mukherjee, S.; Jensen, H.; Stewart, W.; Stewart, D.; Ray, W.C.; Chen, S-Yu.; Nolan, G.P.; Lanier, L.L.; Das, J., 2018:
In silico modeling identifies CD45 as a regulator of IL-2 synergy in the NKG2D-mediated activation of immature human NK cells

Ghosh, D.; De, R.K., 2017:
In Silico Modeling of Crabtree Effect

Shityakov, S.; Roewer, N.; Förster, C.; Broscheit, J-Albert., 2017:
In Silico Modeling of Indigo and Tyrian Purple Single-Electron Nano-Transistors Using Density Functional Theory Approach

Campos-Náñez, E.; Layne, J.E.; Zisser, H.C., 2017:
In Silico Modeling of Minimal Effective Insulin Doses Using the UVA/PADOVA Type 1 Diabetes Simulator

Tonda, A.; Grosvenor, A.; Clerens, S.; Le Feunteun, S., 2017:
In silico modeling of protein hydrolysis by endoproteases: a case study on pepsin digestion of bovine lactoferrin

Brünler, R.; Aibibu, D.; Wöltje, M.; Anthofer, A-Maria.; Cherif, C., 2018:
In silico modeling of structural and porosity properties of additive manufactured implants for regenerative medicine

Giaretta, A.; Rocca, B.; Di Camillo, B.; Toffolo, G.M.; Patrono, C., 2017:
In Silico Modeling of the Antiplatelet Pharmacodynamics of Low-dose Aspirin in Health and Disease

Du, D.; Yang, H.; Ednie, A.R.; Bennett, E.S., 2017:
In-Silico Modeling of the Functional Role of Reduced Sialylation in Sodium and Potassium Channel Gating of Mouse Ventricular Myocytes

Zhang, X.; Liu, T.; Fan, X.; Ai, N., 2017:
In silico modeling on ADME properties of natural products: Classification models for blood-brain barrier permeability, its application to traditional Chinese medicine and in vitro experimental validation

Church, R.J.; Watkins, P.B., 2017:
In silico modeling to optimize interpretation of liver safety biomarkers in clinical trials

Mahapatra, M.Kumar.; Bera, K.; Singh, D.Vijay.; Kumar, R.; Kumar, M., 2017:
In silico modelling and molecular dynamics simulation studies of thiazolidine based PTP1B inhibitors

López-Marín, N.; Mulet, R., 2017:
In silico modelling of apoptosis induced by photodynamic therapy

Mascheroni, P.; Schrefler, B.Aribo., 2017:
In Silico Models for Nanomedicine: Recent Developments

Thillainayagam, M.; Malathi, K.; Ramaiah, S., 2017:
In-Silico molecular docking and simulation studies on novel chalcone and flavone hybrid derivatives with 1, 2, 3-triazole linkage as vital inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum dihydroorotate dehydrogenase

Romero, A.H.; López, Són.E., 2017:
In silico molecular docking studies of new potential 4-phthalazinyl-hydrazones on selected Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania enzyme targets

Mori, A.; Yabuta, C.; Kishimoto, Y.; Kozai, S.; Ohtori, A.; Shearer, T.R.; Azuma, M., 2017:
In Silico Ocular Pharmacokinetic Modeling: Delivery of Topical FK962 to Retina

Wang, Q.; Sengupta, D.; Kim, T.Jin.; Pratx, G., 2017:
In silico optimization of radioluminescence microscopy

Loo, L.W.M.; Lemire, M.; Le Marchand, Lïc., 2017:
In silico pathway analysis and tissue specific cis-eQTL for colorectal cancer GWAS risk variants

Kalendar, R.; Muterko, A.; Shamekova, M.; Zhambakin, K., 2018:
In Silico PCR Tools for a Fast Primer, Probe, and Advanced Searching

Cavaliere, F.; Montanari, E.; Emerson, A.; Buschini, A.; Cozzini, P., 2017:
In silico pharmacogenetic approach: The natalizumab case study

Fang, J.; Liu, C.; Wang, Q.; Lin, P.; Cheng, F., 2017:
In silico polypharmacology of natural products

Zhihao Jiang; Abbas, H.; Jang, K.Jin.; Beccani, M.; Liang, J.; Dixit, S.; Mangharam, R., 2017:
In-silico pre-clinical trials for implantable cardioverter defibrillators

Hala, D., 2017:
In silico predicted reproductive endocrine transcriptional regulatory networks during zebrafish (Danio rerio) development

Cairns, T.; Meyer, V., 2018:
In silico prediction and characterization of secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters in the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici

Abidin, S.Zainal.; Leong, J-Wen.; Mahmoudi, M.; Nordin, N.; Abdullah, S.; Cheah, P-See.; Ling, K-Hwa., 2017:
In Silico Prediction and Validation of Gfap as an miR-3099 Target in Mouse Brain

Chedik, L.; Mias-Lucquin, D.; Bruyere, A.; Fardel, O., 2017:
In Silico Prediction for Intestinal Absorption and Brain Penetration of Chemical Pesticides in Humans

Gupta, S.Kumar.; Drancourt, M.; Rolain, J-Marc., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of Antibiotic Resistance in Mycobacterium ulcerans Agy99 through Whole Genome Sequence Analysis

Bayrami, V.; Keyhanfar, M.; Mohabatkar, H.; Mahdavi, M.; Moreau, V., 2017:
In silico prediction of B cell epitopes of the extracellular domain of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor

Du, H.; Cai, Y.; Yang, H.; Zhang, H.; Xue, Y.; Liu, G.; Tang, Y.; Li, W., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of Chemicals Binding to Aromatase with Machine Learning Methods

Lu, J.; Zhang, P.; Zou, X-Wen.; Zhao, X-Qiang.; Cheng, K-Guang.; Zhao, Y-Lei.; Bi, Y.; Zheng, M-Yue.; Luo, X-Min., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of Chemical Toxicity Profile Using Local Lazy Learning

Sun, L.; Yang, H.; Li, J.; Wang, T.; Li, W.; Liu, G.; Tang, Y., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of Compounds Binding to Human Plasma Proteins by QSAR Models

Tomar, D.S.; Li, L.; Broulidakis, M.P.; Luksha, N.G.; Burns, C.T.; Singh, S.K.; Kumar, S., 2017:
In-silico prediction of concentration-dependent viscosity curves for monoclonal antibody solutions

Zhu, X-Wei.; Li, S-Jing., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of Drug-Induced Liver Injury Based on Adverse Drug Reaction Reports

Mandal, R.Shubhra.; Panda, S.; Das, S., 2017:
In silico prediction of drug resistance due to S247R mutation of Influenza H1N1 neuraminidase protein

Dutta, A.; Katarkar, A.; Chaudhuri, K., 2017:
In-silico prediction of dual function of DksA like hypothetical protein in V. cholerae O395 genome

Wichard, Jörg.D., 2016:
In silico prediction of genotoxicity

Torimoto-Katori, N.; Huang, R.; Kato, H.; Ohashi, R.; Xia, M., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of hPXR Activators Using Structure-Based Pharmacophore Modeling

Dietze-Schwonberg, K.; Grewe, B.; Brosch, S.; Kuharev, J.; van Zandbergen, G.; Rammensee, H-Georg.; Tenzer, S.; von Stebut, E., 2017:
In silico prediction of Leishmania major-specific CD8 + epitopes

Frush, E.Hatcher.; Sekharan, S.; Keinan, S., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of Ligand Binding Energies in Multiple Therapeutic Targets and Diverse Ligand Sets-A Case Study on BACE1, TYK2, HSP90, and PERK Proteins

Orr, R.J.S.; Aalen, R.Birgitta., 2018:
In Silico Prediction of Ligand-Binding Sites of Plant Receptor Kinases Using Conservation Mapping

Perron, U.; Provero, P.; Molineris, I., 2017:
In silico prediction of lncRNA function using tissue specific and evolutionary conserved expression

Sohraby, F.; Bagheri, M.; Javaheri Moghadam, M.; Aryapour, H., 2017:
In silico prediction of new inhibitors for the nucleotide pool sanitizing enzyme, MTH1, using drug repurposing

Ferrero, E.; Dunham, I.; Sanseau, P., 2018:
In silico prediction of novel therapeutic targets using gene-disease association data

Zang, Q.; Mansouri, K.; Williams, A.J.; Judson, R.S.; Allen, D.G.; Casey, W.M.; Kleinstreuer, N.C., 2016:
In Silico Prediction of Physicochemical Properties of Environmental Chemicals Using Molecular Fingerprints and Machine Learning

Tahi, F.; Du T Tran, V.; Boucheham, A., 2018:
In Silico Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure

Cai, C.; Wu, Q.; Luo, Y.; Ma, H.; Shen, J.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, L.; Chen, Y.; Wen, Z.; Wang, Q., 2017:
In silico prediction of ROCK II inhibitors by different classification approaches

Cheng, D.; Murtaza, G.; Ma, S.; Li, L.; Li, X.; Tian, F.; Zheng, J.; Lu, Y., 2018:
In Silico Prediction of the Anti-Depression Mechanism of a Herbal Formula (Tiansi Liquid) Containing Morinda officinalis and Cuscuta chinensis

Oliver, C.; Timson, D.J., 2017:
In silico prediction of the effects of mutations in the human triose phosphate isomerase gene: Towards a predictive framework for TPI deficiency

Ding, Y-Lung.; Lyu, Y-Chen.; Leong, M.K., 2016:
In silico prediction of the mutagenicity of nitroaromatic compounds using a novel two-QSAR approach

Ruiz-Rodríguez, M.A.; Vedani, A.; Flores-Mireles, A.L.; Cháirez-Ramírez, M.H.; Gallegos-Infante, Jé.A.; González-Laredo, Rén.F., 2017:
In Silico Prediction of the Toxic Potential of Lupeol

Abbasitabar, F.; Zare-Shahabadi, V., 2017:
In silico prediction of toxicity of phenols to Tetrahymena pyriformis by using genetic algorithm and decision tree-based modeling approach

Zou, W-Bin.; Wu, H.; Boulling, A.; Cooper, D.N.; Li, Z-Shen.; Liao, Z.; Chen, J-Min.; Férec, C., 2018:
In silico prioritization and further functional characterization of SPINK1 intronic variants

Jooste, T.L.; Visser, M.; Cook, G.; Burger, J.T.; Maree, H.J., 2017:
In Silico Probe-Based Detection of Citrus Viruses in NGS Data

Park, I.; Hwang, Y.Jin.; Kim, T.; Viswanath, A.Nath.Indu.; Londhe, A.M.; Jung, S.Yun.; Sim, K.Mi.; Min, S-Joon.; Lee, J.Eun.; Seong, J.; Kim, Y.Kyung.; No, K.Tai.; Ryu, H.; Pae, A.Nim., 2017:
In silico probing and biological evaluation of SETDB1/ESET-targeted novel compounds that reduce tri-methylated histone H3K9 (H3K9me3) level

Shawky, E., 2017:
In-silico profiling of the biological activities of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids

Kim, B.; Jo, J.; Han, J.; Park, C.; Lee, H., 2017:
In silico re-identification of properties of drug target proteins

Kumar, S.; Chowdhury, S.; Kumar, S., 2018:
In silico repurposing of antipsychotic drugs for Alzheimer's disease

Roszik, J.; Fenyőfalvi, Görgy.; Halász, László.; Karányi, Z.; Székvölgyi, Lóránt., 2017:
In Silico Restriction Enzyme Digests to Minimize Mapping Bias in Genomic Sequencing

Tiwari, V.; Patel, V.; Tiwari, M., 2017 :
In-silico screening and experimental validation reveal L-Adrenaline as anti-biofilm molecule against biofilm-associated protein (Bap) producing Acinetobacter baumannii

Motwalli, O.; Essack, M.; Jankovic, B.R.; Ji, B.; Liu, X.; Ansari, H.Rahman.; Hoehndorf, R.; Gao, X.; Arold, S.T.; Mineta, K.; Archer, J.A.C.; Gojobori, T.; Mijakovic, I.; Bajic, V.B., 2017:
In silico screening for candidate chassis strains of free fatty acid-producing cyanobacteria

Sharma, M.C.; Jain, S.; Sharma, R., 2017:
In silico screening for identification of pyrrolidine derivatives dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors using COMFA, CoMSIA, HQSAR and docking studies

Panda, S.Kumar.; Mahapatra, R.Kanta., 2017:
In-silico screening, identification and validation of a novel vaccine candidate in the fight against Plasmodium falciparum

Cysewski, P., 2017:
In silico screening of dicarboxylic acids for cocrystallization with phenylpiperazine derivatives based on both cocrystallization propensity and solubility advantage

Menichetti, R.; Kanekal, K.H.; Kremer, K.; Bereau, T., 2018:
In silico screening of drug-membrane thermodynamics reveals linear relations between bulk partitioning and the potential of mean force

Sakhteman, A.; Edraki, N.; Hemmateenejad, B.; Miri, R.; Foroumadi, A.; Shafiee, A.; Khoshneviszadeh, M., 2017:
In Silico Screening of IL-1β Production Inhibitors Using Chemometric Tools

Romero, L.; Trenor, B.; Yang, P-Chi.; Saiz, J.; Clancy, C.E., 2015:
In silico screening of the impact of hERG channel kinetic abnormalities on channel block and susceptibility to acquired long QT syndrome

Ranjbar, L.; Talebi, M.; Haddad, P.R.; Park, S.Hyun.; Cabot, J.M.; Zhang, M.; Smejkal, P.; Foley, J.P.; Breadmore, M.C., 2017:
In Silico Screening of Two-Dimensional Separation Selectivity for Ion Chromatography × Capillary Electrophoresis Separation of Low-Molecular-Mass Organic Acids

Trouvé, P.; Génin, E.; Férec, C., 2017:
In silico search for modifier genes associated with pancreatic and liver disease in Cystic Fibrosis

Ochoa, R.; Martínez-Pabón, Mía.Cecilia.; Arismendi-Echeverri, Mía.Adelaida.; Rendón-Osorio, W.Leandro.; Muskus-López, C.Enrique., 2017:
In silico search of inhibitors of Streptococcus mutans for the control of dental plaque

Cruz, E.C.Santa.; Carecho, A.R.; Saidel, M.E.; Montanari, C.Alberto.; Leitão, A., 2016:
In silico selection and cell-based characterization of selective and bioactive compounds for androgen-dependent prostate cancer cell

Pasta, S.; Gentile, G.; Raffa, G.M.; Bellavia, D.; Chiarello, G.; Liotta, R.; Luca, A.; Scardulla, C.; Pilato, M., 2017:
In Silico Shear and Intramural Stresses are Linked to Aortic Valve Morphology in Dilated Ascending Aorta

Shubina, J.; Trofimov, D.Yu.; Barkov, I.Yu.; Stupko, O.K.; Goltsov, A.Yu.; Mukosey, I.S.; Tetruashvili, N.K.; Kim, L.V.; Bakharev, V.A.; Karetnikova, N.A.; Kochetkova, T.O.; Krasheninnikova, R.V.; Bystritskiy, A.A.; Sukhikh, G.T., 2017:
In silico size selection is effective in reducing false positive NIPS cases of monosomy X that are due to maternal mosaic monosomy X

Gajula, K.; Gupta, R.; Sridhar, D.B.; Rai, B., 2017:
In-Silico Skin Model: A Multiscale Simulation Study of Drug Transport

Orian, L.; Pilot, R.; Bozio, R., 2017:
In Silico Stark Effect: Determination of Excited-State Polarizabilities of Squaraine Dyes

Pagadala, N.S.; Syed, K.; Bhat, R., 2017:
In silico strategies on prion pathogenic conversion and inhibition from PrP C -PrP Sc

Pramanik, K.; Soren, T.; Mitra, S.; Maiti, T.Kanti., 2017:
In silico structural and functional analysis of Mesorhizobium ACC deaminase

Krawczyk, K.; Demharter, S.; Knapp, B.; Deane, C.M.; Minary, P., 2017:
In silico structural modeling of multiple epigenetic marks on DNA

Roy, S.; Chakraborty, H.Jyoti.; Kumar, V.; Behera, B.K.; Rana, R.S.; Babu, G., 2017:
In Silico Structural Studies and Molecular Docking Analysis of Delta6-desaturase in HUFA Biosynthetic Pathway

Lodhi, S.S.; Farmer, R.; Jaiswal, Y.K.; Wadhwa, G., 2015:
In Silico Structural, Virtual Screening and Docking Studies of Human Cytochrome P450 2A7 Protein

Patwary, N.Ibna.Amin.; Islam, M.Saiful.; Sohel, M.; Ara, I.; Sikder, M.Omar.Faruk.; Shahik, S.Md., 2017:
In silico structure analysis and epitope prediction of E3 CR1-beta protein of Human Adenovirus E for vaccine design

Shin, W-Hee.; Christoffer, C.W.; Kihara, D., 2017:
In silico structure-based approaches to discover protein-protein interaction-targeting drugs

Makhouri, F.Rezaei.; Ghasemi, J.B., 2017:
In Silico Studies in Drug Research Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

Andrei Nogara, P.; Batista Teixeira Rocha, Jão., 2017:
In Silico Studies of Mammalian δ-ALAD Interactions with Selenides and Selenoxides

Singla, R.K.; Scotti, L.; Dubey, A.K., 2016:
In Silico Studies Revealed Multiple Neurological Targets for the Antidepressant Molecule Ursolic Acid

Montenegro, C.de.Albuquerque.; Gonçalves, Gório.Fernandes.; Oliveira Filho, Aão.Alves.de.; Lira, A.Brito.; Cassiano, T.Thyara.Mendes.; Lima, N.Teles.Ramos.de.; Barbosa-Filho, Jé.Maria.; Diniz, M.de.Fátima.Formiga.Melo.; Pessôa, H.Luna.Freire., 2018:
In Silico Study and Bioprospection of the Antibacterial and Antioxidant Effects of Flavone and Its Hydroxylated Derivatives

Zhao, F.; Mc Garrigle, M.J.; Vaughan, T.J.; McNamara, L.M., 2017:
In silico study of bone tissue regeneration in an idealised porous hydrogel scaffold using a mechano-regulation algorithm

Arba, M.; Ihsan, S.; Ramadhan, L.Ode.Ahmad.Nur.; Tjahjono, D.Hadi., 2016:
In silico study of porphyrin-anthraquinone hybrids as CDK2 inhibitor

Escobedo-González, Ré.; Vargas-Requena, C.Lucia.; Moyers-Montoya, E.; Aceves-Hernández, J.Manuel.; Nicolás-Vázquez, Mía.Inés.; Miranda-Ruvalcaba, Ré., 2018:
In silico Study of the Pharmacologic Properties and Cytotoxicity Pathways in Cancer Cells of Various Indolylquinone Analogues of Perezone

Kumar, K.M.; Anitha, P.; Sivasakthi, V.; Bag, S.; Lavanya, P.; Anbarasu, A.; Ramaiah, S., 2014:
In silico study on Penicillin derivatives and Cephalosporins for upper respiratory tract bacterial pathogens

Ma, S-Tang.; Feng, C-Tao.; Xiong, Y-Xi.; Zhang, X-Lin.; Miao, C-Gui.; Yu, H., 2017:
In Silico System Pharmacology for the Potential Bioactive Ingredients Contained in Xingnaojing Injection () and Its Material Basis for Sepsis Treatment

Hackenberg, M.; Langenberger, D.; Schwarz, A.; Erhart, J.; Kotsyfakis, M., 2017:
In silico target network analysis of de novo-discovered, tick saliva-specific microRNAs reveals important combinatorial effects in their interference with vertebrate host physiology

Meier, N.; Meier, B.; Peter, S.; Wolfram, E., 2018:
In-Silico UHPLC Method Optimization for Aglycones in the Herbal Laxatives Aloe barbadensis Mill., Cassia angustifolia Vahl Pods, Rhamnus frangula L. Bark, Rhamnus purshianus DC. Bark, and Rheum palmatum L. Roots

Klingen, T.R.; Reimering, S.; Guzmán, C.A.; McHardy, A.C., 2017:
In Silico Vaccine Strain Prediction for Human Influenza Viruses

Liu, S.; Li, H.; Zhang, L.; Yin, X.; Guo, Y., 2018:
In simulated body fluid performance of polymorphic apatite coatings synthesized by pulsed electrodeposition

Levin, T.R., 2017:
In simulation modelling, there are multiple ways to effectively screen for colorectal cancer

Li, S.; Zhang, L.; Jiang, Y.; Zhu, S.; Lv, X.; Duan, Z.; Wang, H., 2017:
In-site encapsulating gold "nanowires" into hemin-coupled protein scaffolds through biomimetic assembly towards the nanocomposites with strong catalysis, electrocatalysis, and fluorescence properties

Kobayashi, E., 2017:
"In-Site" Perfusion Technique for Rinse Solution in Liver Transplantation

Liu, B.; van Schooneveld, M.M.; Cui, Y-Tao.; Miyawaki, J.; Harada, Y.; Eschemann, T.O.; de Jong, K.P.; Delgado-Jaime, M.U.; de Groot, F.M.F., 2017:
In-Situ 2p3d Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering Tracking Cobalt Nanoparticle Reduction

Mendes, T.C.; Xiao, C.; Zhou, F.; Li, H.; Knowles, G.P.; Hilder, M.; Somers, A.; Howlett, P.C.; MacFarlane, D.R., 2016:
In-Situ-Activated N-Doped Mesoporous Carbon from a Protic Salt and Its Performance in Supercapacitors

Lin, G.; Reed-Maldonado, A.B.; Wang, B.; Lee, Y-Chin.; Zhou, J.; Lu, Z.; Wang, G.; Banie, L.; Lue, T.F., 2017:
In Situ Activation of Penile Progenitor Cells With Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Mensink, H.W.; Mooy, C..M.; Paridaens, D., 2006:
In situ adenocarcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma of the lacrimal gland

Yuan, Z.; Wu, W.; Zhang, Z.; Sun, Z.; Cheng, R.; Pan, G.; Wang, X.; Cui, W., 2017:
In situ adjuvant therapy using a responsive doxorubicin-loaded fibrous scaffold after tumor resection

Gan, C.; Wang, Z.; Chen, Y., 2017:
In situ AFM imaging of apolipoprotein A-I directly derived from plasma HDL

Manrique-Juárez, Mía.D.; Suleimanov, I.; Hernández, E.M.; Salmon, L.; Molnár, Gábor.; Bousseksou, A., 2016:
In Situ AFM Imaging of Microstructural Changes Associated with The Spin Transition in [Fe(Htrz)₂(Trz)](Bf₄) Nanoparticles

Randrianjatovo-Gbalou, I.; Rouquette, P.; Lefebvre, D.; Girbal-Neuhauser, E.; Marcato-Romain, C-E., 2017:
In situ analysis of Bacillus licheniformis biofilms: amyloid-like polymers and eDNA are involved in the adherence and aggregation of the extracellular matrix

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Effect of lower urinary tract symptoms on the quality of life and sexual function of males in China, Taiwan, and South Korea: Subgroup analysis of a cross-sectional, population-based study

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In situ biobutanol recovery from clostridial fermentations: a critical review

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In-situ biofouling assessment in spacer filled channels using optical coherence tomography (OCT): 3D biofilm thickness mapping

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In situ construction of low permeable barrier in soil to prevent pollutant migration by applying weak electric field

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In Situ Construction of Stable Tissue-Directed/Reinforced Bifunctional Separator/Protection Film on Lithium Anode for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries

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In situ correction of the spherical aberration in a double-toroidal electron analyzer

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In Situ Coupling of CoP Polyhedrons and Carbon Nanotubes as Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalyst

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In Situ Coupling of Ultrasound to Electro- and Photo-Deposition Methods for Materials Synthesis

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In-situ degradation of soil-sorbed 17β-estradiol using carboxymethyl cellulose stabilized manganese oxide nanoparticles: Column studies

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In Situ Delivery of Fibrin-Based Hydrogels Prevents Contraction and Reduces Inflammation

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In Situ Demonstration and Characteristic Analysis of the Protease Using Substrate Immersing Zymography

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In situ denitrification and DNRA rates in groundwater beneath an integrated constructed wetland

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In situ depot comprising phase-change materials that can sustainably release a gasotransmitter H 2 S to treat diabetic wounds

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In situ depot formation of anti-HIV fusion-inhibitor peptide in recombinant protein polymer hydrogel

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In Situ Derived CoB Nanoarray: A High-Efficiency and Durable 3D Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Alkaline Water Splitting

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In Situ Derived Ni x Fe 1-x OOH/NiFe/Ni x Fe 1-x OOH Nanotube Arrays from NiFe Alloys as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution

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In Situ Detection and Imaging of Telomerase Activity in Cancer Cell Lines via Disassembly of Plasmonic Core-Satellites Nanostructured Probe

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In situ detection of Chlamydia pneumoniae, C. trachomatis , and cytokines among cardiovascular diseased patients from the Amazon region of Brazil

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In Situ Detection of MicroRNA Expression with RNAscope Probes

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In Situ Detection of the Adsorbed Fe(II) Intermediate and the Mechanism of Magnetite Electrodeposition by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

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In situ detection of water quality contamination events based on signal complexity analysis using online ultraviolet-visible spectral sensor

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In situ determination of the saturation solubility of nanocrystals of poorly soluble drugs for dermal application

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In Situ Determination of the Water Condensation Mechanisms on Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes

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In situ determination of trace elements in Fucus spp. by field-portable-XRF

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In situ development and application of natural coatings on non-absorbable sutures to reduce incision site infections

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In-situ development of highly photocatalytic multifunctional nanocomposites by ultrasonic acoustic method

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In situ different antioxidative systems contribute to the site-specific methylmercury neurotoxicity in mice

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In situ doping enables the multifunctionalization of templately synthesized polyaniline@cellulose nanocomposites

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In situ dual-crosslinked nanoparticles for tumor targeting gene delivery

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In situ effect of enamel salivary exposure time and type of intraoral appliance before an erosive challenge

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In situ effect of the combination of fluoridated toothpaste and fluoridated gel containing sodium trimetaphosphate on enamel demineralization

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In situ effect of titanium tetrafluoride varnish on enamel demineralization

McLean, M.J.; Osborn, W.A., 2017:
In-situ elastic strain mapping during micromechanical testing using EBSD

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In situ electrical monitoring of cancer cells invading vascular endothelial cells with semiconductor-based biosensor

Pedrosa, P.; Cote, J-Marc.; Martin, N.; Arab Pour Yazdi, M.; Billard, A., 2017:
In situ electrical resistivity measurements of vanadium thin films performed in vacuum during different annealing cycles

Carbone, M.E.E.; Castle, J.E.; Ciriello, R.; Salvi, A.M.; Treacy, J.; Zhdan, P., 2017:
In Situ Electrochemical-AFM and Cluster-Ion-Profiled XPS Characterization of an Insulating Polymeric Membrane as a Substrate for Immobilizing Biomolecules

Rowe, A.R.; Yoshimura, M.; LaRowe, D.E.; Bird, L.J.; Amend, J.P.; Hashimoto, K.; Nealson, K.H.; Okamoto, A., 2017:
In situ electrochemical enrichment and isolation of a magnetite-reducing bacterium from a high pH serpentinizing spring

Young, M.J.; Bedford, N.M.; Jiang, N.; Lin, D.; Dai, L., 2017:
In situ electrochemical high-energy X-ray diffraction using a capillary working electrode cell geometry

Chen, W.; Liu, Y.; Li, Y.; Sun, J.; Qiu, Y.; Liu, C.; Zhou, G.; Cui, Y., 2016:
In Situ Electrochemically Derived Nanoporous Oxides from Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Active Oxygen Evolution Catalysts

Zhang, Y.; Xiao, J.; Lv, Q.; Wang, L.; Dong, X.; Asif, M.; Ren, J.; He, W.; Sun, Y.; Xiao, F.; Wang, S., 2017:
In Situ Electrochemical Sensing and Real-Time Monitoring Live Cells Based on Freestanding Nanohybrid Paper Electrode Assembled from 3D Functionalized Graphene Framework

Cui, L.; Liu, D.; Hao, S.; Qu, F.; Du, G.; Liu, J.; Asiri, A.M.; Sun, X., 2017:
In situ electrochemical surface derivation of cobalt phosphate from a Co(CO 3 ) 0.5 (OH)·0.11H 2 O nanoarray for efficient water oxidation in neutral aqueous solution

Yang, Y.; Liu, X.; Dai, Z.; Yuan, F.; Bando, Y.; Golberg, D.; Wang, X., 2017:
In Situ Electrochemistry of Rechargeable Battery Materials: Status Report and Perspectives

Zhou, Y.; Chen, M.; Zhuo, Y.; Chai, Y.; Xu, W.; Yuan, R., 2017:
In Situ Electrodeposited Synthesis of Electrochemiluminescent Ag Nanoclusters as Signal Probe for Ultrasensitive Detection of Cyclin-D1 from Cancer Cells

Giovanella, U.; Cariati, E.; Lucenti, E.; Pasini, M.; Galeotti, F.; Botta, C., 2017:
In Situ Electroluminescence Color Tuning by Thermal Deprotonation Suitable for Thermal Sensors and Anti-fraud Labels

Zhao, L.; Ta, H.Q.; Dianat, A.; Soni, A.; Fediai, A.; Yin, W.; Gemming, T.; Trzebicka, B.; Cuniberti, G.; Liu, Z.; Bachmatiuk, A.; Rummeli, M.H., 2017:
In Situ Electron Driven Carbon Nanopillar-Fullerene Transformation through Cr Atom Mediation

Sutter, P.; Li, Y.; Argyropoulos, C.; Sutter, E., 2017:
In Situ Electron Microscopy of Plasmon-Mediated Nanocrystal Synthesis

Turner, A., 2017:
In situ elemental characterisation of marine microplastics by portable XRF

Vickers, L.; Pan, Z.; Tao, Z.; van Riessen, A., 2016:
In Situ Elevated Temperature Testing of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Composites

Morgan, F.; Murphy, A.; Hendren, W.; Wurtz, G.; Pollard, R.J., 2017:
In Situ Ellipsometric Monitoring of Gold Nanorod Metamaterials Growth

Zhang, S.; Gu, H.; Tang, T.; Du, W.; Gao, M.; Liu, Y.; Jian, D.; Pan, H., 2017:
In Situ Encapsulation of the Nanoscale Er 2 O 3 Phase To Drastically Suppress Voltage Fading and Capacity Degradation of a Li- and Mn-Rich Layered Oxide Cathode for Lithium Ion Batteries

Haidar, G.M.; Hicks, T.D.; Strosberg, D.S.; El-Sayed, H.F.; Davies, M.G., 2017:
"In situ" endografting in the treatment of arterial and graft infections

Cui, Y.; Zhou, F.; Wei, L.; Song, Q.; Tan, J.; Zeng, Z.; Chen, J.; Huang, N., 2017:
In Situ Endothelialization Promoted by SEMA4D and CXCL12 for Titanium-Based Biomaterials

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In Situ Engineering of the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface for Stabilized Overlithiated Cathodes

Li, L.; Zhu, J.; Xu, M.; Jiang, J.; Li, C.Ming., 2017:
In Situ Engineering Toward Core Regions: A Smart Way to Make Applicable FeF 3 @Carbon Nanoreactor Cathodes for Li-Ion Batteries

Zhang, Z-Tian.; Taylor, S.; Wang, Y., 2017:
In situ esterification and extractive fermentation for butyl butyrate production with Clostridium tyrobutyricum

Hart, S.C.; Gunther, A.J., 1989:
In situ estimates of annual net nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in a subarctic watershed

Xiao, F-Xing.; Liu, B., 2017:
In situ etching-induced self-assembly of metal cluster decorated one-dimensional semiconductors for solar-powered water splitting: unraveling cooperative synergy by photoelectrochemical investigations

Feng, X.; Chen, H.; Jiang, F., 2017:
In-situ ethylenediamine-assisted synthesis of a magnetic iron-based metal-organic framework MIL-53(Fe) for visible light photocatalysis

Ribeiro, J.Silva.; Peralta, S.Luque.; Salgado, Vícius.Esteves.; Lund, R.Guerra., 2017:
In situ evaluation of color stability and hardness' decrease of resin-based composites

Kim, S.Woong.; Chae, Y.; Moon, J.; Kim, D.; Cui, R.; An, G.; Jeong, S-Woo.; An, Y-Joo., 2017:
In Situ Evaluation of Crop Productivity and Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Paddy Soils after Remediation of Metal-Contaminated Soils

João-Souza, S.Helena.; Bezerra, Sávio.José.C.; de Freitas, Pícia.Moreira.; de Lima, N.B.; Aranha, A.Cecília.Corrêa.; Hara, A.T.; Scaramucci, Tís., 2017:
In situ evaluation of fluoride-, stannous- and polyphosphate-containing solutions against enamel erosion

Matos, C.; Briga-Sá, A.; Bentes, I.; Faria, D.; Pereira, S., 2017:
In situ evaluation of water and energy consumptions at the end use level: The influence of flow reducers and temperature in baths

Barrera, J.; Ibañez, D.; Heras, A.; Ruiz, V.; Colina, A., 2017:
In-situ Evidence of the Redox-State Dependence of Photoluminescence in Graphene Quantum Dots

Chen, D.; Dong, C-Li.; Zou, Y.; Su, D.; Huang, Y-Cheng.; Tao, L.; Dou, S.; Shen, S.; Wang, S., 2017:
In situ evolution of highly dispersed amorphous CoO x clusters for oxygen evolution reaction

Sun, H.; Feng, R.; Nan, Y.; Chen, Z.; Sang, N., 2017:
In-situ examination of graphene and graphene oxide impact on the depuration of phenanthrene and fluoranthene adsorbed onto spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) leaf surfaces

Meng, Y.; Faillace, M.E.; Dorst, K.; Palmaccio, S.J.; Miller, L.M.; Qin, Y-Xian., 2018:
In situ examination of osteoblast biomineralization on sulfonated polystyrene-modified substrates using Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy

Liu, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Wang, Y.; Dou, S.; Yan, D.; Liu, D.; Xia, Z.; Wang, S., 2017:
In Situ Exfoliated, Edge-Rich, Oxygen-Functionalized Graphene from Carbon Fibers for Oxygen Electrocatalysis

Wang, Z.; Yan, T.; Shi, L.; Zhang, D., 2017:
In Situ Expanding Pores of Dodecahedron-like Carbon Frameworks Derived from MOFs for Enhanced Capacitive Deionization

Stevens, K.R.; Scull, M.A.; Ramanan, V.; Fortin, C.L.; Chaturvedi, R.R.; Knouse, K.A.; Xiao, J.W.; Fung, C.; Mirabella, T.; Chen, A.X.; McCue, M.G.; Yang, M.T.; Fleming, H.E.; Chung, K.; de Jong, Y.P.; Chen, C.S.; Rice, C.M.; Bhatia, S.N., 2018:
In situ expansion of engineered human liver tissue in a mouse model of chronic liver disease

McCallum, E.S.; Du, S.N.N.; Vaseghi-Shanjani, M.; Choi, J.A.; Warriner, T.R.; Sultana, T.; Scott, G.R.; Balshine, S., 2017:
In situ exposure to wastewater effluent reduces survival but has little effect on the behaviour or physiology of an invasive Great Lakes fish

Benza, R.L.; Williams, G.; Wu, C.; Shields, K.J.; Raina, A.; Murali, S.; Passineau, M.J., 2017:
In situ expression of Bcl-2 in pulmonary artery endothelial cells associates with pulmonary arterial hypertension relative to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Wang, T.; Xi, L.; Wang, J., 2018:
In situ fabrication of cobalt nanoflowers on sulfonated and fluorinated poly (arylene ether ketone-benzimidazole) template film for the electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose

He, T.; Wang, X.; Wu, H.; Xue, H.; Xue, P.; Ma, J.; Tan, M.; He, S.; Shen, R.; Yi, L.; Zhang, Y.; Xiang, J., 2017:
In Situ Fabrication of Defective CoN x Single Clusters on Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets with Excellent Electrocatalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction

Cheng, Y.; Mallavarapu, M.; Naidu, R.; Chen, Z., 2017:
In situ fabrication of green reduced graphene-based biocompatible anode for efficient energy recycle

Yang, G.; Wang, L.; Peng, S.; Wang, J.; Ji, D.; Yan, W.; Ramakrishna, S., 2017:
In Situ Fabrication of Hierarchically Branched TiO 2 Nanostructures: Enhanced Performance in Photocatalytic H 2 Evolution and Li-Ion Batteries

Wang, T.; Ma, H.; Gao, J.; Wang, X.; Sun, Y.; Luo, Y.; Zhang, S.; Xu, J., 2017:
In Situ Fabrication of Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Based on Cu/Co-ZIF and Cu 2 O

Chen, M.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, M.; Qiu, C.; Yang, H.; Chen, X., 2018:
In situ fabrication of label-free optical sensing paper strips for the rapid surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection of brassinosteroids in plant tissues

Bai, X.; Liu, J.; Liu, Q.; Chen, R.; Jing, X.; Li, B.; Wang, J., 2017:
In-Situ Fabrication of MOF-Derived Co-Co Layered Double Hydroxide Hollow Nanocages/Graphene Composite: A Novel Electrode Material with Superior Electrochemical Performance

Chellappa, M.; Vijayalakshmi, U., 2017:
In-situ fabrication of zirconium-titanium nano-composite and its coating on Ti-6Al-4V for biomedical applications

Huang, X.; Yang, Z.; Dong, B.; Wang, Y.; Tang, T.; Hou, Y., 2017:
In situ Fe 2 N@N-doped porous carbon hybrids as superior catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

Krishtal, J.; Bragina, O.; Metsla, K.; Palumaa, P.; Tõugu, V., 2017 :
In situ fibrillizing amyloid-beta 1-42 induces neurite degeneration and apoptosis of differentiated SH-SY5Y cells

Zhang, W.; Shi, S.; Zhu, W.; Yang, C.; Li, S.; Liu, X.; Hu, N.; Huang, L.; Wang, R.; Suo, Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, J., 2017:
In-Situ Fixation of All-Inorganic Mo-Fe-S Clusters for the Highly Selective Removal of Lead(II)

Machado, Léo.; Esteves de Lima, J.; Fabre, O.; Proux, C.; Legendre, R.; Szegedi, Aó.; Varet, H.; Ingerslev, L.Roed.; Barrès, R.; Relaix, Fédéric.; Mourikis, P., 2018:
In Situ Fixation Redefines Quiescence and Early Activation of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells

Rothensteiner, Mäus.; Jenni, J.; Emerich, H.; Bonk, A.; Vogt, U.F.; van Bokhoven, J.A., 2017:
In situ flow cell for combined X-ray absorption spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and mass spectrometry at high photon energies under solar thermochemical looping conditions

Zhao, J.; Bao, X.; Wang, S.; Lu, S.; Sun, J.; Yang, X., 2017:
In Situ Fluorogenic and Chromogenic Reactions for the Sensitive Dual-Readout Assay of Tyrosinase Activity

Laube, T.; Weisser, Jürgen.; Berger, S.; Börner, S.; Bischoff, S.; Schubert, H.; Gajda, M.; Bräuer, R.; Schnabelrauch, M., 2018:
In situ foamable, degradable polyurethane as biomaterial for soft tissue repair

Lee, R.; Klatzky, R.L.; Stetten, G.D., 2017:
In-Situ Force Augmentation Improves Surface Contact and Force Control

Bell, K.M.; Rahnemai-Azar, A.A.; Irarrazaval, S.; Guenther, D.; Fu, F.H.; Musahl, V.; Debski, R.E., 2017:
In situ force in the anterior cruciate ligament, the lateral collateral ligament, and the anterolateral capsule complex during a simulated pivot shift test

List, R.; Hitz, M.; Angst, M.; Taylor, W.R.; Lorenzetti, S., 2017:
In-situ force plate calibration: 12 years' experience with an approach for correcting the point of force application

Wu, L.; Tan, P.; Liu, Y.; Shang, Y.; Liu, W.; Xiong, X.; Pan, J., 2017:
In situ formation of carbon encapsulated nanosheet-assembled MoSe 2 hollow nanospheres with boosting lithium storage

Zeng, P.; Li, J.; Ye, M.; Zhuo, K.; Fang, Z., 2017:
In Situ Formation of Co 9 S 8 /N-C Hollow Nanospheres by Pyrolysis and Sulfurization of ZIF-67 for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries

Wu, J.; Peng, D.; He, Y.; Du, X.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, B.; Li, X.; Huang, Y., 2017:
In Situ Formation of Decavanadate-Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxide Films on AA2024 and their Anti-Corrosive Properties when Combined with Hybrid Sol Gel Films

Goh, M.; Kim, Y.; Gwon, K.; Min, K.; Hwang, Y.; Tae, G., 2017:
In situ formation of injectable and porous heparin-based hydrogel

Chatterjee, S.; Maitra, U., 2017:
In situ formation of luminescent CdSe QDs in a metallohydrogel: a strategy towards synthesis, isolation, storage and re-dispersion of the QDs

Li, C.; Jiang, T.; Wang, J.; Wu, H.; Guo, S.; Zhang, X.; Li, J.; Shen, J.; Chen, R.; Xiong, Y., 2017:
In Situ Formation of Microfibrillar Crystalline Superstructure: Achieving High-Performance Polylactide

Lee, H-Joon.; Hur, S-Ook.; Ahn, M-Kyoon.; Changez, M.; Lee, J-Suk., 2017:
In situ formation of molecular-scale ordered polyaniline films by zinc coordination

Debieu, S.; Romieu, A., 2017:
In situ formation of pyronin dyes for fluorescence protease sensing

Yang, J.; Ofner, J.; Lendl, B.; Schubert, U., 2017:
In situ formation of reduced graphene oxide structures in ceria by combined sol-gel and solvothermal processing

Wijesena, R.N.; Tissera, N.D.; Abeyratne, C.; Bangamuwa, O.M.; Ludowyke, N.; Dahanayake, D.; Gunasekara, S.; de Silva, N.; de Silva, R.M.; de Silva, K.M.Nalin., 2017:
In-situ formation of supramolecular aggregates between chitin nanofibers and silver nanoparticles

Zhao, X.; Zhang, P.; Wang, X.; Chen, Y.; Liu, H.; Chen, L.; Sheng, Y.; Li, W., 2017:
In-situ formation of textured TiN coatings on biomedical titanium alloy by laser irradiation

Yuan, P-Xin.; Deng, S-Yuan.; Zheng, C-Yu.; Cosnier, S.; Shan, D., 2017:
In situ formed copper nanoparticles templated by TdT-mediated DNA for enhanced SPR sensor-based DNA assay

Yang, W.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, X.; Chen, L.; Jia, J., 2017:
In situ formed Fe-N doped metal organic framework@carbon nanotubes/graphene hybrids for a rechargeable Zn-air battery

Huang, Y.; Fang, C.; Zeng, R.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, W.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Q.; Huang, Y., 2017:
In Situ-Formed Hierarchical Metal-Organic Flexible Cathode for High-Energy Sodium-Ion Batteries

Lee, J-Wook.; Choi, Y.Ji.; Yang, J-Mo.; Ham, S.; Jeon, S.Kyu.; Lee, J.Yeob.; Song, Y-Hyun.; Ji, E.Kyung.; Yoon, D-Ho.; Seo, S.; Shin, H.; Han, G.Sang.; Jung, H.Suk.; Kim, D.; Park, N-Gyu., 2017:
In-Situ Formed Type I Nanocrystalline Perovskite Film for Highly Efficient Light-Emitting Diode

Lee, Y.; Choi, K-Hoon.; Park, K.Min.; Lee, J-Min.; Park, B.Joo.; Park, K.Dong., 2017:
In Situ Forming and H 2 O 2 -Releasing Hydrogels for Treatment of Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections

Salis, A.; Porcu, E.P.; Gavini, E.; Fois, G.R.; Icaro Cornaglia, A.; Rassu, G.; Diana, M.; Maestri, M.; Giunchedi, P.; Nikolakakis, I., 2017:
In situ forming biodegradable poly(ε-caprolactone) microsphere systems: a challenge for transarterial embolization therapy. In vitro and preliminary ex vivo studies

Lee, Y.; Balikov, D.A.; Lee, J.Bok.; Lee, S.Hyun.; Lee, S.Hwan.; Lee, J.Hun.; Park, K.Dong.; Sung, H-Joon., 2018:
In Situ Forming Gelatin Hydrogels-Directed Angiogenic Differentiation and Activity of Patient-Derived Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Zhang, X.; Sun, Y.; Liu, J.; Yi, Z.; Gao, F.; Liu, Q.; Chen, Y., 2017:
In situ forming hydrogels with long-lasting miR-21 enhances the therapeutic potential of MSC by sustaining stimulation of target gene

Hu, M.H.; Yang, K.C.; Sun, Y.H.; Chen, Y.C.; Yang, S.H.; Lin, F.H., 2018:
In situ forming oxidised hyaluronic acid/adipic acid dihydrazide hydrogel for prevention of epidural fibrosis after laminectomy

Wang, J.; He, H.; Cooper, R.C.; Yang, H., 2017:
In Situ-Forming Polyamidoamine Dendrimer Hydrogels with Tunable Properties Prepared via Aza-Michael Addition Reaction

Wolter, M.; Lämmerhofer, M., 2017:
In-situ functionalized monolithic polysiloxane-polymethacrylate composite materials from polythiol-ene double click reaction in capillary column format for enantioselective nano-high-performance liquid chromatography

Zhou, Y.; Song, J.; Wang, L.; Xue, X.; Liu, X.; Xie, H.; Huang, X., 2017:
In Situ Gelation-Induced Death of Cancer Cells Based on Proteinosomes

Feng, Y.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X-Fei.; Yao, J., 2017:
In-situ gelation of sodium alginate supported on melamine sponge for efficient removal of copper ions

Narita, T.; Yunoki, S.; Ohyabu, Y.; Yahagi, N.; Uraoka, T., 2016:
In situ gelation properties of a collagen-genipin sol with a potential for the treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers

Borgheti-Cardoso, L.N.; Kooijmans, S.A.A.; Fens, M.H.A.M.; van der Meel, R.; Vicentini, F.T.M.C.; Fantini, M.C.A.; Bentley, M.Vitória.L.B.; Schiffelers, R.M., 2017:
In Situ Gelling Liquid Crystalline System as Local siRNA Delivery System

Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Zhang, J.; Liu, C.; Hu, Y., 2017:
In-situ Generated and Premade 1-Copper(I) Alkynes in Cycloadditions

Samanta, S.S.; Roche, Séphane.P., 2017:
In Situ-Generated Glycinyl Chloroaminals for a One-Pot Synthesis of Non-proteinogenic α-Amino Esters

Pinaud, J.; Trinh, T.Kim.Hoang.; Sauvanier, D.; Placet, E.; Songsee, S.; Lacroix-Desmazes, P.; Becht, J-Michel.; Tarablsi, B.; Lalevée, J.; Pichavant, Lïc.; Héroguez, Vérie.; Chemtob, A., 2017:
In Situ Generated Ruthenium-Arene Catalyst for Photoactivated Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization through Photolatent N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand

Zhao, X.; Liu, T-Xin.; Ma, N.; Zhang, G., 2017:
In Situ Generated TEMPO Oxoammonium Salt Mediated Tandem Cyclization of β-Oxoamides with Amine Hydrochlorides for the Synthesis of Pyrrolin-4-ones

Dong, J.; Xin, S.; Wang, Y.; Pan, L.; Liu, Q., 2017:
In situ generation and reactions of p-(trifluoromethyl)benzyl electrophiles: an efficient access to p-(trifluoromethyl)benzyl compounds

Edwards, P.M.; Schafer, L.L., 2017:
In Situ Generation of a Regio- and Diastereoselective Hydroaminoalkylation Catalyst Using Commercially Available Starting Materials

Hwang, C-An.; Huang, L.; Wu, V.Chi-Hua., 2017:
In Situ Generation of Chlorine Dioxide for Surface Decontamination of Produce

Li, S-Kai.; Chen, A-Yi.; Niu, X-Xue.; Liu, Z-Ting.; Du, M.; Chai, Y-Qin.; Yuan, R.; Zhuo, Y., 2017:
In situ generation of electrochemiluminescent DNA nanoflowers as a signal tag for mucin 1 detection based on a strategy of target and mimic target synchronous cycling amplification

Zhu, Y.; Wang, L.; Yu, H.; Yin, F.; Wang, Y.; Liu, H.; Jiang, L.; Qin, J., 2017:
In situ generation of human brain organoids on a micropillar array

Langry, A.; Cellier, Jël.; Hintze-Bruening, H.; Leroux, F., 2017:
In situ generation of layered single- or double-hydroxide inorganic platelets (LSH and LDH) assisted by bola amphiphiles

Kano, T.; Homma, C.; Maruoka, K., 2017:
In situ generation of less accessible Boc-imines from aldehydes: construction of a quaternary carbon by the Mannich reaction or unprecedented aldol reaction

Bai, J-Fei.; Sasagawa, H.; Yurino, T.; Kano, T.; Maruoka, K., 2017:
In situ generation of N-Boc-protected alkenyl imines: controlling the E/Z geometry of alkenyl moieties in the Mukaiyama-Mannich reaction

Meng, X.; Zhang, X.; Bing, Y.; Xu, N.; Shi, W.; Cheng, P., 2016:
In Situ Generation of NiO Nanoparticles in a Magnetic Metal-Organic Framework Exhibiting Three-Dimensional Magnetic Ordering

Hu, L.; Liu, Y.A.; Liao, X., 2017:
In situ generation of N-unsubstituted imines from alkyl azides and their applications for imine transfer via copper catalysis

Goswami, A.; Rathi, A.K.; Aparicio, C.; Tomanec, O.; Petr, M.; Pocklanova, R.; Gawande, M.B.; Varma, R.S.; Zboril, R., 2016:
In Situ Generation of Pd-Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles on Reduced Graphene Oxide (Pd@Pt/rGO) Using Microwaves: Applications in Dehalogenation Reactions and Reduction of Olefins

Li, C.; Li, Q.; Long, X.; Li, T.; Zhao, J.; Zhang, K.; E, S.; Zhang, J.; Li, Z.; Yao, Y., 2017:
In Situ Generation of Photosensitive Silver Halide for Improving the Conductivity of Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Chai, J.; Liu, Z.; Ma, J.; Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Liu, H.; Zhang, J.; Cui, G.; Chen, L., 2017:
In Situ Generation of Poly (Vinylene Carbonate) Based Solid Electrolyte with Interfacial Stability for LiCoO 2 Lithium Batteries

Chen, R.; Zhao, Y.; Sun, H.; Shao, Y.; Xu, Y.; Ma, M.; Ma, L.; Wan, X., 2017:
In Situ Generation of Quinolinium Ylides from Diazo Compounds: Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of Indolizine

Manley, E.F.; Strzalka, J.; Fauvell, T.J.; Jackson, N.E.; Leonardi, M.J.; Eastham, N.D.; Marks, T.J.; Chen, L.X., 2017:
In Situ GIWAXS Analysis of Solvent and Additive Effects on PTB7 Thin Film Microstructure Evolution during Spin Coating

Pérez-Ramos, Aán.; Mohedano, Mía.Luz.; López, P.; Spano, G.; Fiocco, D.; Russo, P.; Capozzi, V., 2018:
In Situ β-Glucan Fortification of Cereal-Based Matrices by Pediococcus parvulus 2.6: Technological Aspects and Prebiotic Potential

Núnez-Bajo, Eía.; Blanco-López, M.Carmen.; Costa-García, Aín.; Fernández-Abedul, M.Teresa., 2018:
In situ gold-nanoparticle electrogeneration on gold films deposited on paper for non-enzymatic electrochemical determination of glucose

Penders, J.; Rajasekharan, A.K.; Hulander, M.; Andersson, M., 2017:
In Situ Gold Nanoparticle Gradient Formation in a 3D Meso- and Macroporous Polymer Matrix

Hu, L.; Cheng, J.; Li, Y.; Liu, J.; Zhou, J.; Cen, K., 2017:
In-situ grafting to improve polarity of polyacrylonitrile hollow fiber-supported polydimethylsiloxane membranes for CO 2 separation

He, H.; Tao, G.; Wang, Y.; Cai, R.; Guo, P.; Chen, L.; Zuo, H.; Zhao, P.; Xia, Q., 2018:
In situ green synthesis and characterization of sericin-silver nanoparticle composite with effective antibacterial activity and good biocompatibility

Huang, S.; Yu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Qi, C.; Zhang, S., 2017:
In situ green synthesis of antimicrobial carboxymethyl chitosan-nanosilver hybrids with controlled silver release

Nasrollahzadeh, M.; Sajadi, S.Mohammad.; Maham, M.; Dasmeh, H.Reza., 2017 :
In situ green synthesis of Cu nanoparticles supported on natural Natrolite zeolite for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol, congo red and methylene blue

Hu, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Guo, Z.; Wang, S.; Du, C.; Zhai, C., 2017:
In situ grown DNA nanotail-templated silver nanoclusters enabling label-free electrochemical sensing of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase activity

Li, T.; Qin, A.; Yang, L.; Chen, J.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, D.; Yang, H., 2017:
In Situ Grown Fe 2 O 3 Single Crystallites on Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets as High Performance Conversion Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries

Li, S.; Chen, T.; Wen, J.; Gui, P.; Fang, G., 2017:
In situ grown Ni 9 S 8 nanorod/O-MoS 2 nanosheet nanocomposite on carbon cloth as a free binder supercapacitor electrode and hydrogen evolution catalyst

Zhang, B-Wei.; Liu, Y-Dan.; Wang, Y-Xiao.; Zhang, L.; Chen, M-Zhe.; Lai, W-Hong.; Chou, S-Lei.; Liu, H-Kun.; Dou, S-Xue., 2017:
In Situ Grown S Nanosheets on Cu Foam: An Ultrahigh Electroactive Cathode for Room-Temperature Na-S Batteries

Yang, G.; Bu, F.; Huang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Shakir, I.; Xu, Y., 2017:
In Situ Growth and Wrapping of Aminoanthraquinone Nanowires in 3 D Graphene Framework as Foldable Organic Cathode for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Rao, H-Shang.; Li, W-Guang.; Chen, B-Xue.; Kuang, D-Bin.; Su, C-Yong., 2017:
In Situ Growth of 120 cm 2 CH 3 NH 3 PbBr 3 Perovskite Crystal Film on FTO Glass for Narrowband-Photodetectors

Wang, P.; Xu, L.; Ao, Y.; Wang, C., 2017:
In-situ growth of Au and β-Bi(2)O(3) nanoparticles on flower-like Bi(2)O(2)CO(3): A multi-heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced visible light responsive photocatalytic activity

Ni, X.; Wu, Z.; Gu, X.; Wang, D.; Yang, C.; Sun, P.; Li, Y., 2017:
In Situ Growth of Clean Pd Nanoparticles on Polystyrene Microspheres Assisted by Functional Reduced Graphene Oxide and Their Excellent Catalytic Properties

Xie, C.; Wang, Y.; Yan, D.; Tao, L.; Wang, S., 2017:
In situ growth of cobalt@cobalt-borate core-shell nanosheets as highly-efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline/neutral medium

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In Situ Photochemical Activation of Sulfate for Enhanced Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Water

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In Situ Raman Spectral Characteristics of Carbon Dioxide in a Deep-Sea Simulator of Extreme Environments Reaching 300 ℃ and 30 MPa

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In Situ Release of VEGF Enhances Osteogenesis in 3D Porous Scaffolds Engineered with Osterix-Modified Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

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In situ self-assembly of polarizing chromogen nanofibers catalyzed with hybrid films of gold nanoparticles and cellulose

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In situ sequestration of endogenous PDGF-BB with an ECM-mimetic sponge for accelerated wound healing

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In Situ Silver Nanowire Deposited Cross-Linked Carboxymethyl Cellulose: A Potential Transdermal Anticancer Drug Carrier

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In Situ Splitting of a Rib Bone Graft for Reconstruction of Orbital Floor and Medial Wall

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In situ stabilization of NAPL contaminant source-zones as a remediation technique to reduce mass discharge and flux to groundwater

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In Situ STM and Vibrational Study of Nanometer-Scale Reorganization of a Phospholipid Monolayer Accompanied by Potential-Driven Headgroup Digestion

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In Situ Structural Analysis of the Spirochetal Flagellar Motor by Cryo-Electron Tomography

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Inspired by the Army

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Inspiring nurse advised me to set my anxieties aside to help my daughter

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Inspiring the next generation

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Inspiring young people about science

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In stable COPD with moderate desaturation, long-term supplemental oxygen did not reduce deaths or hospitalizations

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Instant replay

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INSTITUTE of hospital affairs is explained

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Institutional development program of the Brazilian National Health System

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