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Invasive Infections with Multidrug-Resistant Yeast Candida auris, Colombia

Morales-López, S.E.; Parra-Giraldo, C.M.; Ceballos-Garzón, A.és.; Martínez, H.P.; Rodríguez, G.J.; Álvarez-Moreno, C.A.; Rodríguez, J.é Y.

Emerging Infectious Diseases 23(1): 162-164


ISSN/ISBN: 1080-6059
PMID: 27983941
DOI: 10.3201/eid2301.161497
Accession: 059883314

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Candida auris is an emerging multidrug-resistant fungus that causes a wide range of symptoms. We report finding 17 cases of C. auris infection that were originally misclassified but correctly identified 27.5 days later on average. Patients with a delayed diagnosis of C. auris had a 30-day mortality rate of 35.2%.

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