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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 59904

Chapter 59904 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Taarnhøj, N.Charlotte.Bille.Brahe.; Kjeka, O.; Larsen, M., 2003:
Kinetics of retinal lipoprotein precipitation and elimination after closure of subretinal new vessels

Stahl, K.; Duong, M.; Schwarz, A.; Wagner, A.D.; Haller, H.; Schiffer, M.; Jacobs, R., 2017:
Kinetics of Rituximab Excretion into Urine and Peritoneal Fluid in Two Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome

Czihak, G., 1977:
Kinetics of RNA-synthesis in the 16-cell stage of the sea urchinParacentrotus lividus

Pomorska-Mól, Młgorzata.; Dors, A.; Kwit, K.; Kowalczyk, A.; Stasiak, E.; Pejsak, Z., 2017:
Kinetics of single and dual infection of pigs with swine influenza virus and Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Šarić, Ađela.; Michaels, T.C.T.; Zaccone, A.; Knowles, T.P.J.; Frenkel, D., 2018:
Kinetics of spontaneous filament nucleation via oligomers: Insights from theory and simulation

Kotni, T.Rao.; Khanna, R.; Sarkar, J., 2017:
Kinetics of sub-spinodal dewetting of thin films of thickness dependent viscosity

Shapiro, A.B., 2017:
Kinetics of Sulbactam Hydrolysis by β-Lactamases, and Kinetics of β-Lactamase Inhibition by Sulbactam

Długosz-Lisiecka, M., 2017:
Kinetics of 210 Po accumulation in moss body profiles

Berim, G.O.; Brim, L.I.; Ruckenstein, E., 2017:
Kinetics of Supersaturated Solution with Restricted Size of Precipitates in the Presence of Dimer Adsorption/Emission and Monomer-Monomer Agglomeration

Valbuena, A.; Mateu, M.G., 2017:
Kinetics of Surface-Driven Self-Assembly and Fatigue-Induced Disassembly of a Virus-Based Nanocoating

Tan, C.S.; Riedl, J.; Fleming, A.M.; Burrows, C.J.; White, H.S., 2018:
Kinetics of T3-DNA Ligase-Catalyzed Phosphodiester Bond Formation Measured Using the α-Hemolysin Nanopore

Cortés, D.A.; Elrod, M.J., 2017:
Kinetics of the Aqueous Phase Reactions of Atmospherically Relevant Monoterpene Epoxides

Tiwary, A.Kumar.; Cecilia, D., 2016:
Kinetics of the association of dengue virus capsid protein with the granular component of nucleolus

Grimes, T.S.; Horne, G.P.; Dares, C.J.; Pimblott, S.M.; Mezyk, S.P.; Mincher, B.J., 2017:
Kinetics of the Autoreduction of Hexavalent Americium in Aqueous Nitric Acid

DAVIS, S.D.; WEDGWOOD, R.J., 1965:
Kinetics of the Bactericidal Action of Normal Serum on Gram-Negative Bacteria

Ward, M.K.M.; Rowley, D.M., 2017:
Kinetics of the BrO + HO 2 reaction over the temperature range T = 246-314 K

Gist, K.M.; Goldstein, S.L.; Wrona, J.; Alten, J.A.; Basu, R.K.; Cooper, D.S.; Soranno, D.E.; Duplantis, J.; Altmann, C.; Gao, Z.; Faubel, S., 2017:
Kinetics of the cell cycle arrest biomarkers (TIMP-2*IGFBP-7) for prediction of acute kidney injury in infants after cardiac surgery

Krasnoukhov, V.S.; Porfiriev, D.P.; Zavershinskiy, I.P.; Azyazov, V.N.; Mebel, A.M., 2017:
Kinetics of the CH 3 + C 5 H 5 Reaction: A Theoretical Study

Liu, L.; Walcarius, A., 2017:
Kinetics of the electrochemically-assisted deposition of sol-gel films

Takahashi, K.; Tanaka, R.; Fukuzaki, S., 2017:
Kinetics of the Inactivation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Weakly Acidic Sodium Chlorite Solution

Pudasaini, A.; Shim, J.Sung.; Song, Y.Hun.; Shi, H.; Kiba, T.; Somers, D.E.; Imaizumi, T.; Zoltowski, B.D., 2017:
Kinetics of the LOV domain of ZEITLUPE determine its circadian function in Arabidopsis

Li, J.Xian.; Law, N-Yeung., 2017:
Kinetics of the lower limb during two typical Tai Chi movements in the elderly

Zhou, L.; Ravishankara, A.R.; Brown, S.S.; Idir, M.; Zarzana, K.J.; Daële, Véronique.; Mellouki, A., 2017:
Kinetics of the Reactions of NO 3 Radical with Methacrylate Esters

Oyedeji, O.; Daw, C.Stuart.; Labbe, N.; Ayers, P.; Abdoulmoumine, N., 2017:
Kinetics of the release of elemental precursors of syngas and syngas contaminants during devolatilization of switchgrass

Martín-Lara, Mía.Ángeles.; Iáñez-Rodríguez, I.; Blázquez, G.; Quesada, Lía.; Pérez, A.; Calero, Mónica., 2017:
Kinetics of thermal decomposition of some biomasses in an inert environment. An investigation of the effect of lead loaded by biosorption

Mai, T.V-T.; Duong, M.V.; Nguyen, H.T.; Lin, K.C.; Huynh, L.K., 2017:
Kinetics of Thermal Unimolecular Decomposition of Acetic Anhydride: An Integrated Deterministic and Stochastic Model

Kubitscheck, U.; Siebrasse, J-Peter., 2017:
Kinetics of transport through the nuclear pore complex

Amtawong, J.; Sengupta, S.; Nguyen, M.T.; Carrejo, N.C.; Guo, J.; Fleischer, E.B.; Martin, R.W.; Janda, K.C., 2017:
Kinetics of Trifluoromethane Clathrate Hydrate Formation from CHF 3 Gas and Ice Particles

Lin, Y-Sheng.; Chen, H-Ju.; Huang, J-Ping.; Lee, P-Chi.; Tsai, C-Ru.; Hsu, T-Fang.; Huang, W-Ying., 2018:
Kinetics of Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity Using Vitis vinifera Leaf Extracts

Kulyk, K.; Palianytsia, B.; Alexander, J.D.; Azizova, L.; Borysenko, M.; Kartel, M.; Larsson, M.; Kulik, T., 2017:
Kinetics of Valeric Acid Ketonization and Ketenization in Catalytic Pyrolysis on Nanosized SiO 2 , γ-Al 2 O 3 , CeO 2 /SiO 2 , Al 2 O 3 /SiO 2 and TiO 2 /SiO 2

Vidic, R.D.; Chang, M-Tsang.; Thurnau, R.C., 1998:
Kinetics of Vapor-Phase Mercury Uptake by Virgin and Sulfur-Impregnated Activated Carbons

Midya, J.; Das, S.K., 2017:
Kinetics of Vapor-Solid Phase Transitions: Structure, Growth, and Mechanism

Knorr, R.; Knittl, M.; Behringer, C.; Ruhdorfer, J.; Böhrer, P., 2017:
Kinetics of α-(2,6-Dimethylphenl)vinyllithium: How To Control Errors Caused by Inefficient Mixing with Pairs of Rapidly Competing Ketones

Shi, S.; Li, P.; Meng, J.; Jiang, D.; Tan, Y.; Asghar, H.M.Noor.Ul.Huda.Khan., 2017:
Kinetics of volatile impurity removal from silicon by electron beam melting for photovoltaic applications

Arjmandi-Tash, O.; Kovalchuk, N.M.; Trybala, A.; Kuchin, I.V.; Starov, V., 2017:
Kinetics of Wetting and Spreading of Droplets over Various Substrates

de Laval, F.; Matheus, Séverine.; Labrousse, T.; Enfissi, A.; Rousset, D.; Briolant, Sébastien., 2017:
Kinetics of Zika Viral Load in Semen

Berhane, T.M.; Levy, J.; Krekeler, M.P.S.; Danielson, N.D., 2017:
Kinetic sorption of contaminants of emerging concern by a palygorskite-montmorillonite filter medium

Espinosa-Garcia, J.; Rangel, C.; Suleimanov, Y.V., 2017:
Kinetics study of the CN + CH 4 hydrogen abstraction reaction based on a new ab initio analytical full-dimensional potential energy surface

Phan, M.; Li, Z., 2017:
Kinetics Study of the Reactions of OH with n-Undecane and n-Dodecane Using the RR/DF/MS Technique

Hugo, Mín.; Martínez, A.; Trujillo, M.; Estrada, Dán.; Mastrogiovanni, M.; Linares, E.; Augusto, O.; Issoglio, F.; Zeida, A.; Estrín, Dío.A.; Heijnen, H.F.G.; Piacenza, Lía.; Radi, R., 2017:
Kinetics, subcellular localization, and contribution to parasite virulence of a Trypanosoma cruzi hybrid type A heme peroxidase ( Tc APx-CcP)

Tsuruyama, T., 2017:
Kinetic stability analysis of protein assembly on the center manifold around the critical point

Teo, A.; Lee, S.Je.; Goh, K.K.T.; Wolber, F.M., 2017:
Kinetic stability and cellular uptake of lutein in WPI-stabilised nanoemulsions and emulsions prepared by emulsification and solvent evaporation method

Liu, W.; Wei, F.; Ye, A.; Tian, M.; Han, J., 2017:
Kinetic stability and membrane structure of liposomes during in vitro infant intestinal digestion: Effect of cholesterol and lactoferrin

Blancas-Mejía, L.M.; Martin, E.B.; Williams, A.; Wall, J.S.; Ramirez-Alvarado, M., 2017:
Kinetic stability and sequence/structure studies of urine-derived Bence-Jones proteins from multiple myeloma and light chain amyloidosis patients

González Flecha, F.Luis., 2017:
Kinetic stability of membrane proteins

Lyu, H.; Lv, C.; Zhang, M.; Liu, J.; Meng, F.; Geng, Z.Feng., 2017:
Kinetic studies of the strengthening effect on liquid hot water pretreatments by organic acids

Iguchi, M.; Zhong, H.; Himeda, Y.; Kawanami, H., 2017:
Kinetic Studies on Formic Acid Dehydrogenation Catalyzed by an Iridium Complex towards Insights into the Catalytic Mechanism of High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas Production

Ahmadi, M.; Jaafarzadeh, N.; Rahmat, Z.Ghaed.; Babaei, A.Akbar.; Alavi, N.; Baboli, Z.; Niri, M.Vosoughi., 2017:
Kinetic studies on the removal of phenol by MBBR from saline wastewater

Capson-Tojo, G.; Rouez, M.; Crest, M.; Trably, E.; Steyer, J-Philippe.; Bernet, N.; Delgenès, J-Philippe.; Escudié, R., 2017:
Kinetic study of dry anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and cardboard for methane production

Lian, L.; Yao, B.; Hou, S.; Fang, J.; Yan, S.; Song, W., 2017:
Kinetic Study of Hydroxyl and Sulfate Radical-Mediated Oxidation of Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Effluents

Walsh, D.J.; Lau, S.Hong.; Hyatt, M.G.; Guironnet, D., 2017:
Kinetic Study of Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization with Third-Generation Grubbs Catalysts

De Cock, B.; Delaunay, N.; Deblonde, G.; Bosi, V.; Pasti, L.; Mangelings, D.; Vander Heyden, Y., 2017:
Kinetic study of niobium and tantalum hexameric forms and their substituted ions by capillary electrophoresis in alkaline medium

Ben Hamad Bouhamed, S.; Kechaou, N., 2017 :
Kinetic study of sulphuric acid hydrolysis of protein feathers

Mukai, K.; Yoshimoto, M.; Ishikura, M.; Nagaoka, S-Ichi., 2017:
Kinetic Study of the Aroxyl-Radical-Scavenging Activity of Five Fatty Acid Esters and Six Carotenoids in Toluene Solution: Structure-Activity Relationship for the Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction

Zaima, K.; Fukamachi, A.; Yagi, R.; Ito, Y.; Sugimoto, N.; Akiyama, H.; Shinomiya, K.; Harikai, N., 2017:
Kinetic Study of the Equilibration between Carminic Acid and Its Two Isomers Isolated from Cochineal Dye

Gámiz-González, M.A.; Correia, D.M.; Lanceros-Mendez, S.; Sencadas, V.; Gómez Ribelles, J.L.; Vidaurre, A., 2017:
Kinetic study of thermal degradation of chitosan as a function of deacetylation degree

Yu, H.; Kashima, H.; Regan, J.M.; Hussain, A.; Elbeshbishy, E.; Lee, H-Sool., 2018:
Kinetic study on anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to denitrification

Tojo, C.; Vila-Romeu, N., 2014:
Kinetic Study on the Formation of Bimetallic Core-Shell Nanoparticles via Microemulsions

de Araújo, M.Elisa.Melo.Branco.; Franco, Y.Edwirges.Moreira.; Alberto, T.Grando.; Messias, M.Cristina.Fernandes.; Leme, C.Wielewski.; Sawaya, A.Christine.Helena.Frankland.; Carvalho, P.de.Oliveira., 2017:
Kinetic study on the inhibition of xanthine oxidase by acylated derivatives of flavonoids synthesised enzymatically

Tao, R.; Bi, X.; Li, S.; Yao, Y.; Wu, F.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, C.; Lu, J., 2017:
Kinetics Tuning the Electrochemistry of Lithium Dendrites Formation in Lithium Batteries through Electrolytes

Fukuyama, M.; Hibara, A.; Yoshida, Y.; Maeda, K., 2017:
Kinetic Switching of the Concentration/Separation Behavior of Microdroplets

Sensale, S.; Peng, Z.; Chang, H-Chia., 2018:
Kinetic theory for DNA melting with vibrational entropy

Huang, H.W., 1971:
Kinetic theory of antibiotic ion carrier. II

Zhdankin, V.; Werner, G.R.; Uzdensky, D.A.; Begelman, M.C., 2017:
Kinetic Turbulence in Relativistic Plasma: From Thermal Bath to Nonthermal Continuum

Mohamed, M.H.; Wilson, L.D., 2015:
Kinetic Uptake Studies of Powdered Materials in Solution

Rubin, T.Moses.; Heyne, K.; Luchterhand, A.; Jan Bednarsch; W R Vondran, F.; Polychronidis, G.; Malinowski, M.; Nikolic, A.; Tautenhahn, H-Michael.; Jara, M.; Wünsch, T.; Stockmann, M.; Friso Lock, J., 2017:
Kinetic validation of the LiMAx test during 10 000 intravenous 13 C-methacetin breath tests

An, S.; Cha, H.Jun.; Ko, J-Min.; Han, H.; Kim, S.Young.; Kim, K-Suk.; Lee, S.Jeong.; An, I-Sook.; Kim, S.; Youn, H.Jeong.; Ahn, K.Joong.; Kim, S-Yeon., 2017:
Kinetin Improves Barrier Function of the Skin by Modulating Keratinocyte Differentiation Markers

Osgerby, L.; Lai, Y-Chiang.; Thornton, P.J.; Amalfitano, J.; Le Duff, Cécile.S.; Jabeen, I.; Kadri, H.; Miccoli, A.; Tucker, J.H.R.; Muqit, M.M.K.; Mehellou, Y., 2017:
Kinetin Riboside and Its ProTides Activate the Parkinson's Disease Associated PTEN-Induced Putative Kinase 1 (PINK1) Independent of Mitochondrial Depolarization

Gao, C.; Langbein, L.; Kamal, F.; George, A.A.; Walworth, N.C., 2017:
Kinetochore Components Required for Centromeric Chromatin Assembly Are Impacted by Msc1 in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Hinshaw, S.M.; Harrison, S.C., 2017:
Kinetochore Function from the Bottom Up

Chen, J.; Tresenrider, A.; Chia, M.; McSwiggen, D.T.; Spedale, G.; Jorgensen, V.; Liao, H.; van Werven, F.Jacobus.; Ünal, Eçin., 2017:
Kinetochore inactivation by expression of a repressive mRNA

de Wolf, B.; Kops, G.J.P.L., 2017:
Kinetochore Malfunction in Human Pathologies

Thomas, G.Emily.; Renjith, M.R.; Manna, T.K., 2017:
Kinetochore-microtubule interactions in chromosome segregation: lessons from yeast and mammalian cells

Kim, T.; Lara-Gonzalez, P.; Prevo, B.; Meitinger, F.; Cheerambathur, D.K.; Oegema, K.; Desai, A., 2017:
Kinetochores accelerate or delay APC/C activation by directing Cdc20 to opposing fates

Fung, J.C., 2017:
Kinetochores: Importance of Being Fashionably Late

Lim, L.Zhong.; Ee, S.; Fu, J.; Tan, Y.; He, C.Y.; Song, J., 2017:
Kinetoplastid membrane protein-11 adopts a four-helix bundle fold in DPC micelle

Laetsch, D.R.; Blaxter, M.L., 2017:
KinFin: Software for Taxon-Aware Analysis of Clustered Protein Sequences

Rovati, G.E.; Shrager, R.; Nicosia, S.; Munson, P.J., 1996:
KINFIT II: a nonlinear least-squares program for analysis of kinetic binding data

KING, E.J.; ABUL-FADL, M.A.M.; WALKER, P.G., 1950:
King-Armstrong phosphatase estimation by the determination of liberated phosphate

Cavalier-Smith, T., 2017:
Kingdom Chromista and its eight phyla: a new synthesis emphasising periplastid protein targeting, cytoskeletal and periplastid evolution, and ancient divergences

Rodríguez Bouza, H.; de la Fuente Aguado, J.; Rubianes Gonzalez, M.; Crespo Casal, M.; Sopeña Pérez-Argüelles, B., 2002:
Kingella kingae endocarditis

Huard, A.; Van Fraechem, G.; Gerain, J.; Van Hove, M.; Cosyns, B., 2018:
Kingella kingae septicemia in a patient with coxsackievirus infection

Mehta, A.R., 1937:
King George Thanksgiving (Anti-Tuberculosis) Fund

Sikand, B.K., 1939:
King George Thanksgiving (Antituberculosis) Fund: A Review of the Activities for the Year 1938-39

Spiegelman, Z.; Lee, C-Mei.; Gallagher, K.L., 2017:
KinG Is a Plant-Specific Kinesin That Regulates Both Intra- and Intercellular Movement of SHORT-ROOT

Turco, E.; Giorgio, I.; Misra, A.; dell'Isola, F., 2017:
King post truss as a motif for internal structure of (meta)material with controlled elastic properties

Salvage, J., 1989:
King's Fund nursing developments. Primary nursing

Wheeler, D., 1989:
King's Fund nursing developments. Primary nursing: a process of change

Sumner, H.; Evans, A., 1989:
King's Fund nursing developments. Primary nursing in Camberwell

Punton, S., 1989 :
King's Fund nursing development. The Oxford experience

Bamber, T., 1989:
King's Fund nursing development. The Tameside experience

Saifuddin, S.R.; Devlies, W.; Santaolalla, A.; Cahill, F.; George, G.; Enting, D.; Rudman, S.; Cathcart, P.; Challacombe, B.; Dasgupta, P.; Galustian, C.; Chandra, A.; Chowdhury, S.; Gillett, C.; Van Hemelrijck, M., 2018:
King's Health Partners' Prostate Cancer Biobank (KHP PCaBB)

Jost, W.H.; Rizos, A.; Odin, P.; Löhle, M.; Storch, A., 2017:
King's Parkinson's disease pain scale : Intercultural adaptation in the German language

Haddad, Y.; Couture, Réjean., 2017:
Kininase 1 As a Preclinical Therapeutic Target for Kinin B 1 Receptor in Insulin Resistance

Liu, T.; Liu, H.; Feng, L.; Xiao, B., 2017:
Kinin B1 receptor as a novel, prognostic progression biomarker for carotid atherosclerotic plaques

Sriramula, S.; Lazartigues, E., 2017:
Kinin B1 Receptor Promotes Neurogenic Hypertension Through Activation of Centrally Mediated Mechanisms

Qadri, F.; Bader, M., 2017:
Kinin B1 receptors as a therapeutic target for inflammation

Marceau, F.; Bachvarov, D.R., 1999:
Kinin receptors

Dutra, R.Cypriano., 2016:
Kinin receptors: Key regulators of autoimmunity

Costa, R.; Bicca, Míra.A.; Manjavachi, M.N.; Segat, G.C.; Dias, F.Chaves.; Fernandes, E.S.; Calixto, Jão.B., 2017:
Kinin Receptors Sensitize TRPV4 Channel and Induce Mechanical Hyperalgesia: Relevance to Paclitaxel-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Mice

Cuschieri, A.; Onabanjo, O.A., 1971:
Kinin release after gastric surgery

Hart, M.W.; Grosberg, R.K., 1999:
Kin Interactions in a Colonial Hydrozoan (Hydractinia Symbiolongicarpus): Population Structure on a Mobile Landscape

Zhou, Y.; Chen, B.Gin-Ge.; Upadhyaya, N.; Vitelli, V., 2017:
Kink-antikink asymmetry and impurity interactions in topological mechanical chains

VAUGHAN, B.F., 1956:
Kinking of the aortic arch

Solheim, K.; Vasli, L., 1986:
Kinking of the internal carotid artery

Vannix, R.S.; Joergenson, E.J.; Carter, R., 1977:
Kinking of the internal carotid artery. Clinical significance and surgical management

Terzic, D.; Nestorovic, E.; Putnik, S.; Markovic, D.; Ristic, M., 2018:
Kinking of the Outflow Graft, Consequent Ventricular Tachycardia, and the Need for Reoperation in a Patient with Left Ventricular Assist Device

Kemal, H.S.; Gunsel, A.; Kocaoglu, M.; Cerit, L.; Duygu, H., 2017:
Kink of Subclavian Artery Mimicking Stenosis

Eid, S.; Turk, S.; Volkamer, A.; Rippmann, F.; Fulle, S., 2017:
KinMap: a web-based tool for interactive navigation through human kinome data

Pfennig, D.W.; Frankino, W.Anthony., 1997:
Kin-Mediated Morphogenesis in Facultatively Cannibalistic Tadpoles

Singh, H.; Du, J.; Yi, T-Hoo., 2017:
Kinneretia THG-SQI4 mediated biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and its antimicrobial efficacy

Turner, M.R.; Eisen, A.; Kiernan, M.C.; Ravits, J.; Swash, M., 2017:
Kinnier Wilson's puzzling features of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Naz, S.; Shams, F.; Tabassum, S.; Ul-Haq, I.; Ashraf, M.; Zia, M., 2017:
Kinnow peel extract as a reducing and capping agent for the fabrication of silver NPs and their biological applications

Golkowski, M.; Vidadala, R.Subba.Rao.; Lombard, C.K.; Suh, H.Won.; Maly, D.J.; Ong, S-En., 2017:
Kinobead and Single-Shot LC-MS Profiling Identifies Selective PKD Inhibitors

Stuhlmiller, T.J.; Zawistowski, J.S.; Chen, X.; Sciaky, N.; Angus, S.P.; Hicks, S.T.; Parry, T.L.; Huang, W.; Beak, J.Youn.; Willis, M.S.; Johnson, G.L.; Jensen, B.C., 2018:
Kinome and Transcriptome Profiling Reveal Broad and Distinct Activities of Erlotinib, Sunitinib, and Sorafenib in the Mouse Heart and Suggest Cardiotoxicity From Combined Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition

Russo, R.; Cimmino, F.; Pezone, L.; Manna, F.; Avitabile, M.; Langella, C.; Koster, J.; Casale, F.; Raia, M.; Viola, G.; Fischer, M.; Iolascon, A.; Capasso, M., 2017:
Kinome expression profiling of human neuroblastoma tumors identifies potential drug targets for ultra high-risk patients

Arend, K.C.; Lenarcic, E.M.; Vincent, H.A.; Rashid, N.; Lazear, E.; McDonald, I.M.; Gilbert, T.S.K.; East, M.P.; Herring, L.E.; Johnson, G.L.; Graves, L.M.; Moorman, N.J., 2017:
Kinome Profiling Identifies Druggable Targets for Novel Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) Antivirals

Sorgenfrei, F.A.; Fulle, S.; Merget, B., 2017:
Kinome-Wide Profiling Prediction of Small Molecules

Jansen, V.M.; Bhola, N.E.; Bauer, J.A.; Formisano, L.; Lee, K-Min.; Hutchinson, K.E.; Witkiewicz, A.K.; Moore, P.D.; Estrada, Mónica.Valéria.; Sánchez, V.; Ericsson, P.G.; Sanders, M.E.; Pohlmann, P.R.; Pishvaian, M.J.; Riddle, D.A.; Dugger, T.C.; Wei, W.; Knudsen, E.S.; Arteaga, C.L., 2017:
Kinome-Wide RNA Interference Screen Reveals a Role for PDK1 in Acquired Resistance to CDK4/6 Inhibition in ER-Positive Breast Cancer

Bailey, F.P.; Clarke, K.; Kalirai, H.; Kenyani, J.; Shahidipour, H.; Falciani, F.; Coulson, J.M.; Sacco, J.J.; Coupland, S.E.; Eyers, P.A., 2017:
Kinome-wide transcriptional profiling of uveal melanoma reveals new vulnerabilities to targeted therapeutics

Ghosh, A.P.; Willey, C.D.; Anderson, J.C.; Welaya, K.; Chen, D.; Mehta, A.; Ghatalia, P.; Madan, A.; Naik, G.; Sudarshan, S.; Sonpavde, G., 2017:
Kinomic profiling identifies focal adhesion kinase 1 as a therapeutic target in advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Kokras, N.; Baltas, D.; Theocharis, F.; Dalla, C., 2017:
Kinoscope: An Open-Source Computer Program for Behavioral Pharmacologists

Pfennig, D.W., 1990:
"kin Recognition" Among Spadefoot Toad Tadpoles: a Side-Effect of Habitat Selection?

Keough, M.J., 1984:
Kin-Recognition and the Spatial Distribution of Larvae of the Bryozoan Bugula Neritina (L.)

Gamboa, G.J.; Berven, K.A.; Schemidt, R.A.; Fishwild, T.G.; Jankens, K.M., 1991:
Kin recognition by larval wood frogs (Rana sylvatica): effects of diet and prior exposure to conspecifics

Cornell, T.J.; Berven, K.A.; Gamboa, G.J., 1989:
Kin recognition by tadpoles and froglets of the wood frog Rana sylvatica

West-Eberhard, M.Jane., 1989:
Kin Recognition in Animals

Łukasiewicz, A.; Szubert-Kruszyńska, A.; Radwan, J., 2018:
Kin selection promotes female productivity and cooperation between the sexes

Viñas-Diez, V.; Turró-Garriga, O.; Portellano-Ortiz, C.; Gascón-Bayarri, J.; Reñé-Ramírez, Rón.; Garre-Olmo, J.; Conde-Sala, J.Lluís., 2017:
Kinship and cohabitation in relation to caregiver burden in the context of Alzheimer's disease: a 24-month longitudinal study

Bebbington, K.; Kingma, S.A.; Fairfield, E.A.; Dugdale, H.L.; Komdeur, J.; Spurgin, L.G.; Richardson, D.S., 2018:
Kinship and familiarity mitigate costs of social conflict between Seychelles warbler neighbors

Riehl, C., 2018:
Kinship and Incest Avoidance Drive Patterns of Reproductive Skew in Cooperatively Breeding Birds

Paoli, G.; Franceschi, M.G.; Taglioli, L., 1996:
Kinship by isonymy and by gene frequencies: A comparison of population structures at different hierarchical population levels

Winokur, M.; Holtan, A.; Valentine, D., 2009:
Kinship care for the safety, permanency, and well-being of children removed from the home for maltreatment

Jasieński, M., 1988:
Kinship ecology of competition: size hierarchies in kin and nonkin laboratory cohorts of tadpoles

MacKellar, C., 2017:
Kinship Identities in the Context of UK Maternal Spindle Transfer and Pronuclear Transfer Legislation

Carruth, L., 2017 :
Kinship, nomadism, and humanitarian aid among Somalis in Ethiopia

Lansing, J.Stephen.; Abundo, C.; Jacobs, G.S.; Guillot, E.G.; Thurner, S.; Downey, S.S.; Chew, L.Yue.; Bhattacharya, T.; Chung, N.Ning.; Sudoyo, H.; Cox, M.P., 2017:
Kinship structures create persistent channels for language transmission

Forsythe-Brown, I.; Taylor, R.Joseph.; Chatters, L.M.; Govia, I.O.; Matusko, N.; Jackson, J.S., 2017:
Kinship Support in Jamaican Families in the USA and Jamaica

Cho, S.; Seo, H.Jin.; Lee, J.; Yu, H.Jin.; Lee, S.Deok., 2016:
Kinship Testing Based on SNPs Using Microarray System

Ingvarsson, P.K.; Giles, B.E., 1999:
Kin-Structured Colonization and Small-Scale Genetic Differentiation in Silene Dioica

Sultana, I.; Rahman, M.Mokhlesur.; Mateti, S.; Ahmadabadi, V.Ghanooni.; Glushenkov, A.M.; Chen, Y., 2017:
K-ion and Na-ion storage performances of Co 3 O 4 -Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticle-decorated super P carbon black prepared by a ball milling process

Zuo, D.; Chen, K.; Zhou, M.; Liu, Z.; Chen, H., 2017:
Kir2.1 and K2P1 channels reconstitute two levels of resting membrane potential in cardiomyocytes

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Knockdown of Cxcl10 Inhibits Mesangial Cell Proliferation in Murine Habu Nephritis Via ERK Signaling

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Knockdown of CXCL14 disrupts neurovascular patterning during ocular development

Li, Y.; Ji, S.; Fu, L-Ye.; Jiang, T.; Wu, D.; Meng, F-Dong., 2016:
Knockdown of Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 3 Inhibits Proliferation and Invasion in Human Gastric Cancer Cells

Zhang, K.; Wang, W.; Wu, K.; Ding, C.; Zhu, J.; DU, Y.; Guan, Z.; Wang, X.; Fan, J., 2017:
Knock-down of DAB2 interacting protein (DAB2IP) promotes proliferation and inhibits apoptosis of bladder cancer cells

Ma, Z.; Feng, J.; Guo, Y.; Kong, R.; Ma, Y.; Sun, L.; Yang, X.; Zhou, B.; Li, S.; Zhang, W.; Jiang, J.; Zhang, J.; Qiao, Z.; Cheng, Y.; Zha, D.; Liu, S., 2017:
Knockdown of DDX5 Inhibits the Proliferation and Tumorigenesis in Esophageal Cancer

Zhang, C.; Wang, L.; Chen, J.; Liang, J.; Xu, Y.; Li, Z.; Chen, F.; Du, D., 2017:
Knockdown of Diaph1 expression inhibits migration and decreases the expression of MMP2 and MMP9 in human glioma cells

Lv, X-Yi.; Ma, L.; Chen, J-Feng.; Yu, R.; Li, Y.; Yan, Z-Jun.; Cheng, Y.; Ma, Q., 2017:
Knockdown of DUXAP10 inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis in bladder cancer cells via PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway

Shen, Z-Gang.; Liu, X-Zhou.; Chen, C-Xiu.; Lu, J-Min., 2017:
Knockdown of E2F3 Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion and Increases Apoptosis in Glioma Cells

Zhu, X.; Li, Y.; Zhou, R.; Wang, N.; Kang, S., 2017:
Knockdown of E-cadherin expression of endometrial epithelial cells may activate Wnt/β-catenin pathway in vitro

Peng, H-Yun.; Yu, Q-Fang.; Shen, W.; Guo, C-Ming.; Li, Z.; Zhou, X-Yan.; Zhou, N-Jin.; Min, W-Ping.; Gao, D., 2017:
Knockdown of ELMO3 Suppresses Growth, Invasion and Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer

Murphy, T.; Melville, H.; Fradkin, E.; Bistany, G.; Branigan, G.; Olsen, K.; Comstock, C.R.; Hanby, H.; Garbade, E.; DiBenedetto, A.J., 2017:
Knockdown of epigenetic transcriptional co-regulator Brd2a disrupts apoptosis and proper formation of hindbrain and midbrain-hindbrain boundary (MHB) region in zebrafish

Liu, G-Zhen.; Liu, J-Zhu.; Li, X-Qing.; Zhang, L.; Li, S-Jing.; Xiao, T-Wu.; Wang, J-Xia.; Li, G-Yao.; Liu, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit D (eIF3D) inhibits proliferation of acute myeloid leukemia cells

Wang, J.; Jiang, W.; Yan, Y.; Chen, C.; Yu, Y.; Wang, B.; Zhao, H., 2016:
Knockdown of EWSR1/FLI1 expression alters the transcriptome of Ewing sarcoma cells in vitro

Dai, D.; Wu, H.; Yang, J.; Shen, S.; Zhao, C.; Ding, J.; Hu, S., 2017:
Knock-down of farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase protects heart-derived H9c2 cells against hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced injury

Li, P.; Yu, Z.; He, L.; Zhou, D.; Xie, S.; Hou, H.; Geng, X., 2017:
Knockdown of FOXK1 inhibited the proliferation, migration and invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Chen, F.; Xiong, W.; Dou, K.; Ran, Q., 2017:
Knockdown of FOXK1 Suppresses Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Prostate Cancer Cells

Xu, W.; Chang, J.; Liu, G.; Du, X.; Li, X., 2017:
Knockdown of FOXR2 suppresses the tumorigenesis, growth and metastasis of prostate cancer

Liu, X.; Yan, Y.; Ma, W.; Wu, S., 2017:
Knockdown of frizzled-7 inhibits cell growth and metastasis and promotes chemosensitivity of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells by inhibiting Wnt signaling

Shang, H.; Liu, X.; Guo, H., 2017:
Knockdown of Fstl1 attenuates hepatic stellate cell activation through the TGF‑β1/Smad3 signaling pathway

Deng, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, H.; Shi, Z.; Sun, X., 2017:
Knockdown of FSTL1 inhibits PDGF‑BB‑induced human airway smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration

Zhang, J.; Xiong, X.; Hua, X.; Cao, W.; Qin, S.; Dai, L.; Liang, P.; Zhang, H.; Liu, Z., 2017:
Knockdown of FUSE binding protein 1 enhances the sensitivity of epithelial ovarian cancer cells to carboplatin

Xu, L.; Li, J.; Kuang, Z.; Kuang, Y.; Wu, H., 2017:
Knockdown of Gab1 Inhibits Cellular Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Human Oral Squamous Carcinoma Cells

Wang, Z.; Kang, J.; Deng, X.; Guo, B.; Wu, B.; Fan, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of GATAD2A suppresses cell proliferation in thyroid cancer in vitro

Dai, B.; Li, Q.; Song, X.; Ge, Y.; Wu, J.; Zhang, K.; Wang, C.; Zhang, Y.; Teng, H.; Li, C.; Jiang, Q., 2017 :
Knockdown of Ggps1 in chondrocyte expedites fracture healing by accelerating the progression of endochondral ossification in mice

Zhang, H-Yan.; Yang, W.; Lu, J-Bin., 2017:
Knockdown of GluA2 induces apoptosis in non-small-cell lung cancer A549 cells through the p53 signaling pathway

Liu, B-Yao.; Cao, G.; Dong, Z.; Chen, W.; Xu, J-Ke.; Zhang, S-Lin.; Weng, Z-Qiang., 2017:
Knockdown of Grb7 inhibits growth of oral squamous cell carcinoma, cell proliferation and promoted apoptosis through ERK/FOXM1 pathway

Wang, X-Qiang.; Bai, H-Min.; Li, S-Ting.; Sun, H.; Min, L-Zhao.; Tao, B-Bao.; Zhong, J.; Li, B., 2017:
Knockdown of HDAC1 expression suppresses invasion and induces apoptosis in glioma cells

Deane, C.A.S.; Brown, I.R., 2017:
Knockdown of Heat Shock Proteins HSPA6 (Hsp70B') and HSPA1A (Hsp70-1) Sensitizes Differentiated Human Neuronal Cells to Cellular Stress

Kyritsi, K.; Meng, F.; Zhou, T.; Wu, N.; Venter, J.; Francis, H.; Kennedy, L.; Onori, P.; Franchitto, A.; Bernuzzi, F.; Invernizzi, P.; McDaniel, K.; Mancinelli, R.; Alvaro, D.; Gaudio, E.; Alpini, G.; Glaser, S., 2017:
Knockdown of Hepatic Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone by Vivo-Morpholino Decreases Liver Fibrosis in Multidrug Resistance Gene 2 Knockout Mice by Down-Regulation of miR-200b

Zhang, H.; Nan, W.; Song, X.; Wang, S.; Si, H.; Li, G., 2017:
Knockdown of HIF-1α inhibits the proliferation and migration of outer root sheath cells exposed to hypoxia in vitro: An involvement of Shh pathway

Li, D.; Chen, F.; Ding, J.; Lin, N.; Li, Z.; Wang, X., 2017:
Knockdown of HIP1 expression promotes ligand‑induced endocytosis of EGFR in HeLa cells

Pan, C.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, M.K.; Wang, S.Q.; Liu, Y.B.; Quan, Z.W.; Ou, J.M., 2017:
Knockdown of HMGB1 inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in hemangioma via downregulation of AKT pathway

Gan, Y.; He, L.; Yao, K.; Tan, J.; Zeng, Q.; Dai, Y.; Liu, J.; Tang, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of HMGN5 increases the chemosensitivity of human urothelial bladder cancer cells to cisplatin by targeting PI3K/Akt signaling

Wiesmann, N.; Strozynski, J.; Beck, C.; Zimmermann, N.; Mendler, S.; Gieringer, R.; Schmidtmann, I.; Brieger, Jürgen., 2017:
Knockdown of hnRNPK leads to increased DNA damage after irradiation and reduces survival of tumor cells

Zhang, B.; Li, N.; Zhang, H., 2017:
Knockdown of Homeobox B5 (HOXB5) Inhibits Cell Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells Through Inactivation of the Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway

Zhou, S.; Xiao, Y.; Zhuang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, H.; Yang, H.; Xie, C.; Zhou, F.; Zhou, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of homeobox containing 1 increases the radiosensitivity of cervical cancer cells through telomere shortening

Téllez, J.; Romero, I.; Soares, M.José.; Steindel, M.; Romanha, A.José., 2017:
Knockdown of Host Antioxidant Defense Genes Enhances the Effect of Glucantime on Intracellular Leishmania braziliensis in Human Macrophages

Zhou, J-Jia.; Cheng, D.; He, X-Yu.; Meng, Z.; Li, W-Zhu.; Chen, R-Fu., 2017:
Knockdown of Hotair suppresses proliferation and cell cycle progression in hepatocellular carcinoma cell by downregulating CCND1 expression

Zhang, H.; Zhao, J-Hai.; Suo, Z-Min., 2016:
Knockdown of HOXA5 inhibits the tumorigenesis in esophageal squamous cell cancer

Tong, G.; Wu, X.; Cheng, B.; Li, L.; Li, X.; Li, Z.; Nong, Q.; Chen, X.; Liu, Y.; Wang, S., 2017:
Knockdown of HOXA-AS2 suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in colorectal cancer

Liu, T.; Krysiak, K.; Shirai, C.Lunn.; Kim, S.; Shao, J.; Ndonwi, M.; Walter, M.J., 2017 :
Knockdown of HSPA9 induces TP53-dependent apoptosis in human hematopoietic progenitor cells

Sun, E.L.; Liu, C.X.; Ma, Z.X.; Mou, X.Y.; Mu, X.A.; Ni, Y.H.; Li, X.L.; Zhang, D.; Ju, Y.R., 2017:
Knockdown of human serine/threonine kinase 33 suppresses human small cell lung carcinoma by blocking RPS6/BAD signaling transduction

Fang, Z.; Wang, X.; Yan, Q.; Zhang, S.; Li, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of IARS2 suppressed growth of gastric cancer cells by regulating the phosphorylation of cell cycle-related proteins

Bredow, M.; Vanderbeld, B.; Walker, V.K., 2017:
Knockdown of Ice-Binding Proteins in Brachypodium distachyon Demonstrates Their Role in Freeze Protection

Pang, J.; Yan, X.; Cao, H.; Qian, L.; He, H.; Tian, H.; Han, F.; Wang, G.; Chen, X.; Zhao, Y.; Hu, J-Fan.; Cui, J., 2017:
Knockdown of COPS3 Inhibits Lung Cancer Tumor Growth in Nude Mice by Blocking Cell Cycle Progression

Cui, Y.; Wu, B.O.; Flamini, V.; Evans, B.A.J.; Zhou, D.; Jiang, W.G., 2017:
Knockdown of EPHA1 Using CRISPR/CAS9 Suppresses Aggressive Properties of Ovarian Cancer Cells

Li, J-Juan.; Ma, F-Xia.; Wang, Y-Wei.; Chen, F.; Lu, S-Hong.; Chi, Y.; Du, W-Jing.; Song, B-Quan.; Hu, L-Ding.; Chen, H.; Han, Z-Chao., 2017:
Knockdown of IL-8 Provoked Premature Senescence of Placenta-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Lee, A.Young.; Kim, S.; Lee, S.; Jiang, H-Lin.; Kim, S-Bum.; Hong, S-Ho.; Cho, M-Haing., 2017:
Knockdown of Importin 7 Inhibits Lung Tumorigenesis in K-ras LA1 Lung Cancer Mice

Deng, A.; Zhang, H.; Hu, M.; Liu, S.; Gao, Q.; Wang, Y.; Guo, C., 2017:
Knockdown of Indian hedgehog protein induces an inhibition of cell growth and differentiation in osteoblast MC3T3‑E1 cells

Su, D.; Liu, Y.; Song, T., 2017:
Knockdown of IQGAP1 inhibits proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition by Wnt/β-catenin pathway in thyroid cancer

Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Lin, X-Hua.; Li, Z-Ming.; Zhang, Q-Yu., 2017:
Knockdown of IRF3 inhibits extracellular matrix expression in keloid fibroblasts

Cao, J.; Li, H.; Liu, G.; Han, S.; Xu, P., 2017:
Knockdown of JARID2 inhibits the proliferation and invasion of ovarian cancer through the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway

Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of JARID2 inhibits the viability and migration of placenta trophoblast cells in preeclampsia

Ma, X.; Ren, L.; Zhang, N.; Liu, C.; Zhu, Y.; Xiao, J., 2018:
Knock-down of KHDRBS3 gene inhibits proliferation of human ovarian cancer CAOV-3 cells

Chivu-Economescu, M.; Dragu, D.L.; Necula, L.G.; Matei, L.; Enciu, A.Maria.; Bleotu, C.; Diaconu, C.C., 2017:
Knockdown of KRT17 by siRNA induces antitumoral effects on gastric cancer cells

Hu, G-Wen.; Wu, L.; Kuang, W.; Chen, Y.; Zhu, X-Gen.; Guo, H.; Lang, H-Li., 2017:
Knockdown of linc-OIP5 inhibits proliferation and migration of glioma cells through down-regulation of YAP-NOTCH signaling pathway

Ma, J.; Li, T.; Han, X.; Yuan, H., 2017:
Knockdown of LncRNA ANRIL suppresses cell proliferation, metastasis, and invasion via regulating miR-122-5p expression in hepatocellular carcinoma

Xie, P.; Cao, H.; Li, Y.; Wang, J.; Cui, Z., 2017:
Knockdown of lncRNA CCAT2 inhibits endometrial cancer cells growth and metastasis via sponging miR-216b

Zhu, W.; Zhuang, P.; Song, W.; Duan, S.; Xu, Q.; Peng, M.; Zhou, J., 2017:
Knockdown of lncRNA HNF1A-AS1 inhibits oncogenic phenotypes in colorectal carcinoma

Kong, D.; Wang, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of lncRNA HULC inhibits proliferation, migration, invasion, and promotes apoptosis by sponging miR-122 in osteosarcoma

Wang, Y.; Kong, D., 2017:
Knockdown of lncRNA MEG3 inhibits viability, migration, and invasion and promotes apoptosis by sponging miR-127 in osteosarcoma cell

Li, Z.; Gao, B.; Hao, S.; Tian, W.; Chen, Y.; Wang, L.; Zhang, X.; Luo, D., 2017:
Knockdown of lncRNA-PANDAR suppresses the proliferation, cell cycle and promotes apoptosis in thyroid cancer cells

Wu, D.; Li, Y.; Zhang, H.; Hu, X., 2017:
Knockdown of Lncrna PVT1 Enhances Radiosensitivity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by Sponging Mir-195

Guo, D.; Wang, Y.; Ren, K.; Han, X., 2017:
Knockdown of LncRNA PVT1 inhibits tumorigenesis in non-small-cell lung cancer by regulating miR-497 expression

Sun, W.; Zu, Y.; Fu, X.; Deng, Y., 2018:
Knockdown of lncRNA-XIST enhances the chemosensitivity of NSCLC cells via suppression of autophagy

Zhong, J-Bin.; Li, X.; Zhong, S-Ming.; Liu, J-Di.; Chen, C-Bang.; Wu, X-Yan., 2017:
Knockdown of long noncoding antisense RNA brain-derived neurotrophic factor attenuates hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced nerve cell apoptosis through the BDNF-TrkB-PI3K/Akt signaling pathway

Dong, X.; Jin, Z.; Chen, Y.; Xu, H.; Ma, C.; Hong, X.; Li, Y.; Zhao, G., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA ANRIL inhibits proliferation, migration, and invasion but promotes apoptosis of human glioma cells by upregulation of miR-34a

He, X.; Sun, F.; Guo, F.; Wang, K.; Gao, Y.; Feng, Y.; Song, B.; Li, W.; Li, Y., 2016:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA FTX Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Renal Cell Carcinoma Cells

Huang, H.; Liao, W.; Zhu, X.; Liu, H.; Cai, L., 2017:
Knockdown of long noncoding RNA GHET1 inhibits cell activation of gastric cancer

Zhou, J.; Li, X.; Wu, M.; Lin, C.; Guo, Y.; Tian, B., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA GHET1 Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Invasion of Colorectal Cancer

Cheng, C.; Qin, Y.; Zhi, Q.; Wang, J.; Qin, C., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA HOTAIR inhibits cisplatin resistance of gastric cancer cells through inhibiting the PI3K/Akt and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathways by up-regulating miR-34a

Zheng, L.; Chen, J.; Zhou, Z.; He, Z., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA HOXD-AS1 inhibits gastric cancer cell growth via inactivating the JAK2/STAT3 pathway

Liu, S.; Yan, G.; Zhang, J.; Yu, L., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA (lncRNA) Metastasis-Associated Lung Adenocarcinoma Transcript 1 (MALAT1) Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion and Promotes Apoptosis by Targeting miR-124 in Retinoblastoma

Ren, K.; Xu, R.; Huang, J.; Zhao, J.; Shi, W., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA KCNQ1OT1 depressed chemoresistance to paclitaxel in lung adenocarcinoma

Gong, W.; Zheng, J.; Liu, X.; Liu, Y.; Guo, J.; Gao, Y.; Tao, W.; Chen, J.; Li, Z.; Ma, J.; Xue, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Non-Coding RNA KCNQ1OT1 Restrained Glioma Cells' Malignancy by Activating miR-370/CCNE2 Axis

Zhu, Z.; Dai, J.; Liao, Y.; Ma, J.; Zhou, W., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA LINC00152 Suppresses Cellular Proliferation and Invasion in Glioma Cells by Regulating miR-4775

Gao, Y-Sheng.; Liu, X-Zhi.; Zhang, Y-Gang.; Liu, X-Jin.; Li, L-Zhen., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA LUCAT1 Inhibits Cell Viability and Invasion by Regulating miR-375 in Glioma

Liu, D.; Zhu, Y.; Pang, J.; Weng, X.; Feng, X.; Guo, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA MALAT1 inhibits growth and motility of human hepatoma cells via modulation of miR-195

Gong, L.; Xu, H.; Chang, H.; Tong, Y.; Zhang, T.; Guo, G., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA MEG3 protects H9c2 cells from hypoxia-induced injury by targeting microRNA-183

Wang, H.; Yu, Y.; Fan, S.; Luo, L., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Non-Coding RNA NEAT1 Inhibits Proliferation and Invasion and Induces Apoptosis of Osteosarcoma by Inhibiting miR-194 Expression

Qiao, L.; Liu, X.; Tang, Y.; Zhao, Z.; Zhang, J.; Liu, H., 2017:
Knockdown of long non-coding RNA prostate cancer-associated ncRNA transcript 1 inhibits multidrug resistance and c-Myc-dependent aggressiveness in colorectal cancer Caco-2 and HT-29 cells

Wang, X.; Qi, G.; Zhang, J.; Wu, J.; Zhou, N.; Li, L.; Ma, J., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA Small Nucleolar RNA Host Gene 12 Inhibits Cell Growth and Induces Apoptosis by Upregulating miR-138 in Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer

Wang, H.; Yu, Y.; Fan, S.; Luo, L., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Noncoding RNA TUG1 Inhibits the Proliferation and Cellular Invasion of Osteosarcoma Cells by Sponging miR-153

Liu, H.; Wang, G.; Yang, L.; Qu, J.; Yang, Z.; Zhou, X., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Non-Coding RNA UCA1 Increases the Tamoxifen Sensitivity of Breast Cancer Cells through Inhibition of Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway

Wu, T.; Wu, D.; Wu, Q.; Zou, B.; Huang, X.; Cheng, X.; Wu, Y.; Hong, K.; Li, P.; Yang, R.; Li, Y.; Cheng, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of Long Non-Coding RNA-ZFAS1 Protects Cardiomyocytes Against Acute Myocardial Infarction Via Anti-Apoptosis by Regulating miR-150/CRP

Chetty, C.J.; Ferreira, E.; Jovanovic, K.; Weiss, S.F.T., 2017:
Knockdown of LRP/LR induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer and neuroblastoma cells through activation of caspases

Sun, J-Yong.; Zhao, Z-Wei.; Li, W-Miao.; Yang, G.; Jing, P-Yu.; Li, P.; Dang, H-Zhou.; Chen, Z.; Zhou, Y-An.; Li, X-Fei., 2017:
Knockdown of MALAT1 expression inhibits HUVEC proliferation by upregulation of miR-320a and downregulation of FOXM1 expression

Yu, S.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, H.; Zhao, H.; Lv, W.; Chen, J.; Wan, F.; Liu, D.; Gao, Z.; Wu, J., 2017:
Knockdown of Mediator Complex Subunit 19 Suppresses the Growth and Invasion of Prostate Cancer Cells

Yuan, H.; Yu, S.; Cui, Y.; Men, C.; Yang, D.; Gao, Z.; Zhu, Z.; Wu, J., 2017:
Knockdown of mediator subunit Med19 suppresses bladder cancer cell proliferation and migration by downregulating Wnt/β-catenin signalling pathway

Talpur, H.Sajjad.; Worku, T.; Rehman, Z.Ur.; Dad, R.; Bhattarai, D.; Bano, I.; Farmanullah; Liang, A.; He, C.; Yang, L., 2017:
Knockdown of melatonin receptor 1 and induction of follicle-stimulating hormone on the regulation of mouse granulosa cell function

Zhang, Z.; Li, H.; Chen, S.; Li, Y.; Cui, Z.; Ma, J., 2018:
Knockdown of MicroRNA-122 Protects H9c2 Cardiomyocytes from Hypoxia-Induced Apoptosis and Promotes Autophagy

Tan, L.; Meng, L.; Shi, X.; Yu, B., 2017:
Knockdown of microRNA-17-5p ameliorates atherosclerotic lesions in ApoE -/- mice and restores the expression of very low density lipoprotein receptor

Zhao, C.; Wang, Y.; Jin, H.; Yu, T., 2017:
Knockdown of microRNA-203 alleviates LPS-induced injury by targeting MCL-1 in C28/I2 chondrocytes

Yu, Y.; Liao, L.; Shao, B.; Su, X.; Shuai, Y.; Wang, H.; Shang, F.; Zhou, Z.; Yang, D.; Jin, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of MicroRNA Let-7a Improves the Functionality of Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Immunotherapy

Yin, H.; Song, S.; Pan, X., 2017:
Knockdown of miR-155 protects microglia against LPS-induced inflammatory injury via targeting RACK1: a novel research for intracranial infection

Zhang, R.; Xu, J.; Zhao, J.; Bai, J., 2017:
Knockdown of miR-27a sensitizes colorectal cancer stem cells to TRAIL by promoting the formation of Apaf-1-caspase-9 complex

Shao, L.; Shen, Z.; Qian, H.; Zhou, S.; Chen, Y., 2017:
Knockdown of miR-629 Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Malignant Behaviors by Targeting Testis-Specific Y-Like Protein 5

Niu, J.; Zhao, X.; Liu, Q.; Yang, J., 2017:
Knockdown of MSI1 inhibited the cell proliferation of human osteosarcoma cells by targeting p21 and p27

Zhai, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, D.; Chong, T.; Zhao, J., 2017:
Knockdown of MSP58 inhibits the proliferation and metastasis in human renal cell carcinoma cells

Yu, H.; Jiang, L.; Zhou, K.; Wang, X.; Liu, B.; Zheng, Y.; Zeng, J.; Xiao, F., 2018:
Knockdown of MTDH/AEG-1 inhibits the growth and metastasis of SGC7901 cells

Aung, L.H.H.; Li, R.; Prabhakar, B.S.; Li, P., 2017:
Knockdown of Mtfp1 can minimize doxorubicin cardiotoxicity by inhibiting Dnm1l-mediated mitochondrial fission

Yang, X.; Wang, R.; Xu, K.; Yang, F.; Chen, Y.; Zuo, Z.; Song, B., 2017:
Knockdown of myeloid cell leukemia 1 gene inhibits the proliferation and promotes apoptosis of prostate cancer cells

Cárdenas, A.María.; Fernández-Olivares, P.; Díaz-Franulic, I.; González-Jamett, A.M.; Shimahara, T.; Segura-Aguilar, J.; Caviedes, Rúl.; Caviedes, P., 2017:
Knockdown of Myo-Inositol Transporter SMIT1 Normalizes Cholinergic and Glutamatergic Function in an Immortalized Cell Line Established from the Cerebral Cortex of a Trisomy 16 Fetal Mouse, an Animal Model of Human Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)

Ganbaatar, O.; Cao, B.; Zhang, Y.; Bao, D.; Bao, W.; Wuriyanghan, H., 2017:
Knockdown of Mythimna separata chitinase genes via bacterial expression and oral delivery of RNAi effectors

Zhang, X.; Wang, J.; Liu, J.; Li, Y.; Liu, X.; Wu, H.; Ma, E.; Zhang, J., 2017:
Knockdown of NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase increases the susceptibility to carbaryl in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria

Qin, M.; Zhang, J.; Xu, C.; Peng, P.; Tan, L.; Liu, S.; Huang, J., 2017:
Knockdown of NIK and IKKβ-Binding Protein (NIBP) Reduces Colorectal Cancer Metastasis through Down-Regulation of the Canonical NF-κΒ Signaling Pathway and Suppression of MAPK Signaling Mediated through ERK and JNK

Zeng, C.; Yi, B.; Li, X.; Chen, J., 2018:
Knockdown of nuclear protein 1 (NUPR1) gene inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis of human multiple myeloma U266 cells

Spit, J.; Philips, A.; Wynant, N.; Santos, D.; Plaetinck, G.; Vanden Broeck, J., 2017:
Knockdown of nuclease activity in the gut enhances RNAi efficiency in the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, but not in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria

Wang, J.; Wang, L.; Ji, Q.; Zhu, H.; Han, S., 2017:
Knockdown of Nucleostemin in an ovarian cancer SKOV-3 cell line and its effects on cell malignancy

Li, J.; Ren, S.; Liu, Y.; Lian, Z.; Dong, B.; Yao, Y.; Xu, Y., 2016:
Knockdown of NUPR1 inhibits the proliferation of glioblastoma cells via ERK1/2, p38 MAPK and caspase-3

Zhou, Y.; Jin, G.; Mi, R.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, J.; Xu, H.; Cheng, S.; Zhang, Y.; Song, W.; Liu, F., 2017:
Knockdown of P4HA1 inhibits neovascularization via targeting glioma stem cell-endothelial cell transdifferentiation and disrupting vascular basement membrane

Wang, H.; Li, S.; Luo, X.; Song, Z.; Long, X.; Zhu, X., 2017:
Knockdown of PARP6 or survivin promotes cell apoptosis and inhibits cell invasion of colorectal adenocarcinoma cells

Li, J.; Chen, L.; Xiong, Y.; Zheng, X.; Xie, Q.; Zhou, Q.; Shi, L.; Wu, C.; Jiang, J.; Wang, H., 2017:
Knockdown of PD-L1 in Human Gastric Cancer Cells Inhibits Tumor Progression and Improves the Cytotoxic Sensitivity to CIK Therapy

Wang, S-Chang.; Zhou, F.; Zhou, Z-Yu.; Hu, Z.; Chang, L.; Ma, M-de., 2017:
Knockdown of PEBP4 suppresses proliferation, migration and invasion of human breast cancer cells

Bhatia, A.; Muthusamy, S.; Giridhar, K.; Goel, S., 2017:
Knockdown of PINCH-1 protein sensitizes the estrogen positive breast cancer cells to chemotherapy induced apoptosis

Lu, W-Qun.; Hu, Y-Ying.; Lin, X-Ping.; Fan, W., 2017:
Knockdown of PKM2 and GLS1 expression can significantly reverse oxaliplatin-resistance in colorectal cancer cells

Koh, V.; Kwan, H.Yin.; Tan, W.Loon.; Mah, T.Liang.; Yong, W.Peng., 2017:
Knockdown of POLA2 increases gemcitabine resistance in lung cancer cells

Feng, Q.; Chai, G-Shang.; Wang, Z-Hao.; Hu, Y.; Sun, D-Sheng.; Li, X-Guang.; Ma, R-Hong.; Li, Y-Rong.; Ke, D.; Wang, J-Zhi.; Liu, G-Ping., 2017:
Knockdown of pp32 Increases Histone Acetylation and Ameliorates Cognitive Deficits

Xu, J.; Zhang, S.; Wang, R.; Wu, X.; Zeng, L.; Fu, Z., 2017:
Knockdown of PRDX2 sensitizes colon cancer cells to 5-FU by suppressing the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Zeng, T.; Zhu, L.; Liao, M.; Zhuo, W.; Yang, S.; Wu, W.; Wang, D., 2017:
Knockdown of PYCR1 inhibits cell proliferation and colony formation via cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in prostate cancer

Yuan, Q.; Yu, H.; Chen, J.; Song, X.; Sun, L., 2017:
Knockdown of pyruvate kinase type M2 suppresses tumor survival and invasion in osteosarcoma cells both in vitro and in vivo

Nie, J.; Bai, F.; Huang, Q.; Tan, S.; Lin, X., 2017:
Knockdown of Raf kinase inhibitor protein promotes the proliferation of LX-2 human hepatic stellate cells

Li, Y.; Li, S.; Huang, L., 2017:
Knockdown of Rap2B, a Ras Superfamily Protein, Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Cervical Cancer Cells via Regulating the ERK1/2 Signaling Pathway

Zhang, L.; Duan, H-Bin.; Yang, Y-Sheng., 2017:
Knockdown of Rap2B Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

Ding, B.; Cui, B.; Gao, M.; Li, Z.; Xu, C.; Fan, S.; He, W., 2017:
Knockdown of Ras-Related Protein 25 (Rab25) Inhibits the In Vitro Cytotoxicity and In Vivo Antitumor Activity of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells

Chen, S.; Wang, L.; Xu, C.; Chen, H.; Peng, B.; Xu, Y.; Yao, X.; Li, L.; Zheng, J., 2017:
Knockdown of REGγ inhibits proliferation by inducing apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in prostate cancer

Liu, S.; Zheng, L-Ling.; Zhu, Y-Min.; Shen, H-Juan.; Zhong, Q.; Huang, J.; Li, C.; Liu, Z.; Yao, M-Dong.; Ou, R-Ming.; Zhang, Q., 2017:
Knockdown of REGγ inhibits the proliferation and migration and promotes the apoptosis of multiple myeloma cells by downregulating NF-κB signal pathway

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Knockdown of REV3 synergizes with ATR inhibition to promote apoptosis induced by cisplatin in lung cancer cells

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Knockdown of Rice microRNA166 by Short Tandem Target Mimic (STTM)

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Knockdown of RMI1 impairs DNA repair under DNA replication stress

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Knockdown of RNF2 induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in prostate cancer cells through the upregulation of TXNIP

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Knockdown of RRS1 by lentiviral-mediated RNAi promotes apoptosis and suppresses proliferation of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

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Knockdown of SALL4 expression using RNA interference induces cell cycle arrest, enhances early apoptosis, inhibits invasion and increases chemosensitivity to temozolomide in U251 glioma cells

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Knockdown of SALL4 Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Osteosarcoma Cells

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Knockdown of Serine Threonine Tyrosine Kinase 1 (STYK1) Inhibits the Migration and Tumorigenesis in Glioma Cells

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Knockdown of sestrin2 increases pro-inflammatory reactions and ER stress in the endothelium via an AMPK dependent mechanism

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Knockdown of SKA1 gene inhibits cell proliferation and metastasis in human adenoid cystic carcinoma

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Knockdown of SLC34A2 Inhibits Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Proliferation and Invasion

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Knockdown of SLC39A7 inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells

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Knockdown of SLC41A1 magnesium transporter promotes mineralization and attenuates magnesium inhibition during osteogenesis of mesenchymal stromal cells

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Knockdown of Snail inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma Hep-2 cells through the vitamin D receptor signaling pathway

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Knockdown of sodium-calcium exchanger 1 induces epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in kidney epithelial cells

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Knockdown of SOX12 expression inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of lung cancer cells

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Knockdown of SOX2OT inhibits the malignant biological behaviors of glioblastoma stem cells via up-regulating the expression of miR-194-5p and miR-122

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Knockdown of SOX9 Inhibits the Proliferation, Invasion, and EMT in Thyroid Cancer Cells

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Knockdown of SPOCK1 Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion in Colorectal Cancer Cells by Suppressing the PI3K/Akt Pathway

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Knockdown of ST6Gal-I increases cisplatin sensitivity in cervical cancer cells

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Knockdown of STMN1 enhances osteosarcoma cell chemosensitivity through inhibition of autophagy

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Knockdown of subunit 3 of the COP9 signalosome inhibits C2C12 myoblast differentiation via NF-KappaB signaling pathway

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Knockdown of TACC3 Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion of Human Renal Cell Carcinoma Cells

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Knockdown of TCTN1 Strongly Decreases Growth of Human Colon Cancer Cells

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Knockdown of the differentially expressed gene TNFRSF12A inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation and migration in vitro

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Knock-Down of the IFR1 Protein Perturbs the Homeostasis of Reactive Electrophile Species and Boosts Photosynthetic Hydrogen Production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Knockdown of the Plasmodium falciparum SURFIN4.1 antigen leads to an increase of its cognate transcript

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Knockdown of the putative Lifeguard homologue CG3814 in neurons of Drosophila melanogaster

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Knockdown of TMPRSS3, a Transmembrane Serine Protease, Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells

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Knockdown of TNF receptor-associated factor 2 (TRAF2) modulates in vitro growth of TRAIL-treated prostate cancer cells

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Knockdown of TOR causing ovarian diapause in a genetically stable brachypterous strain of Nilaparvata lugens

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Knockdown of TP53 in ASXL1 negative background rescues apoptotic phenotype of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells but without overt malignant transformation

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Knockdown of translationally controlled tumor protein inhibits growth, migration and invasion of lung cancer cells

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Knockdown of TRIM44 inhibits the proliferation and invasion in papillary thyroid cancer cells through suppressing the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

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Knockdown of TRIM44 Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion in Prostate Cancer Cells

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Knockdown of tripartite motif-59 inhibits the malignant processes in human colorectal cancer cells

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Knockdown of tripartite motif 59 (TRIM59) inhibits tumor growth in prostate cancer

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Knockdown of Tripartite Motif Containing 28 suppresses the migration, invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in ovarian carcinoma cells through down-regulation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

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Knockdown of Tripartite Motif-Containing Protein 37 (TRIM37) Inhibits the Proliferation and Tumorigenesis in Colorectal Cancer Cells

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Knockdown of Tubulin Polymerization Promoting Protein Family Member 3 inhibits cell proliferation and invasion in human colorectal cancer

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Knockdown of ubiquitin D inhibits adipogenesis during the differentiation of porcine intramuscular and subcutaneous preadipocytes

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Knockdown of ubiquitin-specific peptidase 39 inhibited the growth of osteosarcoma cells and induced apoptosis in vitro

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Knock down of Whitefly Gut Gene Expression and Mortality by Orally Delivered Gut Gene-Specific dsRNAs

Wang, N.; Zhao, F.; Lin, P.; Zhang, G.; Tang, K.; Wang, A.; Jin, Y., 2018:
Knockdown of XBP1 by RNAi in Mouse Granulosa Cells Promotes Apoptosis, Inhibits Cell Cycle, and Decreases Estradiol Synthesis

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Knockdown of Yes-Associated Protein Induces the Apoptosis While Inhibits the Proliferation of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells through Crosstalk between Erk and Bcl-2 Signaling Pathways

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Knock-down of ZEB1 inhibits the proliferation, invasion and migration of gastric cancer cells

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Knockdown of ZEB1 suppresses the formation of vasculogenic mimicry in breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 through downregulation of Flk-1

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Knockdown of ZFPL1 results in increased autophagy and autophagy‑related cell death in NCI‑N87 and BGC‑823 human gastric carcinoma cell lines

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Knockdown of Z Mutant Alpha-1 Antitrypsin In Vivo Using Modified DNA Antisense Oligonucleotides

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Knockdown resistance (kdr) of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of Aedes aegypti population in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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Knocking down glycoprotein nonmetastatic melanoma protein B suppresses the proliferation, migration, and invasion in bladder cancer cells

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Knocking-down of CREPT prohibits the progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma and suppresses cyclin D1 and c-Myc expression

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Knocking down TCF8 inhibits high glucose- and angiotensin II-induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition in podocytes

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Knocking Down the Expression of GMPase Gene OsVTC1-1 Decreases Salt Tolerance of Rice at Seedling and Reproductive Stages

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Knocking on prison's door: a 10-fold rise in the number of psychotic prisoners in Finland during the years 2005-2016

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Knocking out consumer concerns and regulator's rules: efficient use of CRISPR/Cas ribonucleoprotein complexes for genome editing in cereals

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Knockin mouse with mutant G α 11 mimics human inherited hypocalcemia and is rescued by pharmacologic inhibitors

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Knock-in of Cx46 partially rescues fiber defects in lenses lacking Cx50

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Knockin' on Heaven's Door: End of Life Decisions and Discussions

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Knockin' Out the Spasms

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KNOCK-KNEE and bowleg

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Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door - Answer

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Knockout of histamine receptor H3 alters adaptation to sudden darkness and monoamine levels in the zebrafish

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Knockout of pprM Decreases Resistance to Desiccation and Oxidation in Deinococcus radiodurans

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Knockout of LSD1 Gene by CRISPR/Cas9 System Significantly Inhibited Proliferation and Expression of CD235a in K562 Cells

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Knockout of the gamma subunit of the AP-1 adaptor complex in the human parasite Trypanosoma cruzi impairs infectivity and differentiation and prevents the maturation and targeting of the major protease cruzipain

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Knockout of the LRRC26 subunit reveals a primary role of LRRC26-containing BK channels in secretory epithelial cells

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Knockout of the Nogo-B Gene Attenuates Tumor Growth and Metastasis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Knockout of the primary sclerosing cholangitis-risk gene Fut2 causes liver disease in mice

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Knockout of the urate oxidase gene provides a stable mouse model of hyperuricemia associated with metabolic disorders

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Knockout of toll-like receptor impairs nerve regeneration after a crush injury

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