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Levels of T-Lymphocyte Subsets, IL-17, IL-35 and IFN-γ in Peripheral Blood and their Clinical Significance in Patients with Multiple Myeloma

Xu, Z.-J.; Zhao, D.; Li, F.-P.; Wang, Y.-F.; Xiao, H.-Y.; Wang, X.

Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi 25(5): 1444-1448


ISSN/ISBN: 1009-2137
PMID: 29070122
Accession: 059915718

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To explore the levels of T-lymphocyte subsets and IL-17, IL-35, IFN-γ in peripheral blood of patients with multiple myeloma(MM) and their clinical significance. A total of 86 MM patients in our hospital from January 2014 to January 2017 were enrolled in MM group and 30 healthy persons were enrolled in control group, the CD4+/CD8+ T cells ratio, CD4+CD25high/+ CD127low/- Treg level in peripheral blood were detected by flow cytometer. The levels of IL-17, IL-35 and IFN-γ in peripheral serum were detected by ELISA, and the differences of detected indicators between different groups were compared. Compared with control group, the proportion of CD4+ T cells and CD4+/CD8+ T cells ratio decreased, the proportion of CD8+ T cells and Treg increased in MM group. The differences of T lymphocyte subsets level between group III stage of MM and control group were statistically significant (P<0.05). With enhancing of clinical stages, Treg level showed a increasing trend, especially in III stage (P<0.05), the serum level of IL-17 as followed in turn: III stage>II stage>I stage>control, the serum level of IL-35 and IFN-γ as followed in turn: control>I stage>II stage>III stage (P<0.05). In terms of disease status, the propurtion of Treg cells as fllowed in turn: disease progression stage>stable stage>control (P<0.05), the serum level of IL-17 as followed in turn also: disease progression stage>stable stage (P<0.05), while the serum level of IL-35 and IFN-γ as followed in turn: control>disease table stage>progression stage (P<0.05). The abnomal level of T-lymphocyte subsets, Treg, IL-17, IL-35 and IFN-γ are related with progression and prognosis of MM patients.

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