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Modeling transcriptional co-regulation of mammalian circadian clock

Wang, Y.; Ni, X.; Yan, J.; Yang, L.

Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering: Mbe 14(5-6): 1447-1462


ISSN/ISBN: 1551-0018
PMID: 29161870
Accession: 059979240

The circadian clock is a self-sustaining oscillator that has a period of about 24 hours at the molecular level. The oscillator is a transcription-translation feedback loop system composed of several genes. In this paper, a scalar nonlinear differential equation with two delays, modeling the transcriptional co-regulation in mammalian circadian clock, is proposed and analyzed. Sufficient conditions are established for the asymptotic stability of the unique nontrivial positive equilibrium point of the model by studying an exponential polynomial characteristic equation with delay-dependent coefficients. The existence of the Hopf bifurcations can be also obtained. Numerical simulations of the model with proper parameter values coincide with the theoretical result.

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