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Modification of the wound construction to prevent dehiscence of radial keratotomy incision in cataract surgery: Wave-shaped scleral incision

Jin, H.; Zhang, Q.; Zhao, P.

Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery 43(4): 449-455


ISSN/ISBN: 0886-3350
PMID: 28532927
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcrs.2017.04.001
Accession: 059980583

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We describe a modified scleral tunnel incision to provide adequate fracture resistance and maneuverability during manipulations in cataract surgery after radial keratotomy (RK) surgery. In cases without sufficient space between the RK incisions to create a corneal incision, the modified incision can be performed. A scleral groove of one-half scleral thickness is made 3.0 mm posterior to the limbus. The groove circumvents the end of the preexisting RK incision at the limbus. To prevent the incisional edge from sagging, the ends of the external incision are swept up slightly, forming a wave-shaped edge. After horizontal lamellar dissection, the wound construction is completed with a steel keratome. The modified incision was performed in 3 cases after RK surgery. The method prevented dehiscence of the RK incision and provided fracture resistance and maneuverability.

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