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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 60025

Chapter 60025 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Arnold, J.Ranjit.; McCann, G.P., 2017:
Noninvasive Imaging Post-ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Towards Targeted Therapy or Targeted End Points?

Omidi, M.; Faramarzi, A.; Agharahimi, A.; Khalili, M.Ali., 2017:
Noninvasive imaging systems for gametes and embryo selection in IVF programs: a review

Lăpădat, A.M.; Jianu, I.R.; Ungureanu, B.S.; Florescu, L.M.; Gheonea, D.I.; Sovaila, S.; Gheonea, I.A., 2017:
Non-invasive imaging techniques in assessing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a current status of available methods

Negussie, E.; Lehtinen, J.; Mäntysaari, P.; Bayat, A.R.; Liinamo, A-E.; Mäntysaari, E.A.; Lidauer, M.H., 2016:
Non-invasive individual methane measurement in dairy cows

Giatsidis, G.; Cheng, L.; Haddad, A.; Ji, K.; Succar, J.; Lancerotto, L.; Lujan-Hernandez, J.; Fiorina, P.; Matsumine, H.; Orgill, D.P., 2017:
Noninvasive induction of angiogenesis in tissues by external suction: sequential optimization for use in reconstructive surgery

Mason, A.; Korostynska, O.; Louis, J.; Cordova-Lopez, L.E.; Abdullah, B.; Greene, J.; Connell, R.; Hopkins, J., 2017:
Noninvasive In-Situ Measurement of Blood Lactate Using Microwave Sensors

Cho, A.; Lau, J.Y.C.; Geraghty, B.J.; Cunningham, C.H.; Keshari, K.R., 2017:
Noninvasive Interrogation of Cancer Metabolism with Hyperpolarized 13 C MRI

Sharma, S.Kiran.; Pourat, J.; Abdel-Atti, D.; Carlin, S.D.; Piersigilli, A.; Bankovich, A.J.; Gardner, E.E.; Hamdy, O.; Isse, K.; Bheddah, S.; Sandoval, J.; Cunanan, K.M.; Johansen, E.B.; Allaj, V.; Sisodiya, V.; Liu, D.; Zeglis, B.M.; Rudin, C.M.; Dylla, S.J.; Poirier, J.T.; Lewis, J.S., 2017:
Noninvasive Interrogation of DLL3 Expression in Metastatic Small Cell Lung Cancer

Asahi, M.G.; Seffinger, M.A., 2017:
Noninvasive Interventions Efficacious in Reducing Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Solà, I.; Thompson, E.; Subirana, M.; López, C.; Pascual, A., 2004:
Non-invasive interventions for improving well-being and quality of life in patients with lung cancer

Dave, J.K.; Kulkarni, S.V.; Pangaonkar, P.P.; Stanczak, M.; McDonald, M.E.; Cohen, I.S.; Mehrotra, P.; Savage, M.P.; Walinsky, P.; Ruggiero, N.J.; Fischman, D.L.; Ogilby, D.; VanWhy, C.; Lombardi, M.; Forsberg, F., 2017:
Non-Invasive Intra-cardiac Pressure Measurements Using Subharmonic-Aided Pressure Estimation: Proof of Concept in Humans

Bollela, V.R.; Frigieri, G.; Vilar, F.C.; Spavieri, D.L.; Tallarico, F.J.; Tallarico, G.M.; Andrade, R.A.P.; de Haes, T.M.; Takayanagui, O.M.; Catai, A.M.; Mascarenhas, S., 2017:
Noninvasive intracranial pressure monitoring for HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis

Lourenço, B.; Madero, Béatriz.; Tringali, Séphane.; Dubernard, X.; Khalil, T.; Chays, Aé.; Bazin, A.; Mom, T.; Avan, P., 2017:
Non-invasive intraoperative monitoring of cochlear function by cochlear microphonics during cerebellopontine-angle surgery

Amornphimoltham, P.; Thompson, J.; Melis, N.; Weigert, R., 2017:
Non-invasive intravital imaging of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas in live mice

Fidai, A.; Dallaire, F.; Alvarez, N.; Balon, Y.; Clegg, R.; Connelly, M.; Dicke, F.; Fruitman, D.; Harder, J.; Myers, K.; Patton, D.J.; Prieur, T.; Vorhies, E.; Myers, R.P.; Martin, S.R.; Greenway, S.C., 2017:
Non-invasive Investigations for the Diagnosis of Fontan-Associated Liver Disease in Pediatric and Adult Fontan Patients

Chhasatia, R.; Sweetman, M.J.; Harding, F.J.; Waibel, M.; Kay, T.; Thomas, H.; Loudovaris, T.; Voelcker, N.H., 2017:
Non-invasive, in vitro analysis of islet insulin production enabled by an optical porous silicon biosensor

Schwenck, J.; Maier, F.C.; Kneilling, M.; Wiehr, S.; Fuchs, K., 2018:
Non-invasive In Vivo Fluorescence Optical Imaging of Inflammatory MMP Activity Using an Activatable Fluorescent Imaging Agent

Collantes, Mía.; Pelacho, B.; García-Velloso, Mía.José.; Gavira, Ján.José.; Abizanda, G.; Palacios, I.; Rodriguez-Borlado, L.; Álvarez, V.; Prieto, E.; Ecay, M.; Larequi, E.; Peñuelas, Ián.; Prósper, F., 2017:
Non-invasive in vivo imaging of cardiac stem/progenitor cell biodistribution and retention after intracoronary and intramyocardial delivery in a swine model of chronic ischemia reperfusion injury

Wu, D.; Yang, J.; Zhang, G.; Jiang, H., 2017:
Noninvasive in vivo monitoring of collagenase induced intracerebral hemorrhage by photoacoustic tomography

Turner, M.R., 2017:
Non-invasive in vivo neuropathology of the C9orf72 -related ALS-FTD syndrome

Quan, M.B.; Edwards, C.; Marks, R., 1997:
Non-invasive in vivo techniques to differentiate photodamage and ageing in human skin

Pahlevan, N.M.; Rinderknecht, D.G.; Tavallali, P.; Razavi, M.; Tran, T.T.; Fong, M.W.; Kloner, R.A.; Csete, M.; Gharib, M., 2017:
Noninvasive iPhone Measurement of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Using Intrinsic Frequency Methodology

Crespo Molina, P.; Angulo Fernández, C.; Maldonado Segura, Jé.A.; Moner Cano, D.; Robles Viejo, M., 2006:
Non-invasive light-weight integration engine for building EHR from autonomous distributed systems

Vlaisavljevich, E.; Owens, G.; Lundt, J.; Teofilovic, D.; Ives, K.; Duryea, A.; Bertolina, J.; Welling, T.H.; Xu, Z. , 2017:
Non-Invasive Liver Ablation Using Histotripsy: Preclinical Safety Study in an In Vivo Porcine Model

Buendía-Fuentes, F.; Melero-Ferrer, J.L.; Plaza-López, D.; Rueda-Soriano, J.; Osa-Saez, A.; Aguero, J.; Calvillo-Batllés, P.; Fonfria-Esparcia, C.; Ballesta-Cuñat, A.; Martí-Bonmatí, L.; Martínez-Dolz, L., 2017:
Noninvasive Liver Assessment in Adult Patients With Fontan Circulation Using Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography and Hepatic Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chromy, D.; Schwabl, P.; Bucsics, T.; Scheiner, B.; Strassl, R.; Mayer, F.; Aichelburg, M.C.; Grabmeier-Pfistershammer, K.; Trauner, M.; Peck-Radosavljevic, M.; Reiberger, T.; Mandorfer, M., 2017:
Non-invasive liver fibrosis assessment and HCV treatment initiation within a systematic screening program in HIV/HCV coinfected patients

Ferrer-Albero, A.; Godoy, E.J.; Lozano, M.; Martínez-Mateu, L.; Atienza, F.; Saiz, J.; Sebastian, R., 2017:
Non-invasive localization of atrial ectopic beats by using simulated body surface P-wave integral maps

Mukai, K.; Zhu, W.; Nakajima, Y.; Kobayashi, M.; Nakatani, T., 2017:
Non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of angiogenesis in a murine full-thickness cutaneous wound healing model using high-resolution three-dimensional ultrasound imaging

Lanting, S.Michael.; Twigg, S.M.; Johnson, N.Anthony.; Baker, M.Kevin.; Caterson, I.Douglas.; Chuter, V.Helaine., 2017:
Non-invasive lower limb small arterial measures co-segregate strongly with foot complications in people with diabetes

Morozov, V.N.; Mikheev, A.Y.; Shlyapnikov, Y.M.; Nikolaev, A.A.; Lyadova, I.V., 2017:
Non-invasive lung disease diagnostics from exhaled microdroplets of lung fluid: perspectives and technical challenges

Zhang, Y.; Liu, H.; Tang, J.; Li, Z.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, R.; Chen, L.; Mao, Y.; Li, C., 2017:
Noninvasively Imaging Subcutaneous Tumor Xenograft by a Handheld Raman Detector, with the Assistance of an Optical Clearing Agent

Su, J.; Feng, L.; Liu, S.; Liu, Z., 2017 :
Non-invasively improving the Schottky barriers of metal-MoS 2 interfaces: effects of atomic vacancies in a BN buffer layer

Ahmed, C.M.; Hasan, M.K.; Goswami, B.C.; Banerjee, S.K.; Rahman, M.F.; Samira, H.H.; Osmani, D.F.; Hasan, M.N., 2017:
Non-invasively Measured Carotid Artery Intima-Medial Thickness May Be a More Useful Marker of Coronary Artery Disease in Diabetic than Non-Diabetic Patients

Wen, S.; Zhan, B.; Feng, J.; Hu, W.; Lin, X.; Bai, J.; Huang, H., 2018:
Non-invasively predicting differentiation of pancreatic cancer through comparative serum metabonomic profiling

Ohtaka, K.; Hase, R.; Chiba, R.; Miyasaka, M.; Sato, S.; Shoji, Y.; Ichimura, T.; Senmaru, N.; Kaga, K.; Matsui, Y., 2016:
Noninvasive management for iatrogenic splenic injury caused by chest tube insertion: a case report

Barnes, S.D., 1999:
Noninvasive management of pediatric neuromuscular ventilatory failure: a viable alternative

Shiran, A.; Adawi, S.; Rubinshtein, R.; Bardicef, M.; Gutterman, E., 2017:
Non-invasive management of post-partum spontaneous left main coronary artery dissection using cardiac computed tomography angiography

Maurer, S.; Giglhuber, K.; Sollmann, N.; Kelm, A.; Ille, S.; Hauck, T.; Tanigawa, N.; Ringel, F.; Boeckh-Behrens, T.; Meyer, B.; Krieg, S.M., 2017:
Non-invasive Mapping of Face Processing by Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Thuluvath, P.J.; Krok, K.L., 2005:
Noninvasive markers of fibrosis for longitudinal assessment of fibrosis in chronic liver disease: are they ready for prime time?

Afdhal, N.H., 2006:
Noninvasive Markers of Liver Fibrosis

Hamelmann, E.; Schwarze, J.; Takeda, K.; Oshiba, A.; Larsen, G.L.; Irvin, C.G.; Gelfand, E.W., 1997:
Noninvasive measurement of airway responsiveness in allergic mice using barometric plethysmography

Buller, N.P., 1987:
Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output

Bos, E.Jan.; van der Laan, K.; Helder, M.N.; Mullender, M.G.; Iannuzzi, D.; van Zuijlen, P.P., 2017:
Noninvasive Measurement of Ear Cartilage Elasticity on the Cellular Level: A New Method to Provide Biomechanical Information for Tissue Engineering

Truillet, C.; Cunningham, J.T.; Parker, M.F.L.; Huynh, L.T.; Conn, C.S.; Ruggero, D.; Lewis, J.S.; Evans, M.J., 2016:
Noninvasive Measurement of mTORC1 Signaling with 89 Zr-Transferrin

Bhunia, K.; Sablani, S.S.; Tang, J.; Rasco, B., 2017:
Non-invasive measurement of oxygen diffusion in model foods

Castagna, F.; McDonnell, B.J.; Stöhr, E.J.; Yuzefpolskaya, M.; Trinh, P.N.; Topkara, V.K.; Garan, A.Reshad.; Flannery, M.A.; Takeda, K.; Takayama, H.; Naka, Y.; Demmer, R.T.; Wassertheurer, S.; Cockcroft, J.; Colombo, P.C., 2017:
Non-invasive measurement of peripheral, central and 24-hour blood pressure in patients with continuous-flow left ventricular assist device

Deng, Z.; Fan, Z.; Lee, S-Eun.; Nguyen, C.; Xie, Y.; Pang, J.; Bi, X.; Yang, Q.; Choi, B-Wook.; Kim, J-Sun.; Berman, D.; Chang, H-Jae.; Li, D., 2016:
Noninvasive measurement of pressure gradient across a coronary stenosis using phase contrast (PC)-MRI: A feasibility study

Lu, C-Chang.; Dong, S-Lung.; Lin, H-Hon.; Ni, Y-Ching.; Jan, M-Ling.; Chuang, K-Shih., 2016:
Noninvasive measurement of radiopharmaceutical time-activity data using external thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs)

Romero, C.A.; Cabral, G.; Knight, R.A.; Ding, G.; Peterson, E.L.; Carretero, O.A., 2017:
Noninvasive measurement of renal blood flow by magnetic resonance imaging in rats

Pellicori, P.; Clark, A.L.; Kallvikbacka-Bennett, A.; Zhang, J.; Urbinati, A.; Monzo, L.; Dierckx, R.; Anker, S.D.; Cleland, J.G.F., 2017:
Non-invasive measurement of right atrial pressure by near-infrared spectroscopy: preliminary experience. A report from the SICA-HF study

Zhang, X.; Lam, S.Kit.; Palmer, G.; Das, S.; Oldham, M.; Dewhirst, M., 2018:
Noninvasive measurement of tissue blood oxygenation with Cerenkov imaging during therapeutic radiation delivery

Konings, M.K.; Jansen, R.; Bosman, L.P.; Rienks, R.; Chamuleau, S.A.J.; Rademakers, F.E.; Cramer, M.J., 2017:
Non-invasive measurement of volume-time curves in patients with mitral regurgitation and in healthy volunteers, using a new operator-independent screening tool

Zhou, B.; Sit, A.J.; Zhang, X., 2017:
Noninvasive measurement of wave speed of porcine cornea in ex vivo porcine eyes for various intraocular pressures

Pislaru, S.V.; Ni, Y.; Pislaru, C.; Bosmans, H.; Miao, Y.; Bogaert, J.; Dymarkowski, S.; Semmler, W.; Marchal, G.; Van de Werf, F.J., 1999:
Noninvasive measurements of infarct size after thrombolysis with a necrosis-avid MRI contrast agent

Esteve-Taboada, Jé.J.; Domínguez-Vicent, A.; Monsálvez-Romín, D.; Del Águila-Carrasco, A.J.; Montés-Micó, R., 2017:
Non-invasive measurements of the dynamic changes in the ciliary muscle, crystalline lens morphology, and anterior chamber during accommodation with a high-resolution OCT

Fogt, D.L.; Henning, A.L.; Venable, A.S.; McFarlin, B.K., 2017:
Non-invasive Measures of Core Temperature versus Ingestible Thermistor during Exercise in the Heat

Chung, K.S.; Nguyen, P.K., 2017:
Non-invasive measures of coronary microcirculation: Taking the long road to the clinic

Escarrabill, J.; Monasterio, C.; Estopà, R., 1994 :
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation

Esra, A.; Asu, O.; Guldem, T.; Altay, I.; Gamze, C.; Abdullah, Pş.; Osman, E., 2017:
Non-invasive mechanical ventilation after the successful weaning: a comparision with the venturi mask

Blanco, J.Bacariza.; Esquinas, A.M., 2017:
Non-invasive mechanical ventilation after the successful weaning: where are the limits of venturi mask?

Yurtlu, Bülent.Serhan.; Köksal, Bü.; Hancı, V.; Turan, Işıl.Özkoçak., 2014:
Non-invasive mechanical ventilation and epidural anesthesia for an emergency open cholecystectomy

Yıldırım, F.; Esquinas, A.M.; Glossop, A.J., 2017:
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation during spontaneous breathing anaesthesia: Can electrical impedance tomography be a useful bedside tool to titrate PEEP level?

L'Her, E., 2003:
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation in acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema

Esquinas, A.M.; Benhamou, M.Oron.; Glossop, A.J.; Mina, B., 2018:
Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation in Acute Ventilatory Failure: Rationale and Current Applications

Fernández González, Mía.; García-Mayor Fernández, R.Lucas., 2016:
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation in a polytrauma patient with acute respiratory failure secondary to massive atelectasis

Grassi, A.; Foti, G.; Laffey, J.G.; Bellani, G., 2017:
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation in early acute respiratory distress syndrome

Jacob, J.; Arranz, Mía.; Sancho Ramoneda, M.; Lopez, Àngels.; Navarro Sáez, Mª.Carmen.; Cousiño Chao, Jé.Ramón.; López Altimiras, X.; López I Vengut, F.; García Trallero, O.; Zorrilla, Jé.; German, A.; Farré Cerdà, J.; Lista, E., 2018 :
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation in emergency services in Catalonia: the VNICat registry cohort study

Petroianni, A.; Esquinas, A.M., 2017:
Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation in Pneumonia: Risks of Delayed Intubation. Is This "Red Line" Well Defined and Understood?

Belenguer-Muncharaz, A.; Mateu-Campos, Lón.; González-Luís, Rén.; Vidal-Tegedor, Bárbara.; Ferrándiz-Sellés, A.; Árguedas-Cervera, Jín.; Altaba-Tena, S.; Casero-Roig, P.; Moreno-Clarí, E., 2017:
Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Versus Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Relating to Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema in an Intensive Care Unit

Chun, K.; Kim, S.Jin.; Cho, S.Tae., 2017:
Noninvasive Medical Tools for Evaluating Voiding Pattern in Real Life

Travers, J.B.; Poon, C.; Rohrbach, D.J.; Weir, N.M.; Cates, E.; Hager, F.; Sunar, U., 2017:
Noninvasive mesoscopic imaging of actinic skin damage using spatial frequency domain imaging

Pastore, M.N.; Studier, H.; Bonder, C.S.; Roberts, M.S., 2016:
Non-invasive metabolic imaging of melanoma progression

Mal, M., 2016:
Noninvasive metabolic profiling for painless diagnosis of human diseases and disorders

Knickelbein, J.E.; Tucker, W.; Kodati, S.; Akanda, M.; Sen, H.Nida., 2017:
Non-invasive method of monitoring retinal vasculitis in patients with birdshot chorioretinopathy using optical coherence tomography

Johns, C.S.; Rajaram, S.; Capener, D.A.; Oram, C.; Elliot, C.; Condliffe, R.; Kiely, D.G.; Wild, J.M.; Swift, A.J., 2017:
Non-invasive methods for estimating mPAP in COPD using cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging

Schytz, H.W.; Amin, F.M.; Selb, J.; Boas, D.A., 2017:
Non-invasive methods for measuring vascular changes in neurovascular headaches

Chondronikola, M.; Beeman, S.C.; Wahl, R.L., 2017:
Non-invasive methods for the assessment of brown adipose tissue in humans

Badiee, P.; Hashemizadeh, Z.; Ramzi, M.; Karimi, M.; Mohammadi, R., 2017:
Non-Invasive Methods to Diagnose Fungal Infections in Pediatric Patients with Hematologic Disorders

Aydinyan, K.K.; Day, J.D.; Troiano, G.M.; Digoy, G.Paul., 2017:
Non-invasive methods to maintain cervical spine position after pediatric tracheal resections

Villongco, C.T.; Krummen, D.E.; Omens, J.H.; McCulloch, A.D., 2017:
Non-invasive, model-based measures of ventricular electrical dyssynchrony for predicting CRT outcomes

Ierardi, E.; Giorgio, F.; Iannone, A.; Losurdo, G.; Principi, M.; Barone, M.; Pisani, A.; Di Leo, A., 2018:
Noninvasive molecular analysis of Helicobacter pylori : Is it time for tailored first-line therapy?

Mottaghy, F.M., 2017:
Non-invasive molecular imaging and theranostic probes

Khan, M.Naveed.; Shallwani, H.; Khan, M.Ulusyar.; Shamim, M.Shahzad., 2017:
Noninvasive monitoring intracranial pressure - A review of available modalities

Crespo-Leiro, M.G.; Barge-Caballero, G.; Couto-Mallon, D., 2017:
Noninvasive monitoring of acute and chronic rejection in heart transplantation

Stick, S.M., 2002:
Non-invasive monitoring of airway inflammation

Pandey, R.; Paidi, S.Kumar.; Valdez, T.A.; Zhang, C.; Spegazzini, N.; Dasari, R.Rao.; Barman, I., 2017:
Noninvasive Monitoring of Blood Glucose with Raman Spectroscopy

Hartimath, S.V.; Draghiciu, O.; van de Wall, S.; Manuelli, V.; Dierckx, R.A.J.O.; Nijman, H.W.; Daemen, T.; de Vries, E.F.J., 2017:
Noninvasive monitoring of cancer therapy induced activated T cells using [ 18 F]FB-IL-2 PET imaging

Xia, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, H.; Wang, J.; Gao, X.; Chen, J.; Fu, B.; Shen, Y.; Miao, F.; Zhang, J.; Teng, G., 2018:
Non-Invasive Monitoring of CNS MHC-I Molecules in Ischemic Stroke Mice

Allocca, J.A., 1982:
Noninvasive monitoring of intracranial pressure

Lei, K.; Chen, Y.; Wang, J.; Peng, X.; Yu, L.; Ding, J., 2017:
Non-invasive monitoring of in vivo degradation of a radiopaque thermoreversible hydrogel and its efficacy in preventing post-operative adhesions

Pinto, V.Maria.; Gianesin, B.; Balocco, M.; Bacigalupo, L.; Forni, G.Luca., 2017:
Noninvasive monitoring of liver fibrosis in sickle cell disease: Longitudinal observation of a cohort of adult patients

Wiedemann, H.P.; McCarthy, K., 1989:
Noninvasive monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide

Smallwood, C.D.; Walsh, B.K., 2018:
Noninvasive Monitoring of Oxygen and Ventilation

Behringer, V.; Deschner, T., 2017:
Non-invasive monitoring of physiological markers in primates

Proenca, M.; Braun, F.; Muntane, E.; Sola, J.; Adler, A.; Lemay, M.; Thiran, J-Ph.; Rimoldi, S.F., 2017:
Non-invasive monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure at the bedside

Martins, S.; Soares, R.M.; Branco, L.; Salomão, S.; Antunes, A.M., 2001:
Non-invasive monitoring of pulmonary capillary wedge pressure in heart failure

Lederer, S.R.; Friedrich, N.; Regenbogen, C.; Getto, R.; Toepfer, M.; Sitter, T., 2003:
Non-invasive monitoring of renal transplant recipients: urinary excretion of soluble adhesion molecules and of the complement-split product C4d

Li, Z.; Navarro-Alvarez, N.; Keeley, E.J.; Nowell, N.H.; Goncalves, B.M.M.; Huang, C.A.; Evans, C.L., 2017:
Non-invasive monitoring of skin inflammation using an oxygen-sensing paint-on bandage

Tanaka, H.; Tanaka, K.; Tsuji, M.; Magawa, S.; Hatano, F.; Nii, M.; Ikeda, T., 2017:
Non-invasive monitoring of the cardiac effects of continuous intravenous oxytocin infusion during cesarean delivery

Bourel-Ponchel, E.; Mahmoudzadeh, M.; Delignières, A.; Berquin, P.; Wallois, F., 2018:
Non-invasive, multimodal analysis of cortical activity, blood volume and neurovascular coupling in infantile spasms using EEG-fNIRS monitoring

Jambulingam, J.A.; McCrory, R.; West, L.; Inan, O.T., 2017:
Non-invasive, multi-modal sensing of skin stretch and bioimpedance for detecting infiltration during intravenous therapy

Velasco, A.; Doppalapudi, H., 2017:
Noninvasive myocardial blood flow assessment: Another marker of arrhythmic risk?

Sun, C.; Ding, Y.; Zhou, L.; Shi, D.; Sun, L.; Webster, T.J.; Shen, Y., 2017:
Noninvasive nanoparticle strategies for brain tumor targeting

Liu, T.; Jung, H.; Liu, J.; Droettboom, M.; Tam, J., 2017:
Noninvasive near infrared autofluorescence imaging of retinal pigment epithelial cells in the human retina using adaptive optics

Dallapiazza, R.F.; Timbie, K.F.; Holmberg, S.; Gatesman, J.; Lopes, M.Beatriz.; Price, R.J.; Miller, G.Wilson.; Elias, W.Jeffrey., 2017:
Noninvasive neuromodulation and thalamic mapping with low-intensity focused ultrasound

Dmochowski, J.; Bikson, M., 2017:
Noninvasive Neuromodulation Goes Deep

Miller, S.; Matharu, M., 2017:
Non-invasive Neuromodulation in Primary Headaches

Vinciguerra, L.; Bösel, J., 2016:
Noninvasive Neuromonitoring: Current Utility in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Stroke

Grazzi, L., 2017:
Non invasive neurostimulation

van der Meersche, S.; Lemmens, G.; Matton, C.; Baeken, C., 2018:
Non-invasive neurostimulation in the treatment of child and adolescent psychiatry

Chen, L-Ching.; Jong, B-Hsin.; Lin, S-Che.; Ku, C-Tai.; Chen, I-Jou.; Chen, Y-Kung.; Hsu, B., 2017:
Noninvasive Nuclear SPECT Myocardial Blood Flow Quantitation to Guide Management for Coronary Artery Disease

Chao, C.; Richdale, K.; Jalbert, I.; Doung, K.; Gokhale, M., 2017:
Non-invasive objective and contemporary methods for measuring ocular surface inflammation in soft contact lens wearers - A review

Papangkorn, K.; Prendergast, E.; Higuchi, J.W.; Brar, B.; Higuchi, W.I., 2017 :
Noninvasive Ocular Drug Delivery System of Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate in the Treatment of Experimental Uveitis Rabbit

Vij, M.; Alam, S.; Gupta, N.; Gotherwal, V.; Gautam, H.; Ansari, K.M.; Santhiya, D.; Natarajan, V.T.; Ganguli, M., 2017:
Non-invasive Oil-Based Method to Increase Topical Delivery of Nucleic Acids to Skin

Romero Pastrana, F.; Thompson, J.M.; Heuker, M.; Hoekstra, H.; Dillen, C.A.; Ortines, R.V.; Ashbaugh, A.G.; Pickett, J.E.; Linssen, M.D.; Bernthal, N.M.; Francis, K.P.; Buist, G.; van Oosten, M.; van Dam, G.M.; Thorek, D.L.J.; Miller, L.S.; van Dijl, J.Maarten., 2017:
Noninvasive optical and nuclear imaging of Staphylococcus-specific infection with a human monoclonal antibody-based probe

Fang, Y., 2007:
Non-invasive Optical Biosensor for Probing Cell Signaling

Heredia-Juesas, J.; Thatcher, J.E.; Yang Lu; Squiers, J.J.; King, D.; Wensheng Fan; DiMaio, J.Michael.; Martinez-Lorenzo, J.A., 2017:
Non-invasive optical imaging techniques for burn-injured tissue detection for debridement surgery

Baker, W.B.; Parthasarathy, A.B.; Gannon, K.P.; Kavuri, V.C.; Busch, D.R.; Abramson, K.; He, L.; Mesquita, R.C.; Mullen, M.T.; Detre, J.A.; Greenberg, J.H.; Licht, D.J.; Balu, R.; Kofke, W.Andrew.; Yodh, A.G., 2017:
Noninvasive optical monitoring of critical closing pressure and arteriole compliance in human subjects

Lilge, L.; Terry, M.Beth.; Walter, J.; Pinnaduwage, D.; Glendon, G.; Hanna, D.; Tammemagi, M-Liis.; Bradbury, A.; Buys, S.; Daly, M.; John, E.M.; Knight, J.A.; Andrulis, I.L., 2017:
Non-invasive optical spectroscopic monitoring of breast development during puberty

Ould-Slimane, M.; Latrobe, C.; Michelin, P.; Chastan, N.; Dujardin, F.; Roussignol, X.; Gauthé, Rémi., 2017:
Noninvasive Optoelectronic Assessment of Induced Sagittal Imbalance Using the Vicon System

Warzecha, H.N.; Fend, F.; Steinhilber, J.; Abele, H.; Henes, M.; Harland, N.; Staebler, A., 2017:
Non-invasive papillary urothelial carcinoma of the vagina: molecular analysis of a rare case identifies clonal relationship to non-invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder

Nashchekina, Y.A.; Raydan, M., 2017:
Noninvasive penetration of 5 nm hyaluronic acid molecules across the epidermal barrier (in vitro) and its interaction with human skin cells

Stivalet, O.; Omarjee, L.; Chaudru, S.; Hoffmann, C.; Bressollette, L.; Cohoon, K.P.; Jaquinandi, V.; Mahe, G., 2017:
Noninvasive Peripheral Artery Disease Screening Tools: A Deficient Knowledge among French Vascular Residents from 4 Medical Schools

Giffard-Roisin, S.; Jackson, T.; Fovargue, L.; Lee, J.; Delingette, H.; Razavi, R.; Ayache, N.; Sermesant, M., 2017:
Noninvasive Personalization of a Cardiac Electrophysiology Model From Body Surface Potential Mapping

Bertoglio, D.; Verhaeghe, J.; Santermans, E.; Amhaoul, H.; Jonckers, E.; Wyffels, L.; Van Der Linden, A.; Hens, N.; Staelens, S.; Dedeurwaerdere, S., 2016:
Non-invasive PET imaging of brain inflammation at disease onset predicts spontaneous recurrent seizures and reflects comorbidities

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