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The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
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A rapid survey of katydids (Insecta: Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) of the Foret Classee du Pic de Fon, Guinea
Cranial nerves of Labeo rohita (Ham.)
Evaluating fundamentals of care: The development of a unit-level quality measurement and improvement programme
Life-cycle of the free-living nematode Pontonema vulgare in the White Sea
Grey leaf blight - a new disease of cocoa
Effect of foliar spray of urea and zinc sulphate on yield and fruit quality of Kinnow - 'a mandarin hybrid'

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 60042

Chapter 60042 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Oncocytic lesions of the larynx
, Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology 78(2): 307-318 (1969)

Oncocytic lesions of the neuroendocrine system
, Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology 16(2): 190-199 (1999)

Oncocytic papillary cystadenoma with prominent mucinous differentiation of parotid gland: A case report
, Pathology Research and Practice 213(10): 1310-1314 (2017)

Oncocytic Pleomorphic Adenoma of Palatal Salivary Gland with Macrophages and Giant Cells Associated with Cholesterol Crystals
, Clinics and Practice 6(4): 884 (2016)

Oncocytic Renal Neoplasms on Resections and Core Biopsies: Our Approach to This Challenging Differential Diagnosis
, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 141(10): 1336-1341 (2017)

Oncocytic Type Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas with Unusually Low Mucin Production Mimicking Intraductal Tubulopapillary Neoplasm: A Report of a Case Diagnosed by a Preoperative Endoscopic Biopsy
, Internal Medicine 56(23): 3183-3188 (2017)

Oncocytic Variant of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma: A Rare Case of Sporadic Multifocal and Bilateral RET Wild-Type Neoplasm with Revision of the Literature
, Rare Tumors 8(4): 6537 (2016)

Oncocytic variant of medullary thyroid carcinoma; a rare tumor with numerous diagnostic mimics by fine needle aspiration
, Diagnostic Cytopathology 45(12): 1148-1152 (2017)

Oncocytoma as a growing FDG-avid adrenal mass on serial 18 F-FDG PET/CT imaging: A potential pitfall in oncological evaluation
, Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear E Imagen Molecular 36(3): 201-203 (2017)

Oncocytoma of the lacrimal gland: a case report
, Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia 80(2): 128-130 (2017)

Oncodomains: A protein domain-centric framework for analyzing rare variants in tumor samples
, Plos Computational Biology 13(4): E1005428 (2017)

On Coelacanth hemoglobin
, Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 149(7-8): 655-658 (1955)

On co-existence, foraging strategy and the biogeography of weasels and stoats (Mustela nivalis and M. erminea) in Britain
, Oecologia 39(2): 129-150 (1979)

, South Dakota Medicine: the Journal of the South Dakota State Medical Association 69(5): 197 (2016)

Oncofertility and therapeutic modalities. Survey of literature
, Orvosi Hetilap 158(18): 683-691 (2017)

Oncofertility: Fertile Ground for Conflict Between Patient Autonomy and Medical Values
, Oncologist 22(7): 860-863 (2017)

Oncofertility for women with gynecologic malignancies
, Gynecologic Oncology 144(3): 631-636 (2017)

Oncofertility in patients with stage I epithelial ovarian cancer: fertility-sparing surgery in young women of reproductive age
, World Journal of Surgical Oncology 15(1): 154 (2017)

Oncofertility program implementation increases access to fertility preservation options and assisted reproductive procedures for breast cancer patients
, Journal of Surgical Oncology 115(2): 116-121 (2017)

Oncofetal gene SALL4 and prognosis in cancer: A systematic review with meta-analysis
, Oncotarget 8(14): 22968-22979 (2017)

Oncogene addiction
, Cancer Research 68(9): 3077-80; Discussion 3080 (2008)

Oncogene addiction in non-small cell lung cancer: Focus on ROS1 inhibition
, Cancer Treatment Reviews 55: 83-95 (2017)

Oncogene dependent requirement of fatty acid synthase in hepatocellular carcinoma
, Cell Cycle 16(6): 499-507 (2017)

Oncogene-Expressing Senescent Melanocytes Up-Regulate MHC Class II, a Candidate Melanoma Suppressor Function
, Journal of Investigative Dermatology 137(10): 2197-2207 (2017)

Oncogene-induced senescence and its evasion in a mouse model of thyroid neoplasia
, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 460: 24-35 (2018)

Oncogene-inducible organoids as a miniature platform to assess cancer characteristics
, Journal of Cell Biology 216(6): 1505-1507 (2017)

Oncogene KRAS activates fatty acid synthase, resulting in specific ERK and lipid signatures associated with lung adenocarcinoma
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114(17): 4300-4305 (2017)

Oncogene LSD1 is epigenetically suppressed by miR-137 overexpression in human non-small cell lung cancer
, Biochimie 137: 12-19 (2017)

Oncogene miR-106a promotes proliferation and metastasis of prostate cancer cells by directly targeting PTEN in vivo and in vitro
, Minerva Medica 109(1): 24-30 (2018)

Oncogene mutation profile predicts tumor regression and survival in locally advanced rectal cancer patients treated with preoperative chemoradiotherapy and radical surgery
, Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine 39(7): 1010428317709638 (2017)

Oncogenes Activate an Autonomous Transcriptional Regulatory Circuit That Drives Glioblastoma
, Cell Reports 18(4): 961-976 (2017)

Oncogenes and antioncogenes
, Acta Gastroenterologica Latinoamericana 24(3): 204-205 (1994)

Oncogenes and tumor progression
, Anticancer Research 9(5): 1395-1406 (1989)

Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes
, Cancer Treatment and Research 63: 1-13 (1992)

Oncogene-Selective Sensitivity to Synchronous Cell Death following Modulation of the Amino Acid Nutrient Cystine
, Cell Reports 18(11): 2547-2556 (2017)

Oncogenes, growth factors, and signal transduction
, New England Journal of Medicine 321(20): 1383-1391 (1989)

Reply to: Oncogenesis in Patients With Pancreatic Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms: Taking the Thread From the Beginning
, Annals of surgery 267(4): e72-e73 (2018)

Oncogenesis of Thyroid Cancer
, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: Apjcp 18(5): 1191-1199 (2017)

Oncogenes, mitochondrial metabolism, and quality control in differentiated thyroid cancer
, Korean Journal of Internal Medicine 32(5): 780-789 (2017)

Oncogene-Stimulated Congestion at the KEAP1 Stress Signaling Hub Allows Bypass of NRF2 and Induction of NRF2-Target Genes that Promote Tumor Survival
, Cancer Cell 32(5): 539-541 (2017)

Oncogenes without a Neighboring Tumor-Suppressor Gene Are More Prone to Amplification
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 34(4): 903-907 (2017)

Oncogenetic factors of some herpesvirus infection agents
, Urologiia 2016(3): 92-98 (2016)

Oncogenetic mutations combined with MRD improve outcome prediction in pediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
, Blood 131(3): 289-300 (2018)

Oncogenic action of methylcholanthrene per os associated with pituitary graft in XVII/G mice
, Acta - Unio Internationalis Contra Cancrum 18: 190-193 (1962)

Oncogenic Activation of the RNA Binding Protein NELFE and MYC Signaling in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
, Cancer Cell 32(1): 101-114.E8 (2017)

Oncogenic Activities of IDH1/2 Mutations: From Epigenetics to Cellular Signaling
, Trends in Cell Biology 27(10): 738-752 (2017)

Oncogenic BRAF disrupts thyroid morphogenesis and function via twist expression
, Elife 6 (2017)

Oncogenic β-catenin and PIK3CA instruct network states and cancer phenotypes in intestinal organoids
, Journal of Cell Biology 216(6): 1567-1577 (2017)

Oncogenic Characterization and Pharmacologic Sensitivity of Activating Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor (FGFR) Genetic Alterations to the Selective FGFR Inhibitor Erdafitinib
, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 16(8): 1717-1726 (2017)

Oncogenic Determination of a Broad Spectrum of Phenotypes of Hepatocyte-Derived Mouse Liver Tumors
, American Journal of Pathology 187(12): 2711-2725 (2017)

Oncogenic driver mutations, treatment, and EGFR-TKI resistance in a Caucasian population with non-small cell lung cancer: survival in clinical practice
, Oncotarget 8(44): 77897-77914 (2017)

Oncogenic Ect2 signaling regulates rRNA synthesis in NSCLC
, Small Gtpases 10(5): 388-394 (2019)

Oncogenic Effects of High MAPK Activity in Colorectal Cancer Mark Progenitor Cells and Persist Irrespective of RAS Mutations
, Cancer Research 77(7): 1763-1774 (2017)

Oncogenic features of neuromedin U in breast cancer are associated with NMUR2 expression involving crosstalk with members of the WNT signaling pathway
, Oncotarget 8(22): 36246-36265 (2017)

Oncogenic function and prognostic significance of Abelson interactor 1 in hepatocellular carcinoma
, International Journal of Oncology 50(5): 1889-1898 (2017)

Oncogenic function of angiopoietin-2 in vitro and its modulation of tumor progression in colorectal carcinoma
, Oncology Letters 14(1): 553-560 (2017)

Oncogenic function of TUSC3 in non-small cell lung cancer is associated with Hedgehog signalling pathway
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Molecular Basis of Disease 1863(7): 1749-1760 (2017)

Oncogenic growth factor signaling mediating tumor escape from cellular immunity
, Current Opinion in Immunology 45: 52-59 (2017)

Oncogenic histone methyltransferase EZH2: A novel prognostic marker with therapeutic potential in endometrial cancer
, Oncotarget 8(25): 40402-40411 (2017)

Oncogenic HrasG12V expression plus knockdown of Cdkn2a using ecotropic lentiviral vectors induces high-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma
, Plos one 12(10): E0186102 (2017)

Oncogenic human papillomaviruses
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 372(1732) (2017)

Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus Infection and Genotype Characterization among Women in Orodara, Western Burkina Faso
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences: Pjbs 19(7): 306-311 (2016)

Oncogenic human papillomavirus types in a high risk population
, Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 35(2): 316 (2017)

Oncogenic hypophosphatemic osteomalacia: From the first signal of disease to the first signal of healthy
, International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 30: 130-133 (2017)

Oncogenic Kras drives invasion and maintains metastases in colorectal cancer
, Genes and Development 31(4): 370-382 (2017)

Oncogenic KRAS and p53 Loss Drive Gastric Tumorigenesis in Mice That Can Be Attenuated by E-Cadherin Expression
, Cancer Research 77(19): 5349-5359 (2017)

Oncogenic KRas-induced Increase in Fluid-phase Endocytosis is Dependent on N-WASP and is Required for the Formation of Pancreatic Preneoplastic Lesions
, Ebiomedicine 15: 90-99 (2017)

Oncogenic KRAS Regulates Tumor Cell Signaling via Stromal Reciprocation
, Cell 165(4): 910-920 (2016)

Oncogenic KRAS Targets MUC16/CA125 in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
, Molecular Cancer Research: Mcr 15(2): 201-212 (2017)

Oncogenic long noncoding RNA landscape in breast cancer
, Molecular Cancer 16(1): 129 (2017)

Oncogenic mechanisms of HOXB13 missense mutations in prostate carcinogenesis
, Oncoscience 3(9-10): 288-296 (2016)

Oncogenic mechanisms of Lin28 in breast cancer: new functions and therapeutic opportunities
, Oncotarget 8(15): 25721-25735 (2017)

Oncogenic miR-100-5p is associated with cellular viability, migration and apoptosis in renal cell carcinoma
, Molecular Medicine Reports 16(4): 5023-5030 (2017)

Oncogenic miR‑132 sustains proliferation and self‑renewal potential by inhibition of polypyrimidine tract‑binding protein 2 in glioblastoma cells
, Molecular Medicine Reports 16(5): 7221-7228 (2017)

Oncogenic miR-155 down-regulated upon activation of antitumor cytotoxic T lymphocytes by the fusion of dendritic cells with breast carcinoma cells
, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 21(5): 1027-1031 (2017)

Oncogenic miR-19a and miR-19b co-regulate tumor suppressor MTUS1 to promote cell proliferation and migration in lung cancer
, Protein and Cell 8(6): 455-466 (2017)

Oncogenic miR-210-3p promotes prostate cancer cell EMT and bone metastasis via NF-κB signaling pathway
, Molecular Cancer 16(1): 117 (2017)

Oncogenic miR-23a-5p is associated with cellular function in RCC
, Molecular Medicine Reports 16(2): 2309-2317 (2017)

Oncogenic MNK signalling regulates the metastasis suppressor NDRG1
, Oncotarget 8(28): 46121-46135 (2017)

Oncogenic mutations of PIK3CA in human cancers
, Cell Cycle 3(10): 1221-1224 (2004)

Oncogenic osteomalacia: role of Ga-68 DOTANOC PET/CT scan in identifying the culprit lesion and its management
, British Journal of Radiology 90(1072): 20160811 (2017)

Oncogenic papillomavirus and polyomavirus in urban sewage in Egypt
, Science of the Total Environment 610-611: 1413-1420 (2018)

Oncogenic pathways in hereditary and sporadic breast cancer
, Maturitas 49(1): 34-43 (2004)

Oncogenic Protein Kinase D3 Regulating Networks in Invasive Breast Cancer
, International Journal of Biological Sciences 13(6): 748-758 (2017)

Oncogenic RAS-induced downregulation of ATG12 is required for survival of malignant intestinal epithelial cells
, Autophagy 14(1): 134-151 (2018)

Oncogenic RAS Regulates Long Noncoding RNA Orilnc1 in Human Cancer
, Cancer Research 77(14): 3745-3757 (2017)

Oncogenic Ras sensitizes cells to apoptosis by Par-4
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 274(42): 29976-29983 (1999)

Oncogenic regulation of tumor metabolic reprogramming
, Oncotarget 7(38): 62726-62753 (2016)

Oncogenic retinoic acid receptor γ knockdown reverses multi-drug resistance of human colorectal cancer via Wnt/β-catenin pathway
, Cell Cycle 16(7): 685-692 (2017)

Oncogenic role of cytomegalovirus in medulloblastoma?
, Cancer Letters 408: 55-59 (2017)

Oncogenic role of microRNA-155 in mycosis fungoides: an in vitro and xenograft mouse model study
, British Journal of Dermatology 177(3): 791-800 (2017)

Oncogenic role of microRNA-20a in human multiple myeloma
, Oncotargets and Therapy 10: 4465-4474 (2017)

Oncogenic Role of MicroRNA-30b-5p in Glioblastoma Through Targeting Proline-Rich Transmembrane Protein 2
, Oncology Research 26(2): 219-230 (2018)

Oncogenic role of neurotensin and neurotensin receptors in various cancers
, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 44(8): 841-846 (2017)

Oncogenic Role of SET/I2PP2A for Gynecologic Cancers
, Current Drug Targets 18(10): 1152-1157 (2017)

Oncogenic Role of SND1 in Development and Progression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
, Cancer Research 77(12): 3306-3316 (2017)

Oncogenic role of the ubiquitin ligase subunit Skp2 in human breast cancer
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 110(5): 633-641 (2002)

Oncogenic roles of DNA hypomethylation through the activation of cancer-germline genes
, Cancer Letters 396: 130-137 (2017)

Oncogenic roles of SMARCB1/INI1 and its deficient tumors
, Cancer Science 108(4): 547-552 (2017)

Oncogenic Roles of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR Axis
, Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 407: 153-189 (2017)

Oncogenic S1P signalling in EBV-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma activates AKT and promotes cell migration through S1P receptor 3
, Journal of Pathology 242(1): 62-72 (2017)

Oncogenic secretory clusterin in hepatocellular carcinoma: Expression at early staging and emerging molecular target
, Oncotarget 8(32): 52321-52332 (2017)

Oncogenic senescence: a multi-functional perspective
, Oncotarget 8(16): 27661-27672 (2017)

Oncogenic signaling of MEK5-ERK5
, Cancer Letters 392: 51-59 (2017)

Oncogenic signalling pathways in benign odontogenic cysts and tumours
, Oral Oncology 72: 165-173 (2017)

Oncogenic spiral by infectious pathogens: Cooperation of multiple factors in cancer development
, Cancer Science 109(1): 24-32 (2018)

Oncogenic transformation of lung cells results in distinct exosome protein profile similar to the cell of origin
, Proteomics 17(23-24) (2017)

Oncogenic viruses
, Annual Review of Biochemistry 41(10): 503-516 (1972)

Oncogenic viruses and cancer
, Recenti Progressi in Medicina 33: 369-390 (1962)

Oncogenic ZEB2 activation drives sensitivity toward KDM1A inhibition in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
, Blood 129(8): 981-990 (2017)

Oncogenomic disruptions in arsenic-induced carcinogenesis
, Oncotarget 8(15): 25736-25755 (2017)

Oncogeriatrics: An update on recent advances and knowledge
, Revue Medicale de Bruxelles 37(4): 360-364 (2016)

Oncoidal granular iron formation in the Mesoarchaean Pongola Supergroup, southern Africa: Textural and geochemical evidence for biological activity during iron deposition
, Geobiology 15(6): 731-749 (2017)

OncoKB: A Precision Oncology Knowledge Base
, Jco Precision Oncology 2017 (2017)

Oncological and functional outcomes of sexual function-preserving cystectomy compared with standard radical cystectomy in men: A systematic review
, Urologic Oncology 35(9): 539.E17-539.E29 (2017)

Oncological and functional results of robotic salvage radical prostatectomy after permanent brachytherapy implants
, Cancer Radiotherapie: Journal de la Societe Francaise de Radiotherapie Oncologique 21(2): 119-123 (2017)

Oncological and functional results of the surgical treatment of vertebral metastases in patients with multiple myeloma"
, Bmc Surgery 17(1): 92 (2017)

Oncological and quality of life outcomes following extralevator versus standard abdominoperineal excision for rectal cancer
, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 99(5): 402-409 (2017)

Oncological and Surgical Outcome after Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
, Acta Chirurgica Belgica 115(1): 33-41 (2015)

Oncological and surgical outcome after treatment of pelvic sarcomas
, Plos one 12(2): E0172203 (2017)

Oncological challenges for an ageing population living with HIV
, Aids 31(Suppl): S185-S189 (2017)

Oncological emergencies
, Annals of Oncology: Official Journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology 15(Suppl): Iv299-Iv306 (2004)

Oncological intensive care: 2013 and 2014 years'review
, Revue Medicale de Bruxelles 37(3): 159-167 (2016)

Oncological outcome, complications, lower urinary tract symptoms, and health-related quality of life after low-dose-rate salvage brachytherapy for recurrent prostate cancer following primary radiotherapy: a report of 8 cases
, Journal of Contemporary BrachyTherapy 9(4): 364-372 (2017)

Oncological outcome following de-intensification of treatment for stage I and II HPV negative oropharyngeal cancers with transoral robotic surgery (TORS): A prospective trial
, Oral Oncology 69: 80-83 (2017)

Oncological Outcomes After Radical Prostatectomy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer Based on New Gleason Grouping System: A Validation Study From University of Southern California With 3,755 Cases
, Prostate 77(7): 743-748 (2017)

Oncological Outcomes After Robotic Proctectomy for Rectal Cancer: Analysis of a Prospective Database
, Annals of Surgery 267(3): 521-526 (2018)

Oncological Outcomes and Complications After Volume Replacement Oncoplastic Breast Conservations-The Glasgow Experience
, Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research 10: 223-228 (2016)

Oncological Outcomes following Rectal Cancer Surgery with High or Low Ligation of the Inferior Mesenteric Artery
, Gastrointestinal Tumors 4(1-2): 45-52 (2017)

Oncological outcomes from trimodality therapy receiving definitive doses of neoadjuvant chemoradiation (≥60 Gy) and factors influencing consideration for surgery in stage III non-small cell lung cancer
, Advances in Radiation Oncology 2(3): 259-269 (2017)

Oncological outcomes in an Australian cohort according to the new prostate cancer grading groupings
, Bmc Cancer 17(1): 537 (2017)

Oncological outcomes of hand-assisted laparoscopic radical nephrectomy for clinically localized renal cell carcinoma: a single institution study with > or =3 years of follow-up
, BJU international 101(12): 1595-1596 (2008)

Oncological Outcomes of Laparoscopic Nephroureterectomy Versus Open Radical Nephroureterectomy for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma: An European Association of Urology Guidelines Systematic Review
, European Urology Focus 5(2): 205-223 (2019)

Oncological Outcomes of Lateral Pelvic Lymph Node Metastasis in Rectal Cancer Treated With Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy
, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 60(5): 469-476 (2017)

Oncological Outcomes of Sequential Intravesical Gemcitabine and Docetaxel in Patients with Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
, Bladder Cancer 3(4): 293-303 (2017)

Oncological Outcomes of Stage II Endometrial Cancer: A Retrospective Analysis of 250 Cases
, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer: Official Journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society 28(1): 161-167 (2018)

Oncological patients in the intensive care unit: prognosis, decision-making, therapies and end-of-life care
, Swiss Medical Weekly 147: W14481 (2017)

Oncological results of active surveillance in prostate cancer: A retrospective multicentric cohort
, Progres en Urologie: Journal de l'Association Francaise d'Urologie et de la Societe Francaise d'Urologie 27(1): 38-45 (2017)

Oncological results of the educational Rectal Cancer Project in Spain 10 years after its implementation
, Cirugia Espanola 95(10): 577-587 (2017)

Oncological safety and cosmetic outcomes in oncoplastic breast conservation surgery, a review of the best level of evidence literature
, Breast Cancer 9: 521-530 (2017)

Oncological Safety and Technical Feasibility of Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy for Breast Cancer: The Hong Kong Experience
, World Journal of Surgery 42(5): 1375-1383 (2018)

Oncological safety of nipple-sparing prophylactic mastectomy: A review of the literature on 3716 cases
, Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique 63(3): E6 (2018)

Oncological surgery--to be or not to be
, European Journal of Surgical Oncology: the Journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the British Association of Surgical Oncology 13(1): 79 (1987)

Oncologic and Functional Outcomes after Radical Prostatectomy for High or Very High Risk Prostate Cancer: European Validation of the Current NCCN® Guideline
, Journal of Urology 198(2): 354-361 (2017)

Oncologic and obstetrical outcomes with fertility-sparing treatment of cervical cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
, Oncotarget 8(28): 46580-46592 (2017)

Oncologic and obstetric outcomes of conservative surgery for borderline ovarian tumors in women of reproductive age
, Obstetrics and Gynecology Science 60(3): 289-295 (2017)

Oncologic and surgical outcomes in colorectal cancer patients with liver cirrhosis: A propensity-matched study
, Plos one 12(6): E0178920 (2017)

Oncologic considerations in the elderly
, Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology 31(1): 6-10 (2018)

Oncologic doses of zoledronic acid induce site specific suppression of bone modelling in rice rats
, Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research 20(Suppl): 83-88 (2017)

Oncologic Effectiveness and Safety of Bursectomy in Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer: A Systematic Review and Updated Meta-Analysis
, Journal of Investigative Surgery: the Official Journal of the Academy of Surgical Research 31(6): 529-538 (2018)

Oncologic emergencies
, American Family Physician 20(2): 104-114 (1979)

Oncologic esophageal resection and reconstruction : Open, hybrid, minimally invasive or robotic?
, Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 88(6): 496-502 (2017)

Oncologic Imaging: Urology
, Anticancer Research 37(3): 1544-1544 (2017)

Oncologic Impact of Anastomotic Leakage Following Colorectal Cancer Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 24(11): 3289-3299 (2017)

Oncologic Mechanical Emergencies
, Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America 31(6): 927-940 (2017)

Oncologic Metabolic Emergencies
, Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America 31(6): 941-957 (2017)

Oncologic mistletoe therapy--physicians' use and estimation of efficiency
, Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 126(28-29): 833-834 (2001)

Oncologic Outcome and Morbidity in the Elderly Rectal Cancer Patients After Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy and Total Mesorectal Excision: A Multi-institutional and Case-matched Control Study
, Annals of Surgery 269(1): 108-113 (2019)

Oncologic Outcome and Quality of Life After Hindquarter Amputation for Sarcoma: Is it Worth it?
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 25(2): 378-386 (2018)

Oncologic Outcome of Metastasectomy for Urothelial Carcinoma: Who Is the Best Candidate?
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 24(9): 2794-2800 (2017)

Oncologic Outcomes After Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Stage II Endometrial Carcinoma: A Korean Radiation Oncology Group Study (KROG 14-10)
, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer: Official Journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society 27(7): 1387-1392 (2017)

Oncologic Outcomes after Immediate Breast Reconstruction Following Total Mastectomy in Patients with Breast Cancer: A Matched Case-Control Study
, Journal of Breast Cancer 20(1): 74-81 (2017)

Oncologic Outcomes After Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy: A Large European Single-centre Cohort with Median 10-Year Follow-up
, European Urology Focus 4(3): 351-359 (2018)

Oncologic Outcomes After Treatment for MRI Occult Breast Cancer (pT0N+)
, Annals of Surgical Oncology 24(11): 3141-3147 (2017)

Oncologic Outcomes and Predictive Factors for Recurrence Following Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy for Urothelial Carcinoma: Multicenter Study from Korea
, Journal of Korean Medical Science 32(10): 1662-1668 (2017)

Oncologic outcomes following laparoscopic colon cancer resection for T4 lesions: a case-control analysis of 7-years' experience
, Surgical Endoscopy 32(3): 1133-1140 (2018)

Oncologic Outcomes for Patients with Residual Cancer at Cystectomy Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: A Pathologic Stage-matched Analysis
, European Urology 72(5): 660-664 (2017)

Oncologic Outcomes of Definitive Treatments for Low- and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer After a Period of Active Surveillance
, Clinical Genitourinary Cancer 16(2): E425-E435 (2018)

Oncologic outcomes of KTP laser surgery versus radiation for T1 glottic carcinoma
, Laryngoscope 128(5): 1052-1056 (2018)

Oncologic Outcomes of Oral Adjuvant Chemotherapy Regimens in Stage III Colon Cancer: Tegafur-Uracil Plus Leucovorin Versus Capecitabine
, Clinical Colorectal Cancer 16(3): E141-E145 (2017)

Oncologic outcomes of single-incision laparoscopic surgery for right colon cancer: A propensity score-matching analysis
, International Journal of Surgery 45: 125-130 (2017)

Oncologic Photodynamic Therapy: Basic Principles, Current Clinical Status and Future Directions
, Cancers 9(2) (2017)

Oncologic Procedures Amenable to Fluorescence-guided Surgery
, Annals of Surgery 266(1): 36-47 (2017)

Oncologic Quality Indicators in Thoracic Surgery
, Thoracic Surgery Clinics 27(3): 227-244 (2017)

Oncologic relevance of magnetic resonance imaging-detected threatened mesorectal fascia for patients with mid or low rectal cancer: A longitudinal analysis before and after long-course, concurrent chemoradiotherapy
, Surgery 162(1): 152-163 (2017)

Oncologic results and quality of life in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of hypopharynx after transoral laser microsurgery
, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 50(2): 117-124 (2018)

Oncologic safety of cervical nerve preservation in neck dissection for head and neck cancer
, Head and Neck 39(9): 1751-1755 (2017)

Oncologic Safety of Immediate Breast Reconstruction in Breast Cancer Patients Who Underwent Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Short-Term Outcomes of a Matched Case-Control Study
, Clinical Breast Cancer 17(3): 204-210 (2017)

Oncologic Safety of Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy in Women with Breast Cancer
, Journal of the American College of Surgeons 225(3): 361-365 (2017)

Oncologic Safety of Prophylactic Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy in a Population With BRCA Mutations: A Multi-institutional Study
, JAMA Surgery 153(2): 123-129 (2018)

Oncologic significance of para-aortic lymph node and inferior mesenteric lymph node metastasis in sigmoid and rectal adenocarcinoma
, European Journal of Surgical Oncology: the Journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the British Association of Surgical Oncology 43(11): 2076-2083 (2017)

Oncologic surveillance following radical cystectomy: an individualized risk-based approach
, World Journal of Urology 35(12): 1863-1869 (2017)

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One of our own
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One-pot controlled synthesis of [email protected] core-shell nanocrystals with enhanced electrocatalytic performances for formic acid oxidation and glycerol oxidation
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One-pot conversion of biomass-derived xylose and furfural into levulinate esters via acid catalysis
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One-Pot Conversion of Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESO) into Soy-Based Polyurethanes by MoCl₂O₂ Catalysis
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One pot electrochemical synthesis of poly(melamine) entrapped gold nanoparticles composite for sensitive and low level detection of catechol
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One-pot enyne metathesis/Diels-Alder/oxidation to six-membered silacycles with a multi-ring core: discovery of novel fluorophores
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One-pot enzymatic glycan remodeling of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody by endoglycosidase S (Endo-S) from Streptococcus pyogenes
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One-Pot Enzymatic Total Synthesis of Presteffimycinone, an Early Intermediate of the Anthracycline Antibiotic Steffimycin Biosynthesis
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"One-pot" ethyl chloroformate derivatization and liquid-liquid extraction of reduced glutathione in erythrocyte and its quantitative GC-MS analysis
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One-pot fabrication of AgNPs, AuNPs and Ag-Au nano-alloy using cellulosic solid support for catalytic reduction application
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One-pot fabrication of FRET-based fluorescent probe for detecting copper ion and sulfide anion in 100% aqueous media
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"One-Pot" Fabrication of Highly Versatile and Biocompatible Poly(vinyl alcohol)-porphyrin-based Nanotheranostics
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One-pot fabrication of N-doped graphene supported dandelion-like PtRu nanocrystals as efficient and robust electrocatalysts towards formic acid oxidation
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One-pot fabrication of reduced graphene oxide supported dendritic core-shell [email protected] nanoflowers for glycerol oxidation
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One-Pot Facile Methodology to Synthesize Chitosan-ZnO-Graphene Oxide Hybrid Composites for Better Dye Adsorption and Antibacterial Activity
, Nanomaterials 7(11) (2017)

One-pot facile synthesis of 4-amino-1,8-naphthalimide derived Tröger's bases via a nucleophilic displacement approach
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One-pot formation of 2,4-di- or 2,4,6-tri-olefinic monocarboxylic acids by straight chain C4-extension
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One-pot formation of hydrazide macrocycles with modified cavities: an example of pH-sensitive unimolecular cation channels
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One-Pot Four-Segment Ligation Using Seleno- and Thioesters: Synthesis of Superoxide Dismutase
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One-Pot Green Regioselesctive Synthesis of γ-Lactones from Epoxides and Ketene Silyl Acetals Using 1,3-Dimethylimidazolium Fluoride as a Recoverable Metal-Free Catalyst
, Molecules 22(9) (2017)

One-Pot Green Synthesis of Ag-Decorated SnO 2 Microsphere: an Efficient and Reusable Catalyst for Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol
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One-Pot Green Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Quantum Dots for Cell Nucleus Labeling and Copper(II) Detection
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One-Pot Hybrid SnO 2 /Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanocomposite Formation through Pulsed Laser Irradiation
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One-Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of Carbon Dots with Efficient Up- and Down-Converted Photoluminescence for the Sensitive Detection of Morin in a Dual-Readout Assay
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One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of magnetically recoverable palladium/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites and its catalytic applications in cross-coupling reactions
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One-Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of Tb III 13 (GeO 4 ) 6 O 7 (OH) and K 2 Tb IV Ge 2 O 7 : Preparation of a Stable Terbium(4+) Complex
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One-Pot Large-Scale Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots: Efficient Cathode Interlayers for Polymer Solar Cells
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One-pot loading high-content thionine on polydopamine-functionalized mesoporous silica nanosphere for ultrasensitive electrochemical immunoassay
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One-pot mass preparation of MoS 2 /C aerogels for high-performance supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries
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One-Pot MCR-Oxidation Approach toward Indole-Fused Heteroacenes
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One-Pot, Metal-Free Conversion of Anilines to Aryl Bromides and Iodides
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One-Pot Method for the Synthesis of 2,5-Unsubstituted Pyrrolidino[3',4':1,9]fullerenes
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One-pot method to prepare a theranostic nanosystem with magnetic resonance imaging function and anticancer activity through multiple mechanisms
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One-pot microwave assisted stereoselective synthesis of novel dihydro-2'H-spiro[indene-2,1'-pyrrolo-[3,4-c]pyrrole]-tetraones and evaluation of their antimycobacterial activity and inhibition of AChE
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One-Pot Multicatalytic Approaches for the Synthesis of Cyclohepta[b]indoles, Indolotropones, and Tetrahydrocarbazoles
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One-Pot Multicomponent Synthesis of β-Amino Amides
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One-Pot Multicomponent Synthesis of Glycopolymers through a Combination of Host-Guest Interaction, Thiol-ene, and Copper-Catalyzed Click Reaction in Water
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One-Pot Multi-Enzymatic Synthesis of the Four Stereoisomers of 4-Methylheptan-3-ol
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One-pot multistep mechanochemical synthesis of fluorinated pyrazolones
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One-pot native chemical ligation by combination of two orthogonal thioester precursors
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One-Pot N-Deprotection and Catalytic Intramolecular Asymmetric Reductive Amination for the Synthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinolines
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One-pot organometallic synthesis of alumina-embedded Pd nanoparticles
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One-pot palladium-catalyzed synthesis of sulfonyl fluorides from aryl bromides
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One-Pot Phosphate-Mediated Synthesis of Novel 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Pyridinium Salts: A New Family of S. aureus Inhibitors
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One-pot photoassisted synthesis, in situ photocatalytic testing for hydrogen generation and the mechanism of binary nitrogen and copper promoted titanium dioxide
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One-pot preparation of an organic polymer monolith by thiol-ene click chemistry for capillary electrochromatography
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One-pot preparation of a novel CO-releasing material based on a CO-releasing [email protected] framework system
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One-pot preparation of conductive composite containing boronic acid derivative for non-enzymatic glucose detection
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One-pot preparation of hydrophilic manganese oxide nanoparticles as T 1 nano-contrast agent for molecular magnetic resonance imaging of renal carcinoma in vitro and in vivo
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One-pot preparation of mercaptotetrazole-silica hybrid monoliths by the thiol-ene click reaction for mixed-mode capillary liquid chromatography
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One-pot preparation of polymer microspheres having wrinkled hard surfaces through self-assembly of silica nanoparticles
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One-pot preparation of ternary reduced graphene oxide nanosheets/Fe 2 O 3 /polypyrrole hydrogels as efficient Fenton catalysts
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One-Pot Process for Hydrodeoxygenation of Lignin to Alkanes Using Ru-Based Bimetallic and Bifunctional Catalysts Supported on Zeolite Y
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One-pot production of chitin with high purity from lobster shells using choline chloride-malonic acid deep eutectic solvent
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One-pot Reductive Amination of carbonyl Compounds with Nitro Compounds by Transfer Hydrogenation over Co-N x as catalyst
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One-Pot Reverse Transcriptional Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP) for Detecting MERS-CoV
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One-Pot Route towards Active TiO₂ Doped Hierarchically Porous Cellulose: Highly Efficient Photocatalysts for Methylene Blue Degradation
, Materials 10(4) (2017)

One-Pot Self-Assembly of Peptide-Based Cage-Type Nanostructures Using Orthogonal Ligations
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One-pot sequential reaction to 2-substituted-phenanthridinones from N-methoxybenzamides
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One pot simultaneous preparation of both enantiomer of β-amino alcohol and vicinal diol via cascade biocatalysis
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One-Pot Sintering Strategy for Efficient Fabrication of High-Performance and Multifunctional Graphene Foams
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One-pot solution synthesis of shape-controlled copper selenide nanostructures and their potential applications in photocatalysis and photothermal therapy
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One-Pot Solvothermal Synthesis of Highly Emissive, Sodium-Codoped, LaF₃ and BaLaF₅ Core-Shell Upconverting Nanocrystals
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One-pot Sonochemical Synthesis of Hg-Ag Alloy Microspheres from Liquid Mercury
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One-Pot Strategy for Thiazoline Synthesis from Alkenes and Thioamides
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One-pot strategy of copper-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2-disubstituted benzimidazoles
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One-pot synthesis and biological evaluation of N-(aminosulfonyl)-4-podophyllotoxin carbamates as potential anticancer agents
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One-pot synthesis and properties of well-defined butadiynylene-BODIPY oligomers
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One-Pot Synthesis and Purification of Ultralong Silver Nanowires for Flexible Transparent Conductive Electrodes
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One-Pot Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationship of Aminomaleimides: Fluorescence Efficiencies in Monomers and Aggregates Easily Tuned by Switch of Aryl and Alkyl
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One pot synthesis, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of fused uracils: pyrimidodiazepines, lumazines, triazolouracil and xanthines
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One-Pot Synthesis of 1,2-Disubstituted 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-Azaindoles from Amino-o-halopyridines via N-Arylation/Sonogashira/Cyclization Reaction
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One-pot synthesis of 2,3-difunctionalized indoles via Rh(iii)-catalyzed carbenoid insertion C-H activation/cyclization
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One-pot synthesis of 3,5-disubstituted 1,2,4-thiadiazoles from nitriles and thioamides via I 2 -mediated oxidative formation of an N-S bond
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One-Pot Synthesis of 3-Substituted 2-Arylpyrrole in Aqueous Media via Addition-Annulation of Arylboronic Acid and Substituted Aliphatic Nitriles
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One-Pot Synthesis of ABCDE Multiblock Copolymers with Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, and Semi-Fluorinated Segments
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One-Pot Synthesis of a bis-Pocket Corrole through a 14-fold Bromination Reaction
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One-pot synthesis of a ceria-graphene oxide composite for the efficient removal of arsenic species
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One-pot synthesis of AIE based bismuth sulfide nanotheranostics for fluorescence imaging and photothermal therapy
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One-pot synthesis of alternating peptides exploiting a new polymerization technique based on Ugi's 4CC reaction
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One-Pot Synthesis of Amino Acid-Based Polyelectrolytes and Nanoparticle Synthesis
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One-pot synthesis of amino acid precursors with insoluble organic matter in planetesimals with aqueous activity
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One-pot synthesis of α-aminophosphonates via a cascade sequence of allylamine isomerization/hydrophosphonylation
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One-Pot Synthesis of a Mono-O,B,N-strapped BODIPY Derivative Displaying Bright Fluorescence in the Solid State
, Organic Letters 19(7): 1626-1629 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of a multi-template molecularly imprinted polymer for the extraction of six sulfonamide residues from milk before high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection
, Journal of Separation Science 41(3): 723-731 (2018)

One-pot synthesis of a new 2-substituted 1,2,3-triazole 1-oxide derivative from dipyridyl ketone and isonitrosoacetophenone hydrazone: Nickel(II) complex, DNA binding and cleavage properties
, Bioorganic Chemistry 71: 325-334 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of a [c2]daisy-chain-containing hetero[4]rotaxane via a self-sorting strategy
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One-pot synthesis of [email protected] 2 yolk-shell nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light
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One-pot synthesis of bioactive cyclopentenones from α-linolenic acid and docosahexaenoic acid
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One-Pot Synthesis of Biocompatible Silver Nanoparticle Composites from Cellulose and Keratin: Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity
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One-pot synthesis of bismuth silicate heterostructures with tunable morphology and excellent visible light photodegradation performances
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One-pot synthesis of block-copolyrotaxanes through controlled rotaxa -polymerization
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One-Pot Synthesis of α-Branched N-Acylamines via Titanium-Mediated Condensation of Amides, Aldehydes, and Organometallics
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One-Pot Synthesis of α-Carbonyl Bicyclic Furans via a Sequential Diels-Alder/5-Exo-Dig Cyclization/Oxidation Reaction
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One pot synthesis of carboxyl functionalized-polyhedral oligomeric siloxane based monolith via photoinitiated thiol-methacrylate polymerization for nano-hydrophilic interaction chromatography
, Journal of Chromatography A 1502: 14-23 (2017)

One-pot Synthesis of CdS Irregular Nanospheres Hybridized with Oxygen-Incorporated Defect-Rich MoS 2 Ultrathin Nanosheets for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(28): 23635-23646 (2017)

One pot synthesis of chitosan grafted quaternized resin for the removal of nitrate and phosphate from aqueous solution
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One-Pot Synthesis of Concave Platinum-Cobalt Nanocrystals and Their Superior Catalytic Performances for Methanol Electrochemical Oxidation and Oxygen Electrochemical Reduction
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One-pot synthesis of Co/N-doped mesoporous graphene with embedded Co/CoO x nanoparticles for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
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One-Pot Synthesis of Contracted and Expanded Porphyrins with meso-CF 3 Groups
, Angewandte Chemie 57(4): 1006-1010 (2018)

One-Pot Synthesis of Cu-Nanocluster-Decorated Brookite TiO 2 Quasi-Nanocubes for Enhanced Activity and Selectivity of CO 2 Photoreduction to CH 4
, Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry 18(22): 3230-3239 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of dendritic Pt 3 Ni nanoalloys as nonenzymatic electrochemical biosensors with high sensitivity and selectivity for dopamine detection
, Nanoscale 9(31): 10998-11003 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Densely Substituted Pyrazolo[3,4-b]-4,7-dihydropyridines
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One-pot synthesis of dextran-coated iron oxide nanoclusters for real-time regional lymph node mapping
, International Journal of Nanomedicine 12: 3365-3374 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of α,β-epoxy ketones through domino reaction between alkenes and aldehydes catalyzed by proline based chiral organocatalysts
, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 15(12): 2551-2561 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of (R)-1-(pyridin-4-yl)ethyl acetate using tandem catalyst prepared by co-immobilization of palladium and lipase on mesoporous foam: Optimization and kinetic modeling
, Chirality 29(12): 811-823 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of ethylenediamine-connected graphene/carbon nanotube composite material for isolation of clenbuterol from pork
, Food Chemistry 230: 154-163 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Fe 3 O 4 Nanoparticle Loaded 3D Porous Graphene Nanocomposites with Enhanced Nanozyme Activity for Glucose Detection
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(8): 7465-7471 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of fluorescent nitrogen-doped carbon dots with good biocompatibility for cell labeling
, Luminescence: the Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence 32(8): 1488-1493 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Fluorescent Silicon Nanoparticles for Sensitive and Selective Determination of 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol in Aqueous Solution
, Analytical Chemistry 89(5): 3001-3008 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Functionalized Carbazoles via a CAN-Catalyzed Multicomponent Process Comprising a C-H Activation Step
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(14): 7492-7502 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of GDP-l-fucose by a four-enzyme cascade expressed in Lactococcus lactis
, Journal of Biotechnology 264: 1-7 (2017)

One pot synthesis of GDP-mannose by a multi-enzyme cascade for enzymatic assembly of lipid-linked oligosaccharides
, Biotechnology and Bioengineering 115(1): 192-205 (2018)

One pot synthesis of gold - carbon dots nanocomposite and its application for cytosensing of metals for cancer cells
, Talanta 166: 357-363 (2017)

One pot synthesis of gold nanoparticles using chitosan with varying degree of deacetylation and molecular weight
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One-pot synthesis of hetero[6]rotaxane bearing three different kinds of macrocycle through a self-sorting process
, Chemical Science 8(10): 6777-6783 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Hierarchical Flower-Like Pd-Cu Alloy Support on Graphene Towards Ethanol Oxidation
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One-pot synthesis of hollow AgPt alloyed nanocrystals with enhanced electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 505: 307-314 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of β-Hydroxysulfones and Its Application in the Preparation of Anticancer Drug Bicalutamide
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One-Pot Synthesis of Hyperoside by a Three-Enzyme Cascade Using a UDP-Galactose Regeneration System
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One-pot synthesis of imidazolinium salts via the ring opening of tetrahydrofuran
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One-Pot Synthesis of Indoles by a Sequential Ugi-3CR/Wittig Reaction Starting from Odorless Isocyanide-Substituted Phosphonium Salts
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(5): 2772-2776 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Indolizines via Sequential Rhodium-Catalyzed [2 + 1]-Cyclopropanation, Palladium-Catalyzed Ring Expansion, and Oxidation Reactions from Pyridotriazoles and 1,3-Dienes
, Organic Letters 19(20): 5677-5680 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of injectable methylcellulose hydrogel containing calcium phosphate nanoparticles
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One-pot synthesis of in-situ carbon-coated Fe 3 O 4 as a long-life lithium-ion battery anode
, Nanotechnology 28(15): 155603 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of lightly doped Zn 1-x Cu x O and Au-Zn 1-x Cu x O with solar light photocatalytic activity in liquid phase
, Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 24(18): 15622-15633 (2017 )

One-pot synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle-multiwalled carbon nanotube composites for enhanced removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 505: 1134-1146 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of magnetic zeolitic imidazolate framework/grapheme oxide composites for the extraction of neonicotinoid insecticides from environmental water samples
, Journal of Separation Science 40(24): 4747-4756 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Mesoporous Ni-Ti-Al Ternary Oxides: Highly Active and Selective Catalysts for Steam Reforming of Ethanol
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(7): 6079-6092 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of γ-MnS/reduced graphene oxide with enhanced performance for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors
, Nanotechnology 28(6): 065402 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of MoS 2 Nanoflakes with Desirable Degradability for Photothermal Cancer Therapy
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(20): 17347-17358 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of multicomponent (Mo, Co) metal sulfide/carbon nanoboxes as anode materials for improving Na-ion storage
, Chemical Communications 53(78): 10820-10823 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of multifunctional nanoscale metal-organic frameworks as an effective antibacterial agent against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
, Nanotechnology 28(9): 095102 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Multiple Protein-Encapsulated DNA Flowers and Their Application in Intracellular Protein Delivery
, Advanced Materials 29(26) (2017)

One-pot synthesis of nanochain particles for targeting brain tumors
, Nanoscale 9(27): 9659-9667 (2017)

One pot synthesis of new poly(vinyl alcohol) blended natural polymer based magnetic hydrogel beads: Controlled natural anticancer alkaloid delivery system
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One-Pot Synthesis of Nickel-Modified Carbon Nitride Layers Toward Efficient Photoelectrochemical Cells
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One-pot synthesis of Ni doped CdS nanosheets for near infrared emission and excellent photocatalytic materials for degradation of MB dye under UV and sunlight irradiation
, Spectrochimica Acta. Part A Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 179: 144-154 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of Ni nanoparticle/ordered mesoporous carbon composite electrode materials for electrocatalytic reduction of aromatic ketones
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One-Pot Synthesis of Noble Metal/Zinc Oxide Composites with Controllable Morphology and High Catalytic Performance
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(19): 16417-16425 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of novel (2R,4S)-N-aryl-4-hydroxy-1-(2,2,2-trifluoroacetyl) pyrrolidine-2-carboxamides via TiO₂-NPs and Pd(PPh₃)₂Cl₂ catalysts and investigation of their biological activities
, Molecular Diversity 21(2): 305-315 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of N-substituted diaza[12]annulenes
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One-pot synthesis of oxazolidine-2-thione and thiozolidine-2-thione from sugar azido-alcohols
, Carbohydrate Research 450: 1-9 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Penta-twinned Palladium Nanowires and Their Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(36): 31203-31212 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Polysubstituted Imidazoles via Sequential Staudinger/aza-Wittig/Ag(I)-Catalyzed Cyclization/Isomerization
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(24): 13735-13739 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of PtRu nanodendrites as efficient catalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
, Nanoscale 9(3): 1033-1039 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of quaternary carbon centered cyclobutanes via Pd(ii)-catalyzed cascade C(sp 3 )-H activations
, Chemical Communications 53(9): 1534-1537 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Quinoxalinones via Tandem Nitrosation/Cyclization of N-Aryl Cyanoacetamides
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(20): 11247-11252 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide/Metal (Oxide) Composites
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(43): 37962-37971 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Rotationally Restricted, Conjugatable, BODIPY Derivatives from Phthalides
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(2): 1240-1247 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of silicon based nanoparticles with incorporated phthalocyanine for long-term bioimaging and photo-dynamic therapy of tumors
, Nanotechnology 28(13): 135601 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Size- and Composition-Controlled Ni-Rich NiPt Alloy Nanoparticles in a Reverse Microemulsion System and Their Application
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 9(36): 30643-30653 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Size-Controllable Core-Shell CdS and Derived [email protected] x Cd 1-x S Structures for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
, Chemistry 23(65): 16653-16659 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Spirocyclic or Fused Pyrazoles from Cyclic Ketones: Calcium Carbide as the Carbon Source in Ring Expansion
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(18): 9479-9486 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Amyloidogenic Peptide-Polymer Conjugates via Thio-Bromo "Click" Reaction of RAFT Polymers
, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 39(2) (2018)

One-pot synthesis of thiazino[2,3,4-hi]indole derivatives through a tandem oxidative coupling/heteroannulation process
, Chemical Communications 53(34): 4718-4721 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of three-dimensional Mn 3 O 4 microcubes for high-level sensitive detection of head and neck cancer drug nimorazole
, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 505: 1193-1201 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of ultrastable pentanuclear alkylzinc complexes
, Dalton Transactions 46(8): 2618-2625 (2017)

One-Pot Synthesis of Unsymmetric Diaryliodonium Salts from Iodine and Arenes
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(22): 11909-11914 (2017)

One-pot synthesis of zeolitic imidazolate framework-8/poly (methyl methacrylate-ethyleneglycol dimethacrylate) monolith coating for stir bar sorptive extraction of phytohormones from fruit samples followed by high performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet detection
, Journal of Chromatography A 1524: 57-65 (2017)

One-Pot, Three-Component Assembly of Indoloquinolines: Total Synthesis of Isocryptolepine
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(6): 3011-3018 (2017)

One-pot three-component selective synthesis of isoindolo[2,1-a]quinazoline derivatives via a palladium-catalyzed cascade cyclocondensation/cyclocarbonylation sequence
, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 15(17): 3674-3680 (2017)

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