Predation by the isopod Saduria entomon on the amphipods Monoporeia affinis and Pontoporeia femorata: experiments on prey vulnerability

Hill, C.; Elmgren, R.

Oecologia 91(2): 153-156


ISSN/ISBN: 1432-1939
PMID: 28313450
DOI: 10.1007/bf00317777
Accession: 060115336

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Predation by Saduria entomon on the depositfeeding amphipods Monoporeia (=Pontoporeia) affinis and Pontoporeia femorata was studied in laboratory experiments. Prey vulnerabilities were compared in singleprey treatments and in mixed-prey treatments, where the proportions of the two species were varied at one total density. In a pilot experiment, P. femorata was the more vulnerable prey, both in single-prey and mixed-prey treatments. In later experiments, the amphipod species were equally vulnerable in single-prey treatments, while in mixed-prey treatments Saduria preyed preferentially on M. affinis, even when this prey was rare, i.e. it did not "switch". We suggest that the different result in the later experiments may have been due to a change in the search mode of the isopods.