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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 60175

Chapter 60175 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Coleman, C.Ian.; Antz, M., 2017:
Real-world evidence with apixaban for stroke prevention in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in Germany: a retrospective study (REASSESS)

Jelisavcic, M.; de Carlo, M.; Hupkes, E.; Eustratiadis, P.; Orlowski, J.; Haasdijk, E.; Auerbach, J.E.; Eiben, A.E., 2017:
Real-World Evolution of Robot Morphologies: A Proof of Concept

Winnik, S.; Elsener, C.; Seifert, B.; Starck, C.; Straub, A.; Saguner, A.M.; Breitenstein, A.; Krasniqi, N.; Wilhelm, M.J.; Haegeli, L.; Duru, F.; Benussi, S.; Maisano, F.; Lüscher, T.F.; Holzmeister, J.; Huerlimann, D.; Ruschitzka, F.; Steffel, J., 2017:
"Real world" experience in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy at a Swiss Tertiary Care Center

Liang, S-Kai.; Hsieh, M-Shu.; Lee, M-Rui.; Keng, L-Ta.; Ko, J-Chung.; Shih, J-Yuan., 2017:
Real-world experience of afatinib as a first-line therapy for advanced EGFR mutation-positive lung adenocarcinoma

Kobayashi, T.; Hishida, A.; Tanaka, H.; Nuki, Y.; Bamba, S.; Yamada, A.; Fujii, T.; Shinzaki, S.; Yokoyama, Y.; Yoshida, A.; Ozeki, K.; Ashizuka, S.; Kamata, N.; Nanjo, S.; Kakimoto, K.; Nakamura, M.; Matsui, A.; Yamauchi, R.; Takahashi, S.; Tomizawa, T.; Yoshino, T.; Hibi, T., 2017:
Real-world Experience of Anti-tumor Necrosis Factor Therapy for Internal Fistulas in Crohn's Disease: A Retrospective Multicenter Cohort Study

Egashira, Y.; Yoshimura, S.; Sakai, N.; Enomoto, Y.; Sakai, N.; Hyodo, A.; Miyachi, S.; Nagai, Y.; Sakai, C.; Satoh, T.; Taki, W.; Terada, T.; Ezura, M.; Hyogo, T.; Matsubara, S.; Hayashi, K.; Fujinaka, T.; Ito, Y.; Kobayashi, S.; Komiyama, M.; Kuwayama, N.; Matsumaru, Y.; Matsumoto, Y.; Murayama, Y.; Nakahara, I.; Nemoto, S.; Sato, K.; Sugiu, K.; Yoshimura, S., 2015:
Real-world experience of carotid artery stenting in Japan: analysis of 7,134 cases from JR-NET1 and 2 nationwide retrospective multi-center registries

Koutsoukos, K.; Bamias, A.; Tzannis, K.; Espinosa Montaño, M.; Bozionelou, V.; Christodoulou, C.; Stefanou, D.; Kalofonos, H.; Duran, I.; Papazisis, K., 2017:
Real-world experience of everolimus as second-line treatment in metastatic renal cell cancer after failure of pazopanib

Crumbaker, M.; Guminski, A.; Gurney, H.; Sabanathan, D.; Wong, S.; Pavlakis, N., 2017:
Real-world experience of the feasibility and tolerability of the 2/1 dosing schedule with sunitinib in the treatment of patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma in Australia

Iannone, F.; Ferraccioli, G.; Sinigaglia, L.; Favalli, E.G.; Sarzi-Puttini, P.; Atzeni, F.; Gorla, R.; Bazzani, C.; Govoni, M.; Farina, I.; Gremese, E.; Carletto, A.; Giollo, A.; Galeazzi, M.; Foti, R.; Bianchino, L.; La Grasta, L.; Lapadula, G., 2017:
Real-world experience of tocilizumab in rheumatoid arthritis: sub-analysis of data from the Italian biologics' register GISEA

Rimmele, D.Leander.; Larena-Avellaneda, A.; Alegiani, A.C.; Rosenkranz, M.; Schmidt, N.Ole.; Regelsberger, J.; Hummel, F.C.; Magnus, T.; Debus, E.Sebastian.; Fiehler, J.; Gerloff, C.; Thomalla, Götz., 2017:
Real-world experience of treatment decision-making in carotid stenosis in a neurovascular board

Louie, V.; Latt, N.L.; Gharibian, D.; Sahota, A.; Yanny, B.T.; Mittal, R.; Bider-Canfield, Z.; Cheetham, T.Craig., 2017:
Real-World Experiences With a Direct-Acting Antiviral Agent for Patients With Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Möllmann, H.; Hengstenberg, C.; Hilker, M.; Kerber, S.; Schäfer, U.; Rudolph, T.; Linke, A.; Franz, N.; Kuntze, T.; Nef, H.; Kappert, U.; Walther, T.; Zembala, M.O.; Toggweiler, S.; Kim, W-Keun., 2017:
Real-world experience using the ACURATE neo prosthesis: 30-day outcomes of 1,000 patients enrolled in the SAVI TF registry

Herzer, K.; Welzel, T.M.; Spengler, U.; Hinrichsen, H.; Klinker, H.; Berg, T.; Ferenci, P.; Peck-Radosavljevic, M.; Inderson, A.; Zhao, Y.; Jimenez-Exposito, M.Jesus.; Zeuzem, S., 2016:
Real-world experience with daclatasvir plus sofosbuvir ribavirin for post-liver transplant HCV recurrence and severe liver disease

Peng, S-Yen.; Lai, C-Chun.; Wang, N-Kai.; Wu, W-Chi.; Hwang, Y-Shiou.; Chen, K-Jen.; Chen, L-Jen.; Tsai, S.; Chan, W-Chun.; Liu, L.; Yeung, L., 2017:
Real-World Experience with Half-Time Versus Half-Dose Photodynamic Therapy in Chronic Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Tsai, L-Kai.; Lin, H-Juan.; Chua, S-Kiat.; Liao, P-Chih.; Yang, Y-Po.; Chou, P-Chen.; Lee, C-Wei.; Lin, M-Jen.; Chen, H-Ming.; Yeh, J-Tze.; Li, Y-Heng., 2017:
Real-World Experience with Idarucizumab to Reverse Anticoagulant Effect in Dabigatran-Treated Patients: Report of 11 Cases from Taiwan

Chang, C.Y.; Nguyen, P.; Le, A.; Zhao, C.; Ahmed, A.; Daugherty, T.; Garcia, G.; Lutchman, G.; Kumari, R.; Nguyen, M.H., 2017:
Real-world experience with interferon-free, direct acting antiviral therapies in Asian Americans with chronic hepatitis C and advanced liver disease

Groudine, S.B.; Minkowitz, H.S.; Valentine, D.L., 2017:
Real-world experience with neuromuscular blockade reversal

Pogorzelska, J.; Flisiak, R., 2016:
Real-world experience with ombitasvir/paritaprevir boosted with ritonavir and possibly combined with dasabuvir and ribavirin in HCV infection

Stewart, C.L.; Turner, M.S.; Frens, J.J.; Snider, C.B.; Smith, J.R., 2017:
Real-World Experience with Oritavancin Therapy in Invasive Gram-Positive Infections

Ekstrom, V.; Kumar, R.; Zhao, Y.; Yee, M.Ling.; Sung, C.; Toh, D.; Loh, P.Yen.; Tan, J.; Teo, E.Kiong.; Chow, W.Cheng., 2017:
Real world experience with pegylated interferon and ribavirin in hepatitis C genotype 1 population with favourable iIL28B polymorphism

Iyer, P.C.; Dadu, R.; Ferrarotto, R.; Busaidy, N.L.; Habra, M.A.; Zafereo, M.; Gross, N.; Hess, K.R.; Gule-Monroe, M.; Williams, M.D.; Cabanillas, M.E., 2017:
Real-World Experience with Targeted Therapy for the Treatment of Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma

Welzel, T.M.; Hinrichsen, H.; Sarrazin, C.; Buggisch, P.; Baumgarten, A.; Christensen, S.; Berg, T.; Mauss, S.; Teuber, G.; Stein, K.; Deterding, K.; van Bömmel, F.; Heyne, R.; John, C.; Zimmermann, T.; Lutz, T.; Schott, E.; Hettinger, J.; Kleine, H.; König, B.; Hüppe, D.; Wedemeyer, H., 2017:
Real-world experience with the all-oral, interferon-free regimen of ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir and dasabuvir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection in the German Hepatitis C Registry

Abernethy, A.P.; Arunachalam, A.; Burke, T.; McKay, C.; Cao, X.; Sorg, R.; Carbone, D.P., 2017:
Real-world first-line treatment and overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer without known EGFR mutations or ALK rearrangements in US community oncology setting

Singhal, M.; Unni, S.; Schauerhamer, M.; Nguyen, H.; Hurd, J.; McAdam-Marx, C., 2017:
Real-World Glycemic Control from GLP-1RA Therapy with and Without Concurrent Insulin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Tadrous, M.; Khuu, W.; Lebovic, G.; Stanbrook, M.B.; Martins, D.; Paterson, J.Michael.; Mamdani, M.M.; Juurlink, D.N.; Gomes, T., 2017:
Real-world health care utilization and effectiveness of omalizumab for the treatment of severe asthma

Kerwin, E.M.; Ferro, T.J.; Ariely, R.; Irwin, D.E.; Parikh, R., 2017:
Real-world health care utilization in asthma patients using albuterol sulfate inhalation aerosol (ProAir HFA) with and without integrated dose counters

Polson, M.; Lord, T.C.; Evangelatos, T.M.; Lopes, M.; Santaniello, B.L., 2018:
Real-world health plan claims analysis of differences in healthcare utilization and total cost in patients suffering from cluster headaches and those without headache-related conditions

Farré, Núria.; Vela, E.; Clèries, M.; Bustins, M.; Cainzos-Achirica, M.; Enjuanes, C.; Moliner, P.; Ruiz, S.; Verdú-Rotellar, Jé.María.; Comín-Colet, J., 2017:
Real world heart failure epidemiology and outcome: A population-based analysis of 88,195 patients

Shirin, D.; Matalon, S.; Avidan, B.; Broide, E.; Shirin, H., 2017:
Real-world iHelicobacter pylori diagnosis in patients referred for esophagoduodenoscopy: The gap between guidelines and clinical practice

Kelly, A-Maree.; Pannifex, J., 2017:
Real-world impact of a quality improvement project to implement rapid rule out of acute coronary syndrome processes in eligible emergency department patients

Covic, A.; Jackson, J.; Hadfield, A.; Pike, J.; Siriopol, D., 2017:
Real-World Impact of Cardiovascular Disease and Anemia on Quality of Life and Productivity in Patients with Non-Dialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease

Fu, J.; Wu, L.; Jiang, M.; Li, D.; Jiang, T.; Fu, W.; Wang, L.; Du, J., 2017:
Real-world impact of non-breast cancer-specific death on overall survival in resectable breast cancer

Bougie, O.; Singh, S.S., 2016:
Real World Implications of Endometriosis and Cardiac Risk

Claeys, M.J.; Beauloye, C.; Pourbaix, S.; Sinnaeve, P.R., 2017:
Real world insights on the initiation and treatment duration of oral antiplatelets in acute coronary syndromes: a retrospective cohort study

Marques-Alves, P.; Baptista, R.; Marinho da Silva, A.; Pêgo, M.; Castro, G., 2017:
Real-world, long-term survival of incident patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Ferrandina, G.; Amadio, G.; Paris, I.; Distefano, M.; Palluzzi, E.; de Vincenzo, R.; Ricci, C.; Scambia, G., 2017:
Real-World Management of Trabectedin/Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin in Platinum-Sensitive Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients: A National Survey

Elder, W.G.; Munk, N.; Love, M.M.; Bruckner, G.G.; Stewart, K.E.; Pearce, K., 2017:
Real-World Massage Therapy Produces Meaningful Effectiveness Signal for Primary Care Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: Results of a Repeated Measures Cohort Study

Maan, R.; Zaim, R.; van der Meer, A.; Feld, J.; Wedemeyer, H.; Dufour, J.; Lammert, F.; Manns, M.; Zeuzem, S.; Hansen, B.; Janssen, H.; Veldt, B.; de Knegt, R.; Uyl-de Groot, C., 2015 :
Real-World Medical Costs of Antiviral Therapy Among Patients With Chronic Hcv Infection and Advanced Hepatic Fibrosis

Lin, J.; Lingohr-Smith, M.; Fan, T., 2017:
Real-world medication persistence and outcomes associated with basal insulin and glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist free-dose combination therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes in the US

Takatsuki, S.; Kimura, T.; Sugimoto, K.; Misaki, S.; Nakajima, K.; Kashimura, S.; Kunitomi, A.; Katsumata, Y.; Nishiyama, T.; Nishiyama, N.; Aizawa, Y.; Fukuda, K., 2017:
Real-world monitoring of direct oral anticoagulants in clinic and hospitalization settings

Mason, S.; Osborn, J.S.; Dhar, R.; Tonkin, A.; Ethington, J-David.; Le, V.; Benuzillo, J.; Lappe, D.L.; Knowlton, K.U.; Bunch, T.Jared.; Anderson, J.L., 2017:
Real world MRI experience with nonconditional and conditional cardiac rhythm devices after MagnaSafe

Aguiar, D.; Martínez-Urbistondo, D.; Baroja-Mazo, A.; de la Mata, M.; Rodríguez-Perálvarez, M.; Rubín, A.; Puchades, L.; Serrano, T.; Montero, J.; Cuadrado, A.; Casafont, F.; Salcedo, M.; Rincón, D.; Pons, J.A.; Herrero, J.I., 2018:
Real-World Multicenter Experience of Immunosuppression Minimization Among 661 Liver Transplant Recipients

Norlin, J.M.; Calara, P.S.; Persson, U.; Schmitt-Egenolf, M., 2017:
Real-world outcomes in 2646 psoriasis patients: one in five has PASI ≥10 and/or DLQI ≥10 under ongoing systemic therapy

Betts, K.A.; Hurley, D.; Song, J.; Sajeev, G.; Guo, J.; Du, E.Xiaoyan.; Paschoalin, M.; Wu, E.Q., 2017:
Real-World Outcomes of Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment with Intravenous Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator

Vaz-Pereira, S.; Marques, Iês.P.; Matias, Jão.; Mira, F.; Ribeiro, Lígia.; Flores, R., 2017:
Real-World Outcomes of Anti-VEGF Treatment for Retinal Vein Occlusion in Portugal

Toyoda, N.; Itagaki, S.; Egorova, N.N.; Tannous, H.; Anyanwu, A.C.; El-Eshmawi, A.; Adams, D.H.; Chikwe, J., 2017:
Real-world outcomes of surgery for native mitral valve endocarditis

Li, N.; Du, E.X.; Chu, L.; Peeples, M.; Xie, J.; Barghout, V.; Tang, D.H., 2017:
Real-world palbociclib dosing patterns and implications for drug costs in the treatment of HR+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer

Smuel, K.; Yeshayahu, Y., 2017:
"Real-world" pediatric endocrine practice; how much is it influenced by physician's gender and region of practice. Results of an international survey

Marson, K.G.; Marlin, R.; Pham, P.; Cohen, S.E.; Jones, D.; Roemer, M.; Peters, P.J.; Haller, B.; Pilcher, C.D., 2017:
Real-world performance of the new US HIV testing algorithm in medical settings

Lewis, J.M.; Smith, C.; Torkington, A.; Davies, C.; Ahmad, S.; Tomkins, A.; Shaw, J.; Kingston, M.; Muqbill, G.; Hay, P.; Mulka, L.; Williams, D.; Waters, L.; Brima, N.; Marshall, N.; Johnson, M.; Chaponda, M.; Nelson, M., 2017:
Real-world persistence with antiretroviral therapy for HIV in the United Kingdom: A multicentre retrospective cohort study

Chuah, Y-Young.; Wu, D-Chyang.; Chuah, S-Kee.; Yang, J-Chin.; Lee, T-Hsi.; Yeh, H-Zen.; Chen, C-Lin.; Liu, Y-Hwa.; Hsu, P-I., 2017:
Real-world practice and Expectation of Asia-Pacific physicians and patients in Helicobacter Pylori eradication (REAP-HP Survey)

Isobe, H.; Mori, K.; Minato, K.; Katsura, H.; Taniguchi, K.; Arunachalam, A.; Kothari, S.; Cao, X.; Kato, T., 2017:
Real-world practice patterns for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer: multicenter retrospective cohort study in Japan

Park, S.Yun.; Bae, S.; Shin, J-Young., 2017:
Real-world prescribing patterns of long-acting benzodiazepines for elderly Koreans in 2013

Mazzuoccolo, L.Daniel.; Luna, P.Carolina.; Marciano, Sán.; Castro Perez, G.Antonia.; Marchesi, C.; Nocito, M.Jimena.; Martin Koller, V.; Lorenzo, J.; Koch, C.; Echeverria, C.Mariela., 2017:
Real world prescription trends of methotrexate for psoriasis in Argentina: results of a national survey

Denegri, A.; Nietlispach, F.; Kottwitz, J.; Suetsch, G.; Haager, P.; Rodriguez, H.; Taramasso, M.; Obeid, S.; Maisano, F., 2017:
Real-world procedural and 30-day outcome using the Portico transcatheter aortic valve prosthesis: A large single center cohort

Funderburk, J.S.; Shepardson, R.L., 2018:
Real-world program evaluation of integrated behavioral health care: Improving scientific rigor

Matias, M.; Le Teuff, Génaël.; Albiges, L.; Guida, A.; Brard, C.; Bacciarelo, G.; Loriot, Y.; Massard, C.; Lassau, N.; Fizazi, K.; Escudier, B., 2017:
Real world prospective experience of axitinib in metastatic renal cell carcinoma in a large comprehensive cancer centre

Heikinheimo, O.; Bitzer, J.; García Rodríguez, L., 2017:
Real-world research and the role of observational data in the field of gynaecology - a practical review

Shrestha, A.; Eldar-Lissai, A.; Hou, N.; Lakdawalla, D.N.; Batt, K., 2017:
Real-world resource use and costs of haemophilia A-related bleeding

Ysebaert, L.; Aurran-Schleinitz, Térèse.; Dartigeas, C.; Dilhuydy, M-Sarah.; Feugier, P.; Michallet, A-Sophie.; Tournilhac, O.; Dupuis, J.; Sinet, P.; Albrecht, C.; Cymbalista, F., 2017:
Real-world results of ibrutinib in relapsed/refractory CLL in France: Early results on a large series of 428 patients

Koç, İrem.; Kadayıfçılar, S.; Eldem, B., 2017:
Real-World Results of Intravitreal Ranibizumab, Bevacizumab, or Triamcinolone for Diabetic Macular Edema

Liberman, D.; Milhouse, O.; Johnson-Mitchell, M.; Siegel, S.W., 2017:
Real-World Retention Rates After Intravesical OnabotulinumtoxinA for Idiopathic Overactive Bladder

Tronina, O.; Durlik, M.; Wawrzynowicz-Syczewska, M.; Buivydiene, A.; Katzarov, K.; Kupcinskas, L.; Tolmane, I.; Karpińska, E.; Pisula, A.; Karwowska, K.Magdalena.; Bolewska, B.; Jabłkowski, M.; Rostkowska, K.; Jakutiene, J.; Simonova, M.; Flisiak, R., 2017:
Real-World Safety and Efficacy of Ombitasvir/Paritaprevir/Ritonavir/+DasabuvirRibavirin (OBV/PTV/r/+DSVRBV) Therapy in Recurrent Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Genotype 1 Infection Post-Liver Transplant: AMBER-CEE Study

Rojas, J.Ignacio.; Patrucco, L.; Miguez, J.; Cristiano, E., 2017:
Real-World Safety and Patient Profile of Fingolimod in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Prospective Analysis in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ntaios, G.; Papavasileiou, V.; Makaritsis, K.; Vemmos, K.; Michel, P.; Lip, G.Y.H., 2017:
Real-World Setting Comparison of Nonvitamin-K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants Versus Vitamin-K Antagonists for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Shin, H.Phil.; Burman, B.; Kozarek, R.A.; Zeigler, A.; Wang, C.; Lee, H.; Zehr, T.; Edwards, A.M.; Siddique, A., 2017:
Real-World Single-Center Experience with Sofosbuvir-Based Regimens for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Patients

Wong, T.H.; Sinclair, S.; Smith, B.; Fraser, C.; Morton, C.A., 2017:
Real-world, single-centre experience of apremilast for the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis

Freese, T.E.; Padwa, H.; Oeser, B.T.; Rutkowski, B.A.; Schulte, M.T., 2017:
Real-World Strategies to Engage and Retain Racial-Ethnic Minority Young Men Who Have Sex with Men in HIV Prevention Services

Mert, K.U.; Mert, G.Ö.; Başaran, Özcan.; Beton, O.; Dogan, V.; Tekinalp, M.; Aykan, A.Ç.; Kalaycıoğlu, E.; Bolat, I.; Taşar, O.; Şafak, Özgen.; Kalçık, M.; Yaman, M.; Kırma, C.; Biteker, M.; İnci, S.; Altıntaş, B.; Kalkan, S.; Karadeniz, Özpamuk.; Tekkesin, İlker.; Çakıllı, Y.; Türkkan, C.; Hamidi, M.; Demir, V.; Gürsoy, O.; Öztürk, T.; Aksan, Gökhan.; Seyis, S.; Ballı, M.; Alici, H.; Bozyel, S.; Çalık, F.; Karaca, Oğuz.; Helvacı, Füsun.; Akay, K.; Çanga, Yğit.;, 2017:
Real-world stroke prevention strategies in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in patients with renal impairment

Wang, Y.; Yan, B.P.; Nichol, M.B.; Tomlinson, B.; Lee, V.W.Y., 2018:
Real-world study of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and cardiovascular outcomes in Chinese: A retrospective cohort study in post-percutaneous coronary intervention acute coronary syndrome patients

Schreiber, T.; Wah Htun, W.; Blank, N.; Telila, T.; Mercado, N.; Briasoulis, A.; Kaki, A.; Kondur, A.; Munir, A.; Grines, C., 2017:
Real-world supported unprotected left main percutaneous coronary intervention with impella device; data from the USpella registry

Pal, S.K.; Ghate, S.R.; Li, N.; Swallow, E.; Peeples, M.; Zichlin, M.L.; Perez, J.Ricardo.; Agarwal, N.; Vogelzang, N.J., 2017:
Real-World Survival Outcomes and Prognostic Factors Among Patients Receiving First Targeted Therapy for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma: A SEER-Medicare Database Analysis

Zimmermann, R.; Kollan, C.; Ingiliz, P.; Mauss, S.; Schmidt, D.; Bremer, V., 2017:
Real-world treatment for chronic hepatitis C infection in Germany: Analyses from drug prescription data, 2010-2015

Colomer, R.; Hall, P.; Szkultecka-Debek, M.; Bondi, R.C.; Flinois, A.; Auziere, S.; Le Cléac'h, J.Y., 2017:
Real-world treatment in patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer : Treatment decisions in HER2+ mBC

Cowey, C.Lance.; Mahnke, L.; Espirito, J.; Helwig, C.; Oksen, D.; Bharmal, M., 2017:
Real-world treatment outcomes in patients with metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma treated with chemotherapy in the USA

Sassolas, B.; Leccia, M.T.; Godard, C.; Benmahamed, L.; Flinois, A.; Levy-Bachelot, L.; Bédane, C., 2017:
Real-world treatment patterns and clinical outcomes in advanced cutaneous melanoma patients in France

Ivanova, J.I.; Saverno, K.R.; Sung, J.; Duh, M.Sheng.; Zhao, C.; Cai, S.; Vekeman, F.; Peevyhouse, A.; Dhawan, R.; Fuchs, C.S., 2017:
Real-world treatment patterns and effectiveness among patients with metastatic colorectal cancer treated with ziv-aflibercept in community oncology practices in the USA

Mohr, P.; Ascierto, P.; Arance, A.; McArthur, G.; Hernaez, A.; Kaskel, P.; Shinde, R.; Stevinson, K., 2017 :
Real-world treatment patterns and outcomes among metastatic cutaneous melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab

Wang, L.; Ke, X.; Kavati, A.; Wertz, D.; Huang, Q.; Willey, V.J.; Stephenson, J.J.; Ortiz, B.; Paknis, B.; Bernstein, J.A.; Beck, L.A., 2017:
Real-world treatment patterns and outcomes of omalizumab use in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria

Caldeira, R.; Scazafave, M., 2016:
Real-World Treatment Patterns for Hormone Receptor-Positive, Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Negative Advanced Breast Cancer in Europe and the United States

Davies, J.; Patel, M.; Gridelli, C.; de Marinis, F.; Waterkamp, D.; McCusker, M.E., 2017:
Real-world treatment patterns for patients receiving second-line and third-line treatment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A systematic review of recently published studies

Herring, M.; Huynh, L.; Duh, M.Sheng.; Vekeman, F.; Tiew, A.; Neary, M.; Bergsland, E., 2017:
Real-world treatment patterns in advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in the era of targeted therapy: perspectives from an academic tertiary center and community oncology practices

Benson, A.B.; Broder, M.S.; Cai, B.; Chang, E.; Neary, M.P.; Papoyan, E., 2017:
Real-world treatment patterns of gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors: A claims database analysis

Chen, C-Chang.; Parikh, K.; Abouzaid, S.; Purnomo, L.; McGuiness, C.B.; Hussein, M.; Wade, R.L., 2017:
Real-World Treatment Patterns, Time to Next Treatment, and Economic Outcomes in Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma Patients Treated with Pomalidomide or Carfilzomib

Hess, L.M.; Kern, D.M.; Carter, G.Cuyun.; Winfree, K.; Wang, L.; Sontag, A.; Oton, A.B., 2017:
Real-World Treatment Sequences and Outcomes Among Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (RESOUNDS) in the United States: Study Protocol

Rulach, R.J.; McKay, S.; Neilson, S.; White, L.; Wallace, J.; Carruthers, R.; Lamb, C.; Cascales, A.; Marashi, H.; Glen, H.; Venugopal, B.; Sadoyze, A.; Sidek, N.; Russell, J.Martin.; Alhasso, A.; Dodds, D.; Laskey, J.; Jones, R.J.; MacLeod, N., 2017:
Real-world uptake, safety profile and outcomes of docetaxel in newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer

Choi, J.H.; Mendelsohn, A.L.; Weisleder, A.; Cates, C.Brockmeyer.; Canfield, C.; Seery, A.; Dreyer, B.P.; Tomopoulos, S., 2017:
Real-World Usage of Educational Media Does Not Promote Parent-Child Cognitive Stimulation Activities

Arnold, S.V.; Inzucchi, S.E.; Tang, F.; McGuire, D.K.; Mehta, S.N.; Maddox, T.M.; Goyal, A.; Sperling, L.S.; Einhorn, D.; Wong, N.D.; Khunti, K.; Lam, C.Sp.; Kosiborod, M., 2017:
Real-world use and modeled impact of glucose-lowering therapies evaluated in recent cardiovascular outcomes trials: An NCDR® Research to Practice project

Lee, J.M.; Newman, M.W.; Gebremariam, A.; Choi, P.; Lewis, D.; Nordgren, W.; Costik, J.; Wedding, J.; West, B.; Gilby, N.Benovich.; Hannemann, C.; Pasek, J.; Garrity, A.; Hirschfeld, E., 2017:
Real-World Use and Self-Reported Health Outcomes of a Patient-Designed Do-it-Yourself Mobile Technology System for Diabetes: Lessons for Mobile Health

Cornberg, M.; Petersen, J.; Schober, A.; Mauss, S.; Böker, K.H.W.; Link, R.; Günther, R.; Serfert, Y.; Pfeiffer-Vornkahl, H.; Manns, M.P.; Sarrazin, C.; Hüppe, D.; Berg, T.; Niederau, C., 2017:
Real-world use, effectiveness and safety of anti-viral treatment in chronic hepatitis C genotype 3 infection

Proietti, M.; Romanazzi, I.; Romiti, G.Francesco.; Farcomeni, A.; Lip, G.Y.H., 2017:
Real-World Use of Apixaban for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Gendron, N.; Feral-Pierssens, A.Laure.; Jurcisin, I.; de Raucourt, E.; Bouton, V.; Fischer, A.Marie.; Lorenceau-Savale, C.; Lillo-Le Louët, Aès.; Smadja, D.M., 2017:
Real-world use of idarucizumab for dabigatran reversal in three cases of serious bleeding

Fairman, K.A.; Davis, L.E.; Sclar, D.A., 2017:
Real-world use of PCSK-9 inhibitors by early adopters: cardiovascular risk factors, statin co-treatment, and short-term adherence in routine clinical practice

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Re an Adoption Application (Surrogacy), 11 March 1987

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Reanalysis of Korean War Anthropological Records to Support the Resolution of Cold Cases

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Reanalyzing exomes may be worthwhile: Second look at sequence data leads to significant number of diagnoses

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Effects of calcium and estrogen on the development of the ceratohyal cartilage in zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae upon embryo and maternal cadmium exposure

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Reappraisal of dioxygen binding in NOV1 crystal structures

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Reappraisal of Endoscopic Papillary Balloon Dilation Versus Sphincterotomy for Choledocholithiasis-Time for a New Trial

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Reappraisal of the Confusing Concept "Trichogerminoma" and the Ill-Defined Finding "Cell Balls": Clinicopathologic Analysis of 6 Cases of Trichogerminoma and Comparison With 2 Cases of Basal Cell Carcinoma With Cell Ball-Like Features

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Reappraisal of the negative impression cast and the subtalar joint neutral position revisited again

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Reappraising the early evidence of durophagy and drilling predation in the fossil record: implications for escalation and the Cambrian Explosion

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Reappraising the Impact of Offending on Victimization: A Propensity Score Matching Approach

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RE: A Practical Approach to the Ethanol-Intoxicated Patient in the Emergency Department

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Effects of calcium and its interaction with phosphorus on the nutrient status and growth of three Lupinus species

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Reap what you sow

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Effects of calcium and sodium on ATP-induced vasopressin release from rat isolated neurohypophysial terminals

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Reared-Apart Chinese Twins: Chance Discovery/Twin-Based Research: Twin Study of Media Use; Twin Relations Over the Life Span; Breast-Feeding Opposite-Sex Twins/Print and Online Media: Twins in Fashion; Second Twin Pair Born to Tennis Star; Twin Primes; Twin Pandas

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Rear foot kinematics when wearing lateral wedge insoles and foot alignment influence the effect of knee adduction moment for medial knee osteoarthritis

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Rearing and Double-stranded RNA-mediated Gene Knockdown in the Hide Beetle, Dermestes maculatus

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Rearing Ixodes scapularis, the Black-legged Tick: Feeding Immature Stages on Mice

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Rear-polarized Wnt5a-receptor-actin-myosin-polarity (WRAMP) structures promote the speed and persistence of directional cell migration

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Rearrangement moves on rooted phylogenetic networks

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Rearrangement of an aniline linked perylene bisimide under acidic conditions and visible to near-infrared emission from the intramolecular charge-transfer state of its fused derivatives

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Rearrangement of a Transient Gold Vinylidene into Gold Carbenes

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Rearrangements of α-Diazo-β-hydroxyketones for the Synthesis of Bicyclo[m.n.1]alkanones

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Rearranging the deck chairs

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Reasonableness, Credibility, and Clinical Disagreement

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Reasonable use of language called for

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Reason and Instinct

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Reason and Paradox in Medical and Family Law: Shaping Children's Bodies

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Reason and Resolution of High Negative Control Beads in Solid-Phase Immunoassay

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Reason for Indispensability of Threonine in Humans and Other Mammals in Comparative Aspect

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Reason for Referral Predicts Utilization and Perceived Impact of Early Intervention Services

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Reassessing the Structure and Function Relationship of the O2 Sensing Transcription Factor FNR

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Reassessing the Time Course for Radiation-Induced Cardiac Mortality in Patients With Breast Cancer

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Re-assessing the total burden of norovirus circulating in the United Kingdom population

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Re-assessing the vertical distribution of testate amoeba communities in surface peats: Implications for palaeohydrological studies

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Reassessing Unintended Pregnancy: Toward a Patient-centered Approach to Family Planning

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Reassessment and Relationships of †Scutatuspinosus itapagipensis (Teleostei, Clupeomorpha, †Ellimmichthyiformes) from the Neocomian of Recôncavo Basin, Northeastern Brazil

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Reassessment of 20th century global mean sea level rise

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Reassessment of Acute Kidney Injury after Cardiac Surgery: A Retrospective Study

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Reassessment of an Asthma Diagnosis

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Reassessment of Anti-CD20 Therapy in Lymphoid Malignancies: Impact, Limitations, and New Directions

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Reassessment of GLUT7 and GLUT9 as Putative Fructose and Glucose Transporters

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Reassessment of heavy metal pollution in riverine sediments of Hainan Island, China: sources and risks

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Reassessment of iAllantonectria , phylogenetic position of iThyronectroidea , and iThyronectria caraganae sp. nov

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Reassessment of lipaemic index threshold triggering high speed centrifugation of lipaemic specimens

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Reassessment of multiple species of Gymnelus (Teleostei: Zoarcidae) in Pacific Arctic and boreal regions

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Reassessment of Non-Monosynaptic Excitation from the Motor Cortex to Motoneurons in Single Motor Units of the Human Biceps Brachii

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Reassessment of the Access Testosterone chemiluminescence assay and comparison with LC-MS method

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Reassessment of the polar fraction of Stachys alopecuros (L.) Benth. subsp. divulsa (Ten.) Grande (Lamiaceae) from the Monti Sibillini National Park: A potential source of bioactive compounds

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Reassessment of the Upper Fremont Glacier Ice-Core Chronologies by Synchronizing of Ice-Core-Water Isotopes to a Nearby Tree-Ring Chronology

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Reassigning stop codons via translation termination: How a few eukaryotes broke the dogma

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Reassignment of the absolute configuration of plakinidone from the sponge consortium iPlakortis halichondrioides-Xestospongia deweerdtae using a combination of synthesis and a chiroptical approach

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Effects of calcium-containing desensitizers on the bonding stability of an etchand-rinse adhesive against long-term water storage and pH cycling

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Effects of calcium deficiency and excess on transmembrane potentials in frog heart

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RE: Association of human leukocyte antigen-DRB1 with anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide autoantibodies in Saudi patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Reassortant Clade Avian Influenza A(H5N6) Virus in a Wild Mandarin Duck, South Korea, 2016

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Reassortment patterns in Swine influenza viruses

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Reassurance for many healthy women considering HRT

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Reassurance for patients with non-specific conditions - a user's guide

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Reassurance on standards

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Reassurance over commissioning roles

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"Reassure the patient"? Yes, but how?

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Reassuring News About Football and Cognitive Decline?: Not So Fast

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Reatment of Malaria by Quinine: Failure of "Splenox"

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Reattachment using the suture bridge augmentation for Achilles tendon avulsion fracture with osteoporotic bony fragment

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Re-Audit of the Contents of GP Referral letters to General Adult Community Psychiatrists

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Reaumur and his portraits

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Reaumur, de Geer and the creation of entomology

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Effects of calcium dobesilate on Nrf2, Keap1 and HO-1 in the lenses of D-galactose-induced cataracts in rats

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Re-Averments Respecting Psycho-Clinical Norms and Scales of Development

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Re. "Awareness and consideration of malnutrition among oncologists: Insights from an exploratory survey"

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Effects of calcium gluconate on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in mice

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ReaxFF Reactive Force-Field Study of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)

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ReaxFF Reactive Molecular Dynamics Study of Orientation Dependence of Initial Silicon Carbide Oxidation

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Re-balance of memory T cell subsets in peripheral blood from patients with CML after TKI treatment

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Rebalancing Altered Computations: Considering the Role of Neural Excitation and Inhibition Balance Across the Psychiatric Spectrum

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Rebalancing β-Amyloid-Induced Decrease of ATP Level by Amorphous Nano/Micro Polyphosphate: Suppression of the Neurotoxic Effect of Amyloid β-Protein Fragment 25-35

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Rebalancing Redox to Improve Biobutanol Production by iClostridium tyrobutyricum

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Rebalancing the Addicted Brain: Oxytocin Interference with the Neural Substrates of Addiction

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Rebamipide ameliorates radiation-induced intestinal injury in a mouse model

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Rebamipide, an Amino Acid Analog of 2(1H)-Quinolinone, Inhibits the Formation of Human Osteoclasts

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Rebamipide, an anti-ulcerative drug, inhibits induction of salivary dysfunction by benzodiazepines

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Rebamipide solution: a novel submucosal injection material to promote healing speed and healing quality of ulcers induced by endoscopic submucosal dissection

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Rebamipide suppresses 5-fluorouracil-induced cell death via the activation of Akt/mTOR pathway and regulates the expression of Bcl-2 family proteins

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Rebamipide to Manage Stomatopyrosis in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

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REBASE--a database for DNA restriction and modification: enzymes, genes and genomes

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Rebates to Incentivize Healthy Nutrition Choices in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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Rebaudiosides T and U, minor C-19 xylopyranosyl and arabinopyranosyl steviol glycoside derivatives from Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni

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'Rebecca made us feel that she was fighting for our daughter'

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Rebeccamycin Attenuates TNF-α-Induced Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction by Inhibiting Myosin Light Chain Kinase Production

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Rebecca Richards-Kortum: bioengineering for global health

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Rebellious Behaviors in Adolescents With Epilepsy

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Rebels without a Cause

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Rebel Without A Cause: A Psychoanalytic And Family-Life-Cycle View Of Emerging Adulthood In The Film

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Re Benefits of combination therapy with flutamide in patients relapsing after castration

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Effects of calcium Ionophore A23187 on the apoptosis of hepatic stellate cells stimulated by transforming growth factor-β1

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Rebinding in biochemical reactions on membranes

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Re-biopsy after relapse of targeted therapy. T790M after epidermal growth factor mutation, where and why based on a case series

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Rebiopsy of Histological Samples in Pretreated Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Comparison Among Rebiopsy Procedures

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Rebirth Certificate

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Rebleeding and Outcome in Patients with Symptomatic Brain Stem Cavernomas

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Rebleeding of a neck remnant in a case of ruptured aneurysm initially treated with coils

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REBOA for the IVC? Resuscitative balloon occlusion of the inferior vena cava (REBOVC) to abate massive hemorrhage in retrohepatic vena cava injuries

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Rebooting healthcare information technology downtime management

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Rebooting Kirkpatrick: Integrating Information System Theory Into the Evaluation of Web-based Continuing Professional Development Interventions for Interprofessional Education

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Rebooting the collagen gel: Artificial hydrogels for the study of epithelial mesenchymal transformation

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Rebooting the Molecular Computer

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Reborn from the Ashes: Turning Organic Molecules to Antimicrobial Carbon Quantum Dots

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Rebound acid hypersecretion

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Rebound adrenal insufficiency after withdrawal of ritonavir in a 65-year-old man using inhaled budesonide

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Rebound boots change lower limb muscle activation and kinematics during different fitness exercises

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Rebound Deformity After Growth Modulation in Patients With Coronal Plane Angular Deformities About the Knee: Who Gets It and How Much?

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Rebound depolarization of substantia gelatinosa neurons and its modulatory mechanisms in rat spinal dorsal horn

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Rebound from Inhibition: Self-Correction against Neurodegeneration?

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Rebound in Measures of Disease Activity and Symptoms in Corrona Registry Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis Who Discontinue Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor Therapy after Achieving Low Disease Activity

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Rebound mechanics of micrometre-scale, spherical particles in high-velocity impacts

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Rebound swelling of astroglial cells exposed to hypertonic mannitol

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Rebound syndrome after teriflunomide cessation in a patient with multiple sclerosis

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Reboxetine Improves Auditory Attention and Increases Norepinephrine Levels in the Auditory Cortex of Chronically Stressed Rats

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Rebranding of generic parenteral vasopressin: Effect on clinician practices and perceptions

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Rebranding "The Lab Years" as "Professional Development" in Order to Redefine the Modern Surgeon Scientist

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Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in Australia and New Zealand: High-Surface-Area Textured Implants Are Associated with Increased Risk

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Rebreathing from sheepskin: a cause of cot death?

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Effects of Calcium Ions on Solubility and Rheological Behavior of a C22-tailed Hydroxyl Sulfobetaine Surfactant in Aqueous Solution

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Rebubbling in Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty: Influence of Pressure and Duration of the Intracameral Air Tamponade

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Rebuilding Caribbean science

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Plant-based diets do not prevent most chronic diseases

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