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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60213

Chapter 60213 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Egeberg, A.; Thyssen, J.P.; Jensen, P.; Gislason, G.H.; Skov, L., 2017:
Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Patients with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis: A Nationwide Cohort Study

Labat, V.; Arnaud, M.; Miremont-Salamé, G.; Salvo, F.; Bégaud, B.; Pariente, A., 2016:
Risk of Myopathy Associated With DPP-4 Inhibitors in Combination With Statins: A Disproportionality Analysis Using Data From the WHO and French Spontaneous Reporting Databases

Camerino, G.M.; Musumeci, O.; Conte, E.; Musaraj, K.; Fonzino, A.; Barca, E.; Marino, M.; Rodolico, C.; Tricarico, D.; Camerino, C.; Carratù, M.R.; Desaphy, J-François.; De Luca, A.; Toscano, A.; Pierno, S., 2017:
Risk of Myopathy in Patients in Therapy with Statins: Identification of Biological Markers in a Pilot Study

Ho, P-Ran.; Koendgen, H.; Campbell, N.; Haddock, B.; Richman, S.; Chang, I., 2017:
Risk of natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in patients with multiple sclerosis: a retrospective analysis of data from four clinical studies

Huybrechts, K.F.; Bateman, B.T.; Desai, R.J.; Hernandez-Diaz, S.; Rough, K.; Mogun, H.; Kerzner, L.S.; Davis, J.M.; Stover, M.; Bartels, D.; Cottral, J.; Patorno, E., 2017:
Risk of neonatal drug withdrawal after intrauterine co-exposure to opioids and psychotropic medications: cohort study

Su, Y-Chia.; Lin, P-Chin.; Wu, C-Chien., 2017:
Risk of nephrotoxicity among patients who received vancomycin

Wang, I-Kuan.; Lin, C-Li.; Chen, H-Chih.; Lin, S-Yi.; Chang, C-Tzung.; Yen, T-Hai.; Sung, F-Chang., 2017:
Risk of new-onset diabetes in end-stage renal disease patients undergoing dialysis: analysis from registry data of Taiwan

Wu, V-Cent.; Chueh, S-Chieh.J.; Chen, L.; Chang, C-Hui.; Hu, Y-Hui.; Lin, Y-Hung.; Wu, K-Dun.; Yang, W-Shiung., 2017:
Risk of new-onset diabetes mellitus in primary aldosteronism: a population study over 5 years

Söderholm, A.L.; Pukkala, E.; Lindqvist, C.; Teppo, L., 1994:
Risk of new primary cancer in patients with oropharyngeal cancer

Megwalu, U.C.; Sirjani, D., 2017:
Risk of Nodal Metastasis in Major Salivary Gland Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Wiefarn, S.; Heumann, C.; Rettelbach, A.; Kostev, K., 2017:
Risk of Nonfatal Stroke in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients: A Retrospective Comparison Between Disease Management Programs and Standard Care

Garritsen, F.M.; van der Schaft, J.; van den Reek, J.M.; Politiek, K.; van Os-Medendorp, H.; van Dijk, M.; Hijnen, D.J.; de Graaf, M.; Bruijnzeel-Koomen, C.A.; de Jong, E.M.; Schuttelaar, M-Louise.A.; Bruin-Weller, M.S., 2017:
Risk of Non-melanoma Skin Cancer in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis Treated with Oral Immunosuppressive Drugs

Wang, C-Chen.; Tang, C-Hsiun.; Huang, S-Yuan.; Huang, K-Chih.; Sue, Y-Mou., 2017:
Risk of Non-melanoma Skin Cancer in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and its Relationship to Uraemic Pruritus

Bardenheier, B.H.; McNeil, M.M.; Wodi, A.Patricia.; McNicholl, J.M.; DeStefano, F., 2017:
Risk of Nontargeted Infectious Disease Hospitalizations Among US Children Following Inactivated and Live Vaccines, 2005-2014

Abate, N.; Chandalia, M., 2017:
Risk of Obesity-Related Cardiometabolic Complications in Special Populations: A Crisis in Asians

Waldenström, U.; Ekéus, C., 2017:
Risk of obstetric anal sphincter injury increases with maternal age irrespective of parity: a population-based register study

Wang, L-Uei.; Wang, T-Yang.; Bai, Y-Mei.; Hsu, J-Wei.; Huang, K-Lin.; Su, T-Ping.; Li, C-Ta.; Lin, W-Chen.; Chen, T-Ji.; Chen, M-Hong., 2017:
Risk of obstructive sleep apnea among patients with Cushing's syndrome: a nationwide longitudinal study

Talih, F.R.; Ajaltouni, J.J.; Tamim, H.M.; Kobeissy, F.H., 2017:
Risk of obstructive sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness in hospitalized psychiatric patients

Wilton, K.M.; Matteson, E.L.; Crowson, C.S., 2017:
Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Its Association with Cardiovascular and Noncardiac Vascular Risk in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Population-based Study

Kalakattawi, R.Mohammed.Noor.; Kalakattawi, A.Mohammed.Noor.; Alsuqati, F.Adel.; Alzhrani, S.Abdullah.; Alhamyani, A.Hamad.; Alhamyani, A.Hamad.; Al-Ghamdi, A.Abdullah.; Alosaimi, I.Mohammad.; Abbas, S.Ibrahim.; Al-Shehri, L.AbdulAziz.; Alzahrani, A.Ahmad., 2017:
Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Assessment Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Hui, J.W.; Ong, J.; Herdegen, J.J.; Kim, H.; Codispoti, C.D.; Kalantari, V.; Tobin, M.C.; Schleimer, R.P.; Batra, P.S.; LoSavio, P.S.; Mahdavinia, M., 2017:
Risk of obstructive sleep apnea in African American patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

Anonymous, 2017:
Risk of Occult Uterine Sarcoma in Women Undergoing Hysterectomy for Benign Indications: Correction

Daniel, E.; Pistilli, M.; Kothari, S.; Khachatryan, N.; Kaçmaz, R.Oktay.; Gangaputra, S.S.; Sen, H.Nida.; Suhler, E.B.; Thorne, J.E.; Foster, C.Stephen.; Jabs, D.A.; Nussenblatt, R.B.; Rosenbaum, J.T.; Levy-Clarke, G.A.; Bhatt, N.P.; Kempen, J.H., 2017:
Risk of Ocular Hypertension in Adults with Noninfectious Uveitis

Ji, J.; Dimitrijevic, I.; Sundquist, J.; Sundquist, K.; Zöller, B., 2017:
Risk of ocular manifestations in patients with giant cell arteritis: a nationwide study in Sweden

Holmberg, D.; Ness-Jensen, E.; Mattsson, F.; El-Serag, H.B.; Lagergren, J., 2017:
Risk of oesophageal adenocarcinoma in individuals with Barrett's oesophagus

Li, X.; Zheng, Y.; Zhu, H.; Lin, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Hu, J.; Li, J., 2017:
Risk of Onset of Hematological Malignancies in Patients Infected with the Hepatitis B Virus: Results from a Large-Scale Retrospective Cohort Study in China

Kalafat, E.; Morales-Rosello, J.; Thilaganathan, B.; Tahera, F.; Khalil, A., 2017:
Risk of operative delivery for intrapartum fetal compromise in small-for-gestational-age fetuses at term: an internally validated prediction model

Yoo, S.Hyun.; Lee, J.Ah.; Kang, S.Young.; Kim, Y.Sik.; Sunwoo, S.; Kim, B.Soo.; Yook, J-Hwan., 2017:
Risk of osteoporosis after gastrectomy in long-term gastric cancer survivors

Lin, J-Nong.; Chen, H-Ju.; Yang, C-Hui.; Lai, C-Hsu.; Lin, H-Hsun.; Chang, C-Sung.; Liang, J-An., 2017:
Risk of osteoporosis and pathologic fractures in cancer patients who underwent hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a nationwide retrospective cohort study

Lin, S-Yi.; Lin, C-Li.; Chen, H-Te.; Kao, C-Hung., 2017:
Risk of osteoporosis in thyroid cancer patients using levothyroxine: a population-based study

Carreon, L.Y.; Ong, K.L.; Lau, E.; Kurtz, S.M.; Glassman, S.D., 2017:
Risk of Osteoporotic Fracture After Steroid Injections in Patients With Medicare

Chung, C., 2017:
Risk of ovarian function recovery should be considered when switching from treatment with adjuvant tamoxifen to aromatase inhibitor therapy in women with chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea

Mehta, A.M.; Bignell, M.B.; Alves, S.; Dayal, S.P.; Mohamed, F.; Cecil, T.D.; Moran, B.J., 2017:
Risk of Ovarian Involvement in Advanced Colorectal or Appendiceal Tumors Involving the Peritoneum

Ray, S.; Rogers, L.; Noren, D.P.; Dhar, R.; Nadel, S.; Peters, M.J.; Inwald, D.P., 2017:
Risk of over-diagnosis of hypotension in children: a comparative analysis of over 50,000 blood pressure measurements

Farfel, A.; Rabinowicz, R.; Abebe-Campino, G.; Derazne, E.; Laron-Kenet, T.; Laron, Z., 2017:
Risk of Overweight in Adolescence among Offspring of Diabetic Mothers

Chang, K.J.; Parasher, G.; Christie, C.; Largent, J.; Anton-Culver, H., 2004:
Risk of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: disparity between African Americans and other race/ethnic groups

Rijkers, A.P.; Bakker, O.J.; Ahmed Ali, U.; Hagenaars, J.C.J.P.; van Santvoort, H.C.; Besselink, M.G.; Bollen, T.L.; van Eijck, C.H., 2017:
Risk of Pancreatic Cancer After a Primary Episode of Acute Pancreatitis

Gawron, A.J.; Bielefeldt, K., 2017:
Risk of Pancreatitis Following Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Eluxadoline

Lin, H-Li.; Lin, H-Chen.; Tseng, Y-Fu.; Chen, S-Chang.; Hsu, C-Yeh., 2016:
Risk of parkinsonism induced by flunarizine or cinnarizine: a population-based study

Cherpitel, C.J.; Ye, Y.; Kerr, W.C., 2017:
Risk of past year injury related to hours of exposure to an elevated BAC and average monthly alcohol volume: Data from four national alcohol surveys (2000-2015)

Reekie, J.; Donovan, B.; Guy, R.; Hocking, J.S.; Kaldor, J.M.; Mak, D.B.; Pearson, S.; Preen, D.; Stewart, L.; Ward, J.; Liu, B.; Liu, B.; Preen, D.; Hocking, J.; Donovan, B.; Roberts, C.; Ward, J.; Mak, D.; Guy, R.; Kaldor, J.; Pearson, S.; Stewart, L.; Wand, H.; Reekie, J., 2017:
Risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in Relation to Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing, Repeat Testing, and Positivity: A Population-Based Cohort Study

Tsujii, Y.; Hayashi, Y.; Kawai, N.; Yamada, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Hayashi, S.; Yoshii, S.; Nagai, K.; Inoue, T.; Nishida, T.; Iijima, H.; Mita, E.; Inoue, A.; Takehara, T., 2017:
Risk of perforation in balloon dilation associated with steroid injection for preventing esophageal stricture after endoscopic submucosal dissection

Richardson, D.T.; Dodson, T.B., 2005:
Risk of periodontal defects after third molar surgery: An exercise in evidence-based clinical decision-making

Shen, T-Chun.; Chang, P-Ying.; Lin, C-Li.; Wei, C-Ching.; Tu, C-Yen.; Hsia, T-Chun.; Shih, C-Ming.; Hsu, W-Huei.; Sung, F-Chang.; Kao, C-Hung., 2017:
Risk of Periodontal Disease in Patients With Asthma: A Nationwide Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study

Yang, Y.; Liu, Y-Hua.; Sun, X.; Yu, M-Wei.; Yang, L.; Cheng, P-Yu.; Yang, G-Wang.; Wang, X-Min., 2017:
Risk of peripheral edema in cancer patients treated with MEK inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials

Abblitt, W.Parker.; Chan, E.W.; Shinar, A.A., 2017:
Risk of Periprosthetic Joint Infection in Patients With Multiple Arthroplasties

Codde, E.; Munro, A.; Stewart, C.; Spilsbury, K.; Bowen, S.; Codde, J.; Steel, N.; Leung, Y.; Tan, J.; Salfinger, S.G.; Mohan, G.R.; Cohen, P.A., 2017:
Risk of persistent or recurrent cervical neoplasia in patients with 'pure' adenocarcinoma-in-situ (AIS) or mixed AIS and high-grade cervical squamous neoplasia (cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia grades 2 and 3 (CIN 2/3)): a population-based study

Munro, A.; Codde, J.; Spilsbury, K.; Stewart, C.J.R.; Steel, N.; Leung, Y.; Tan, J.; Salfinger, S.G.; Mohan, G.R.; Semmens, J.B.; Cohen, P.A., 2017:
Risk of persistent or recurrent neoplasia in conservatively treated women with cervical adenocarcinoma in situ with negative histological margins

Riise, Øystein.Rolandsen.; Laake, I.; Vestrheim, D.; Flem, E.; Moster, D.; Riise Bergsaker, M.Adeleide.; Storsæter, J., 2017:
Risk of Pertussis in Relation to Degree of Prematurity in Children Less Than 2 Years of Age

Riise, Øystein.Rolandsen.; Laake, I.; Vestrheim, D.; Flem, E.; Moster, D.; Bergsaker, M.Adeleide.Riise.; Storsæter, J., 2017:
Risk of Pertussis in Relation to Degree of Prematurity in Children < 2 Years of Age

Lai, S-Wei.; Lin, C-Li.; Liao, K-Fu., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia among patients with splenectomy: a retrospective population-based cohort study

Glassou, E.N.; Hansen, T.B.; Pedersen, A.B., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia and urinary tract infection within the first week after total hip arthroplasty and the impact on survival

Taipale, H.; Tolppanen, A-Maija.; Koponen, M.; Tanskanen, A.; Lavikainen, P.; Sund, R.; Tiihonen, J.; Hartikainen, S., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia associated with incident benzodiazepine use among community-dwelling adults with Alzheimer disease

Macaluso, F.Salvatore.; Cottone, M.; Orlando, A., 2017:
Risk of Pneumonia Caused by Pneumocystis jiroveci in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The Role of Concomitant Pulmonary Comorbidities

Arpinelli, F.; Caramori, G.; Magnoni, M.Sandra., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia during long term regular treatment of stable COPD with inhaled glucocorticoids: a systematic review

Sonnappa, S.; Martin, R.; Israel, E.; Postma, D.; van Aalderen, W.; Burden, A.; Usmani, O.S.; Price, D.B., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia in obstructive lung disease: A real-life study comparing extra-fine and fine-particle inhaled corticosteroids

Incorvaia, C.; Gritti, B.; Martignago, I.; Riario-Sforza, G.Galeazzo.; Ridolo, E., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treated with inhaled corticosteroids: evidence and uncertainties

Hsu, W-Tseng.; Lai, C-Cheng.; Wang, Y-Hui.; Tseng, P-Huei.; Wang, K.; Wang, C-Yi.; Chen, L., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease: A population-based cohort study

Lin, C-Ling.; Liu, T-Chun.; Chung, C-Hsiang.; Chien, W-Chien., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia in patients with insomnia: A nationwide population-based retrospective cohort study

Ho, S-Wai.; Teng, Y-Hock.; Yang, S-Fa.; Yeh, H-Wei.; Wang, Y-Hsun.; Chou, M-Chih.; Yeh, C-Bin., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia in patients with isolated minor rib fractures: a nationwide cohort study

Hollis, S.; Jorup, C.; Lythgoe, D.; Martensson, G.; Regnell, P.; Eckerwall, Göran., 2017:
Risk of pneumonia with budesonide-containing treatments in COPD: an individual patient-level pooled analysis of interventional studies

Zhang, S.; Liang, F.; Zhu, J.; Chen, Q., 2017:
Risk of Pneumonitis Associated with Programmed Cell Death 1 Inhibitors in Cancer Patients: A Meta-analysis

Shohdy, K.S.; Abdel-Rahman, O., 2017:
Risk of pneumonitis with different immune checkpoint inhibitors in NSCLC

Villa, S.; Migliorati, S.; Monti, G.Serafina.; Holoubek, I.; Vighi, M., 2017:
Risk of POP mixtures on the Arctic food chain

Lande, R., 1994:
Risk Of Population Extinction From Fixation Of New Deleterious Mutations

Belderbos, T.Dg.; Pullens, H.Jm.; Leenders, M.; Schipper, M.Ei.; Siersema, P.D.; van Oijen, M.Gh., 2017:
Risk of post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer due to incomplete adenoma resection: A nationwide, population-based cohort study

Shalchi, Z.; Okada, M.; Whiting, C.; Hamilton, R., 2017:
Risk of Posterior Capsule Rupture During Cataract Surgery in Eyes With Previous Intravitreal Injections

Abraham, J.; Dowling, K.; Florentine, S., 2017:
Risk of post-fire metal mobilization into surface water resources: A review

Caruso, L.J.; Reed, H.; Zhang, R.Victor., 2017:
Risk of Postoperative Pneumonia with Neuromuscular Blockade: Keep It Simple!

Suematsu, Y.; Obi, Y.; Shimomura, A.; Alizadeh, R.Fazl.; Vaziri, N.D.; Nguyen, N.T.; Stamos, M.J.; Ichii, H., 2017:
Risk of Postoperative Venous Thromboembolism Among Pregnant Women

Wesseloo, R.; Liu, X.; Clark, C.T.; Kushner, S.A.; Munk-Olsen, T.; Bergink, V., 2017:
Risk of postpartum episodes in women with bipolar disorder after lamotrigine or lithium use during pregnancy: A population-based cohort study

Behrens, I.; Basit, S.; Melbye, M.; Lykke, J.A.; Wohlfahrt, J.; Bundgaard, H.; Thilaganathan, B.; Boyd, H.A., 2017:
Risk of post-pregnancy hypertension in women with a history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: nationwide cohort study

Nandivada, P.; Anez-Bustillos, L.; O'Loughlin, A.A.; Mitchell, P.D.; Baker, M.A.; Dao, D.T.; Fell, G.L.; Potemkin, A.K.; Gura, K.M.; Neufeld, E.J.; Puder, M., 2016:
Risk of post-procedural bleeding in children on intravenous fish oil

Han, S.; Lee, S.; Yang, J.Dong.; Leise, M.Douglas.; Ahn, J.Hyun.; Kim, S.; Jung, G.; Gwak, M.Sook.; Kim, G.Soo.; Ko, J.Sangwook., 2017:
Risk of post-transplant hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence is greater in recipients with higher platelet counts in living donor liver transplantation

Han, S.; Yang, J.Dong.; Sinn, D.Hyun.; Kim, J.Man.; Choi, G.Sung.; Jung, G.; Ahn, J.Hyun.; Kim, S.; Ko, J.S.; Gwak, M.Sook.; Kwon, C.Hyuck.D.; Leise, M.D.; Gwak, G-Youn.; Heimbach, J.K.; Kim, G.Soo., 2017:
Risk of Post-transplant Hepatocellular Carcinoma Recurrence Is Higher in Recipients of Livers From Male Than Female Living Donors

Chen, W.; Li, M-De.; Wang, G-Fang.; Yang, X-Feng.; Liu, L.; Meng, F-Gang., 2017:
Risk of post-traumatic epilepsy after severe head injury in patients with at least one seizure

Prejs, A., 1987:
Risk of predation and feeding rate in tropical freshwater fishes: field evidence

Charalabidis, A.; Dechaume-Moncharmont, Fçois-Xavier.; Petit, S.; Bohan, D.A., 2017:
Risk of predation makes foragers less choosy about their food

Lupattelli, A.; Wood, M.; Lapane, K.; Spigset, O.; Nordeng, H., 2017:
Risk of preeclampsia after gestational exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and other antidepressants: A study from The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study

Alqudah, A.; McKinley, M.C.; McNally, R.; Graham, U.; Watson, C.J.; Lyons, T.J.; McClements, L., 2017:
Risk of pre-eclampsia in women taking metformin: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Zafran, N.; Musa, M.; Zuarez-Easton, S.; Garmi, G.; Romano, S.; Salim, R., 2017:
Risk of preterm birth and low birthweight following consecutive surgical and medical abortions

Baer, R.J.; Yang, J.; Berghella, V.; Chambers, C.D.; Coker, T.R.; Kuppermann, M.; Oltman, S.P.; Rand, L.; Ryckman, K.K.; Muglia, L.J.; Chung, P.J.; Jelliffe-Pawlowski, L.L., 2017:
Risk of preterm birth by maternal age at first and second pregnancy and race/ethnicity

Heinonen, A.; Gissler, M.; Paavonen, J.; Tapper, A-Maija.; Jakobsson, M., 2017:
Risk of preterm birth in women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade one: a population-based cohort study

Livergood, M.Christine.; Trudell, A., 2017:
Risk of Preterm Birth with Vaginal Progesterone in Twin Pregnancies

Wong, M.C.S.; Wong, J.C.T., 2017:
Risk of Primary Tumor Sidedness as a Criterion for Screening, Diagnostic Colonoscopy, and Surveillance Intervals

Callizo, J.; Pfeiffer, S.; Lahme, E.; van Oterendorp, C.; Khattab, M.; Bemme, S.; Kulanga, M.; Hoerauf, H.; Feltgen, N., 2017:
Risk of progression in macula-on rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Apfel, T.; Lopez, R.; Sanaka, M.R.; Thota, P.N., 2017:
Risk of progression of Barrett's esophagus in patients with cirrhosis

Chen, C.B.; Eurich, D.T.; Majumdar, S.R.; Johnson, J.A., 2017:
Risk of prostate cancer across different racial/ethnic groups in men with diabetes: a retrospective cohort study

Klemann, N.; Røder, M.Andreas.; Helgstrand, J.Thomas.; Brasso, K.; Toft, B.G.; Vainer, B.; Iversen, P., 2017:
Risk of prostate cancer diagnosis and mortality in men with a benign initial transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy set: a population-based study

Chiu, H-Yi.; Chang, W-Lun.; Tsai, T-Fang.; Tsai, Y-Wen.; Shiu, M-Neng., 2017:
Risk of Psoriasis Following Terbinafine or Itraconazole Treatment for Onychomycosis: A Population-Based Case-Control Comparative Study

Hoeffding, L.K.; Trabjerg, B.B.; Olsen, L.; Mazin, W.; Sparsø, T.; Vangkilde, A.; Mortensen, P.B.; Pedersen, C.B.; Werge, T., 2017:
Risk of Psychiatric Disorders Among Individuals With the 22q11.2 Deletion or Duplication: A Danish Nationwide, Register-Based Study

Tzeng, N-Sheng.; Chang, H-An.; Chung, C-Hsiang.; Lin, F-Huang.; Yeh, C-Bin.; Huang, S-Yuan.; Chang, C-Chia.; Lu, R-Band.; Kao, Y-Chen.; Yeh, H-Wen.; Chiang, W-Shan.; Chien, W-Chien., 2017:
Risk of psychiatric disorders in Guillain-Barre syndrome: A nationwide, population-based, cohort study

Aditya, A.; Kaluskar, A.; Pandya, S.; Vinay, V.; Sharma, A., 2017:
Risk of Psychiatric Morbidity in Patients with Tobacco Habits: A Cross-Sectional Study

Andreeva, E.; Brenner, M.Harvey.; Theorell, Töres.; Goldberg, M., 2017:
Risk of psychological ill health and methods of organisational downsizing: a cross-sectional survey in four European countries

Anonymous, 2005:
Risk of psychosis in young cannabis users clarified

Mulloy, R., 1993:
Risk of pulmonary aspiration among patients receiving enteral nutrition support

Liberman, A.L.; Merkler, A.E.; Gialdini, G.; Messé, S.R.; Lerario, M.P.; Murthy, S.B.; Kamel, H.; Navi, B.B., 2017:
Risk of Pulmonary Embolism After Cerebral Venous Thrombosis

Zöller, B.; Pirouzifard, M.; Memon, A.A.; Sundquist, J.; Sundquist, K., 2017:
Risk of pulmonary embolism and deep venous thrombosis in patients with asthma: a nationwide case-control study from Sweden

Parthvi, R.; Mehra, S., 2017:
Risk of Pulmonary Embolism due to Tranexamic Acid: A Case Study

Gupta, A.; Pandya, V.; Baran, T.; Dogra, V.S., 2017:
Risk of Pulmonary Embolism in Patients With Isolated Great Saphenous Vein Thrombus

Park, J.; Moghaddam, B., 2017:
Risk of punishment influences discrete and coordinated encoding of reward-guided actions by prefrontal cortex and VTA neurons

Schlit, A-Françoise.; Delaunois, A.; Colomar, A.; Claudio, B.; Cariolato, L.; Boev, R.; Valentin, J-Pierre.; Peters, C.; Sloan, V.S.; Bentz, Jürgen.W.G., 2017:
Risk of QT prolongation and torsade de pointes associated with exposure to hydroxyzine: re-evaluation of an established drug

Weisberg, L.S.; Kurnik, P.B.; Kurnik, B.R., 1994:
Risk of radiocontrast nephropathy in patients with and without diabetes mellitus

Keller, A.; Doré, M.; Antoni, D.; Menoux, I.; Thillays, F.; Clavier, J.B.; Delpon, G.; Jarnet, D.; Bourrier, C.; Lefebvre, F.; Chibbaro, S.; Darié, I.; Proust, F.; Noël, G., 2017:
Risk of radionecrosis after hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy targeting the postoperative resection cavity of brain metastases

Liu, Y.; Qi, M.; Hou, S.; Shao, L.; Zhang, J.; Li, Y.; Liu, Q., 2017:
Risk of rash associated with vandetanib treatment in non-small-cell lung cancer patients: A meta-analysis of 9 randomized controlled trials

Parra-Uribe, I.; Blasco-Fontecilla, H.; Garcia-Parés, G.; Martínez-Naval, L.; Valero-Coppin, O.; Cebrià-Meca, A.; Oquendo, M.A.; Palao-Vidal, D., 2017:
Risk of re-attempts and suicide death after a suicide attempt: A survival analysis

Yang, S-Cheng.; Hsu, C-Ning.; Liang, C-Ming.; Tai, W-Chen.; Wu, C-Kun.; Shih, C-Wei.; Ku, M-Kun.; Yuan, L-Ting.; Wang, J-Wei.; Tseng, K-Lun.; Hung, T-Hsing.; Nguang, S-Howe.; Hsu, P-I.; Wu, D-Chyang.; Chuah, S-Kee., 2017:
Risk of Rebleeding and Mortality in Cirrhotic Patients with Peptic Ulcer Bleeding: A 12-Year Nationwide Cohort Study

Abdalla, M.; Landerholm, K.; Andersson, P.; Andersson, R.E.; Myrelid, Pär., 2016:
Risk of Rectal Cancer After Colectomy for Patients With Ulcerative Colitis: A National Cohort Study

Uzzan, M.; Kirchgesner, J.; Oubaya, N.; Amiot, Aélien.; Gornet, J-Marc.; Seksik, P.; Nancey, Séphane.; Cotte, E.; Allez, M.; Boschetti, G.; Laharie, D.; de Angelis, N.; Nachury, M.; Pelletier, A-Laure.; Abitbol, V.; Fumery, M.; Brouquet, A.; Buisson, A.; Altwegg, R.; Cosnes, J.; Panis, Y.; Treton, X., 2017:
Risk of Rectal Neoplasia after Colectomy and Ileorectal Anastomosis for Ulcerative Colitis

Shin, J-Wook.; Han, K.Su.; Hyun, J.Hee.; Lee, S.Jae.; Kim, B.; Hong, C.Won.; Kim, B.Chang.; Sohn, D.Kyung.; Chang, H.Jin.; Kim, M.Jung.; Park, S.Chan.; Oh, J.Hwan., 2017:
Risk of recurrence after endoscopic resection of early colorectal cancer with positive margins

Kabat, G.C.; Ginsberg, M.; Sparano, J.A.; Rohan, T.E., 2016:
Risk of Recurrence and Mortality in a Multi-Ethnic Breast Cancer Population

Mesa José Alberto, E.; Morillejos Enrique, A.; Carreño Tesifón, Pón.; Allut Antonio, H.; Donate José María, N.; Román Paddy, Méndez.; Jiménez Ascensión, C.; García Francisco, P.; González José, M., 2017:
Risk of Recurrence in Operated Parasagittal Meningiomas: A Logistic Binary Regression Model

Raverot, Gérald.; Dantony, E.; Beauvy, J.; Vasiljevic, A.; Mikolasek, S.; Borson-Chazot, Fçoise.; Jouanneau, E.; Roy, P.; Trouillas, J., 2017:
Risk of Recurrence in Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumors: A Prospective Study Using a Five-Tiered Classification

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Riverside Dispensaries

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RNA based vaccines

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RNA Binding Protein CUGBP1 Inhibits Liver Cancer in a Phosphorylation-Dependent Manner

Xu, W.; Gong, F.; Zhang, T.; Chi, B.; Wang, J., 2017:
RNA-binding protein Dnd1 inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell-related traits on hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Cheng, F.; Pan, Y.; Lu, Y-Min.; Zhu, L.; Chen, S., 2017:
RNA-Binding Protein Dnd1 Promotes Breast Cancer Apoptosis by Stabilizing the Bim mRNA in a miR-221 Binding Site

Lema, I.; Amazit, L.; Lamribet, K.; Fagart, Jérôme.; Blanchard, A.; Lombès, M.; Cherradi, N.; Viengchareun, S., 2017:
RNA-binding protein HuR enhances mineralocorticoid signaling in renal KC3AC1 cells under hypotonicity

Yu, D.; Zhang, C.; Gui, J., 2017:
RNA-binding protein HuR promotes bladder cancer progression by competitively binding to the long noncoding HOTAIR with miR-1

Hattori, A.; McSkimming, D.; Kannan, N.; Ito, T., 2017:
RNA binding protein MSI2 positively regulates FLT3 expression in myeloid leukemia

Sutherland, J.M.; Sobinoff, A.P.; Fraser, B.A.; Redgrove, K.A.; Siddall, N.A.; Koopman, P.; Hime, G.R.; McLaughlin, E.A., 2017:
RNA binding protein Musashi-2 regulates PIWIL1 and TBX1 in mouse spermatogenesis

Wang, J.; Rajbhandari, P.; Damianov, A.; Han, A.; Sallam, T.; Waki, H.; Villanueva, C.J.; Lee, S.D.; Nielsen, R.; Mandrup, S.; Reue, K.; Young, S.G.; Whitelegge, J.; Saez, E.; Black, D.L.; Tontonoz, P., 2017:
RNA-binding protein PSPC1 promotes the differentiation-dependent nuclear export of adipocyte RNAs

Dou, X-Ming.; Zhang, X-Sheng., 2017:
RNA-binding protein PTB in spermatogenesis: Progress in studies

Thangaraj, M.P.; Furber, K.L.; Gan, J.K.; Ji, S.; Sobchishin, L.; Doucette, J.Ronald.; Nazarali, A.J., 2017:
RNA-binding Protein Quaking Stabilizes iSirt2 mRNA during Oligodendroglial Differentiation

Bondy-Chorney, E.; Baldwin, R.Mitchell.; Didillon, Aéanne.; Chabot, Bît.; Jasmin, B.J.; Côté, J., 2017:
RNA binding protein RALY promotes Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1 alternatively spliced isoform v2 relative expression and metastatic potential in breast cancer cells

Simon, N.E.; Yuan, M.; Kai, M., 2017:
RNA-binding protein RBM14 regulates dissociation and association of non-homologous end joining proteins

García-Mauriño, Sía.M.; Rivero-Rodríguez, F.; Velázquez-Cruz, A.; Hernández-Vellisca, M.; Díaz-Quintana, A.; De la Rosa, M.A.; Díaz-Moreno, I., 2017:
RNA Binding Protein Regulation and Cross-Talk in the Control of AU-rich mRNA Fate

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