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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60218

Chapter 60218 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhang, J.X.; Xu, J.S.; Han, Y.Y.; Bai, Y.L.; Cui, L.W.; Zhang, H.R.; Zhang, S.L., 2017:
Role of nuclear factor of activated T-cells cytoplasmic 1 on vascular calcification in rats with chronic renal failure

Palestro, C.J.; Love, C., 2017:
Role of Nuclear Medicine for Diagnosing Infection of Recently Implanted Lower Extremity Arthroplasties

Sandoval-Moreno, C.; Castillejos-Rodríguez, L.; García-Alonso, M.Pilar.; Rubio-Gribble, Bárbara.; Penín-González, F.Javier., 2017:
Role of nuclear medicine in the differential diagnosis of bone infarction and osteomyelitis in drepanocytosis

Chen, Z.; Xie, H.; Zhong, Y.; Liu, Y.; Huang, W., 2017:
Role of nuclear paraspeckle assembly transcript 1 as a common molecular marker for prognosis in various cancers

Kupr, B.; Schnyder, S.; Handschin, C., 2017:
Role of Nuclear Receptors in Exercise-Induced Muscle Adaptations

Dounce, A.L.; Morrison, M.; Monty, K.J., 1955:
Role of nucleic acid and enzymes in peptide chain synthesis

Brashe, Z., 1966:
Role of nucleic acids in morphogenesis

Coates, V., 2017:
Role of nurses in supporting patients to self-manage chronic conditions

Perrin, M.; Kim, T.; Stan, R.; Giesie, P.; Tabor, J.; Le Verche, V.; Johnson, S.; Lomax, G.P.; Zaia, J.A., 2017:
Role of Nursing Competencies for Accelerating Clinical Trials in Stem Cell Clinics

Giovannini, L.; Bianchi, S., 2017:
Role of nutraceutical SIRT1 modulators in AMPK and mTOR pathway: Evidence of a synergistic effect

Elghazi, L.; Blandino-Rosano, M.; Alejandro, E.; Cras-Méneur, C.; Bernal-Mizrachi, E., 2017:
Role of nutrients and mTOR signaling in the regulation of pancreatic progenitors development

Harakeh, S.; Khan, I.; Almasaudi, S.B.; Azhar, E.I.; Al-Jaouni, S.; Niedzweicki, A., 2017:
Role of Nutrients and Phyto-compounds in the Modulation of Antimicrobial Resistance

Leon, C.D.G.; Lerret, S.M., 2017:
Role of Nutrition and Feeding for the Chronically Ill Pediatric Liver Patient Awaiting Liver Transplant

Kong, L.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, S.; Nan, Y.; Qiao, L., 2017:
Role of nutrition, gene polymorphism, and gut microbiota in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Giridhar, V.Usha., 2017:
Role of nutrition in oral and maxillofacial surgery patients

Bianchi, V.Emanuele., 2016:
Role of nutrition on anemia in elderly

Stoppe, C.; Goetzenich, A.; Whitman, G.; Ohkuma, R.; Brown, T.; Hatzakorzian, R.; Kristof, A.; Meybohm, P.; Mechanick, J.; Evans, A.; Yeh, D.; McDonald, B.; Chourdakis, M.; Jones, P.; Barton, R.; Tripathi, R.; Elke, G.; Liakopoulos, O.; Agarwala, R.; Lomivorotov, V.; Nesterova, E.; Marx, G.; Benstoem, C.; Lemieux, M.; Heyland, D.K., 2017:
Role of nutrition support in adult cardiac surgery: a consensus statement from an International Multidisciplinary Expert Group on Nutrition in Cardiac Surgery

Lheureux, O.; Preiser, J-Charles., 2017:
Role of Nutrition Support in Inflammatory Conditions [Formula: see text

HasbahcecI, M.; MehdI, E.; Malya, F.U.; Kunduz, E.; MemmI, N.; YIgman, S.; Akcakaya, A., 2017:
Role of obesity and abdominal shape morphometric features to predict postoperative complications and quality of lymph node dissection of gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Scott, H.A.; Wood, L.G.; Gibson, P.G., 2017:
Role of Obesity in Asthma: Mechanisms and Management Strategies

Bourne, R.; Mukhi, S.; Zhu, N.; Keresteci, M.; Marin, M., 2007:
Role of obesity on the risk for total hip or knee arthroplasty

Khashayar, P.; Aghaei Meybodi, H.; Rezaei Hemami, M.; Larijani, B., 2017:
Role of Obesity Variables in Detecting Hypertension in an Iranian Population

Mañas, A.; Del Pozo-Cruz, B.; García-García, F.José.; Guadalupe-Grau, A.; Ara, I., 2017:
Role of objectively measured sedentary behaviour in physical performance, frailty and mortality among older adults: A short systematic review

Tanner, G.A.; Gretz, N.; Connors, B.A.; Evan, A.P.; Steinhausen, M., 1996:
Role of obstruction in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in rats

Berry, N.; Manoussaka, M.; Ham, C.; Ferguson, D.; Tudor, H.; Mattiuzzo, G.; Klaver, B.; Page, M.; Stebbings, R.; Das, A.T.; Berkhout, B.; Almond, N.; Cranage, M.P., 2017:
Role of Occult and Post-acute Phase Replication in Protective Immunity Induced with a Novel Live Attenuated SIV Vaccine

Ismail, P.Khalifah.Pg.; Koh, D., 2014:
Role of occupational health in managing non-communicable diseases in Brunei Darussalam

Fisher, T., 2016:
Role of Occupational Therapy in Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders With Recycling Workers: A Pilot Study

Puri, K.; Caldwell, R.; Molleston, J.P., 2017:
Role of Octreotide in Pediatric Gastrointestinal Bleeding Secondary to Angiodysplasia in Children with Right Heart Failure

Bahuguna, R.; Jain, A.; Khan, S.Abbas.; Arvind, M.S., 2017:
Role of odanacatib in reducing bone loss due to endodontic disease: An overview

Bhattar, R.; Yadav, S.Singh.; Tomar, V.; Mittal, A.; Gangkak, G.; Mehta, J., 2017:
Role of oestrogen receptor-α and -β in bladder tissue of patients with a clinical diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Masterova, E.; Nevidimova, T.; Savochkina, D.; Nikitina, V.; Lobacheva, O.; Vetlugina, T.; Bokhan, N., 2017:
Role of olfactory reactions, nociception, and immunoendocrine shifts in addictive disorders

Dulamea, A.Octaviana., 2017:
Role of Oligodendrocyte Dysfunction in Demyelination, Remyelination and Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis

Chauhan, S.; Kodali, H.; Noor, J.; Ramteke, K.; Gawai, V., 2017:
Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Lipid Profile in Diabetic Dyslipidaemia: Single Blind, Randomised Clinical Trial

Alissa, E.M.; Al-Salmi, M'a.M.; Alama, N.A.; Ferns, G.A., 2015:
Role of omentin-1 and C-reactive protein in obese subjects with subclinical inflammation

Senthilkumar, G.Periyasamy.; Anithalekshmi, M.Sabeenakumari.; Yasir, M.; Parameswaran, S.; Packirisamy, R.Muthu.; Bobby, Z., 2017:
Role of omentin 1 and IL-6 in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with diabetic nephropathy

Escoté, X.; Gómez-Zorita, S.; López-Yoldi, M.; Milton-Laskibar, Iñaki.; Fernández-Quintela, A.; Martínez, J.Alfredo.; Moreno-Aliaga, Mía.J.; Portillo, Mía.P., 2017:
Role of Omentin, Vaspin, Cardiotrophin-1, TWEAK and NOV/CCN3 in Obesity and Diabetes Development

Fröhlich, E., 2017:
Role of omics techniques in the toxicity testing of nanoparticles

Evsikov, S.Vadimovich.; Morozova, L.Michailovna.; Solomko, A.Petrovich., 1994:
Role of ooplasmic segregation in mammalian development

Liu, H.; Zhang, H.Y.; McPherson, B.C.; Baman, T.; Roth, S.; Shao, Z.; Zhu, X.; Yao, Z., 2001:
Role of opioid delta1 receptors, mitochondrial K(ATP) channels, and protein kinase C during cardiocyte apoptosis

Tamaddonfard, E.; Erfanparast, A., 2017:
Role of μ-opioid receptor in parafascicular nucleus of thalamus on morphine-induced antinociception in a rat model of acute trigeminal pain

Shah, A.; Ing, D.J., 2017:
Role of optical coherence tomography in managing patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction

Kim, S.; Bahl, G., 2017:
Role of optical density of states in Brillouin optomechanical cooling

Walker, M.Y.; Pratap, S.; Southerland, J.H.; Farmer-Dixon, C.M.; Lakshmyya, K.; Gangula, P.R., 2017:
Role of oral and gut microbiome in nitric oxide-mediated colon motility

Kong, D.L.; Guo, H.Y.; Han, X.T.; Han, J.S.; Zhang, L.F., 2017:
Role of oral contraceptives in preventing endometriosis-related pain progression

Ferguson, B.L.; Barber, S.; Asher, I.H.; Wood, C.R., 2017:
Role of Oral Microbial Infections in Oral Cancer

Russo, A.; Carriero, G.; Farcomeni, A.; Ceccarelli, G.; Tritapepe, L.; Venditti, M., 2017:
Role of oral nystatin prophylaxis in cardiac surgery with prolongedextracorporeal circulation

Uchikoshi, Y.; Yang, L.; Lohr, B.; Leung, G., 2017:
Role of Oral Proficiency on Reading Comprehension: Within-Language and Cross-Language Relationships

Dogra, A.; Sood, V.K.; Capalash, P.; Minocha, Y.C.; Bajwa, N., 2001:
Role of oral vitamin D3 analogues in the treatment of psoriasis

Levandowski, B.J.; Hamlin, T.A.; Bickelhaupt, F.Matthias.; Houk, K.N., 2017:
Role of Orbital Interactions and Activation Strain (Distortion Energies) on Reactivities in the Normal and Inverse Electron-Demand Cycloadditions of Strained and Unstrained Cycloalkenes

Chye, Y.; Solowij, N.; Ganella, E.P.; Suo, C.; Yücel, M.; Batalla, A.; Cousijn, J.; Goudriaan, A.E.; Martin-Santos, R.; Whittle, S.; Bartholomeusz, C.F.; Lorenzetti, V., 2017:
Role of orbitofrontal sulcogyral pattern on lifetime cannabis use and depressive symptoms

Imperatore, R.; Palomba, L.; Cristino, L., 2017:
Role of Orexin-A in Hypertension and Obesity

Farahimanesh, S.; Zarrabian, S.; Haghparast, A., 2017:
Role of orexin receptors in the ventral tegmental area on acquisition and expression of morphine-induced conditioned place preference in the rats

Ishikawa, M.; Aono, Y.; Saigusa, T., 2017:
Role of orexin receptor subtypes in the inhibitory effects of orexin-A on potassium chloride-induced increases in intracellular calcium ion levels in neurons derived from dorsal root ganglion of carrageenan-treated rats

Ahmadi-Soleimani, S.Mohammad.; Azizi, H.; Gompf, H.S.; Semnanian, S., 2017:
Role of orexin type-1 receptors in paragiganto-coerulear modulation of opioid withdrawal and tolerance: A site specific focus

Dinh, Q.Toan.; Li, Z.; Tran, T.Anh.Thu.; Wang, D.; Liang, D., 2017:
Role of organic acids on the bioavailability of selenium in soil: A review

Favretto, G.; Souza, L.M.; Gregório, P.C.; Cunha, R.S.; Maciel, R.A.P.; Sassaki, G.L.; Toledo, M.G.; Pecoits-Filho, R.; Souza, W.M.; Stinghen, Aéa.E.M., 2017:
Role of Organic Anion Transporters in the Uptake of Protein-Bound Uremic Toxins by Human Endothelial Cells and Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 Expression

Collier, K.N.; Brooks, S.D., 2016:
Role of Organic Hydrocarbons in Atmospheric Ice Formation via Contact Freezing

Tan, C-Lu.; Zhang, H.; Yang, M.; Li, S-Jun.; Liu, X-Bao.; Li, K-Zhou., 2017:
Role of original and modified Frey's procedures in chronic pancreatitis

Wang, G.; Zhou, H.; Strulovici-Barel, Y.; Al-Hijji, M.; Ou, X.; Salit, J.; Walters, M.S.; Staudt, M.R.; Kaner, R.J.; Crystal, R.G., 2017:
Role of OSGIN1 in mediating smoking-induced autophagy in the human airway epithelium

Rabbani, G., 2017:
Role of osmolytes in protein folding and aggregation in cells and its applications in biotechnology

Millard, S.M.; Wang, L.; Wattanachanya, L.; O'Carroll, D.; Fields, A.J.; Pang, J.; Kazakia, G.; Lotz, J.C.; Nissenson, R.A., 2017:
Role of Osteoblast Gi Signaling in Age-Related Bone Loss in Female Mice

Erkan, Gönül.; Tayyar, A.Tanay.; Açmaz, Gökhan.; Müderris, İptisam.İpek.; Başkol, Gülden.; Bayram, F., 2017:
Role of osteocalcin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and adiponectin in polycystic ovary syndrome patients with insulin resistance

Vijayan, V.; Gupta, S., 2017:
Role of osteocytes in mediating bone mineralization during hyperhomocysteinemia

Zhan, H.; Suzuki, T., 2017:
Role of "osteogenic" cardiac fibroblasts in pathological heart calcification

Ghanem, A.; Kellesarian, S.Varela.; Abduljabbar, T.; Al-Hamoudi, N.; Vohra, F.; Javed, F., 2017:
Role of Osteogenic Coatings on Implant Surfaces in Promoting Bone-To-Implant Contact in Experimental Osteoporosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Hejair, H.M.A.; Ma, J.; Zhu, Y.; Sun, M.; Dong, W.; Zhang, Y.; Pan, Z.; Zhang, W.; Yao, H., 2017:
Role of outer membrane protein T in pathogenicity of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli

Posocco, A.; Scapinello, M.Paola.; De Ronch, I.; Castrogiovanni, F.; Lollo, G.; Sergi, G.; Tomaselli, I.; Tonon, L.; Solmi, M.; Pescador, D.; Battistuz, E.; Traversa, S.; Zambianco, V.; Veronese, N., 2017:
Role of out of hours primary care service in limiting inappropriate access to emergency department

Chan, M.; Ooi, C.Kheong.; Wong, J.; Zhong, L.; Lye, D., 2017:
Role of outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy in the treatment of community acquired skin and soft tissue infections in Singapore

Li, Y.; Cao, F.; Vo Doan, T.Thang.; Sato, H., 2017:
Role of outstretched forelegs of flying beetles revealed and demonstrated by remote leg stimulation in free flight

Park, W-Chan., 2017:
Role of Ovarian Function Suppression in Premenopausal Women with Early Breast Cancer

Johnson, R.J.; Lovett, D.; Lehrer, R.I.; Couser, W.G.; Klebanoff, S.J., 1994 :
Role of oxidants and proteases in glomerular injury

Wei, H.; Feng, Y.; Liang, F.; Cheng, W.; Wu, X.; Zhou, R.; Wang, Y., 2017:
Role of oxidative stress and DNA hydroxymethylation in the neurotoxicity of fine particulate matter

Mantzarlis, K.; Tsolaki, V.; Zakynthinos, E., 2017:
Role of Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Sepsis and Potential Therapies

Sugiura, H.; Ichinose, M., 2017:
Role Of Oxidative Stress In Aggravation Of Asthma

Kelly, F.J.; Fussell, J.C., 2017:
Role of oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease outcomes following exposure to ambient air pollution

Ito, F.; Yamada, Y.; Shigemitsu, A.; Akinishi, M.; Kaniwa, H.; Miyake, R.; Yamanaka, S.; Kobayashi, H., 2017:
Role of Oxidative Stress in Epigenetic Modification in Endometriosis

Kowluru, R.A.; Shan, Y., 2017:
Role of oxidative stress in epigenetic modification of MMP-9 promoter in the development of diabetic retinopathy

Ramadan, A.; Hemida, R.; Nowara, A.; Eissa, L.A.; El-Gayar, A.M., 2017:
Role of oxidative stress in epithelial ovarian cancer in Egyptian patients

Choubey, V.; Sarkar, R.; Garg, V.; Kaushik, S.; Ghunawat, S.; Sonthalia, S., 2017:
Role of oxidative stress in melasma: a prospective study on serum and blood markers of oxidative stress in melasma patients

Sotomayor, C.G.; Cortés, I.; Gormaz, J.Guillermo.; Vera, S.; Libuy, Mías.; Valls, Nás.; Rodrigo, Rón., 2017:
Role of Oxidative Stress in Renal Transplantation: Bases for an n-3 PUFA Strategy Against Delayed Graft Function

Witztum, J.L.; Steinberg, D., 1991:
Role of oxidized low density lipoprotein in atherogenesis

Gobaut, B.; Orgiani, P.; Sambri, A.; di Gennaro, E.; Aruta, C.; Borgatti, F.; Lollobrigida, V.; Céolin, D.; Rueff, J-Pascal.; Ciancio, R.; Bigi, C.; Das, P.Kumar.; Fujii, J.; Krizmancic, D.; Torelli, P.; Vobornik, I.; Rossi, G.; Miletto Granozio, F.; Scotti di Uccio, U.; Panaccione, G., 2017:
Role of Oxygen Deposition Pressure in the Formation of Ti Defect States in TiO 2 (001) Anatase Thin Films

Amadei, C.Alberto.; Montessori, A.; Kadow, J.P.; Succi, S.; Vecitis, C.D., 2017:
Role of Oxygen Functionalities in Graphene Oxide Architectural Laminate Subnanometer Spacing and Water Transport

Phaneuf, J., 1957:
Role of oxygen in physiology

Alexander, P.; Lett, J.T., 1960:
Role of oxygen in the cross-linking and degradation of deoxyribonucleic acid by ionizing radiations

Jungermann, K.; Kietzmann, T., 1997:
Role of oxygen in the zonation of carbohydrate metabolism and gene expression in liver

Ghosh, T.; Satpati, B., 2017:
Role of oxygen in wetting of copper nanoparticles on silicon surfaces at elevated temperature

Villegas-Gabutti, C.M.; Pennacchio, G.; Vivas, L.; Jahn, G.A.; Soaje, M., 2017:
Role of Oxytocin on Prolactin Secretion During Late Pregnancy

Hebbar, A.; Murthy, V.Srinivasa., 2017:
Role of p16/INK4a and Ki-67 as specific biomarkers for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: An institutional study

Mas-Bargues, C.; Viña-Almunia, Jé.; Inglés, M.; Sanz-Ros, J.; Gambini, J.; Ibáñez-Cabellos, Jé.Santiago.; García-Giménez, Jé.Luis.; Viña, Jé.; Borrás, C., 2017:
Role of p16 INK4a and BMI-1 in oxidative stress-induced premature senescence in human dental pulp stem cells

McGrath, C.J.; Garcia, R.; Trinh, T.T.; Richardson, B.A.; John-Stewart, G.C.; Nyongesa-Malava, E.; Mugo, N.R.; Glynn, E.H.; Sakr, S.R.; De Vuyst, H.; Chung, M.H., 2017:
Role of p16 testing in cervical cancer screening among HIV-infected women

Yin, J.; You, S.; Liu, H.; Chen, L.; Zhang, C.; Hu, H.; Xue, M.; Cheng, W.; Wang, Y.; Li, X.; Shi, Y.; Li, N.; Yan, S.; Li, X., 2017:
Role of P2X 7 R in the development and progression of pulmonary hypertension

Pang, L.; Li, P.; Zhang, R.; Xu, Y.; Song, L.; Zhou, Q., 2017:
Role of p38-MAPK pathway in the effects of high-magnitude compression on nucleus pulposus cell senescence in a disc perfusion culture

Deng, J.; Shi, Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, B., 2017:
Role of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase signaling pathway in lung ischemia-reperfusion protection offered by HOE642

Schelle, I.; Bruening, J.; Buetepage, M.; Genth, H., 2016:
Role of p38 alpha/beta MAP Kinase in Cell Susceptibility to Clostridium sordellii Lethal Toxin and Clostridium difficile Toxin B

Piperno, G.; Cosimelli, M.; Perrone, D.R.; Mancini, R.; Buglioni, S.; Novelli, F.; Sperduti, I.; Zerbini, V.; Garufi, C.; Mottolese, M., 2005:
Role of P53 and Bcl-2 in advanced rectal carcinomas treated with adjuvant therapy

Alegre, F.; Moragrega, Ángela.B.; Polo, M.; Marti-Rodrigo, A.; Esplugues, J.V.; Blas-Garcia, A.; Apostolova, N., 2017:
Role of p62/SQSTM1 beyond autophagy: a lesson learned from drug-induced toxicity in vitro

González, Rúl.; De la Rosa, Ángel.J.; Rufini, A.; Rodríguez-Hernández, Mía.A.; Navarro-Villarán, E.; Marchal, T.; Pereira, S.; De la Mata, M.; Müller-Schilling, M.; Pascasio-Acevedo, J.M.; Ferrer-Ríos, Mía.T.; Gómez-Bravo, M.A.; Padillo, F.J.; Muntané, J., 2017:
Role of p63 and p73 isoforms on the cell death in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma submitted to orthotopic liver transplantation

Cernes, R.; Zimlichman, R., 2017:
Role of Paced Breathing for Treatment of Hypertension

Ye, M.; Yi, Y.; Wu, S.; Zhou, Y.; Zhao, D., 2017:
Role of Paeonol in an Astrocyte Model of Parkinson's Disease

Novillo-Ortiz, D.; D'Agostino, M.; Becerra-Posada, F., 2016:
Role of PAHO/WHO in eHealth Capacity Building in the Americas: Analysis of the 2011-2015 period

Noyman-Veksler, G.; Lerman, S.F.; Joiner, T.E.; Brill, S.; Rudich, Z.; Shalev, H.; Shahar, G., 2017:
Role of Pain-Based Catastrophizing in Pain, Disability, Distress, and Suicidal Ideation

Almond, L.M.; Hodson, J.; Ford, S.J.; Gourevitch, D.; Roberts, K.J.; Shah, T.; Isaac, J.; Desai, A., 2017:
Role of palliative resection of the primary tumour in advanced pancreatic and small intestinal neuroendocrine tumours: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Oddi, S.; Totaro, A.; Scipioni, L.; Dufrusine, B.; Stepniewski, T.Maciej.; Selent, J.; Maccarrone, M.; Dainese, E., 2017:
Role of palmitoylation of cysteine 415 in functional coupling CB 1 receptor to Gα i2 protein

Wu, D.; Wu, J.; Liu, H.; Yu, M.; Tao, L.; Dong, S.; Tong, X., 2017:
Role of Pannexin1 channels in the resistance of I-10 testicular cancer cells to cisplatin mediated by ATP/IP 3 pathway

Braekkan, O.R., 1955:
Role of pantothenic acid in the reproductive cycle of ovaries in fish

Tian, L.; Fan, T.; Zhou, N.; Guo, H.; Zhang, W., 2015:
Role of PAR2 in regulating oxaliplatin-induced neuropathic pain via TRPA1

Venkataraman, A.Priya.; Radhakrishnan, A.; Dorronsoro, C.; Lundström, L.; Marcos, S., 2017:
Role of parafovea in blur perception

Detwiler, J.T.; Caballero, I.C.; Criscione, C.D., 2017:
Role of parasite transmission in promoting inbreeding: I. Infection intensities drive individual parasite selfing rates

Detwiler, J.T.; Criscione, C.D., 2017:
Role of parasite transmission in promoting inbreeding: II. Pedigree reconstruction reveals sib-transmission and consequent kin-mating

Schneider, E.G.; Goldsmith, R.S.; Arnaud, C.D.; Knox, F.G., 1975:
Role of parathyroid hormone in the phosphaturia of extracellular fluid volume expansion

Mirmohammadsadeghi, Z.; Shareghi Brojeni, M.; Haghparast, A.; Eliassi, A., 2017:
Role of paraventricular hypothalamic dopaminergic D 1 receptors in food intake regulation of food-deprived rats

Farzana, R.; Hoque, M.; Kamal, M.Shah.; Choudhury, M.Moseh.Uddin., 2017:
Role of Parental Smoking in Severe Bronchiolitis: A Hospital Based Case-Control Study

Burke, D.A.; Pinto, D.S., 2013:
Role of Parenteral Agents in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Stable Patients

Shiau, M-Yuh.; Lee, P-Shen.; Huang, Y-Jyun.; Yang, C-Ping.; Hsiao, C-Wan.; Chang, K-Yun.; Chen, H-Wen.; Chang, Y-Hsin., 2017:
Role of PARL-PINK1-Parkin pathway in adipocyte differentiation

Bonomini, F.; Taurone, S.; Parnigotto, P.; Zamai, L.; Rodella, L.F.; Artico, M.; Rezzani, R., 2017:
Role of parnaparin in atherosclerosis

Mishra, M.; Kowluru, R.A., 2017:
Role of PARP-1 as a novel transcriptional regulator of MMP-9 in diabetic retinopathy

Chacon-Cabrera, A.; Mateu-Jimenez, Mè.; Langohr, K.; Fermoselle, C.; García-Arumí, E.; Andreu, A.L.; Yelamos, J.; Barreiro, E., 2017:
Role of PARP activity in lung cancer-induced cachexia: Effects on muscle oxidative stress, proteolysis, anabolic markers, and phenotype

Kesarwala, A.H.; Grover, S.; Rengan, R., 2013:
Role of particle beam therapy in a trimodality approach to locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Gella, D.; Maza, D.; Zuriguel, I., 2017:
Role of particle size in the kinematic properties of silo flow

Barton, S.C.; Surani, M.A.; Norris, M.L., 1984:
Role of paternal and maternal genomes in mouse development

Henry, N.Lynn.; Somerfield, M.R.; Abramson, V.G.; Allison, K.H.; Anders, C.K.; Chingos, D.T.; Hurria, A.; Openshaw, T.H.; Krop, I.E., 2017:
Role of Patient and Disease Factors in Adjuvant Systemic Therapy Decision Making for Early-Stage, Operable Breast Cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology Endorsement of Cancer Care Ontario Guideline Recommendations

Greer, J.A.; Jacobs, J.M.; El-Jawahri, A.; Nipp, R.D.; Gallagher, E.R.; Pirl, W.F.; Park, E.R.; Muzikansky, A.; Jacobsen, J.C.; Jackson, V.A.; Temel, J.S., 2017:
Role of Patient Coping Strategies in Understanding the Effects of Early Palliative Care on Quality of Life and Mood

Ingadóttir, B.; Zoëga, S., 2017:
Role of patient education in postoperative pain management

Smith, A.B.; Basch, E., 2017:
Role of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Postsurgical Monitoring in Oncology

Barone, M.; Cogliandro, A.; Coppola, M.Morelli.; Persichetti, P., 2017:
Role of patient-reported outcomes measures in plastic surgery

Antonaru, L.A.; Nürnberg, D.J., 2017:
Role of PatS and cell type on the heterocyst spacing pattern in a filamentous branching cyanobacterium

Wilhelm, I.; Nyúl-Tóth, Ádám.; Kozma, Mály.; Farkas, A.E.; Krizbai, Ián.A., 2017:
Role of pattern recognition receptors of the neurovascular unit in inflamm-aging

Sisakova, A.; Altmannova, V.; Sebesta, M.; Krejci, L., 2017:
Role of PCNA and RFC in promoting Mus81-complex activity

Chamoto, K.; Al-Habsi, M.; Honjo, T., 2017:
Role of PD-1 in Immunity and Diseases

Dorner-Ciossek, C.; Kroker, K.S.; Rosenbrock, H., 2017:
Role of PDE9 in Cognition

Mihaylova, Z.; Tsikandelova, R.; Sanimirov, P.; Gateva, N.; Mitev, V.; Ishkitiev, N., 2017:
Role of PDGF-BB in proliferation, differentiation and maintaining stem cell properties of PDL cells in vitro

Anantharaman, V.; Wan, P.Weng.; Tay, S.Yian.; Manning, P.George.; Lim, S.Han.; Chua, S.Jin.Terrance.; Mohan, T.; Rabind, A.Charles.; Vidya, S.; Hao, Y., 2017:
Role of peak current in conversion of patients with ventricular fibrillation

Barquet-Muñoz, S.Abraham.; Rendón-Pereira, G.Jaime.; Acuña-González, D.; Peñate, M.Vanessa.Heymann.; Herrera-Montalvo, L.Alonso.; Gallardo-Alvarado, L.Nadia.; Cantú-de León, D.Francisco.; Pareja, Ré., 2017:
Role of pelvic and para-aortic lymphadenectomy in abandoned radical hysterectomy in cervical cancer

Arya, S.; Mulla, Z.D.; Kupesic Plavsic, S., 2017:
Role of pelvic ultrasound simulation

Gálffy, G.; Puskás, R., 2017:
Role of pembrolizumab in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Mammen, S.; Keshava, S.Nidugala.; Moses, V.; Aaron, S.; Ahmed, M.; Chiramel, G.K.; Mani, S.E.; Alexander, M., 2017:
Role of penumbra mechanical thrombectomy device in acute dural sinus thrombosis

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Role of sensory afferent nerves, lipid peroxidation and antioxidative enzymes in the carbon monoxide-induced gastroprotection against stress ulcerogenesis

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Role of serum S1P levels during asthma attack in the evaluation of asthma severity

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Role of Serum Soluble CD163 in the Diagnosis, Risk of Bleeding, and Prognosis of Gastro-Esophageal Varices in Cirrhotic Patients

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Role of Sex Hormone Levels and Psychological Stress in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Diseases

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Role of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Heart Failure

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Role of sigma 1 receptor in high fat diet-induced peripheral neuropathy

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Role of silver nitrate in the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide aerial decontamination systems

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Role of silver/zinc oxide in affecting de-adhesion strength of Staphylococcus aureus on polymer biocomposites

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Role of stem cell transplant in lymphoma in the era of new drugs

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Role of the Admiral Nurse in supporting a person with dementia and their family carer

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Role of the advanced practice nurse in gerontology

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Role of the burden of premature atrial contractions during the blanking period following second-generation cryoballoon ablation in predicting late recurrences of atrial arrhythmias

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Role of the C(2)-H Hydrogen Bond Donor in Gas-Phase Microsolvation of Imidazole Derivatives with ROH (R = CH 3 , C 2 H 5 )

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Role of the constant region domain in the structural diversity of human antibody light chains

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Role of the C-terminal basic amino acids and the lipid anchor of the Gγ 2 protein in membrane interactions and cell localization

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Role of the Cytokine-like Hormone Leptin in Muscle-bone Crosstalk with Aging

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Role of the Dark 2A g State in Donor-Acceptor Copolymers as a Pathway for Singlet Fission: A DMRG Study

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Role of the density, density effect and mean excitation energy in solid-state detectors for small photon fields

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Role of the Diabetes Educator in Inpatient Diabetes Management

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Role of the different eyes in the visual odometry in the wolf spider Lycosa tarantula (Araneae, Lycosidae)

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Role of the ER/NO/cGMP Signaling Pathway in the Promotion of Osteogenic Differentiation of Rat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells by iActaea racemosa Extract

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Role of the European Union in global health

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Role of the extracellular matrix in the genesis of ventilator-induced lung injury

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Role of the extracellular matrix-located Mac-2 binding protein as an interactor of the Wnt proteins

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Role of the Freight Sector in Future Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios

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Role of the frozen elephant trunk procedure for chronic aortic dissection

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Role of the gastrointestinal microbiota in small animal health and disease

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Role of the Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiome in the Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus

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Role of the Genes of Type VI Secretion System in Virulence of Rice Bacterial Brown Stripe Pathogen Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae Strain RS-2

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Role of the Global Alliance against Respiratory Diseases in scaling up management of chronic respiratory diseases-summary meeting report

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Role of the glucose-sensing receptor in insulin secretion

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Role of the Golgi Apparatus in the Blood-Brain Barrier: Golgi Protection May Be a Targeted Therapy for Neurological Diseases

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Role of the G Protein-Coupled Bile Acid Receptor TGR5 in Liver Damage

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Role of the GRAS transcription factor ATA/RAM1 in the transcriptional reprogramming of arbuscular mycorrhiza in Petunia hybrida

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Role of the Gut Microbiome in the Pathogenesis of Obesity and Obesity-Related Metabolic Dysfunction

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Role of the Gut on Glucose Homeostasis: Lesson Learned from Metabolic Surgery

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Role of the H-bond between L53 and T56 for Aquaporin-4 epitope in Neuromyelitis Optica

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Role of the Health Department in Tuberculosis Prevention and Control-Legal and Public Health Considerations

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Role of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Regulating the Behavior of Germline Stem Cells

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Role of the Helix in Talin F3 Domain (F3 Helix) in Talin-Mediated Integrin Activation

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Role of the Hippocampus in Distinct Memory Traces: Timing of Match and Mismatch Enhancement Revealed by Intracranial Recording

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Role of the His bundle in verapamil-sensitive idiopathic left ventricular tachycardia

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Role of the homograft bypass in extremity inferior's reconstructions

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Role of the hormonal coordination mechanism in allergic-anaphylactic manifestations

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Role of the hospital emergency department staff in the organ donation process: opinions of professionals working in the Spanish autonomous community of Aragon

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Role of the Human Breast Milk-Associated Microbiota on the Newborns' Immune System: A Mini Review

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Role of the human ErbB family receptors in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder: mRNA expression status and prognostic relevance

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Role of the IL-12/IL-35 balance in patients with Sjögren syndrome

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