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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60235

Chapter 60235 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dai, Y.; Guo, J.; Wang, T-Yi.; Ju, Y.; Mitchell, A.J.; Bonnard, T.; Cui, J.; Richardson, J.J.; Hagemeyer, C.E.; Alt, K.; Caruso, F., 2017:
Self-Assembled Nanoparticles from Phenolic Derivatives for Cancer Therapy

Kim, S.; Traore, Y.Leandre.; Lee, J.Sang.; Kim, J-Heung.; Ho, E.A.; Liu, S., 2017:
Self-assembled nanoparticles made from a new PEGylated poly(aspartic acid) graft copolymer for intravaginal delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs

Li, R.; Xu, J.; Wong, D.Siu.Hong.; Li, J.; Zhao, P.; Bian, L., 2017:
Self-assembled N-cadherin mimetic peptide hydrogels promote the chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells through inhibition of canonical Wnt/β-catenin signaling

Noh, S.Hyo.; Kwon, C.; Hwang, J.; Ohsaka, T.; Kim, B-Jun.; Kim, T-Young.; Yoon, Y-Gi.; Chen, Z.; Seo, M.Ho.; Han, B., 2017:
Self-assembled nitrogen-doped fullerenes and their catalysis for fuel cell and rechargeable metal-air battery applications

Gupta, G.; Das, A.; Park, K.Chul.; Tron, A.; Kim, H.; Mun, J.; Mandal, N.; Chi, K-Whan.; Lee, C.Yeon., 2017:
Self-Assembled Novel BODIPY-Based Palladium Supramolecules and Their Cellular Localization

González-Miro, M.; Rodríguez-Noda, L.; Fariñas-Medina, M.; García-Rivera, D.; Vérez-Bencomo, V.; Rehm, B.H.A., 2017:
Self-assembled particulate PsaA as vaccine against iStreptococcus pneumoniae infection

Feng, X.; Li, W.; Liu, D.; Zhang, Z.; Duan, Y.; Zhang, Y., 2017:
Self-Assembled Pd@CeO 2 /-Al 2 O 3 Catalysts with Enhanced Activity for Catalytic Methane Combustion

Li, P.; Zhou, J.; Huang, P.; Zhang, C.; Wang, W.; Li, C.; Kong, D., 2017:
Self-assembled PEG-ib -PDPA-ib -PGEM copolymer nanoparticles as protein antigen delivery vehicles to dendritic cells: preparation, characterization and cellular uptake

Abbas, M.; Zou, Q.; Li, S.; Yan, X., 2017:
Self-Assembled Peptide- and Protein-Based Nanomaterials for Antitumor Photodynamic and Photothermal Therapy

Ko, J.Wan.; Choi, W.Seok.; Kim, J.; Kuk, S.Keun.; Lee, S.Ha.; Park, C.Beum., 2017:
Self-Assembled Peptide-Carbon Nitride Hydrogel as a Light-Responsive Scaffold Material

Sun, L.; Zheng, C.; Webster, T.J., 2017:
Self-assembled peptide nanomaterials for biomedical applications: promises and pitfalls

Freag, M.S.; Saleh, W.M.; Abdallah, O.Y., 2017:
Self-assembled phospholipid-based phytosomal nanocarriers as promising platforms for improving oral bioavailability of the anticancer celastrol

Cheng, T.; O'Rorke, R.; Ortiz, R.Francois.; Yan, T.Yee.; Hemmer, E.; Vetrone, F.; Marks, R.S.; Steele, T.W.J., 2017:
Self-assembled photoadditives in polyester films allow stop and go chemical release

Li, S.; Zhang, L.; Jiang, J.; Meng, Y.; Liu, M., 2017:
Self-Assembled Polydiacetylene Vesicle and Helix with Chiral Interface for Visualized Enantioselective Recognition of Sulfinamide

Li, W.; Huo, M.; Sen Chaudhuri, A.; Yang, C.; Cao, D.; Wu, Z.; Qi, X., 2017:
Self-assembled polyelectrolyte complexes films as efficient compression coating layers for controlled-releasing tablets

Shi, Q.Xuan.; Xia, Q.; Xiang, X.; Ye, Y.Sheng.; Peng, H.Yan.; Xue, Z.Gang.; Xie, X.Lin.; Mai, Y-Wing., 2017:
Self-Assembled Polymeric Ionic Liquid-Functionalized Cellulose Nano-crystals: Constructing 3D Ion-conducting Channels Within Ionic Liquid-based Composite Polymer Electrolytes

Nishimura, T.; Yamada, A.; Umezaki, K.; Sawada, S-Ichi.; Mukai, S-Atsu.; Sasaki, Y.; Akiyoshi, K., 2017:
Self-Assembled Polypeptide Nanogels with Enzymatically Transformable Surface as a Small Interfering RNA Delivery Platform

Zashikhina, N.N.; Volokitina, M.V.; Korzhikov-Vlakh, V.A.; Tarasenko, I.I.; Lavrentieva, A.; Scheper, T.; Rühl, E.; Orlova, R.V.; Tennikova, T.B.; Korzhikova-Vlakh, E.G., 2017:
Self-assembled polypeptide nanoparticles for intracellular irinotecan delivery

Chen, D.; Huang, Y.; Xu, S.; Jiang, H.; Wu, J.; Jin, X.; Zhu, X., 2017:
Self-Assembled Polyprodrug Amphiphile for Subcutaneous Xenograft Tumor Inhibition with Prolonged Acting Time In Vivo

Jewginski, M.; Granier, T.; Langlois d'Estaintot, Béatrice.; Fischer, L.; Mackereth, C.D.; Huc, I., 2017:
Self-Assembled Protein-Aromatic Foldamer Complexes with 2:3 and 2:2:1 Stoichiometries

Lim, S.In.; Lukianov, C.I.; Champion, J.A., 2017:
Self-assembled protein nanocarrier for intracellular delivery of antibody

Wang, T.; Tang, Y.; He, X.; Yan, J.; Wang, C.; Feng, X., 2017:
Self-Assembled Raspberry-Like Core/Satellite Nanoparticles for Anti-Inflammatory Protein Delivery

Amati, A.; Cavigli, P.; Kahnt, A.; Indelli, M.Teresa.; Iengo, E., 2017:
Self-Assembled Ruthenium(II)Porphyrin-Aluminium(III)Porphyrin-Fullerene Triad for Long-Lived Photoinduced Charge Separation

Ildiz, N.; Baldemir, A.; Altinkaynak, C.; Özdemir, N.; Yilmaz, V.; Ocsoy, I., 2017:
Self assembled snowball-like hybrid nanostructures comprising Viburnum opulus L. extract and metal ions for antimicrobial and catalytic applications

Qin, L.; Wang, P.; Guo, Y.; Chen, C.; Liu, M., 2015:
Self-Assembled Soft Nanomaterials Via Silver(I)-Coordination: Nanotube, Nanofiber, and Remarkably Enhanced Antibacterial Effect

Singh, A.Kumar.; Krishnamoorthy, K., 2017:
Self-Assembled Spheres, Flowers, and Fibers from the Same Backbone and Similar Side Chains

Zou, A.; Li, Y.; Chen, Y.; Angelova, A.; Garamus, V.M.; Li, N.; Drechsler, M.; Angelov, B.; Gong, Y., 2017:
Self-assembled stable sponge-type nanocarries for Brucea javanica oil delivery

Wu, Y-Cheng.; Luo, S-He.; Cao, L.; Jiang, K.; Wang, L-Yun.; Xie, J-Chun.; Wang, Z-Yang., 2017:
Self-assembled structures of N-alkylated bisbenzimidazolyl naphthalene in aqueous media for highly sensitive detection of picric acid

Sun, N.; Wang, T.; Yan, X., 2017:
Self-assembled supermolecular hydrogel based on hydroxyethyl cellulose: Formation, in vitro release and bacteriostasis application

Cheng, C-Chia.; Lee, D-Jong.; Chen, J-Kun., 2016:
Self-assembled supramolecular polymers with tailorable properties that enhance cell attachment and proliferation

Khan, S.; Minhas, M.Usman.; Ahmad, M.; Sohail, M., 2017:
Self-assembled supramolecular thermoreversible b-cyclodextrin/ethylene glycol injectable hydrogels with difunctional Pluronic 127 as controlled delivery depot of curcumin. Development, characterization and in vitro evaluation

Zhu, C.; Liu, P.; Mathew, A.P., 2017:
Self-Assembled TEMPO Cellulose Nanofibers: Graphene Oxide-Based Biohybrids for Water Purification

Ben Zion, M.Yah.; He, X.; Maass, C.C.; Sha, R.; Seeman, N.C.; Chaikin, P.M., 2017:
Self-assembled three-dimensional chiral colloidal architecture

Joung, D.; Nemilentsau, A.; Agarwal, K.; Dai, C.; Liu, C.; Su, Q.; Li, J.; Low, T.; Koester, S.J.; Cho, J-Hyun., 2017:
Self-Assembled Three-Dimensional Graphene-Based Polyhedrons Inducing Volumetric Light Confinement

Ji, J.; Li, Y.; Fu, W.; Cui, Z.; Shen, J.; Ye, M., 2017:
Self-assembled three-dimensional Pd/MoS 2 /reduced graphene oxide nanocatalyst: A case for homogeneous leaching mechanism

Fu, Q.; Wang, X.; Zhang, N.; Wen, J.; Li, L.; Gao, H.; Zhang, X., 2017:
Self-assembled Ti 3 C 2 T x /SCNT composite electrode with improved electrochemical performance for supercapacitor

Fei, R-Hua.; Tan, C.; Huang, Y.; Chen, H-Chun.; Guo, A-Zhen.; Wang, H-Lin.; Hu, Y-Gang., 2017:
Self-Assembled Ti 4+ @Biospore Microspheres for Sensitive DNA Analysis

Yu, J.; Sun, L.; Zhou, J.; Gao, L.; Nan, L.; Zhao, S.; Peng, T.; Han, L.; Wang, J.; Lu, W.; Zhang, L.; Wang, Y.; Yan, Z.; Yu, L., 2017:
Self-Assembled Tumor-Penetrating Peptide-Modified Poly(l--glutamylglutamine)-Paclitaxel Nanoparticles Based on Hydrophobic Interaction for the Treatment of Glioblastoma

Lin, T.; Yuan, A.; Zhao, X.; Lian, H.; Zhuang, J.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, G.; Zhang, S.; Chen, W.; Cao, W.; Zhang, C.; Wu, J.; Hu, Y.; Guo, H., 2017:
Self-assembled tumor-targeting hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for photothermal ablation in orthotopic bladder cancer

Cai, H.; Shen, T.; Kirillov, A.M.; Zhang, Y.; Shan, C.; Li, X.; Liu, W.; Tang, Y., 2017:
Self-Assembled Upconversion Nanoparticle Clusters for NIR-controlled Drug Release and Synergistic Therapy after Conjugation with Gold Nanoparticles

Dinda, S.; Mandal, D.; Sarkar, S.; Das, P.Kumar., 2017:
Self-Assembled Vesicle-Carbon Nanotube Conjugate Formation through a Boronate-Diol Covalent Linkage

San, B.Hoa.; Hwang, J.; Sampath, S.; Li, Y.; Bennink, L.L.; Yu, S.Michael., 2017:
Self-Assembled Water-Soluble Nanofibers Displaying Collagen Hybridizing Peptides

Liu, K.; Yuan, C.; Zou, Q.; Xie, Z.; Yan, X., 2017:
Self-Assembled Zinc/Cystine-Based Chloroplast Mimics Capable of Photoenzymatic Reactions for Sustainable Fuel Synthesis

Zhao, W.; Wei, J-Shi.; Zhang, P.; Chen, J.; Kong, J-Lie.; Sun, L-Hua.; Xiong, H-Ming.; Möhwald, H., 2017:
Self-Assembled ZnO Nanoparticle Capsules for Carrying and Delivering Isotretinoin to Cancer Cells

Ma, M.; Luan, T.; Yang, M.; Liu, B.; Wang, Y.; An, W.; Wang, B.; Tang, R.; Hao, A., 2017:
Self-assemblies of cyclodextrin derivatives modified by ferrocene with multiple stimulus responsiveness

Xu, J.; Yu, H.; Yang, L.; Wu, G.; Wang, Z.; Wang, D.; Zhang, X., 2015:
Self-assembling 1D core/shell microrods by the introduction of additives: a one-pot and shell-tunable method

Feng, Z.; Wang, H.; Chen, X.; Xu, B., 2017:
Self-Assembling Ability Determines the Activity of Enzyme-Instructed Self-Assembly for Inhibiting Cancer Cells

Sivadas, A.P.; Rao, D.S.Shankar.; Kumar, N.S.Saleesh.; Prabhu, D.D.; Varghese, S.; Ramachandran, C.N.; Ongungal, R.M.; Krishna Prasad, S.; Das, S., 2017:
Self-Assembling and Luminescent Properties of Chiral Bisoxadiazole Derivatives in Solution and Liquid-Crystalline Phases

Cao, X-Xi.; Li, Y-Hong.; Ye, Q-Lin.; Hu, X.; Wang, T-Feng.; Fan, M-Wen., 2017:
Self-assembling anticaries mucosal vaccine containing ferritin cage nanostructure and glucan-binding region of S. mutans glucosyltransferase effectively prevents caries formation in rodents

Nyame Mendendy Boussambe, G.; Valentin, R.; Fabre, J-François.; Navailles, L.; Nallet, Fédéric.; Gaillard, Cédric.; Mouloungui, Zéphirin., 2017:
Self-Assembling Behavior of Glycerol Monoundecenoate in Water

Lee, J.; Kim, J.Chul.; Lee, H.; Song, S.; Kim, H.; Ree, M., 2017:
Self-Assembling Brush Polymers Bearing Multisaccharides

Colombani, T.; Peuziat, P.; Dallet, L.; Haudebourg, T.; Mével, M.; Berchel, M.; Lambert, O.; Habrant, D.; Pitard, B., 2017:
Self-assembling complexes between binary mixtures of lipids with different linkers and nucleic acids promote universal mRNA, DNA and siRNA delivery

Wang, J.; Li, J.; Gao, M.; Zhang, X., 2017:
Self-assembling covalent organic framework functionalized magnetic graphene hydrophilic biocomposites as an ultrasensitive matrix for N-linked glycopeptide recognition

Zhao, Y.; Leman, L.J.; Search, D.J.; Garcia, R.A.; Gordon, D.A.; Maryanoff, B.E.; Ghadiri, M.Reza., 2017:
Self-Assembling Cyclic d,l-α-Peptides as Modulators of Plasma HDL Function. A Supramolecular Approach toward Antiatherosclerotic Agents

Rodríguez-Vázquez, N.; García-Fandiño, R.; Amorín, M.; Granja, J.R., 2016:
Self-assembling a,-cyclic peptides that generate cavities with tunable properties

Fernández-Colino, A.; Quinteros, D.A.; Allemandi, D.A.; Girotti, A.; Palma, S.D.; Arias, F.Javier., 2017:
Self-Assembling Elastin-Like Hydrogels for Timolol Delivery: Development of an Ophthalmic Formulation Against Glaucoma

Gao, L.; Gan, S.; Li, H.; Han, D.; Li, F.; Bao, Y.; Niu, L., 2017:
Self-assembling graphene-anthraquinone-2-sulphonate supramolecular nanostructures with enhanced energy density for supercapacitors

Liu, M.; Huo, Z.; Liu, T.; Shen, Y.; He, R.; Zhou, C., 2016:
Self-Assembling Halloysite Nanotubes into Concentric Ring Patterns in a Sphere-on-Flat Geometry

Feng, C-Lin.; Han, Y-Xing.; Guo, H-Hui.; Ma, X-Lei.; Wang, Z-Qiang.; Wang, L-Lu.; Zheng, W-Sheng.; Jiang, J-Dong., 2017 :
Self-assembling HA/PEI/dsRNA-p21 ternary complexes for CD44 mediated small active RNA delivery to colorectal cancer

Kang, J.Hee.; Battogtokh, G.; Ko, Y.Tag., 2017:
Self-Assembling Lipid-Peptide Hybrid Nanoparticles of Phospholipid-Nonaarginine Conjugates for Enhanced Delivery of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

Ozores, H.Lionel.; Amorín, M.; Granja, J.R., 2016:
Self-Assembling Molecular Capsules Based on a,-Cyclic Peptides

Campbell, E.A.; Peterson, E.; Kolpashchikov, D.M., 2017:
Self-Assembling Molecular Logic Gates Based on DNA Crossover Tiles

Kulikov, O.V.; Siriwardane, D.A.; McCandless, G.T.; Mahmood, S.F.; Novak, B.M., 2017:
Self-assembling Morphologies Obtained from Helical Polycarbodiimide Copolymers and Their Triazole Derivatives

Moore, A.N.; Hartgerink, J.D., 2017:
Self-Assembling Multidomain Peptide Nanofibers for Delivery of Bioactive Molecules and Tissue Regeneration

Borghese, C.; Casagrande, N.; Pivetta, E.; Colombatti, A.; Boccellino, M.; Amler, E.; Normanno, N.; Caraglia, M.; De Rosa, G.; Aldinucci, D., 2017:
Self-assembling nanoparticles encapsulating zoledronic acid inhibit mesenchymal stromal cells differentiation, migration and secretion of proangiogenic factors and their interactions with prostate cancer cells

Li, Z.; Zhang, W.; Su, Y.; Li, Z.; Groeper, J., 2016:
Self-assembling Ni(OH) 2 /α-Fe 2 O 3 composites for pseudocapacitors with excellent electrochemical performance

Ji, H-Feng.; Ruan, W.; Li, Y.; Ding, G., 2014:
Self-Assembling Organic Micro-/Nano-Pillars on Gold and Glass Surfaces

Wei, G.; Su, Z.; Reynolds, N.P.; Arosio, P.; Hamley, I.W.; Gazit, E.; Mezzenga, R., 2017:
Self-assembling peptide and protein amyloids: from structure to tailored function in nanotechnology

Boopathy, A.V.; Davis, M.E., 2015:
Self-assembling peptide-based delivery of therapeutics for myocardial infarction

Rad-Malekshahi, M.; Fransen, M.F.; Krawczyk, Młgorzata.; Mansourian, M.; Bourajjaj, M.; Chen, J.; Ossendorp, F.; Hennink, W.E.; Mastrobattista, E.; Amidi, M., 2017:
Self-Assembling Peptide Epitopes as Novel Platform for Anticancer Vaccination

Ichihara, Y.; Kaneko, M.; Yamahara, K.; Koulouroudias, M.; Sato, N.; Uppal, R.; Yamazaki, K.; Saito, S.; Suzuki, K., 2017:
Self-assembling peptide hydrogel enables instant epicardial coating of the heart with mesenchymal stromal cells for the treatment of heart failure

Barret, M.; Bordaçahar, B.; Beuvon, F.; Terris, B.; Camus, M.; Coriat, R.; Chaussade, S.; Batteux, F.; Prat, F., 2017:
Self-assembling peptide matrix for the prevention of esophageal stricture after endoscopic resection: a randomized controlled trial in a porcine model

Nune, M.; Subramanian, A.; Krishnan, U.Maheswari.; Kaimal, S.Sasidhara.; Sethuraman, S., 2017:
Self-assembling peptide nanostructures on aligned poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanofibers for the functional regeneration of sciatic nerve

Alkilzy, M.; Tarabaih, A.; Santamaria, R.M.; Splieth, C.H., 2017:
Self-assembling Peptide P 11 -4 and Fluoride for Regenerating Enamel

Tao, K.; Makam, P.; Aizen, R.; Gazit, E., 2017:
Self-assembling peptide semiconductors

Courthion, H.; Mugnier, T.; Rousseaux, C.; Möller, M.; Gurny, R.; Gabriel, D., 2017:
Self-assembling polymeric nanocarriers to target inflammatory lesions in ulcerative colitis

Cheetham, A.G.; Chakroun, R.W.; Ma, W.; Cui, H., 2017:
Self-assembling prodrugs

Burkhard, P.; Karch, C.P., 2017:
Self-assembling protein nanoparticles: a promising tool against lethal influenza?

Wu, H.; Zhou, T.; Tian, L.; Xia, Z.; Xu, F., 2017:
Self-Assembling RADA16-I Peptide Hydrogel Scaffold Loaded with Tamoxifen for Breast Reconstruction

Pal, H.Ahmad.; Mohapatra, S.; Gupta, V.; Ghosh, S.; Verma, S., 2017:
Self-assembling soft structures for intracellular NO release and promotion of neurite outgrowth

Cao, Y.; Wu, X.; Yang, R.; Wang, X.; Sun, H.; Lee, I., 2017:
Self-assembling study of sarcolipin and its mutants in multiple molecular dynamic simulations

Fuertes, A.; Ozores, H.Lionel.; Amorín, M.; Granja, J.R., 2016:
Self-assembling Venturi-like peptide nanotubes

Pille, J.; van Lith, S.A.M.; van Hest, J.C.M.; Leenders, W.P.J., 2017:
Self-Assembling VHH-Elastin-Like Peptides for Photodynamic Nanomedicine

Bengani-Lutz, P.; Converse, E.; Cebe, P.; Asatekin, A., 2017:
Self-Assembling Zwitterionic Copolymers as Membrane Selective Layers with Excellent Fouling Resistance: Effect of Zwitterion Chemistry

Xu, W.L.; Fang, C.; Zhou, F.; Song, Z.; Liu, Q.; Qiao, R.; Yu, M., 2017:
Self-Assembly: A Facile Way of Forming Ultrathin, High-Performance Graphene Oxide Membranes for Water Purification

Cui, Y.; Chen, Z-Man.; Jiang, X-Feng.; Tong, J.; Yu, S-Yan., 2017 :
Self-assembly and anion sensing of metal-organic [M 6 L 2 ] cages from fluorescent triphenylamine tri-pyrazoles with dipalladium(ii,ii) corners

Cheng, K-Yu.; Wang, S-Cheng.; Chen, Y-Sheng.; Chan, Y-Tsu., 2017:
Self-Assembly and Catalytic Reactivity of BINOL-Bridged Bis(phenanthroline) Metallocages

Ye, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Ji, C.; Shen, J.; Yin, M., 2017:
Self-Assembly and Disassembly of Amphiphilic Zwitterionic Perylenediimide Vesicles for Cell Membrane Imaging

Zhang, L.; Jiao, T.; Ma, K.; Xing, R.; Liu, Y.; Xiao, Y.; Zhou, J.; Zhang, Q.; Peng, Q., 2017:
Self-Assembly and Drug Release Capacities of Organogels via Some Amide Compounds with Aromatic Substituent Headgroups

Song, Y.; Wang, Y.; Jin, Q.; Zhou, K.; Shi, Z.; Liu, P-Nian.; Ma, Y-Qiang., 2017:
Self-Assembly and Local Manipulation of Au-Pyridyl Coordination Networks on Metal Surfaces

Sarkar, A.; Suresh, K.A., 2017:
Self-assembly and molecular packing in cholesteryl esters at interfaces

Jiao, T-Feng.; Gao, F-Qing.; Shen, X-Hai.; Zhang, Q-Rui.; Zhang, X-Fu.; Zhou, J-Xin.; Gao, F-Ming., 2013:
Self-Assembly and Nanostructures in Organogels Based on a Bolaform Cholesteryl Imide Compound with Conjugated Aromatic Spacer

Smirnov, E.; Peljo, P.; Girault, H.H., 2017:
Self-assembly and redox induced phase transfer of gold nanoparticles at a water-propylene carbonate interface

Zablotsky, D.; Blums, E.; Herrmann, H.J., 2017:
Self-assembly and rheology of dipolar colloids in simple shear studied using multi-particle collision dynamics

Choueiri, R.M.; Klinkova, A.; Pearce, S.; Manners, I.; Kumacheva, E., 2017 :
Self-Assembly and Surface Patterning of Polyferrocenylsilane-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles

Kobayashi, Y.; Arai, N., 2017:
Self-Assembly and Viscosity Behavior of Janus Nanoparticles in Nanotube Flow

Gabarayeva, N.I.; Grigorjeva, V.V., 2017:
Self-assembly as the underlying mechanism for exine development in Larix decidua D. C

Gao, W.; Zhao, Y.; Yin, H.; Li, H., 2017:
Self-assembly based plasmonic nanoparticle array coupling with hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets

Al Nakeeb, N.; Willersinn, J.; Schmidt, B.V.K.J., 2017:
Self-Assembly Behavior and Biocompatible Cross-Linking of Double Hydrophilic Linear-Brush Block Copolymers

Araki, T.; Murayama, S.; Usui, K.; Shimada, T.; Aoki, I.; Karasawa, S., 2017:
Self-Assembly Behavior of Emissive Urea Benzene Derivatives Enables Heat-Induced Accumulation in Tumor Tissue

Lai, W-Chi.; Huang, P-Hsun., 2017:
Self-assembly behaviors of dibenzylidene sorbitol hybrid organogels with inorganic silica

O'Toole, P.; Munaò, G.; Giacometti, A.; Hudson, T.S., 2017:
Self-assembly behaviour of hetero-nuclear Janus dumbbells

Komáromy, Dávid.; Stuart, M.C.A.; Monreal Santiago, G.; Tezcan, M.; Krasnikov, V.V.; Otto, S., 2017:
Self-Assembly Can Direct Dynamic Covalent Bond Formation toward Diversity or Specificity

Vivek, B.; Prasad, E., 2017:
Self-Assembly-Directed Aerogel and Membrane Formation from a Magnetic Composite: An Approach to Developing Multifunctional Materials

Liao, J-Fong.; Lee, J-Ching.; Lin, C-Kuang.; Wei, K-Chen.; Chen, P-Yuan.; Yang, H-Wei., 2017:
Self-Assembly DNA Polyplex Vaccine inside Dissolving Microneedles for High-Potency Intradermal Vaccination

Liu, Y.; Yao, D.; Zhang, H., 2017:
Self-Assembly Driven Aggregation-Induced Emission of Copper Nanoclusters: A Novel Technology for Lighting

Chen, S.; Fan, J-Xuan.; Qiu, W-Xiu.; Liu, L-Han.; Cheng, H.; Liu, F.; Yan, G-Ping.; Zhang, X-Zheng., 2017:
Self-Assembly Drug Delivery System Based on Programmable Dendritic Peptide Applied in Multidrug Resistance Tumor Therapy

Zhou, C.; Zhang, X-Tao.; Zheng, K.; Chen, P-Ping.; Lu, W.; Zou, J., 2017:
Self-Assembly Growth of In-Rich InGaAs Core-Shell Structured Nanowires with Remarkable Near-Infrared Photoresponsivity

Rajbhandary, A.; Raymond, D.M.; Nilsson, B.L., 2017:
Self-Assembly, Hydrogelation, and Nanotube Formation by Cation-Modified Phenylalanine Derivatives

Shu, C.; Sabi-Mouka, E.M.B.; Wang, X.; Ding, L., 2017:
Self-assembly hydrogels as multifunctional drug delivery of paclitaxel for synergistic tumour-targeting and biocompatibility in vitro and in vivo

Prestipino, S.; Munaò, G.; Costa, D.; Caccamo, C., 2017:
Self-assembly in a model colloidal mixture of dimers and spherical particles

Singh, S.; Bhadoria, A.; Parikh, K.; Yadav, S.Kumar.; Kumar, S.; Aswal, V.K.; Kumar, S., 2017:
Self-Assembly in Aqueous Oppositely Charged Gemini Surfactants: A Correlation between Morphology and Solubilization Efficacy

Fernandes, F.M.; Coradin, T.; Aimé, C., 2014:
Self-Assembly in Biosilicification and Biotemplated Silica Materials

Lazutin, A.A.; Vasilevskaya, V.V.; Khokhlov, A.R., 2017:
Self-assembly in densely grafted macromolecules with amphiphilic monomer units: diagram of states

Zhou, X-Rui.; Cao, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Tian, X-Bo.; Dong, H.; Chen, L.; Luo, S-Zhong., 2017:
Self-assembly nanostructure controlled sustained release, activity and stability of peptide drugs

Benson, S.P.; Pleiss, Jürgen., 2017:
Self-Assembly Nanostructures of Triglyceride-Water Interfaces Determine Functional Conformations of Candida antarctica Lipase B

Cai, X.; Yuan, T.; Liu, X.; Tu, G., 2017:
Self-Assembly of 1-Pyrenemethanol on ZnO Surface toward Combined Cathode Buffer Layers for Inverted Polymer Solar Cells

Hernandez, C.; Birktoft, J.J.; Ohayon, Y.P.; Chandrasekaran, A.Richard.; Abdallah, H.; Sha, R.; Stojanoff, V.; Mao, C.; Seeman, N.C., 2017:
Self-Assembly of 3D DNA Crystals Containing a Torsionally Stressed Component

Lübtow, M.; Helmers, I.; Stepanenko, V.; Albuquerque, R.Q.; Marder, T.B.; Fernández, G., 2017:
Self-Assembly of 9,10-Bis(phenylethynyl) Anthracene (BPEA) Derivatives: Influence of - and Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions on Aggregate Morphology and Self-Assembly Mechanism

Zhang, M.; Fives, C.; Waldron, K.C.; Zhu, X.X., 2017:
Self-Assembly of a Bile Acid Dimer in Aqueous Solutions: From Nanofibers to Nematic Hydrogels

Yan, L.; Kuang, G.; Zhang, Q.; Shang, X.; Liu, P.Nian.; Lin, N., 2017:
Self-assembly of a binodal metal-organic framework exhibiting a demi-regular lattice

Dueramae, I.; Yoneyama, M.; Shinyashiki, N.; Yagihara, S.; Kita, R., 2017:
Self-assembly of acetylated dextran with various acetylation degrees in aqueous solutions: Studied by light scattering

Yu, X.; Zhang, Z.; Yu, J.; Chen, H.; Li, X., 2017:
Self-assembly of a ibuprofen-peptide conjugate to suppress ocular inflammation

Li, K.; Chen, R.; Li, S-Li.; Han, M.; Xie, S-Lei.; Bao, J-Chun.; Dai, Z-Hui.; Lan, Y-Qian., 2015:
Self-assembly of a mesoporous ZnS/mediating interface/CdS heterostructure with enhanced visible-light hydrogen-production activity and excellent stability

Putaux, J-Luc.; Lancelon-Pin, C.; Legrand, Fçois-Xavier.; Pastrello, M.; Choisnard, L.; Gèze, A.; Rochas, C.; Wouessidjewe, D., 2017:
Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Biotransesterified β-Cyclodextrins: Supramolecular Structure of Nanoparticles and Surface Properties

Sahoo, J.Kishore.; Nazareth, C.; VandenBerg, M.A.; Webber, M.J., 2017:
Self-assembly of amphiphilic tripeptides with sequence-dependent nanostructure

Bucci, R.; Das, P.; Iannuzzi, F.; Feligioni, M.; Gandolfi, R.; Gelmi, M.Luisa.; Reches, M.; Pellegrino, S., 2017:
Self-assembly of an amphipathic ααβ-tripeptide into cationic spherical particles for intracellular delivery

Liang, X.; Gao, C.; Cui, L.; Wang, S.; Wang, J.; Dai, Z., 2017:
Self-Assembly of an Amphiphilic Janus Camptothecin-Floxuridine Conjugate into Liposome-Like Nanocapsules for More Efficacious Combination Chemotherapy in Cancer

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Self-assembly of a nanotube from a black phosphorus nanoribbon on a string of fullerenes at low temperature

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Self-assembly of an electronically conductive network through microporous scaffolds

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Self-assembly of aromatic α-amino acids into amyloid inspired nano/micro scaled architects

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Self-Assembly of a Strong Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Core-Based Aspartate Derivative Dendrimer Supramolecular Gelator in Different Polarity Solvents

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Self-assembly of Au@Ag core-shell nanocuboids into staircase superstructures by droplet evaporation

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Self-assembly of bacitracin-gold nanoparticles and their toxicity analysis

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Self-assembly of bioactive peptides, peptide conjugates, and peptide mimetic materials

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Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Chains To Promote the Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanocomposites

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Self-assembly of block copolymers into sieve-like particles with arrayed switchable channels and as scaffolds to guide the arrangement of gold nanoparticles

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Self-Assembly of Calix[4]arene-Based Amphiphiles Bearing Polyethylene Glycols: Another Example of "Platonic Micelles"

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Self-Assembly of Cellulose Oligomers into Nanoribbon Network Structures Based on Kinetic Control of Enzymatic Oligomerization

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Self-assembly of chiral fluorescent nanoparticles based on water-soluble L-tryptophan derivatives of ip-tert- butylthiacalix[4]arene

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Self-Assembly of Chiral Gold Clusters into Crystalline Nanocubes of Exceptional Optical Activity

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Self-Assembly of Colloidal Molecules due to Self-Generated Flow

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Self-assembly of colloidal molecules that respond to light and a magnetic field

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Self-Assembly of Complex Multimetal Nanostructures from Perforated Lamellar Block Copolymer Thin Films

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Self-Assembly of Conjugated Metallopolymers with Tunable Length and Controlled Regiochemistry

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Self-assembly of core-shell structures driven by low doping limit of Ti in LiCoO 2 : first-principles thermodynamic and experimental investigation

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Self-assembly of cubic colloidal particles at fluid-fluid interfaces by hexapolar capillary interactions

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Self-assembly of cucurbit[7]uril based triangular [4]molecular necklaces and their fluorescence properties

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Self-Assembly of Cyclohelicate [M 3 L 3 ] Triangles Over [M 4 L 4 ] Squares, Despite Near-Linear Bis-terdentate L and Octahedral M

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Self-assembly of defect-rich graphene oxide nanosheets with Na 2 Ti 3 O 7 nanowires and their superior absorptive capacity to toxic dyes

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Self-Assembly of Di-N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Gold-Adorned Corannulenes on C 60

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Self-assembly of dinuclear Pd(ii)/Pt(ii) metallacyclic receptors incorporating N-heterocyclic carbene complexes as corners

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Self-assembly of diphenylalanine with preclick components as capping groups

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Self-Assembly of Discrete Ru II 8 Molecular Cages and Their in Vitro Anticancer Activity

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Self-assembly of DNA-porphyrin hybrid molecules for the creation of antimicrobial nanonetwork

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Self-assembly of electronically abrupt borophene/organic lateral heterostructures

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Self-Assembly of Escin Molecules at the Air-Water Interface as Studied by Molecular Dynamics

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Self-assembly of exfoliated molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2 ) nanosheets and layered double hydroxide (LDH): Towards reducing fire hazards of epoxy

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Self-Assembly of Extended Head-to-Tail Triangular Pt 3 Macrocycles into Nanotubes

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Self-Assembly of Fluorinated Sugar Amino Acid Derived a,-Cyclic Peptides into Transmembrane Anion Transport

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Self-assembly of F 16 ZnPc thin films and F 16 ZnPc-ZnPc heterostructures on deactivated Si surfaces studied by scanning tunneling microscopy

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Self-assembly of Gd 3+ /SDS/HEPES complex and curcumin entrapment for enhanced stability, fluorescence image in cellular system

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Self-assembly of genetically encoded DNA-protein hybrid nanoscale shapes

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Self-Assembly of Giant Spherical Liquid-Crystalline Complexes and Formation of Nanostructured Dynamic Gels that Exhibit Self-Healing Properties

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Self-assembly of glucose oxidase on reduced graphene oxide-magnetic nanoparticles nanocomposite-based direct electrochemistry for reagentless glucose biosensor

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Self-assembly of glutamic acid linked paclitaxel dimers into nanoparticles for chemotherapy

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Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles Shows Microenvironment-Mediated Dynamic Switching and Enhanced Brain Tumor Targeting

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Self-assembly of gradient copolymers synthesized in semi-batch mode by nitroxide mediated polymerization

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Self-assembly of green tea catechin derivatives in nanoparticles for oral lycopene delivery

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Self-Assembly of G-Rich Oligonucleotides Incorporating a 3'-3' Inversion of Polarity Site: A New Route Towards G-Wire DNA Nanostructures

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Self-Assembly of Heterogeneously Shaped Nanoparticles into Plasmonic Metamolecules on DNA Origami

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Self-Assembly of Hierarchical DNA Nanotube Architectures with Well-Defined Geometries

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Self-Assembly of Hierarchical Ni-Mo-Polydopamine Microflowers and their Conversion to a Ni-Mo 2 C/C Composite for Water Splitting

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Self-Assembly of Human Profilin-1 Detected by Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (CPMG NMR) Spectroscopy

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Self-Assembly of Human Serum Albumin: A Simplex Phenomenon

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Self-assembly of hydrophobic gold nanoparticles and adhesion property of their assembled monolayer films

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Self-Assembly of InAs Nanostructures on the Sidewalls of GaAs Nanowires Directed by a Bi Surfactant

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Self-assembly of inverse patchy colloids with tunable patch coverage

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Self-Assembly of Iodine in Superfluid Helium Droplets: Halogen Bonds and Nanocrystals

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Self-Assembly of Islands on Spherical Substrates by Surface Instability

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Self-assembly of Janus disks induced by small molecules in two-dimensional systems

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Self-Assembly of Large Gold Nanoparticles for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

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Self-Assembly of Lecithin and Bile Salt in the Presence of Inorganic Salt in Water: Mesoscale Computer Simulation

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Self-Assembly of Long-Chain Betaine Surfactants: Effect of Tailgroup Structure on Wormlike Micelle Formation

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Self-Assembly of Luminescent Lanthanide Mesocates as Efficient Catalysts for Transforming Carbon Dioxide into Cyclic Carbonates

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Self-Assembly of Magnesium Hydride Clusters Driven by Chameleon-Type Ligands

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Self-assembly of magnesium-seamed hexameric pyrogallol[4]arene nanocapsules

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Self-assembly of maltoheptaose-b-PMMA block copolymer systems: 10nm Resolution in thin film and bulk states

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Self-assembly of melem on Au(111) and Ag(111): the origin of two different hydrogen bonding configurations

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Self-Assembly of Mesophases from Nanoparticles

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Self-assembly of mesoporous Bi-S-TiO 2 composites for degradation of industrial dinitrotoluene solution under UV light

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Self-Assembly of Mesoscale Artificial Clathrin Mimics

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Self-Assembly of Mesoscopic Peptide Surfactant Fibrils Investigated by STORM Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy

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Self-assembly of metal-ion-responsive supramolecular coordination complexes and their photophysical properties

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Self-assembly of metal/semiconductor heterostructures via ligand engineering: unravelling the synergistic dual roles of metal nanocrystals toward plasmonic photoredox catalysis

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Self-assembly of model proteins into virus capsids

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Self-assembly of molecular ions via like-charge ion interactions and through-space defined organic domains

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Self-Assembly of Monodisperse Carbon Dots into High-Brightness Nanoaggregates for Cellular Uptake Imaging and Iron(III) Sensing

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Self-assembly of MoO 3 needles in gas current for cubic formation pathway

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Self-assembly of M 7 L 2 metal-organic nanocapsules using mixed macrocycles

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Self-assembly of multi-hierarchically structured spongy mesoporous silica particles and mechanism of their formation

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Self-assembly of multi-stranded RNA motifs into lattices and tubular structures

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Self-assembly of nanoscale particles with biosurfactants and membrane scaffold proteins

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Self-assembly of nitrogen-doped carbon dots anchored on bacterial cellulose and their application in iron ion detection

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Self-Assembly of Novel Thiophene-Based BODIPY Ru II Rectangles: Potential Antiproliferative Agents Selective Against Cancer Cells

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Self-assembly of nucleopeptides to interact with DNAs

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Self-Assembly of Organic Ferroelectrics by Evaporative Dewetting: A Case of β-Glycine

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Self-Assembly of Patchy Particles

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Self-assembly of peptide amphiphiles for drug delivery: the role of peptide primary and secondary structures

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Self-assembly of peptide boroxoles on cis-dihydroxylated oligoamide templates in water

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Self-Assembly of Peptide-Polyoxometalate Hybrid Sub-Micrometer Spheres for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue

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Self-Assembly of Perylenediimide-Single-Strand-DNA Conjugates: Employing Hydrophobic Interactions and DNA Base-Pairing To Create a Diverse Structural Space

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Self-assembly of polymer-linked nanoparticles and scaling behavior in the assembled phase

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Self-assembly of poly(lauryl methacrylate)-b-poly(benzyl methacrylate) nano-objects synthesised by ATRP and their temperature-responsive dispersion properties

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Self-assembly of porphyrin-DNA hybrids into large flat nanostructures

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Self-Assembly of Recombinant Silk as a Strategy for Chemical-Free Formation of Bioactive Coatings: A Real-Time Study

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Self-assembly of red-blood-cell-like (NH 4 )[Fe 2 (OH)(PO 4 ) 2 ]2H 2 O architectures from 2D nanoplates by sonochemical method

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Self-assembly of Renewable Nano-sized Triterpenoids

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Self-assembly of repeat proteins: Concepts and design of new interfaces

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Self-assembly of silicon nanowires studied by advanced transmission electron microscopy

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Self-assembly of silver(i)-based high-energy metal-organic frameworks (HE-MOFs) at ambient temperature and pressure: synthesis, structure and superior explosive performance

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Self-assembly of silver nanoparticles as high active surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate for rapid and trace analysis of uranyl(VI) ions

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Self-Assembly of Silver Nanowire Ring Structures Driven by the Compressive Force of a Liquid Droplet

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Self-assembly of single amino acid/pyrene conjugates with unique structure-morphology relationship

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Self-Assembly of Spinel Nanocrystals into Mesoporous Spheres as Bifunctionally Active Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Electrocatalysts

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Self-assembly of stable luminescent lanthanide supramolecular M 4 L 6 cages with sensing properties toward nitroaromatics

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Self-assembly of (WO 3 ) 3 clusters on a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite surface and nanowire formation: a combined experimental and theoretical study

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Self-assembly of t-butyloxycarbonyl protected dipeptide methyl esters composed of leucine, isoleucine, and valine into highly organized structures from alcohol and aqueous alcohol mixtures

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Self-Assembly of Tetrameric and Hexameric Terpyridine-Based Macrocycles Using Cd(II), Zn(II), and Fe(II)

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Self-assembly of tetrareduced corannulene with mixed Li-Rb clusters: dynamic transformations, unique structures and record 7 Li NMR shifts

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Self-Assembly of the Lateral In 2 Se 3 /CuInSe 2 Heterojunction for Enhanced Photodetection

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Self-assembly of the polymer brush-grafted silica colloidal array for recognition of proteins

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Self-Assembly of Thermoresponsive Recombinant Silk-Elastinlike Nanogels

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Self-Assembly of Thermoreversible Hydrogels via Molecular Recognition toward a Spatially Organized Coculture System

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Self-Assembly of Tunable Heterometallic Ln-Ru Coordination Polymers with Near-Infrared Luminescence and Magnetocaloric Effect

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Self-assembly of two hydrophobins from marine fungi affected by interaction with surfaces

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Self-Assembly of Ultralong Aligned Dipeptide Single Crystals

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Self-assembly of ultra-small micelles from amphiphilic lipopeptoids

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Self-assembly of zinc hydroxystannate on amorphous hydrous TiO 2 solid sphere for enhancing fire safety of epoxy resin

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Self-assembly, optical, thermal and electrochemical properties of bis-N-benzyl perylene diimide dye

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Self-Assembly Pathways of β-Sheet-Rich Amyloid-β(1-40) Dimers: Markov State Model Analysis on Millisecond Hybrid-Resolution Simulations

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Self-Assembly PEGylation Retaining Activity (SPRA) Technology via a Host-Guest Interaction Surpassing Conventional PEGylation Methods of Proteins

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Self-assembly, phase behaviour and structural behaviour as observed by scattering for classical and non-classical microemulsions

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Self-assembly polymerization enhances the immunogenicity of influenza M2e peptide

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Self-assembly, self-sorting, and electronic properties of a diketopyrrolopyrrole hydrogelator

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Self-assembly synthesis of a unique stable cocoon-like hematite @C nanoparticle and its application in lithium ion batteries

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Self-Assembly Through Non-Covalent Pre-Organization of Reactants: Explaining the Formation of a Polyfluoroxometalate

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Self-Assembly with 2,6-Bis(1-(pyridin-4-ylmethyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine: Silver(I) and Iron(II) Complexes

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Self-assembly with colloidal clusters: facile crystal design using connectivity landscape analysis

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Self-Assessed Hearing Handicap in Older Adults With Poorer-Than-Predicted Speech Recognition in Noise

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Self-Assessed Kyphosis and Chewing Disorders Predict Disability and Mortality in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

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Self-assessed remission rates after electroconvulsive therapy of depressive disorders

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Self assessment

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