Section 61
Chapter 60,248

Should disease management be feared? (1) : hospital care

Gaspoz, J.M.; Rutschmann, O.

Revue Medicale Suisse 1(42): 2712-2714; 2716


ISSN/ISBN: 1660-9379
PMID: 16366445
Accession: 060247208

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The goals of disease management are: (1) an integrated health care delivery system; (2) knowledge-based care; (3) elaborate information systems; (4) continuous quality improvement. In-hospital disease management and, more specifically, critical pathways, establish standardized care plans, set goals and time actions to reach these goals. They can reduce variations in practice patterns and resource utilization without compromising quality of care. Such strategies participate to quality improvement programs in hospitals when they involve and empower all actors of a given process of care, are not imposed from outside, and use sound and rigorous development and evaluation methods.

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