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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60260

Chapter 60260 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Miao, Y.; Zhou, C.; Cui, Z.; Dai, X.; Zhang, M.; Lu, Y.; Xiong, B., 2017:
Smc1β is required for activation of SAC during mouse oocyte meiosis

Li, S.; Yue, Z.; Tanaka, T.U., 2017:
Smc3 Deacetylation by Hos1 Facilitates Efficient Dissolution of Sister Chromatid Cohesion during Early Anaphase

Hwang, G.; Sun, F.; O'Brien, M.; Eppig, J.J.; Handel, M.Ann.; Jordan, P.W., 2017:
SMC5/6 is required for the formation of segregation-competent bivalent chromosomes during meiosis I in mouse oocytes

Kakui, Y.; Uhlmann, F., 2017:
SMC complexes orchestrate the mitotic chromatin interaction landscape

Mason, A.G.; Slieker, R.C.; Balog, J.; Lemmers, R.J.L.F.; Wong, C-Jen.; Yao, Z.; Lim, J-Won.; Filippova, G.N.; Ne, E.; Tawil, R.; Heijmans, B.T.; Tapscott, S.J.; van der Maarel, Sère.M., 2017:
SMCHD1 regulates a limited set of gene clusters on autosomal chromosomes

Tatavosian, R.; Ren, X., 2017:
Sm-ChIPi: Single-Molecule Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Imaging

Tran, N.T.; Laub, M.T.; Le, T.B.K., 2017:
SMC Progressively Aligns Chromosomal Arms in Caulobacter crescentus but Is Antagonized by Convergent Transcription

Bieganski, T.; Beighton, P.; Lukaszewski, M.; Bik, K.; Kuszel, L.; Wasilewska, E.; Kozlowski, K.; Czarny-Ratajczak, M., 2017:
SMD Kozlowski type caused by p.Arg594His substitution in TRPV4 reveals abnormal ossification and notochordal remnants in discs and vertebrae

Saffari, M.; Jolandimi, H.Alizadeh.; Sehat, M.; Nejad, N.Vali.; Hedayati, M.; Zamani, M.; Ghasemi, A., 2017:
Smear grading and the Mantoux skin test can be used to predict sputum smear conversion in patients suffering from tuberculosis

Poletto, D.; Poletto, A.Claudia.; Cavalaro, A.; Machado, R.; Cosme-Silva, L.; Garbelini, Cássia.Cilene.Dezan.; Hoeppner, Márcio.Grama., 2017:
Smear layer removal by different chemical solutions used with or without ultrasonic activation after post preparation

Derseh, D.; Moges, F.; Tessema, B., 2017:
Smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis and associated risk factors among tuberculosis suspects attending spiritual holy water sites in Northwest Ethiopia

Wood, M., 2017:
Smear test slump risks lives

Milchev, A.; Binder, K., 2017:
Smectic C and Nematic Phases in Strongly Adsorbed Layers of Semiflexible Polymers

Trittel, T.; Harth, K.; Stannarius, R., 2017:
Smectic C to smectic A transition induced mechanically by the rupture of freely suspended liquid crystal films

Ma, L-Ling.; Tang, M-Jie.; Hu, W.; Cui, Z-Qun.; Ge, S-Jun.; Chen, P.; Chen, L-Jian.; Qian, H.; Chi, L-Feng.; Lu, Y-Qing., 2017:
Smectic Layer Origami via Preprogrammed Photoalignment

Allahyarov, E.; Voigt, A.; Löwen, H., 2017:
Smectic monolayer confined on a sphere: topology at the particle scale

Bartsch, H.; Bier, M.; Dietrich, S., 2017:
Smectic phases in ionic liquid crystals

Moon, B-San.; Yun, H-Mun.; Chang, W-Hsuan.; Steele, B.H.; Cai, M.; Choi, S.Ho.; Lu, W., 2017:
Smek promotes corticogenesis through regulating Mbd3's stability and Mbd3/NuRD complex recruitment to genes associated with neurogenesis

Anonymous, 1987:
Smell and taste disorders

Huang, Z.; Huang, S.; Cong, H.; Li, Z.; Li, J.; Keller, K.L.; Shearer, G.C.; Kris-Etherton, P.M.; Wu, S.; Gao, X., 2017:
Smell and Taste Dysfunction Is Associated with Higher Serum Total Cholesterol Concentrations in Chinese Adults

Riva, G.; Sensini, M.; Corvino, A.; Pecorari, G.; Garzaro, M., 2017:
Smell and Taste Impairment After Total Laryngectomy

Bloomfield, F.H.; Alexander, T.; Muelbert, M.; Beker, F., 2017:
Smell and taste in the preterm infant

Gaby, J.M.; Zayas, V., 2017:
Smelling is Telling: Human Olfactory Cues Influence Social Judgments in Semi-Realistic Interactions

Guerrini, L.; Garcia-Rico, E.; Pazos-Perez, N.; Alvarez-Puebla, R.A., 2017:
Smelling, Seeing, Tasting-Old Senses for New Sensing

Horowitz, A., 2017:
Smelling themselves: Dogs investigate their own odours longer when modified in an "olfactory mirror" test

Gorman, R., 2017:
Smelling therapeutic landscapes: Embodied encounters within spaces of care farming

Rinaldi, L.; Maggioni, E.; Olivero, N.; Maravita, A.; Girelli, L., 2017 :
Smelling the Space Around Us: Odor Pleasantness Shifts Visuospatial Attention in Humans

Ekström, I.; Sjölund, S.; Nordin, S.; Nordin Adolfsson, A.; Adolfsson, R.; Nilsson, L-Göran.; Larsson, M.; Olofsson, J.K., 2017:
Smell Loss Predicts Mortality Risk Regardless of Dementia Conversion

Fischer, S.; Oberhummer, E.; Cunha-Saraiva, F.; Gerber, N.; Taborsky, B., 2017:
Smell or vision? The use of different sensory modalities in predator discrimination

Hsieh, J.W.; Keller, A.; Wong, M.; Jiang, R-San.; Vosshall, L.B., 2017:
SMELL-S and SMELL-R: Olfactory tests not influenced by odor-specific insensitivity or prior olfactory experience

Gliksberg, M.; Levkowitz, G., 2017:
Smells Familiar: Pheromone-Induced Neurotransmitter Switching Mediates Social Discrimination

Patterson, D.S.; Turner, P.; Smart, J.V., 1966:
Smell threshold in diabetes mellitus

Fujii, S.; Tsubaki, S.; Inazu, N.; Suzuki, E.; Wada, Y., 2017:
Smelting of Scandium by Microwave Irradiation

Park, S.; Hwang, I.Hyun.; Kim, J.; Chung, Y-Hwa.; Song, G-Young.; Na, M.; Oh, S., 2017:
Smenospongidine suppresses the proliferation of multiple myeloma cells by promoting CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein homologous protein-mediated β-catenin degradation

Drummond, M.L.; Atwood, S.X., 2017:
sm"FISH"ing for Hedgehog

Anonymous, 2016:
SMFM 2016 Archive: Hypertension-Part 3 (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2016:
SMFM 2016 Archive: Hypertension-Part 4 (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2016:
SMFM 2016 Archive: Hypertension-Part 5 (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2016:
SMFM 2016 Archive: Hypertension-Part 6 (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2017:
SMFM 2017: Meeting highlights-Friday (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2017:
SMFM 2017: Meeting highlights-Saturday (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2017:
SMFM 2017: Meeting highlights-Thursday (Podcast)

Anonymous, 2017:
SMFM 2017 Pregnancy Meeting: Looking Ahead to the Scientific Program (Podcast)

Malkusch, N.; Dörfler, T.; Nagy, J.; Eilert, T.; Michaelis, J., 2017:
smFRET experiments of the RNA polymerase II transcription initiation complex

Resseguie, E.A.; Brookes, P.S.; O'Reilly, M.A., 2017:
SMG-1 kinase attenuates mitochondrial ROS production but not cell respiration deficits during hyperoxia

Li, Y.; Deng, S.; Ζhao, Y.; Liu, L.; Zhao, R., 2017:
Smilax glabra Rhizoma affects the pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of methotrexate by increasing the P‑glycoprotein mRNA expression in rats after oral administration

Kravitz, N.D., 2017:
Smile Analysis and Design in the Digital Era

Garcia-Gonzalez, M.; Teus, M.A., 2017:
SMILE as Re-treatment for a Thick LASIK Flap

Schmidt, J.; Martin, A., 2017:
"Smile away your cravings" - Facial feedback modulates cue-induced food cravings

Akyalcin, S.; Misner, K.; English, J.D.; Alexander, W.G.; Alexander, J.Moody.; Gallerano, R., 2017:
Smile esthetics: Evaluation of long-term changes in the transverse dimension

Foirest, C.; Granger, B.; Gatignol, P.; Bernat, I.; Nguyen, Y.; Lamas, G.; Tankere, F., 2016:
Smile Reanimation after Unilateral Facial Palsy by Lengthening Temporalis Myoplasty: Objective and Subjective Evaluation on 25 Cases

Tong, J.Y.; Cherepanoff, S.; Males, J.J., 2017:
SMILE Rescue: Delayed Lenticule Removal in a Patient With High Myopia

Meyer, B.; Kunert, K.S., 2017:
SMILE: Re-Treatment Options - Techniques and Results

Martin, J.; Rychlowska, M.; Wood, A.; Niedenthal, P., 2017:
Smiles as Multipurpose Social Signals

Hayward, D.A.; Pereira, E.J.; Otto, A.Ross.; Ristic, J., 2017:
Smile! Social Reward Drives Attention

Hoeppner, B.B.; Hoeppner, S.S.; Kelly, L.; Schick, M.; Kelly, J.F., 2017:
Smiling Instead of Smoking: Development of a Positive Psychology Smoking Cessation Smartphone App for Non-daily Smokers

Roy, S.; Axup, J.Y.; Forsyth, J.S.; Goswami, R.K.; Hutchins, B.M.; Bajuri, K.M.; Kazane, S.A.; Smider, V.V.; Felding, B.H.; Sinha, S.C., 2017:
SMI-Ribosome inactivating protein conjugates selectively inhibit tumor cell growth

Mao, H.; You, B-Xin.; Zhou, L-Jin.; Xie, T-Ting.; Wen, Y-Hang.; Lv, X.; Wang, X-Xia., 2017:
SmI 2 -mediated reductive cyclization of β-arylthio ketones: a facile and diastereoselective synthesis of thiochroman derivatives

Kolmar, S.S.; Mayer, J.M., 2017:
SmI 2 (H 2 O) n Reduction of Electron Rich Enamines by Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer

Manville, Rían.W.; Neverisky, D.L.; Abbott, G.W., 2017:
SMIT1 Modifies KCNQ Channel Function and Pharmacology by Physical Interaction with the Pore

Wijetunga, N.Ari.; Johnston, A.D.; Maekawa, R.; Delahaye, F.; Ulahannan, N.; Kim, K.; Greally, J.M., 2017:
SMITE: an R/Bioconductor package that identifies network modules by integrating genomic and epigenomic information

Haghiri, N.; Menget, A.; Laitier, V.; Fromentin, C.; Nocton, F.; Kalach, N., 1999:
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

Lazarin, G.A.; Haque, I.S.; Evans, E.A.; Goldberg, J.D., 2017:
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome carrier frequency and estimates of in utero mortality rates

Teraoka, M.; Narahara, K., 1996:
Smith-Magenis syndrome

Crumley, F.E., 1998:
Smith-Magenis syndrome

Perkins, T.; Rosenberg, J.M.; Le Coz, C.; Alaimo, J.T.; Trofa, M.; Mullegama, S.V.; Antaya, R.J.; Jyonouchi, S.; Elsea, S.H.; Utz, P.J.; Meffre, E.; Romberg, N., 2017:
Smith-Magenis Syndrome Patients Often Display Antibody Deficiency but Not Other Immune Pathologies

Abulizi, Y.; Liang, W-Dong.; Maimaiti, M.; Sheng, W-Bin., 2017:
Smith-Petersen osteotomy combined with anterior debridement and allografting for active thoracic and lumbar spinal tuberculosis with kyphotic deformity in young children: A prospective study and literature review

Sergeeva, D.Y.; Potylitsyn, A.P.; Tishchenko, A.A.; Strikhanov, M.N., 2017:
Smith-Purcell radiation from periodic beams

Anonymous, 1979:
Smith Receives NASW Prize

Pozzi, A.; Plazzi, F.; Milani, L.; Ghiselli, F.; Passamonti, M., 2017:
SmithRNAs: Could Mitochondria "Bend" Nuclear Regulation?

Burkhardt, B.W.; Brielmaier, M.; Schwerdtfeger, K.; Sharif, S.; Oertel, J.M., 2017:
Smith-Robinson procedure with and without Caspar plating as a treatment for cervical spondylotic myelopathy: A 26-year follow-up of 23 patients

Anonymous, 1910:
Smith's Cataract Operation

Matsuura, Y.; Rokkaku, T.; Kuniyoshi, K.; Takahashi, K.; Suzuki, T.; Kanazuka, A.; Akasaka, T.; Hirosawa, N.; Iwase, M.; Yamazaki, A.; Orita, S.; Ohtori, S., 2017:
Smith's fracture generally occurs after falling on the palm of the hand

Baird, S.F., 1881:
Smithsonian Institution

McKechnie, W.E., 1910:
Smith's Operation

Anonymous, 1910:
Smith's Operation for Cataract

Wanless, W.J., 1910:
Smith's Operation for Cataract. Two New Instruments

Birdwood, G.T., 1910:
Smith's Operation of Extraction of the Lens in Its Capsule

Tzingounis, A.V., 2017:
SMITten for KCNQ Channels

Salvo, K.; Defrise, M., 2017:
sMLACF: a generalized expectation-maximization algorithm for TOF-PET to reconstruct the activity and attenuation simultaneously

Bernhem, K.; Brismar, H., 2017:
SMLocalizer, a GPU accelerated ImageJ plugin for single molecule localization microscopy

Schmidt, S.F.M.; Merkel, M.P.; Kostakis, G.E.; Buth, G.; Anson, C.E.; Powell, A.K., 2017:
SMM behaviour and magnetocaloric effect in heterometallic 3d-4f coordination clusters with high azide : metal ratios

Kim, E.Kyung.; Choi, E-Ju., 2017:
SMN1 functions as a novel inhibitor for TRAF6-mediated NF-κB signaling

Cobben, J.M.; de Visser, M., 2002:
SMN2 deletion in childhood-onset spinal muscular atrophy

Iyer, C.; Wang, X.; Renusch, S.R.; Duque, S.I.; Wehr, A.M.; Mo, X-Molly.; McGovern, V.L.; Arnold, W.David.; Burghes, A.H.M.; Kolb, S.J., 2017:
SMN Blood Levels in a Porcine Model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Gombash, S.E.; Cowley, C.J.; Fitzgerald, J.A.; Iyer, C.C.; Fried, D.; McGovern, V.L.; Williams, K.C.; Burghes, A.H.M.; Christofi, F.L.; Gulbransen, B.D.; Foust, K.D., 2015:
SMN deficiency disrupts gastrointestinal and enteric nervous system function in mice

Arumugam, S.; Garcera, A.; Soler, R.M.; Tabares, Lía., 2017:
Smn-Deficiency Increases the Intrinsic Excitability of Motoneurons

Jangi, M.; Fleet, C.; Cullen, P.; Gupta, S.V.; Mekhoubad, S.; Chiao, E.; Allaire, N.; Bennett, C.Frank.; Rigo, F.; Krainer, A.R.; Hurt, J.A.; Carulli, J.P.; Staropoli, J.F., 2017:
SMN deficiency in severe models of spinal muscular atrophy causes widespread intron retention and DNA damage

Khairallah, M-Therese.; Astroski, J.; Custer, S.K.; Androphy, E.J.; Franklin, C.L.; Lorson, C.L., 2017:
SMN deficiency negatively impacts red pulp macrophages and spleen development in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy

Su, J-Ran.; Kuai, J-Hua.; Li, Y-Qing., 2017:
Smoc2 potentiates proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma cells ivia promotion of cell cycle progression

Thomas, J.Terrig.; Eric Dollins, D.; Andrykovich, K.R.; Chu, T.; Stultz, B.G.; Hursh, D.A.; Moos, M., 2017:
SMOC can act as both an antagonist and an expander of BMP signaling

Wong, T-Yee., 2017:
Smog induces oxidative stress and microbiota disruption

H E M, 1930:
Smoke Abatement In New York City

Hales, C.A.; Musto, S.W.; Janssens, S.; Jung, W.; Quinn, D.A.; Witten, M., 1992:
Smoke aldehyde component influences pulmonary edema

Abel, L., 1995:
Smoke and mirrors

Wunderle, K.B.; McCulley, C., 2017:
Smoke and Mirrors: Moyamoya Syndrome

Montes de Oca, M.; Zabert, G.; Moreno, D.; Laucho-Contreras, M.E.; Lopez Varela, M.Victorina.; Surmont, F., 2017:
Smoke, Biomass Exposure, and COPD Risk in the Primary Care Setting: The PUMA Study

Keith, D.R.; Gunderson, E.W.; Haney, M.; Foltin, R.W.; Hart, C.L., 2017:
Smoked marijuana attenuates performance and mood disruptions during simulated night shift work

Laurent, C., 1992:
Smoked out

Neill, B.C.; Golda, N.J., 2017:
Smoke-evacuating cautery pencils for dermatologic surgery

Díez-Izquierdo, A.; Lidón-Moyano, C.; Martín-Sánchez, J.Carlos.; Matilla-Santander, N.; Cassanello-Peñarroya, P.; Balaguer, A.; Martínez-Sánchez, J.M., 2017:
Smoke-free homes and attitudes towards banning smoking in vehicles carrying children in Spain (2016)

McRobbie, H.; Darwin, C.; Hajek, P., 2003:
Smoke free hospitals: rising to the challenge

Uang, R.; Crosbie, E.; Glantz, S.A., 2017:
Smokefree implementation in Colombia: Monitoring, outside funding, and business support

Jiang, N.; Gonzalez, M.; Ling, P.M.; Young-Wolff, K.C.; Glantz, S.A., 2017:
Smoke-Free Laws and Hazardous Drinking: A Cross-Sectional Study among U.S. Adults

Been, J.V.; Mackay, D.F.; Millett, C.; Soyiri, I.; van Schayck, C.P.; Pell, J.P.; Sheikh, A., 2017:
Smoke-free legislation and paediatric hospitalisations for acute respiratory tract infections: national quasi-experimental study with unexpected findings and important methodological implications

Rando-Matos, Y.; Pons-Vigués, M.; López, Mía.José.; Córdoba, R.; Ballve-Moreno, Jé.Luis.; Puigdomènech-Puig, E.; Benito-López, V.Estíbaliz.; Arias-Agudelo, O.Lucía.; López-Grau, Mè.; Guardia-Riera, A.; Trujillo, Jé.Manuel.; Martin-Cantera, C., 2017:
Smokefree legislation effects on respiratory and sensory disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Simón, L.; Pastor-Barriuso, R.; Boldo, E.; Fernández-Cuenca, R.; Ortiz, C.; Linares, C.; Medrano, Mía.José.; Galán, Iñaki., 2017:
Smoke-Free Legislation in Spain and Prematurity

Thomas, M.; Richmond, R., 2017:
Smoke-free mental health inpatient facility policies in Australia: variation across states and territories

Godson, R., 2007:
Smoke-free nation

Gage, S.H.; Maynard, O.M., 2017:
Smoke-free policies in psychiatric hospitals need resources

Tynan, M.A.; Reimels, E.; Tucker, J.; King, B.A., 2017:
Smoke-Free Policies in the World's 50 Busiest Airports - August 2017

McCrabb, S.; Baker, A.L.; Attia, J.; Balogh, Z.J.; Lott, N.; Naylor, J.; Harris, I.A.; Doran, C.M.; George, J.; Wolfenden, L.; Skelton, E.; Bonevski, B., 2017:
Smoke-Free Recovery from Trauma Surgery: A Pilot Trial of an Online Smoking Cessation Program for Orthopaedic Trauma Patients

Thomson, G.; Wilson, N., 2017:
Smokefree signage at children's playgrounds: Field observations and comparison with Google Street View

Thomson, G.; Wilson, N., 2017:
Smokefree signage at New Zealand racecourses and sports facilities with outdoor stands

Platter, H.N.; Pokorny, S.B., 2017:
Smoke-free signage in public parks: impacts on smoking behaviour

Clark, S.J.; Molloy, P.L., 2017:
Smoke-Induced Changes to the Epigenome Provide Fertile Ground for Oncogenic Mutation

Pierce, S.M.; Esler, K.; Cowling, R.M., 1995:
Smoke-induced germination of succulents (Mesembryanthemaceae) from fire-prone and fire-free habitats in South Africa

Gupta, R.; Gurm, H.; Bartholomew, J.R., 2004:
Smokeless tobacco and cardiovascular risk

Huque, R.; Zaman, M.Mostafa.; Huq, S.Mahfuzul.; Sinha, D.N., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco and public health in Bangladesh

Hossain, M.Shakhawat.; Kypri, K.; Rahman, B.; Milton, A.Hasnat., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco consumption and stillbirth: Population-based case-control study in rural Bangladesh

Niaz, K.; Maqbool, F.; Khan, F.; Bahadar, H.; Ismail Hassan, F.; Abdollahi, M., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco (ipaan and igutkha ) consumption, prevalence, and contribution to oral cancer

Carlsson, S.; Andersson, T.; Araghi, M.; Galanti, R.; Lager, A.; Lundberg, M.; Nilsson, P.; Norberg, M.; Pedersen, N.L.; Trolle-Lagerros, Y.; Magnusson, C., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco (snus) is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes: results from five pooled cohorts

Printz, C., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco product may increase mortality rate in patients with prostate cancer

Smyth, E.M.; Kulkarni, P.; Claye, E.; Stanfill, S.; Tyx, R.; Maddox, C.; Mongodin, E.F.; Sapkota, A.R., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco products harbor diverse bacterial microbiota that differ across products and brands

Shekhawat, K.Singh.; Chauhan, A.; Sakthidevi, S.; Goyal, P.; Bhattacharjee, S., 2017:
Smokeless Tobacco: Profiling Sachets and Pattern of Use among Low Socioeconomic Population of Puducherry

Sinha, D.N.; Kumar, A.; Bhartiya, D.; Sharma, S.; Gupta, P.C.; Singh, H.; Mehrotra, R., 2017:
Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Adolescents in Global Perspective

Linde, B.D.; Ebbert, J.O.; Schroeder, D.R.; Hanson, A.C.; Talcott, G.Wayne.; Klesges, R.C., 2016:
Smokeless tobacco use among United States Air Force trainees

Araghi, M.; Galanti, M.Rosaria.; Lundberg, M.; Liu, Z.; Ye, W.; Lager, A.; Engström, G.; Manjer, J.; Alfredsson, L.; Knutsson, A.; Norberg, M.; Palmqvist, R.; Gylling, Börn.; Wennberg, P.; Lagerros, Y.Trolle.; Bellocco, R.; Pedersen, N.L.; Östergren, P-Olof.; Magnusson, C., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco (snus) use and colorectal cancer incidence and survival: Results from nine pooled cohorts

Siddiqui, M.; Noon, M.Jawad.; Mehboob, N.; Khalid, R.; Mansoor, S.; Khan, H.Hassan., 2017:
Smokeless Tobacco Use and Ischemic Stroke: A Cross-Sectional Study

Rose, M.L.; Chadha, D.; Bhutia, T.D., 2017:
Smokeless tobacco use and perceptions of risk among students in Mumbai municipal schools

Arif, I.; Assad, S.; Sulehria, T., 2017:
Smoke on a white coat

Trimble, A.; Partridge, R., 2017:
Smoke on the water: A case report of chronic renal failure resulting from the ingestion of smoke machine fluid

Griffiths, A.; Leonars, R.; Hadley, L.; Stephenson, M.; Teale, R., 2017:
Smoke on the water-Oral fluid analysis at sea

Héliot, Aélie.; Landkocz, Y.; Roy Saint-Georges, Fçoise.; Gosset, P.; Billet, S.; Shirali, P.; Courcot, D.; Martin, P.J., 2017:
Smoker extracellular vesicles influence status of human bronchial epithelial cells

Perski, O.; Blandford, A.; Ubhi, H.Kaur.; West, R.; Michie, S., 2017:
Smokers' and drinkers' choice of smartphone applications and expectations of engagement: a think aloud and interview study

Dehghani, P.; Habib, B.; Windle, S.B.; Roy, N.; Old, W.; Grondin, Fçois.R.; Bata, I.; Iskander, A.; Lauzon, C.; Srivastava, N.; Clarke, A.; Cassavar, D.; Dion, D.; Haught, H.; Mehta, S.R.; Baril, J-François.; Lambert, C.; Madan, M.; Abramson, B.L.; Eisenberg, M.J., 2017:
Smokers and Postcessation Weight Gain After Acute Coronary Syndrome

Rousu, M.C.; O'Connor, R.; Bansal-Travers, M., 2016:
Smokers' BMI and perceived health: Does the order of questions matter?

Soffer, A., 1986:
Smokers' faces. Who are the smokers?

Zuzelo, P.Rager., 2017:
Smokers' Guilt and Shame: Reactions to Smoking and to Providers' Cessation Efforts

Gürlek, Önder.; Gümüş, Pınar.; Buduneli, N., 2017:
Smokers have a higher risk of inflammatory peri-implant disease than non-smokers

Klonizakis, M.; Crank, H.; Gumber, A.; Brose, L.S., 2017:
Smokers making a quit attempt using e-cigarettes with or without nicotine or prescription nicotine replacement therapy: Impact on cardiovascular function (ISME-NRT) - a study protocol

Changela, K.; Reddy, M., 2017:
Smoker's melanosis: Isolated pigmented lesion in the laryngopharynx and esophagus

Balmford, J.; Borland, R., 2017:
Smokers' perceptions of sources of advice about quitting: findings from the Australian arm of the ITC 4-country survey

Raatz, S.K.; Jahns, L.; Johnson, L.K.; Scheett, A.; Carriquiry, A.; Lemieux, A.; Nakajima, M.; al'Absi, M., 2017:
Smokers report lower intake of key nutrients than nonsmokers, yet both fall short of meeting recommended intakes

Waldbott, G.L., 1953:
Smoker's respiratory syndrome, a clinical entity

Anonymous, 2017:
Smokers under 50 have eightfold increased risk of heart attack

Pfeffer, D.; Wigginton, B.; Gartner, C.; Morphett, K., 2017:
Smokers' understandings of addiction to nicotine and tobacco: A systematic review and interpretive synthesis of quantitative and qualitative research

Wakkee, M., 2017:
Smokers versus Smoking: Is There Detection Bias for Keratinocyte Carcinomas?

Borrelli, B.; Endrighi, R.; Hammond, S.Katharine.; Dunsiger, S., 2017:
Smokers who are unmotivated to quit and have a child with asthma are more likely to quit with intensive motivational interviewing and repeated biomarker feedback

Clawson, A.H.; McQuaid, E.L.; Borrelli, B., 2017:
Smokers who have children with asthma: Perceptions about child secondhand smoke exposure and tobacco use initiation and parental willingness to participate in child-focused tobacco interventions

Lauseker, M.; Hasford, J.; Saussele, S.; Kremers, S.; Kraemer, D.; Lindemann, W.; Hehlmann, Rüdiger.; Pfirrmann, M., 2017:
Smokers with chronic myeloid leukemia are at a higher risk of disease progression and premature death

Briggs, F.Bs.; Gunzler, D.D.; Ontaneda, D.; Marrie, R.Ann., 2017:
Smokers with MS have greater decrements in quality of life and disability than non-smokers

Allen, H.B.; Johnson, B.L.; Diamond, S.M., 1973:
Smoker's wrinkles?

Anonymous, 1967:
Smoke screen

Curran, L.; Eckhardt, J., 2017:
Smoke screen? The globalization of production, transnational lobbying and the international political economy of plain tobacco packaging

Giovenco, D.P., 2017:
Smoke shop misclassification may cloud studies on vape shop density

Cassidy, J., 1994:
Smoke signals

Pack, S., 2006:
Smoke without fire

Buratti, L., 1977:

Rocha, Vânia.; Guerra, M.P.; Lemos, M.S.; Maciel, Júlia.; Williams, G.C., 2017:
Smoking Abstinence Twelve Months after an Acute Coronary Syndrome

Wasén, C.; Turkkila, M.; Bossios, A.; Erlandsson, M.; Andersson, K.M.; Ekerljung, L.; Malmhäll, C.; Brisslert, M.; Töyrä Silfverswärd, S.; Lundbäck, B.; Bokarewa, M.I., 2017:
Smoking activates cytotoxic CD8 + T cells and causes survivin release in rheumatoid arthritis

Detandt, S.; Bazan, A.; Quertemont, E.; Verbanck, P., 2017:
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Smooth muscle

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Smooth Muscle

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Smooth Muscle

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Smooth Muscle

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Smooth Muscle

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Smooth Muscle

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Smooth Muscle

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Smooth Muscle C1

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Smooth Muscle C167, PC111

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Smooth Muscle PC94-PC96

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S-Nitrosylation Regulates Cell Survival and Death in the Central Nervous System

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SNMMI Annual Meeting Highlights Theranostics, Novel Research, and Image of the Year

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SNMMI, ASNC, IAC and Nuclear Cardiology Dose

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SNMMI Begins Release of AUC for High-Value Nuclear Medicine Procedures

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SNMMI COR Submits Recommendations, White Paper on Compounded Sterile Radiopharmaceuticals to USP

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SNMMI Leadership Update: An Exciting Time for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

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SNMMI Leadership Update: Collaborative Endeavors

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SNMMI Leadership Update: Expanding Outreach in the Era of Integrated, Collaborative Health Care

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SNMMI Leadership Update: FDA Approval of Imaging Agents: An Exciting Investment in Nuclear Medicine

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SNMMI Leadership Update: Improving Quality, Value, and Safety

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SNMMI Leadership Update: Preparing the Next Generation of Nuclear Medicine Professionals

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SNMMI Leadership Update: SNMMI 2018 Mid-Winter Symposium in Orlando: Focus on Theranostics

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SNMMI Leadership Update: SNMMI's New Value Initiative and Strategic Plan

Greenspan, B.S., 2017:
SNMMI Leadership Update: Strategic Advocacy

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SNMMI Leadership Update: The SNMMI 2017 Annual Meeting: Ushering in the Future with a Focus on Theranostics, Research, Education, and Value

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SNMMI Leadership Update: The SNMMI Annual Meeting: Reaching New Heights in the Mile-High City

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SNMMI New Fellows Honored

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SNMMI-TS Leadership Update: Demonstrating the Crucial Role of NMTs and Strengthening the Profession

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Snow white

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snRNP proteins in health and disease

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SnS 2 Nanowall Arrays toward High-Performance Sodium Storage

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Snuff Dipper's Cancer

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Snuff--its use and abuse

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Snug as a Bug: Goodness of Fit and Quality of Models

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Snuggle T and protrusion (S-TAP) technique for coronary bifurcation stenting: A step-by-step angiographic and illustration demonstration

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Snus use during the life-course and risk of the metabolic syndrome and its components

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SNVPhyl: a single nucleotide variant phylogenomics pipeline for microbial genomic epidemiology

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SNX10 Plays a Critical Role in MMP9 Secretion via JNK-p38-ERK Signaling Pathway

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SNX16 Regulates the Recycling of E-Cadherin through a Unique Mechanism of Coordinated Membrane and Cargo Binding

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SNX-1 and RME-8 oppose the assembly of HGRS-1/ESCRT-0 degradative microdomains on endosomes

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SNX27 Deletion Causes Hydrocephalus by Impairing Ependymal Cell Differentiation and Ciliogenesis

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SNX2-ABL1-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia possibly has a poor prognosis

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Soaking suggests "alternative facts": Only co-crystallization discloses major ligand-induced interface rearrangements of a homodimeric tRNA-binding protein indicating a novel mode-of-inhibition

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Soap Box

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Soap Box

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Soap Box

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SOAP for Everyone: An Evolutionary Development of the Match

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SOAP Methodology in General Practice/Family Medicine Teaching in Practical Context

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Soap production: A green prospective

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Soaps and detergents

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SOARD Category 1 CME Credit Featured Articles, Volume 13, November 2017

Anonymous, 2017:
SOARD Category 1 CME Credit Featured Articles,Volume 13, October 2017

Anonymous, 2017:
SOARD Category 1 CME Credit Featured Articles, Volume 13, September 2017

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So … Are You Failing the Marshmallow Test? Connecting and Disconnecting in Our Information-Rich World

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So as we worry we weigh: Visible burrow system stress and visceral adiposity

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Sobering news about post-stroke depression

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Sobre la (No) Responsabilidad de la Tecnociencia en los Problemas Ambientales y la Búsqueda de Política

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Sobre la terapia génica para enfermedades de la retina

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So-called adenomyoma of the gallbladder

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So-called Banti's syndrome and portal hypertension; medical aspect

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So-called cellulite: an invented disease

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So-Called "Duct Cancer" of the Breast, with the Account of a Case of Large Recurrent Duct Papilloma

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So-Called Fibrohistiocytic Tumors

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So-Called Mondor's Disease

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So-called non-adaptive or neutral characters in evolution

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So-Called Typhus Fever in the Rawalpindee Jail

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So called vascular neuralgias

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Soccer and head injuries: What is the risk?

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"Soccer ball" cells to "donut" cells: an unusual case of Richter syndrome

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Soccer-based promotion of voluntary medical male circumcision: A mixed-methods feasibility study with secondary students in Uganda

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Soccer Match-Play Represents an Important Component of the Power Training Stimulus in Premier League Players

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Soccer Players Cultural Capital and Its Impact on Migration

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Soccer-related performance in eumenorrheic Tunisian high-level soccer players: effects of menstrual cycle phase and moment of day

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'Soccer supporter's wrist'

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Soccer training: high-intensity interval training is mood disturbing while small sided games ensure mood balance

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'Sociability' affects the intensity of mate-choice copying in female guppies, Poecilia reticulata

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Sociability trait and regional cerebral oxidative metabolism in rats: Predominantly nonlinear relations

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Sociable crayfish get drunk more easily than loners

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Social accountability and nursing education in South Africa

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Social accountability in primary health care in West and Central Africa: exploring the role of health facility committees

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Social Accountable Medical Education: A concept analysis

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Social Action among Social Work Practitioners: Examining the Micro-Macro Divide

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Social activities of older men who require daily support and the purpose of such activities

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Social activity: A new dimension in STEM

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Social adaptation in multi-agent model of linguistic categorization is affected by network information flow

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Social Adversity and Antisocial Behavior: Mediating Effects of Autonomic Nervous System Activity

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Social adversity in pregnancy and trajectories of women's depressive symptoms: A longitudinal study

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Social Affairs

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Social affiliation in same-class and cross-class interactions

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Social Aggression, Experience, and Brain Gene Expression in a Subsocial Bee

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Social amoebae mating types do not invest unequally in sexual offspring

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Social and asocial prefrontal cortex neurons: a new look at social facilitation and the social brain

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Social and Behavioral Determinants of Spending

Bhatta, D.Nand.; Liabsuetrakul, T.; McNeil, E.B., 2017:
Social and behavioral interventions for improving quality of life of HIV infected people receiving antiretroviral therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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