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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 60295

Chapter 60295 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

McDonald, R.; Fieuw, S.; Patrick, J.W., 1996:
Sugar uptake by the dermal transfer cells of developing cotyledons of Vicia faba L. : Mechanism of energy coupling

Bhutada, G.; Kavšcek, M.; Ledesma-Amaro, R.; Thomas, Séphane.; Rechberger, G.N.; Nicaud, J-Marc.; Natter, K., 2017:
Sugar versus fat: elimination of glycogen storage improves lipid accumulation in Yarrowia lipolytica

Halterman, C., 2017:
Sugar--What Should Be Done?

Pase, M.P.; Himali, J.J.; Jacques, P.F.; DeCarli, C.; Satizabal, C.L.; Aparicio, H.; Vasan, R.S.; Beiser, A.S.; Seshadri, S., 2017:
Sugary beverage intake and preclinical Alzheimer's disease in the community

Stacey, N.; Tugendhaft, A.; Hofman, K., 2017:
Sugary beverage taxation in South Africa: Household expenditure, demand system elasticities, and policy implications

Lee, Y.; Choi, M-Seon.; Lee, G.; Jang, S.; Yoon, M-Ra.; Kim, B.; Piao, R.; Woo, M-Ok.; Chin, J.Hyoun.; Koh, H-Jong., 2017:
Sugary Endosperm is Modulated by Starch Branching Enzyme IIa in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Aranda-Rickert, A.; Rothen, C.; Diez, P.; González, A.María.; Marazzi, B., 2017:
Sugary secretions of wasp galls: a want-to-be extrafloral nectar?

Hassan, H.A., 2017:
SugE belongs to the small multidrug resistance (SMR) protein family involved in tributyltin (TBT) biodegradation and bioremediation by alkaliphilic Stenotrophomonas chelatiphaga HS2

Wang, Y.; Gong, G-Hua.; Xu, Y-Nan.; Yu, L-Jun.; Wei, C-Xi., 2017:
Sugemule-3 Protects against Isoprenaline-induced Cardiotoxicity In vitro

Anonymous, 2002:
Suggested guidelines for the practice of arthroscopic surgery

Carruthers, J.; Humphrey, S.; Beleznay, K.; Carruthers, A., 2017:
Suggested Injection Zone for Soft Tissue Fillers in the Temple?

Ko, J-H.; Müller, M.A.; Seok, H.; Park, G.E.; Lee, J.Y.; Cho, S.Y.; Ha, Y.E.; Baek, J.Y.; Kim, S.H.; Kang, J-M.; Kim, Y-J.; Jo, I.J.; Chung, C.R.; Hahn, M-J.; Drosten, C.; Kang, C-I.; Chung, D.R.; Song, J-H.; Kang, E-S.; Peck, K.R., 2017:
Suggested new breakpoints of anti-MERS-CoV antibody ELISA titers: performance analysis of serologic tests

Frischholz, E.J.; Braun, B.G.; Lipman, L.S.; Sachs, R., 1992:
Suggested posthypnotic amnesia in psychiatric patients and normals

Thyer, B.A., 2017:
Suggested Reporting Guidelines to Improve Health-Related Social Work Research

Anonymous, 1945:
SUGGESTED school health policies

Fisher, N.; Kaplan, D.; Egol, K.A., 2018:
Suggested Tips and Tricks to Enhance Surgical Video Production

Napier, A.H., 1928:
Suggested Use of Urea-Stibamine in Septic Cases

Alganami, F.; Varese, F.; Wagstaff, G.F.; Bentall, R.P., 2017:
Suggestibility and signal detection performance in hallucination-prone students

Kanofsky, J.Daniel.; Bronovitski, D.; Woesner, M.E., 2017:
Suggesting a Medical-Psychiatric Cohort for ACT Treatment

Strickland, K.C.; Howitt, B.E.; Barletta, J.A.; Cibas, E.S.; Krane, J.F., 2017:
Suggesting the cytologic diagnosis of noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features (NIFTP): A retrospective analysis of atypical and suspicious nodules

Nunan, W., 1927:
Suggestion as a Remedial Agent

Anonymous, 1927:
Suggestion as a Treatment

Swamy, T.V., 1939:
Suggestion for a New Type of Tube for Bacteriological Cultures

Elliot, R.H., 1896:
Suggestion for the Prevention of Atropism

Nunan, W., 1927:
Suggestion in Eneuresis

Nunan, W., 1926:
Suggestion in General Practice

Takayoshi, K.; Kusaba, H.; Uenomachi, M.; Mitsugi, K.; Makiyama, C.; Makiyama, A.; Uchino, K.; Shirakawa, T.; Shibata, Y.; Shinohara, Y.; Inadomi, K.; Tsuchihashi, K.; Arita, S.; Ariyama, H.; Esaki, T.; Akashi, K.; Baba, E., 2017:
Suggestion of added value by bevacizumab to chemotherapy in patients with unresectable or recurrent small bowel cancer

Ryu, J.Min.; Kang, G.; Nam, S.Jin.; Kim, S.Won.; Yu, J.; Lee, S.Kyung.; Bae, S.Youn.; Park, S.; Paik, H-June.; Kim, J-Won.; Park, S-Shin.; Lee, J.Eon.; Kim, S-Won., 2017:
Suggestion of BRCA1 c.5339T>C (p.L1780P) variant confer from 'unknown significance' to 'Likely pathogenic' based on clinical evidence in Korea

Oh, T.Young.; Lee, K.Soon.; Kim, B.Jo., 2017:
Suggestion of standard clinical practice curriculum and learning objectives of physical therapy education in Korea

Furukawa, M.; Sakakibara, T.; Itoh, K.; Kawamura, K.; Matsuura, M.; Kojima, H., 2017:
Suggestion of the updated IVIS cut-off values for identifying non-ocular irritants in the bovine corneal opacity and permeability (BCOP) assay

Palitzsch, R.; Friedrich, F.; Beyrich, T.; Pohloudek-Fabini, R., 1966:
Suggestion on DAB 7. 17. Appetite depressant II

Roy, G.Chunder., 1873:
Suggestions as to the Cause of Unhealthiness of Lower Bengal and the Recent Outbreak of Epidemic Fever

Sutherland, W.D., 1894:
Suggestions as to the Operation for the Radical Cure of Oblique Inguinal Hernia

Anonymous, 1855:
Suggestions for a New Psychological Terminology

Yilmaz, O.; Bahat, G., 2017:
Suggestions for assessment of muscle mass in primary care setting

Tavafi, M., 2015:
Suggestions for attenuation of renal ischemia reperfusion injury based on mechanisms involved in epithelial cells damages

Stöllberger, C.; Schneider, B., 2017:
Suggestions for clinical studies about percutaneous left atrial appendage occlusion

Fakhraei Lahiji, S.; Jang, Y.; Ma, Y.; Dangol, M.; Yang, H.; Jang, M.; Jung, H., 2018:
Effects of dissolving microneedle fabrication parameters on the activity of encapsulated lysozyme

Yu, J-Lin.; Zhao, X-Dong.; Guo, Y-Yang.; He, S-Juan., 2017:
Suggestions for diagnosis of primary immunodifficiency disease in infants less than 3 months of age

Delany, T.H., 1901:
Suggestions for Improvement of a Field Hospital Section

Kailas, A.; Dawkins, M.; Taylor, S.C., 2017:
Suggestions for Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Bae, J-Myon., 2017:
Suggestions for the promotion of evidence-based public health in South Korea

Bryden, J.L., 1866:
Suggestions for the Systematic Study of the History and Relations of Cholera

Egry, E.Yoshikawa.; Queroz, V.Machado.de., 1985:
Suggestions for the teaching of public health nursing in undergraduate nursing programs

Hall, A.R., 1878:
Suggestions for the Treatment of Cholera

Hu, W.; Dong, Q.; Huang, B., 2018:
Effects of distance and rescue time to medical facilities on traffic mortality utilizing GIS

Wall, P.L.; Buising, C.M.; Nelms, D.; Grulke, L.; Renner, C.Hackett.; Sahr, S.M., 2018:
Effects of Distance Between Paired Tourniquets

O'Connell, M.D., 1881:
Suggestions on Chorea and Allied Nervous Disorders

Palitzsch, R.; Friedrich, F.; Beyrich, T.; Pohloudek-Fabini, R., 1966:
Suggestions on DAB 7. 16. Appetite depressant I

Graziano, V.; Buccelli, C.; Capasso, E.; De Micco, F.; Casella, C.; Di Lorenzo, P.; Paternoster, M., 2017:
Suggestions on how to make suboptimal kidney transplantation an ethically viable option

Zhao, Y-Xin.; Ma, G-Lin.; Yu, J-Yong., 2017:
Suggestions on improving administration of local crude drug quality standards

De Renzy, A.C.C., 1871:
Suggestions on the Prevention of Heat Apoplexy among European Troops in India

Anonymous, 1914:
Suggestions On The Use Of The Reference Library In The Preparation Of Medical Papers

Prince, M.; Williams, K.A., 2017:
Suggestions to Increase the Number of African-American Male Physicians

Gupte, P.S., 1921:
Suggestions to Increase the Utility of the Medical College Journals

Foulkes, T.H.; Browning, D., 1901:
Suggestions to Medical Officers of Field Hospitals

Sobrevila, C., 1988:
Effects of Distance Between Pollen Donor and Pollen Recipient on Fitness Components in Espeletia Schultzii

Li, K.; Yang, G.; Debru, A.B.; Li, P.; Zong, L.; Li, P.; Xu, T.; Wu, W.; Jin, S.; Bao, Q., 2017:
SuhB Regulates the Motile-Sessile Switch in Pseudomonas aeruginosa through the Gac/Rsm Pathway and c-di-GMP Signaling

Storch, E.A.; Kay, B.; Wu, M.S.; Nadeau, J.M.; Riemann, B., 2018:
Suicidal and death ideation among adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder presenting for intensive intervention

Lytle, M.C.; Silenzio, V.M.B.; Homan, C.M.; Schneider, P.; Caine, E.D., 2017:
Suicidal and Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Youth in an Online Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Social Network

Munir, A.; Aadil, M.; Rehan Khan, A., 2017:
Suicidal and homicidal tendencies after Lyme disease: an ignored problem

Dugand, N.; Thümmler, S.; Pradier, C.; Askenazy, F., 2017:
Suicidal attempts in child and adolescent and bipolar disorders

Laerum, H.; Sørensen, T.; Rasmussen, S., 1979:
Suicidal behavior

McCloskey, M.S.; Ammerman, B.A., 2017:
Suicidal behavior and aggression-related disorders

Neacsiu, A.D.; Fang, C.M.; Rodriguez, M.; Rosenthal, M.Zachary., 2017:
Suicidal Behavior and Problems with Emotion Regulation

Soloff, P.H.; Chiappetta, L., 2017:
Suicidal Behavior and Psychosocial Outcome in Borderline Personality Disorder at 8-Year Follow-Up

Song, J.; Sjölander, A.; Joas, E.; Bergen, S.E.; Runeson, B.; Larsson, H.; Landén, M.; Lichtenstein, P., 2017:
Suicidal Behavior During Lithium and Valproate Treatment: A Within-Individual 8-Year Prospective Study of 50,000 Patients With Bipolar Disorder

Zamani, M.; Zamani, V., 2016:
Suicidal Behavior in Iran: What Should Be Done?

Tejedor, M.C.; Castillón, J.J.; Pericay, J.M.; Puigdellivol, M.; Turnes, E., 1987:
Suicidal behavior in schizophrenia

Pawlak, J.; Szczepankiewicz, A.; Kapelski, P.; Rajewska-Rager, A.; Slopien, A.; Skibinska, M.; Czerski, P.; Hauser, J.; Dmitrzak-Weglarz, M., 2017:
Suicidal behavior in the context of disrupted rhythmicity in bipolar disorder-Complementary research of clock genes with suicide risks factors and course of disease

Liu, Y.; Niu, L.; Wang, M.; Chen, X.; Xiao, S.; Luo, D., 2017:
Suicidal behaviors among newly diagnosed people living with HIV in Changsha, China

Peltzer, K.; Yi, S.; Pengpid, S., 2018:
Suicidal behaviors and associated factors among university students in six countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

D'Angelo, E.J.; Lincoln, S.Hope.; Morelli, N.; Graber, K.; Tembulkar, S.; Gonzalez-Heydrich, J., 2017:
Suicidal behaviors and their relationship with psychotic-like symptoms in children and adolescents at clinical high risk for psychosis

Gupta, M.A.; Pur, D.R.; Vujcic, B.; Gupta, A.K., 2017:
Suicidal behaviors in the dermatology patient

Hoge, C.W.; Ivany, C.G.; Adler, A.B., 2017:
Suicidal Behaviors Within Army Units: Contagion and Implications for Public Health Interventions

Links, P.S., 1998:
Suicidal behaviour

Ferro, M.A.; Rhodes, A.E.; Kimber, M.; Duncan, L.; Boyle, M.H.; Georgiades, K.; Gonzalez, A.; MacMillan, H.L., 2017:
Suicidal Behaviour Among Adolescents and Young Adults with Self-Reported Chronic Illness

Favril, L.; Vander Laenen, F.; Audenaert, K., 2018:
Suicidal behaviour among prisoners: prevalence and association with psychological distress in Flemish prisons

Arenas, A.; Gómez-Restrepo, C.; Rondón, M., 2017:
Suicidal Behaviour and Associated Factors in Colombia. Results from the 2015 National Mental Health Survey

de Winter, R.F.P.; de Groot, M.H.; van Dassen, M.; Deen, M.L.; de Beurs, D.P., 2018:
Suicidal behaviour and attempted suicide occurring during assessment by the outreach psychiatric emergency service

Ruan, X.; Wu, H.; Wang, D., 2017:
Suicidal behaviour following traumatic brain injury

Paparizos, V.; Triantafyllopoulou, I.; Kourkounti, S.; Retsas, T.; Paparizou, E., 2018:
Suicidal behaviour in HIV-infected patients in Greece

Armstrong, G.; Pirkis, J.; Arabena, K.; Currier, D.; Spittal, M.J.; Jorm, A.F., 2017:
Suicidal behaviour in Indigenous compared to non-Indigenous males in urban and regional Australia: Prevalence data suggest disparities increase across age groups

Arribas-Ibar, E.; Suelves, J.Maria.; Sanchez-Niubò, A.; Domingo-Salvany, Aònia.; T Brugal, M., 2017:
Suicidal behaviours in male and female users of illicit drugs recruited in drug treatment facilities

Sheridan, D.C.; Lin, A.; Horowitz, B..Zane., 2017:
Suicidal bupropion ingestions in adolescents: increased morbidity compared with other antidepressants

Lang, E.; Bissinger, R.; Qadri, S.M.; Lang, F., 2017:
Suicidal death of erythrocytes in cancer and its chemotherapy: A potential target in the treatment of tumor-associated anemia

Hong, M.; Cho, H.Nah.; Kim, A.Reum.; Hong, H.Ju.; Kweon, Y-Sil., 2017:
Suicidal deaths in elementary school students in Korea

Byard, R.W.; Gilbert, J.D., 2017:
Suicidal Decapitation by Hanging-A Population-based Study

Betz, P.; Peschel, O.; Eisenmenger, W., 1994:
Suicidal gunshot wounds--site and characteristics

Calvert, J.T., 1903:
Suicidal Hanging: Deaths from the Secondary Effects

Leccia, Céline.; Alunni, Véronique.; Quatrehomme, Gérald., 2017:
Suicidal hanging resulting in decapitation: A case report and review of the literature

Zhong, B-Liang.; Li, S-Heng.; Lv, S-Yan.; Tian, S-Li.; Liu, Z-Dong.; Li, X-Bin.; Zhuang, H-Qing.; Tao, R.; Zhang, W.; Zhuo, C-Jun., 2017:
Suicidal ideation among Chinese cancer inpatients of general hospitals: prevalence and correlates

Xu, Y-Min.; Zhong, B-Liang.; Chen, W-Cai.; Zhu, J-Hong.; Lu, J., 2017:
Suicidal ideation among Chinese methadone-maintained patients: prevalence and correlates

Torres, A.R.; Campos, L.M.; Lima, M.Cristina.P.; Ramos-Cerqueira, A.Teresa.A., 2017 :
Suicidal Ideation Among Medical Students: Prevalence and Predictors

Kumar, M.B.; Walls, M.; Janz, T.; Hutchinson, P.; Turner, T.; Graham, C., 2012:
Suicidal ideation among Métis adult men and women - associated risk and protective factors: findings from a nationally representative survey

Lardier, D.T.; Barrios, V.R.; Garcia-Reid, P.; Reid, R.J., 2017:
Suicidal ideation among suburban adolescents: The influence of school bullying and other mediating risk factors

Rivers, I., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation and Alcohol Use: Understanding Developmental Trajectories

Peltzer, K.; Pengpid, S., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and associated factors among students aged 13-15 years in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states, 2007-2013

Kemp, K.; Tolou-Shams, M.; Conrad, S.; Dauria, E.; Neel, K.; Brown, L., 2016:
Suicidal ideation and attempts among court-involved, non-incarcerated youth

Tsypes, A.; Owens, M.; Gibb, B.E., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and attentional biases in children: An eye-tracking study

Chappell, P.; Dubrava, S.; Stewart, M.; Hartley, D.M.; Alphs, L.; Brashear, H.Robert.; Conwell, Y.; Miller, D.; Schindler, R.J.; Siemers, E.R.; Yaffe, K., 2016:
Suicidal ideation and behavior assessment in dementia studies: An Internet survey

Bernanke, J.; Galfalvy, H.C.; Mortali, M.G.; Hoffman, L.A.; Moutier, C.; Nemeroff, C.B.; Stanley, B.H.; Clayton, P.; Harkavy-Friedman, J.; Oquendo, M.A., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and behavior in institutions of higher learning: A latent class analysis

Jordans, M.; Rathod, S.; Fekadu, A.; Medhin, G.; Kigozi, F.; Kohrt, B.; Luitel, N.; Petersen, I.; Shidhaye, R.; Ssebunnya, J.; Patel, V.; Lund, C., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and behaviour among community and health care seeking populations in five low- and middle-income countries: a cross-sectional study

Bantjes, J.; Kagee, A.; Saal, W., 2016:
Suicidal ideation and behaviour among persons seeking HIV testing in peri-urban areas of Cape Town, South Africa: a lost opportunity for suicide prevention

Tateno, M.; Jovanović, N.; Beezhold, J.; Uehara-Aoyama, K.; Umene-Nakano, W.; Nakamae, T.; Uchida, N.; Hashimoto, N.; Kikuchi, S.; Wake, Y.; Fujisawa, D.; Ikari, K.; Otsuka, K.; Takahashi, K.; Okugawa, G.; Watanabe, N.; Shirasaka, T.; Kato, T.A., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and burnout among psychiatric trainees in Japan

Florez, I.Andrea.; Allbaugh, L.J.; Harris, C.E.; Schwartz, A.C.; Kaslow, N.J., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and hopelessness in PTSD: spiritual well-being mediates outcomes over time

Ziaei, R.; Viitasara, E.; Soares, J.; Sadeghi-Bazarghani, H.; Dastgiri, S.; Zeinalzadeh, A.Hossein.; Bahadori, F.; Mohammadi, R., 2017:
Suicidal ideation and its correlates among high school students in Iran: a cross-sectional study

Zhang, X.; Zhang, J.; Procter, N.; Chen, X.; Su, Y.; Lou, F.; Cao, F., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation and Psychological Strain Among Patients Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer: The Mediation of Psychopathological Factors

Sohn, M.; Oh, H.; Lee, S-Kyu.; Potenza, M.N., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation and Related Factors Among Korean High School Students: A Focus on Cyber Addiction and School Bullying

Stip, E.; Caron, J.; Tousignant, M.; Lecomte, Y., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation and Schizophrenia: Contribution of Appraisal, Stigmatization, and Cognition

Varela-Besteiro, O.; Serrano-Troncoso, E.; Rodríguez-Vicente, V.; Curet-Santisteban, M.; Conangla-Roselló, G.; Cecilia-Costa, R.; Carulla-Roig, M.; Matalí-Costa, J.L.; Dolz-Abadia, M., 2017 :
Suicidal ideation and self-injurious behavior in adolescents with eating disorders

Hubers, A.A.M.; Moaddine, S.; Peersmann, S.H.M.; Stijnen, T.; van Duijn, E.; van der Mast, R.C.; Dekkers, O.M.; Giltay, E.J., 2016:
Suicidal ideation and subsequent completed suicide in both psychiatric and non-psychiatric populations: a meta-analysis

Kye, S-Yeon.; Park, K., 2016:
Suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts among adults with chronic diseases: A cross-sectional study

Demidenko, M.I.; Dobscha, S.K.; Morasco, B.J.; Meath, T.H.A.; Ilgen, M.A.; Lovejoy, T.I., 2018:
Suicidal ideation and suicidal self-directed violence following clinician-initiated prescription opioid discontinuation among long-term opioid users

Calati, R.; Olié, E.; Ritchie, K.; Artero, S.; Courtet, P., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts in the Elderly Associated with Opioid Use and Pain Sensitivity

Yang, Y.; Shi, Y-Zhi.; Zhang, N.; Wang, S.; Ungvari, G.S.; Ng, C.H.; Wang, Y-Long.; Zhao, X-Quan.; Wang, Y-Jun.; Wang, C-Xue.; Xiang, Y-Tao., 2017:
Suicidal ideation at 1-year post-stroke: A nationwide survey in China

Keilp, J.G.; Ellis, S.P.; Gorlyn, M.; Burke, A.K.; Oquendo, M.A.; Mann, J.John.; Grunebaum, M.F., 2017:
Suicidal ideation declines with improvement in the subjective symptoms of major depression

Naseem, S.; Munaf, S., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, And Life Satisfaction Of Medical, Engineering, And Social Sciences Students

Chavez-Hernandez, A-Maria.; Correa-Romero, F-Everardo.; Acosta-Rojas, I-Beatriz.; Cardoso-Espindola, K-Viviana.; Padilla-Gallegos, G.M.; Valadez-Figueroa, I., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation, Depressive Symptomatology, and Self-Concept: A Comparison Between Mexican Institutionalized and Noninstitutionalized Children

Fonseca-Pedrero, E.; Inchausti, Félix.; Pérez-Gutiérrez, L.; Aritio Solana, R.; Ortuño-Sierra, J.; Sánchez-García, M.ª.Ángeles.; Lucas-Molina, B.; Domínguez, César.; Foncea, D.; Espinosa, V.; Gorría, A.; Urbiola-Merina, E.; Fernández, M.; Merina Díaz, C.; Gutiérrez, C.; Aures, M.; Campos, Mía.S.; Domínguez-Garrido, E.; Pérez de Albéniz Iturriaga, A., 2017:
Suicidal ideation in a community-derived sample of Spanish adolescents

Dieris-Hirche, J.; Gieler, U.; Petrak, F.; Milch, W.; Te Wildt, B.; Dieris, B.; Herpertz, S., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation in Adult Patients with Atopic Dermatitis: A German Cross-sectional Study

Ftouh, M.; Gad, E-Sayed.; Seleem, M.A.; Saada, S.; Mubarak, A.A., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation in an Egyptian Sample of Hospitalized Patients with Acute Psychosis

Bang, M.; Park, J.Young.; Kim, K.Ran.; Lee, S.Young.; Song, Y.Young.; Kang, J.In.; Lee, E.; An, S.Kyoon., 2017:
Suicidal ideation in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis and its association with suspiciousness independent of depression

Buji, R.I.; Abdul Murad, N.A.; Chan, L.F.; Maniam, T.; Mohd Shahrir, M.S.; Rozita, M.; Shamsul, A.S.; Mohamad Hussain, R.; Abdullah, N.; Jamal, R.; Nik Jaafar, N.R., 2017:
Suicidal ideation in systemic lupus erythematosus: NR2A gene polymorphism, clinical and psychosocial factors

Khandoker, A.H.; Luthra, V.; Abouallaban, Y.; Saha, S.; Ahmed, K.I.U.; Mostafa, R.; Chowdhury, N.; Jelinek, H.F., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation Is Associated with Altered Variability of Fingertip Photo-Plethysmogram Signal in Depressed Patients

López, J.D.; Shacham, E.; Brown, T., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation Persists Among Individuals Engaged in HIV Care in the Era of Antiretroviral Therapy

Gilmore, A.K.; Walsh, K.; Badour, C.L.; Ruggiero, K.J.; Kilpatrick, D.G.; Resnick, H.S., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation, Posttraumatic Stress, and Substance Abuse Based on Forcible and Drug- or Alcohol-Facilitated/Incapacitated Rape Histories in a National Sample of Women

Rossom, R.C.; Coleman, K.J.; Ahmedani, B.K.; Beck, A.; Johnson, E.; Oliver, M.; Simon, G.E., 2017:
Suicidal ideation reported on the PHQ9 and risk of suicidal behavior across age groups

Li, H.; Tucker, J.; Holroyd, E.; Zhang, J.; Jiang, B., 2016:
Suicidal Ideation, Resilience, and Healthcare Implications for Newly Diagnosed HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men in China: A Qualitative Study

Oneib, B.; Sabir, M.; Otheman, Y.; Abda, N.; Ouanass, A., 2017:
Suicidal ideations, plans and attempts in primary care: cross-sectional study of consultants at primary health care system in Morocco

Puuskari, V.; Aalto-Setälä, T.; Komulainen, E.; Marttunen, M., 2017:
Suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and psychological distress among intoxicated adolescents in the pediatric emergency department

Lewitzka, U.; Spirling, S.; Ritter, D.; Smolka, M.; Goodday, S.; Bauer, M.; Felber, W.; Bschor, T., 2017:
Suicidal Ideation vs. Suicide Attempts: Clinical and Psychosocial Profile Differences Among Depressed Patients: A Study on Personality Traits, Psychopathological Variables, and Sociodemographic Factors in 228 Patients

Favril, L.; Vander Laenen, F.; Vandeviver, C.; Audenaert, K., 2018:
Suicidal ideation while incarcerated: Prevalence and correlates in a large sample of male prisoners in Flanders, Belgium

Neeleman, J., 2001:

Ongeri, L.; McCulloch, C.E.; Neylan, T.C.; Bukusi, E.; Macfarlane, S.B.; Othieno, C.; Ngugi, A.K.; Meffert, S.M., 2017:
Suicidality and associated risk factors in outpatients attending a general medical facility in rural Kenya

Slotema, C.W.; Niemantsverdriet, M.B.A.; Blom, J.D.; van der Gaag, M.; Hoek, H.W.; Sommer, I.E.C., 2017:
Suicidality and hospitalisation in patients with borderline personality disorder who experience auditory verbal hallucinations

Becker, K.; Kaess, M.; Plener, P.L., 2017:
Suicidality and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in childhood and adolescence

Naguy, A.; Al-Rabaie, A., 2017:
Suicidality and Survivability in Schizophrenia

Guo, J.; He, H.; Fu, M.; Han, Z.; Qu, Z.; Wang, X.; Guan, L., 2017:
Suicidality associated with PTSD, depression, and disaster recovery status among adult survivors 8 years after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China

Guillard, V.; Gressier, F., 2017:
Suicidality during perinatal period

Zahid, S.; Upthegrove, R., 2017:
Suicidality in Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Gnoth, M.; Glaesmer, H.; Steinberg, H., 2017:
Suicidality in German-speaking school psychiatry : Thematization in textbooks from 1803 until the present

Hirsch, R.D.; Teising, M.; Wächtler, C., 2008:
Suicidality in old age

Dobson, E.T.; Keeshin, B.R.; Wehry, A.M.; Saldaña, S.N.; Mukkamala, L.R.; Sorter, M.T.; DelBello, M.P.; Blom, T.J.; Strawn, J.R., 2018:
Suicidality in psychiatrically hospitalized children and adolescents: Demographics, treatment, and outcome

Drapeau, C.W.; Nadorff, M.R., 2017:
Suicidality in sleep disorders: prevalence, impact, and management strategies

Zhang, L.; Sander, J.W.; Zhang, L.; Jiang, X-Yue.; Wang, W.; Shuang, K.; Abdulaziz, A.Taha.Abdullah.; Wu, M-Qian.; Chi, X-Sa.; Li, J-Mei.; Zhou, D., 2017:
Suicidality is a common and serious feature of anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis

Anderson, J.; Mitchell, P.B.; Brodaty, H., 2017:
Suicidality: prevention, detection and intervention

Harris, K.M.; Starcevic, V.; Ma, J.; Zhang, W.; Aboujaoude, E., 2017:
Suicidality, psychopathology, and the internet: Online time vs. online behaviors

Berg, S.Hilde.; Rørtveit, K.; Aase, K., 2017:
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