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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 60312

Chapter 60312 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Byrd-Bredbenner, C.; Wu, F.; Spaccarotella, K.; Quick, V.; Martin-Biggers, J.; Zhang, Y., 2017:
Systematic review of control groups in nutrition education intervention research

Gervais, Fédéric.; Dunton, K.; Jiang, Y.; Largeron, N., 2017:
Systematic review of cost-effectiveness analyses for combinations of prevention strategies against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection: a general trend

Oshima, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Endo, S.; Hata, S.; Watanabe, T.; Osada, K.; Takenaka, A., 2017:
Effects of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid on anxiety-like behavior in socially isolated rats

Hernon, M.J.; Hall, A.M.; O'Mahony, J.F.; Normand, C.; Hurley, D.A., 2017:
Systematic Review of Costs and Effects of Self-Management Interventions for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: Spotlight on Analytic Perspective and Outcomes Assessment

Winnard, A.; Nasser, M.; Debuse, D.; Stokes, M.; Evetts, S.; Wilkinson, M.; Hides, J.; Caplan, N., 2018:
Systematic review of countermeasures to minimise physiological changes and risk of injury to the lumbopelvic area following long-term microgravity

Gómez-Valero, S.; García-Pérez, F.; Flórez-García, M.Tomás.; Miangolarra-Page, J.Carlos., 2017:
Systematic review of cross-cultural adaptations of hip-specific patient-reported outcome measures in Spanish

Hutson, E.; Kelly, S.; Militello, L.K., 2017:
Systematic Review of Cyberbullying Interventions for Youth and Parents With Implications for Evidence-Based Practice

Chatzopoulos, G.S.; Koidou, V.P.; Wolff, L.F., 2017:
Systematic review of cyclosporin A-induced gingival overgrowth and genetic predisposition

Yu, Z.; Zhang, G.; Yang, M.; Zhang, S.; Zhao, B.; Shen, G.; Chai, Y., 2016:
Systematic review of CYFRA 21-1 as a prognostic indicator and its predictive correlation with clinicopathological features in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: A meta-analysis

Muiño, E.; Gallego-Fabrega, C.; Cullell, N.; Carrera, C.; Torres, N.; Krupinski, J.; Roquer, J.; Montaner, J.; Fernández-Cadenas, I., 2018:
Systematic Review of Cysteine-Sparing NOTCH3 Missense Mutations in Patients with Clinical Suspicion of CADASIL

Petrillo, M.; Nero, C.; Carbone, V.; Bruno, M.; Scambia, G.; Fagotti, A., 2017:
Systematic Review of Cytoreductive Surgery and Bevacizumab-Containing Chemotherapy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Focus on Safety

Zhong, W.; Smith, B.; Haghighi, K.; Mancuso, P., 2017:
Systematic Review of Decision Aids for the Management of Men With Localized Prostate Cancer

Alba Palé, L.; León Caballero, J.; Samsó Buxareu, B.; Salgado Serrano, Pón.; Pérez Solà, Víctor., 2018:
Systematic review of depression in patients with multiple sclerosis and its relationship to interferonβ treatment

Vakharia, P.P.; Chopra, R.; Silverberg, J.I., 2017:
Systematic Review of Diagnostic Criteria Used in Atopic Dermatitis Randomized Controlled Trials

Hyseni, L.; Elliot-Green, A.; Lloyd-Williams, F.; Kypridemos, C.; O'Flaherty, M.; McGill, R.; Orton, L.; Bromley, H.; Cappuccio, F.P.; Capewell, S., 2017:
Systematic review of dietary salt reduction policies: Evidence for an effectiveness hierarchy?

MacNaul, H.L.; Neely, L.C., 2017:
Systematic Review of Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior Without Extinction for Individuals With Autism

Kemper, A.R.; Wallace, D.K.; Quinn, G.E., 2008:
Systematic review of digital imaging screening strategies for retinopathy of prematurity

Rahiri, J-Lee.; Alexander, Z.; Harwood, M.; Koea, J.; Hill, A.G., 2017:
Systematic review of disparities in surgical care for Māori in New Zealand

Amos, J.M.; Durr, M.L.; Nardone, H.C.; Baldassari, C.M.; Duggins, A.; Ishman, S.L., 2017:
Systematic Review of Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy Scoring Systems

Yoo, T.Gon.; Cranshaw, I.; Broom, R.; Pandanaboyana, S.; Bartlett, A., 2017:
Systematic review of early and long-term outcome of liver resection for metastatic breast cancer: Is there a survival benefit?

Carter, A.W.; Mandavia, R.; Mayer, E.; Marti, J.; Mossialos, E.; Darzi, A., 2018:
Systematic review of economic analyses in patient safety: a protocol designed to measure development in the scope and quality of evidence

Shafie, A.Akmal.; Tan, Y.Ping.; Ng, C.Hui., 2017:
Systematic review of economic burden of heart failure

Evans, R.; Brown, R.; Rees, G.; Smith, P., 2017:
Systematic review of educational interventions for looked-after children and young people: Recommendations for intervention development and evaluation

Bian, L-Ling.; Wang, F-Wen.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Liu, C-Xiang.; Zhang, J-Hua.; Zheng, W-Ke., 2018:
Systematic review of effectiveness and safety of pudilan Xiaoyan oral liquid in treating pediatric suppurative tonsilitis

Pandey, A.; Hale, D.; Goddings, A-Lise.; Blakemore, S-Jayne.; Viner, R., 2018:
Systematic review of effectiveness of universal self-regulation-based interventions and their effects on distal health and social outcomes in children and adolescents: review protocol

Rattanaumpawan, P.; Boonyasiri, A.; Vong, S.; Thamlikitkul, V., 2017:
Systematic review of electronic surveillance of infectious diseases with emphasis on antimicrobial resistance surveillance in resource-limited settings

Lee, J.Won.; Kim, S.Bum.; Kim, S.Wook., 2018:
Effects of elastic band exercises on physical ability and muscular topography of elderlyfemales

Warner, R.D.; McDonnell, C.K.; Bekhit, A.E.D.; Claus, J.; Vaskoska, R.; Sikes, A.; Dunshea, F.R.; Ha, M., 2017:
Systematic review of emerging and innovative technologies for meat tenderisation

Lockwood, L.E.; Youssef, N.A., 2017:
Systematic Review of Epigenetic Effects of Pharmacological Agents for Bipolar Disorders

Wouk, K.; Tully, K.P.; Labbok, M.H., 2017:
Systematic Review of Evidence for Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Step 3

Olley, R.; Morales, A., 2017:
Systematic review of evidence underpinning non-pharmacological therapies in dementia

Dingle, L.; Field, M.; Rodrigues, J.N., 2017:
Systematic review of examination techniques for the central slip of the digital extensor tendon mechanism

van Rooijen, S.J.; Engelen, M.A.; Scheede-Bergdahl, C.; Carli, F.; Roumen, R.M.H.; Slooter, G.D.; Schep, G., 2017:
Systematic review of exercise training in colorectal cancer patients during treatment

Straatman, J.; Wiegel, J.; van der Wielen, N.; Jansma, E.P.; Cuesta, M.A.; van der Peet, D.L., 2017:
Systematic Review of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency after Gastrectomy for Cancer

Wouters, M.; Evenhuis, H.M.; Hilgenkamp, T.I.M., 2017:
Systematic review of field-based physical fitness tests for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities

Hartwig, V.; Carbonaro, N.; Tognetti, A.; Vanello, N., 2017:
Systematic Review of fMRI Compatible Devices: Design and Testing Criteria

Papathanassoglou, E.; Middleton, N.; Benbenishty, J.; Williams, G.; Christofi, M-Dolores.; Hegadoren, K., 2017:
Systematic review of gender- dependent outcomes in sepsis

Failla, K.Reina.; Connelly, C.D., 2017:
Systematic Review of Gender Differences in Sepsis Management and Outcomes

Panenka, W.J.; Gardner, A.J.; Dretsch, M.N.; Crynen, G.C.; Crawford, F.C.; Iverson, G.L., 2017:
Systematic Review of Genetic Risk Factors for Sustaining a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Cappell, M.S.; Stevens, C.E.; Amin, M., 2018:
Systematic review of giant gastric lipomas reported since 1980 and report of two new cases in a review of 117110 esophagogastroduodenoscopies

Zhang, D-Xing.; Li, S.Tsz-Shan.; Lee, Q.Kwan-Yee.; Chan, K.Hoi-Shuen.; Kim, J.Hee.; Yip, B.Hon-Kei.; Chung, R.Yat-Nork.; Wong, A.Ho-Cheuk.; Fang, Y.; Liang, M.; Wong, M.Chi-Sang., 2017:
Systematic Review of Guidelines on Managing Patients with Harmful Use of Alcohol in Primary Healthcare Settings

Jitkritsadakul, O.; Bhidayasiri, R.; Kalia, S.K.; Hodaie, M.; Lozano, A.M.; Fasano, A., 2017:
Systematic review of hardware-related complications of Deep Brain Stimulation: Do new indications pose an increased risk?

Oliveira, M.Regina.Fernandes.; Leandro, R.; Decimoni, T.Cristina.; Rozman, L.Martins.; Novaes, H.Maria.Dutilh.; De Soárez, Pícia.Coelho., 2017:
Systematic Review of Health Economic Evaluations of Diagnostic Tests in Brazil: How accurate are the results?

van Giessen, A.; Peters, J.; Wilcher, B.; Hyde, C.; Moons, C.; de Wit, A.; Koffijberg, E., 2017:
Systematic Review of Health Economic Impact Evaluations of Risk Prediction Models: Stop Developing, Start Evaluating

Mohammadzadeh, Z.; Ghazisaeedi, M.; Nahvijou, A.; Rostam Niakan Kalhori, S.; Davoodi, S.; Zendehdel, K., 2017:
Systematic Review of Hospital Based Cancer Registries (HBCRs): Necessary Tool to Improve Quality of Care in Cancer

Bell, J.F.; Whitney, R.L.; Reed, S.C.; Poghosyan, H.; Lash, R.S.; Kim, K.K.; Davis, A.; Bold, R.J.; Joseph, J.G., 2018:
Systematic Review of Hospital Readmissions Among Patients With Cancer in the United States

Shaw-Battista, J., 2017:
Systematic Review of Hydrotherapy Research: Does a Warm Bath in Labor Promote Normal Physiologic Childbirth?

Borab, Z.; Mirmanesh, M.D.; Gantz, M.; Cusano, A.; Pu, L.L.Q., 2017:
Systematic review of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of radiation-induced skin necrosis

Winn, A.; Hetherington, E.; Tough, S., 2017:
Systematic Review of Immigrant Women's Experiences With Perinatal Care in North America

Rijnders, M.; de Wit, R.; Boormans, J.L.; Lolkema, M.P.J.; van der Veldt, A.A.M., 2017:
Systematic Review of Immune Checkpoint Inhibition in Urological Cancers

Manikam, L.; Prasad, A.; Dharmaratnam, A.; Moen, C.; Robinson, A.; Light, A.; Ahmed, S.; Lingam, R.; Lakhanpaul, M., 2017:
Systematic review of infant and young child complementary feeding practices in South Asian families: the India perspective

Manikam, L.; Sharmila, A.; Dharmaratnam, A.; Alexander, E.C.; Kuah, J.Ying.; Prasad, A.; Ahmed, S.; Lingam, R.; Lakhanpaul, M., 2017:
Systematic review of infant and young child complementary feeding practices in South Asian families: the Pakistan perspective

Rodriguez-Martinez, C.E.; Sossa-Briceño, M.P.; Nino, G., 2017:
Systematic review of instruments aimed at evaluating the severity of bronchiolitis

Mayeaux, E.J.; Novetsky, A.P.; Chelmow, D.; Choma, K.; Garcia, F.; Liu, A.H.; Papasozomenos, T.; Einstein, M.H., 2018:
Systematic Review of International Colposcopy Quality Improvement Guidelines

Lofgren, S.M.; Nakasujja, N.; Boulware, D.R., 2017:
Systematic Review of Interventions for Depression for People Living with HIV in Africa

Ballard, M.; Montgomery, P., 2018:
Systematic review of interventions for improving the performance of community health workers in low-income and middle-income countries

Bergman, H.; Walker, D-Marie.; Nikolakopoulou, A.; Soares-Weiser, K.; Adams, C.E., 2018:
Systematic review of interventions for treating or preventing antipsychotic-induced tardive dyskinesia

Jones, A.W.; Taylor, A.; Gowler, H.; O'Kelly, N.; Ghosh, S.; Bridle, C., 2017:
Systematic review of interventions to improve patient uptake and completion of pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD

Baker, S.C.; Gledhill, J.A., 2017:
Systematic Review of Interventions to Reduce Psychiatric Morbidity in Parents and Children After PICU Admissions

Meddings, J.; Saint, S.; Krein, S.L.; Gaies, E.; Reichert, H.; Hickner, A.; McNamara, S.; Mann, J.D.; Mody, L., 2018:
Systematic Review of Interventions to Reduce Urinary Tract Infection in Nursing Home Residents

Miret Alomar, E.; Trilla Herrera, E.; Lorente Garcia, D.; Regis Placido, L.; López Del Campo, R.; Cuadras Solé, M.; Pont Castellana, T.; Moreso Mateos, F.; Serón Micas, D.; Morote Robles, J., 2017:
Systematic review of kidney transplantation functional predictors

Peralta, E.; Muir, K.W.; Rosdahl, J.A., 2016:
Systematic Review of Knowledge Assessments for Glaucoma Patients

Gao, S-Shan.; Cui, R-Zhao.; Xie, Y-Ming.; Liao, X.; Gao, X-Yan.; Wang, J-Dong., 2018:
Systematic review of Kudiezi injection drug safety

Spanos, K.; Tsilimparis, N.; Larena-Avellaneda, A.; Giannoukas, A.D.; Debus, S.E.; Kölbel, T., 2017:
Systematic review of laparoscopic ligation of inferior mesenteric artery for the treatment of type II endoleak after endovascular aortic aneurysm repair

Nguyen, A.H.; Vaudreuil, A.M.; Huerter, C.J., 2017:
Systematic review of laser therapy in xanthelasma palpebrarum

Turgoose, D.; Ashwick, R.; Murphy, D., 2017:
Systematic review of lessons learned from delivering tele-therapy to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

Goolsby, C.; Branting, A.; Ausman, J.; Williams, D.; Ausman, C.; David, J.; Allard, R., 2018:
Systematic Review of Live Tissue Versus Simulation Education for Prehospital Trauma Providers

Machin, M.; Amaral, Aé.F.S.; Wielscher, M.; Rezwan, F.I.; Imboden, M.; Jarvelin, M-Riitta.; Adcock, I.M.; Probst-Hensch, N.; Holloway, J.W.; Jarvis, D.L., 2017:
Systematic review of lung function and COPD with peripheral blood DNA methylation in population based studies

Scaglioni, M.F.; Fontein, D.B.Y.; Arvanitakis, M.; Giovanoli, P., 2017:
Systematic review of lymphovenous anastomosis (LVA) for the treatment of lymphedema

Khalele, B.A., 2017:
Systematic review of mammary analog secretory carcinoma of salivary glands at 7 years after description

Wylde, V.; Dennis, J.; Beswick, A.D.; Bruce, J.; Eccleston, C.; Howells, N.; Peters, T.J.; Gooberman-Hill, R., 2017:
Systematic review of management of chronic pain after surgery

Filippa, M.; Panza, C.; Ferrari, F.; Frassoldati, R.; Kuhn, P.; Balduzzi, S.; D'Amico, R., 2017:
Systematic review of maternal voice interventions demonstrates increased stability in preterm infants

Sitnikova, K.; Dijkstra-Kersten, S.M.A.; Mokkink, L.B.; Terluin, B.; van Marwijk, H.W.J.; Leone, S.S.; van der Horst, Hëtte.E.; van der Wouden, J.C., 2018:
Systematic review of measurement properties of questionnaires measuring somatization in primary care patients

Resnik, L.; Borgia, M.; Silver, B.; Cancio, J., 2017:
Systematic Review of Measures of Impairment and Activity Limitation for Persons With Upper Limb Trauma and Amputation

Francis, D.B.; Hall, M.G.; Noar, S.M.; Ribisl, K.M.; Brewer, N.T., 2017:
Systematic Review of Measures Used in Pictorial Cigarette Pack Warning Experiments

Melton, B.L., 2017:
Systematic Review of Medical Informatics-Supported Medication Decision Making

Chen, Y-Yuan.; Xie, Y-Ming.; Liao, X.; Chen, H-Yu., 2018:
Systematic review of medication safety of Xiyanping injection in conformity with indications of package inserts

Evans, S.; Ling, M.; Hill, B.; Rinehart, N.; Austin, D.; Sciberras, E., 2017:
Systematic review of meditation-based interventions for children with ADHD

Sparrow, K.; Kwan, J.; Howard, L.; Fear, N.; MacManus, D., 2017:
Systematic review of mental health disorders and intimate partner violence victimisation among military populations

Molugulu, N.; Yee, L.Shu.; Ye, Y.Tze.; Khee, T.Chew.; Nie, L.Zhen.; Yee, N.Jia.; Yee, T.Kar.; Liang, T.Chee.; Kesharwani, P., 2017:
Systematic review of metformin monotherapy and dual therapy with sodium glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitor (SGLT-2) in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Pérez-Cruzado, D.; Merchán-Baeza, J.Antonio.; González-Sánchez, M.; Cuesta-Vargas, A.I., 2016:
Systematic review of mirror therapy compared with conventional rehabilitation in upper extremity function in stroke survivors

Bazerbachi, F.; Leise, M.D.; Watt, K.D.; Murad, M.Hassan.; Prokop, L.J.; Haffar, S., 2017:
Systematic review of mixed cryoglobulinemia associated with hepatitis E virus infection: association or causation?

Huygens, S.A.; Takkenberg, J.J.M.; Rutten-van Mölken, M.P.M.H., 2017:
Systematic review of model-based economic evaluations of heart valve implantations

Lijftogt, N.; Luijnenburg, T.W.F.; Vahl, A.C.; Wilschut, E.D.; Leijdekkers, V.J.; Fiocco, M.F.; Wouters, M.W.J.M.; Hamming, J.F., 2017:
Systematic review of mortality risk prediction models in the era of endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery

Srikandarajah, S.; Gilron, I., 2011:
Systematic review of movement-evoked pain versus pain at rest in postsurgical clinical trials and meta-analyses: a fundamental distinction requiring standardized measurement

Murias, K.; Moir, A.; Myers, K.Alexis.; Liu, I.; Wei, X-Chang., 2017:
Systematic review of MRI findings in children with developmental delay or cognitive impairment

Mahan, S.; Rous, R.; Adlam, A., 2017:
Systematic Review of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for Prospective Memory Deficits as a Consequence of Acquired Brain Injury

Hawk, C.; Minkalis, A.L.; Khorsan, R.; Daniels, C.J.; Homack, D.; Gliedt, J.A.; Hartman, J.A.; Bhalerao, S., 2017:
Systematic Review of Nondrug, Nonsurgical Treatment of Shoulder Conditions

Ardhanari, S.; Yarlagadda, B.; Parikh, V.; Dellsperger, K.C.; Chockalingam, A.; Balla, S.; Kumar, S., 2017:
Systematic review of non-invasive cardiovascular imaging in the diagnosis of constrictive pericarditis

Gorter, R.R.; The, S-May.M.L.; Gorter-Stam, M.A.W.; Eker, H.H.; Bakx, R.; van der Lee, J.H.; Heij, H.A., 2017:
Systematic review of nonoperative versus operative treatment of uncomplicated appendicitis

Lago, P.; Garetti, E.; Bellieni, C.Valerio.; Merazzi, D.; Savant Levet, P.; Ancora, G.; Pirelli, A., 2017:
Systematic review of nonpharmacological analgesic interventions for common needle-related procedure in newborn infants and development of evidence-based clinical guidelines

Lue, S.; Koppikar, S.; Shaikh, K.; Mahendira, D.; Towheed, T.E., 2017:
Systematic review of non-surgical therapies for osteoarthritis of the hand: an update

Mitchell, D.; Perez, J.; Grau, L.; Summers, S.; Rosas, S.; Ong, A.; Schneiderbauer, M.M.; Hernandez, V.H., 2018:
Systematic Review of Novel Synovial Fluid Markers and Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Diagnosis of Prosthetic Joint Infection

Hirose, A.; Owolabi, O.; Imamura, M.; Okonofua, F.; Hussein, J., 2017:
Systematic review of obstetric care from a women-centered perspective in Nigeria since 2000

Hunter, E.G.; Gibson, R.W.; Arbesman, M.; D'Amico, M., 2017:
Systematic Review of Occupational Therapy and Adult Cancer Rehabilitation: Part 1. Impact of Physical Activity and Symptom Management Interventions

Hunter, E.G.; Gibson, R.W.; Arbesman, M.; D'Amico, M., 2017:
Systematic Review of Occupational Therapy and Adult Cancer Rehabilitation: Part 2. Impact of Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation and Psychosocial, Sexuality, and Return-to-Work Interventions

Rojo-Mota, G.; Pedrero-Pérez, E.J.; Huertas-Hoyas, E., 2017:
Systematic Review of Occupational Therapy in the Treatment of Addiction: Models, Practice, and Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Mullen, E.; Ahmed, K.; Challacombe, B., 2017:
Systematic review of open versus laparoscopic versus robot-assisted nephroureterectomy

Palla, B.; Burian, E.; Fliefel, R.; Otto, S., 2017:
Systematic review of oral manifestations related to hyperparathyroidism

Kamrava, B.; Roehm, P.C., 2017:
Systematic Review of Ossicular Chain Anatomy: Strategic Planning for Development of Novel Middle Ear Prostheses

Canaud, L.; Patterson, B.O.; Peach, G.; Hinchliffe, R.; Loftus, I.; Thompson, M.M., 2013:
Systematic review of outcomes of combined proximal stent grafting with distal bare stenting for management of aortic dissection

van der List, J.P.; Camp, C.L.; Sinatro, A.L.; Dines, J.S.; Pearle, A.D., 2017:
Systematic Review of Outcomes Reporting in Professional Baseball: A Call for Increased Validation and Consistency

Diwakar, L.; Cummins, C.; Lilford, R.; Roberts, T., 2017:
Systematic review of pathways for the delivery of allergy services

Groller, K.D., 2017:
Systematic review of patient education practices in weight loss surgery

Varghese, J.; Griffin, M.; Mosahebi, A.; Butler, P., 2017:
Systematic review of patient factors affecting adipose stem cell viability and function: implications for regenerative therapy

Aber, A.; Poku, E.; Phillips, P.; Essat, M.; Buckley Woods, H.; Palfreyman, S.; Kaltenthaler, E.; Jones, G.; Michaels, J., 2017:
Systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures in patients with varicose veins

Prasad, S.; Fong, E.; Ooi, E.H., 2018:
Systematic review of patient-reported outcomes after revision endoscopic sinus surgery

Mutsaers, A.; Greenspoon, J.; Walker-Dilks, C.; Swaminath, A., 2018:
Systematic review of patient reported quality of life following stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for primary and metastatic liver cancer

Ryu, W.Hyung.A.; Dharampal, N.; Mostafa, A.E.; Sharlin, E.; Kopp, G.; Jacobs, W.Bradley.; Hurlbert, R.John.; Chan, S.; Sutherland, G.R., 2017:
Systematic Review of Patient-Specific Surgical Simulation: Toward Advancing Medical Education

Gatlin, T.K.; Serafica, R.; Johnson, M., 2017:
Systematic review of peer education intervention programmes among individuals with type 2 diabetes

Sasikumar, A.; Bhan, C.; Jenkins, J.T.; Antoniou, A.; Murphy, J., 2017:
Systematic Review of Pelvic Exenteration With En Bloc Sacrectomy for Recurrent Rectal Adenocarcinoma: R0 Resection Predicts Disease-free Survival

Ironside, N.; Bell, R.; Bartlett, A.; McCall, J.; Powell, J.; Pandanaboyana, S., 2017:
Systematic review of perioperative and survival outcomes of liver resections with and without preoperative portal vein embolization for colorectal metastases

Laoire, Áine.Ní.; Murtagh, F.E.M., 2017:
Systematic review of pharmacological therapies for the management of ischaemic pain in patients with non-reconstructable critical limb ischaemia

Rafieian-Kopaei, M.; Movahedi, M., 2017:
Systematic Review of Premenstrual, Postmenstrual and Infertility Disorders of Vitex Agnus Castus

Kehler, D.Scott.; Stammers, A.N.; Tangri, N.; Hiebert, B.; Fransoo, R.; Schultz, A.S.H.; Macdonald, K.; Giacomontonio, N.; Hassan, A.; Légaré, J-Francois.; Arora, R.C.; Duhamel, T.A., 2018:
Systematic review of preoperative physical activity and its impact on postcardiac surgical outcomes

Grass, F.; Vuagniaux, A.; Teixeira-Farinha, H.; Lehmann, K.; Demartines, N.; Hübner, M., 2017:
Systematic review of pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced peritoneal carcinomatosis

Hodgson, L.Eliot.; Sarnowski, A.; Roderick, P.J.; Dimitrov, B.D.; Venn, R.M.; Forni, L.G., 2018:
Systematic review of prognostic prediction models for acute kidney injury (AKI) in general hospital populations

Li, S.; Wang, Z.; Huang, J.; Fan, J.; Du, H.; Liu, L.; Che, G., 2017:
Systematic review of prognostic roles of body mass index for patients undergoing lung cancer surgery: does the 'obesity paradox' really exist?

Bloomfield, R.; Noble, D.W., 2015:
Systematic review of prone positioning: study selection and analysis

Bryant, R.; Alonzo, A.; Schmillen, H., 2017:
Systematic review of provider involvement in heart failure self-care interventions

Li, Y.; Bressington, D.; Chien, W.Tong., 2017:
Systematic Review of Psychosocial Interventions for People With Spinal Cord Injury During Inpatient Rehabilitation: Implications for Evidence-Based Practice

Deylami, R.; Townson, J.; Mann, M.; Gregory, J.W., 2017:
Systematic review of publicity interventions to increase awareness amongst healthcare professionals and the public to promote earlier diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in children and young people

Cross, E.Louise.Anne.; Tolfree, R.; Kipping, R., 2016:
Systematic review of public-targeted communication interventions to improve antibiotic use

Slikboer, R.; Reser, M.P.; Nedeljkovic, M.; Castle, D.J.; Rossell, S.L., 2017:
Systematic Review of Published Primary Studies of Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging in Trichotillomania

Coghill, D.R.; Banaschewski, T.; Soutullo, César.; Cottingham, M.G.; Zuddas, A., 2017:
Systematic review of quality of life and functional outcomes in randomized placebo-controlled studies of medications for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Karamitros, G.A.; Kitsos, N.A.; Sapountzis, S., 2017:
Systematic Review of Quality of Patient Information on Phalloplasty in the Internet

Gold, J.E.; Hallman, D.M.; Hellström, F.; Björklund, M.; Crenshaw, A.G.; Mathiassen, S.Erik.; Barbe, M.F.; Ali, S., 2018:
Systematic review of quantitative imaging biomarkers for neck and shoulder musculoskeletal disorders

Bowen, D.J.; Hyams, T.; Goodman, M.; West, K.M.; Harris-Wai, J.; Yu, J-H., 2017:
Systematic Review of Quantitative Measures of Stakeholder Engagement

Narayan, M.Curry.; Scafide, K.N., 2017:
Systematic Review of Racial/Ethnic Outcome Disparities in Home Health Care

Gagnon, L-Helene.; Abbasi, N., 2017:
Systematic review of randomized controlled trials on the role of coaching in surgery to improve learner outcomes

Hammett, S.; Youssef, N.A., 2018:
Systematic review of recent guidelines for pharmacological treatments of bipolar disorders in adults

Boufi, M.; Patterson, B.O.; Grima, M.Joe.; Karthikesalingam, A.; Hudda, M.T.; Holt, P.J.; Loftus, I.M.; Thompson, M.M., 2017:
Systematic Review of Reintervention After Thoracic Endovascular Repair for Chronic Type B Dissection

Guo, J.; Zhang, Q.; Bi, X.; Zhou, J.; Li, Z.; Huang, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Li, M.; Chen, X.; Hu, X.; Yihebali, C.; Liang, J.; Liu, J.; Zhao, J.; Cai, J.; Zhao, H., 2016:
Systematic review of resecting primary tumor in MNETs patients with unresectable liver metastases

Alimi, Y.; Lim, W.S.; Lansbury, L.; Leonardi-Bee, J.; Nguyen-Van-Tam, J.S., 2017:
Systematic review of respiratory viral pathogens identified in adults with community-acquired pneumonia in Europe

Groot Jebbink, E.; Holewijn, S.; Slump, C.H.; Lardenoije, J-Willem.; Reijnen, M.M.P.J., 2017:
Systematic Review of Results of Kissing Stents in the Treatment of Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease

Hurd, K.; Barnabe, C., 2016:
Systematic review of rheumatic disease phenotypes and outcomes in the Indigenous populations of Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand

Kunutsor, S.K.; Whitehouse, M.R.; Blom, A.W.; Beswick, A.D., 2017:
Systematic review of risk prediction scores for surgical site infection or periprosthetic joint infection following joint arthroplasty

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Systematic Review of the Effect of Enteral Feeding on Gut Microbiota in Preterm Infants

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Systematic Review of the Gastrointestinal Effects of A1 Compared with A2 β-Casein

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Systematic review of the systemic concentrations of local anaesthetic after transversus abdominis plane block and rectus sheath block

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Systematic Review of the Toxicity of Long-Course Oral Corticosteroids in Children

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Systematic Review of the Use of 3-Dimensional Printing in Surgical Teaching and Assessment

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Systematic review of the use of low-dose ketamine for analgesia in the emergency department

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Systematic review of treatments for diabetic peripheral neuropathy: lost in translation

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Systematic Review of Validity Assessments of Framingham Risk Score Results in Health Economic Modelling of Lipid-Modifying Therapies in Europe

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Systematic Review of Woven EndoBridge for Wide-Necked Bifurcation Aneurysms: Complications, Adequate Occlusion Rate, Morbidity, and Mortality

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Systematic Review on Efficacy of Magnesium (Intravenous or Nebulized) for Acute Asthma Episodes in Children: Evidence-based Medicine Viewpoint

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Systematic Review on Efficacy of Magnesium (Intravenous or Nebulized) for Acute Asthma Episodes in Children: Pediatric Pulmonologist's Viewpoint

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Systematic review on highly viscous glass-ionomer cement/resin coating restorations (Part II): 
Do they merge Minamata Convention and minimum intervention dentistry?

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Systematic review on maternal depression versus anxiety in relation to excessive infant crying: it is all about the timing

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Systematic review on the reporting quality of randomized controlled trials in patients with hepatitis B or C in China

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Systematic review on risk factors of rotator cuff tears

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Systematic review on safety of sofren injection

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Systematic review on safety of Xianling Gubao capsule

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Systematic review on safety of Xinyuan capsules

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Systematic Review on the Accuracy of Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography and Positron Emission Tomography/Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Management of Ovarian Cancer: Is Functional Information Really Needed?

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Systematic review on the physical activity level and nutritional status of Brazilian children

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Systematic review on the predictive ability of frailty assessment measures in cardiac surgery

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Systematic review on the prevalence of lack of capacity in medical and psychiatric settings

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Systemic and intrafollicular components of follicle selection in mares

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