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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60314

Chapter 60314 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thompson, J., 2017:
Take-home naloxone provision cuts opioid overdose deaths

Thinggaard, E., 2017:
Take-Home Training in Laparoscopy

de Jong, M.A.M.; Briaire, J.J.; Frijns, J.H.M., 2017:
Take-Home Trial Comparing Fast Fourier Transformation-Based and Filter Bank-Based Cochlear Implant Speech Coding Strategies

Mowen, A.J.; Barrett, A.G.; Graefe, A.R.; Kraschnewski, J.L.; Sciamanna, C.N., 2017:
"Take in two parks and call me in the morning" - Perception of parks as an essential component of our healthcare system

Combs, A.Nino., 2017:
Take it like a nurse

Clancy, J.P.; Joseloff, E., 2017:
Take it to the Bank

Samsson, K.S.; Bernhardsson, S.; Larsson, M.Eh., 2017:
"Take me seriously and do something!" - a qualitative study exploring patients' perceptions and expectations of an upcoming orthopaedic consultation

Bozinovski, J., 2017:
Take me to your bleeder: Recombinant factor VIIa-finding its way in cardiac surgery

Salvage, J., 1988 :
Take me to your leader

Pinheiro, D.L.; Melkers, J.; Newton, S., 2017:
Take me where I want to go: Institutional prestige, advisor sponsorship, and academic career placement preferences

Yarwood, J., 2002:
Take my advice

Lyon, R.F., 2017:
Take My Breath Away

Hek, G., 2000:
Take nothing for granted

Haslam, D., 2017:
Taken to task by my older patients

Burrows, M.; Dorosenko, M., 2017:
Take-off mechanisms in parasitoid wasps

Takahashi, A.; Mori, E.; Ohnishi, K.; Matsumoto, H., 2017:
Takeo Ohnishi, PhD, 1944-2017

Petermeijer, S.; Bazilinskyy, P.; Bengler, K.; de Winter, J., 2017:
Take-over again: Investigating multimodal and directional TORs to get the driver back into the loop

Längle, G., 2017:
Takeover of Cross-Sectoral Care by Private Providers? - Contra

Walle, M., 2017:
Takeover of Cross-Sectoral Care by Private Providers? - Pro

Happee, R.; Gold, C.; Radlmayr, J.; Hergeth, S.; Bengler, K., 2017:
Take-over performance in evasive manoeuvres

Eriksson, A.; Stanton, N.A., 2017:
Takeover Time in Highly Automated Vehicles: Noncritical Transitions to and From Manual Control

Sila, A., 2017:
Take Pride in What You Do and Expand Your Horizons

Delacruz, N.; Reed, S.; Splinter, A.; Brown, A.; Flowers, S.; Verbeck, N.; Turpening, D.; Mahan, J.D., 2017:
Take the HEAT: A pilot study on improving communication with angry families

Player, K.; Houser, B., 2003:
Take the lead!

Jelfs, E., 2017:
Take the lead and get involved in research

Ibáñez, M.I.; Sabater-Grande, G.; Barreda-Tarrazona, Ián.; Mezquita, L.; López-Ovejero, S.; Villa, H.; Perakakis, P.; Ortet, Gós.; García-Gallego, A.; Georgantzís, N., 2016:
Take the Money and Run: Psychopathic Behavior in the Trust Game

Misch, L.S., 1993:
Take the plunge

Parish, C., 2001:
Take the reins

Stern, N., 1989:
Take the time to talk

Steier, K.J., 2000:
Take the time to teach to ensure the legacy and future of our profession

Hunter, D., 2002:
Take this job and love it!

Blackburn, H.L., 1981:
"Take thou"

Münch, D.; Galizia, C.Giovanni., 2017:
Take time: odor coding capacity across sensory neurons increases over time in Drosophila

LeFae, B., 2013:
Take two apps and call me in the morning

Hobson, K., 2005:
Take with a grain of salt

Yoshida, S.; Okada, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Miyake, T.; Yamada, N.; Suzuki, K.; Nakano, M.; Doi, T.; Nachi, S.; Ushikoshi, H.; Toyoda, I.; Ogura, S., 2015:
Take with a pinch of salt! Wild plants labeled "edible" may be poisonous

Sperandio, V., 2017:
Take Your Pick: Vitamins and Microbiota Facilitate Pathogen Clearance

McGlinchey, R.P.; Dominah, G.A.; Lee, J.C., 2017:
Taking a Bite Out of Amyloid: Mechanistic Insights into α-Synuclein Degradation by Cathepsin L

Wunderink, L., 2017:
Taking a Bleulerian perspective: a role for negative symptoms in the staging model?

Coticchia, M.E., 2017:
Taking a Broader Approach to Innovation

Sultan-Taïeb, Hélène.; St-Hilaire, F.; Lefebvre, Rébecca.; Biron, C.; Vézina, M.; Brisson, C., 2017:
Taking Account of Gender Differences When Designing Interventions in Occupational Health? Lessons from a Study of the "Healthy Enterprise" Standard in Qubec: Les diffrences de genre sont-elles prises en compte lors de la conception des interventions de prvention en sant au travail? Rsultats d une tude sur la norme "Entreprises en Sant" dans les entreprises au Qubec

Ayalon, L.; Tesch-Römer, C., 2017:
Taking a closer look at ageism: self- and other-directed ageist attitudes and discrimination

Ingram, S., 2017:
Taking a comprehensive health history: learning through practice and reflection

Paul, J.M.; Reeve, R.A.; Forte, J.D., 2017:
Taking a(c)count of eye movements: Multiple mechanisms underlie fixations during enumeration

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking a critical look at the UNAIDS global estimates on paediatric and adolescent HIV survival and death

Higashiguchi, T.; Arai, H.; Claytor, L.Hui.; Kuzuya, M.; Kotani, J.; Lee, S-Dye.; Michel, J-Pierre.; Nogami, T.; Peng, N., 2017:
Taking action against malnutrition in Asian healthcare settings: an initiative of a Northeast Asia Study Group

Mensah, G.A., 2017:
Taking Action for Cardiovascular Health Around the Globe: World Heart Day 2017

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking action to address member concerns about cyberbullying

Bhimani, R.H.; Cross, L.J.S.; Taylor, B.C.; Meis, L.A.; Fu, S.S.; Allen, K.D.; Krein, S.L.; Do, T.; Kerns, R.D.; Burgess, D.J., 2017:
Taking ACTION to reduce pain: ACTION study rationale, design and protocol of a randomized trial of a proactive telephone-based coaching intervention for chronic musculoskeletal pain among African Americans

Camponeschi, J.; Vogt, C.M.; Creswell, P.D.; Mueller, M.; Christenson, M.; Werner, M.A., 2017:
Taking Action With Data: Improving Environmental Public Health at the Community Level

Da Silva, A.; Handschin, C.; Metwally, K.; Garci, H.; Riedinger, C.; Mensah, S.; Akhouayri, H., 2017:
Taking advantage of acoustic inhomogeneities in photoacoustic measurements

Pereira, I.Figueiredo.; Santiago, F.Zander.Mucci.; Sette-Dias, A.Cesar.; Noronha,, 2017:
Taking advantage of an unerupted third molar: a case report

Arrico, L.; Angelici, G.; Di Bari, L., 2017:
Taking advantage of Co(ii) induced enhanced VCD for the fast and sensitive determination of enantiomeric excess

Carlson, J.S.; Marleau, P.; Zarkesh, R.A.; Feng, P.L., 2017:
Taking Advantage of Disorder: Small-Molecule Organic Glasses for Radiation Detection and Particle Discrimination

Tzilas, V.; Valeyre, D.; Tzouvelekis, A.; Bouros, D., 2017:
Taking a giant step in the diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Lobecke, A.; Kern, R.; Egelhaaf, M., 2017:
Taking a goal-centred dynamic snapshot as a possibility for local homing in initially nave bumblebees

Nolan-Kelley, L., 2017:
Taking Aim at an Epidemic: Firearms Injury Prevention by Emergency Nurses

Santoro, R.; Carbone, C.; Piro, G.; Chiao, P.J.; Melisi, D., 2017:
TAK-ing aim at chemoresistance: The emerging role of MAP3K7 as a target for cancer therapy

Shepherd, E.G.; Brilli, R.J., 2017:
Taking Aim at Diagnostic Errors

Kim, I.; Koh, G.Young., 2017:
Taking aim at Sox18

Lee, B., 2002:
Taking a lead

Clifford, R., 2000:
Taking a leap of faith

Yeagle, P., 2017:
Taking a look at fungal bioluminescence

Ash, C., 2017:
Taking a look at plant-microbe relationships

Baune, B.T., 2017:
Taking a look into the future: Do clinical and neurobiological trajectories tell us more than what we already know?

Bellver Capella, V., 2017:
Taking Altruistic Surrogacy Seriously

Dinsdale, P.; Parish, C., 2003:
Taking a new path

Goodwin, L.; Gazard, B.; Aschan, L.; MacCrimmon, S.; Hotopf, M.; Hatch, S.L., 2017:
Taking an intersectional approach to define latent classes of socioeconomic status, ethnicity and migration status for psychiatric epidemiological research

Swartz, M.K., 2017:
Taking Another Look at Screen Time for Young Children

Berlin, J., 2017:
Taking Another Shot

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking antidepressants during pregnancy linked to autism

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking a proactive role in tackling hereditary disease in dogs

Monsivais, D.B., 2017:
Taking a Professional Approach to Peer Reviewing

Schatzki, S.C., 2017:
Taking a Pulse

Donovan, B., 1986:
Taking a sexual history

Wang, W.; Wang, Y.; Wu, J.; Yang, L.; Liu, Z., 2018:
Effects of electroacupuncture at "Zhongliao" (BL 33) and "Tianshu" (ST 25) on ovarian function in rats with premature ovarian insufficiency

Ballard, H.A.; Suresh, S., 2017:
Taking Assent to New Heights: A Case Report on Do-Not-Resuscitate Status in Pediatric Palliative Care Procedures

Aitken, A.Sadie.; Roy, D.Guy.; Bourgeois-Daigneault, M-Claude., 2017:
Taking a Stab at Cancer; Oncolytic Virus-Mediated Anti-Cancer Vaccination Strategies

Crouch, D., 2002:
Taking a stand

Arif, Z., 2012:
Taking a stand

Bard, R.Terry.R., 2017:
Taking A Stand

Carroll, K., 2017:
Taking a Stand: Living the Art of Humanbecoming

Finch, L.E.; Tomiyama, A.Janet.; Ward, A., 2017:
Taking a Stand: The Effects of Standing Desks on Task Performance and Engagement

Heller, J.L.E.; Kamalampeta, R.; Wieden, H-Joachim., 2017:
Taking a Step Back from Back-Translocation: an Integrative View of LepA/EF4's Cellular Function

Carter, J.R., 2017:
Taking a sympathetic approach to post-traumatic stress disorder

Palermo, C.; Gibson, S.; Meiklejohn, S.; Courtney, J.; Dart, J., 2017:
Taking a systems-thinking approach to competency-based assessment for dietetics

Bonstein, L.; Haddad, N., 2017:
Taking a wider view on fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

Verdonck, M.; Nolan, M.; Chard, G., 2017:
Taking back a little of what you have lost: the meaning of using an Environmental Control System (ECS) for people with high cervical spinal cord injury

Hunter, S.J., 2017:
Taking Behavioral Sciences Forward

Greval, S.D.S.; Chandra, S.N., 1940:
Taking Blood for Transfusion

Greval, S.D.S.; Chandra, S.N.; Chowdhury, A.B.Roy., 1940:
Taking Blood for Transfusion (In Potain's Aspirator). Further Details Including Cold Storage

Greval, S.D.S.; Chandra, S.N.; Chatterji, D.N., 1941:
Taking Blood for Transfusion : Further Improvisations

Ross, J., 2017:
Taking Bullying Out of Health Care: A Patient Safety Imperative

Brown, F., 1964:
Taking Care

Agarwal, V., 2017:
Taking Care, Bringing Life: A Post-structuralist Feminist Analysis of Maternal Discourses of Mothers and Dais in India

Angotti, N.; Mojola, S.A.; Schatz, E.; Williams, J.R.; Gómez-Olivé, F.Xavier., 2017:
'Taking care' in the age of AIDS: older rural South Africans' strategies for surviving the HIV epidemic

Grossman, R.L.; Adams, F.T., 1993:
Taking care of business:

Madduri, S.D., 1999:
Taking care of cancer patients; beyond science and technology

Rosen, N.S., 2001:
Taking care of children

Czapp, P., 2017:
Taking Care of Disadvantaged Patients

Crona, L.; Stenmarker, M.; Öjehagen, A.; Hallberg, U.; Brådvik, L., 2017:
Taking care of oneself by regaining control - a key to continue living four to five decades after a suicide attempt in severe depression

Falcone, G.; Nardella, A.; Lamis, D.A.; Erbuto, D.; Girardi, P.; Pompili, M., 2017:
Taking care of suicidal patients with new technologies and reaching-out means in the post-discharge period

Bhullar, N.; Rickwood, D.; Carter, T.; Haridas, S., 2016:
Taking care of teenagers, taking care of me: Profiling parental caregiving burden and activity restriction in a sample of Australian parents

Corcoran, C., 2017:
Taking care of the carers: support for families of persons with early psychosis

Picozzi, M.; Pegoraro, R., 2017:
Taking Care of the Vulnerable: The Criterion of Proportionality

Stuart, A.C.; Sico, J.J.; Viscoli, C.M.; Tayal, A.H.; Inzucchi, S.E.; Ford, G.A.; Furie, K.L.; Cote, R.; Spence, J.David.; Tanne, D.; Kernan, W.N., 2017:
Taking care of volunteers in a stroke trial: a new assisted-management strategy

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking Care of Your Health

Cole, E., 2017:
Taking care to the patient: a rural outreach plan for men

Anonymous, 1990:
Taking centre stage

James, A.A., 1996:
Taking chances

van Boxtel, C.; van Heerden, J.H.; Nordholt, N.; Schmidt, P.; Bruggeman, F.J., 2017:
Taking chances and making mistakes: non-genetic phenotypic heterogeneity and its consequences for surviving in dynamic environments

Kovar-Gough, I., 2017:
Taking Chances: A New Librarian and Curriculum Redesign

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking charge of the veterinary future in Europe

Li, T.; Li, J.; Zhou, Z.; Wang, Y.; Yang, X.; Qin, K.; Liu, J., 2017:
Taking climate, land use, and social economy into estimation of carbon budget in the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Region of China

Felton, A., 1987:
Taking control

Spanò, S.; Galán, J.E., 2017:
Taking control: Hijacking of Rab GTPases by intracellular bacterial pathogens

Delvigne, F.; Baert, J.; Sassi, H.; Fickers, P.; Grünberger, A.; Dusny, C., 2017:
Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses

Wang, Z.; Dendukuri, N.; Pai, M.; Joseph, L., 2017:
Taking Costs and Diagnostic Test Accuracy into Account When Designing Prevalence Studies: An Application to Childhood Tuberculosis Prevalence

Jones, A., 1995:
Taking counsel

Raman, S.; Ruston, S.; Irwin, S.; Tran, P.; Hotton, P.; Thorne, S., 2017:
Taking culture seriously: Can we improve the developmental health and well-being of Australian Aboriginal children in out-of-home care?

Desai, A.; Zoccatelli, G.; Adams, M.; Allen, D.; Brearley, S.; Rafferty, A.Marie.; Robert, G.; Donetto, S., 2017:
Taking data seriously: the value of actor-network theory in rethinking patient experience data

Beheshti, R.; Jones-Smith, J.C.; Igusa, T., 2017:
Taking dietary habits into account: A computational method for modeling food choices that goes beyond price

Kabat, G.C., 2017:
Taking distrust of science seriously: To overcome public distrust in science, scientists need to stop pretending that there is a scientific consensus on controversial issues when there is not

Strakosas, X.; Selberg, J.; Hemmatian, Z.; Rolandi, M., 2017:
Taking Electrons out of Bioelectronics: From Bioprotonic Transistors to Ion Channels

Williams, A.; Whittington, A.; Taigman, M., 2006:
Taking EMS into tomorrow: part 2

Roth, R.N.; Taigman, M., 2006:
Taking EMS into tomorrow: part 4

Tait, C.; Taigman, M., 2006:
Taking EMS into tomorrow: part 5

Kanowitz, A.; Taigman, M., 2006:
Taking EMS into tomorrow: Part 6

Østergaard, Søren.Dinesen., 2017:
Taking Facebook at face value: why the use of social media may cause mental disorder

Schimmenti, C.; Darmody, M.A., 1987:
Taking flight

Singh, G., 2017:
Taking Flight

Edens, J.F.; Boccaccini, M.T., 2017:
Taking forensic mental health assessment "out of the lab" and into "the real world": Introduction to the special issue on the field utility of forensic assessment instruments and procedures

Kokkinen, L.; Shankardass, K.; O'Campo, P.; Muntaner, C., 2017:
Taking health into account in all policies: raising and keeping health equity high on the political agenda

Ranson, M.Kent.; Evans, D.B., 2017:
Taking health systems research syntheses to the next level: overviews of systematic reviews

Balasubramani, A., 2017:
Taking HIV to the gut

Waters, D.D.; Nattel, S., 2017:
Taking Hockey to Heart: Potential Coronary Risks of Watching Exciting Games

Quintero, J.; García-Betancourt, T.; Caprara, A.; Basso, C.; Garcia da Rosa, E.; Manrique-Saide, P.; Coelho, G.; Sánchez-Tejeda, G.; Dzul-Manzanilla, F.; García, D.Alejandro.; Carrasquilla, G.; Alfonso-Sierra, E.; Monteiro Vasconcelos Motta, C.; Sommerfeld, J.; Kroeger, A., 2017:
Taking innovative vector control interventions in urban Latin America to scale: lessons learnt from multi-country implementation research

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking Inventory to Safeguard Your Practice

Segal, A.G.; Sisti, D.A., 2017:
Taking Issue With Crime, Vulnerability, and AOT

Downey, G.P.; Aschner, Y., 2017 :
Taking It Off: New Insights into the Role of Tyrosine Phosphorylation-dependent Pathways in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Fibrosis

Fairey, A.S.; Jacobsen, N-Erik., 2017:
Taking it to the HILT: High-intensity local treatment with radical cystectomy for metastatic bladder cancer

Albertson, D., 1989:
Taking it to the top

Ferrarotto, R.; Heymach, J.V., 2017:
Taking it up a NOTCH: a novel subgroup of ACC is identified

Wong, G.; Howell, M.; Patrick, E.; Yang, J., 2017:
Taking Kidneys for Granted? Time to Reflect on the Choices We Make

Anonymous, 1991:
Taking liberties

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking magnesium could prevent bone fractures in middle age

Parmenter, B., 2010:
Taking Mental Illness beyond the DSM-IV-TR and into a New Frontier

Boshuizen, H.C.; Nusselder, W.J.; Plasmans, M.H.D.; Hilderink, H.H.; Snijders, B.E.P.; Poos, Ré.; van Gool, C.H., 2017:
Taking multi-morbidity into account when attributing DALYs to risk factors: comparing dynamic modeling with the GBD2010 calculation method

Clerc, Fédéric.; Bertrand, N.Jean.Hyacinthe.; La Rocca, Bénédicte., 2017:
Taking Multiple Exposure Into Account Can Improve Assessment of Chemical Risks

Roos, A.Marie., 2017:
Taking Newton on tour: the scientific travels of Martin Folkes, 1733-1735

Madsen, I., 2017:
Taking Nursing Informatics into the Future

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 2017:
Taking on a new significance?

Reisman, A., 2013:
Taking one for the team

Bartlett, M.; Gay, S.P.; Kinston, R.; McKinley, R., 2017:
Taking on the doctor role in whole-task simulation

Mertz, L., 2017:
Taking on the Obesity Epidemic : Researchers Wage a Big Fat Fight in Efforts to Combat This Global Health Issue

Brignardello-Petersen, R., 2017:
Taking oral bisphosphonates for more than 3 years and undergoing mandibular tooth extraction may be risk factors for osteonecrosis of the jaw

Zhang, J.; Ma, W.; He, X-Peng.; Tian, H., 2017:
Taking Orders from Light: Photo-Switchable Working/Inactive Smart Surfaces for Protein and Cell Adhesion

Reid, K.; Smallwood, D.; Collins, M.; Sutherland, R.; Dodds, A., 2017:
Taking OSCE examiner training on the road: reaching the masses

Polo, K.M.; Smith, C., 2017:
Taking Our Seat at the Table: Community Cancer Survivorship

Martín, V., 2017:
Taking over

Lilley, E.J.; Morris, M.A.; Sadovnikoff, N.; Luxford, J.M.; Changoor, N.R.; Bystricky, A.; Bader, A.M.; Cooper, Z., 2017:
"Taking over somebody's life": Experiences of surrogate decision-makers in the surgical intensive care unit

Kievit, W.; Tummers, M.; van Hoorn, R.; Booth, A.; Mozygemba, K.; Refolo, P.; Sacchini, D.; Pfadenhauer, L.; Gerhardus, A.; Van der Wilt, G.Jan., 2017:
Taking Patient Heterogeneity And Preferences Into Account In Health Technology Assessments

Burcham, P.C., 2017:
Taking Pharmaceutical Innovation to the Masses

Wisloff, U.; Lavie, C.J., 2017:
Taking Physical Activity, Exercise, and Fitness to a Higher Level

Lodge, J.Peter.A., 2017:
Taking "Play-Doh" to the Kids: Using the ALPPS Approach to Prevent Postoperative Liver Failure

Beahm, N.P.; Tsuyuki, R.T., 2017:
Taking practice innovation to the next level

Kulasegaram, K.; Buller, D.; Whitehead, C., 2017:
Taking presentations seriously: Invoking narrative craft in academic talks

Herman-Izycka, J.; Wlasnowolski, M.; Wilczynski, B., 2017:
Taking promoters out of enhancers in sequence based predictions of tissue-specific mammalian enhancers

Cubelli, R.; Della Sala, S., 2017:
Taking race out of neuroscience too

Boscardin, C.K.; Wijnen-Meijer, M.; Cate, O.Ten., 2017:
Taking Rater Exposure to Trainees Into Account When Explaining Rater Variability

Ross, J.W., 1991:
Taking responsibility

Saultz, J., 2017:
Taking Responsibility for Family Medicine Student Interest

Kenwright, S., 2017:
Taking responsibility for the unrealistic expectations about frailty

Parkinson, M., 1990:
Taking risks

Fochtman, D., 1991:
Taking risks

Kerr, J.H.; Frank-Ragan, E.; Brown, R.I., 1993:
Taking risks with health

Cheng, L.; Broome, M.E.; Feng, S.; Hu, Y., 2017:
Taking Root: a grounded theory on evidence-based nursing implementation in China

Weppner, W.G.; Fisher, A.K.; Hagman, M.; Inouye, L.; King, I.; Smith, C.Scott.; Wilper, A.P.; Knight, C.L., 2017:
Taking SGIM's Teaching Educators Across the Continuum of Health Care on the Road-A Local, Interprofessional Faculty Development Innovation

Goodknight, J.; Aspuru-Guzik, A., 2017:
Taking six-dimensional spectra in finite time

Hoeksema, J., 2011:
Taking steps to control costs in the OR

Drucker, A.M., 2017:
Taking steps to improve the assessment and management of rosacea

Carlton, T.O., 1990:
Taking stock

Hauptman, P.J., 2017:
Taking Stock

Constantino, J.N., 2017:
Taking stock of critical clues to understanding sex differences in the prevalence and recurrence of autism

Bennett, J., 2017:
Taking Stock of Retinal Gene Therapy: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Neal, Z.P., 2017:
Taking Stock of the Diversity and Sense of Community Debate

Bilder, D.; Irvine, K.D., 2017:
Taking Stock of the iDrosophila Research Ecosystem

Lucyk, K.; McLaren, L., 2017:
Taking stock of the social determinants of health: A scoping review

Allen, T.D.; Eby, L.T.; Chao, G.T.; Bauer, T.N., 2017:
Taking stock of two relational aspects of organizational life: Tracing the history and shaping the future of socialization and mentoring research

Tomlinson, M., 2016:
Taking stories to the mountains

Tomlinson, M., 2017:
Taking stories to the mountains

Rubin, D.C.; Li, D.; Hall, S.A.; Kragel, P.A.; Berntsen, D., 2017:
Taking tests in the magnet: Brain mapping standardized tests

Fleet, J-Anne.; Jones, M.; Belan, I., 2017:
Taking the alternative route: Women's experience of intranasal fentanyl, subcutaneous fentanyl or intramuscular pethidine for labour analgesia

King, G.E., 1969:
Taking the blood pressure

Gheysen, F.; Lasne, G.; Pélégrini-Issac, Mélanie.; Albouy, G.; Meunier, S.; Benali, H.; Doyon, J.; Popa, T., 2016:
Taking the brakes off the learning curve

Wheeler, S.B.; Davis, M.M., 2017:
"Taking the Bull by the Horns": Four Principles to Align Public Health, Primary Care, and Community Efforts to Improve Rural Cancer Control

Urbancic, K.F.; Ierino, F.; Phillips, E.; Mount, P.F.; Mahony, A.; Trubiano, J.A., 2017:
Taking the challenge: A protocolized approach to optimize Pneumocystis pneumonia prophylaxis in renal transplant recipients

Eiroa-Orosa, F.José.; Rowe, M., 2017:
Taking the Concept of Citizenship in Mental Health across Countries. Reflections on Transferring Principles and Practice to Different Sociocultural Contexts

Bowen, J.R.; Zimmerman, M.G.; Suthar, M.S., 2017:
Taking the defensive: Immune control of Zika virus infection

Kruijt Spanjer, E.C.; Bittermann, G.K.P.; van Hooijdonk, I.E.M.; Rosenberg, A.J.W.P.; Gawlitta, D., 2017:
Taking the endochondral route to craniomaxillofacial bone regeneration: A logical approach?

Moran, E., 1969:
Taking the Final Risk

Bowman, J.; Alvarez, L.; Evans, M.; Smith, R.; O'Brien, B., 1992:
Taking the first step

Morales, A., 2017:
Taking the first steps in establishing recommendations for testosterone monitoring in men with prostate cancer on androgen-deprivation therapy

Turcotte, L.M., 2017:
Taking the Good with the Bad: Survival and Late Toxicity among Young Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Survivors

Anonymous, 2017:
Taking the Guesswork Out of Stopping TKIs

Geboes, Y.; De Proft, F.; Herrebout, W.A., 2017:
Taking the halogen bonding-hydrogen bonding competition one step further: complexes of difluoroiodomethane with trimethylphosphine, dimethyl sulfide and chloromethane

Danagoulian, S., 2017:
Taking the hassle out of wellness: Do peers and health matter?

Marty, R.; Dolan, C.B.; Leu, M.; Runfola, D., 2017:
Taking the health aid debate to the subnational level: the impact and allocation of foreign health aid in Malawi

Monsivais, D.B., 2017:
Taking the "Imply" Out of Your Implications for Practice: Explicate, Don't Implicate!

Cooper, C.A., 2002:
Taking the initiative

Raper, S.E.; Rose, D.; Nepps, M.Ellen.; Drebin, J.A., 2017:
Taking the Initiative: Risk-Reduction Strategies and Decreased Malpractice Costs

Fonda, D., 1989:
Taking the 'in' out of incontinence

Bagnall, P., 1991:
Taking the lead

O'Kane, M.E., 2003:
Taking the lead for accountability

Curley, L.E.; Kennedy, J.; Hinton, J.; Mirjalili, A.; Svirskis, D., 2017:
Taking the lead from our colleagues in medical education: the use of images of the in-vivo setting in teaching concepts of pharmaceutical science

Gordon, O., 2017:
Taking the lead from premature babies regarding their care

Cowton, C.J.; Drake, J.E., 2000:
Taking the lead in fundholding

Pontious, J.Michael., 2006:
Taking the leap..

Nicholls, S.J.; Miller, C., 2017:
Taking the lid off the pot on marijuana and cardiovascular disease

Aschwanden, C., 2004:
Taking the long view

Lazarus, J.V.; Barton, S.E.; Bernardino, Jé.I., 2017:
Taking the long-view in a personalised approach to HIV care

Lindgren, H.E.; Nässén, K.; Lundgren, I., 2017:
Taking the matter into one's own hands - Women's experiences of unassisted homebirths in Sweden

Rodriguez, J.A.; Eisenberg, D.S.; Gonen, T., 2017:
Taking the measure of MicroED

Nordhaus-Bike, A., 2001:
Taking the ouch out of sharps safety. Start at the top, invest enough and keep on training

Schneider, T.M.; Carbon, C-Christian., 2017:
Taking the Perfect Selfie: Investigating the Impact of Perspective on the Perception of Higher Cognitive Variables

Veteto, R.M., 1996:
Taking the plunge

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Talking tough about teamwork

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Talking with Associate Professor Brett Emmerson AM

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Talking with caregivers of children living in the community with ventricular assist devices

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Talking with Dr Kym Jenkins

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Talking with Dr Warren Kealy-Bateman

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Talking with the chronic patient about malnutrition

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Talk to her

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Talk with and not around the child

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Tallying the tropical toll on trees from lightning

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Talmudic aphorisms on diet: IV. Eat regularly!

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Taming the rAMPAnt Fire with Fat

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Taming the Wildness of "Trojan-Horse" Peptides by Charge-Guided Masking and Protease-Triggered Demasking for the Controlled Delivery of Antitumor Agents

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Tamm-Horsfall protein--uromodulin

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Tapping the Intestines

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Targeted approaches to improve outcomes for highest-cost patients

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Anonymous, 2017:
Targeted approach to controlling avian influenza takes effect

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Targeted areas for improving health literacy after traumatic brain injury

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Targeted avian influenza controls introduced in England

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Targeted axillary dissection after neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer

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Targeted basic research to highlight the role of estrogen and estrogen receptors in the cardiovascular system

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Targeted Calorie Message Promotes Healthy Beverage Consumption Better than Charity Incentive

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Targeted CDX2 expression inhibits aggressive phenotypes of colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

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Targeted Chemo-Photodynamic Combination Platform Based on the DOX Prodrug Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cancer Therapy

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"Targeted" Chemotherapy for Esophageal Cancer

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Targeted combinational therapy inducing mitochondrial dysfunction

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Targeted Complement Inhibition Protects Vascularized Composite Allografts From Acute Graft Injury and Prolongs Graft Survival When Combined With Subtherapeutic Cyclosporine A Therapy

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Targeted concurrent and sequential delivery of chemotherapeutic and antiangiogenic agents to the brain by using drug-loaded nanofibrous membranes

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Targeted conservative formation of cointegrates between two DNA molecules containing IS26 occurs via strand exchange at either IS end

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