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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60315

Chapter 60315 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Varshney, A.; Panda, J.J.; Singh, A.K.; Yadav, N.; Bihari, C.; Biswas, S.; Sarin, S.K.; Chauhan, V.S., 2017:
Targeted delivery of miR-199a-3p using self-assembled dipeptide nanoparticles efficiently reduces hepatocellular carcinoma

Zou, L.; Tao, Y.; Payne, G.; Do, L.; Thomas, T.; Rodriguez, J.; Dou, H., 2016:
Targeted delivery of nano-PTX to the brain tumor-associated macrophages

Durigutto, P.; Sblattero, D.; Biffi, S.; De Maso, L.; Garrovo, C.; Baj, G.; Colombo, F.; Fischetti, F.; Di Naro, A.F.; Tedesco, F.; Macor, P., 2017:
Targeted Delivery of Neutralizing Anti-C5 Antibody to Renal Endothelium Prevents Complement-Dependent Tissue Damage

Kabilova, T.O.; Shmendel, E.V.; Gladkikh, D.V.; Chernolovskaya, E.L.; Markov, O.V.; Morozova, N.G.; Maslov, M.A.; Zenkova, M.A., 2017:
Targeted delivery of nucleic acids into xenograft tumors mediated by novel folate-equipped liposomes

Sudha, T.; Bharali, D.J.; Yalcin, M.; Darwish, N.He.; Debreli Coskun, M.; Keating, K.A.; Lin, H-Yun.; Davis, P.J.; Mousa, S.A., 2017:
Targeted delivery of paclitaxel and doxorubicin to cancer xenografts via the nanoparticle of nano-diamino-tetrac

Dodoo, C.C.; Wang, J.; Basit, A.W.; Stapleton, P.; Gaisford, S., 2017:
Targeted delivery of probiotics to enhance gastrointestinal stability and intestinal colonisation

Kuo, Y-Chih.; Rajesh, R., 2017:
Targeted delivery of rosmarinic acid across the blood-brain barrier for neuronal rescue using polyacrylamide-chitosan-poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles with surface cross-reacting material 197 and apolipoprotein E

Zhu, H.; Liu, W.; Cheng, Z.; Yao, K.; Yang, Y.; Xu, B.; Su, G., 2017:
Targeted Delivery of siRNA with pH-Responsive Hybrid Gold Nanostars for Cancer Treatment

Misra, S.K.; De, A.; Pan, D., 2017:
Targeted Delivery of STAT-3 Modulator to Breast Cancer Stem Like Cells Down-regulates a Series of Stem-ness Genes

Huang, Z.; Song, Y.; Pang, Z.; Zhang, B.; Yang, H.; Shi, H.; Chen, J.; Gong, H.; Qian, J.; Ge, J., 2017:
Targeted delivery of thymosin beta 4 to the injured myocardium using CREKA-conjugated nanoparticles

Mottaghitalab, F.; Kiani, M.; Farokhi, M.; Kundu, S.C.; Reis, R.L.; Gholami, M.; Bardania, H.; Dinarvand, R.; Geramifar, P.; Beiki, D.; Atyabi, F., 2017:
Targeted Delivery System Based on Gemcitabine-Loaded Silk Fibroin Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer Therapy

Tao, Z.; Yang, H.; Shi, Q.; Fan, Q.; Wan, L.; Lu, X., 2017:
Targeted Delivery to Tumor-associated Pericytes via an Affibody with High Affinity for PDGFRβ Enhances the iin vivo Antitumor Effects of Human TRAIL

McIntyre, C.; McQuillan, R.; Bell, C.; Battistella, M., 2017:
Targeted Deprescribing in an Outpatient Hemodialysis Unit: A Quality Improvement Study to Decrease Polypharmacy

Chervin, J.; Stierhof, M.; Tong, M.Him.; Peace, D.; Hansen, K.Østnes.; Urgast, D.Solveig.; Andersen, J.Hammer.; Yu, Y.; Ebel, R.; Kyeremeh, K.; Paget, V.; Cimpan, G.; Wyk, A.Van.; Deng, H.; Jaspars, M.; Tabudravu, J.N., 2017:
Targeted Dereplication of Microbial Natural Products by High-Resolution MS and Predicted LC Retention Time

Zhang, Y.; Wei, X.; Browning, S.; Scuderi, G.; Hanna, L.S.; Wei, L., 2017:
Targeted designed variants of alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) attenuate cartilage degeneration in a rat model of osteoarthritis induced by anterior cruciate ligament transection

Bhargava, C.; Dürkop, H.; Zhao, X.; Weng, A.; Melzig, M.F.; Fuchs, H., 2017:
Targeted dianthin is a powerful toxin to treat pancreatic carcinoma when applied in combination with the glycosylated triterpene SO1861

Lohse, J.; Swier, L.J.Y.M.; Oudshoorn, R.C.; Médard, G.; Kuster, B.; Slotboom, D-Jan.; Witte, M.D., 2017:
Targeted Diazotransfer Reagents Enable Selective Modification of Proteins with Azides

Pan, C.; Zhou, Y.; Dator, R.; Ginghina, C.; Zhao, Y.; Movius, J.; Peskind, E.; Zabetian, C.P.; Quinn, J.; Galasko, D.; Stewart, T.; Shi, M.; Zhang, J., 2015:
Targeted discovery and validation of plasma biomarkers of Parkinson's disease

Yin, Y.; Tang, H.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Y.; Li, G.; Liu, X.; Lin, H., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of Aromatase Reveals Dual Functions of cyp19a1a During Sex Differentiation in Zebrafish

Hara, T.; Monguchi, T.; Iwamoto, N.; Akashi, M.; Mori, K.; Oshita, T.; Okano, M.; Toh, R.; Irino, Y.; Shinohara, M.; Yamashita, Y.; Shioi, G.; Furuse, M.; Ishida, T.; Hirata, K-Ichi., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of JCAD (Junctional Protein Associated With Coronary Artery Disease)/KIAA1462, a Coronary Artery Disease-Associated Gene Product, Inhibits Angiogenic Processes In Vitro and In Vivo

Choi, S.H.; Mahankali, M.; Lee, S.Jun.; Hull, M.; Petrassi, H.Michael.; Chatterjee, A.K.; Schultz, P.G.; Jones, K.A.; Shen, W., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of Myc-Max Oncoprotein Complex by a Small Molecule

Kamiya, N.; Yamaguchi, R.; Aruwajoye, O.; Kim, A.J.; Kuroyanagi, G.; Phipps, M.; Adapala, N.Suresh.; Feng, J.Q.; Kim, H.Kw., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of NF1 in Osteocytes Increases FGF23 and Osteoid With Osteomalacia-like Bone Phenotype

Qin, Y.; Li, H.; Jia, L.; Yan, J.; Gao, G.Fu.; Li, X., 2016:
Targeted disruption of Noc4l leads to preimplantation embryonic lethality in mice

Li, Y.; Brauer, P.M.; Singh, J.; Xhiku, S.; Yoganathan, K.; Zúñiga-Pflücker, J.Carlos.; Anderson, M.K., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of TCF12 Reveals HEB as Essential in Human Mesodermal Specification and Hematopoiesis

Toopaang, W.; Phonghanpot, S.; Punya, J.; Panyasiri, C.; Klamchao, K.; Wasuwan, R.; Srisuksam, C.; Sangsrakru, D.; Sonthirod, C.; Tangphatsornruang, S.; Tanticharoen, M.; Amnuaykanjanasin, A., 2017:
Targeted disruption of the polyketide synthase gene pks15 affects virulence against insects and phagocytic survival in the fungus Beauveria bassiana

Yang, M.; Wei, H.; Wang, Y.; Deng, J.; Tang, Y.; Zhou, L.; Guo, G.; Tong, A., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of V600E-Mutant BRAF Gene by CRISPR-Cpf1

Levasseur, A.; St-Jean, G.; Paquet, Mène.; Boerboom, D.; Boyer, A., 2017:
Targeted Disruption of YAP and TAZ Impairs the Maintenance of the Adrenal Cortex

Parrilla-Doblas, J.Teresa.; Ariza, R.R.; Roldán-Arjona, T., 2017:
Targeted DNA demethylation in human cells by fusion of a plant 5-methylcytosine DNA glycosylase to a sequence-specific DNA binding domain

Clark, S.A.; Doyle, R.; Lucidarme, J.; Borrow, R.; Breuer, J., 2017:
Targeted DNA enrichment and whole genome sequencing of Neisseria meningitidis directly from clinical specimens

Yamazaki, T.; Hatano, Y.; Handa, T.; Kato, S.; Hoida, K.; Yamamura, R.; Fukuyama, T.; Uematsu, T.; Kobayashi, N.; Kimura, H.; Yamagata, K., 2017:
Targeted DNA methylation in pericentromeres with genome editing-based artificial DNA methyltransferase

Ferrero, V.; Visonà, G.; Dalmasso, F.; Gobbato, A.; Cerello, P.; Strigari, L.; Visentin, S.; Attili, A., 2017:
Targeted dose enhancement in radiotherapy for breast cancer using gold nanoparticles, part 1: A radiobiological model study

Strigari, L.; Ferrero, V.; Visonà, G.; Dalmasso, F.; Gobbato, A.; Cerello, P.; Visentin, S.; Attili, A., 2017:
Targeted dose enhancement in radiotherapy for breast cancer using gold nanoparticles, part 2: A treatment planning study

Chanu, S.Idiyasan.; Sarkar, S., 2017:
Targeted downregulation of dMyc restricts neurofibrillary tangles mediated pathogenesis of human neuronal tauopathies in Drosophila

Gholipourmalekabadi, M.; Mobaraki, M.; Ghaffari, M.; Zarebkohan, A.; Omrani, V.Fallah.; Urbanska, A.M.; Seifalian, A., 2017:
Targeted Drug Delivery Based on Gold Nanoparticle Derivatives

Mitra, S.; Sasmal, H.Sekhar.; Kundu, T.; Kandambeth, S.; Illath, K.; Díaz Díaz, D.; Banerjee, R., 2017:
Targeted Drug Delivery in Covalent Organic Nanosheets (CONs) via Sequential Postsynthetic Modification

Farghali, H.; Kameníková, L., 2017:
Targeted drug delivery system: potential application to resveratrol

Iqbal, J.; Anwar, F.; Afridi, S., 2017:
Targeted Drug Delivery Systems and Their Therapeutic Applications in Cancer and Immune Pathological Conditions

Huey, R.; O'Hagan, B.; McCarron, P.; Hawthorne, S., 2017:
Targeted drug delivery system to neural cells utilizes the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

Liu, Q.; Das, M.; Liu, Y.; Huang, L., 2017:
Targeted drug delivery to melanoma

Guo, J.; Schlich, M.; Cryan, J.F.; O'Driscoll, C.M., 2017:
Targeted Drug Delivery via Folate Receptors for the Treatment of Brain Cancer: Can the Promise Deliver?

Monterrubio, C.; Paco, S.; Olaciregui, N.G.; Pascual-Pasto, G.; Vila-Ubach, M.; Cuadrado-Vilanova, M.; Ferrandiz, M.Mar.; Castillo-Ecija, H.; Glisoni, R.; Kuplennik, N.; Jungbluth, A.; de Torres, C.; Lavarino, C.; Cheung, N.K.V.; Mora, J.; Sosnik, A.; Carcaboso, A.M., 2017:
Targeted drug distribution in tumor extracellular fluid of GD2-expressing neuroblastoma patient-derived xenografts using SN-38-loaded nanoparticles conjugated to the monoclonal antibody 3F8

Yan, F.; Gopal, A.K.; Graf, S.A., 2017:
Targeted Drugs as Maintenance Therapy after Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Gao, X-Fei.; Zhang, J-Jie.; Jiang, X-Min.; Ge, Z.; Wang, Z-Mei.; Li, B.; Mao, W-Xing.; Chen, S-Liang., 2017:
Targeted drugs for pulmonary arterial hypertension: a network meta-analysis of 32 randomized clinical trials

Pinchotti, D.M.; Abbott, C.; Quinn, D.K., 2017:
Targeted Electroconvulsive Therapy for Super Refractory Status Epilepticus: A Case Report and Literature Review

Kochetkova, E.Y.; Blinova, G.I.; Bystrova, O.A.; Martynova, M.G.; Pospelov, V.A.; Pospelova, T.V., 2017:
Targeted elimination of senescent Ras-transformed cells by suppression of MEK/ERK pathway

Alexander, M.D.; Hippe, D.S.; Cooke, D.L.; Hallam, D.K.; Hetts, S.W.; Kim, H.; Lawton, M.T.; Sekhar, L.N.; Kim, L.J.; Ghodke, B.V., 2017:
Targeted Embolization of Aneurysms Associated With Brain Arteriovenous Malformations at High Risk for Surgical Resection: A Case-Control Study

Unterberg-Buchwald, C.; Ritter, C.Oliver.; Reupke, V.; Wilke, R.Niklas.; Stadelmann, C.; Steinmetz, M.; Schuster, A.; Hasenfuß, G.; Lotz, J.; Uecker, M., 2017:
Targeted endomyocardial biopsy guided by real-time cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Zhou, X.; Zhang, Z.; Li, J.; Ye, Y.; Tang, G.; Ding, B., 2017:
Targeted end point of CVP of 15mm Hg would be better than that of 12mm Hg in the patients with mechanical ventilation

Li, F.; Li, J.; Tang, Y.; Wang, C.; Li, X-Fang.; Le, X.Chris., 2017:
Targeted Enlargement of Aptamer Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Quantitative Protein Analysis

Lee, J.S.; Mackie, R.S.; Harrison, T.; Shariat, B.; Kind, T.; Kehl, T.; Löchelt, M.; Boucher, C.; VandeWoude, S., 2017:
Targeted Enrichment for Pathogen Detection and Characterization in Three Felid Species

Moore, A.J.; de Vos, J.M.; Hancock, L.P.; Goolsby, E.; Edwards, E.J., 2017:
Targeted Enrichment of Large Gene Families for Phylogenetic Inference: Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of Photosynthesis Genes in the Portullugo Clade (Caryophyllales)

Kroisel, P.Michael.; Häusler, M.; Klaritsch, P.; Karpf, E.; Zebedin, D.; Tiran, B.; Pertl, B.; Wagner, K., 2017:
Targeted enrichment sequencing in two midterm pregnancies with severe abnormalities on ultrasound

Takai, K.; Taniguchi, M., 2017:
Targeted Epidural Blood Patch Under O-Arm-Guided Stereotactic Navigation in Patients with Intracranial Hypotension Associated with a Spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak and Ventral Dural Defect

Woolen, S.; Gemmete, J.J.; Pandey, A.S.; Chaudhary, N., 2017:
Targeted epidural patch with n-butyl cyanoacrylate (n-BCA) through a single catheter access site for treatment of a cerebral spinal fluid leak causing spontaneous intracranial hypotension

Song, J.; Cano-Rodriquez, D.; Winkle, M.; Gjaltema, R.A.F.; Goubert, Désirée.; Jurkowski, T.P.; Heijink, I.H.; Rots, M.G.; Hylkema, M.N., 2016:
Targeted epigenetic editing of SPDEF reduces mucus production in lung epithelial cells

Matsudate, Y.; Naruto, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Minami, M.; Tohyama, M.; Yokota, K.; Yamada, D.; Imoto, I.; Kubo, Y., 2017:
Targeted exome sequencing and chromosomal microarray for the molecular diagnosis of nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome

Schoeman, E.M.; Roulis, E.V.; Liew, Y-Wah.; Martin, J.R.; Powley, T.; Wilson, B.; Millard, G.M.; McGowan, E.C.; Lopez, G.H.; O'Brien, H.; Condon, J.A.; Flower, R.L.; Hyland, C.A., 2017:
Targeted exome sequencing defines novel and rare variants in complex blood group serology cases for a red blood cell reference laboratory setting

Xu, S.; Fan, Y.; Sun, Y.; Wang, L.; Gu, X.; Yu, Y., 2017:
Targeted/exome sequencing identified mutations in ten Chinese patients diagnosed with Noonan syndrome and related disorders

Heidet, L.; Morinière, V.; Henry, C.; De Tomasi, L.; Reilly, M.Louise.; Humbert, C.; Alibeu, O.; Fourrage, Cécile.; Bole-Feysot, C.; Nitschké, P.; Tores, Fédéric.; Bras, M.; Jeanpierre, M.; Pietrement, C.; Gaillard, D.; Gonzales, M.; Novo, R.; Schaefer, E.; Roume, Jëlle.; Martinovic, J.; Malan, Vérie.; Salomon, Rémi.; Saunier, S.; Antignac, C.; Jeanpierre, Cécile., 2017:
Targeted Exome Sequencing Identifies iPBX1 as Involved in Monogenic Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and Urinary Tract

Thergaonkar, R.W.; Narang, A.; Gurjar, B.Singh.; Tiwari, P.; Puraswani, M.; Saini, H.; Sinha, A.; Varma, B.; Mukerji, M.; Hari, P.; Bagga, A., 2017:
Targeted exome sequencing in anti-factor H antibody negative HUS reveals multiple variations

Jeong, H.Min.; Kim, R.Nam.; Kwon, M.Jeong.; Oh, E.; Han, J.; Lee, S.Kyung.; Choi, J-Sun.; Park, S.; Nam, S.Jin.; Gong, G.Yup.; Nam, J.Wu.; Choi, D.Ho.; Lee, H.; Nam, B-Ho.; Choi, Y-La.; Shin, Y.Kee., 2017:
Targeted exome sequencing of Korean triple-negative breast cancer reveals homozygous deletions associated with poor prognosis of adjuvant chemotherapy-treated patients

Remacha, L.; Comino-Méndez, Iñaki.; Richter, S.; Contreras, L.; Currás-Freixes, Mía.; Pita, G.; Letón, Río.; Galarreta, A.; Torres-Pérez, R.; Honrado, E.; Jiménez, S.; Maestre, L.; Moran, S.; Esteller, M.; Satrústegui, J.; Eisenhofer, G.; Robledo, M.; Cascón, A., 2017:
Targeted Exome Sequencing of Krebs Cycle Genes Reveals Candidate Cancer-Predisposing Mutations in Pheochromocytomas and Paragangliomas

Ashktorab, H.; Mokarram, P.; Azimi, H.; Olumi, H.; Varma, S.; Nickerson, M.L.; Brim, H., 2016:
Targeted exome sequencing reveals distinct pathogenic variants in Iranians with colorectal cancer

Anghelescu, C.; Francou, B.; Cardas, R.; Guiochon-Mantel, A.; Aubourg, P.; Servais, L.; Gidaro, T., 2017:
Targeted exomes reveal simultaneous MFN2 and GDAP1 mutations in a severe Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2 phenotype

Lei, L.; Chen, C.; Zhao, J.; Wang, H.; Guo, M.; Zhou, Y.; Luo, J.; Zhang, J.; Xu, L., 2017:
Targeted Expression of miR-7 Operated by TTF-1 Promoter Inhibited the Growth of Human Lung Cancer through the NDUFA4 Pathway

Laumonerie, P.; Capek, S.; Amrami, K.K.; Dyck, P.James.B.; Spinner, R.J., 2017:
Targeted fascicular biopsy of the brachial plexus: rationale and operative technique

Kasturirangan, S.; Rainey, G.Jonah.; Xu, L.; Wang, X.; Portnoff, A.; Chen, T.; Fazenbaker, C.; Zhong, H.; Bee, J.; Zeng, Z.; Jenne, C.; Wu, H.; Gao, C., 2017:
Targeted Fc Receptor (FcR)-mediated Clearance by a Biparatopic Bispecific Antibody

Weisser, H.; Choudhary, J.S., 2017:
Targeted Feature Detection for Data-Dependent Shotgun Proteomics

Vallverdú-Queralt, A.; Meudec, E.; Eder, M.; Lamuela-Raventos, R.M.; Sommerer, N.; Cheynier, Véronique., 2017:
Targeted filtering reduces the complexity of UHPLC-Orbitrap-HRMS data to decipher polyphenol polymerization

Ridouane, Y.; Lopes, G.; Ku, G.; Masud, H.; Haaland, B., 2017:
Targeted first-line therapies for advanced colorectal cancer: a Bayesian meta-analysis

Fischer, T.; Riedl, R., 2017:
Targeted Fluoro Positioning for the Discovery of a Potent and Highly Selective Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor

Sullivan, K.F.; Crawford, E.David., 2009:
Targeted focal therapy for prostate cancer: a review of the literature

Overbeck, V.; Schmitz, M.; Blanke, M., 2017:
Targeted forcing improves quality, nutritional and health value of sweet cherry fruit

Aluksanasuwan, S.; Khamchun, S.; Thongboonkerd, V., 2017:
Targeted functional investigations guided by integrative proteome network analysis revealed significant perturbations of renal tubular cell functions induced by high glucose

Leibbrandt, D.C.; Louw, Q.A., 2017:
Targeted Functional Movement Retraining to Improve Pain, Function and Biomechanics in Subjects with Anterior Knee Pain: A Case Series

Wyss, J-Christophe.; Kumar, R.; Mikulic, J.; Schneider, M.; Aebi, J.D.; Juillerat-Jeanneret, L.; Golshayan, D., 2017:
Targeted gamma-secretase inhibition of Notch signaling activation in acute renal injury

Kim, Y-Min.; Park, S-Cheol.; Jang, M-Kyeong., 2017:
Targeted gene delivery of polyethyleneimine-grafted chitosan with RGD dendrimer peptide in α v β 3 integrin-overexpressing tumor cells

Gago, Códia.; Drosou, V.; Paschalidis, K.; Guerreiro, A.; Miguel, Gça.; Antunes, D.; Hilioti, Z., 2017:
Targeted gene disruption coupled with metabolic screen approach to uncover the LEAFY COTYLEDON1-LIKE4 (L1L4) function in tomato fruit metabolism

Merkert, S.; Martin, U., 2017:
Targeted Gene Editing in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Site-Specific Nucleases

Zhang, L.; Machaty, Z., 2017:
Targeted Gene Knockdown in Early Embryos Using siRNA

Witola, W.H.; Zhang, X.; Kim, C.Yong., 2017:
Targeted gene knockdown validates the essential role of lactate dehydrogenase in Cryptosporidium parvum

Gaj, T.; Staahl, B.T.; Rodrigues, Gçalo.M.C.; Limsirichai, P.; Ekman, F.K.; Doudna, J.A.; Schaffer, D.V., 2017:
Targeted gene knock-in by homology-directed genome editing using Cas9 ribonucleoprotein and AAV donor delivery

Petersen, B-Sabina.; August, D.; Abt, R.; Alddafari, M.; Atarod, L.; Baris, S.; Bhavsar, H.; Brinkert, F.; Buchta, M.; Bulashevska, A.; Chee, R.; Cordeiro, A.I.; Dara, N.; Dückers, G.; Elmarsafy, A.; Frede, N.; Galal, N.; Gerner, P.; Glocker, E-Oliver.; Goldacker, S.; Hammermann, J.; Hasselblatt, P.; Havlicekova, Z.; Hübscher, K.; Jesenak, M.; Karaca, N.E.; Karakoc-Aydiner, E.; Kharaghani, M.M.; Kilic, S.S.; Kiykim, A.; Klein, C.; Klemann, C.; Kobbe, R.; Kotlarz, D.; Laass, M.W.; Leahy, T.Rona, 2017:
Targeted Gene Panel Sequencing for Early-onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Chronic Diarrhea

Yarimizu, T.; Shimoi, H.; Sameshima-Yamashita, Y.; Morita, T.; Koike, H.; Watanabe, T.; Kitamoto, H., 2017:
Targeted gene replacement at the URA3 locus of the basidiomycetous yeast Pseudozyma antarctica and its transformation using lithium acetate treatment

Butler, K.V.; Chiarella, A.M.; Jin, J.; Hathaway, N.A., 2017:
Targeted Gene Repression Using Novel Bifunctional Molecules to Harness Endogenous Histone Deacetylation Activity

Yadav, S.; DE Sarkar, N.; Kumari, N.; Krishnani, N.; Kumar, A.; Mittal, B., 2017:
Targeted Gene Sequencing of Gallbladder Carcinoma Identifies High-impact Somatic and Rare Germline Mutations

Cooper-Knock, J.; Robins, H.; Niedermoser, I.; Wyles, M.; Heath, P.R.; Higginbottom, A.; Walsh, T.; Kazoka, M.; Ince, P.G.; Hautbergue, G.M.; McDermott, C.J.; Kirby, J.; Shaw, P.J.; Kheifat, A.Al.; Al-Chalabi, A.; Basak, N.; Blair, I.; Dekker, A.; Hardiman, O.; Hide, W.; Iacoangeli, A.; Kenna, K.; Landers, J.; McLaughlin, R.; Mill, J.; Middelkoop, B.; Moisse, M.; Mora Pardina, J.; Morrison, K.; Newhouse, S.; Pulit, S.; Shatunov, A.; Shaw, C.; Sproviero, W.; Tazelaar, G.; van Damme, P.; van den B, 2017:
Targeted Genetic Screen in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Reveals Novel Genetic Variants with Synergistic Effect on Clinical Phenotype

Ahn, J.; Lee, J.; Park, J.Yeon.; Oh, K.Bong.; Hwang, S.; Lee, C-Won.; Lee, K., 2016:
Targeted genome editing in a quail cell line using a customized CRISPR/Cas9 system

Farboud, B., 2017:
Targeted genome editing in Caenorhabditis elegans using CRISPR/Cas9

Li, X.; Xie, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Liu, Y-Guang., 2017:
Targeted Genome Editing in Genes and cis-Regulatory Regions Improves Qualitative and Quantitative Traits in Crops

Chen, X.; Feng, X.; Guang, S., 2016:
Targeted genome engineering in iCaenorhabditis elegans

Cho, H-Min.; Kim, P-Hwan.; Chang, H-Kyung.; Shen, Y-Ming.; Bonsra, K.; Kang, B-Jae.; Yum, S-Young.; Kim, J-Hyun.; Lee, S-Yeong.; Choi, M-Cheol.; Kim, H.Henry.; Jang, G.; Cho, J-Yoel., 2017:
Targeted Genome Engineering to Control VEGF Expression in Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Potential Implications for the Treatment of Myocardial Infarction

Kalish, J.M.; Glazer, P.M., 2006:
Targeted genome modification via triple helix formation

Cohrs, R.J.; Lee, K.S.; Beach, A.; Sanford, B.; Baird, N.L.; Como, C.; Graybill, C.; Jones, D.; Tekeste, E.; Ballard, M.; Chen, X.; Yalacki, D.; Frietze, S.; Jones, K.; Lenac Rovis, T.; Jonjić, S.; Haas, Jürgen.; Gilden, D., 2017:
Targeted Genome Sequencing Reveals Varicella-Zoster Virus Open Reading Frame 12 Deletion

Mirkovic, J.; McFarland, M.; Garcia, E.; Sholl, L.M.; Lindeman, N.; MacConaill, L.; Dong, F.; Hirsch, M.; Nucci, M.R.; Quick, C.M.; Crum, C.P.; McCluggage, W.Glenn.; Howitt, B.E., 2017:
Targeted Genomic Profiling Reveals Recurrent KRAS Mutations in Mesonephric-like Adenocarcinomas of the Female Genital Tract

Tian, Y.; Liu, X.; Jia, M.; Yu, H.; Lichtner, P.; Shi, Y.; Meng, Z.; Kou, S.; Ho, I.H.T.; Jia, B.; Cheng, B.C.P.; Lam, C.K.M.; Tsang, S.; Wong, S.H.; Yu, J.; Cheng, C.H.K.; Gin, T.; Wu, W.K.K.; Chen, Z.; Chan, M.T.V.; Mou, A.; Tsang, M.Wai.; Tsang, M.W.M.; Kwan, R.; Wong, E.; Yau, K.; Lok, A.; Lee, E.; Fung, B.; Lam, L.; Chan, C.Sam., 2017:
Targeted Genotyping Identifies Susceptibility Locus in Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene for Chronic Postsurgical Pain

Fang, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Zou, Y.; Meng, F.; Zhang, J.; Deng, C.; Sun, H.; Zhong, Z., 2017:
Targeted glioma chemotherapy by cyclic RGD peptide-functionalized reversibly core-crosslinked multifunctional poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(-caprolactone) micelles

Newmark, W.D.; Jenkins, C.N.; Pimm, S.L.; McNeally, P.B.; Halley, J.M., 2017:
Targeted habitat restoration can reduce extinction rates in fragmented forests

Walker, J.K.L.; Theriot, B.S.; Ghio, M.; Trempus, C.S.; Wong, J.E.; McQuade, V.L.; Liang, J.; Jiang, D.; Noble, P.W.; Garantziotis, S.; Kraft, M.; Ingram, J.L., 2017:
Targeted HAS2 Expression Lessens Airway Responsiveness in Chronic Murine Allergic Airway Disease

Zhong, F.; Xu, M.; Bruno, R.S.; Ballard, K.D.; Zhu, J., 2017:
Targeted High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics differentiates metabolic syndrome from obesity

Saidi, M.; Beaudry, F., 2017:
Targeted high-resolution quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometry analyses reveal a significant reduction of tachykinin and opioid neuropeptides level in PC1 and PC2 mutant mouse spinal cords

Iqbal, Z.; Rydning, S.L.; Wedding, I.M.; Koht, J.; Pihlstrøm, L.; Rengmark, A.H.; Henriksen, S.P.; Tallaksen, C.M.E.; Toft, M., 2017:
Targeted high throughput sequencing in hereditary ataxia and spastic paraplegia

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Targeted Imaging of Tumor-Associated Macrophages by Cyanine 7-Labeled Mannose in Xenograft Tumors

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Targeted Immune Interventions for an HIV-1 Cure

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Targeted Inactivation of Bax Reveals a Subtype-Specific Mechanism of Cajal-Retzius Neuron Death in the Postnatal Cerebral Cortex

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Targeted In-Depth Quantification of Signaling Using Label-Free Mass Spectrometry

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Targeted inhibition of HDAC8 increases the doxorubicin sensitivity of neuroblastoma cells via up regulation of miR-137

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Targeted inhibition of human hematological cancers in vivo by doxorubicin encapsulated in smart lipoic acid-crosslinked hyaluronic acid nanoparticles

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Targeted inhibition of Klotho binding to fibroblast growth factor 23 prevents hypophosphetemia

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Targeted Inhibition of the miR-199a/214 Cluster by CRISPR Interference Augments the Tumor Tropism of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Stem Cells under Hypoxic Condition

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Targeted Inhibition of the NCOA1/STAT6 Protein-Protein Interaction

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Targeted inhibition of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase impairs cell proliferation, survival, and invasion in colon cancer

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Targeted injections can relieve pain

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Targeted in Situ Mutagenesis of Histone Genes in Budding Yeast

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Targeted integration of genes in Xenopus tropicalis

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Targeted Interdisciplinary Model for Evaluation and Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

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Targeted interfering DEP domain containing 1 protein induces apoptosis in A549 lung adenocarcinoma cells through the NF-B signaling pathway

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Targeted Interneuron Ablation in the Mouse Hippocampus Can Cause Spontaneous Recurrent Seizures

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Targeted Interneuron Depletion in the Dorsal Striatum Produces Autism-like Behavioral Abnormalities in Male but Not Female Mice

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Targeted intracorneal delivery-Biodistribution of triamcinolone acetonide following topical iontophoresis of cationic amino acid ester prodrugs

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Targeted Intraspinal Radiofrequency Ablation for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

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Targeted introduction and effective expression of hFIX at the AAVS1 locus in mesenchymal stem cells

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Targeted Isolation of Monoterpene Indole Alkaloids from Palicourea sessilis

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Targeted knockdown of polo-like kinase 1 alters metabolic regulation in melanoma

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Targeted label-free quantification of interleukin-8 in PMA-activated U937 cell secretome by nanoLC-ESI-MS/MS-sSRM

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Targeted Levothyroxine Therapy For Treatment Of Congenital Hypothyroidism

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Targeted Lipidomic Analysis of Myoblasts by GC-MS and LC-MS/MS

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Targeted lipidomics profiling of acute arsenic exposure in mice serum by on-line solid-phase extraction stable-isotope dilution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

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Targeted liver ultrasound for chronic liver disease: time to focus?

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Targeted Lung Cancer Treatments and Eye Metastasis

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Targeted macrophages delivery of rifampicin-loaded lipid nanoparticles to improve tuberculosis treatment

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Targeted magnetic liposomes loaded with doxorubicin

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Targeted Magnetic Nanoparticles for Mechanical Lysis of Tumor Cells by Low-Amplitude Alternating Magnetic Field

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Targeted Magnetic Nanotheranostics of Cancer

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Targeted massively parallel sequencing characterises the mutation spectrum of PALB2 in breast and ovarian cancer cases from Poland and Ukraine

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Targeted mass media interventions promoting healthy behaviours to reduce risk of non-communicable diseases in adult, ethnic minorities

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Targeted Mechanics for Treatment of Patients with Severe Short-Root Anomaly

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Targeted medical nutrition for cachexia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomized, controlled trial

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Targeted Memory Reactivation during Sleep Adaptively Promotes the Strengthening or Weakening of Overlapping Memories

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Targeted Memory Reactivation During Sleep, But Not Wake, Enhances Sensorimotor Skill Performance: A Pilot Study

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Targeted Metabolic Profiling of Post-Mortem Brain from Infants Who Died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Targeted metabolic profiling rapidly differentiates Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus at species and strain level

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Targeted Metabolomic Analysis of Polyphenols with Antioxidant Activity in Sour Guava (Psidium friedrichsthalianum Nied.) Fruit

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Targeted metabolomics in colorectal cancer: a strategic approach using standardized laboratory tests of the blood and urine

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Targeted metabolomics: new insights into pathobiology of retained placenta in dairy cows and potential risk biomarkers

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Targeted Metagenome Based Analyses Show Gut Microbial Diversity of Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients

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Targeted metatranscriptomics of compost-derived consortia reveals a GH11 exerting an unusual exo-1,4-β-xylanase activity

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Targeted microbicides for preventing sexual HIV transmission

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Targeted-mitochondria antioxidants therapeutic implications in inflammatory bowel disease

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Targeted Modification of a Novel Amphibian Antimicrobial Peptide from iPhyllomedusa tarsius to Enhance Its Activity against MRSA and Microbial Biofilm

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Targeted Modulation of Tropoelastin Structure and Assembly

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Targeted Molecular Imaging

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Targeted multidrug delivery system to overcome chemoresistance in breast cancer

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Targeted Multifunctional Lipid ECO Plasmid DNA Nanoparticles as Efficient Non-viral Gene Therapy for Leber's Congenital Amaurosis

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Targeted Multiresidue Analysis of Veterinary Drugs in Milk-Based Powders Using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)

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Targeted muscle reinnervation for pain control in an elective transradial amputation

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation for the Upper and Lower Extremity

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation to Improve Pain, Prosthetic Tolerance, and Bioprosthetic Outcomes in the Amputee

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Targeted mutagenesis and genetic analysis of a Drosophila receptor-linked protein tyrosine phosphatase gene

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Targeted Mutagenesis in Hexaploid Bread Wheat Using the TALEN and CRISPR/Cas Systems

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Targeted mutagenesis in rice using CRISPR-Cpf1 system

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Targeted mutagenesis in tetraploid switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) using CRISPR/Cas9

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Targeted mutagenesis of the P22 portal protein reveals the mechanism of signal transmission during DNA packaging

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Targeted mutations and MD simulations of a methanol-stable lipase YLIP9 from Yarrowia lipolytica MSR80 to develop a biodiesel enzyme

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Targeted myocardial delivery of GDF11 gene rejuvenates the aged mouse heart and enhances myocardial regeneration after ischemia-reperfusion injury

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Targeted nanodiamonds for identification of subcellular protein assemblies in mammalian cells

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Targeted Nanomaterials for Phototherapy

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Targeted nanomedicine for cancer therapeutics: Towards precision medicine overcoming drug resistance

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Targeted Nanomeetings within a Larger Delivery Congress

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Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing of Acute Leukemia

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Targeted Nuclear Imaging Probes for Cardiac Amyloidosis

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Targeted Peripheral Nerve-directed Onabotulinumtoxin A Injection for Effective Long-term Therapy for Migraine Headache

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Targeted Photodynamic Therapy with a Folate/Sensitizer Assembly Produced from Mesoporous Silica

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Targeted phototherapy

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Targeted poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) bioplastic production from carbon dioxide

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Targeted Polypharmacology: Discovery of a Highly Potent Non-Hydroxamate Dual Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-10/-13 Inhibitor

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Targeted Prostate Biopsy in the Era of Active Surveillance

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Targeted Prostate Biopsy Using 68 Gallium PSMA-PET/CT for Image Guidance

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Targeted proteome analysis of single-gene deletion strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae lacking enzymes in the central carbon metabolism

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Targeted proteome analysis with isotope-coded protein labels for monitoring the influence of dietary phytochemicals on the expression of cytoprotective proteins in primary human colon cells

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Targeted proteomics

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Targeted psychological interventions may prevent depression in children and adolescents

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Targeted Quantification of the Glycated Peptides of Human Serum Albumin

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Targeted Radiofrequency Ablation as an Adjunct in Treatment of Lumbar Facet Cysts

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Targeted radionuclide therapy

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Targeted Radionuclide Therapy: An Evolution Toward Precision Cancer Treatment

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Anonymous, 2017:
Targeted radiotherapy for breast cancer reduces side effects

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Targeted regulation of hygroscopicity of soybean antioxidant pentapeptide powder by zinc ions binding to the moisture absorption sites

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Targeted regulation of MiR-98 on E2F1 increases chemosensitivity of leukemia cells K562/A02

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Targeted Treatment Options in Mastocytosis

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Targeted ultrasound molecular imaging in mouse atherosclerotic plaque model

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Targeted ultrasound of the liver: Impact on scanning time of a new approach in chronic liver disease

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Targeted Yttrium 89-Doxorubicin Drug-Eluting Bead-A Safety and Feasibility Pilot Study in a Rabbit Liver Cancer Model

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Target Elucidation by Cocrystal Structures of NADH-Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase of Plasmodium falciparum (PfNDH2) with Small Molecule To Eliminate Drug-Resistant Malaria

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Target Embolization of Associated Aneurysms in Ruptured Arteriovenous Malformations

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Target enhanced 3D reconstruction based on polarization-coded structured light

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Target Expression, Generation, Preclinical Activity, and Pharmacokinetics of the BCMA-T Cell Bispecific Antibody EM801 for Multiple Myeloma Treatment

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Target-fueled DNA walker for highly selective miRNA detection

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Target Identification of Kinase Inhibitor Alisertib (MLN8237) by Using DNA-Programmed Affinity Labeling

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Target Identification Using Cell Permeable and Cleavable Chloroalkane Derivatized Small Molecules

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Target-induced cyclic DNAzyme formation for colorimetric and chemiluminescence imaging assay of protein biomarkers

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Target-induced proximity ligation triggers recombinase polymerase amplification and transcription-mediated amplification to detect tumor-derived exosomes in nasopharyngeal carcinoma with high sensitivity

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Targeting 12-Lipoxygenase as a Potential Novel Antiplatelet Therapy

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Targeting 14-3-3 adaptor protein-protein interactions to stimulate central nervous system repair

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Targeting β3-Adrenergic Receptors in the Heart: Selective Agonism and β-Blockade

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Targeting Aberrant p70S6K Activation for Estrogen Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer Prevention

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Targeting Aberrant Signaling in Myeloid Malignancies: Promise Versus Reality

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Targeting ABL-IRE1α Signaling Spares ER-Stressed Pancreatic β Cells to Reverse Autoimmune Diabetes

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Targeting Abundant Fish Stocks while Avoiding Overfished Species: Video and Fishing Surveys to Inform Management after Long-Term Fishery Closures

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Targeting Access to Kidney Care Via Telehealth: The VA Experience

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Targeting accuracy of single-isocenter intensity-modulated radiosurgery for multiple lesions

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Targeting Accuracy of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Comparison Between 3 T T2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Microelectrode Recording Results

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Targeting a cell wall biosynthesis hot spot

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Targeting acetylcholine receptor M3 prevents the progression of airway hyperreactivity in a mouse model of childhood asthma

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Targeting activator protein 1 signaling pathway by bioactive natural agents: Possible therapeutic strategy for cancer prevention and intervention

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Targeting active cancer cells with smart bullets

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Targeting Adenosine in BRAF-Mutant Melanoma Reduces Tumor Growth and Metastasis

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Targeting adenosine in cancer immunotherapy: a review of recent progress

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Targeting Adenosine Receptors for the Treatment of Cardiac Fibrosis

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Targeting Adrenomedullin to Improve Lipid Homeostasis in Diabetic Pregnancies

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Targeting Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells Plasticity for Tissue Regeneration

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Targeting Adult Neurogenesis for Poststroke Therapy

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Targeting Adult Neurogenesis to Optimize Hippocampal Circuits in Aging

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Targeting AGGF1 (angiogenic factor with G patch and FHA domains 1) for Blocking Neointimal Formation After Vascular Injury

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Targeting aggression in severe mental illness: The predictive role of genetic, epigenetic, and metabolomic markers

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Targeting aggressive prostate cancer-associated CD44v6 using phage display selected peptides

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Targeting aging for disease modification in osteoarthritis

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Targeting Aging with Functional Food: Pasta with Opuntia Single-Arm Pilot Study

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Targeting a global health problem: Vaccine design and challenges for the control of tick-borne diseases

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Targeting a Hidden Enemy: Pyriproxyfen Autodissemination Strategy for the Control of the Container Mosquito Aedes albopictus in Cryptic Habitats

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Targeting Akt as strategy to kill cancer cells using 3-substituted 5-anilinobenzo[c]isoxazolequinones: A preliminary study

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Targeting Alcohol Misuse: A Promising Strategy for Reducing Military Sexual Assaults?

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Targeting ALDH2 with disulfiram/copper reverses the resistance of cancer cells to microtubule inhibitors

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Targeting ALK: Precision Medicine Takes on Drug Resistance

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Targeting ALK-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer: an update

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Targeting ALK With Crizotinib in Pediatric Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma and Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor: A Children's Oncology Group Study

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Targeting Alpha Toxin To Mitigate Its Lethal Toxicity in Ferret and Rabbit Models of Staphylococcus aureus Necrotizing Pneumonia

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Targeting a metabolic pathway to fight the flu

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Targeting amino acid metabolism for cancer therapy

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Targeting AMPK, mTOR and β-Catenin by Combined Metformin and Aspirin Therapy in HCC: An Appraisal in Egyptian HCC Patients

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Targeting AMPK-ULK1-mediated autophagy for combating BET inhibitor resistance in acute myeloid leukemia stem cells

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Targeting β-amyloid plaques and oligomers: development of near-IR fluorescence imaging probes

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Targeting amyloid precursor protein shuttling and processing - long before amyloid beta formation

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Targeting Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) in Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) with the Second-Generation ALK Inhibitor Ceritinib

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Targeting and delivery of therapeutic enzymes

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Targeting and destroying tumor vasculature with a near-infrared laser-activated "nanobomb" for efficient tumor ablation

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Targeting and Enrichment of Viral Pathogen by Cell Membrane Cloaked Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Detection

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Targeting and inactivation of bacterial toxins by human defensins

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Targeting and Insertion of Membrane Proteins

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Targeting and Internalization of Liposomes by Bladder Tumor Cells Using a Fibronectin Attachment Protein-Derived Peptide-Lipopolymer Conjugate

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Targeting and isolation of cancer cells using micro/nanomotors

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Targeting and modulating infarct macrophages with hemin formulated in designed lipid-based particles improves cardiac remodeling and function

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Targeting and Photodynamic Killing of Cancer Cell by Nitrogen-Doped Titanium Dioxide Coupled with Folic Acid

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Targeting and Regulating of an Oncogene via Nanovector Delivery of MicroRNA using Patient-Derived Xenografts

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Targeting androgen-independent pathways: new chances for patients with prostate cancer?

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Targeting androgen receptor versus targeting androgens to suppress castration resistant prostate cancer

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Targeting androgen receptor with ASC-J9 attenuates cardiac injury and dysfunction in experimental autoimmune myocarditis by reducing M1-like macrophage

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Targeting and suppression of HER3-positive breast cancer by T lymphocytes expressing a heregulin chimeric antigen receptor

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Targeting and synergistic action of an antifungal peptide in an antibiotic drug-delivery system

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Targeting and transforming major depression

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Targeting an energy sensor to treat diabetes

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Targeting an Essential Component of Gram-Positive Type IV Secretion Systems Involved in Gene Transfer Kills 2 Birds With 1 Stone

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Targeting angiogenesis in advanced soft tissue sarcoma: tivozanib-hype or me-too?

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Targeting Angiogenesis in Biliary Tract Cancers: An Open Option

Anonymous, 2017:
Targeting Angiogenesis in Bladder Cancer

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Targeting angiogenesis in gastrointestinal tumors: current challenges

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Targeting angiogenesis in head and neck cancer

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Targeting angiogenesis in pancreatic cancer: rationale and pitfalls

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Targeting angiogenesis in renal cell carcinoma

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Targeting Angiotensin II Type-1 Receptor (AT 1 R) Inhibits the Harmful Phenotype of iPlasmodium -Specific CD8 + T Cells during Blood-Stage Malaria

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Targeting an Oncolytic Influenza A Virus to Tumor Tissue by Elastase

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Targeting anti-apoptotic BCL2 family proteins in haematological malignancies - from pathogenesis to treatment

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Targeting antioxidant enzyme expression as a therapeutic strategy for ischemic stroke

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Targeting Anti-TGF-iβ Therapy to Fibrotic Kidneys with a Dual Specificity Antibody Approach

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Targeting anxiety to improve quality of life in patients with schizophrenia

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Targeting Apoptotic Activity Against Prostate Cancer Stem Cells

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Targeting a Potassium Channel/Syntaxin Interaction Ameliorates Cell Death in Ischemic Stroke

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Targeting APP/AICD in Down syndrome

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Targeting a Proteinase-Activated Receptor 4 (PAR4) Carboxyl Terminal Motif to Regulate Platelet Function

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Targeting Argonaute to chromatin

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Targeting AR Variant-Coactivator Interactions to Exploit Prostate Cancer Vulnerabilities

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Targeting a Single Alternative Polyadenylation Site Coordinately Blocks Expression of Androgen Receptor mRNA Splice Variants in Prostate Cancer

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Targeting aspirin resistance with nutraceuticals: a possible strategy for reducing cardiovascular morbidity and mortality

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Targeting assay of a fusion protein applied in enzyme prodrug therapy

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Targeting associated mechanisms of anterior cruciate ligament injury in female community-level athletes

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Targeting Astrocytes for Treating Neurological Disorders: Carbon Monoxide and Noradrenaline-Induced Increase in Lactate

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Targeting astrocytes for treatment in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Angelastro, J.M., 2017:
Targeting ATF5 in Cancer

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Targeting ATP-Citrate Lyase in Hyperlipidemia and Metabolic Disorders

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Targeting ATR/CHK1 pathway in acute myeloid leukemia to overcome chemoresistance

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Targeting ATR in cancer medicine

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Targeting at the Nanoscale: A Novel S-Layer Fusion Protein Enabling Controlled Immobilization of Biotinylated Molecules

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Targeting Autocrine CCL5-CCR5 Axis Reprograms Immunosuppressive Myeloid Cells and Reinvigorates Antitumor Immunity

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Targeting autonomic imbalance in pathophysiology: is the carotid body the new nirvana?

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Targeting autophagic cancer stem-cells to reverse chemoresistance in human triple negative breast cancer

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Targeting autophagy as a strategy for drug discovery and therapeutic modulation

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Targeting Autophagy for Oncolytic Immunotherapy

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Targeting Autophagy in Cancer: Update on Clinical Trials and Novel Inhibitors

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Targeting autophagy inhibits melanoma growth by enhancing NK cells infiltration in a CCL5-dependent manner

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Targeting autophagy in multiple myeloma

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Targeting autophagy to modulate cell survival: a comparative analysis in cancer, normal and embryonic cells

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Targeting AXL and mTOR Pathway Overcomes Primary and Acquired Resistance to WEE1 Inhibition in Small-Cell Lung Cancer

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Targeting AXL overcomes resistance to docetaxel therapy in advanced prostate cancer

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Targeting Bacillosamine Biosynthesis in Bacterial Pathogens: Development of Inhibitors to a Bacterial Amino-Sugar Acetyltransferase from Campylobacter jejuni

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Targeting BAFF and APRIL in systemic lupus erythematosus and other antibody-associated diseases

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Targeting BAP1: a new paradigm for mesothelioma

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Targeting B Cell Signaling in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

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Targeting BCL-2 in B-cell lymphomas

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Targeting BCL-2-like Proteins to Kill Cancer Cells

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Targeting BCR-ABL-Independent TKI Resistance in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by mTOR and Autophagy Inhibition

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Targeting BCR-ABL+ stem/progenitor cells and BCR-ABL-T315I mutant cells by effective inhibition of the BCR-ABL-Tyr177-GRB2 complex

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Targeting BCRP/ABCG2 by RNA interference enhances the chemotherapy sensitivity of human colon cancer side population cells

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Targeting Bile Acid Receptors: Discovery of a Potent and Selective Farnesoid X Receptor Agonist as a New Lead in the Pharmacological Approach to Liver Diseases

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Targeting biofilms and persisters of ESKAPE pathogens with P14KanS, a kanamycin peptide conjugate

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Targeting biofilms of multidrug-resistant bacteria with silver oxynitrate

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Targeting BIP to induce Endoplasmic Reticulum stress and cancer cell death

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Targeting BMI1 + Cancer Stem Cells Overcomes Chemoresistance and Inhibits Metastases in Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Targeting bone morphogenic protein receptor 2 (BMPR2) signalling to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Targeting BRAF in metastatic colorectal cancer: Maximizing molecular approaches

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Targeting BRAF-mutant tumours with TGFBR1 inhibitors

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Targeting brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the medial thalamus for the treatment of central poststroke pain in a rodent model

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Targeting Brain-Eating Amoebae Infections

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Targeting brain tumors by intra-arterial delivery of cell-penetrating peptides: a novel approach for primary and metastatic brain malignancy

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Targeting BRAK, MEK, mTOR, and now AKT in histiocytosis: The ongoing revolution of therapies in orphan diseases

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Targeting breast cancer cells by MRS1477, a positive allosteric modulator of TRPV1 channels

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Targeting breast cancer outcomes-what about the primary relatives?

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Targeting breast cancer stem cells

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Targeting breast cancer stem cells by novel HDAC3-selective inhibitors

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Targeting bromodomain and extraterminal proteins in breast cancer

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Targeting Bruton tyrosine kinase with ibrutinib in relapsed/refractory marginal zone lymphoma

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Targeting butyrylcholinesterase for preclinical single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging of Alzheimer's disease

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Targeting C3a/C5a receptors inhibits human mesangial cell proliferation and alleviates immunoglobulin A nephropathy in mice

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Targeting Cadherin-11 Prevents Notch1-Mediated Calcific Aortic Valve Disease

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Targeting calcium signaling in cancer therapy

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Targeting calpains: A novel immunomodulatory approach for microbial infections

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Targeting cancer cell integrins using gold nanorods in photothermal therapy inhibits migration through affecting cytoskeletal proteins

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Targeting cancer cell mitochondria as a therapeutic approach: recent updates

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Targeting Cancer Cells with BET Bromodomain Inhibitors

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Targeting cancer-specific glycans by cyclic peptide lectinomimics

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Targeting cancer stem cell propagation with palbociclib, a CDK4/6 inhibitor: Telomerase drives tumor cell heterogeneity

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Targeting cancer stem cells and non-stem cancer cells: the potential of lipid-based nanoparticles

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Targeting Cancer Stem Cells and Their Niche: Current Therapeutic Implications and Challenges in Pancreatic Cancer

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Targeting cancer stem cells by using chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells: a potential and curable approach for cancer treatment

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Targeting cancer stem cells for chemoprevention of pancreatic cancer

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Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Natural Killer Cell Immunotherapy

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Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Novel 4-(4-Substituted phenyl)-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxy/3,4-dimethoxy)-benzoyl-3,4-dihydropyrimidine-2(1H)-one/thiones

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Targeting Cancer using Polymeric Nanoparticle mediated Combination Chemotherapy

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Targeting cancer with tumor-specific therapeutic strategies-metabolic reprogramming beyond the Warburg effect

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Targeting canine mammary tumours via gold nanoparticles functionalized with promising Co(II) and Zn(II) compounds

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Targeting cannabinoid receptors in gastrointestinal cancers for therapeutic uses: current status and future perspectives

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Targeting cannabinoid signaling for peritoneal dialysis-induced oxidative stress and fibrosis

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Targeting carbon for crop yield and drought resilience

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Targeting β-catenin in hepatocellular cancers induced by coexpression of mutant β-catenin and K-Ras in mice

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Targeting CCl 4 -induced liver fibrosis by RNA interference-mediated inhibition of cyclin E1 in mice

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Targeting CCR2 with its antagonist suppresses viability, motility and invasion by downregulating MMP-9 expression in non-small cell lung cancer cells

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Targeting CD133 improves chemotherapeutic efficacy of recurrent pediatric pilocytic astrocytoma following prolonged chemotherapy

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Targeting CD146 in combination with vorinostat for the treatment of ovarian cancer cells

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Targeting CD147 for T to NK Lineage Reprogramming and Tumor Therapy

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Targeting CD147 is a novel strategy for antitumor therapy

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Targeting CD157 in AML using a novel, Fc-engineered antibody construct

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Targeting CD19: the good, the bad, and CD81

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Targeting CD38 Suppresses Induction and Function of T Regulatory Cells to Mitigate Immunosuppression in Multiple Myeloma

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Targeting CD47 and Autophagy Elicited Enhanced Antitumor Effects in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Targeting CD47 Enhances the Efficacy of Anti-PD-1 and CTLA-4 in an Esophageal Squamous Cell Cancer Preclinical Model

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Targeting CD47: the achievements and concerns of current studies on cancer immunotherapy

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Targeting CDH17 in cancer: when blocking the ligand beats blocking the receptor?

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Targeting c-di-GMP Signaling, Biofilm Formation, and Bacterial Motility with Small Molecules

Warfel, N.A., 2017:
Targeting CDK4/6 to oppose hypoxia-mediated therapeutic resistance

Anonymous, 2017:
Targeting CDK7 or BRD4 Blocks Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Growth

Khodabandehlou, K.; Masehi-Lano, J.J.; Poon, C.; Wang, J.; Chung, E.Ji., 2017:
Targeting cell adhesion molecules with nanoparticles using in vivo and flow-based in vitro models of atherosclerosis

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Targeting cell necroptosis and apoptosis induced by Shikonin via receptor interacting protein kinases in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cell line, MCF-7

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Targeting cell surface HIV-1 Env protein to suppress infectious virus formation

Cheah, M.; Andrews, M.R., 2017:
Targeting cell surface receptors for axon regeneration in the central nervous system

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Targeting Cerebral Small Vessel Disease With MRI

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Targeting cholangiocarcinoma

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Targeting Cholesterol in Non-ischemic Heart Failure: A Role for LDLR Gene Therapy?

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Targeting cholesterol transport in circulating melanoma cells to inhibit metastasis

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Targeting Cholinergic System to Modulate Liver Injury

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Targeting chromatin aging - The epigenetic impact of longevity-associated interventions

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Targeting chromatin defects in selected solid tumors based on oncogene addiction, synthetic lethality and epigenetic antagonism

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Targeting Chromatin Remodeling in Inflammation and Fibrosis

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Targeting chronic cardiac remodeling with cardiac progenitor cells in a murine model of ischemia/reperfusion injury

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Targeting chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells

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Targeting chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells with the hypoxia-inducible factor inhibitor acriflavine

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Targeting Circulating Leukocytes and Pyroptosis during Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Improves Lung Preservation

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Targeting class I histone deacetylases by the novel small molecule inhibitor 4SC-202 blocks oncogenic hedgehog-GLI signaling and overcomes smoothened inhibitor resistance

Millard, C.J.; Watson, P.J.; Fairall, L.; Schwabe, J.W.R., 2017:
Targeting Class I Histone Deacetylases in a "Complex" Environment

Anonymous, 2017:
Targeting Class IIa HDACs May Suppress Breast Tumors and Metastases

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Targeting coagulation factor receptors - protease-activated receptors in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

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Targeting Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis-The Road toward an Imaging-based Biomarker

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Targeting colon cancer stem cells with novel blood cholesterol drug pitavastatin

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Targeting colony stimulating factor 1 receptor to prevent cognitive deficits induced by fractionated whole-brain irradiation

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Targeting colorectal cancer (stem-like) cells using LGR5 directed antibody drug conjugates

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Targeting Colorectal Cancer Proliferation, Stemness and Metastatic Potential Using Brassicaceae Extracts Enriched in Isothiocyanates: A 3D Cell Model-Based Study

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Targeting Conformational Activation of CDK2 Kinase

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Targeting COPZ1 non-oncogene addiction counteracts the viability of thyroid tumor cells

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Targeting couple and parent-child coercion to improve health behaviors

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Targeting CpG Adjuvant to Lymph Node via Dextran Conjugate Enhances Antitumor Immunotherapy

Diez-Fernandez, C.; Häberle, J., 2017 :
Targeting CPS1 in the treatment of Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 1 (CPS1) deficiency, a urea cycle disorder

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Targeting critical source areas for phosphorus losses: Evaluation with soil testing, farmers' assessment and modelling

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Targeting Crohn's disease

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Targeting C-type lectin receptors: a high-carbohydrate diet for dendritic cells to improve cancer vaccines

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Targeting curcumin to specific tumour cell environments: the influence of ancillary ligands

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Targeting Cutaneous Cannabinoid Signaling in Inflammation - A "High"-way to Heal?

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Targeting Cx40 (Connexin40) Expression or Function Reduces Angiogenesis in the Developing Mouse Retina

Zhou, W.; Guo, S.; Liu, M.; Burow, M.E.; Wang, G., 2017:
Targeting CXCL12/CXCR4 Axis in Tumor Immunotherapy

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Targeting CXCR4-dependent immunosuppressive Ly6C low monocytes improves antiangiogenic therapy in colorectal cancer

Santagata, S.; Napolitano, M.; D'Alterio, C.; Desicato, S.; Maro, S.Di.; Marinelli, L.; Fragale, A.; Buoncervello, M.; Persico, F.; Gabriele, L.; Novellino, E.; Longo, N.; Pignata, S.; Perdonà, S.; Scala, S., 2017:
Targeting CXCR4 reverts the suppressive activity of T-regulatory cells in renal cancer

Zhou, Q., 2017:
Targeting Cyclin-Dependent Kinases in Ovarian Cancer

Zheng, J.; Cui, E.; Yang, H.; Li, M.; Zhou, J.; Yan, M.; Sun, J.; Tang, D-Rong., 2017:
Targeting cyclophilin-D by compound 19 protects neuronal cells from oxygen glucose deprivation/re-oxygenation

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Targeting βCys93 in hemoglobin S with an antisickling agent possessing dual allosteric and antioxidant effects

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Targeting cysteine proteases from Plasmodium falciparum: A general overview, rational drug design and computational approaches for drug discovery

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Targeting cysteine proteases in trypanosomatid disease drug discovery

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Targeting Cysteine Thiols for in Vitro Site-specific Glycosylation of Recombinant Proteins

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Targeting cytokine signaling checkpoint CIS activates NK cells to protect from tumor initiation and metastasis

Wegmann, M., 2017:
Targeting cytokines in asthma therapy: could IL-37 be a solution?

Kumar, S.; Mohammadpour, H.; Cao, X., 2017:
Targeting Cytokines in GVHD Therapy

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Targeting danger molecules in tendinopathy: the HMGB1/TLR4 axis

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Targeting deubiquitinases in CLL

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Targeting DNA

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Targeting DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase for Cancer Therapy

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Targeting DNA hypermethylation: Computational modeling of DNA demethylation treatment of acute myeloid leukemia

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Targeting DNA Minor Groove by Hybrid Molecules as Anticancer Agents

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Targeting DNA repair and replication stress in the treatment of ovarian cancer

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Targeting DNA repair for precision radiotherapy: Balancing the therapeutic ratio

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Targeting dopamine receptor D3 signalling in inflammation

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Targeting dorsal root ganglia and primary sensory neurons for the treatment of chronic pain

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Targeting effect of microRNA on CD133 and its impact analysis on proliferation and invasion of glioma cells

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Targeting Effects on the Volume of the Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Opening in Nonhuman Primates In Vivo

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Targeting EGFRvIII for glioblastoma multiforme

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Targeting eIF4E inhibits growth, survival and angiogenesis in retinoblastoma and enhances efficacy of chemotherapy

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Targeting EIF4F complex in non-small cell lung cancer cells

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Targeting Elastase for Molecular Imaging of Early Atherosclerotic Lesions

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Targeting endogenous proteins for degradation through the affinity-directed protein missile system

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Targeting endosomal acidification by chloroquine analogs as a promising strategy for the treatment of emerging viral diseases

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Targeting Endothelial Cells with Multifunctional GaN/Fe Nanoparticles

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Targeting Endothelial Function to Treat Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: The Promise of Exercise Training

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Targeting endothelin receptor signalling overcomes heterogeneity driven therapy failure

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Targeting Energy Metabolism in iMycobacterium tuberculosis , a New Paradigm in Antimycobacterial Drug Discovery

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Targeting Enolase in Reducing Secondary Damage in Acute Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

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Targeting Environmental Neurodevelopmental Risks to Protect Children

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Targeting Eosinophils in Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

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Targeting Eph/ephrin system in cancer therapy

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Targeting epidermal growth factor receptor co-dependent signaling pathways in glioblastoma

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Targeting Epigenetic Pathways in the Treatment of Pediatric Diffuse (High Grade) Gliomas

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Targeting Epigenetics in Cancer

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Targeting epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity in cancer: clinical and preclinical advances in therapy and monitoring

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Targeting Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition for Cancer Therapy

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Targeting ETS1 with RNAi-based supramolecular nanoassemblies for multidrug-resistant breast cancer therapy

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Targeting eukaryotic protein translation in mesothelioma

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Targeting Ewing sarcoma with activated and GD2-specific chimeric antigen receptor-engineered human NK cells induces upregulation of immune-inhibitory HLA-G

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Targeting excited states in all-trans polyenes with electron-pair states

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Targeting exogenous β-Defensin to the endolysosomal compartment via a vehicle guided system

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Targeting expression of antimicrobial peptide CAMA-Syn by adenovirus vector in macrophages inhibits the growth of intracellular bacteria

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Targeting EZH2 in cancer therapy

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Targeting factor D of the alternative complement pathway reduces geographic atrophy progression secondary to age-related macular degeneration

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Targeting Fatty-Acid Amide Hydrolase with Prodrugs for CNS-Selective Therapy

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Targeting FGF19/FGFR4 Pathway: A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Targeting FGFR in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

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Targeting FGFR pathway in breast cancer

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Targeting fibroblast growth factor pathways in endometrial cancer

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Targeting Foxm1 Improves Cytotoxicity of Paclitaxel and Cisplatinum in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

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Targeting Frailty in Heart Failure

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Targeting Free Radicals in Oxidative Stress-Related Human Diseases

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Targeting functional fitness, hearing and health-related quality of life in older adults with hearing loss: Walk, Talk 'n' Listen, study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

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Targeting Functional Noncoding RNAs

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Targeting Function at Home in Older Adults: How to Promote and Disseminate Promising Models of Care?

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Targeting Fungicide Inputs According to Need

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Targeting Future Customers: An Introductory Biobanking Course for Undergraduate Students of Life Sciences

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Targeting Fyn Kinase in Alzheimer's Disease

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Targeting gastrointestinal nutrient sensing mechanisms to treat obesity

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Targeting gene expression to specific cells of kidney tubules in vivo, using adenoviral promoter fragments

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Targeting Gene Function in Germinal Center B Cells: A Practical Approach

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Targeting general practitioners: Prospective outcomes of a national education program in radiation oncology

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Targeting glial dysfunction to treat post-surgical neuropathic pain

Anonymous, 2017 :
Targeting Glioblastoma with CAR T Cells

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Targeting Glioma Stem Cell-Derived Pericytes Disrupts the Blood-Tumor Barrier and Improves Chemotherapeutic Efficacy

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Targeting glucose metabolism for healthy aging

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Targeting glutamate transporter-1 in neurological diseases

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Targeting GPCR-Gb-GRK2 signaling as a novel strategy for treating cardiorenal pathologies

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Targeting GPNMB with glembatumumab vedotin: Current developments and future opportunities for the treatment of cancer

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Targeting GProtein-Coupled Receptors by Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry: A Case Study with Sertindole

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Targeting growth hormone receptor in human melanoma cells attenuates tumor progression and epithelial mesenchymal transition via suppression of multiple oncogenic pathways

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Targeting GRP78 as a Basis for Enhanced Glioma Cells Killing by anti-TfR antibody

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Targeting H19, an Imprinted Long Non-Coding RNA, in Hepatic Functions and Liver Diseases

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Targeting harmful use of alcohol for prevention and treatment of tuberculosis: a call for action

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Targeting heat shock factor 1 as an antiviral strategy against dengue virus replication in vitro and in vivo

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Targeting Heat Shock Protein 70 to Ameliorate c-Jun Expression and Improve Demyelinating Neuropathy

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Targeting Heat Shock Proteins in Cancer: A Promising Therapeutic Approach

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Targeting HECT-type E3 ligases - insights from catalysis, regulation and inhibitors

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Targeting heme oxygenase-1 in early diabetic nephropathy in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

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Targeting heparanase to the mammary epithelium enhances mammary gland development and promotes tumor growth and metastasis

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Targeting Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans and their Modifying Enzymes to Enhance Anticancer Chemotherapy Efficacy and Overcome Drug Resistance

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Targeting heparin and heparan sulfate protein interactions

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Targeting hepatic heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) induces anti-hyperlipidemia leading to reduction of angiotensin II-induced aneurysm development

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Targeting hepatic macrophages to treat liver diseases

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Targeting Hepatocellular Carcinoma: What did we Discover so Far?

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Targeting hepatocellular carcinoma with piperine by radical-mediated mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis: An in vitro and in vivo study

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Targeting HER2 beyond progression in gastroesophageal cancer

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Targeting HER2 in Advanced Breast Cancer

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Targeting hexokinase 2 inhibition promotes radiosensitization in HPV16 E7-induced cervical cancer and suppresses tumor growth

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Targeting hexokinase II as a possible therapy for cholangiocarcinoma

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Targeting HIF-1α/PDK1 Axis by Dichloroacetate (DCA) Suppresses Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Targeting HIF-2 α in clear cell renal cell carcinoma: A promising therapeutic strategy

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Targeting high Aurora kinases expression as an innovative therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma

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Targeting High Calcineurin Inhibitor Levels After Acute Rejection With Less Tremor: A New Strategy

van der Velden, J., 2017:
Targeting High Oxygen Consumption to Prevent Cardiac Dysfunction in Patients With Aortic Valve Stenosis

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Targeting Hispanic adolescents with outdoor food & beverage advertising around schools

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Targeting Histamine Receptors in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Critical Appraisal

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Targeting Histone Acetylation: Readers and Writers in Leukemia and Cancer

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Targeting histone-acetyltransferase Tat-interactive protein 60 inhibits intestinal allergy

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Targeting Histone deacetylase 4/Ubc9 impairs DNA repair for radiosensitization of hepatocellular carcinoma cells

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Targeting Histone Deacetylases in Malignant Melanoma: A Future Therapeutic Agent or Just Great Expectations?

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Targeting host mitochondria: a role for the Trypanosoma cruzi amastigote flagellum

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Targeting Hypoxia Inducible Factors-1α As a Novel Therapy in Fibrosis

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Targeting iBRAF -Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: From Molecular Profiling to Rationally Designed Therapy

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Targeting IDH1 and IDH2 Mutations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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Targeting IKK and NF-B for Therapy

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Targeting iMET in cancer therapy

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Targeting Immune Cell Checkpoints during Sepsis

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Targeting Immune Checkpoints in Cancer Therapy

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Targeting immune modulatory pathways in cancer

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Targeting Immunity in End-Stage Renal Disease

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Targeting Immunotherapy to the Tumor Microenvironment

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Targeting in Cancer Therapies

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Targeting indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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Targeting inflammation for the treatment of alcoholic liver disease

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Targeting Inflammation in Atherosclerosis

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Targeting Inflammation in Coronary Artery Disease

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Targeting Inflammation in Rotator Cuff Tendon Degeneration and Repair

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Targeting Inflammation to Improve Tumor Drug Delivery

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Targeting inflammation to reduce cardiovascular disease risk

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Targeting inflammation to reduce cardiovascular disease risk: a realistic clinical prospect?

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Targeting Influencers of Behavior in Nutrition Education

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Targeting Inhibition of SmpB by Peptide Aptamer Attenuates the Virulence to Protect Zebrafish against iAeromonas veronii Infection

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Targeting Innate Immune Cells for Immunotherapy

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Targeting Innate Immunity for Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

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Targeting innate immunity to downmodulate adaptive immunity and reverse type 1 diabetes

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Targeting Innate-Like T Cells in Tuberculosis

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Targeting iNOS to increase efficacy of immunotherapies

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Targeting insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 by microRNA-125b promotes tumor invasion and poor outcomes in non-small-cell lung cancer

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Targeting Insulin Receptor in Breast Cancer Using Small Engineered Protein Scaffolds

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Targeting integrin-rich tumors with temoporfin-loaded vitamin-E-succinate-grafted chitosan oligosaccharide/d-α-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate nanoparticles to enhance photodynamic therapy efficiency

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Targeting interferons and their pathways in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Targeting interferons as a strategy for systemic sclerosis treatment

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Targeting interleukin 23 for Crohn's disease: finding the right drug for the right patient

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Targeting interlukin-6 to relieve immunosuppression in tumor microenvironment

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Targeting Intracellular Antigens with pMHC-Binding Antibodies: A Phage Display Approach

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Targeting Intracellular Calcium Signaling ([Ca 2+ ] i ) to Overcome Acquired Multidrug Resistance of Cancer Cells: A Mini-Overview

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Targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions with cell-permeable cyclic peptides

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Targeting intrinsic apoptosis and other forms of cell death by BH3-mimetics in glioblastoma

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Targeting invasive properties of melanoma cells

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Targeting isocitrate lyase for the treatment of latent tuberculosis

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Targeting JAK/STAT signalling in inflammatory skin diseases with small molecule inhibitors

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Targeting JNK to prevent antiretroviral neuropathy

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Targeting Jurkat T Lymphocyte Leukemia Cells by an Engineered Interferon-Alpha Hybrid Molecule

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Targeting LDL Cholesterol: Beyond Absolute Goals Toward Personalized Risk

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Targeting Leptin as a Therapeutic Strategy against Ovarian Cancer Peritoneal Metastasis

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Targeting ligand-functionalized photothermal scaffolds for cancer cell capture and in situ ablation

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Targeting ligand-receptor interactions for development of cancer therapeutics

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Targeting limited NHS resources to affect optimal care

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Targeting Lipid Metabolic Reprogramming as Anticancer Therapeutics

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Targeting lipid metabolism of cancer cells: A promising therapeutic strategy for cancer

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Targeting lipodisks enable selective delivery of anticancer peptides to tumor cells

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Targeting LncRNAs in Cardiovascular Disease: Options and Expeditions

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Targeting long non-coding RNA ASBEL with oligonucleotide antagonist for breast cancer therapy

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Targeting long non-coding RNA DANCR inhibits triple negative breast cancer progression

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Targeting low-density lipoprotein cholesterol with PCSK9 inhibitors

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Targeting low- or high-normal Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, and Mean arterial pressure After Cardiac Arrest and REsuscitation: study protocol for a randomized pilot trial

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Targeting LRRK2 in Parkinson's disease: an update on recent developments

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Targeting macrophage anti-tumor activity to suppress melanoma progression

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Targeting Malassezia species for Novel Synthetic and Natural Antidandruff Agents

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Targeting Malignant Brain Tumors with Antibodies

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Targeting MCL-1 sensitizes human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells to cisplatin-induced apoptosis

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Targeting MDM4 Splicing in Cancers

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Targeting Mechanisms Linking COPD to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Targeting Mechanotransduction at the Transcriptional Level: YAP and BRD4 Are Novel Therapeutic Targets for the Reversal of Liver Fibrosis

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Targeting Mediators of Smoking Persistence with Intranasal Insulin

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Targeting Melanoma with Cancer-Killing Viruses

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Targeting melatonin MT2 receptors: A novel pharmacological avenue for inflammatory and neuropathic pain

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Targeting Membrane Lipid a Potential Cancer Cure?