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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 60319

Chapter 60319 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Winters, B.D.; Cvach, M.M.; Bonafide, C.P.; Hu, X.; Konkani, A.; O'Connor, M.F.; Rothschild, J.M.; Selby, N.M.; Pelter, M.M.; McLean, B.; Kane-Gill, S.L., 2017:
Technological Distractions (Part 2): A Summary of Approaches to Manage Clinical Alarms With Intent to Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Kane-Gill, S.L.; O'Connor, M.F.; Rothschild, J.M.; Selby, N.M.; McLean, B.; Bonafide, C.P.; Cvach, M.M.; Hu, X.; Konkani, A.; Pelter, M.M.; Winters, B.D., 2017:
Technologic Distractions (Part 1): Summary of Approaches to Manage Alert Quantity With Intent to Reduce Alert Fatigue and Suggestions for Alert Fatigue Metrics

Zhang, Y.J.; An, H.Joo., 2017:
Technologies and strategies for bioanalysis of biopharmaceuticals

Hasan, H.; Athauda, D.S.; Foltynie, T.; Noyce, A.J., 2017:
Technologies Assessing Limb Bradykinesia in Parkinson's Disease

Moran, S., 2017:
Technologies for Deciphering Epigenomic DNA Patterns

Saleh, A.S.M.; Wang, P.; Wang, N.; Yang, S.; Xiao, Z., 2017:
Technologies for enhancement of bioactive components and potential health benefits of cereal and cereal-based foods: Research advances and application challenges

Åkerberg, A.; Söderlund, A.; Lindén, M., 2017:
Technologies for physical activity self-monitoring: a study of differences between users and non-users

Martinez-Martin, N., 2017:
Technologies for Proteome-Wide Discovery of Extracellular Host-Pathogen Interactions

Wang, Q.; Wei, W.; Gong, Y.; Yu, Q.; Li, Q.; Sun, J.; Yuan, Z., 2017:
Technologies for reducing sludge production in wastewater treatment plants: State of the art

Battelino, T.; Phillip, M., 2018:
Technologies in Diabetes-The Eighth ATTD Yearbook

Haile, D.; Suominen, P.K., 2017:
Technologies in pediatric vascular access: have we improved success rate in peripheral vein cannulation?

Isachenko, V.; Rahimi, G.; Mallmann, P.; Sanchez, R.; Isachenko, E., 2017:
Technologies of cryoprotectant-free vitrification of human spermatozoa: asepticity as criterion of effectiveness

Fardoun, H.M.; Mashat, A.S., 2017:
Technologies Solutions Schemes for Patients' Rehabilitation. Methodologies, Models and Algorithms

Meiland, F.; Innes, A.; Mountain, G.; Robinson, L.; van der Roest, Hëtte.; García-Casal, J.Antonio.; Gove, D.; Thyrian, J.René.; Evans, S.; Dröes, R-Marie.; Kelly, F.; Kurz, A.; Casey, D.; Szcześniak, D.; Dening, T.; Craven, M.P.; Span, M.; Felzmann, H.; Tsolaki, M.; Franco-Martin, M., 2017:
Technologies to Support Community-Dwelling Persons With Dementia: A Position Paper on Issues Regarding Development, Usability, Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness, Deployment, and Ethics

Rosenkrantz, A.B.; Jacobs, J.E.; Jain, N.; Brusca-Augello, G.; Mechlin, M.; Parente, M.; Recht, M.P., 2017:
Technologist-Directed Repeat Musculoskeletal and Chest Radiographs: How Often Do They Impact Diagnosis?

Anonymous, 1999:

Kim, J.; Lee, H.Yun.; Christensen, M.Candace.; Merighi, J.R., 2017:
Technology Access and Use, and Their Associations With Social Engagement Among Older Adults: Do Women and Men Differ?

Das, A.; Sharma, M.Kumar.; Thamilselvan, P.; Marimuthu, P., 2017:
Technology Addiction among Treatment Seekers for Psychological Problems: Implication for Screening in Mental Health Setting

Sharma, M.Kumar.; Rao, G.N.; Benegal, V.; Thennarasu, K.; Thomas, D., 2017:
Technology Addiction Survey: An Emerging Concern for Raising Awareness and Promotion of Healthy Use of Technology

Chaurasia, P.; McClean, S.I.; Nugent, C.D.; Cleland, I.; Shuai Zhang; Donnelly, M.P.; Scotney, B.W.; Sanders, C.; Smith, K.; Norton, M.C.; Tschanz, J., 2017:
Technology adoption and prediction tools for everyday technologies aimed at people with dementia

Baltes, H.; Yavuz, Y.; Kubota, T.; Mårvik, R., 2002:
Technology and application of the reusable Olympus Ultrasonic Dissector

Feil, W., 2002:
Technology and clinical application of ultrasonic dissection

Noguchi, K.; Tsunoda, T.; Miyagi, A.; Kawai-Yamada, M.; Sugiura, D.; Miyazawa, S-Ichi.; Tokida, T.; Usui, Y.; Nakamura, H.; Sakai, H.; Hasegawa, T., 2018:
Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Respiratory Rates in Mature Leaves of Two Rice Cultivars Grown at a Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Site and Analyses of the Underlying Mechanisms

Davis, B.; Shenk, D., 2015:
Technology and dementia

White, K.L.; Murnaghan, J.H.; Gaus, C.R., 1972:
Technology and health care

Mello, A.S., 1955:
Technology and industrialization of food in Brazil. III

Da Mello, A.S., 1955:
Technology and industrialization of foods in Brazil

Brunner, M.; Hemsley, B.; Togher, L.; Palmer, S., 2017:
Technology and its role in rehabilitation for people with cognitive-communication disability following a traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Terwiesch, C.; Asch, D.A.; Volpp, K.G., 2017:
Technology and Medicine: Reimagining Provider Visits as the New Tertiary Care

Areán, P.; Cuijpers, P., 2017:
Technology and mental health

Zou, H-Min.; Zhou, C.; Sun, C-Jun.; Li, Y-Xin.; Yang, X-Song.; Wen, J.; Zeng, H-Yan., 2017:
Technology and MethodsSimultaneous Determination of 9 Natural Ingredientsin Functional Food for Anti-hangover and Hepatoprotection by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Macedo, M.; Valentines-Álvarez, J., 2016:
Technology and Nation: Learning from the Periphery

Smith, R.O., 2017:
Technology and Occupation: Past, Present, and the Next 100 Years of Theory and Practice

Hatcher, I., 2002:
Technology and patient safety

Patel, A.; Motakef, S.; Ingargiola, M.J.; Chung, M.T.; Gupta, S.C., 2015:
Technology and Plastic Surgery: Potential Pitfalls for Patient Confidentiality and Proposed Solutions

Hod, M.; Jovanovic, L., 2010:
Technology and pregnancy

Hadar, E.; Stewart, Z.A.; Hod, M.; Murphy, H.R., 2018:
Technology and Pregnancy

Bert, F.; Gualano, M.Rosaria.; Clemente, S.; Villa, G.; Siliquini, R., 2017:
Technology and prevention in the era of mobile health: applications for cancer screening programs

Larkin, M., 2003:
Technology and public health

Todorov, S.Dimitrov.; Stojanovski, S.; Iliev, I.; Moncheva, P.; Nero, L.Augusto.; Ivanova, I.Vitanova., 2017:
Technology and safety assessment for lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional Bulgarian fermented meat product "lukanka"

King, R.C., 1987:
Technology and the doctor/patient relationship

Krosnick, A., 1980:
Technology assessment

Burnham, J.M.; Meta, F.; Lizzio, V.; Makhni, E.C.; Bozic, K.J., 2017:
Technology assessment and cost-effectiveness in orthopedics: how to measure outcomes and deliver value in a constantly changing healthcare environment

Raab, S.S.; Bottles, K.; Cohen, M.B., 1994:
Technology assessment in anatomic pathology. An illustration of test evaluation using fine-needle aspiration biopsy

Foglia, E.; Lettieri, E.; Ferrario, L.; Porazzi, E.; Garagiola, E.; Pagani, R.; Bonfanti, M.; Lazzarotti, V.; Manzini, R.; Masella, C.; Croce, D., 2017:
Technology Assessment in Hospitals: Lessons Learned from An Empirical Experiment

Becker, S.J.; Hernandez, L.; Spirito, A.; Conrad, S., 2017:
Technology-assisted intervention for parents of adolescents in residential substance use treatment: protocol of an open trial and pilot randomized trial

Meinzen-Derr, J.; Wiley, S.; McAuley, R.; Smith, L.; Grether, S., 2016:
Technology-assisted language intervention for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing; a pilot study of augmentative and alternative communication for enhancing language development

Baumel, A.; Pawar, A.; Mathur, N.; Kane, J.M.; Correll, C.U., 2017:
Technology-Assisted Parent Training Programs for Children and Adolescents With Disruptive Behaviors: A Systematic Review

Wade, S.L.; Narad, M.E.; Shultz, E.L.; Kurowski, B.G.; Miley, A.E.; Aguilar, J.M.; Adlam, A-Lynne.R., 2017:
Technology-assisted rehabilitation interventions following pediatric brain injury

Nackaerts, E.; Nieuwboer, A.; Farella, E., 2017:
Technology-Assisted Rehabilitation of Writing Skills in Parkinson's Disease: Visual Cueing versus Intelligent Feedback

Nesi, J.; Widman, L.; Choukas-Bradley, S.; Prinstein, M.J., 2017:
Technology-Based Communication and the Development of Interpersonal Competencies Within Adolescent Romantic Relationships: A Preliminary Investigation

Kaakinen, P.; Kyngäs, H.; Kääriäinen, M., 2017:
Technology-based counseling in the management of weight and lifestyles of obese or overweight children and adolescents: A descriptive systematic literature review

Koster, Y.; van Houwelingen, C.T.M., 2018:
Technology-Based Healthcare for Nursing Education Within The Netherlands: Past, Present and Future

Sugarman, D.E.; Campbell, A.N.C.; Iles, B.R.; Greenfield, S.F., 2018:
Technology-Based Interventions for Substance Use and Comorbid Disorders: An Examination of the Emerging Literature

Des Roches, C.A.; Kiran, S., 2017:
Technology-Based Rehabilitation to Improve Communication after Acquired Brain Injury

Lorenz, K.; Freddolino, P.P.; Comas-Herrera, A.; Knapp, M.; Damant, J., 2017:
Technology-based tools and services for people with dementia and carers: Mapping technology onto the dementia care pathway

Hanna, R., 2017:
Technology beats corruption

Suda, K.; Uyama, I.; Kitagawa, Y., 2017:
Technology Beats the Current Standard: Is Robotic Gastrectomy Becoming the Standard Treatment Option for Gastric Cancer? : "Surgical Outcomes After Open, Laparoscopic, and Robotic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer," by Kim, Hyuong-Il, et al

Tripicchio, G.L.; Ammerman, A.S.; Neshteruk, C.; Faith, M.S.; Dean, K.; Befort, C.; Ward, D.S.; Truesdale, K.P.; Burger, K.S.; Davis, A., 2017:
Technology Components as Adjuncts to Family-Based Pediatric Obesity Treatment in Low-Income Minority Youth

Millner, B.N., 1991:
Technology-dependent children in New York State

Pfützner, A.; Pesach, G.; Nagar, R., 2017:
Technology-derived storage solutions for stabilizing insulin in extreme weather conditions I: the ViViCap-1 device

Rojas-Dosal, Jé.Adrián., 2005:
Technology development

Nia, M.G.; Harandi, M.F.; de Vries, M.J., 2017:
Technology Development as a Normative Practice: A Meaning-Based Approach to Learning About Values in Engineering-Damming as a Case Study

Kalenik, T.K.; Costa, R.; Motkina, E.V.; Kosenko, T.A.; Skripko, O.V.; Kadnikova, I.A., 2018:
Technology development of protein rich concentrates for nutrition in extreme conditions using soybean and meat by-products

Buhre, W.F., 2011:
Technology, education, training and information systems

Chiu, C-Ju.; Kuo, S-E.; Lin, D-Chan., 2017:
Technology-embedded health education on nutrition for middle-aged and older adults living in the community

Rowland, T.; Nielsen-Farrell, J.; Church, K.; Riddell, B., 2018:
Technology-Enabled Population Health Management: Two Communities' Use of an Electronic Care Alert System

Strout, T.D.; DiFazio, R.L.; Vessey, J.A., 2017:
Technology-enhanced focus groups as a component of instrument development

Imel, Z.E.; Caperton, D.D.; Tanana, M.; Atkins, D.C., 2017:
Technology-enhanced human interaction in psychotherapy

Sharma, N.; Johnson, G.; Ho, K.Yu., 2016:
Technology-enhanced learning in gastroenterology

Andrews, J.A.; Astell, A.J.; Brown, L.J.E.; Harrison, R.F.; Hawley, M.S., 2018:
Technology for Early Detection of Depression and Anxiety in Older People

Megges, H.; Freiesleben, S.Dawn.; Jankowski, N.; Haas, B.; Peters, O., 2017:
Technology for home dementia care: A prototype locating system put to the test

Eskander, M.F.; Neuwirth, M.G.; Kuy, S.; Keshava, H.B.; Meizoso, J.P., 2017:
Technology for teaching: New tools for 21st century surgeons

Coeckelbergh, M., 2017:
Technology Games: Using Wittgenstein for Understanding and Evaluating Technology

Forss, A.; Ceci, C., 2017:
Technology, health care and person centeredness: Beyond Utopia and Dystopia. Thinking the future

Mashari, A.; Fisher, J.A.; Fedorko, L.; Wąsowicz, M.; Meineri, M., 2017:
Technology III: in-line vaporizer with reflector

Waddell, B.S.; Carroll, K.; Jerabek, S., 2017:
Technology in Arthroplasty: Are We Improving Value?

Wenhold, F.Am., 2017:
Technology in dietary assessment

Vinther, L.Dausel.; Jensen, C.Møller.; Hjelmager, D.Meulengracht.; Lyhne, N.; Nøhr, C., 2018:
Technology-Induced Errors and Adverse Event Reporting in an Organizational Learning Perspective

Vélez-Díaz-Pallarés, M.; Álvarez Díaz, A.María.; Gramage Caro, T.; Vicente Oliveros, N.; Delgado-Silveira, E.; Muñoz García, Mía.; Cruz-Jentoft, A.José.; Bermejo-Vicedo, T., 2017:
Technology-induced errors associated with computerized provider order entry software for older patients

Webster, J., 2010:
Technology in Healthcare Summit: Discussion

Wyatt, G., 2010:
Technology in Healthcare Summit. Melbourne, 16-17 November 2009: Technology in Healthcare Summit: Overview

Ben-Zeev, D., 2016:
Technology in Mental Health: Creating New Knowledge and Inventing the Future of Services

Whelan, D.F.; O'Reilly, M.A.; Ward, Tás.E.; Delahunt, E.; Caulfield, B., 2017:
Technology in Rehabilitation: Comparing Personalised and Global Classification Methodologies in Evaluating the Squat Exercise with Wearable IMUs

O'Reilly, M.A.; Whelan, D.F.; Ward, T.E.; Delahunt, E.; Caulfield, B.M., 2017:
Technology in S&C: Assessing Bodyweight Squat Technique with Wearable Sensors

O'Reilly, M.; Whelan, D.; Ward, T.; Delahunt, E.; Caulfield, B., 2017:
Technology in S&C: Tracking Lower Limb Exercises with Wearable Sensors

OʼReilly, M.A.; Whelan, D.F.; Ward, T.E.; Delahunt, E.; Caulfield, B.M., 2018:
Technology in Strength and Conditioning: Assessing Bodyweight Squat Technique With Wearable Sensors

OʼReilly, M.A.; Whelan, D.F.; Ward, T.E.; Delahunt, E.; Caulfield, B., 2017:
Technology in Strength and Conditioning Tracking Lower-Limb Exercises With Wearable Sensors

Allman-Farinelli, M.; Gemming, L., 2018:
Technology Interventions to Manage Food Intake: Where Are We Now?

Apple, D.F., 1991:
Technology in the Management of Spinal Cord Injuries

Miller, L.; Liu, L., 2017:
Technology in the Workplace

Fabbro, M.; Winkler, A.M.; Levy, J.H., 2017:
Technology: Is There Sufficient Evidence to Change Practice in Point-of-Care Management of Coagulopathy?

Cho, H.; Iribarren, S.; Schnall, R., 2017 :
Technology-Mediated Interventions and Quality of Life for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS. A Systematic Review

Plumb, J.J.; Hains, I.; Parr, M.J.; Milliss, D.; Herkes, R.; Westbrook, J.I., 2018:
Technology meets tradition: The perceived impact of the introduction of information and communication technology on ward rounds in the intensive care unit

Kaldy, J., 2017:
Technology Moves Senior Care Pharmacy into the Future

Prskawetz, J., 1979:
Technology of dental technical work. Technology of bridge prostheses. 3.2.2

Farin, G., 2002:
Technology of water-jet dissection

Ren, J., 2017:
Technology selection for ballast water treatment by multi-stakeholders: A multi-attribute decision analysis approach based on the combined weights and extension theory

Warrick, H.J., 1988:
Technology: servant or master? An ethical dilemma

Dowding, D.W.; Russell, D.; Onorato, N.; Merrill, J.A., 2017:
Technology Solutions to Support Care Continuity in Home Care: A Focus Group Study

Kim, A.D.; Petuhova, S.A.; Chashkova, Y.Y.U.; Gol'dberg, O.A.; Shedoeva, L.R., 2017:
[Technology Surgical Intervention in Ulcerative Colitis Modeling Descending Part of the Colon in Rats Line "Wistar"

Norton, S.P.; Dickerson, E.M.; Kulwin, C.G.; Shah, M.V., 2017:
Technology that achieves the Triple Aim: an economic analysis of the BrainPath™ approach in neurosurgery

Penzel, T., 2017:
Technology to Assess Sleep

Ondersma, S.J.; Martin, J.; Fortson, B.; Whitaker, D.J.; Self-Brown, S.; Beatty, J.; Loree, A.; Bard, D.; Chaffin, M., 2017:
Technology to Augment Early Home Visitation for Child Maltreatment Prevention: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial

Roberts, S.; Marshall, A.P.; Gonzalez, R.; Chaboyer, W., 2017:
Technology to engage hospitalised patients in their nutrition care: a qualitative study of usability and patient perceptions of an electronic foodservice system

Waldren, S.E.; Agresta, T.; Wilkes, T., 2018:
Technology Tools and Trends for Better Patient Care: Beyond the EHR

Beerlage-de Jong, N.; van Gemert-Pijnen, L.; Wentzel, J.; Hendrix, R.; Siemons, L., 2017:
Technology to Support Integrated Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs: A User Centered and Stakeholder Driven Development Approach

Gance-Cleveland, B.; Ford, L.C.; Aldrich, H.; Oetzel, K.Bolton.; Cook, P.; Schmiege, S.; Wold, M., 2018:
Technology to Support Motivational Interviewing

Stoheham, L., 1998:
Technology to the rescue

Rauch, S.A.M., 2017:
Technology to train the brain: Pushing methodology and treatment in the scientific research symposium 2016

Abelson, P.H.; Tinker, I., 1977:
Technology transfer

Buell, C.Robin.; Voytas, D., 2017:
Technology Turbocharges Functional Genomics

Arora, N.C., 1998:
TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Interlocking nails

Lee, H.Yun.; Kim, J.; Sharratt, M., 2017:
Technology use and its association with health and depressive symptoms in older cancer survivors

Herbst, D.P., 2017:
Technology Use and Patient Safety: At the Intersection of Change

Holloway, I.W.; Winder, T.Ja.; Lea, C.Herbert.; Tan, D.; Boyd, D.; Novak, D., 2017:
Technology Use and Preferences for Mobile Phone-Based HIV Prevention and Treatment Among Black Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: Exploratory Research

Hedges, S.H.; Odom, S.L.; Hume, K.; Sam, A., 2017:
Technology use as a support tool by secondary students with autism

Kelly, C.M.; Van Eaton, E.G.; Russo, J.E.; Kelly, V.C.; Jurkovich, G.J.; Darnell, D.A.; Whiteside, L.K.; Wang, J.; Parker, L.E.; Payne, T.H.; Mooney, S.D.; Bush, N.; Zatzick, D.F., 2018:
Technology Use, Preferences, and Capacity in Injured Patients at Risk for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Adashi, E.Y.; McCoy, R.C., 2017:
Technology versus biology: the limits of pre-implantation genetic screening: Better methods to detect the origin of aneuploidy in pre-implantation embryos could improve the success rate of artificial reproduction

Davis, R.N., 2017:
Technology? Yes. Useable? Not so fast

Berry, C., 2002:

Rommetveit, K.; Wynne, B., 2017 :
Technoscience, imagined publics and public imaginations

Kalra, S.; Balachandran, K., 2017:
Technosocial Competence in Diabetology

Nimrod, G., 2017:
Technostress: measuring a new threat to well-being in later life

Campbell, D.L.M.; Lea, J.M.; Farrer, W.J.; Haynes, S.J.; Lee, C., 2017:
Tech-Savvy Beef Cattle? How Heifers Respond to Moving Virtual Fence Lines

Wasylkiw, B.; Chan, H., 2017:
Tech Trends. A look into the latest dental and general technology on the market

Ellington, B., 2017:
Tech Trends. ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Chan, H., 2017:
Tech Trends. Truebill

Redgrave, P.; Odekunle, A.; Dean, P., 1986:
Tectal cells of origin of predorsal bundle in rat: location and segregation from ipsilateral descending pathway

Prater, C.M.; Garcia, C.; McGuire, L.P.; Carr, J.A., 2017:
Tectal corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) neurons respond to fasting and a reactive stressor in the African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis

Zagorul'ko, T.M.; Khachatrian, A.V., 1976:
Tecto-cortical connections in the rat visual system

de Menezes Furtado, C.; de Faria, F.Sergio.Escocio.Drumond.Viana.; Azevedo, R.Bentes.; Py-Daniel, K.; Dos Santos Camara, A.Lygia.; da Silva, J.Rodriguez.; de Holanda Oliveira, E.; Rodriguez, A.Fortunato.Ruiz.; Degterev, I.Anatolievich., 2017:
Tectona grandis leaf extract, free and associated with nanoemulsions, as a possible photosensitizer of mouse melanoma B16 cell

Walls, A.C.; Tortorici, M.Alejandra.; Snijder, J.; Xiong, X.; Bosch, B-Jan.; Rey, F.A.; Veesler, D., 2018:
Tectonic conformational changes of a coronavirus spike glycoprotein promote membrane fusion

Shields, G.A.; Mills, B.J.W., 2017:
Tectonic controls on the long-term carbon isotope mass balance

Xu, X.; Chen, Q.; Chu, C.; Li, G.; Liu, C.; Shi, Z., 2017:
Tectonic evolution and paleokarstification of carbonate rocks in the Paleozoic Tarim Basin

Gong, P.; Deng, F.; Zhang, W.; Ji, J.; Liu, J.; Sun, Y.; Hu, J., 2017:
Tectorigenin attenuates the MPP + -induced SH-SY5Y cell damage, indicating a potential beneficial role in Parkinson's disease by oxidative stress inhibition

Dumas, P.; Ham, J.; Kaku, R.; William, A.; Kaltavara, J.; Gereva, S.; Léopold, M., 2017:
Tectus (Trochus) niloticus search for suitable habitats can cause equivocal benefits of protection in village-based marine reserves

Funke, J.; Klein, J.; Moreno-Noguer, F.; Cardona, A.; Cook, M., 2017:
TED: A Tolerant Edit Distance for segmentation evaluation

Dalley, J.S.; McMurtry, C.Meghan., 2017:
Teddy and I Get a Check-Up: A Pilot Educational Intervention Teaching Children Coping Strategies for Managing Procedure-Related Pain and Fear

Veraart, J.; Novikov, D.S.; Fieremans, E., 2017:
TE dependent Diffusion Imaging (TEdDI) distinguishes between compartmental T 2 relaxation times

Takeda, K.; Kaku, N.; Morinaga, Y.; Kosai, K.; Uno, N.; Imamura, Y.; Hasegawa, H.; Miyazaki, T.; Izumikawa, K.; Mukae, H.; Yanagihara, K., 2017:
Tedizolid inhibits MUC5AC production induced by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in human airway epithelial cells

Deshpande, D.; Srivastava, S.; Pasipanodya, J.G.; Lee, P.S.; Gumbo, T., 2018:
Tedizolid is highly bactericidal in the treatment of pulmonary Mycobacterium avium complex disease

Zarocostas, J.; Ghebreyesus, T.Adhanom., 2017:
Tedros elected as next WHO Director-General

Kim, E.S.; Keam, S.J., 2017:
Teduglutide: A Review in Short Bowel Syndrome

Costa, B.P.; Gonçalves, A.C.; Abrantes, A.M.; Matafome, P.; Seiça, R.; Sarmento-Ribeiro, A.B.; Botelho, M.Filomena.; Castro-Sousa, F., 2017:
Teduglutide effects on gene regulation of fibrogenesis on an animal model of intestinal anastomosis

Billiauws, L.; Bataille, J.; Boehm, V.; Corcos, O.; Joly, F., 2017:
Teduglutide for treatment of adult patients with short bowel syndrome

Sipos, F.; Műzes, Görgyi., 2017:
Teduglutide-induced stem cell function in intestinal repair

Anonymous, 2017:
Teenage aspirations

Bloch, E.M.; Mast, A.E.; Josephson, C.D.; Klein, H.G.; Eder, A.F., 2017:
Teenage Blood Donors: Are We Asking Too Little and Taking Too Much?

Wise, J., 2017:
Teenage boys shouldn't be given HPV vaccine, says joint committee

Schneider, S.L.; Patel, D.; Shwayder, T.A., 2017:
Teenage boy with thickened dorsal hands and feet

Estes, N., 1983:
Teenage drinking questioned

Borhani, M.; Sadeghi, R.; Shojaeizadeh, D.; Harandi, T.Fasihi.; Vakili, M.Ali., 2017:
Teenage girls' experience of the determinants of physical activity promotion: A theory-based qualitative content analysis

Bunce, C., 1997:
Teenage kicks

Mollborn, S., 2017:
Teenage Mothers Today: What We Know and How It Matters

Heald, F.P.; Khan, M.A., 1973:
Teenage obesity

Masterson, J.G., 1965:
Teen-age obstetrics

Østergaard, Søren.D.; Dalsgaard, Søren.; Faraone, S.V.; Munk-Olsen, T.; Laursen, T.M., 2018:
Teenage Parenthood and Birth Rates for Individuals With and Without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Nationwide Cohort Study

Klerman, L.V.; Jekel, J.F., 1978:
Teenage pregnancies

Jackson, D., 1989:
Teen-age pregnancy

Tuimala, R.; Hupli, K.; Piironen, A.; Punnonen, R., 1987:
Teenage pregnancy and delivery

Xavier, Cé.G.; Brown, H.K.; Benoit, A.C., 2017:
Teenage pregnancy and long-term mental health outcomes among Indigenous women in Canada

Carvalho, Fábia.; Medeiros, Iês.de.; Faria, C.; Cotu, D.; Will, E.Paula.; Neves, E.; Pontes, T., 2017:
Teenage pregnancy - a study in São Tomé and Príncipe

Vargas, G.; Borus, J.; Charlton, B.M., 2017:
Teenage pregnancy prevention: the role of young men

Anonymous, 2016:
Teenage Pregnancy Risk And Timing Differ By Sexual Orientation

Gómez-Inclán, Sía.; Durán-Arenas, L., 2018:
Teenagers' access to contraception in Mexico City

Omu, F.E.; Bader, A-Wadaany.; Helen, D.; Slabeeb, S.; Safar, H.; Omu, A.E., 2017:
Teenagers' Awareness of Peers' Substance and Drug Use in Kuwait

Ahovi, J.; Viverge, A., 2017:
Teenagers creating art

Simon, A.; Titia Rizzi, A., 2017:
Teenagers' drawings in transcultural consultations

Hoxter, H.Z., 1963:
Teenagers in Their First Jobs

Harvie, D.E., 1963:
Teenagers Who Leave Home

Sheanon, N.; Simpson, B.; Shaughnessy, E., 2018:
Teenager With Hip Pain and Limp

Thomas, V.A.; Patel, B., 2017:
Teenager With Scalp Mass

Chapman, S., 1995:
Teenage smoking

Bakwin, H., 1966:
Teen-age suicide

Tofield, A., 2017:
Teenage weight and risk for adult heart failure

Fawson, P.R.; Jones, T.; Younce, B., 2017:
Teen Dating Violence: Predicting Physical and Sexual Violence and Mental Health Symptoms Among Heterosexual Adolescent Males

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