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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60325

Chapter 60325 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1898:
The Abuse of the Term Malaria

Anonymous, 1940:
The Abuse of Words

Botanas, C.Jun.; Yoon, S.Shoon.; de la Peña, J.Bryan.; Dela Peña, I.Joy.; Kim, M.; Woo, T.; Seo, J-Wook.; Jang, C-Gon.; Park, K-Tae.; Lee, Y.Hun.; Lee, Y.Sup.; Kim, H.Jin.; Cheong, J.Hoon., 2017:
The Abuse Potential of α-Piperidinopropiophenone (PIPP) and α-Piperidinopentiothiophenone (PIVT), Two New Synthetic Cathinones with Piperidine Ring Substituent

Botanas, C.Jun.; Yoon, S.Shoon.; de la Peña, J.Bryan.; Dela Peña, I.Joy.; Kim, M.; Woo, T.; Seo, J-Wook.; Jang, C-Gon.; Park, K-Tae.; Lee, Y.Hun.; Lee, Y.Sup.; Kim, H.Jin.; Cheong, J.Hoon., 2017:
The abuse potential of two novel synthetic cathinones with modification on the alpha-carbon position, 2-cyclohexyl-2-(methylamino)-1-phenylethanone (MACHP) and 2-(methylamino)-1-phenyloctan-1-one (MAOP), and their effects on dopaminergic activity

Jaffe, S., 2017:
The ACA after the expiry of the budget reconciliation

Sabik, L.M.; Adunlin, G., 2017:
The ACA and Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Ward, P.S.; Branstetter, M.G., 2017:
The acacia ants revisited: convergent evolution and biogeographic context in an iconic ant/plant mutualism

Quinn, T.C., 2001:
The academic alliance for AIDS care and prevention in Africa

Spiegel, P.; Rubenstein, L., 2017:
The academic case for repealing Trump's refugee and travel ban

Romodanovsky, P.O.; Barinov, E.Kh.; Zharov, V.V.; Mikheeva, N.A., 2017:
The academic discipline 'forensic medicine' as an important component of the training of dental practitioners

Bodagh, N.; Meechan, C.; Woodland, P., 2017:
The academic foundation programme: a new foundation for academic medicine

English, J.T., 1970:
The academic health center and health care delivery. The changing scene. II

Levin, L.A.; Behar-Cohen, F., 2017:
The Academic-Industrial Complexity: Failure to Launch

Freedman, S.; Mullane, K., 2017:
The academic-industrial complex: navigating the translational and cultural divide

Konstam, M.A.; Hill, J.A.; Kovacs, R.J.; Harrington, R.A.; Arrighi, J.A.; Khera, A., 2017:
The Academic Medical System: Reinvention to Survive the Revolution in Health Care

Huston, C.L.; Phillips, B.; Jeffries, P.; Todero, C.; Rich, J.; Knecht, P.; Sommer, S.; Lewis, M.P., 2017:
The academic-practice gap: Strategies for an enduring problem

Gerardi, T., 2017:
The Academic Progression in Nursing Initiative: The Final Year Outcomes

Knapp, K.M.; Wright, C.; Clarke, H.; McAnulla, S.J.; Nightingale, J.M., 2017:
The academic radiography workforce: Age profile, succession planning and academic development

Datu, J.Alfonso.D.; King, R.B.; Valdez, J.Patricia.M., 2017:
The academic rewards of socially-oriented happiness: Interdependent happiness promotes academic engagement

Ma, O.John.; Hedges, J.R.; Newgard, C.D., 2017:
The Academic RVU: Ten Years Developing a Metric for and Financially Incenting Academic Productivity at Oregon Health & Science University

Anonymous, 1928:
The Academy Conference

Mira, J.; Aboodarda, S.J.; Floreani, M.; Jaswal, R.; Moon, S.J.; Amery, K.; Rupp, T.; Millet, G.Y., 2018:
Effects of endurance training on neuromuscular fatigue in healthy active men. Part I: Strength loss and muscle fatigue

Fikenzer, K.; Fikenzer, S.; Laufs, U.; Werner, C., 2017:
Effects of endurance training on serum lipids

Mueller, S.Manuel.; Gehrig, S.Maria.; Petersen, J.A.; Frese, S.; Mihaylova, V.; Ligon-Auer, M.; Khmara, N.; Nuoffer, J-Marc.; Schaller, Aé.; Lundby, C.; Toigo, M.; Jung, H.H., 2017:
Effects of endurance training on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function in Huntington disease patients

Mészáros, Bárka.; Herczeg, Gábor.; Bajer, K.; Török, János.; Molnár, O., 2018:
Effects of energy and thermoregulation time on physiological state and sexual signal in a lizard

Wassef, B.; Kohansieh, M.; Makaryus, A.N., 2017:
Effects of energy drinks on the cardiovascular system

Trelease, W., 1896:
The Academy Of Science Of St. Louis

Stein, K., 2017:
The Academy's Governance and Practice: Restructuring for the Challenges of the Turn of the 21st Century

Dentzer, S., 2017:
The ACA from behind the "Veil of Ignorance"

Camilleri, S., 2017:
The ACA Medicaid Expansion, Disproportionate Share Hospitals, and Uncompensated Care

Merrikh, C.N.; Weiss, E.; Merrikh, H., 2017:
The Accelerated Evolution of Lagging Strand Genes Is Independent of Sequence Context

Imam, M.Hamada., 2017:
The accelerated hepatitis B virus vaccination schedule among hemodialysis patients, does it work? A randomized controlled trial

Mok, T.S.K.; Crino, L.; Felip, E.; Salgia, R.; De Pas, T.; Tan, D.S.W.; Chow, L.Q.M., 2017:
The accelerated path of ceritinib: Translating pre-clinical development into clinical efficacy

Mara, J.K.; Thompson, K.G.; Pumpa, K.L.; Morgan, S., 2017:
The acceleration and deceleration profiles of elite female soccer players during competitive matches

Radaszkiewicz, K.Anna.; Sýkorová, D.; Binó, L.; Kudová, J.; Bébarová, Méta.; Procházková, Jřina.; Kotasová, H.; Kubala, Láš.; Pacherník, Jří., 2017:
The acceleration of cardiomyogenesis in embryonic stem cells in vitro by serum depletion does not increase the number of developed cardiomyocytes

Nakaigawa, N.; Kondo, K.; Ueno, D.; Namura, K.; Makiyama, K.; Kobayashi, K.; Shioi, K.; Ikeda, I.; Kishida, T.; Kaneta, T.; Minamimoto, R.; Tateishi, U.; Inoue, T.; Yao, M., 2017:
The acceleration of glucose accumulation in renal cell carcinoma assessed by FDG PET/CT demonstrated acquisition of resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

Prudden, J.F.; Wolarsky, E.R.; Balassa, L., 1969:
The acceleration of healing

Umehara, T.; Kawai, T.; Kawashima, I.; Tanaka, K.; Okuda, S.; Kitasaka, H.; Richards, J.S.; Shimada, M., 2017:
The acceleration of reproductive aging in Nrg1 flox/flox ;Cyp19-Cre female mice

Gilchrist, G.; Swan, D.; Shaw, A.; Keding, A.; Towers, S.; Craine, N.; Munro, A.; Hughes, E.; Parrott, S.; Strang, J.; Taylor, A.; Watson, J., 2017:
The acceptability and feasibility of a brief psychosocial intervention to reduce blood-borne virus risk behaviours among people who inject drugs: a randomised control feasibility trial of a psychosocial intervention (the PROTECT study) versus treatment as usual

Patston, L.L.M.; Travers, K.A.; Newcombe, D.A.L., 2017:
The Acceptability and Feasibility of Screening for Alcohol and Drug Misuse in a Hospital Emergency Department

Towe, S.L.; Patel, P.; Meade, C.S., 2017:
The Acceptability and Potential Utility of Cognitive Training to Improve Working Memory in Persons Living With HIV: A Preliminary Randomized Trial

Gutiérrez-Cardona, N.; Sands, P.; Roberts, G.; Lucas, J.S.; Walker, W.; Salib, R.; Burgess, A.; Ismail-Koch, H., 2017:
The acceptability and tolerability of nasal douching in children with allergic rhinitis: A systematic review

Goyal, S.; Prasert, K.; Praphasiri, P.; Chittaganpitch, M.; Waicharoen, S.; Ditsungnoen, D.; Jaichuang, S.; Lindblade, K.A., 2017:
The acceptability and validity of self-collected nasal swabs for detection of influenza virus infection among older adults in Thailand

Dyer, T.A.; Owens, J.; Robinson, P.G., 2017:
The acceptability of healthcare: from satisfaction to trust

Nelson, E.J.; Maynard, B.R.; Loux, T.; Fatla, J.; Gordon, R.; Arnold, L.D., 2017 :
The acceptability of self-sampled screening for HPV DNA: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Hendriks, S.; Dancet, E.A.F.; Vliegenthart, R.; Repping, S., 2017:
The acceptability of stem cell-based fertility treatments for different indications

Da Rocha Rodrigues, M.Goreti.; Colin, S.; Shaha, M.; Pautex, S., 2017:
The acceptability of the intervention Revie : the nurses perceptions and experiences

Rivas Costa, C.; Fernández Iglesias, M.José.; Anido Rifón, L.Eulogio.; Gómez Carballa, M.; Valladares Rodríguez, S., 2017:
The acceptability of TV-based game platforms as an instrument to support the cognitive evaluation of senior adults at home

Braz, N.Serrano.Doratioto.Faria.; Lorenzi, N.Paula.Cristina.; Sorpreso, I.Cristina.Esposito.; Aguiar,; Baracat, E.Chada.; Soares-Júnior, Jé.Maria., 2017:
The acceptability of vaginal smear self-collection for screening for cervical cancer: a systematic review

Park, J.; Oh, S.; Cho, M.Chul.; Son, H.; Jeong, H.; Jeong, C.Wook.; Oh, J.Jin.; Cho, S.Yong., 2017:
The Acceptable Criterion of Stone Burden and the Significant Factors to Choose Retrograde Intrarenal Stone Surgery or Miniaturized Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for the Treatment of Renal Stones >10mm

Jonas Brännström, K.; Olsen, S.Østergaard., 2016:
The Acceptable Noise Level and the Pure-Tone Audiogram

Fernández-González, L.; Calvete, E.; Orue, I., 2017:
The Acceptance of Dating Violence scale (ADV): Psychometric properties of the Spanish version

Nowicki, A.; Graczyk, P.; Lemanowicz, M., 2017:
The acceptance of illness in lung cancer patients before and after surgical treatment

Pietilä Holmner, E.; Stålnacke, B-Marie.; Enthoven, P.; Stenberg, G., 2017:
"The acceptance" of living with chronic pain - an ongoing process: A qualitative study of patient experiences of multimodal rehabilitation in primary care

Whale, R.; Thompson, A.; Fraser, R., 2017:
The access and waiting-time standard for first-episode psychosis: an opportunity for identification and treatment of psychosis risk states?

Roston, T.M.; Dewar, L.; Franciosi, S.; Hathaway, J.; Bartels, K.; Cunningham, T.; Gibbs, K.A.; Sheps, S.; Laksman, Z.W.M.; Sanatani, S.; Krahn, A.D., 2017:
The accessibility and utilization of genetic testing for inherited heart rhythm disorders: a Canadian cross-sectional survey study

Vargas, C.R.; Ricci, J.A.; Lee, M.; Tobias, A.M.; Medalie, D.A.; Lee, B.T., 2017:
The accessibility, readability, and quality of online resources for gender affirming surgery

Liu, Y.; Ding, D.; Liu, H.; Sun, X., 2017:
The accessible chromatin landscape during conversion of human embryonic stem cells to trophoblast by bone morphogenetic protein 4

Darkoh, C.; DuPont, H.L., 2017:
The accessory gene regulator-1 as a therapeutic target for C. difficile infections

Muroi, Y.; Nishimura, M.; Ishii, T., 2017:
The Accessory Olfactory System Facilitates the Recovery of the Attraction to Familiar Volatile Female Odors in Male Mice

Simpson, J.I., 1984:
The accessory optic system

Ahn, D.; Yeo, C.Ki.; Han, S.Yong.; Kim, J.Kyu., 2017:
The accessory parotid gland and facial process of the parotid gland on computed tomography

Kang, J-Hun.; Kim, M-Woo.; Moon, E.Ha.; Kim, Y.Jun.; Yu, K.Pi., 2017:
The Accessory Sacroiliac Joint Diagnosed With Bone SPECT/CT

Bandara, M.; Skehel, J.Mark.; Kadioglu, A.; Collinson, I.; Nobbs, A.H.; Blocker, A.J.; Jenkinson, H.F., 2017:
The accessory Sec system (SecY2A2) in Streptococcus pneumoniae is involved in export of pneumolysin toxin, adhesion and biofilm formation

Natsis, K.; Konstantinidis, G.A.; Symeonidis, P.D.; Totlis, T.; Anastasopoulos, N.; Stavrou, P., 2017:
The accessory tendon of extensor hallucis longus muscle and its correlation to hallux valgus deformity: a cadaveric study

Nizet, V., 2017:
The Accidental Orthodoxy of Drs. Mueller and Hinton

Abse, D.W., 1958:
The accident-prone individual

Anonymous, 1955:

Gao, G.; Jin, P.; Liu, N.; Li, F.; Tong, S.; Hutchins, D.A.; Gao, K., 2017:
The acclimation process of phytoplankton biomass, carbon fixation and respiration to the combined effects of elevated temperature and pCO 2 in the northern South China Sea

Anonymous, 1898:
The Acclimatisation of Europeans in the Tropics

Schmidt, N.W.; Grigoryan, G.; DeGrado, W.F., 2016:
The accommodation index measures the perturbation associated with insertions and deletions in coiled-coils: Application to understand signaling in histidine kinases

O'Sullivan, S.G., 1998:
The accordion sign

Richman, E.L.; Lombardi, B.M.; de Saxe Zerden, L., 2017:
The Accountable Care Workforce: Bridging the Health Divide in North Carolina

Grabowska, J.; Kuffel, A.; Zielkiewicz, J., 2017:
The accretion of the new ice layer on the surface of hexagonal ice crystal and the influence of the local electric field on this process

Vijayaraj, P.; Gomperts, B.N., 2017:
The aCCR(2)ual of M2 Macrophages Provides Some Breathing Room

Mitchell, C.; Del Fabbro, L.; Shaw, J., 2017:
The acculturation, language and learning experiences of international nursing students: Implications for nursing education

Birman, D., 2017:
The Acculturation of Community Psychology: Is There a Best Way?

Baccelli, I.; Glauser, Gétan.; Mauch-Mani, B., 2017:
The accumulation of β-aminobutyric acid is controlled by the plant's immune system

Stoddart, J.A., 1983:
The Accumulation Of Genetic Variation In A Parthenogenetic Snail

Silliman, C.C.; Burke, T.; Kelher, M.R., 2017:
The accumulation of lipids and proteins during red blood cell storage: the roles of leucoreduction and experimental filtration

Pagliarani, C.; Vitali, M.; Ferrero, M.; Vitulo, N.; Incarbone, M.; Lovisolo, C.; Valle, G.; Schubert, A., 2017:
The Accumulation of miRNAs Differentially Modulated by Drought Stress Is Affected by Grafting in Grapevine

Sakamoto, N.; Muraji, T.; Ohtani, H.; Masumoto, K., 2017:
The accumulation of regulatory T cells in the hepatic hilar lymph nodes in biliary atresia

Shepherd, G.William.; Flickinger, R.Adams., 1982:
The accumulation of repetitive and evolutionary conservative RNA during frog embryonic development

Rice, W.R., 1987:
The Accumulation Of Sexually Antagonistic Genes As A Selective Agent Promoting The Evolution Of Reduced Recombination Between Primitive Sex Chromosomes

Carrel, R.; Mackowiak, E.D.; Chialastri, A.J.; Binns, W.H., 1978:
The accumulation of the base metals (copper, zinc, and mercury) in the human body

Chamayou, S.; Sicali, M.; Alecci, C.; Ragolia, C.; Liprino, A.; Nibali, D.; Storaci, G.; Cardea, A.; Guglielmino, A., 2017:
The accumulation of vitrified oocytes is a strategy to increase the number of euploid available blastocysts for transfer after preimplantation genetic testing

Edwards, J.; Rogers, T., 2017:
The Accuracy and Applicability of 3D Modeling and Printing Blunt Force Cranial Injuries

Hsu, W-Ling.; Garrick, D.J.; Fernando, R.L., 2017:
The Accuracy and Bias of Single-Step Genomic Prediction for Populations Under Selection

Matthews, K.L.; Palmer, M.A.; Capra, S.M., 2017:
The accuracy and consistency of nutrition care process terminology use in cases of refeeding syndrome

Niehorster, D.C.; Li, L.; Lappe, M., 2017:
The Accuracy and Precision of Position and Orientation Tracking in the HTC Vive Virtual Reality System for Scientific Research

Ten Brinke, B.; Beumer, A.; Koenraadt, K.L.M.; Eygendaal, D.; Kraan, G.A.; Mathijssen, N.M.C., 2017:
The accuracy and precision of radiostereometric analysis in upper limb arthroplasty

Corry, M.; Sanders, M.; Searchfield, G.D., 2017:
The accuracy and reliability of an app-based audiometer using consumer headphones: pure tone audiometry in a normal hearing group

Chiu, C.Kidd.; Chan, C.Yin.Wei.; Kwan, M.Keong., 2017:
The accuracy and safety of fluoroscopic-guided percutaneous pedicle screws in the thoracic and lumbosacral spine in the Asian population: A CT scan analysis of 1002 screws

Osman, N.Mohamed.M.; Rahman, A.Abdel.; Ali, M.Talaat.Abdel.Hakim., 2017:
The accuracy and sensitivity of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging with Apparent Diffusion Coefficients in diagnosis of recurrent cholesteatoma

Deng, T.; Jiang, M.; Lei, Q.; Cai, L.; Chen, L., 2016:
The accuracy and the safety of individualized 3D printing screws insertion templates for cervical screw insertion

Levendowski, D.J.; Ferini-Strambi, L.; Gamaldo, C.; Cetel, M.; Rosenberg, R.; Westbrook, P.R., 2017:
The Accuracy, Night-to-Night Variability, and Stability of Frontopolar Sleep Electroencephalography Biomarkers

Najafi, Z.; Zakeri, H.; Mirhaghi, A., 2017:
The accuracy of acuity scoring tools to predict 24-h mortality in traumatic brain injury patients: A guide to triage criteria

Lee, G.A.; Chou, K.; Jennings, N.; O'Reilly, G.; McKeown, E.; Bystrzycki, A.; Varma, D., 2015:
The accuracy of adult limb radiograph interpretation by emergency nurse practitioners: A prospective comparative study

Gittins, R.; Howard, M.; Ghodke, A.; Ives, T.J.; Chelminski, P., 2017:
The Accuracy of a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis in General Practice

Loh, B.; Chen, J.Yongqiang.; Yew, A.Khye.Soon.; Pang, H.Nee.; Tay, D.Keng.Jin.; Chia, S-Lu.; Lo, N.Nung.; Yeo, S.Jin., 2017:
The accuracy of a hand-held navigation system in total knee arthroplasty

Seligman, K.M.; Weiniger, C.F.; Carvalho, B., 2017:
The Accuracy of a Handheld Ultrasound Device for Neuraxial Depth and Landmark Assessment: A Prospective Cohort Trial

Herráiz-Adillo, Ángel.; Cavero-Redondo, Ián.; Álvarez-Bueno, C.; Martínez-Vizcaíno, V.; Pozuelo-Carrascosa, D.P.; Notario-Pacheco, B., 2017:
The accuracy of an oscillometric ankle-brachial index in the diagnosis of lower limb peripheral arterial disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Caglar, Bır.; Serin, S.; Akay, S.; Yilmaz, G.; Torun, A.; Adıbelli, Z.Hilal.; Parlak, I., 2017:
The accuracy of bedside USG in the diagnosis of nasal fractures

ALSulaibikh, A.H.; Al-Ojyan, F.I.; Al-Mulhim, K.N.; Alotaibi, T.S.; Alqurashi, F.O.; Almoaibed, L.F.; ALwahhas, M.H.; ALjumaan, M.A., 2017:
The accuracy of Broselow pediatric emergency tape in estimating body weight of pediatric patients

Mason, S.A.; Nathens, A.B.; Byrne, J.P.; Fowler, R.; Gonzalez, A.; Karanicolas, P.J.; Moineddin, R.; Jeschke, M.G., 2017:
The accuracy of burn diagnosis codes in health administrative data: A validation study

To, P.; McClary, K.N.; Sinclair, M.K.; Stout, B.A.; Foad, M.; Hiratzka, S.; Stern, P.J., 2017:
The Accuracy of Common Hand Injections With and Without Ultrasound: An Anatomical Study

Cassetta, M.; Ivani, M., 2017:
The accuracy of computer-guided piezocision: a prospective clinical pilot study

Waddell, L.A.; Greig, J.; Mascarenhas, M.; Harding, S.; Lindsay, R.; Ogden, N., 2017:
The Accuracy of Diagnostic Tests for Lyme Disease in Humans, A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of North American Research

Kasemsiri, P.; Mahawerawat, K.; Ratanaanekchai, T.; Puttarak, W.; Munkong, W., 2017:
The Accuracy of Digital Radiography for Diagnosis of Fishbone Foreign Bodies in the Throat

Shemesh, S.S.; Robinson, J.; Keswani, A.; Bronson, M.J.; Moucha, C.S.; Chen, D., 2017:
The Accuracy of Digital Templating for Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: Is There a Difference Between Direct Anterior and Posterior Approaches?

Ozturk, P.; Aksay, E.; Oray, N.Colak.; Bayram, B.; Basci, O.; Tokgoz, D., 2017:
The accuracy of emergency physician performed ultrasonography as a diagnostic tool for lateral malleolar fracture

Karimi, E.; Aminianfar, M.; Zarafshani, K.; Safaie, A., 2017:
The Accuracy of Emergency Physicians in Ultrasonographic Screening of Acute Appendicitis; a Cross Sectional Study

Wells, M.; Goldstein, L.Nicole.; Bentley, A., 2017:
The accuracy of emergency weight estimation systems in children-a systematic review and meta-analysis

Gudmundsson, J.Kristjan.; Ajan, A.; Abtahi, J., 2017:
The accuracy of fine-needle aspiration cytology for diagnosis of parotid gland masses: a clinicopathological study of 114 patients

Obiakor, I.; Maiman, M.; Mittal, K.; Awobuluyi, M.; DiMaio, T.; Demopoulos, R., 1991:
The accuracy of frozen section in the diagnosis of ovarian neoplasms

Cadmus-Bertram, L.; Gangnon, R.; Wirkus, E.J.; Thraen-Borowski, K.M.; Gorzelitz-Liebhauser, J., 2017:
The Accuracy of Heart Rate Monitoring by Some Wrist-Worn Activity Trackers

Kufa, T.; Lane, T.; Manyuchi, A.; Singh, B.; Isdahl, Z.; Osmand, T.; Grasso, M.; Struthers, H.; McIntyre, J.; Chipeta, Z.; Puren, A., 2017:
The accuracy of HIV rapid testing in integrated bio-behavioral surveys of men who have sex with men across 5 Provinces in South Africa

Chandon, P.; Ordabayeva, N., 2017:
The accuracy of less: Natural bounds explain why quantity decreases are estimated more accurately than quantity increases

Cousley, R.R.J.; Bainbridge, M.; Rossouw, P.Emile., 2017:
The accuracy of maxillary positioning using digital model planning and 3D printed wafers in bimaxillary orthognathic surgery

Oya, J.; Burke, J.F.; Vogel, T.; Tay, B.; Chou, D.; Mummaneni, P., 2017:
The Accuracy of Multimodality Intraoperative Neuromonitoring to Predict Postoperative Neurologic Deficits Following Cervical Laminoplasty

Kroll, C.; Mastroeni, S.S.B.S.; Czarnobay, S.A.; Ekwaru, J.Paul.; Veugelers, P.J.; Mastroeni, M.F., 2017:
The accuracy of neck circumference for assessing overweight and obesity: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Scrimgeour, G.E.; Griksaitis, M.J.; Pappachan, J.V.; Baldock, A.J., 2017:
The Accuracy of Noninvasive Peripheral Pulse Oximetry After Palliative Cardiac Surgery in Patients With Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease

Goldstein, L.N.; Morrow, L.M.; Sallie, T.A.; Gathoo, K.; Alli, K.; Mothopeng, T.M.M.; Samodien, F., 2017:
The accuracy of nurse performance of the triage process in a tertiary hospital emergency department in Gauteng Province, South Africa

Lipson, A.R.; Miano, S.J.; Daly, B.J.; Douglas, S.L., 2017:
The Accuracy of Nurses' Predictions for Clinical Outcomes in the Chronically Critically Ill

Kim, Y.Chul.; Jeong, W.Shik.; Park, T-Kyung.; Choi, J.Woo.; Koh, K.S.; Oh, T.Suk., 2017 :
The accuracy of patient specific implant prebented with 3D-printed rapid prototype model for orbital wall reconstruction

van Stam, M-Anne.; van der Poel, H.G.; van der Voort van Zyp, J.R.N.; Tillier, C.N.; Horenblas, S.; Aaronson, N.K.; Ruud Bosch, J.L.H., 2017:
The accuracy of patients' perceptions of the risks associated with localised prostate cancer treatments

Husted, H.M.; Llewellyn, T.L., 2017:
The Accuracy of Pedometers in Measuring Walking Steps on a Treadmill in College Students

Kim, J.; Rohlf, F.James.; Sokal, R.R., 1993:
The Accuracy Of Phylogenetic Estimation Using The Neighbor-Joining Method

Souto Moura, T.; Aguiar Rosa, S.; Germano, N.; Cavaco, R.; Sequeira, T.; Alves, M.; Papoila, A.L.; Bento, L., 2017:
The accuracy of PiCCO in measuring cardiac output in patients under therapeutic hypothermia - Comparison with transthoracic echocardiography

Nagubadi, S.; Mehta, R.; Abdoh, M.; Nagori, M.; Littleton, S.; Gueret, R.; Tulaimat, A., 2017:
The Accuracy of Portable Monitoring in Diagnosing Significant Sleep Disordered Breathing in Hospitalized Patients

Ferrando, C.; Romero, C.; Tusman, G.; Suarez-Sipmann, F.; Canet, J.; Dosdá, R.; Valls, P.; Villena, A.; Serralta, F.; Jurado, A.; Carrizo, J.; Navarro, J.; Parrilla, C.; Romero, J.E.; Pozo, N.; Soro, M.; Villar, Jús.; Belda, F.Javier., 2017:
The accuracy of postoperative, non-invasive Air-Test to diagnose atelectasis in healthy patients after surgery: a prospective, diagnostic pilot study

Mansour, J.; Amir, O.; Sagiv, D.; Alon, E.E.; Wolf, M.; Primov-Fever, A., 2017:
The Accuracy of Preoperative Rigid Stroboscopy in the Evaluation of Voice Disorders in Children

Ross, P., 1964:
The Accuracy Of Radiological Examinations: Ii

Ross, P., 1964:
The Accuracy Of Radiological Examinations: Iv

Jagim, A.R.; Camic, C.L.; Kisiolek, J.; Luedke, J.; Erickson, J.; Jones, M.T.; Oliver, J.M., 2017:
The accuracy of resting metabolic rate prediction equations in athletes

Schlegel-Pratt, K.; Heizer, W.D., 1990:
The accuracy of scales used to weigh patients

Headen, I.; Cohen, A.K.; Mujahid, M.; Abrams, B., 2017:
The accuracy of self-reported pregnancy-related weight: a systematic review

Gill, T.K.; Hill, C.L., 2017:
The Accuracy of Self-report in Rheumatic Diseases

Yu, Z.; Zheng, J.; Xu, Z.; Li, M.; Wang, X.; Lin, S.; Li, H.; You, C., 2017:
The accuracy of shape irregularity and density heterogeneity on non-contrast computed tomography for predicting hematoma expansion in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Miszkowska-Nagórna, E.; Neubauer-Geryk, J.; Wolf, J.; Wielicka, M.; Raczak, G.; Narkiewicz, K.; Bieniaszewski, L., 2017:
The accuracy of SpaceLabs 90207 in blood pressure monitoring in patients with atrial fibrillation

Foreman, S., 2017:
The accuracy of state NCLEX-RN passing standards for nursing programs

Gammie, A., 2017:
The accuracy of static pressure measurement with water-filled urodynamic systems

Öbek, C.; Doğanca, Tünkut.; Demirci, E.; Ocak, M.; Kural, A.Rıza.; Yıldırım, Aıf.; Yücetaş, Uğur.; Demirdağ, Çetin.; Erdoğan, S.M.; Kabasakal, L., 2017 :
The accuracy of 68 Ga-PSMA PET/CT in primary lymph node staging in high-risk prostate cancer

Brooks, F.D., 1929:
The Accuracy of the Abbreviated Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

Maddox, B.B.; Brodkin, E.S.; Calkins, M.E.; Shea, K.; Mullan, K.; Hostager, J.; Mandell, D.S.; Miller, J.S., 2017:
The Accuracy of the ADOS-2 in Identifying Autism among Adults with Complex Psychiatric Conditions

Brits, Dé.; Manger, P.R.; Bidmos, M.A., 2017:
The accuracy of the anatomical method for stature estimation in Black South African females

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The ACEM trainee research requirement is no longer relevant. No

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The ACEM trainee research requirement is no longer relevant. Yes

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The ACGME Supports Small Programs

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The achievement of integrated medicine & the model of creative discipline--on the essential character and discipline classification of modern aesthetic medicine

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The Actin Cytoskeleton

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"The Action Level"

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The addition of a developmental factor, iunc-62 , to already long-lived worms increases lifespan and healthspan

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The addition of supervised physiotherapy sessions for management of acute ankle sprain does not aid recovery more than providing standardised written instruction about early management [synopsis

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Anonymous, 1914:
The Address In Medicine

Anonymous, 1914:
The Address In Surgery

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The Address Of The President Of The British Association For The Advancement Of Science--I

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The adenoid: Its history and a cautionary tale

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The administration of oxygen

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The Admiral Nursing Service helps the carer

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The Adolescent at School

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The adolescent breast.

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The Adolescent HIV Disclosure Cognition and Affect Scale: Preliminary Reliability and Validity

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The Adolescent Treatment Gap

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The adolescent varicocele: Attempting to de-muddify the fuzzification

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The Adulterations of Chloroform

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The Advanced Practice Nurse in the Emergency Department

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The advanced strategy for enhancing biobutanol production and high-efficient product recovery with reduced wastewater generation

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The Advancement of Nurses is the Advancement of Medicine: A Personal Experience from Israel

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The advancement of probiotics research and its application in fish farming industries

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The advancement of science

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The advance of clinical research on Eosinophilic esophagitis in children

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The advance of detection technology of HIV self-testing

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The Advance of Medicine and Medical Education

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The Advance of Rescue Technologies and the Border of Viability

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The Advance of Surgery in India

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The "Advances in Breast Reconstruction" Supplement

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The advances in research on precisely inducing retinal ganglion cells from stem cells

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The Advances of Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer

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The ADVANCE study: a groundbreaking trial to evaluate a candidate universal antiretroviral regimen

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The Advancing Role of Neuromodulation for the Management of Chronic Treatment-Refractory Pain

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The Advantage of 80-row Non-helical Scan Method for Head Computed Tomography: In Basal Ganglia and Parietal

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The advantage of attending ants and gall aggregation for the gall wasp Andricus symbioticus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)

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The advantage of being oneself: The role of applicant self-verification in organizational hiring decisions

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The advantage of being slow: The quasi-neutral contact process

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The advantage of channeling nucleotides for very processive functions

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The Advantage of Discordance: An Example Using the Highly Subjective Nuclear Grading of Breast Cancer

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The advantage of iron-containing fiducial markers placed with a thin needle for radiotherapy of liver cancer in terms of visualization on MRI: an initial experience of Gold Anchor

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The advantage of story-telling: children's interpretation of reported speech in narratives

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The advantage of topographic prominence-adopted filter for the detection of short-latency spikes of retinal ganglion cells

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The advantage of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of extracranial vertebral artery dissection: Two case reports

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Human and Animal Lymph

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The advantages of 3D imagery in diagnosing and supervising children's and teenagers' scoliosis

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The Advantages of a Single Infection

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The Advantages of Cyclic Over Acyclic Carbenes To Access Isolable Capto-Dative C-Centered Radicals

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The advantages of intermediate-tier, inter-optometric referral of low risk pigmented lesions

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The advantages of live/real-time three-dimensional echocardiograhy in the assessment of left ventricular myxoma, which causes partial left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

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The advantages of switch to subcutaneous bortezomib in the real life

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The AGA Research Foundation Salutes Our Donors for Their Generous Support and for Helping Us Raise $10.5 Million, Surpassing Our Original Goal of $7.5 Million

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