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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 60355

Chapter 60355 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Dong, X.; Guan, J.; Zheng, C.; Zheng, X., 2017:
The herpes simplex virus 1 UL36USP deubiquitinase suppresses DNA repair in host cells via deubiquitination of proliferating cell nuclear antigen

Tunnicliffe, R.B.; Lockhart-Cairns, M.P.; Levy, C.; Mould, A.Paul.; Jowitt, T.A.; Sito, H.; Baldock, C.; Sandri-Goldin, R.M.; Golovanov, A.P., 2017:
The herpes viral transcription factor ICP4 forms a novel DNA recognition complex

Voigt, H., 1975:
The herpes viruses

Gianni, T.; Forghieri, C.; Campadelli-Fiume, G., 2006:
The herpesvirus glycoproteins B and H.L are sequentially recruited to the receptor-bound gD to effect membrane fusion at virus entry

Minaya, M.A.; Korom, M.; Wang, H.; Belshe, R.B.; Morrison, L.A., 2017:
The herpevac trial for women: Sequence analysis of glycoproteins from viruses obtained from infected subjects

Midgley, N.; Besser, S.Jane.; Dye, H.; Fearon, P.; Gale, T.; Jefferies-Sewell, K.; Irvine, K.; Robinson, J.; Wyatt, S.; Wellsted, D.; Wood, S., 2017:
The Herts and minds study: evaluating the effectiveness of mentalization-based treatment (MBT) as an intervention for children in foster care with emotional and/or behavioural problems: a phase II, feasibility, randomised controlled trial

Nibert, A.T.; Young, A.; Britt, R., 2006:
The HESI exit exam: Progression benchmark and remediation guide

Aumüller, G., 2017 :
The Hessian Landgrave Philipp the Magnanimous (1504-1567) : His diseases and their political consequences

Tape, C.J., 2018:
The Heterocellular Emergence of Colorectal Cancer

Ritchie, F.K.; Knable, R.; Chaplin, J.; Gursanscky, R.; Gallegos, M.; Neumann, B.; Hilliard, M.A., 2017:
The Heterochronic Gene lin-14 Controls Axonal Degeneration in C. elegans Neurons

Faunes, F.; Gundermann, D.G.; Muñoz, R.; Bruno, R.; Larraín, J., 2017:
The heterochronic gene Lin28 regulates amphibian metamorphosis through disturbance of thyroid hormone function

Yoshida, G.J., 2017:
The heterogeneity of cancer stem-like cells at the invasive front

Zhao, D.; Cao, X.; Huang, R.; Zeng, J.; Shen, F.; Xu, H.; Wang, S.; He, X.; Yu, Z., 2017:
The heterogeneity of composition and assembly processes of the microbial community between different nutrient loading lake zones in Taihu Lake

Meyer, G.; González-Gómez, M., 2017:
The heterogeneity of human Cajal-Retzius neurons

Menezes, S.; Melandri, D.; Anselmi, G.; Perchet, T.; Loschko, J.; Dubrot, J.; Patel, R.; Gautier, E.L.; Hugues, Séphanie.; Longhi, M.Paula.; Henry, J.Y.; Quezada, S.A.; Lauvau, Gégoire.; Lennon-Duménil, A-Maria.; Gutiérrez-Martínez, E.; Bessis, A.; Gomez-Perdiguero, E.; Jacome-Galarza, C.E.; Garner, H.; Geissmann, F.; Golub, R.; Nussenzweig, M.C.; Guermonprez, P., 2017:
The Heterogeneity of Ly6Chi Monocytes Controls Their Differentiation into iNOS+ Macrophages or Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells

Brownell, K.D.; Wadden, T.A., 2016:
The Heterogeneity of Obesity: Fitting Treatments To Individuals - Republished Article

Saleh, A.D.; Chalmers, J.D.; De Soyza, A.; Fardon, T.C.; Koustas, S.O.; Scott, J.; Simpson, A.John.; Brown, J.S.; Hurst, J.R., 2018:
The heterogeneity of systemic inflammation in bronchiectasis

Genon, S.; Reid, A.; Li, H.; Fan, L.; Müller, V.I.; Cieslik, E.C.; Hoffstaedter, F.; Langner, R.; Grefkes, C.; Laird, A.R.; Fox, P.T.; Jiang, T.; Amunts, K.; Eickhoff, S.B., 2017:
The heterogeneity of the left dorsal premotor cortex evidenced by multimodal connectivity-based parcellation and functional characterization

Obeid, J.M.; Hu, Y.; Erdag, G.; Leick, K.M.; Slingluff, C.L., 2017:
The heterogeneity of tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells in metastatic melanoma distorts their quantification: how to manage heterogeneity?

Hancock, D.G.; Charles-Britton, B.; Dixon, D-Louise.; Forsyth, K.D., 2017:
The heterogeneity of viral bronchiolitis: A lack of universal consensus definitions

Ross, H.; Moussa, L.; Harris, T.; Ajodhea, R., 2017:
The heterogeneous impact of a successful tobacco control campaign: a case study of Mauritius

Mereu, E.; Pellegrino, E.; Scarfò, I.; Inghirami, G.; Piva, R., 2017:
The heterogeneous landscape of ALK negative ALCL

Zhang, T.; Qu, Y.; Wang, H.; Wang, J.; Song, A.; Hu, Y.; Chen, S.; Jiang, J.; Chen, F., 2017:
The heterologous expression of a chrysanthemum TCP-P transcription factor CmTCP14 suppresses organ size and delays senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana

Deng, T.; Ge, H.; He, H.; Liu, Y.; Zhai, C.; Feng, L.; Yi, L., 2017:
The heterologous expression strategies of antimicrobial peptides in microbial systems

Abdelatti, Z.A.S.; Hartbauer, M., 2017:
The heterospecific calling song can improve conspecific signal detection in a bushcricket species

Pradhan, S.; Khatlani, T.; Nairn, A.C.; Vijayan, K.Vinod., 2017:
The heterotrimeric G protein Gβ1 interacts with the catalytic subunit of protein phosphatase 1 and modulates G protein-coupled receptor signaling in platelets

Berg, S.Mikkelsen.; Havelund, J.; Hasler-Sheetal, H.; Kruse, V.; Pedersen, A.James.Thestrup.; Hansen, A.Bill.; Nybo, M.; Beck-Nielsen, H.; Højlund, K.; Færgeman, N.Joakim., 2018:
The heterozygous N291S mutation in the lipoprotein lipase gene impairs whole-body insulin sensitivity and affects a distinct set of plasma metabolites in humans

Peng, F.; Sun, Y-Min.; Chen, C.; Luo, S-Shan.; Li, D-Ke.; Wang, Y-Xuan.; Yang, K.; Liu, F-Tao.; Zuo, C-Tao.; Ding, Z-Tong.; An, Y.; Wu, J-Jun.; Wang, J., 2017:
The heterozygous R1441C mutation of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 gene in a Chinese patient with Parkinson disease: A five-year follow-up and literatures review

Joshi, R.; Mortel, H.van.de.; Feijs, L.; Andriessen, P.; Pul, C.van., 2017:
The heuristics of nurse responsiveness to critical patient monitor and ventilator alarms in a private room neonatal intensive care unit

Krueger, J.I.; Heck, P.R., 2017:
The Heuristic Value of p in Inductive Statistical Inference

Burtăverde, V.; Chraif, M.; Aniţei, M.; Dumitru, D., 2018:
The HEXACO Model of Personality and Risky Driving Behavior

Međedović, J.; Čolović, P.; Dinić, B.M.; Smederevac, Sžana., 2017:
The HEXACO Personality Inventory: Validation and Psychometric Properties in the Serbian Language

Adorisio, S.; Fierabracci, A.; Gigliarelli, G.; Muscari, I.; Cannarile, L.; Liberati, A.Marina.; Marcotullio, M.Carla.; Riccardi, C.; Curini, M.; Robles Zepeda, R.Enrique.; Delfino, D.V., 2017:
The Hexane Fraction of Bursera microphylla A Gray Induces p21-Mediated Antiproliferative and Proapoptotic Effects in Human Cancer-Derived Cell Lines

Ledger, W.L., 2017:
The HFEA should be regulating add-on treatments for IVF/ICSI

Huis In 't Veld, R.A.G.; Kramer, G.; van der Ende, A.; Speijer, D.; Pannekoek, Y., 2017:
The Hfq regulon of Neisseria meningitidis

Cascone, T.; Xu, L.; Lin, H.Y.; Liu, W.; Tran, H.T.; Liu, Y.; Howells, K.; Haddad, V.; Hanrahan, E.; Nilsson, M.B.; Cortez, M.A.; Giri, U.; Kadara, H.; Saigal, B.; Park, Y-Yong.; Peng, W.; Lee, J-Seog.; Ryan, A.J.; Jüergensmeier, J.M.; Herbst, R.S.; Wang, J.; Langley, R.R.; Wistuba, I.I.; Lee, J.J.; Heymach, J.V., 2017:
The HGF/c-MET Pathway Is a Driver and Biomarker of VEGFR-inhibitor Resistance and Vascular Remodeling in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Leonard, M.Kathryn.; Pamidimukkala, N.; Puts, G.S.; Snyder, D.E.; Slominski, A.T.; Kaetzel, D.M., 2017:
The HGF/SF Mouse Model of UV-Induced Melanoma as an In Vivo Sensor for Metastasis-Regulating Gene

Zweier, M.; Peippo, M.M.; Pöyhönen, M.; Kääriäinen, H.; Begemann, Aïs.; Joset, P.; Oneda, B.; Rauch, A., 2017:
The HHID syndrome of hypertrichosis, hyperkeratosis, abnormal corpus callosum, intellectual disability, and minor anomalies is caused by mutations in ARID1B

Parekh, A.K.; Goodman, R.A., 2013:
The HHS Strategic Framework on multiple chronic conditions: genesis and focus on research

Olthof, P.B.; van Gulik, T.M.; Bennink, R.J., 2017:
The HIBA Index for ALPPS, Preliminary Results to Interpret With Caution

Wilson, G.T.; Smalley, G.; Suckling, J.R.; Lilley, D.; Lee, J.; Mawle, R., 2017:
The hibernating mobile phone: Dead storage as a barrier to efficient electronic waste recovery

Carey, H.V.; Assadi-Porter, F.M., 2017:
The Hibernator Microbiome: Host-Bacterial Interactions in an Extreme Nutritional Symbiosis

Billet, G.; Hautier, L.; de Thoisy, B.; Delsuc, Fédéric., 2017:
The hidden anatomy of paranasal sinuses reveals biogeographically distinct morphotypes in the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)

Doja, A.; Bould, M.Dylan.; Clarkin, C.; Eady, K.; Sutherland, S.; Writer, H., 2015:
The hidden and informal curriculum across the continuum of training: A cross-sectional qualitative study

Sellers, S.A.; Hagan, R.S.; Hayden, F.G.; Fischer, W.A., 2017:
The hidden burden of influenza: A review of the extra-pulmonary complications of influenza infection

Browne, E.; O'Malley, K.; Connolly, S.; O'Kelly, F.; Lundon, D.; Daly, P.; Galvin, D.; Hegarty, N., 2017:
The Hidden Burden of Outpatient Repeat PSA Testing in a Prospective Cohort

Washington, M.A.; Blythe, J., 2017:
The Hidden Complexity of Biological "Dirty Bombs": Implications for Special Operations Medical Personnel

Hurley, R.H.; Douglas, C.M.; Montgomery, J.; Clark, L.J., 2017:
The hidden cost of deep neck space infectionsy

Quintana-Domeque, C.; Ródenas-Serrano, P., 2017:
The hidden costs of terrorism: The effects on health at birth

Lawrence, C.; Mhlaba, T.; Stewart, K.A.; Moletsane, R.; Gaede, B.; Moshabela, M., 2017:
The Hidden Curricula of Medical Education: A Scoping Review

Anderson, D.J., 1992:
The hidden curriculum

McKenna, L.; Williams, B., 2016:
The hidden curriculum in near-peer learning: An exploratory qualitative study

Roder, C.A.; May, S.A., 2017:
The Hidden Curriculum of Veterinary Education: Mediators and Moderators of Its Effects

Steed, H.; Golar, H.; Manjunath, S., 2013:
The hidden endoscopic burden of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

Murphy, R.M., 1981:
The hidden epidemic

Kalesan, B.; Adhikarla, C.; Pressley, J.C.; Fagan, J.A.; Xuan, Z.; Siegel, M.B.; Galea, S., 2017:
The Hidden Epidemic of Firearm Injury: Increasing Firearm Injury Rates During 2001-2013

Beltrame, A.; Buonfrate, D.; Gobbi, F.; Angheben, A.; Marchese, V.; Monteiro, G.Badona.; Bisoffi, Z., 2017:
The hidden epidemic of schistosomiasis in recent African immigrants and asylum seekers to Italy

Piazza, N.; Windecker, S., 2017:
The "hidden experiment": percutaneous vs. surgical cut-down for transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Vallverdú-Queralt, A.; Meudec, E.; Eder, M.; Lamuela-Raventos, R.M.; Sommerer, N.; Cheynier, Véronique., 2017:
The Hidden Face of Wine Polyphenol Polymerization Highlighted by High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Sibaii, H.; El-Zayat, S.Refat.; El-Shaheed, A.Abd.; Mahfouz, N.N.; Sallam, S.F.; El Azma, M.H., 2016:
The Hidden Function of Vitamin D

Hadfield, J.; Bénard, Aèle.; Domman, D.; Thomson, N., 2017 :
The Hidden Genomics of Chlamydia trachomatis

Delavat, Fçois.; Miyazaki, R.; Carraro, N.; Pradervand, N.; van der Meer, J.Roelof., 2017:
The hidden life of integrative and conjugative elements

Moris, N.; Arias, A.Martinez., 2017:
The Hidden Memory of Differentiating Cells

Saria, M.Garzo.; Nyamathi, A.; Phillips, L.R.; Stanton, A.L.; Evangelista, L.; Kesari, S.; Maliski, S., 2017:
The Hidden Morbidity of Cancer: Burden in Caregivers of Patients with Brain Metastases

Hendriksz, C.J.; Anheim, M.; Bauer, P.; Bonnot, O.; Chakrapani, A.; Corvol, J-Christophe.; de Koning, T.J.; Degtyareva, A.; Dionisi-Vici, C.; Doss, S.; Duning, T.; Giunti, P.; Iodice, R.; Johnston, T.; Kelly, D.; Klünemann, H-Hermann.; Lorenzl, S.; Padovani, A.; Pocovi, M.; Synofzik, M.; Terblanche, A.; Then Bergh, F.; Topçu, M.; Tranchant, C.; Walterfang, M.; Velten, C.; Kolb, S.A., 2017:
The hidden Niemann-Pick type C patient: clinical niches for a rare inherited metabolic disease

de S Araújo, G.R.; Souza, W.de.; Frases, S., 2017:
The hidden pathogenic potential of environmental fungi

Hill, J., 2003:
The hidden patient

Meier, M-A.; Ampuero, J.P.; Heaton, T.H., 2017:
The hidden simplicity of subduction megathrust earthquakes

Turner, N.; Nesbitt, T., 2017:
The hidden stories within census data

Greiffenstein, P.; Hastings, P.R.; Nance, F.Carter., 2017:
The Hidden Story of Innovation: Charity Hospital, Angola Prison, and the Challenging of Surgical Dogma

Castellano-Tejedor, C.; Blasco-Blasco, Tás.; Pérez-Campdepadrós, M.; Capdevila, L., 2018:
The Hidden Sufferers: Parental Reactions to Childhood Cancer during Treatment and at Survival

Ranucci, M., 2017:
The Hidden Traps of Meta-Analyses on Cardiac Surgery Mortality Risk Scores

Hegde, R.P.; Fedorov, A.A.; Sauder, J.Michael.; Burley, S.K.; Almo, S.C.; Ramagopal, U.A., 2017:
The hidden treasure in your data: phasing with unexpected weak anomalous scatterers from routine data sets

McBride, J.T.; Stokes, D.C., 2017:
The Hidden Value of Variation in Practice

Danese, A.; van Harmelen, A-Laura., 2017:
The hidden wounds of childhood trauma

Park, J-Chul.; Koo, K-Tae.; Lim, H-Chang., 2017:
The hidden X suture: a technical note on a novel suture technique for alveolar ridge preservation

Fenollar-Cortés, J.; Parra-Martínez, Jín.; Hernández-Pérez, Eón.; Rabadán-Rubio, Jé-Antonio., 2018:
The HIDEA School-Based Screening Scale for Teachers to Detect ADHD Markers in Elementary Students

Smith, R.; Thayer, J.F.; Khalsa, S.S.; Lane, R.D., 2017:
The hierarchical basis of neurovisceral integration

de Heer, W.A.; Huth, A.G.; Griffiths, T.L.; Gallant, J.L.; Theunissen, Fédéric.E., 2017:
The Hierarchical Cortical Organization of Human Speech Processing

Wallbrown, F.H.; Blaha, J.; Wallbrown, J.D.; Engin, A.W., 1975:
The Hierarchical Factor Structure of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised

Lee, S-Yup.; Lee, H.Kook.; Jeong, H.; Yim, H.Woo.; Bhang, S-Young.; Jo, S-Jin.; Baek, K-Young.; Kim, E.; Kim, M.Seob.; Choi, J-Seok.; Kweon, Y-Sil., 2017:
The Hierarchical Implications of Internet Gaming Disorder Criteria: Which Indicate more Severe Pathology?

Zhou, Y.; Friston, K.J.; Zeidman, P.; Chen, J.; Li, S.; Razi, A., 2017:
The Hierarchical Organization of the Default, Dorsal Attention and Salience Networks in Adolescents and Young Adults

Hayashi, Y.; Kato, K.; Kimura, K., 2017:
The hierarchical structure of the perichromosomal layer comprises Ki67, ribosomal RNAs, and nucleolar proteins

Kotov, R.; Krueger, R.F.; Watson, D.; Achenbach, T.M.; Althoff, R.R.; Bagby, R.Michael.; Brown, T.A.; Carpenter, W.T.; Caspi, A.; Clark, L.Anna.; Eaton, N.R.; Forbes, M.K.; Forbush, K.T.; Goldberg, D.; Hasin, D.; Hyman, S.E.; Ivanova, M.Y.; Lynam, D.R.; Markon, K.; Miller, J.D.; Moffitt, T.E.; Morey, L.C.; Mullins-Sweatt, S.N.; Ormel, J.; Patrick, C.J.; Regier, D.A.; Rescorla, L.; Ruggero, C.J.; Samuel, D.B.; Sellbom, M.; Simms, L.J.; Skodol, A.E.; Slade, T.; South, S.C.; Tackett, J.L.; Waldman,, 2017:
The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP): A dimensional alternative to traditional nosologies

Sorrentino, P.; Nieboer, D.; Twisk, J.W.R.; Stam, C.J.; Douw, L.; Hillebrand, A., 2017:
The Hierarchy of Brain Networks Is Related to Insulin Growth Factor-1 in a Large, Middle-Aged, Healthy Cohort: An Exploratory Magnetoencephalography Study

Zeng, M.; Shen, J.; Liu, Y.; Lu, L.Yang.; Ding, K.; Fortmann, S.D.; Khan, M.; Wang, J.; Hackett, S.F.; Semenza, G.L.; Campochiaro, P.A., 2016:
The HIF-1 antagonist acriflavine: visualization in retina and suppression of ocular neovascularization

Kovalevа, E.V.; Doronin, B.M.; Morozov, V.V.; Seryapina, Y.V., 2016:
The HIF1a polymorphism is a diagnostic marker of ischemic stroke

De Martini, F., 2017:
The Higgs field and the resolution of the Cosmological Constant Paradox in the Weyl-geometrical Universe

Gardner, N.J.; Gillespie, P.J.; Carrington, J.T.; Shanks, E.J.; McElroy, S.P.; Haagensen, E.J.; Frearson, J.A.; Woodland, A.; Blow, J.Julian., 2017:
The High-Affinity Interaction between ORC and DNA that Is Required for Replication Licensing Is Inhibited by 2-Arylquinolin-4-Amines

Yang, K.; Liu, Y.; Liang, L.; Li, Z.; Qin, Q.; Nie, X.; Wang, S., 2017:
The high-affinity phosphodiesterase PdeH regulates development and aflatoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus flavus

Biener, A.; Cawley, J.; Meyerhoefer, C., 2017:
The High and Rising Costs of Obesity to the US Health Care System

Glassbrook, D.J.; Brown, S.R.; Helms, E.R.; Duncan, J.Scott.; Storey, A.G., 2017:
The high-bar and low-bar back-squats: A biomechanical analysis

Topolovec-Vranic, J.; Schuler, A.; Gozdzik, A.; Somers, J.; Bourque, P-Émile.; Frankish, C.James.; Jbilou, J.; Pakzad, S.; Palma Lazgare, L.Ivan.; Hwang, S.W., 2016:
The high burden of traumatic brain injury and comorbidities amongst homeless adults with mental illness

Grundmann, S.M.; Brandsch, C.; Rottstädt, D.; Kühne, H.; Stangl, G.I., 2017:
The High Calcium, High Phosphorus Rescue Diet Is Not Suitable to Prevent Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Vitamin D Receptor Deficient Mice

Chan-León, A.C.; Estrella-Maldonado, H.; Dubé, P.; Fuentes Ortiz, G.; Espadas-Gil, F.; Talavera May, C.; Ramírez Prado, J.; Desjardins, Y.; Santamaría, J.M., 2017:
The high content of β-carotene present in orange-pulp fruits of Carica papaya L. is not correlated with a high expression of the CpLCY-β2 gene

Giaquinto, S., 2008:
The high contribution of Haim Ring to neurological rehabilitation

Spivack, D., 1987:
The high cost of acute health care: a review of escalating costs and limitations of such exposure in intensive care units

Siddiqui, M.; Rajkumar, S.Vincent., 2012:
The high cost of cancer drugs and what we can do about it

Sadler, C., 2018:
The high cost of cataracts

Tingle, J., 2017:
The high cost of clinical negligence litigation in the NHS

Pepper, A.N.; Westermann-Clark, E.; Lockey, R.F., 2017:
The High Cost of Epinephrine Autoinjectors and Possible Alternatives

Fojo, T., 2017:
The high cost of ignorance in oncology

Røe, O.Dimitri., 2016:
The High Cost of New Cancer Therapies-A Challenge of Inequality for All Countries

Brown, V.; Moodie, M.; Baur, L.; Wen, L.Ming.; Hayes, A., 2017:
The high cost of obesity in Australian pre-schoolers

Lapchak, P.A.; Zhang, J.H., 2017:
The High Cost of Stroke and Stroke Cytoprotection Research

Shorter, K.Alex.; Wu, A.; Kuo, A.D., 2017:
The high cost of swing leg circumduction during human walking

The Lancet, 2017 :
The high cost of unpaid mental health care

Zhang, J.X.; Meltzer, D.O., 2016:
The High Cost-related Medication Non-adherence Rate Among Medicare-Medicaid Dual-Eligible Diabetes Patients

Carroll, A.E., 2017:
The High Costs of Unnecessary Care

Chen, S.; Li, X-Xin.; Shu, L.; Somsundaran, P.; Li, J-Rong., 2017:
The high efficient separation of divinylbenzene and ethylvinylbenzene isomers using high performance liquid chromatography with Fe-based MILs packed columns

Pereyra-Rojas, M.; Mu, E.; Gaskin, J.; Lingham, T., 2017:
The Higher-Ed Organizational-Scholar Tension: How Scholarship Compatibility and the Alignment of Organizational and Faculty Skills, Values and Support Affects Scholar's Performance and Well-Being

Sitnikov, V.P.; Bizunkov, A.B., 2016:
The higher education at the post-Soviet territories: the long echo of the Bologna process

Strand, D.D.; Fisher, N.; Kramer, D.M., 2017:
The higher plant plastid NAD(P)H dehydrogenase-like complex (NDH) is a high efficiency proton pump that increases ATP production by cyclic electron flow

Rao, H.; Wu, E.; Fu, S.; Yang, M.; Feng, B.; Lin, A.; Fei, R.; Fontana, R.J.; Lok, A.S.; Wei, L., 2017:
The higher prevalence of truncal obesity and diabetes in American than Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis C might contribute to more rapid progression to advanced liver disease

Gonseth, C.; Kawakami, F.; Ichino, E.; Tomonaga, M., 2017:
The higher the farther: distance-specific referential gestures in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

Niedzwiecki, P.; Naskret, D.; Pilacinski, S.; Pempera, M.; Uruska, A.; Adamska, A.; Zozulinska-Ziolkiewicz, D., 2017 :
The Higher the Insulin Resistance the Lower the Cardiac Output in Men with Type 1 Diabetes During the Maximal Exercise Test

Lorens-Mola, J., 1984:
The highest honor

Nam, J.; Do, W.S.; Stinner, D.J.; Wenke, J.C.; Orman, J.A.; Kragh, J.F., 2017:
The Highest-Impact Combat Orthopedic and Extremity Injury Articles in the Past 70 Years: A Citation Analysis

Betschart, J.E., 1992:
The highest priority ...

Cosentino, A.C.; Castro Solano, A., 2017:
The High Five: Associations of the Five Positive Factors with the Big Five and Well-being

Barde, P.V.; Sahu, M.; Shukla, M.K.; Bharti, P.K.; Sharma, R.K.; Sahare, L.K.; Ukey, M.J.; Singh, N., 2017:
The high frequency of non-aspartic acid residues at HA222 in influenza A(H1N1) 2009 pandemic viruses is associated with mortality during the upsurge of 2015: a molecular and epidemiological study from central India

Ataoglu, M.Baybars.; Cetinkaya, M.; Ozer, M.; Ayanoglu, T.; Kanatli, U., 2017:
The high frequency of superior labrum, biceps tendon, and superior rotator cuff pathologies in patients with subscapularis tears: A cohort study

Kim, S.Young.; Kim, K.; Hwang, B.; Im, K.; Park, S.Nae.; Kim, J-Ah.; Hwang, S.Mee.; Bang, D.; Lee, D.Soon., 2017:
The high frequency of the U2AF1 S34Y mutation and its association with isolated trisomy 8 in myelodysplastic syndrome in Asians, but not in Caucasians

Okazaki, T.; Yamataka, A.; Asahara, T.; Nomoto, K.; Yamashiro, Y., 2018:
The High Incidence of Bacteremia in Children Undergoing Surgery Can Be Prevented by Bifidobacterium Supplementation

Huard, Gève.; Iyer, K.; Moon, J.; Doucette, J.T.; Nair, V.; Schiano, T.D., 2017 :
The high incidence of severe chronic kidney disease after intestinal transplantation and its impact on patient and graft survival

Losonczy, L.Ilona.; Hsieh, D.; Wang, M.; Hahn, C.; Trivedi, T.; Rodriguez, M.; Fahimi, J.; Alter, H., 2017:
The Highland Health Advocates: a preliminary evaluation of a novel programme addressing the social needs of emergency department patients

Gao, S., 2016:
The highlights in the 2 nd Cambridge International VATS Symposium

Gao, S.; Li, G., 2016:
The highlights in the 2 nd International Conference of Asia Thoracoscopic Education Program

Zhong, J., 2017:
The highlights in the Digestive Disease Institute Week 2017

Benkeser, D.; van der Laan, M., 2016:
The Highly Adaptive Lasso Estimator

Groves, M., 2018:
The highly anxious individual presenting for Huntington disease-predictive genetic testing: the psychiatrist's role in assessment and counseling

Mohammadi-Bardbori, A.; Bastan, F.; Akbarizadeh, A-Reza., 2017:
The highly bioactive molecule and signal substance 6-formylindolo[3,2-b]carbazole (FICZ) plays bi-functional roles in cell growth and apoptosis in vitro

Hillmer, R.A.; Tsuda, K.; Rallapalli, G.; Asai, S.; Truman, W.; Papke, M.D.; Sakakibara, H.; Jones, J.D.G.; Myers, C.L.; Katagiri, F., 2017:
The highly buffered Arabidopsis immune signaling network conceals the functions of its components

Li, Y-Jian.; Wang, Y-Ling.; Liu, Q-Yan., 2017:
The Highly Connected MOFs Constructed from Nonanuclear and Trinuclear Lanthanide-Carboxylate Clusters: Selective Gas Adsorption and Luminescent pH Sensing

Tödter, D.; Gunka, K.; Stülke, Jörg., 2017:
The Highly Conserved Asp23 Family Protein YqhY Plays a Role in Lipid Biosynthesis in iBacillus subtilis

Maegawa, K-Ichi.; Watanabe, S.; Noi, K.; Okumura, M.; Amagai, Y.; Inoue, M.; Ushioda, R.; Nagata, K.; Ogura, T.; Inaba, K., 2017:
The Highly Dynamic Nature of ERdj5 Is Key to Efficient Elimination of Aberrant Protein Oligomers through ER-Associated Degradation

Jin, R.; Shen, J.; Zhang, T.; Liu, Q.; Liao, C.; Ma, H.; Li, S.; Yu, Z., 2017:
The highly expressed COL4A1 genes contributes to the proliferation and migration of the invasive ductal carcinomas

Xie, Y.; Chu, L.; Liu, Y.; Sham, K.W.Y.; Li, J.; Cheng, C.H.K., 2017:
The highly overlapping actions of Lh signaling and Fsh signaling on zebrafish spermatogenesis

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