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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60412

Chapter 60412 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Elser, J.L.; Hatch, B.G.; Taylor, L.H.; Nel, L.H.; Shwiff, S.A., 2017:
Towards canine rabies elimination: Economic comparisons of three project sites

Calabrese, G.; Daou, A.; Barbu, E.; Tsibouklis, J., 2017:
Towards carborane-functionalised structures for the treatment of brain cancer

Sayed, N.; Wu, J.C., 2017:
Towards Cardio-Precision medicine

Keener, M.; Peterson, M.; Hernández Sánchez, Rúl.; Oswald, V.F.; Wu, G.; Ménard, G., 2017:
Towards Catalytic Ammonia Oxidation to Dinitrogen: A Synthetic Cycle by Using a Simple Manganese Complex

Lebrun, V., 2017:
Towards Cellular Activation of an Artificial Metalloenzyme: Development of an Artificial Zymogen

Pennington, P.Marie.; Juárez, Jé.Guillermo.; Arrivillaga, M.Rivera.; De Urioste-Stone, S.María.; Doktor, K.; Bryan, J.P.; Escobar, C.Yaseli.; Cordón-Rosales, C., 2017:
Towards Chagas disease elimination: Neonatal screening for congenital transmission in rural communities

Arafin, S.; Simsek, A.; Kim, S-Kyun.; Dwivedi, S.; Liang, W.; Eliyahu, D.; Klamkin, J.; Matsko, A.; Johansson, L.; Maleki, L.; Rodwell, M.; Coldren, L., 2017:
Towards chip-scale optical frequency synthesis based on optical heterodyne phase-locked loop

Emaldi, M.; Aguilera, U.; López-de-Ipiña, D.; Pérez-Velasco, J., 2017:
Towards Citizen Co-Created Public Service Apps

Hueso-González, F.; Ballester, F.; Perez-Calatayud, J.; Siebert, F-André.; Vijande, J., 2017:
Towards clinical application of RayStretch for heterogeneity corrections in LDR permanent 125 I prostate brachytherapy

Theisen, M.; Jore, M.M.; Sauerwein, R., 2017:
Towards clinical development of a Pfs48/45-based transmission blocking malaria vaccine

Ahmad, A.; Fröhlich, H., 2017:
Towards clinically more relevant dissection of patient heterogeneity via survival-based Bayesian clustering

Woolley, J.Patrick., 2017:
Towards coherent data policy for biomedical research with ELSI 2.0: orchestrating ethical, legal and social strategies

Mehrotra, R.; Renganaath, K.; Kanodia, H.; Loake, G.J.; Mehrotra, S., 2017:
Towards combinatorial transcriptional engineering

Briggs, C.L., 2017:
Towards Communicative Justice in Health

Morrison, R., 1963:
Towards Community Care in the Mental Health Services?

Hernández, L.; Jandl, R.; Blujdea, V.N.B.; Lehtonen, A.; Kriiska, K.; Alberdi, I.; Adermann, V.; Cañellas, I.; Marin, G.; Moreno-Fernández, D.; Ostonen, I.; Varik, M.; Didion, M., 2017:
Towards complete and harmonized assessment of soil carbon stocks and balance in forests: The ability of the Yasso07 model across a wide gradient of climatic and forest conditions in Europe

Fortenberry, R.C.; Lee, T.J.; Huang, X., 2017:
Towards completing the cyclopropenylidene cycle: rovibrational analysis of cyclic N 3 + , CNN, HCNN + , and CNC

Gauci, C.; Azzopardi-Muscat, N., 2017:
Towards comprehensive and effective strategies to address sexual health

Finley, G.P.; Pakhomov, S.V.S.; McEwan, R.; Melton, G.B., 2017:
Towards Comprehensive Clinical Abbreviation Disambiguation Using Machine-Labeled Training Data

Tohyama, C., 2017:
Towards comprehensive health risk assessments of chemicals for occupational and environmental health

Unluturk, B.D.; Islam, M.Siblee.; Balasubramaniam, S.; Ivanov, S., 2017:
Towards Concurrent Data Transmission: Exploiting Plasmid Diversity by Bacterial Conjugation

Anonymous, 1999:
Towards continence

Ramos, A.Novaes.; Dias, Jão.Carlos.Pinto.; Correia, D., 2017:
Towards control of Chagas disease: the contribution of the new brazilian consensus

Iwuji, C.; Newell, M-Louise., 2017:
Towards control of the global HIV epidemic: Addressing the middle-90 challenge in the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target

Ramírez-Pérez, M.; Gonçalves-Araujo, R.; Wiegmann, S.; Torrecilla, E.; Bardaji, R.; Röttgers, Rüdiger.; Bracher, A.; Piera, J., 2017:
Towards Cost-Effective Operational Monitoring Systems for Complex Waters: Analyzing Small-Scale Coastal Processes with Optical Transmissometry

Scheben, A.; Wolter, F.; Batley, J.; Puchta, H.; Edwards, D., 2017:
Towards CRISPR/Cas crops - bringing together genomics and genome editing

Suurmond, J.; Lieveld, A.; van de Wetering, M.; Schouten-van Meeteren, A.Y.N., 2017 :
Towards culturally competent paediatric oncology care. A qualitative study from the perspective of care providers

Oakley, C., 2017:
Towards cultural materialism in the medical humanities: the case of blood rejuvenation

Zozus, M.Nahm.; Bonner, J., 2017:
Towards Data Value-Level Metadata for Clinical Studies

Trifiletti, D.M.; Sturz, V.N.; Showalter, T.N.; Lobo, J.M., 2017:
Towards decision-making using individualized risk estimates for personalized medicine: A systematic review of genomic classifiers of solid tumors

Wojtkiewicz, J.; Iwan, A.; Pilch, M.; Boharewicz, B.; Wójcik, K.; Tazbir, I.; Kaminska, M., 2017:
Towards designing polymers for photovoltaic applications: A DFT and experimental study of polyazomethines with various chemical structures

Diether, M.; Sauer, U., 2017:
Towards detecting regulatory protein-metabolite interactions

Javaid, A.Q.; Noble, C.M.; Rosenberg, R.; Weitnauer, M.A., 2017:
Towards detection of sleep apnea events by combining different non-contact measurement modalities

Gandhi, G.Devadoss.; Krishnamoorthy, N.; Motal, U.M.Abdel.; Yacoub, M., 2017:
Towards developing a vaccine for rheumatic heart disease

Hoa, S.; Stern, E.P.; Denton, C.P.; Hudson, M.; Baron, M.; Frech, T.; Ghossein, C.; Johnson, S.; Mouthon, L.; Proudman, S.; Steen, V.; Varga, J., 2017:
Towards developing criteria for scleroderma renal crisis: A scoping review

Dzulkarnain, A.A.; Rahmat, S.; Mohd Puzi, N.A.F.; Badzis, M., 2017:
Towards developing high-fidelity simulated learning environment training modules in audiology

Morris, C.; Hoogenes, J.; Shayegan, B.; Matsumoto, E.D., 2017:
Towards development and validation of an intraoperative assessment tool for robot-assisted radical prostatectomy training: results of a Delphi study

Insoo Kim; Bhagat, Y.A., 2017:
Towards development of a mobile RF Doppler sensor for continuous heart rate variability and blood pressure monitoring

Pang, E.Leen.; Loh, H-San., 2017:
Towards development of a universal dengue vaccine - How close are we?

Wald, S.; Leonard, R.C., 1970:
Towards development of nursing practice theory

Andersen, S.Christine.; Kiil, K.; Harder, C.Bugge.; Josefsen, M.Hasseldam.; Persson, Søren.; Nielsen, E.Møller.; Hoorfar, J., 2017:
Towards diagnostic metagenomics of Campylobacter in fecal samples

Herff, C.; Johnson, G.; Diener, L.; Shih, J.; Krusienski, D.; Schultz, T., 2017:
Towards direct speech synthesis from ECoG: A pilot study

Garabedian, A.; Benigni, P.; Ramirez, C.E.; Baker, E.S.; Liu, T.; Smith, R.D.; Fernandez-Lima, F., 2017:
Towards Discovery and Targeted Peptide Biomarker Detection Using nanoESI-TIMS-TOF MS

Quansah, E.; McGregor, N.W., 2017:
Towards diversity in genomics: The emergence of neurogenomics in Africa?

Buzalewicz, I.; Hołowacz, I.; Ulatowska-Jarża, A.; Podbielska, H., 2017:
Towards dosimetry for photodynamic diagnosis with the low-level dose of photosensitizer

Gilbert, D.; Heiner, M.; Jayaweera, Y.; Rohr, C., 2017:
Towards dynamic genome-scale models

Mouden, S.; Klinkhamer, P.G.L.; Choi, Y.Hae.; Leiss, K.A., 2017:
Towards eco-friendly crop protection: natural deep eutectic solvents and defensive secondary metabolites

Bergmann, L., 2017:
Towards economic geographies beyond the Nature-Society divide

Schaffner, M.; Scheidegger, F.; Cavigelli, L.; Kaeslin, H.; Benini, L.; Smolic, A., 2017:
Towards Edge-Aware Spatio-Temporal Filtering in Real-Time

Al-Mahrezi, A., 2017:
Towards Effective Pain Management: Breaking the Barriers

Jia, J.; Shi, T., 2017:
Towards efficiency in rare disease research: what is distinctive and important?

Samuel, O.Williams.; Geng, Y.; Li, X.; Li, G., 2017:
Towards Efficient Decoding of Multiple Classes of Motor Imagery Limb Movements Based on EEG Spectral and Time Domain Descriptors

McKenna, B.; Evans, R.C., 2017:
Towards Efficient Spectral Converters through Materials Design for Luminescent Solar Devices

Sadeghi, A.; Mondini, A.; Mazzolai, B., 2017:
Toward Self-Growing Soft Robots Inspired by Plant Roots and Based on Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Sunguya, B.F.; Mlunde, L.B.; Ayer, R.; Jimba, M., 2017:
Towards eliminating malaria in high endemic countries: the roles of community health workers and related cadres and their challenges in integrated community case management for malaria: a systematic review

Duffell, E.F.; Hedrich, D.; Mardh, O.; Mozalevskis, A., 2017:
Towards elimination of hepatitis B and C in European Union and European Economic Area countries: monitoring the World Health Organization's global health sector strategy core indicators and scaling up key interventions

Srinivas, V.; Turlapati, P.Ln.; Bhola, A.K.; Singh, A.K.; Rajan, S.; Gupta, R.S.; Khaparde, S.D., 2015:
Towards elimination of parent-to-child transmission of syphilis in India: a rapid situation review to inform national strategy

Hirve, S.; Kroeger, A.; Matlashewski, G.; Mondal, D.; Banjara, M.Raj.; Das, P.; Be-Nazir, A.; Arana, B.; Olliaro, P., 2017:
Towards elimination of visceral leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinent-Translating research to practice to public health

Lövgren, V.; Markström, U.; Sauer, L., 2017:
Towards Employment: What Research Says About Support-to-Work in Relation to Psychiatric and Intellectual Disabilities

Svedberg, G.; Jeong, Y.; Na, H.; Jang, J.; Nilsson, P.; Kwon, S.; Gantelius, J.; Svahn, H.Andersson., 2017:
Towards encoded particles for highly multiplexed colorimetric point of care autoantibody detection

Zhao, Z.; Li, Y.; Quan, X.; Zhang, Y., 2017:
Towards engineering application: Potential mechanism for enhancing anaerobic digestion of complex organic waste with different types of conductive materials

Iu, J.; Santerre, J.Paul.; Kandel, R.A., 2017:
Towards Engineering Distinct Multi-lamellated Outer and Inner Annulus Fibrosus Tissues

Zhang, Y.Shrike.; Yu, C., 2017:
Towards engineering integrated cardiac organoids: beating recorded

Shigenaga, A.M.; Berens, M.L.; Tsuda, K.; Argueso, C.T., 2017:
Towards engineering of hormonal crosstalk in plant immunity

Lu, Y.Young.; Lv, J.; Fuhrman, J.A.; Sun, F., 2017:
Towards enhanced and interpretable clustering/classification in integrative genomics

Bibikova, O.; Haas, J.; López-Lorente, A.I.; Popov, A.; Kinnunen, M.; Meglinski, I.; Mizaikoff, B., 2017:
Towards enhanced optical sensor performance: SEIRA and SERS with plasmonic nanostars

Zaidi, H.; Karakatsanis, N., 2017:
Towards enhanced PET quantification in clinical oncology

Marteau, T.M., 2017:
Towards environmentally sustainable human behaviour: targeting non-conscious and conscious processes for effective and acceptable policies

Anonymous, 1978:
Towards equality

Poole, P., 2017:
Towards equality

Tolend, M.A.; Twilt, M.; Cron, R.Q.; Tzaribachev, N.; Guleria, S.; von Kalle, T.; Koos, B.; Miller, E.; Stimec, J.; Vaid, Y.; Larheim, T.A.; Herlin, T.; Spiegel, L.; Inarejos, E.; Moineddin, R.; van Rossum, M.A.; Saurenmann, R.K.; Doria, A.S.; Kellenberger, C.J., 2017:
Towards Establishing a Standardized Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scoring System for Temporomandibular Joints in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Achel, D.Gyingiri.; Achoribo, E.; Agbenyegah, S.; Adaboro, R.M.; Donkor, S.; Adu-Bobi, N.A.K.; Agyekum, A.A.; Akuamoa, F.; Tagoe, S.N.; Kyei, K.A.; Yarney, J.; Serafin, A.; Akudugu, J.M., 2017:
Towards Establishing Capacity for Biological Dosimetry at Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Panagos, P.; Ballabio, C.; Meusburger, K.; Spinoni, J.; Alewell, C.; Borrelli, P., 2017:
Towards estimates of future rainfall erosivity in Europe based on REDES and WorldClim datasets

Aviles, A.I.; Widlak, T.; Casals, A.; Ammari, H., 2017:
Towards estimating cardiac motion using low-rank representation and topology preservation for ultrafast ultrasound data

Boulesteix, A-Laure.; Wilson, R.; Hapfelmeier, A., 2017:
Towards evidence-based computational statistics: lessons from clinical research on the role and design of real-data benchmark studies

Wylie, K., 2017:
Towards evidence based emergency medicine: best BETs from the Manchester Royal Infirmary

Anonymous, 2012:
Towards evidence-based emergency medicine: best BETs from the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Bet 3

Phillips, B., 2005:
Towards evidence based medicine for paediatricians

Phillips, B., 2017:
Towards evidence based medicine for paediatricians

Manley, B.J.; Owen, L.S.; Hooper, S.B.; Jacobs, S.E.; Cheong, J.L.Y.; Doyle, L.W.; Davis, P.G., 2017:
Towards evidence-based resuscitation of the newborn infant

Schellenberg, F.; Taylor, W.R.; Lorenzetti, S., 2017:
Towards evidence based strength training: a comparison of muscle forces during deadlifts, goodmornings and split squats

Loi, S.; Haydon, A.M.M.; Shapiro, J.; Schwarz, M.A.; Schneider, H.G., 2004:
Towards evidence-based use of serum tumour marker requests: an audit of use in a tertiary hospital

Helve, O.; Viljakainen, H.; Holmlund-Suila, E.; Rosendahl, J.; Hauta-Alus, H.; Enlund-Cerullo, M.; Valkama, S.; Heinonen, K.; Räikkönen, K.; Hytinantti, T.; Mäkitie, O.; Andersson, S., 2017:
Towards evidence-based vitamin D supplementation in infants: vitamin D intervention in infants (VIDI) - study design and methods of a randomised controlled double-blinded intervention study

Salado, M.; Fernández, M.Asunción.; Holgado, J.P.; Kazim, S.; Nazeeruddin, M.Khaja.; Dyson, P.J.; Ahmad, S., 2017:
Towards Extending Solar Cell Lifetimes: Addition of a Fluorous Cation to Triple Cation-Based Perovskite Films

Kok, M.Olivier.; Gyapong, J.Owusu.; Wolffers, I.; Ofori-Adjei, D.; Ruitenberg, E.Joost., 2017:
Towards fair and effective North-South collaboration: realising a programme for demand-driven and locally led research

Kontaxis, C.; Bol, G.H.; Stemkens, B.; Glitzner, M.; Prins, F.M.; Kerkmeijer, L.G.W.; Lagendijk, J.J.W.; Raaymakers, B.W., 2017:
Towards fast online intrafraction replanning for free-breathing stereotactic body radiation therapy with the MR-linac

Belcher, A.H.; Liu, X.; Chmura, S.; Yenice, K.; Wiersma, R.D., 2017:
Towards frameless maskless SRS through real-time 6DoF robotic motion compensation

Maimon-Dror, R.O.; Fernandez-Quesada, J.; Zito, G.A.; Konnaris, C.; Dziemian, S.; Faisal, A.Aldo., 2017:
Towards free 3D end-point control for robotic-assisted human reaching using binocular eye tracking

Ehrlich, S.; Göller, A.H.; Grimme, S., 2017:
Towards full Quantum-Mechanics-based Protein-Ligand Binding Affinities

Marciniak, C.D.; Ball, H.B.; Hung, A.T-H.; Biercuk, M.J., 2017:
Towards fully commercial, UV-compatible fiber patch cords

Sack, B.; Kappe, S.H.I.; Sather, D.Noah., 2017:
Towards functional antibody-based vaccines to prevent pre-erythrocytic malaria infection

Treven, M.; Siebert, D.C.B.; Holzinger, R.; Bampali, K.; Fabjan, J.; Varagic, Z.; Wimmer, L.; Steudle, F.; Scholze, P.; Schnürch, M.; Mihovilovic, M.D.; Ernst, M., 2017:
Towards Functional Selectivity for a632 GABA A Receptors: A Series of Novel Pyrazoloquinolinones

Miller, T.; Dligach, D.; Bethard, S.; Lin, C.; Savova, G., 2017:
Towards generalizable entity-centric clinical coreference resolution

Saltz, J.; Almeida, J.; Gao, Y.; Sharma, A.; Bremer, E.; DiPrima, T.; Saltz, M.; Kalpathy-Cramer, J.; Kurc, T., 2017:
Towards Generation, Management, and Exploration of Combined Radiomics and Pathomics Datasets for Cancer Research

Thorlacius, L.; Garg, A.; Ingram, J.R.; Villumsen, B.; Theut Riis, P.; Gottlieb, A.B.; Merola, J.F.; Dellavalle, R.; Ardon, C.; Baba, R.; Bechara, F.G.; Cohen, A.D.; Daham, N.; Davis, M.; Emtestam, L.; Fernandez-Penas, P.; Filippelli, M.; Gibbons, A.; Grant, T.; Guilbault, S.; Gulliver, S.; Harris, C.; Harvent, C.; Houston, K.; Kirby, J.S.; Matusiak, L.; Mehdizadeh, A.; Mojica, T.; Okun, M.; Orgill, D.; Pallack, L.; Parks-Miller, A.; Prens, E.P.; Randell, S.; Rogers, C.; Rosen, C.F.; Choon, S.E., 2017:
Towards global consensus on core outcomes for Hidradenitis Suppurativa research: An update from the HISTORIC consensus meetings I and II

Das Sarma, A.; Parameswaran, A.; Widom, J., 2017:
Towards Globally Optimal Crowdsourcing Quality Management: The Uniform Worker Setting

Ollerenshaw, A.; Wong Shee, A.; Yates, M., 2017:
Towards good dementia care: Awareness and uptake of an online Dementia Pathways tool for rural and regional primary health practitioners

Ding, S.; Cole, M.T.; Li, C.; Zhou, Y.; Collins, C.M.; Kang, M.H.; Parmee, R.J.; Lei, W.; Zhang, X.; Dai, Q.; Milne, W.I.; Wang, B., 2017:
Towards graphane field emitters

Bae, S.; Kim, H., 2017:
Towards Harmonious Coexistence in the Unlicensed Spectrum: Rational Cooperation of Operators

Boland, J.L.; Tütüncüoglu, Gözde.; Gong, J.Q.; Conesa-Boj, S.; Davies, C.L.; Herz, L.M.; Fontcuberta I Morral, A.; Johnston, M.B., 2017:
Towards higher electron mobility in modulation doped GaAs/AlGaAs core shell nanowires

Zhang, S.; Li, J.; Xia, Z.; Wu, C.; Zhang, Z.; Ma, Y.; Qu, Y., 2017:
Towards highly active Pd/CeO 2 for alkene hydrogenation by tuning Pd dispersion and surface properties of the catalysts

Zignani, S.C.; Baglio, V.; Sebastián, D.; Saccà, A.; Gatto, I.; Aricò, A.S., 2017:
Towards Highly Performing and Stable PtNi Catalysts in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells for Automotive Application

Apyari, V.V.; Gorbunova, M.O.; Shevchenko, A.V.; Furletov, A.A.; Volkov, P.A.; Garshev, A.V.; Dmitrienko, S.G.; Zolotov, Y.A., 2017:
Towards highly selective detection using metal nanoparticles: A case of silver triangular nanoplates and chlorine

Garzia Trulli, M.; Sardella, E.; Palumbo, F.; Palazzo, G.; Giannossa, L.Carla.; Mangone, A.; Comparelli, R.; Musso, S.; Favia, P., 2017:
Towards highly stable aqueous dispersions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes: the effect of oxygen plasma functionalization

Guo, Y.; Liu, X.; Xiong, C.; Xu, X.; Fu, C-Wing., 2017:
Towards High-quality Visualization of Superfluid Vortices

Aboumatar, H.J.; Weaver, S.J.; Rees, D.; Rosen, M.A.; Sawyer, M.D.; Pronovost, P.J., 2017:
Towards high-reliability organising in healthcare: a strategy for building organisational capacity

Nguyen, S.N.; Sontag, R.L.; Carson, J.P.; Corley, R.A.; Ansong, C.; Laskin, J., 2017:
Towards High-Resolution Tissue Imaging Using Nanospray Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Shear Force Microscopy

Wang, D.; Zhang, W.; Zheng, W.; Cui, X.; Rojo, Tófilo.; Zhang, Q., 2017:
Towards High-Safe Lithium Metal Anodes: Suppressing Lithium Dendrites via Tuning Surface Energy

Nabovati, G.; Ghafar-Zadeh, E.; Letourneau, A.; Sawan, M., 2017:
Towards High Throughput Cell Growth Screening: A New CMOS 8 8 Biosensor Array for Life Science Applications

Godfrey, A.; Bourke, A.; Del Din, S.; Morris, R.; Hickey, A.; Helbostad, J.L.; Rochester, L., 2017:
Towards holistic free-living assessment in Parkinson's disease: Unification of gait and fall algorithms with a single accelerometer

Van Aelst, L.N.L.; Mazure, D.; Cohen-Solal, A., 2017:
Towards Holistic Heart Failure Management-How to Tackle the Iron Deficiency Epidemic?

Pastawski, F.; Eisert, J.; Wilming, H., 2017:
Towards Holography via Quantum Source-Channel Codes

Figueiredo, J.; Felix, P.; Santos, C.P.; Moreno, J.C., 2017:
Towards human-knee orthosis interaction based on adaptive impedance control through stiffness adjustment

Ashrafi, K.; Heaysman, C.L.; Phillips, G.J.; Lloyd, A.W.; Lewis, A.L., 2017:
Towards Hypoxia-responsive Drug-eluting Embolization Beads

Jap, B.A.J.; Borleffs, E.; Maassen, B.A.M., 2017:
Towards identifying dyslexia in Standard Indonesian: the development of a reading assessment battery

Khan, N.; Jan, A.T., 2017:
Towards Identifying Protective B-Cell Epitopes: The PspA Story

Jensen, E.; Robson, P.; Farrar, K.; Thomas Jones, S.; Clifton-Brown, J.; Payne, R.; Donnison, I., 2017:
Towards iMiscanthus combustion quality improvement: the role of flowering and senescence

Tsompanas, M-Antisthenis.I.; Adamatzky, A.; Sirakoulis, G.Ch.; Greenman, J.; Ieropoulos, I., 2017:
Towards implementation of cellular automata in Microbial Fuel Cells

Melvin, S.D.; Petit, M.A.; Duvignacq, M.C.; Sumpter, J.P., 2017:
Towards improved behavioural testing in aquatic toxicology: Acclimation and observation times are important factors when designing behavioural tests with fish

Schwarz, K.M.; Grosse-Honebrink, A.; Derecka, K.; Rotta, C.; Zhang, Y.; Minton, N.P., 2017:
Towards improved butanol production through targeted genetic modification of Clostridium pasteurianum

Baráková, D.; Klánová, J.; Chropeňová, Mária.; Čupr, P., 2017:
Towards improved comparability of studies addressing atmospheric concentrations of semivolatile organic compounds based on their sequestration in pine needles

Korshunova, I.; Kindermans, P-Jan.; Degrave, J.; Verhoeven, T.; Brinkmann, B.H.; Dambre, J., 2017:
Towards improved design and evaluation of epileptic seizure predictors

Sánchez-Arroyo, A.J.; Palao, E.; Agarrabeitia, A.R.; Ortiz, Mía.J.; García-Fresnadillo, D., 2016:
Towards improved halogenated BODIPY photosensitizers: clues on structural designs and heavy atom substitution patterns

Munoz-Menendez, C.; Serantes, D.; Ruso, J.M.; Baldomir, D., 2017:
Towards improved magnetic fluid hyperthermia: major-loops to diminish variations in local heating

Menzi, M.; Wild, B.; Pradère, U.; Malinowska, A.L.; Brunschweiger, A.; Lightfoot, H.L.; Hall, J., 2017:
Towards Improved Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Through Faster Target Binding Kinetics

Le, N.Tam.; Doan, N.Khue.; Nguyen Ba, T.; Tran, T.Van.Thi., 2017:
Towards improved quality benchmarking and shelf life evaluation of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)

Zerna, C.; Hill, M.D.; Boltze, J., 2017:
Towards Improved Translational Stroke Research: Progress and Perspectives of the Recent National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Consensus Group Meeting

Georgakarakos, E.; Georgiadis, G.S., 2017:
Towards improvement of facilitating the contralateral limb cannulation of currently available endografts for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: First innovate then intervene!

Orbai, A-Maria.; Bingham, C.O., 2017:
Towards improving measurement of stiffness in rheumatology

Azeza, B.; Hadj Alouane, M.Helmi.; Ilahi, B.; Patriarche, G.; Sfaxi, L.; Fouzri, A.; Maaref, H.; M'ghaieth, R., 2015:
Towards InAs/InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Solar Cells Directly Grown on Si Substrate

Pereira, R.B., 2017:
Towards inclusive occupational therapy: Introducing the CORE approach for inclusive and occupation-focused practice

Ramond-Roquin, A.; Fortin, M., 2016:
Towards increased visibility of multimorbidity research

Freitag, L.; Gördes, M.; Zarogoulidis, P.; Darwiche, K.; Franzen, D.; Funke, F.; Hohenforst-Schmidt, W.; Dutau, Hé., 2017:
Towards Individualized Tracheobronchial Stents: Technical, Practical and Legal Considerations

Carter, R.M.; Troughton, M.; Chen, J.; Elder, I.; Thomson, R.R.; Daniel Esser, M.J.; Lamb, R.A.; Hand, D.P., 2017:
Towards industrial ultrafast laser microwelding: SiO 2 and BK7 to aluminum alloy

Churchill, H.O.H.; Salamo, G.J.; Yu, S-Qing.; Hironaka, T.; Hu, X.; Stacy, J.; Shih, I., 2017:
Toward Single Atom Chains with Exfoliated Tellurium

Zhang, Y.; De Falco, P.; Wang, Y.; Barbieri, E.; Paris, O.; Terrill, N.J.; Falkenberg, G.; Pugno, N.M.; Gupta, H.S., 2017:
Towards in situ determination of 3D strain and reorientation in the interpenetrating nanofibre networks of cuticle

Beres, C.; Costa, G.N.S.; Cabezudo, I.; da Silva-James, N.K.; Teles, A.S.C.; Cruz, A.P.G.; Mellinger-Silva, C.; Tonon, R.V.; Cabral, L.M.C.; Freitas, S.P., 2017:
Towards integral utilization of grape pomace from winemaking process: A review

Oortwijn, W.; Determann, D.; Schiffers, K.; Tan, S.Swan.; van der Tuin, J., 2017:
Towards Integrated Health Technology Assessment for Improving Decision Making in Selected Countries

Boyd, D.F.; Thomas, P.G., 2017:
Towards integrating extracellular matrix and immunological pathways

Sussman, J.; Bainbridge, D.; Evans, W.K., 2017:
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Towards integration

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Towards open boundary molecular dynamics simulation of ionic liquids

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Towards open-ended evolution in self-replicating molecular systems

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Towards Organic Zeolites and Inclusion Catalysts: Heptazine Imide Salts Can Exchange Metal Cations in the Solid State

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Towards Organs on Demand: Breakthroughs and Challenges in Models of Organogenesis

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Towards Perceptual Optimization of the Visual Design of Scatterplots

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Towards personalized medicine for patients with autoimmune diseases: Opportunities and challenges

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Towards Photoplethysmography-Based Estimation of Instantaneous Heart Rate During Physical Activity

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Towards plasma-like collisionless trajectories in the brain

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Towards Point-of-Care Measurements Using Noncoding RNAs: A Novel Tool to Monitor Aggravation of Advanced Atherosclerotic Lesions

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Towards Practical Endoscopic Mass Spectrometry

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Towards precise tracking of electric-mechanical cardiac time intervals through joint ECG and BCG sensing and signal processing

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Towards Precision Addiction Treatment: New Findings in Co-morbid Substance Use and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

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Towards Precision Engineering of Canonical Polyketide Synthase Domains: Recent Advances and Future Prospects

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Towards Precision in HF Pharmacotherapy

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Towards precision medicine: Accurate predictive modeling of infectious complications in combat casualties

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Towards Precision Medicine for Hypertension: A Review of Genomic, Epigenomic, and Microbiomic Effects on Blood Pressure in Experimental Rat Models and Humans

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Towards precision medicine for sepsis patients

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Towards precision medicine in Alzheimer's disease: deciphering genetic data to establish informative biomarkers

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Towards precision oncology in RET-aberrant cancers

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Towards predicting the encoding capability of MR fingerprinting sequences

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Towards production of novel catalyst powders from supported size-selected clusters by multilayer deposition and dicing

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Towards Prognostic Profiling of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: New Perspectives on the Relevance of Polo-Like Kinase 1 Expression, the iTP53 Mutation Status and Hypoxia

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Towards Program Optimization through Automated Analysis of Numerical Precision

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Towards program theory validation: Crowdsourcing the qualitative analysis of participant experiences

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Towards prostate cancer gene therapy: Development of a chlorotoxin-targeted nanovector for toxic (melittin) gene delivery

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Towards Providing Solutions to the Air Quality Crisis in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area: Carbon Sequestration by Succulent Species in Green Roofs

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Towards psychoanalytic contribution to linguistic metaphor theory

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Towards PubMed 2.0

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Towards quality assessed characterization of nanomaterial: Transfer of validated protocols for size measurement by dynamic light scattering and evaluation of zeta potential by electrophoretic light scattering

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Towards quantification of myelin by solid-state MRI of the lipid matrix protons

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Towards quantification of toxicity of lithium ion battery electrolytes - development and validation of a liquid-liquid extraction GC-MS method for the determination of organic carbonates in cell culture materials

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Towards quantifying dynamic human-human physical interactions for robot assisted stroke therapy

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Towards quantitative analysis of gene regulation by enhancers

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Towards quantitative condition assessment of biodiversity outcomes: Insights from Australian marine protected areas

Meunier, F.; Couvreur, V.; Draye, X.; Vanderborght, J.; Javaux, M., 2017:
Towards quantitative root hydraulic phenotyping: novel mathematical functions to calculate plant-scale hydraulic parameters from root system functional and structural traits

Craig, M., 2017:
Towards Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Models of Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia

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Towards quantitative viromics for both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA viruses

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Towards quantum communications in free-space seawater

Zhang, S.; Benenson, R.; Omran, M.; Hosang, J.; Schiele, B., 2017:
Towards Reaching Human Performance in Pedestrian Detection

Ziegenhein, P.; Kozin, I.N.; Kamerling, C.Ph.; Oelfke, U., 2017:
Towards real-time photon Monte Carlo dose calculation in the cloud

Smital, L.; Haider, C.; Leinveber, P.; Jurak, P.; Gilbert, B.; Holmes, D., 2017:
Towards real-time QRS feature extraction for wearable monitors

Liang, R.; Knight, K.; Easley, D.; Palcsey, S.; Abramowitch, S.; Moalli, P.A., 2017:
Towards rebuilding vaginal support utilizing an extracellular matrix bioscaffold

Gilliot, Élodie.; Estingoy, P., 2017:
Towards recovery, from constraints to the sharing of experience

Murray, G.; Leitan, N.D.; Thomas, N.; Michalak, E.E.; Johnson, S.L.; Jones, S.; Perich, T.; Berk, L.; Berk, M., 2017:
Towards recovery-oriented psychosocial interventions for bipolar disorder: Quality of life outcomes, stage-sensitive treatments, and mindfulness mechanisms

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Towards Rectifying Performance at the Molecular Scale

Debnath, M.; Santoni, C.; Leonardi, S.; Iungo, G.V., 2017:
Towards reduced order modelling for predicting the dynamics of coherent vorticity structures within wind turbine wakes

Burek, P.; Loebe, F.; Herre, H., 2017:
Towards refactoring the Molecular Function Ontology with a UML profile for function modeling

Athanasiou, A.; Xygonakis, I.; Pandria, N.; Kartsidis, P.; Arfaras, G.; Kavazidi, K.Rafailia.; Foroglou, N.; Astaras, A.; Bamidis, P.D., 2017:
Towards Rehabilitation Robotics: Off-the-Shelf BCI Control of Anthropomorphic Robotic Arms

Adenuga, K.I.; Iahad, N.A.; Miskon, S., 2017:
Towards reinforcing telemedicine adoption amongst clinicians in Nigeria

Foster, K.; Isobel, S., 2017:
Towards relational recovery: Nurses' practices with consumers and families with dependent children in mental health inpatient units

Wagner, L.D.; Corvette, L.J.; Ngundi, M.M.; Burns, D.L., 2017:
Towards replacement of the acellular pertussis vaccine safety test: Comparison of in vitro cytotoxic activity and in vivo activity in mice

Schoenberg, M.R.; Rum, R.S., 2017:
Towards reporting standards for neuropsychological study results: A proposal to minimize communication errors with standardized qualitative descriptors for normalized test scores

Eriksson, A.; Chantzi, E.; Fryknäs, Mårten.; Gullbo, J.; Nygren, P.; Gustafsson, M.; Höglund, M.; Larsson, R., 2017:
Towards repositioning of quinacrine for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia - Promising synergies and in vivo effects

Naderer, T., 2017:
Towards re-purposing BH3-mimetics in Legionella and viral infections

Naumann, D.N.; Eisenstein, N.; Burns, D.S.; Stapley, S.A., 2017:
Towards research combat readiness: prepared, prospective and preapproved

Brennan, E.Jane., 2017:
Towards resilience and wellbeing in nurses

Aviles, A.I.; Alsaleh, S.M.; Hahn, J.K.; Casals, A., 2017:
Towards Retrieving Force Feedback in Robotic-Assisted Surgery: A Supervised Neuro-Recurrent-Vision Approach

Flynn, J.M., 2017:
Towards revalidation in Australia: a discussion

Billings, J., 2004:
Towards rigour in qualitative health and social research across European partnerships

Pahl, C.; Ebelt, H.; Sayahkarajy, M.; Supriyanto, E.; Soesanto, A., 2017:
Towards Robot-Assisted Echocardiographic Monitoring in Catheterization Laboratories : Usability-Centered Manipulator for Transesophageal Echocardiography

Gonenc, B.; Chae, J.; Gehlbach, P.; Taylor, R.H.; Iordachita, I., 2017:
Towards Robot-Assisted Retinal Vein Cannulation: A Motorized Force-Sensing Microneedle Integrated with a Handheld Micromanipulator

Xing, J.; Niu, Z.; Huang, J.; Hu, W.; Zhou, X.; Yan, S., 2017 :
Towards Robust and Accurate Multi-view and Partially-occluded Face Alignment

Kühne, G.; Rigby, M.J.; Majeed, A.; Blair, M.E., 2017:
Towards Safe and Efficient Child Primary Care - Gaps in the Use of Unique Identifiers in Europe

Roberts, G., 2017:
Towards safer oral immunotherapy for food allergy and allergic asthma is still increasing in prevalence

Mekdad, S.Saeed.; AlSayed, A.Dhaya., 2017:
Towards safety of oral anti-cancer agents, the need to educate our pharmacists

Filipovic, M.; Lukic, M.; Djordjevic, S.; Krstonosic, V.; Pantelic, I.; Vuleta, G.; Savic, S., 2017:
Towards satisfying performance of an O/W cosmetic emulsion: screening of reformulation factors on textural and rheological properties using general experimental design

Khan, H.; D'Imperio, M.; Cannella, F.; Caldwell, D.G.; Cuschieri, A.; Semini, C., 2017:
Towards Scalable Strain Gauge-Based Joint Torque Sensors

Scheuermann, J.R.; Howansky, A.; Hansroul, M.; Léveillé, Sébastien.; Tanioka, K.; Zhao, W., 2017:
Towards Scintillator High Gain Avalanche Rushing Photoconductor Active Matrix Flat Panel Imager (SHARP-AMFPI): initial fabrication and characterization

Allison, L.; Hoxie, S.; Andrew, T.L., 2017:
Towards seamlessly-integrated textile electronics: methods to coat fabrics and fibers with conducting polymers for electronic applications

Moreira, W.; Santhanakrishnan, S.; Ngan, G.J.Y.; Low, C.Bing.; Sangthongpitag, K.; Poulsen, A.; Dymock, B.W.; Dick, T., 2017:
Towards Selective Mycobacterial ClpP1P2 Inhibitors with Reduced Activity against the Human Proteasome

Hugentobler, K.Gloria.; Müller, M., 2017 :
Towards semisynthetic natural compounds with a biaryl axis: Oxidative phenol coupling in Aspergillus niger

Skilitsi, A.Ioanna.; Turko, Té.; Cianfarani, D.; Barre, S.; Uhring, W.; Hassiepen, U.; Léonard, Jérémie., 2017:
Towards sensitive, high-throughput, biomolecular assays based on fluorescence lifetime

Mandy, W.; Lai, M-Chuan., 2017:
Towards sex- and gender-informed autism research

Holtz, M.; Hauf, C.; Weisshaupt, J.; Salvador, A-Andres.Hernandez.; Woerner, M.; Elsaesser, T., 2017:
Towards shot-noise limited diffraction experiments with table-top femtosecond hard x-ray sources

Fugariu, I.; Soong, R.; Lane, D.; Fey, M.; Maas, W.; Vincent, F.; Beck, A.; Schmidig, D.; Treanor, B.; Simpson, A.J., 2017:
Towards single egg toxicity screening using microcoil NMR

Riaz, F.; Niazi, M.A., 2017:
Towards social autonomous vehicles: Efficient collision avoidance scheme using Richardson's arms race model

Grossberg, S., 2017:
Towards solving the hard problem of consciousness: The varieties of brain resonances and the conscious experiences that they support

Vasiljeva, I.; Arandjelovic, O., 2017:
Towards sophisticated learning from EHRs: increasing prediction specificity and accuracy using clinically meaningful risk criteria

Gourlay, A.J.; Pharris, A.M.; Noori, T.; Supervie, V.; Rosinska, M.; van Sighem, A.; Touloumi, G.; Porter, K., 2017:
Towards standardised definitions for monitoring the continuum of HIV care in Europe

Jacxsens, M.; Walz, T.; Durchholz, H.; Müller, A.M.; Flury, M.; Schwyzer, H-Kaspar.; Audigé, L., 2017:
Towards standardised definitions of shoulder arthroplasty complications: a systematic review of terms and definitions

Heck, H.; Wallbruch, R., 2017:
Towards Standardised Information Exchange Regarding the Accessibility of Public Transport in Germany

Ivanov, M.; Laktionov, K.; Breder, V.; Chernenko, P.; Novikova, E.; Telysheva, E.; Musienko, S.; Baranova, A.; Mileyko, V., 2017:
Towards standardization of next-generation sequencing of FFPE samples for clinical oncology: intrinsic obstacles and possible solutions

Unterrainer, M.; Vettermann, F.; Brendel, M.; Holzgreve, A.; Lifschitz, M.; Zähringer, M.; Suchorska, B.; Wenter, V.; Illigens, B.M.; Bartenstein, P.; Albert, N.L., 2017:
Towards standardization of 18 F-FET PET imaging: do we need a consistent method of background activity assessment?

Shrestha, S.; Vedantham, S.; Karellas, A., 2017:
Towards standardization of x-ray beam filters in digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis: Monte Carlo simulations and analytical modelling

Gourlay, A.J.; Pharris, A.M.; Noori, T.; Supervie, V.; Rosinska, M.; van Sighem, A.; Touloumi, G.; Porter, K., 2017:
Towards standardized definitions for monitoring the continuum of HIV care in Europe

Knab, L.M.; Zureikat, A.H.; Zeh, H.J.; Hogg, M.E., 2017:
Towards standardized robotic surgery in gastrointestinal oncology

Pumera, M.; Sofer, Zěk., 2017:
Towards stoichiometric analogues of graphene: graphane, fluorographene, graphol, graphene acid and others

Berger, E.; Haase, P.; Schäfer, R.B.; Sundermann, A., 2017:
Towards stressor-specific macroinvertebrate indices: Which traits and taxonomic groups are associated with vulnerable and tolerant taxa?

Bergmann, T.; Heinke, F.; Labudde, D., 2017:
Towards substrate-independent age estimation of blood stains based on dimensionality reduction and k-nearest neighbor classification of absorbance spectroscopic data

Al-Busafi, S.A.; Omar, H., 2017:
Towards supporting greater and lower cost access to direct acting antiviral treatment for hepatitis C for all patients

Anonymous, 2015:
Towards sustainable access to safe drinking water in South-East Asia

Vargas-Caro, C.; Bustamante, C.; Bennett, M.B.; Ovenden, J.R., 2017:
Towards sustainable fishery management for skates in South America: The genetic population structure of Zearaja chilensis and Dipturus trachyderma (Chondrichthyes, Rajiformes) in the south-east Pacific Ocean

Balasubramanya, S.; Evans, B.; Hardy, R.; Ahmed, R.; Habib, A.; Asad, N.S.M.; Rahman, M.; Hasan, M.; Dey, D.; Fletcher, L.; Camargo-Valero, M.Alonso.; Chaitanya Rao, K.; Fernando, S., 2017:
Towards sustainable sanitation management: Establishing the costs and willingness to pay for emptying and transporting sludge in rural districts with high rates of access to latrines

Wartenberg, M.; Patel, N.; Gang Li; Fischer, G.S., 2017:
Towards synergistic control of hands-on needle insertion with automated needle steering for MRI-guided prostate interventions

Medić, T.; Holst, C.; Kuhlmann, H., 2017:
Towards System Calibration of Panoramic Laser Scanners from a Single Station

Schwarzhans, J-Philipp.; Luttermann, T.; Geier, M.; Kalinowski, Jörn.; Friehs, K., 2017:
Towards systems metabolic engineering in Pichia pastoris

Li, G.; Phan, H.; Herng, T.Seng.; Gopalakrishna, T.Y.; Liu, C.; Zeng, W.; Ding, J.; Wu, J., 2017:
Toward Stable Superbenzoquinone Diradicaloids

Ehrmann, D.E.; Mulvahill, M.; Harendt, S.; Church, J.; Stimmler, A.; Vichayavilas, P.; Batz, S.; Rodgers, J.; DiMaria, M.; Jaggers, J.; Barrett, C.; Kaufman, J., 2017:
Toward standardization of care: The feeding readiness assessment after congenital cardiac surgery

Mahmoud, A.Mostafa.Ahmed.; Moneer, M.Mohamed., 2017:
Toward standardization of laparoscopic resection for colorectal cancer in developing countries: A step by step module

Paulson, R.J.; Reindollar, R.H.; Doody, K.J., 2017:
Toward standardizing the embryo transfer procedure: from "how to" to "how many"

Arshad, O.Ali.; Datta, A., 2017:
Towards targeted combinatorial therapy design for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer

Mantamadiotis, T., 2017:
Towards Targeting PI3K-Dependent Regulation of Gene Expression in Brain Cancer

Ozumerzifon, T.J.; Bhowmick, I.; Spaller, W.C.; Rappé, A.K.; Shores, M.P., 2017:
Toward steric control of guest binding modality: a cationic Co(ii) complex exhibiting cation binding and zero-field relaxation

Yoon, J-Yeol., 2017:
Towards the 10-year milestone of Journal of Biological Engineering

Pougheon-Bertrand, D.; Coutant, S., 2017:
Towards the active participation of users in quality approaches

Gao, C-Z.; Dinh, P.M.; Reinhard, P-G.; Suraud, E., 2017:
Towards the analysis of attosecond dynamics in complex systems

Matran-Fernandez, A.; Poli, R., 2017 :
Towards the automated localisation of targets in rapid image-sifting by collaborative brain-computer interfaces

Sandino, J.; Wooler, A.; Gonzalez, F., 2017:
Towards the Automatic Detection of Pre-Existing Termite Mounds through UAS and Hyperspectral Imagery

Pallitsch, K.; Schweifer, A.; Roller, A.; Hammerschmidt, F., 2017:
Towards the biodegradation pathway of fosfomycin

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Towards the centralization of digestive oncologic surgery: changes in activity, techniques and outcome

Casella, L.G.; Weiss, A.; Pérez-Rueda, E.; Antonio Ibarra, J.; Shaw, L.N., 2017:
Towards the complete proteinaceous regulome of iAcinetobacter baumannii

Weiss, A.; Broach, W.H.; Lee, M.C.; Shaw, L.N., 2017:
Towards the complete small RNome of iAcinetobacter baumannii

Bordet, Régis.; Ihl, R.; Korczyn, A.D.; Lanza, G.; Jansa, J.; Hoerr, R.; Guekht, A., 2017:
Towards the concept of disease-modifier in post-stroke or vascular cognitive impairment: a consensus report

Santosh Kumar, H.Shivashankara.; Kumar, V.; Pattar, S.; Telkar, S., 2017:
Towards the construction of an interactome for Human WD40 protein family

Firbank, L.G.; Bertora, C.; Blankman, D.; Delle Vedove, G.; Frenzel, M.; Grignani, C.; Groner, E.; Kertész, Mós.; Krab, E.J.; Matteucci, G.; Menta, C.; Mueller, C.W.; Stadler, J.; Kunin, W.E., 2017:
Towards the co-ordination of terrestrial ecosystem protocols across European research infrastructures

Touzet, P., 2017:
Towards the definition of cure

Náhlík, J.; Hrnčiřík, P.; Mareš, J.; Rychtera, Mír.; Kent, C.A., 2017:
Towards the design of an optimal strategy for the production of ergosterol from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts

Caraguel, F.; Lesart, A-Cécile.; Estève, Fçois.; van der Sanden, B.; Stéphanou, Aélique., 2017:
Towards the Design of a Patient-Specific Virtual Tumour

Xia, L.; Liu, L.; Lv, X.; Qu, F.; Li, G.; You, J., 2017:
Towards the determination of sulfonamides in meat samples: A magnetic and mesoporous metal-organic framework as an efficient sorbent for magnetic solid phase extraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography

von Niederhäusern, B.; Schandelmaier, S.; Mi Bonde, M.; Brunner, N.; Hemkens, L.G.; Rutquist, M.; Bhatnagar, N.; Guyatt, G.H.; Pauli-Magnus, C.; Briel, M., 2017:
Towards the development of a comprehensive framework: Qualitative systematic survey of definitions of clinical research quality

Ourailidou, M.E.; Lenoci, A.; Zwergel, C.; Rotili, D.; Mai, A.; Dekker, F.J., 2016:
Towards the development of activity-based probes for detection of lysine-specific demethylase-1 activity

Martelo, L.M.; das Neves, T.F.Pimentel.; Figueiredo, Jão.; Marques, L.; Fedorov, A.; Charas, A.; Berberan-Santos, Mário.N.; Burrows, H.D., 2017:
Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Device for the Detection of Explosives Vapors by Fluorescence Quenching of Conjugated Polymers in Solid Matrices

Desmet, E.; Van Gele, M.; Grine, L.; Remaut, K.; Lambert, J., 2017:
Towards the development of a RNAi-based topical treatment for psoriasis: Proof-of-concept in a 3D psoriasis skin model

Davy, C.; Kite, E.; Sivak, L.; Brown, A.; Ahmat, T.; Brahim, G.; Dowling, A.; Jacobson, S.; Kelly, T.; Kemp, K.; Mitchell, F.; Newman, T.; O'Brien, M.; Pitt, J.; Roesch, K.; Saddler, C.; Stewart, M.; Thomas, T., 2017:
Towards the development of a wellbeing model for aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples living with chronic disease

Brenna, D.; Massolo, E.; Puglisi, A.; Rossi, S.; Celentano, G.; Benaglia, M.; Capriati, V., 2017:
Towards the development of continuous, organocatalytic, and stereoselective reactions in deep eutectic solvents

Annex, B.H.; Beller, G.A., 2017:
Towards The Development Of Novel Therapeutics For Peripheral Artery Disease

Kadri, H.; Alamri, M.A.; Navratilova, I.H.; Alderwick, L.J.; Simpkins, N.S.; Mehellou, Y., 2016:
Towards the Development of Small-Molecule MO25 Binders as Potential Indirect SPAK/OSR1 Kinase Inhibitors

Oviaño, M.; Gómara, M.; Barba, M.José.; Revillo, Mía.José.; Barbeyto, L.Pedro.; Bou, Gán., 2017:
Towards the early detection of β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae by MALDI-TOF MS analysis

Mourshed, M.; Masud, M.Hasan.; Rashid, F.; Joardder, M.Uzzal.Hossain., 2017:
Towards the effective plastic waste management in Bangladesh: a review

Anik, Ülkü.; Tepeli, Y.; Sayhi, M.; Nsiri, J.; Diouani, M.Fethi., 2017:
Towards the electrochemical diagnostic of influenza virus: development of a graphene-Au hybrid nanocomposite modified influenza virus biosensor based on neuraminidase activity

Huang, T.; Fu, B.; Wang, J.; Wang, B.; Liu, S-Jun.; Weng, X-Chuan., 2018:
Effects of HCN2 in the development of peripheral neuropathic pain in rats

Vialard, F.; Poulain, M.; Ayoubi, J-M.; Frydman, R., 2017:
Towards the end of the French contradiction regarding embryo diagnosis

Naryzhny, S., 2017:
Towards the Full Realization of 2DE Power

Miao, H.; Adhikari, R.X.; Ma, Y.; Pang, B.; Chen, Y., 2017:
Towards the Fundamental Quantum Limit of Linear Measurements of Classical Signals

Malkoc, A.; Lin, C.; Probst, D.; Honikel, M.; La Belle, J.T., 2017:
Towards the Future Development of an Electrochemical Continuous Multimarker Biosensor for Enhanced Glycemic Management

Harvey-Samuel, T.; Ant, T.; Alphey, L., 2017:
Towards the genetic control of invasive species

d'Udekem, Y.; Rychik, J., 2017:
Towards the goal of achieving a normal duration and quality of life after Fontan operation: Creation of the International Fontan Interest group (I-FIG), an international collaborative initiative dedicated to improving outcomes

Franzoni, M.; Walsh, M.T., 2017:
Towards the Identification of Hemodynamic Parameters Involved in Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation and Failure: A Review

Bari, V.; Ranucci, M.; De Maria, B.; Ranuzzi, G.; Pistuddi, V.; Porta, A., 2017:
Towards the identification of subjects prone to develop atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery via univariate and multivariate complexity analysis of heart period variability

Sim, T.Fei.; Hattingh, H.Laetitia.; Sherriff, J.; Tee, L.B.G., 2017:
Towards the implementation of breastfeeding-related health services in community pharmacies: Pharmacists' perspectives

Hlongwana, K.Welcome.; Tsoka-Gwegweni, J., 2017:
Towards the implementation of malaria elimination policy in South Africa: the stakeholders' perspectives

Solà, M.; Pulpón, A.M.; Morin, Vòria.; Sancho, Rül.; Clèries, X.; Fabrellas, Núria., 2016:
Towards the implementation of OSCE in undergraduate nursing curriculum: A qualitative study

Franchini, M.; Muñoz, M., 2017:
Towards the implementation of patient blood management across Europe

Montoliu-Gaya, L.; Murciano-Calles, J.; Martinez, J.C.; Villegas, S., 2017:
Towards the improvement in stability of an anti-Aβ single-chain variable fragment, scFv-h3D6, as a way to enhance its therapeutic potential

Maury, T.; Loubet, P.; Ouziel, J.; Saint-Amand, M.; Dariol, L.; Sonnemann, G., 2017:
Towards the integration of orbital space use in Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Fraga-Lamas, P.; Fernández-Caramés, T.M.; Castedo, L., 2017:
Towards the Internet of Smart Trains: A Review on Industrial IoT-Connected Railways

Smith, E.R.; Heyes, D.M.; Dini, D., 2017:
Towards the Irving-Kirkwood limit of the mechanical stress tensor

Azeem, H.Abdul.; Martinsson, J.; Stenström, K.Eriksson.; Swietlicki, E.; Sandahl, M., 2017:
Towards the isolation and estimation of elemental carbon in atmospheric aerosols using supercritical fluid extraction and thermo-optical analysis

Handyside, A.; Hooper, M.Leslie.; Kaufman, M.Howard.; Wilmut, I., 1987:
Towards the isolation of embryonal stem cell lines from the sheep

Heidary, N.; Beyer, A.; Volz, K.; Heine, J., 2017:
Towards the liquid phase exfoliation of bismuth iodide

Baigger, A.; Blasczyk, R.; Figueiredo, C., 2017:
Towards the Manufacture of Megakaryocytes and Platelets for Clinical Application

Zhang, M.; Anzai, H.; Chopard, B.; Ohta, M., 2017:
Towards the patient-specific design of flow diverters made from helix-like wires: an optimization study

Filiciotto, L.; de Miguel, G.; Balu, A.M.; Romero, A.A.; van der Waal, J.C.; Luque, R., 2017:
Towards the photophysical studies of humin by-products

Morley, S.T.; Newport, D.T.; Walsh, M.T., 2017:
Towards the prediction of flow-induced shear stress distributions experienced by breast cancer cells in the lymphatics

O'Sullivan, M.E.; Perez, A.; Lin, R.; Sajjadi, A.; Ricci, A.J.; Cheng, A.G., 2017:
Towards the Prevention of Aminoglycoside-Related Hearing Loss

Singh, S.; Zafar, A.; Khan, S.; Naseem, I., 2017:
Towards therapeutic advances in melanoma management: An overview

Laharie, D., 2017:
Towards therapeutic choices in ulcerative colitis

Di Rocco, G.; Baldari, S.; Toietta, G., 2016:
Towards Therapeutic Delivery of Extracellular Vesicles: Strategies for iIn Vivo Tracking and Biodistribution Analysis

Deppenweiler, M.; Falkowski, S.; Saint-Marcoux, F.; Monchaud, C.; Picard, N.; Laroche, M-Laure.; Tubiana-Mathieu, N.; Venat-Bouvet, L.; Marquet, P.; Woillard, J-Baptiste., 2017:
Towards therapeutic drug monitoring of everolimus in cancer? Results of an exploratory study of exposure-effect relationship

Galbusera, L.; Fellin, L.; Fuchs, T., 2017:
Towards the recovery of a sense of self: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of patients' experience of body-oriented psychotherapy for schizophrenia

Finch, C.F.; Bahr, R.; Drezner, J.A.; Dvorak, J.; Engebretsen, L.; Hewett, T.; Junge, A.; Khan, K.M.; MacAuley, D.; Matheson, G.O.; McCrory, P.; Verhagen, E., 2016:
Towards the reduction of injury and illness in athletes: defining our research priorities

Nimma, S.; Ve, T.; Williams, S.J.; Kobe, B., 2017:
Towards the structure of the TIR-domain signalosome

Yussif, N.M.; Hosny, M.M., 2017:
Towards the targeted management of aggressive periodontitis

Boy-Roura, M.; Mas-Pla, J.; Petrovic, M.; Gros, M.; Soler, D.; Brusi, D.; Menció, A., 2017:
Towards the understanding of antibiotic occurrence and transport in groundwater: Findings from the Baix Fluvi alluvial aquifer (NE Catalonia, Spain)

López-Menéndez, H.; Rodríguez, Jé.Félix., 2017:
Towards the understanding of cytoskeleton fluidisation-solidification regulation

Di Sieno, L.; Boetti, N.G.; Mora, A.Dalla.; Pugliese, D.; Farina, A.; Konugolu Venkata Sekar, S.; Ceci-Ginistrelli, E.; Janner, D.; Pifferi, A.; Milanese, D., 2017:
Towards the use of bioresorbable fibers in time-domain diffuse optics

Nguyen, M.O.; Nguyen, H.T.; Asgari, M.M., 2017:
Towards the use of precision medicine in predicting cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma risk among solid organ transplant recipients

Geerts, H.; Spiros, A.; Roberts, P.; Carr, R., 2017:
Towards the virtual human patient. Quantitative Systems Pharmacology in Alzheimer's disease

van Manen, M.A., 2017:
Towards the Womb of Neonatal Intensive Care

Ross, K., 2017:
Towards topical microRNA-directed therapy for epidermal disorders

Tozzi, A.; Peters, J.F., 2017:
Towards Topological Mechanisms Underlying Experience Acquisition and Transmission in the Human Brain

Lv, G.; Gregg, R.D., 2017:
Towards Total Energy Shaping Control of Lower-Limb Exoskeletons

Weisser, K.; Stübler, S.; Matheis, W.; Huisinga, W., 2017:
Towards toxicokinetic modelling of aluminium exposure from adjuvants in medicinal products

Vengeliene, V.; Bespalov, A.; Roßmanith, M.; Horschitz, S.; Berger, S.; Relo, A.L.; Noori, H.R.; Schneider, P.; Enkel, T.; Bartsch, D.; Schneider, M.; Behl, B.; Hansson, A.C.; Schloss, P.; Spanagel, R., 2017:
Towards trans-diagnostic mechanisms in psychiatry: neurobehavioral profile of rats with a loss-of-function point mutation in the dopamine transporter gene

Davies, G.; Rolle, A-Maria.; Maurer, A.; Spycher, P.R.; Schillinger, C.; Solouk-Saran, D.; Hasenberg, M.; Weski, J.; Fonslet, J.; Dubois, A.; Boschetti, F.; Denat, F.; Gunzer, M.; Eichner, M.; Ryder, L.S.; Jensen, M.; Schibli, R.; Pichler, B.J.; Wiehr, S.; Thornton, C.R., 2017:
Towards Translational ImmunoPET/MR Imaging of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis: The Humanised Monoclonal Antibody JF5 Detects iAspergillus Lung Infections iIn Vivo

Xiao, H.; Brinkmann, M.; Thalmann, B.; Schiwy, A.; Große Brinkhaus, S.; Achten, C.; Eichbaum, K.; Gembé, C.; Seiler, T-Benjamin.; Hollert, H., 2017:
Toward Streamlined Identification of Dioxin-like Compounds in Environmental Samples through Integration of Suspension Bioassay

Sears, A.E.; Bernstein, P.S.; Cideciyan, A.V.; Hoyng, C.; Charbel Issa, P.; Palczewski, K.; Rosenfeld, P.J.; Sadda, S.; Schraermeyer, U.; Sparrow, J.R.; Washington, I.; Scholl, H.P.N., 2017:
Towards Treatment of Stargardt Disease: Workshop Organized and Sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness

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Toward Studying Music Cognition with Information Retrieval Techniques: Lessons Learned from the OpenMIIR Initiative

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Towards Tuneable Retaining Glycosidase-Inhibiting Peptides by Mimicry of a Plant Flavonol Warhead

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Towards Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Three-Dimensional Collagen Scaffolds Using a Coupled Fiber-Matrix Model

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Towards Tyrosine Metabolism in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Toward Successful Cyclodextrin Based Solubility-Enabling Formulations for Oral Delivery of Lipophilic Drugs: Solubility-Permeability Trade-Off, Biorelevant Dissolution, and the Unstirred Water Layer

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Towards ultrasound-guided adaptive radiotherapy for cervical cancer: Evaluation of Elekta's semiautomated uterine segmentation method on 3D ultrasound images

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Towards unbiased and more versatile NMR-based structure elucidation: A powerful combination of CASE algorithms and DFT calculations

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Towards understanding addiction factors of mobile devices: An eye tracking study on effect of screen size

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Towards understanding cellular structure biology: In-cell NMR

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Towards understanding clinical campylobacter infection and its transmission: time for a different approach?

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Towards understanding polyol additive effects on the pH shift-induced aggregation of a monoclonal antibody using high throughput screening and quantitative structure-activity modeling

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Towards understanding rTMS mechanism of action: Stimulation of the DLPFC causes network-specific increase in functional connectivity

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Towards Understanding the Catalytic Mechanism of Human Paraoxonase 1: Experimental and In Silico Mutagenesis Studies

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Towards understanding the drivers of policy change: a case study of infection control policies for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in South Africa

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Towards understanding the E. coli PNP binding mechanism and FRET absence between E. coli PNP and formycin A

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Towards understanding the gliotoxin detoxification mechanism: iin vivo thiomethylation protects yeast from gliotoxin cytotoxicity

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Towards understanding the mechanisms of actions of CEACAM6 in cancer progression

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Towards understanding the molecular basis of ion channel modulation by lipids: Mechanistic models and current paradigms

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Towards Understanding the Polymerization Process in Bitumen Bio-Fluxes

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Towards understanding the under-recognition of girls and women on the autism spectrum

Firas, J.; Polo, J.M., 2017:
Towards understanding transcriptional networks in cellular reprogramming

Soneson, C.; Robinson, M.D., 2017:
Towards unified quality verification of synthetic count data with countsimQC

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Towards universal access to health care: incorporation of advanced practice nurses in primary care

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Towards universal health coverage: an example of malaria intervention in Nepal

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Towards Unsupervised Gene Selection: A Matrix Factorization Framework

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Towards Usable E-Health. A Systematic Review of Usability Questionnaires

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Toward sustainable fuel cells

Shinagawa, T.; Takanabe, K., 2016:
Towards Versatile and Sustainable Hydrogen Production through Electrocatalytic Water Splitting: Electrolyte Engineering

Usman, M.; Voisin, B.; Salfi, J.; Rogge, S.; Hollenberg, L.C.L., 2017:
Towards visualisation of central-cell-effects in scanning tunnelling microscope images of subsurface dopant qubits in silicon

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Towards VO 2 monitoring: Validation of a heart rate based algorithm

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Towards water sensitive cities in Asia: an interdisciplinary journey

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Towards well-defined MoS 2 nanoribbons on a large scale

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Towards xeno-free cultures of human limbal stem cells for ocular surface reconstruction

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Toward Systems Metabolic Engineering of Streptomycetes for Secondary Metabolites Production

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Toward the Art of Robotic-assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery

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Toward the Atomic-Level Mass Analysis of Biomolecules by the Scanning Atom Probe

Rodriguez, J.A.; Jiang, L.; Eisenberg, D.S., 2017 :
Toward the Atomic Structure of PrP Sc

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Toward the automatic quantification of in utero brain development in 3D structural MRI: A review

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Toward the Automation of Diagnostic Conversation Analysis in Patients with Memory Complaints

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Toward the Classical Description of Halogen Bonds: A Quantum Based Generalized Empirical Potential for Fluorine, Chlorine, and Bromine

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Toward the complete control of brain metastases using surveillance screening and stereotactic radiosurgery

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Toward the Dark Matter of Natural Products

La Barbera, L.; Villa, T., 2017:
Toward the definition of a new worst-case paradigm for the preclinical evaluation of posterior spine stabilization devices

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Toward the Design of Evidence-Based Mental Health Information Systems for People With Depression: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis

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Toward the Development of a Core Set of Outcome Domains to Assess Shared Decision-making Interventions in Rheumatology: Results from an OMERACT Delphi Survey and Consensus Meeting

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Toward the development of a feature-space representation for a complex natural category domain

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Toward the Development of a Glucose Dehydrogenase-Based Saliva Glucose Sensor Without the Need for Sample Preparation

Flégeau, K.; Pace, R.; Gautier, Hélène.; Rethore, G.; Guicheux, J.; Le Visage, C.; Weiss, P., 2017:
Toward the development of biomimetic injectable and macroporous biohydrogels for regenerative medicine

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Toward the development of magnetic tweezers for high-throughput measurement of protein-protein interactions

Hamdy, A.M.; El-Massry, M.; Kashef, M.T.; Amin, M.A.; Aziz, R.K., 2017:
Toward the Drug Factory Microbiome: Microbial Community Variations in Antibiotic-Producing Clean Rooms

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Toward the Elucidation of the Competing Role of Evaporation and Thermal Decomposition in Ionic Liquids: A Multitechnique Study of the Vaporization Behavior of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate under Effusion Conditions

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Toward the emergence of nanoneurosurgery: part III--nanomedicine: targeted nanotherapy, nanosurgery, and progress toward the realization of nanoneurosurgery

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Toward the Fabrication of Advanced Nanofiltration Membranes by Controlling Morphologies and Mesochannel Orientations of Hexagonal Lyotropic Liquid Crystals

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Toward the formal verification of a unification system

Willerson, J.T., 1999:
Toward the further contributions of Circulation

Chan, L.; Heinemann, A.W., 2013:
Toward the future

Schiavina, R.; Bianchi, L.; Borghesi, M.; Sabbatini, R.; Brunocilla, E., 2017:
Toward the future of the functional imaging of advanced prostate cancer

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Toward the human cellular microRNAome

Viglianti, E.M.; Iwashyna, T.J., 2017:
Toward the Ideal Ratio of Patients to Intensivists: Finding a Reasonable Balance

Cunha, C.; Carvalho, A., 2017:
Toward the identification of a genetic risk signature for pulmonary aspergillosis in COPD

Maremmani, A.G.I.; Pani, P.Paolo.; Rovai, L.; Bacciardi, S.; Maremmani, I., 2017:
Toward the Identification of a Specific Psychopathology of Substance Use Disorders

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Toward the identification of viral cap-methyltransferase inhibitors by fluorescence screening assay

Higuchi, S., 2017:
Toward the inclusion of gaming disorder in ICD-11

Nieto-González, Jé.Luis.; Fernández-Chacón, R., 2017:
Toward the Inner Nanostructure of a Secretory Vesicle

Fortenberry, R.C.; Thackston, R.; Francisco, J.S.; Lee, T.J., 2017:
Toward the laboratory identification of the not-so-simple NS 2 neutral and anion isomers

Xu, K.; Lv, B.; Huo, Y-Xin.; Li, C., 2017:
Toward the lowest energy consumption and emission in biofuel production: combination of ideal reactors and robust hosts

Pokhodnya, K.; Anderson, K.; Kilina, S.; Boudjouk, P., 2017:
Toward the Mechanism of Perchlorinated Cyclopentasilane (Si 5 Cl 10 ) Ring Flattening in the [Si 5 Cl 10 2Cl] 2- Dianion

Riedel, C.G., 2010:
Toward the mechanisms preventing merotelic kinetochore-microtubule attachments

Van Gelder, R.N., 2017:
Toward the Miracle of Retinal Reanimation

Nagata, K.; Katayama, Y.; Sato, T.; Kwon, Y.; Kawabata, T., 2017:
Toward the next step in G protein-coupled receptor research: a knowledge-driven analysis for the next potential targets in drug discovery

Ciarella, S.; Gang, O.; Sciortino, F., 2016:
Toward the observation of a liquid-liquid phase transition in patchy origami tetrahedra: a numerical study

Hoedjes, M.; van Stralen, M.M.; Joe, S.Tjon.A.; Rookus, M.; van Leeuwen, F.; Michie, S.; Seidell, J.C.; Kampman, E., 2017:
Toward the optimal strategy for sustained weight loss in overweight cancer survivors: a systematic review of the literature

Skinner, F.K., 2017:
Toward Theoretical and Experimental Synergies in Neuroscience: A Personal View

Kuo, T-Yu.; Lin, C-Liang.; Charoenkit, N.; Chen, Y-Yi.; Preuksakarn, C., 2017:
Toward theoretical synthesis of biocomputer

Van Valen, L., 1971:
Toward The Origin Of Artiodactyls

Aguzzi, A.; Lakkaraju, A.K.K.; Frontzek, K., 2017:
Toward Therapy of Human Prion Diseases

Pavlova, A.; Parks, J.M.; Oyelere, A.K.; Gumbart, J.C., 2017:
Toward the rational design of macrolide antibiotics to combat resistance

Ok, K.Min., 2016:
Toward the Rational Design of Novel Noncentrosymmetric Materials: Factors Influencing the Framework Structures

Fadel, T.R.; Farrell, D.F.; Friedersdorf, L.E.; Griep, M.H.; Hoover, M.D.; Meador, M.A.; Meyyappan, M., 2016:
Toward the Responsible Development and Commercialization of Sensor Nanotechnologies

Tawiah, K.D.; Porciani, D.; Burke, D.H., 2017:
Toward the Selection of Cell Targeting Aptamers with Extended Biological Functionalities to Facilitate Endosomal Escape of Cargoes

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Toward the Standardization of Mitochondrial Proteomics: The Italian Mitochondrial Human Proteome Project Initiative

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Toward the Standardization of Mycological Examination of Sputum Samples in Cystic Fibrosis: Results from a French Multicenter Prospective Study

Berdychevsky, L., 2017:
Toward the Tailoring of Sexual Health Education Messages for Young Women: A Focus on Tourist Experiences

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Toward the Total Synthesis of Eurifoloid A

Dai, Y.; Wu, P., 2017:
Toward the two-step microdynamic phase transition mechanism of an oligo(ethylene glycol)methacrylate-based copolymer with a LCST-type poly(ionic liquid) block

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Toward the Understanding of Selective Si Nano-Oxidation by Atomic Scale Simulations

Shimp, C.P., 2013:
Toward the Unification of Molecular and Molar Analyses

Caimi, A.; Sturla, F.; Good, B.; Vidotto, M.; De Ponti, R.; Piatti, F.; Manning, K.B.; Redaelli, A., 2017:
Toward the Virtual Benchmarking of Pneumatic Ventricular Assist Devices: Application of a Novel Fluid-Structure Interaction-Based Strategy to the Penn State 12 cc Device

Grimaudo, V.; Moreno-García, P.; Riedo, A.; Meyer, S.; Tulej, M.; Neuland, M.B.; Mohos, Mós.; Gütz, C.; Waldvogel, S.R.; Wurz, P.; Broekmann, P., 2017:
Toward Three-Dimensional Chemical Imaging of Ternary Cu-Sn-Pb Alloys Using Femtosecond Laser Ablation/Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Knüppel, R.; Kuttenberger, C.; Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien., 2017:
Toward Time-Resolved Analysis of RNA Metabolism in Archaea Using 4-Thiouracil

Yang, L.; Hu, Y., 2017:
Toward TiO 2 Nanofluids-Part 1: Preparation and Properties

Yang, L.; Hu, Y., 2017:
Toward TiO 2 Nanofluids-Part 2: Applications and Challenges

Swaney, P.J.; Mahoney, A.W.; Hartley, B.I.; Remirez, A.A.; Lamers, E.; Feins, R.H.; Alterovitz, R.; Webster, R.J., 2017:
Toward Transoral Peripheral Lung Access: Combining Continuum Robots and Steerable Needles

Mukkamala, R.; Hahn, J-Oh., 2017:
Toward Ubiquitous Blood Pressure Monitoring via Pulse Transit Time: Predictions on Maximum Calibration Period and Acceptable Error Limits

He, L-Sheng.; Zhang, G.; Wang, Y.; Yan, G-Yong.; Qian, P-Yuan., 2017:
Toward understanding barnacle cementing by characterization of one cement protein-100kDa in Amphibalanus amphitrite

Fogha, J.; Marekha, B.; De Giorgi, M.; Voisin-Chiret, A.Sophie.; Rault, S.; Bureau, R.; Sopkova-de Oliveira Santos, J., 2017:
Toward Understanding Mcl-1 Promiscuous and Specific Binding Mode

Huang, F.; Yi, J.; Zhou, T.; Gong, X.; Jiang, H.; Yao, X., 2017:
Toward Understanding Non-coding RNA Roles in Intracranial Aneurysms and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Fox, A.Romina.; Maistriaux, L.C.; Chaumont, Fçois., 2017:
Toward understanding of the high number of plant aquaporin isoforms and multiple regulation mechanisms

Eychenne, T.; Werner, M.; Soutourina, J., 2017:
Toward understanding of the mechanisms of Mediator function in vivo: Focus on the preinitiation complex assembly

Danoff, S.K., 2017:
Toward understanding patient experience in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Onda, M.; Osakada, F., 2017:
Toward understanding structure and function of neural circuits in the visual system

Guo, L.; Kaya, Sş.; Obot, I.Bassey.; Zheng, X.; Qiang, Y., 2017:
Toward understanding the anticorrosive mechanism of some thiourea derivatives for carbon steel corrosion: A combined DFT and molecular dynamics investigation

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Toward Understanding the Cold, Hot, and Neutral Nature of Chinese Medicines Using in Silico Mode-of-Action Analysis

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Toward understanding the impacts of sediment contamination on a native fish species: transcriptional effects, EROD activity, and biliary PAH metabolites

Márquez, S.; Pagano, A.S.; Schwartz, J.H.; Curtis, A.; Delman, B.N.; Lawson, W.; Laitman, J.T., 2017:
Toward Understanding the Mammalian Zygoma: Insights From Comparative Anatomy, Growth and Development, and Morphometric Analysis

Mold, M.; Shardlow, E.; Exley, C., 2017:
Toward understanding the mechanisms underlying the strong adjuvant activity of aluminium salt nanoparticles. Ruwona TB, Xu H, Li X, Taylor AN, Shi Y, Cui Z. Vaccine 2016;34:3059-67

Xu, H.; Li, X.; Cui, Z., 2017:
Toward understanding the mechanism underlying the strong adjuvant activity of aluminum salt nanoparticles. Ruwona TB, Xu H, Li X, Taylor AN, Shi Y, Cui Z. Vaccine 2016;34:3059-67

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Toward Understanding the Molecular Recognition of Albumin by p53-Activating Stapled Peptide ATSP-7041

Kisalu, N.K.; Mokili, J.L., 2017:
Toward Understanding the Outcomes of Monkeypox Infection in Human Pregnancy

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Toward understanding the role of cartilage particulates in synovial inflammation

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Toward Understanding the Structural Basis of Partial Agonism at the Dopamine D 3 Receptor

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Toward Understanding "the Ways" of Allosteric Drugs

Smith, B., 2017:
Toward Understanding the When and Why of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Stroke

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Toward uniform implementation of parametric map Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine standard in multisite quantitative diffusion imaging studies

Zellmer, W.A.; McAllister, E.B.; Silvester, J.A.; Vlasses, P.H., 2017:
Toward uniform standards for pharmacy technicians: Summary of the 2017 Pharmacy Technician Stakeholder Consensus Conference

Besnard, F.; Koutsovoulos, G.; Dieudonné, S.; Blaxter, M.; Félix, M-Anne., 2017:
Toward Universal Forward Genetics: Using a Draft Genome Sequence of the Nematode iOscheius tipulae To Identify Mutations Affecting Vulva Development

Powell, J.Alexander.; Venkatakrishnan, K.; Tan, B., 2017:
Toward Universal SERS Detection of Disease Signaling Bioanalytes Using 3D Self-Assembled Nonplasmonic near-Quantum-Scale Silicon Probe

Nisingizwe, M.Paul.; Iyer, H.S.; Gashayija, M.; Hirschhorn, L.R.; Amoroso, C.; Wilson, R.; Rubyutsa, E.; Gaju, E.; Basinga, P.; Muhire, A.; Binagwaho, Aès.; Hedt-Gauthier, B., 2014:
Toward utilization of data for program management and evaluation: quality assessment of five years of health management information system data in Rwanda

Mirota, D.; Wang, H.; Taylor, R.H.; Ishii, M.; Hager, G.D., 2009:
Toward Video-Based Navigation for Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery

Drummond, D.; Fabbro, E.; Tesnière, A.; Hadchouel, A., 2017:
Toward virtual simulation for parents of children with asthma

Sheykhi, S.; Mosca, L.; Anzenbacher, P., 2017:
Toward wearable sensors: optical sensor for detection of ammonium nitrate-based explosives, ANFO and ANNM

Wang, Y.; He, J.; Li, J.; Lu, T.; Li, Y.; Ma, W.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, Z.; Zhao, H.; Gao, F., 2017:
Toward whole-body quantitative photoacoustic tomography of small-animals with multi-angle light-sheet illuminations

Liu, H.; Zakiniaeiz, Y.; Cosgrove, K.P.; Morris, E.D., 2017:
Toward whole-brain dopamine movies: a critical review of PET imaging of dopamine transmission in the striatum and cortex

Berndt, K.S.; Dries, D.J., 2017:
Toward Zero Preventable Deaths

Carter, T.G.; Bagheri, S.; Dierks, E.J., 2005:
Towel clip reduction of the depressed zygomatic arch fracture

Lopez-Coto, I.; Ghosh, S.; Prasad, K.; Whetstone, J., 2017:
Tower-Based Greenhouse Gas Measurement Network Design---The National Institute of Standards and Technology North East Corridor Testbed

Witherell, C., 1980:
Tower of strength

Stenneberg, M.S.; Rood, M.; de Bie, R.; Schmitt, M.A.; Cattrysse, E.; Scholten-Peeters, G.G., 2016:
To What Degree Does Active Cervical Range of Motion Differ Between Patients With Neck Pain, Patients With Whiplash, and Those Without Neck Pain? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Coertjens, L.; Donche, V.; De Maeyer, S.; Vanthournout, G.; Van Petegem, P., 2017:
To what degree does the missing-data technique influence the estimated growth in learning strategies over time? A tutorial example of sensitivity analysis for longitudinal data

Schreuders, M.; Lagerweij, N.A.; van den Putte, B.; Kunst, A.E., 2017:
To what extent and why adolescents do or do not support future tobacco control measures: a multimethod study in the Netherlands

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