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Tuberculous lymph node compression of the hepatic pedicle

Francillon, J.; Fischer, L.; Braconnot, P.; Peschaud, R.; Mouret, P.; Vignal, J.

Annales de Gastroenterologie et d'Hepatologie 6(1): 27-33


ISSN/ISBN: 0066-2070
PMID: 5481173
Accession: 060429221

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This concerns a fairly rare case of the hepatic pedicle by tubercular ganglia. `The rarity of it stems from two things : the complete pre-operatory radiological record which showed the biliary compression and compression of the portal trunk with a clinically latent portal hypertension. The second interesting feature is that a complete exeresis of these ganglionary masses can be carried out resulting in a cure. In tact, a medical antitubercular treatment should not be relied upon as diagnosis is never certain and it is hard to imagine that it could dispel these quite calcified and sclerous ganglia. Furthermore, surgery in most cases is reduced to a biopsy and an operation for biliary derivation in general.

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