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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 60437

Chapter 60437 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ait Ouarabi, M.; Antonaci, P.; Boubenider, F.; Gliozzi, A.S.; Scalerandi, M., 2017:
Ultrasonic Monitoring of the Interaction between Cement Matrix and Alkaline Silicate Solution in Self-Healing Systems

Shokrollahi, P.; Drake, J.M.; Goldenberg, A.A., 2017:
Ultrasonic motor-induced geometric distortions in magnetic resonance images

Moghimi, R.; Aliahmadi, A.; Rafati, H., 2016:
Ultrasonic nanoemulsification of food grade trans-cinnamaldehyde: 1,8-Cineol and investigation of the mechanism of antibacterial activity

Baghbani, F.; Chegeni, M.; Moztarzadeh, F.; Mohandesi, J.Aghazadeh.; Mokhtari-Dizaji, M., 2018:
Ultrasonic nanotherapy of breast cancer using novel ultrasound-responsive alginate-shelled perfluorohexane nanodroplets: In vitro and in vivo evaluation

Mathieson, A.; Wallace, R.; Cleary, R.; Li Li; Simpson, H.; Lucas, M., 2017:
Ultrasonic Needles for Bone Biopsy

Xia, W.; Noimark, S.; Ourselin, S.; West, S.J.; Finlay, M.C.; David, A.L.; Desjardins, A.E., 2018:
Ultrasonic Needle Tracking with a Fibre-Optic Ultrasound Transmitter for Guidance of Minimally Invasive Fetal Surgery

Hall, M.M.; Woodroffe, L., 2018:
Ultrasonic Percutaneous Tenotomy for Recalcitrant Calcific Triceps Tendinosis in a Competitive Strongman: A Case Report

Reesink, K.D.; Hendrikx, T.; van Gorp, P.J.; Hoeks, A.P.; Shiri-Sverdlov, R., 2017:
Ultrasonic Perfluorohexane-Loaded Monocyte Imaging: Toward a Minimally Invasive Technique for Selective Detection of Liver Inflammation in Fatty Liver Disease

Fuks, M.A., 1975:
Ultrasonic placentography

Mallakpour, S.; Shamsaddinimotlagh, S., 2018:
Ultrasonic-promoted rapid preparation of PVC/TiO 2 -BSA nanocomposites: Characterization and photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue

Guo, W.; Leng, X.; Luan, T.; Yan, J.; He, J., 2017:
Ultrasonic-promoted rapid TLP bonding of fine-grained 7034 high strength aluminum alloys

Zorębski, E.; Zorębski, Mł.; Musiał, Młgorzata.; Dzida, M., 2017:
Ultrasonic Relaxation Spectra for Pyrrolidinium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imides: A Comparison with Imidazolium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imides

Castejón, N.; Luna, P.; Señoráns, F.J., 2017:
Ultrasonic Removal of Mucilage for Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Omega-3 Rich Oil from Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica L.)

Shin, J.; Chen, Y.; Malhi, H.; Yen, J.T., 2017:
Ultrasonic Reverberation Clutter Suppression Using Multiphase Apodization With Cross Correlation

Stapff, K.H., 1973:
Ultrasonic scaling. II

Kumari, C.K.; Krishna, P.T.; Reddy, O.S., 1984:
Ultrasonic screening for intrauterine growth retardation

Duan, Z.; Tan, X.; Li, N., 2018:
Ultrasonic selectivity on depressing photosynthesis of cyanobacteria and green algae probed by chlorophyll-a fluorescence transient

Deng, Y.; Rouze, N.C.; Palmeri, M.L.; Nightingale, K.R., 2018:
Ultrasonic Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging Sequencing and Data Processing Using a Verasonics Research Scanner

Akin, E., 1970:
Ultrasonics in dentistry

Piazza, G.; Ongaro, M., 1967:
Ultrasonics in medical diagnosis

Henke, G., 1964:
Ultrasonics in Medical Diagnosis Today

Newell, J.A., 1963:
Ultrasonics in Medicine

Pan, Y.H.; Wu, H.H.; Chen, K.P.; Chu, W.P., 1963:
Ultrasonics in the Diagnosis of Intracranial Space-Occupying Lesions

Firat, Y.E.; Yildirim, H.; Erturk, K.; Peksoz, A., 2017:
Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Deposited Copper Sulphide Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications

Park, J-Ann.; Yang, B.; Lee, J.; Kim, I.Gyeom.; Kim, J-Hyun.; Choi, J-Woo.; Park, H-Deung.; Nah, I.Wook.; Lee, S-Hyup., 2017:
Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/anatase TiO 2 composite and its application in the photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in water

Tsaplev, V.M.; Konovalov, R.S., 2017:
Ultrasonic study of elastic creep in piezoceramics

Lombard, O.; Barrière, C.; Leroy, V., 2017:
Ultrasonic subwavelength phase conjugated mirror with a layer of bubbles

Hao, S.Yun.; Ma, X.Gang.; Cui, G.Hua., 2017:
Ultrasonic synthesis of two nanostructured cadmium(II) coordination supramolecular polymers: Solvent influence, luminescence and photocatalytic properties

Orzheshkovskiĭ, V.V.; Kuznetsova, I.G., 1985:
Ultrasonic therapy

Reydon, B.N., 1965:
Ultrasonic Therapy of Meniere's Disease

Ozilgen, B.Arda.; Maharbiz, M.M., 2018:
Ultrasonic thermal dust: A method to monitor deep tissue temperature profiles

Linzer, M.; Norton, S.J., 1982:
Ultrasonic tissue characterization

Maleki, A.; Aghaei, M.; Hafizi-Atabak, H.Reza.; Ferdowsi, M., 2017:
Ultrasonic treatment of CoFe 2 O 4 @B 2 O 3 -SiO 2 as a new hybrid magnetic composite nanostructure and catalytic application in the synthesis of dihydroquinazolinones

Sarvazyan, A.P., 1991:
Ultrasonic velocimetry of biological compounds

Mohan, C.Raja.; Sathya, R.; Nithiananthi, P.; Jayakumar, K., 2017:
Ultrasonic velocimetry studies on different salts of chitosan: Effect of ion size

Jiang, H-Peng.; Liu, Y-Dong.; Li, Y-Sen.; Shen, Z-Long.; Ye, Y-Jiang., 2017:
Ultrasonic versus electrosurgical device for laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis

Brennan, J.F.; Santucci, D.; Branchi, I.; Alleva, E., 1999:
Ultrasonic vocalizations elicit orienting and associative reactions in preweanling mice

Nguyen, L.T.; Modrak, R.T., 2017:
Ultrasonic wavefield inversion and migration in complex heterogeneous structures: 2D numerical imaging and nondestructive testing experiments

Ishii, Y.; Biwa, S., 2017:
Ultrasonic wave transmission and bandgap in multidirectional composite laminates with spring-type interlayer interfaces

Kirberger, R.M.; Tordiffe, A.S.W., 2018:
Ultrasonographically determined renal values and comparisons to serum biochemistry renal variables in aged semi-captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)

Anselmi, C.; Dias, S.; Martorell, J.; Navarro, M.; Espada, Y.; Novellas, R., 2017:
Ultrasonographic anatomy of the atlanto-occipital region and ultrasound-guided cerebrospinal fluid collection in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Lee, S.Joon.; Yoon, S.Tae., 2017:
Ultrasonographic and Clinical Characteristics of Schwannoma of the Hand

Spain, H.N.; Penninck, D.G.; Webster, C.Rl.; Daure, E.; Jennings, S.H., 2017:
Ultrasonographic and clinicopathologic features of segmental dilatations of the common bile duct in four cats

Winter, M.D.; Barry, K.S.; Johnson, M.D.; Berry, C.R.; Case, J.Brad., 2017:
Ultrasonographic and computed tomographic characterization and localization of suspected mechanical gastrointestinal obstruction in dogs

Kang, J.Ho.; Joo, B-Euk.; Kim, K.Hoon.; Park, B.Kyu.; Cha, J.; Kim, D.Hwee., 2017:
Ultrasonographic and Electrophysiological Evaluation of Ulnar Nerve Instability and Snapping of the Triceps Medial Head in Healthy Subjects

Teilmann, A.C.; Thomsen, M.B.; Ihms, E.A.; Pate, N.; Hau, J.; Abelson, K., 2017 :
Ultrasonographic and histological evaluation of the effects of long-term carotid catheterization on cardiac function in NMRI mice

Choi, S-Youl.; Park, J.Woong.; Kim, D.Hwee., 2016:
Ultrasonographic and Surgical Findings of Acute Radial Neuropathy Following Blunt Trauma: A Case Report

Weissberg, D.L.; Scheible, W.; Leopold, G.R., 1977:
Ultrasonographic appearance of adult intussusception

Okumuş, Özlem.; Dönmez, M.; Pekiner, F.N., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Appearances of Cervical Lymph Nodes in Healthy Turkish Adults Subpopulation: Preliminary Study

Luz, M.Santos.; Vidal, Fício.Delgado.; Burity, C.Henrique.Freitas.; Bobány, D.de.Mello.; Pissinatti, A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic aspects of the Leontopithecus gestation (Lesson, 1840-Callitrichidae, Primates)

Krol, L.; O'Brien, R., 2012:
Ultrasonographic assessment of abdominal lymph nodes in puppies

Ekstein, M.; Bar-Yosef, Y.; Ben-Chaim, J.; Flaishon, R.; Weinbroum, A.A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Assessment of Bladder Volumes in Children Undergoing Penile Surgery: Does the Type of Anesthesia Matter?

Peng, Y.; Zhou, W.; Zhan, W.Wei.; Xu, S.Yan., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Assessment of Differential Diagnosis Between Degenerating Cystic Thyroid Nodules and Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinomas

Adiguzel, E.; Tok, F.; Ata, E.; Yaşar, E.; Yılmaz, B., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Assessment of Femoral Cartilage Thickness in Patients With Cerebral Palsy

Reef, V.B.; Vaala, W.E.; Worth, L.T.; Sertich, P.L.; Spencer, P.A., 1996:
Ultrasonographic assessment of fetal well-being during late gestation: development of an equine biophysical profile

Korstanje, J-Wiebe.H.; Scheltens-De Boer, M.; Blok, J.H.; Amadio, P.C.; Hovius, S.E.R.; Stam, H.J.; Selles, R.W., 2012:
Ultrasonographic assessment of longitudinal median nerve and hand flexor tendon dynamics in carpal tunnel syndrome

Harkey, M.S.; Blackburn, J.T.; Davis, H.; Sierra-Arévalo, L.; Nissman, D.; Pietrosimone, B., 2017:
Ultrasonographic assessment of medial femoral cartilage deformation acutely following walking and running

Samson, P.; Hartman, C.; Palmerola, R.; Rahman, Z.; Siev, M.; Palmer, L.S.; Ghorayeb, S.R., 2016:
Ultrasonographic Assessment of Testicular Viability Using Heterogeneity Levels in Torsed Testicles

Mackenzie, C.J.; Haggett, E.F.; Pinchbeck, G.L.; Marr, C.M., 2017:
Ultrasonographic assessment of the atlanto-occipital space in healthy Thoroughbred foals and Thoroughbred foals with neonatal maladjustment syndrome

Dohle, G.R.; Schröder, F.H., 2000:
Ultrasonographic assessment of the scrotum

Asimakopoulos, P.; Pennell, D.J.L.; Mamais, C.; Veitch, D.; Stafrace, S.; Engelhardt, T., 2017:
Ultrasonographic assessment of tonsillar volume in children

Fariña, J.; Millana, M.C.; Fernández-Aceñero, M.J., 2004:
Ultrasonographic autopsy

Stafford, I.A.; Dashe, J.S.; Shivvers, S.A.; Alexander, J.M.; McIntire, D.D.; Leveno, K.J., 2010:
Ultrasonographic cervical length and risk of hemorrhage in pregnancies with placenta previa

Lee, Y.Soo.; Choi, E., 2017:
Ultrasonographic changes after steroid injection in carpal tunnel syndrome

Camela, E.S.C.; Nociti, R.P.; Santos, V.J.C.; Macente, B.I.; Maciel, G.S.; Feliciano, M.A.R.; Vicente, W.R.R.; Gill, I.; Bartlewski, P.M.; Oliveira, M.E.F., 2017:
Ultrasonographic characteristics of accessory sex glands and spectral Doppler indices of the internal iliac arteries in peri- and post-pubertal Dorper rams raised in a subtropical climate

Blome, A.; Harrigan, R.; Goett, H.; Costantino, T.; Gibbons, R., 2018:
Ultrasonographic Characteristics of Baker's Cysts: The Sonographic Foucher's Sign

Chen, X.; Li, S-Li.; Luo, G-Yang.; Norwitz, E.R.; Ouyang, S-Yuan.; Wen, H-Xuan.; Yuan, Y.; Tian, X-Xian.; He, J-Min., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Characteristics of Cortical Sulcus Development in the Human Fetus between 18 and 41 Weeks of Gestation

Liu, M-Juan.; Liu, Z-Feng.; Hou, Y-Yuan.; Men, Y-Ming.; Zhang, Y-Xi.; Gao, L-Yun.; Liu, H., 2018:
Ultrasonographic characteristics of medullary thyroid carcinoma: a comparison with papillary thyroid carcinoma

Krogh, Tøger.P.; Fredberg, U.; Ammitzbøl, C.; Ellingsen, T., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Characteristics of the Common Extensor Tendon of the Elbow in Asymptomatic Individuals: Thickness, Color Doppler Activity, and Bony Spurs

Fernández, J.; Reyes-Baraona, F.; Wortsman, X., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Criteria for Diagnosing Unilateral and Bilateral Retronychia

Rivers-Bowerman, M.D.; Litz, S.; Schmit, P., 2017:
Ultrasonographic detection of air in the superior sagittal sinus in a neonate with transposition of the great arteries

Misawa, S.; Noto, Y.; Shibuya, K.; Isose, S.; Sekiguchi, Y.; Nasu, S.; Kuwabara, S., 2011:
Ultrasonographic detection of fasciculations markedly increases diagnostic sensitivity of ALS

Bertozzi, M.; Recchia, N.; Di Cara, G.; Riccioni, S.; Rinaldi, V.Elisa.; Esposito, S.; Appignani, A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of a patent urachus associated with a patent omphalomesenteric duct in a newborn: A case report

Yin, X.J., 1990:
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of achalasia: report of 27 cases

Quinn, M., 1995:
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of "cervical incompetence"

Varga, M.; Gáti, N.; Kalóz, E.; Bíró, Z.; Szeverényi, C.; Kardos, Dániel.; Józsa, Gő., 2017:
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of distal pediatric forearm fractures

Onat, S.Sahin.; Özişle, Z.; Orhan, A.; Akman, Büşra.; Köklü, Kş.; Özçakar, L., 2018:
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of heterotopic ossification and secondary nerve entrapments in a patient with spinal cord injury

Palaniappan, M.; Indiran, V.; Maduraimuthu, P., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

Leonhard, V.; Caldwell, G.; Goh, M.; Reeder, S.; Smith, H.F., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Secondary to Brachial Plexus Piercing Variation

Ahmed, M.M.; Elolemy, G.Gamal.; Alfeeli, A.K.; Baqer, A.B.; Gad, A.M., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Enthesopathy and Disease Activity in Psoriatic Arthritis

Ural, F.Gülçin.; Öztürk, Gökhan.Tuna.; Bölük, Hüma.; Akkuş, S., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Acupuncture Effect on Common Extensor Tendon Thickness in Patients with Lateral Epicondylitis: A Randomized Controlled Study

Park, S.Bin.; Han, B.Hee.; Lee, Y.Ho., 2018:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of acute pelvic pain in pregnant and postpartum period

Cavaignac, E.; Faruch, M.; Wytrykowski, K.; Constant, O.; Murgier, Jérôme.; Berard, E.; Chiron, P., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Anterolateral Ligament Injuries: Correlation With Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Pivot-Shift Testing

Picelli, A.; Baricich, A.; Chemello, E.; Smania, N.; Cisari, C.; Gandolfi, M.; Cinone, N.; Ranieri, M.; Santamato, A., 2018:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Botulinum Toxin Injection Site for the Medial Approach to Tibialis Posterior Muscle in Chronic Stroke Patients with Spastic Equinovarus Foot: An Observational Study

Jeon, Y.; Beom, J.; Ahn, S.; Bok, S-Kyung., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Breast Cancer-related Lymphedema

Machado, M.Regina.Marrocos.; Tavares, M.Roberto.; Buchpiguel, C.Alberto.; Chammas, M.Cristina., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Cervical Lymph Nodes in Thyroid Cancer

Kawano, A.; Yanagizono, T.; Kadouchi, I.; Umezaki, T.; Chosa, E., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of changes in the muscle architecture of the gastrocnemius with botulinum toxin treatment for lower extremity spasticity in children with cerebral palsy

Chun, E.Ju., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of complications related to transfemoral arterial procedures

Wang, F.; Zhu, X.; Ma, S., 2018:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of diaphragm structure and function

Zhang, H.; Liang, J.; Qiu, J.; Wang, F.; Sun, L., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of enthesitis in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Tripathy, P.; Sahu, A.; Sahu, M.; Nagy, A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of intra-abdominal fat distribution and study of its influence on subclinical atherosclerosis in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome

Jahan, A.B.; Ahmed, M.U.; Begum, M.; Hossain, M.M.; Rahman, M.M.; Sarwar, J.M.; Hossain, M.Z.; Begum, F.; Saha, P.L.; Haque, S.; Muktadira, M., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Palpable Breast Mass and Correlation with Histopathology

Zimbran, A.; Dudea, D.; Gasparik, C.; Dudea, S., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of periodontal changes during orthodontic tooth movement - work in progress

Zacharakis, D.; Grigoriadis, T.; Pitsouni, E.; Domali, E.; Protopapas, A.; Athanasiou, S., 2018:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Urethral Rhabdosphincter Morphology in Female Patients With Urodynamic Stress Incontinence

Rathi, A.; Takkar, B.; Venkatesh, P.; Gaur, N.; Kumar, A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of transition from normal to ectatic area: A comparison between myopic staphylomata and coloboma

Barda, B.; Coulibaly, J.T.; Hatz, C.; Keiser, J., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of urinary tract morbidity in school-aged and preschool-aged children infected with Schistosoma haematobium and its evolution after praziquantel treatment: A randomized controlled trial

Yoon, J.Hyun.; Yoon, H.; Kim, E-Kyung.; Moon, H.Jung.; Park, Y.Vivian.; Kim, M.Jung., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evaluation of women with pathologic nipple discharge

Kazmers, N.H.; Gordon, J.A.; Buterbaugh, K.L.; Bozentka, D.J.; Steinberg, D.R.; Khoury, V., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Zone II Partial Flexor Tendon Lacerations of the Fingers: A Cadaveric Study

de la Portilla, F.; Reyes-Díaz, M.L.; Maestre, M.V.; Jiménez-Rodríguez, R.M.; García-Cabrera, A.M.; Vázquez-Monchul, J.M.; Díaz-Pavón, J.M.; Padillo-Ruiz, F.C., 2017:
Ultrasonographic evidence of Gatekeeper™ prosthesis migration in patients treated for faecal incontinence: a case series

Hassantoufighi, A.; Ward, I.; Higgs, J., 2018:
Ultrasonographic Evidence of Persistent Synovitis in a Chikungunya-Infected Service Member

Strömberg, J.; Vanek, P.; Fridén, J.; Aurell, Y., 2017:
Ultrasonographic examination of the ruptured cord after collagenase treatment or needle fasciotomy for Dupuytren's contracture

Ballestri, S.; Nascimbeni, F.; Baldelli, E.; Marrazzo, A.; Romagnoli, D.; Targher, G.; Lonardo, A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic fatty liver indicator detects mild steatosis and correlates with metabolic/histological parameters in various liver diseases

Choi, H.In.; Choi, Y.Hun.; Cheon, J-Eun.; Kim, W.Sun.; Kim, I-One., 2017:
Ultrasonographic features differentiating thyroglossal duct cysts from dermoid cysts

Hwang, C.Mog.; Kang, B.Seong.; Hong, H.Jin.; Lee, J.Yeon.; Suh, J.Hee.; Han, E.Mee.; Song, I.Hye.; Shim, H.Seok.; Lee, S.Hoon., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Features of Eccrine Spiradenoma

Wang, X.; Dou, C.; Yan, Y.; Bai, Y.; Hu, B.; Ying, T., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Features of Female Urethral Diverticula: A Retrospective Study of 25 Patients

Ling, W-Wu.; Luo, Y.; Lin, L.; Ma, L.; Qiu, T-Ting.; Yang, L-Lu.; Lu, Q., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Features of Hepatic Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma on B-mode and Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound

Wu, R-Shyuan.; Liu, Y-Jing.; Chu, C-Chu.; Heng, H.Gan.; Chia, M-Yuan.; Wang, H-Chi.; Chen, K-Sheng., 2017:
Ultrasonographic features of insulinoma in six ferrets

Takahashi, K.; Yanagi, T.; Imafuku, K.; Kitamura, S.; Inamura-Takashima, Y.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Hata, H.; Shimizu, H., 2017:
Ultrasonographic features of intravascular fasciitis: case report and review of the literature

Cha, H.; Chang, Y-Woo.; Lee, E.Ji.; Hwang, J.Young.; Kim, H.Joo.; Lee, E.Hye.; Ryu, J.Kyu., 2017:
Ultrasonographic features of pure ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast: correlations with pathologic features and biological markers

Kwon, M.; Je, B-Kyung.; Hong, D.; Choi, B.Min., 2017:
Ultrasonographic features of the normal filum terminale

Taniguchi, Y.; Nishikawa, H.; Amano, E.; Fujimoto, S.; Terada, Y., 2017:
Ultrasonographic findings as diagnostic and follow-up tool in cranial giant cell arteritis

Carnevale Maffè, G.; Brunetti, L.; Formagnana, P.; Corazza, G.Roberto., 2015:
Ultrasonographic findings in Crohn's disease

Tharwat, M.; Al-Sobayil, F., 2018:
Ultrasonographic findings in goats with contagious caprine pleuropneumonia caused by Mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae

Damian, L.Otilia.; Fufezan, O.; Farcău, M.; Tătar, S.; Lazăr, Călin.; Farcău, D-Ioan., 2018:
Ultrasonographic findings in hyperimmunoglobulin D syndrome: a case report

Afsarlar, C.E.; Elizondo, R.; Yilmaz, E.; Cakmakci, E.; Ballow, D.J.; Demir, E.; Guney, G.; Koh, C.J., 2017:
Ultrasonographic findings in the epididymis of pediatric patients with testicular torsion

Mato-Gondelle, T.; Bande, M.F.; Paniagua, L.; Rodríguez-Cid, Mía.J.; Abraldes, M.; Fernández, M.; Blanco-Teijeiro, Mía.J.; Piñeiro, A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Findings in the Vitreous of Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treated with Intravitreal Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Injections

Kim, J.Young.; Lee, H.; Yun, B.La., 2016:
Ultrasonographic findings of Kikuchi cervical lymphadenopathy in children

Memon, S.Khalid., 2018:
Ultrasonographic Findings of Liver in Chronic Liver Disease and its Complications and Their Association with the Duration of the Disease

Kim, Y.; Ha, D.Hoe.; Lee, S.Min., 2017:
Ultrasonographic findings of posterior interosseous nerve syndrome

Noda, Y.; Sekiguchi, K.; Tokuoka, H.; Oda, T.; Hamaguchi, H.; Kanda, F.; Toda, T., 2018:
Ultrasonographic findings of proximal median neuropathy: A case series of suspected distal neuralgic amyotrophy

Srivanitchapoom, C.; Sittitrai, P.; Yata, K.; Khongpiboonkit, P., 2017:
Ultrasonographic findings of thyroglossal duct papillary carcinoma: A case report

Yabunaka, K.; Nakagami, G.; Komagata, K.; Sanada, H., 2017:
Ultrasonographic follow-up of functional chronic constipation in adults: A report of two cases

Dupont, G.; Gavory, J.; Lambert, P.; Tsekouras, N.; Barbe, N.; Presles, E.; Bouvet, L.; Molliex, S., 2017:
Ultrasonographic gastric volume before unplanned surgery

Ratnasekera, A.; Ferrada, P., 2017:
Ultrasonographic-Guided Resuscitation of the Surgical Patient

de Vicente, F.; Hammond, G., 2017:
Ultrasonographic identification of the dorsal atlantoaxial ligament in dogs

Shigemura, Y.; Ueda, K.; Akamatsu, J.; Sugita, N.; Nuri, T.; Otsuki, Y., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Images of Nasal Bone Fractures with Water Used as the Coupling Medium

Kim, G-Wook.; Kang, C.; Oh, Y-Bin.; Ko, M-Hwan.; Seo, J-Hwan.; Lee, D., 2018:
Ultrasonographic Imaging and Anti-inflammatory Therapy of Muscle and Tendon Injuries Using Polymer Nanoparticles

Shin, J.Hee., 2017:
Ultrasonographic imaging of papillary thyroid carcinoma variants

Kwak, J.; Yoon, H.; Kim, J.; Kim, M.; Eom, K., 2017:
Ultrasonographic measurement of caudal vena cava to aorta ratios for determination of volume depletion in normal beagle dogs

Banerjee, A.; Bala, R.; Saini, S., 2017:
Ultrasonographic measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter: A point of care test helps in prognostication of Intensive Care Unit patients

Altun, D.; Sungur, M.Orhan.; Ali, A.; Bingül, E.Sertaç.; Seyhan, Tülay.Özkan.; Çamcı, E., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Measurement of Subglottic Diameter for Paediatric Cuffed Endotracheal Tube Size Selection: Feasibility Report

Freitas, S.R.; Marmeleira, Jão.; Valamatos, M.João.; Blazevich, A.; Mil-Homens, P., 2017:
Ultrasonographic Measurement of the Biceps Femoris Long-Head Muscle Architecture

Levy, R.; Kerzmann, B.; Franssen, V.; Schwab, A.S.; Adam, J.F.; Sottiaux, T., 2018:
Ultrasonographic measurement of the optical nerve sheath for the diagnosis of intracranial hypertension in the emergency room : a case report

Guthoff, R.; Berger, R.W.; Draeger, J., 1987:
Ultrasonographic measurement of the posterior coats of the eye and their relation to axial length

Onat, Şule.Şahin.; Ata, Aşe.Merve.; Serrano, São.; Shyu, S-Gang.; Constantino, Jão.; Yalçın, Süha.; Açıkel, C.; Kara, M.; Özçakar, L., 2017:
Ultrasonographic measurements of the metacarpophalangeal and talar cartilage thicknesses: A reliability study in healthy subjects

Sohan, K.; Cyrus, C.A., 2017:
Ultrasonographic observations of the fetal brain in the first 100 pregnant women with Zika virus infection in Trinidad and Tobago

Kim, E.Jung.; Koo, B-Nyeo.; Choi, S.Ho.; Park, K.; Kim, M-Soo., 2017:
Ultrasonographic optic nerve sheath diameter for predicting elevated intracranial pressure during laparoscopic surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Warnakulasuriya, D.Tania.Dayanthi.; Peries, P.Pathirennahalage.Uddika.Chamila.; Rathnasekara, Y.Arachchillage.Chaminda.; Jayawardena, K.Thushari.Madurika.; Upasena, A.; Wickremasinghe, A.Rajitha., 2018:
Ultrasonographic parameters of the liver, spleen and kidneys among a cohort of school children in Sri Lanka

Kim, T.Hyuk.; Ki, C-Seok.; Hahn, S.Yeon.; Oh, Y.Lyun.; Jang, H.Won.; Kim, S.Wook.; Chung, J.Hoon.; Shin, J.Hee., 2017:
Ultrasonographic prediction of highly aggressive telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter-mutated papillary thyroid cancer

Moifo, B.; Moulion Tapouh, J.Roger.; Dongmo Fomekong, S.; Djomou, Fçois.; Manka'a Wankie, E., 2018:
Ultrasonographic prevalence and characteristics of non-palpable thyroid incidentalomas in a hospital-based population in a sub-Saharan country

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Ultrasound guidance should be the standard of care for most invasive procedures performed by clinicians

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